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January 2012

Digital Dimensions Welcome to the first issue of the newsletter from the library media department

Library Media Kicks off Year of 21st Century Digital Projects from K to 8

Inside this issue: Book Bowl Makeover


Books 2.0 Book Club


Digital Projects in the LMC


LMS Teaches Teachers


Reading Events


Summer Reading Gains


IPads at Conte West Hills


Catalogue Gets a New Look


Circulation Up Overall


Library media specialists are working on grade level projects tied to 21st century skills and technology as part of an initiative designed to promote digital and media literacy for all students grades K-8. “During the past two years, considerable CIA time was devoted to project-based learning and 21st century skills and technology. We are now ready to formally launch the LMS’s projects,” Patricia D’Amore, library media supervisor, told all library media specialists. The launch calls for library based performance tasks involving technology and media skills for all students. By mid June, every student in every grade will have a completed project, either individually or as part

Students at King Robinson use PowerPoint to present pros and cons on books they read. LMS Regina Santanello designed the digital project.

of a group. Projects are to be integrated into the content areas and planned in collaboration with classroom teachers.

Library media specialists in the district have been asked to take on the digital literacy component of the Common Core State Standards.

New High School Digital Book Club Starts —Books 2.0 This newsletter was written by Stephanie Shteirman. Please email any questions, concerns or corrections or call her at (203) 848-8994. Please take a moment to complete a very short survey about the newsletter by clicking here.

More than 80 students from eight high schools attended Books 2.0 on Dec. 8 at James Hillhouse Library Media Center. This was the first district wide high school book club, designed to focus on digital literacy. Students met for the past two months at their schools to discuss Graceling by Kristin Cashore. In addi-

tion, teams created digital projects around literary elements. The projects, seen here, completed using Animoto, Prezi, Photo Cont. on Page 6 High school students discuss Graceling.



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Book Bowl 6-8 Sports New Look Book Bowl 6-8 rolls out this year with a list of beloved past selections and a new format that will feature a Skype from Jennifer Allison,

author of the popular Gilda Joyce series. The competition is set for April 25 at Davis Street School. Unlike years’ past, the playoffs and the Final Four competition will take place on the same day. All teams will be tested shortly after arriving, followed by a live question and answer session via Skype with Allison. Then the top four teams from the playoffs will Author Jennifer Allison will answer questions via compete in the Final Four. Skype at the 6-8 Book Bowl competition in April.

Book Bowl 4-5 Festival Goes Digital Book Bowl 4-5 also sports a new look this year, featuring a Skype with author Bruce Coville and a digital projects competition. The 4-5 playoff and festival is set for May 24 and the finals May 31. The event—now in its 17th year—will offer students with computer skills a chance to compete. In the weeks before the event, teams of students will contribute digital book trailers for one of the ten books using

the presentation tool of their choice. Projects will be posted online and students from all participating schools will vote for their favorite trailer via a digital survey using Google Forms. The top three digital projects will be shown at the 4-5 Book Bowl festival. The event will take Students will be able to speak to Bruce Coville, author of place this school Book Bowl selection Jennifer Murdley’s Toad via Skype. year at John C. Daniels School. three digital projects according to the Students will head first to the audito- voting results. rium for a conversation via Skype with Teams will then be tested Bruce Coville, author of the Book Bowl to narrow down the 25 teams to four selection Jennifer Murdley’s Toad. for the finals competition a week later Once playoff testing is at Hill Regional Career High School. completed, students will view the top

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Digital Projects—Continued from Page 1

Middle Grades Learn Publisher at Ross Woodward and Betsy Ross

An 8th grade bridge poster project from Ross Woodward.

CIA Past Topics Prezi Storybird Animoto Non-linear PowerPoint Photo Story Voicethread Digital Pathfinders

Google Apps Wikis Blogs Skype Only2clicks Radbox Xtranormal

Students in the 7th and 8th grades at Ross Woodward and 8th graders at Betsy Ross Arts Magnet used Microsoft Publisher to design posters and brochures showcasing research from their science and social studies classes. Students in LMS Alicia Cook’s 21st Century Technology class created column-formatted posters (left) seen here that packed a punch with colorful headings, word art, graphics and other text-wrapped elements. Projects were scored using a rubric which included a requirement of proper MLA citations. These first attempts at desktop publishing will At Betsy Ross, 8th graders completed posters pave the way for future booklets, pamphlets and brochures in support of the NHPS curriculum and the Ross Woodward on Latin American countries at the direction of LMS Richard Naples. Classical Studies Magnet School significant tasks.

Grateful for a Great Book Literacy Event at Mauro-Sheridan Mauro-Sheridan celebrated its first literacy event of the fall on Wed. Nov. 23 with "We Are Grateful for a Great Book." There was a school-wide read-in as classes read their favorite books around virtual fireplaces projected in each classroom as well as the library. Because this was also Pajama Day, a fundraiser for literacy activities, students enjoyed wearing comfy clothes as they snuggled up with their books. Students were also asked to blog about books for which they are grateful. Read about this at http:// then select Family Literacy and Students: "We Are Grateful for a Great Book."

Google Maps at Worthington Hooker As part of the 6th grade unit on Ecosystems, students at Worthington Hooker School used Google Maps to find their assigned ecosystem in relation to the school. They learned how to use tags and mark migration routes. They used the collaborative tools of Google Maps to work with others and to submit their finished projects to the classroom teacher and the LMS, Beth Hart. See an example of student work here.

A 2nd grade blog entry with favorite books and quotations from the Mauro Sheridan library media center.

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Library Media Specialists offer Staff Development in Digital Literacy

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Metro Library Offers up Tech Treats Seventeen teachers took advantage of a new staff development tool in November provided by Metropolitan Business Academy library technology student aides. Called Tech Treats, the monthly event in the library media center features training on a new technology tool served along with a sweet treat. Supervised by LMS Charline Cupole, the students prepare a 5-minute presentation to show teachers how they can use an online technology tool with their class. Students create an academic example and a small handout with the site address and features. Students presented and and are working on their next presentation using three online organizational tools.

Student library aides help staff members learn about new technologies at Metropolitan.

Brennan Rogers Library Media Specialist Trains Teachers on Apple Apps At Brennan-Rogers, Library Media Specialist Susan Martinez Sendroff recently led over 20 staff members in professional development for advanced iPad usage. The workshop included examples and overviews of apps to support organization, teaching and learning including Notability, Pages, Morfo and Photofunia.

Google Apps Subject of East Rock LMS Staff Training LMS Paula Daitzman presented a Google Apps professional development at a staff meeting in November. Daitzman used the digital presentation tool Prezi to convey the information (see her presentation here). East Rock was the second school in the district to get Google Apps which included G-mail Accounts for all staff members and students in grade 3-8. As Daitzman told her staff, Google Apps is a free suite of HOSTED communication and collaboration applications designed for schools and universities. With Google apps, schools don't maintain the servers, the hardware and the updates. Google provides this service. Google Apps have something for everyone in school. Teachers can use it to have a better home/school connection, publish online documents and projects, create lessons for students and monitor student progress. Administrators can extend a professional community online, collaborate with staff, gather district-wide data, create inventories and survey large groups. Student can use it for group work; peer editing; sharing content; and online writing, editing and publishing of projects.

Under the direction of Ms. Sendroff, Brennan Rogers LMS, third grade students recently competed in teams of two with Miniwords to reinforce and practice spelling and reading skills.

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Inspiring a Love of Reading

Students in grades 1-3 and their parents participated in a Milk and Cookies evening Dec. 14 at Barnard Environmental Studies School. Working with their teachers, and library media specialist, the children sang songs about saving the environment, created a movie showing recycling practices, participated in a book swap (pictured), made bookmarks, and enjoyed a snack of milk and cookies.

Author Christina Cody came to Edgewood School library media center to share her story The Per-

fectly Imperfect Pumpkin to K-2 students.

Fair Haven Library “Go for the Gold” Reading Promotion Program Signs up Hundreds Hundreds of students at the Fair Haven School are participating in a voluntary reading incentive program which is the brainchild of library media specialist Lynn Virtue. Called Go for the Gold, the program has students reading at home and recording their progress in a reading log. Students color in Olympic rings that indicate 20 minutes of reading time. When K-2 students reach four hours of outside reading, they receive a bronze medal and can begin to work toward a silver and ultimately a gold. Students in grades 3-5 must read eight hours to move up a level. Parents monitor their children’s progress and sign off on the logs. Ms. Virtue keeps tracks of students’ progress by recording their accomplishments on classroom logs. Periodically she submits a list of names to the principal who recognizes the readers during morning announcements and sends Art teacher Nicole Bimonte and Volunteer Katha Cox helped LMS deserving students to the library for prizes. Prizes range from a book mark to a gold medal. Each student Lynn Virtue with the display at Fair Haven library media center. who achieves a level is recognized with a star on a bulletin board in the library media center. “Implementing a new reading incentive program school wide is an organizational challenge,” said Ms. Virtue, “but it is well worth it when I see the enthusiasm.” The program is especially helpful for students who are new English language speakers. Fair Haven is a new arrival school, which makes for a steady stream of non-English speaking students of all ages. Ursule, a 9-year-old third grader from A student at Fair Haven the Congo who has been speaking English for a year, came in for her bronze level book Students at Fair Haven are chooses a prize for mark. “I like reading books,” she said. “I have a lot of them at home.” recognized with stars on a bulletin reading at home. board when they earn medals.

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Books 2.0 continued from Page 1 Story and Story Bird. Students from New Haven Academy, Cooperative Arts and Humanities, Metropolitan Business Academy, Hill Regional Career High School, Wilbur Cross, High School in the Community, Riverside Education Academy and Hillhouse participated in the event that began in the auditorium with the digital presentations. After that, students headed for the library media center where they met in mixed groups for icebreakers and discussion facilitated by library media specialists.

Students began to communicate beyond school walls in the weeks leading up to the event at Hillhouse. They blogged their thoughts about the book at a special site set up by New Haven Academy LMS Eileen Aiello. See some of the students’ posts here.

Students headed for the Hillhouse Media Center for icebreakers and discussion on the book selection.

At the end, students completed a digital survey created with Google Forms that allowed for immediate feedback about the event. Hillhouse library media specialist Mary McMullen organized the event with the help of Fran Pierson from HSC and Eleanor Willis of Coop. There will be two more district wide book club events this year, The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore and Stir It Up by Ramin Ganeshram, both at Wilbur Cross High School.

Members of Coop High School’s book club introduce their Animoto.

Mary McMullen, library media specialist at Hillhouse, introduced the teams from each school.

Students answered icebreaker questions.

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More Library Based Digital Projects

At East Rock

From the Common Core State Standards for ENGLISH LANGUAGE

ART S & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects for Grade 1:

“With guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers.”

At Bishop Woods A yearly first grade product at Bishop Woods is a mural about the desert. This year students teamed up with fifth grade buddies and used Google images to find a plant or animal to research for the mural. The pairs looked in books, encyclopedias and on-line to find a fun or amazing fact about their plant or animal. The first graders wrote three captions for each picture of their animal: "I am an (animal). I live in the (habitat),” and a third one, a fun or amazing fact they discovered in their research. They called this their "Fantastic Fact."

Eighth graders at East Rock School volunteered to help first graders learn how to use Tuxpaint, an online simple drawing program for young children. First graders used Tuxpaint to create drawings of sea stars that they had researched. Students used Microsoft Word to type out their research.

At Columbus

The fifth graders then helped the first graders create a Blabber using the picture they found in Google Images and the caption they wrote for their picture. Students use Blabberize to create their own talking pictures, a moving mouth on a still image. Students recorded themselves reading the dialogue to give to their animals. Click here for an example of student work.

Third grade students at Christopher Columbus Family Academy complete Animotos using research they completed on animals, under the direction of LMS Rose Evans.

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Summer Reading Participation up 76 Percent The joint efforts of the New Haven school and public librarians to keep students reading throughout the summer paid off, as 76% more students completed the program than the previous year. This was the second year that school and public librarians collaborated on this reading incentive program. In 2010, 2,369 students signed up to participate in the summer reading program at the New Haven Free Public Library, with 970 finishing the program. This summer, 2,922 students signed up and 1,706 took it to the end. The program used reading lists provided by the school librarians and reading journals created by the public librarians. Students kept logs of

Graphics from the New Haven Free Public Library were used to prepare the school district reading lists.

Quinnipiac University ladies hockey team mascot visits the summer reader recognition party with LMS Jeanne Z. Lawrence at Benjamin Jepson Magnet School . the amount they read and were rewarded with prizes for finishing. School librarians promoted the program in May and June and recog-

nized finishers on bulletin boards, with ice cream socials and recognition in town meetings once students returned to school in the fall.

Displays around the district, this one at Metropolitan Business Academy Library Media Center, recognized summer readers. Did you know‌ You can get great research databases for free from home? Go to and put in your public library card barcode or simply click on the button that says Try This.

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More Library Based Digital Projects

Kindergarteners at Troup Write About Families and Careers in the LMC Kindergarten and first graders at Augustus Lewis Troup School combined coloring on paper and typing in Word to help produce class books on families and careers. After reading books and watched videos about families, kindergarteners drew pictures of their own families. Rita O’Keefe Steel, library media specialist, assisted the students in using Microsoft Word to type descriptions of their drawings. Steel scanned in the drawings and paired them with the short narratives. She then assembled the works into a class book called Our Families. As part of another project on community helpers, first graders located images of their career choices online and inserted them into Word documents. Students wrote about their career aspirations to go with the images. LMS Rita O’Keefe A kindergarten student at Troup Library Media Center uses Word to Steel assembled the projects into a class book write about her family.

Conte West Hills Magnet Grant Sets Scene for Cutting Edge Technology in the LMC Conte West Hills is experiencing a renaissance thanks in large part to new Magnet grant. The school has partnered with Expeditionary Learning and all classes will be going on two expeditions incorporating 21st Century skills this year. Technology education, led by Library Media Specialist Brett Baker, is a major focus of that. Fourth graders are learning to use Macbook laptops along with Flip cameras. Students are using Comic Life software to tell a story and using photos they take with Photo Booth software. Fifth grade students are beginning to research education Ipad applications to A student at Conte West Hills tries out one of the school’s 60 new Ipads in the use on the 60 new Ipads on carts library media center.

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Students Reading More at New Haven School Libraries

Library Catalogue Upgraded

Checkouts 2010 vs 2011



Checkouts are up 5.8 percent September through November of 2011 vs. the same period in 2010.

You may have noticed that your school’s online public access catalogue (OPAC) has changed. The district recently upgraded to LS2 PAC. Along with a sleeker look, the interface offers LMSs the ability to create customizable book rivers and compile interactive book lists for projects. Students log in with their ID numbers and can save lists and searches. Users can also submit book reviews and rate selections from one to five stars. There is also a new Kid’s Pack that is a hit with the younger set. At school, simply clear out the address bar and type the word Library to get the cata-

Barnard Library Media Center Holds Pajama Read-In Did you know… You can access Encyclopedia Britannica Online from your home as well as from school? See your library media specialist for details.

A Family Event, Wexler-Grant Pajama Party, was held Dec. 8, from 6:00 to 7:30. Parents, students and staff were invited to come to read, enjoy cookies and milk, and a raffle was held. One hundred people, most in their pajamas, attended to enjoy the evening. Books totaling $100. were raffled as part of the Scholastic Book Fair being held in the LMC. Many parents purchased books, and much reading and socializing created a fun night.

Library Media Newsletter  

January 2012

Library Media Newsletter  

January 2012