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Narwhal News October 2012 Volume 2 Issue 5

Julia Elhai helping run the petting zoo at the Simi Valley Days Carnival

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Hello, Narwhals! The month of October is now here and I hope all of you are enjoying the school year so far. I'm really proud of our club because we have grown so much. This month, again, we received the Most Service Projects award for the division. Also, we have a many new members! I hope you all enjoy Key Club and don't be afraid to get to know each other because Key Club is one big ohana. My goal is to have over 95 members this year so please tell your friends to join! The next coming months will be VERY busy. Fall Rally South is quickly approaching so please start thinking about going. Lastly, at the end of every meeting, there will be a box in the front of the room where you can donate money to Pediatric Trauma Program. I hope you all have a Happy 'Spooktacular' October! -Paolo Recto Santa Susana Key Club President 2012-13 Call/Text: 8054042268 2


Trick-or-Treat for Unicef

Meet Bertha DeBroom, Shadow, Lady Pennyworth, Count Change-ula, Frank, and Patches! They are this year’s new characters that Unicef is featuring on their collection boxes! You are also invited to enter the Create-a-Character contest!

More than 60 years ago in 1950, kids across America were inspired to collect coins for Unicef to help children abroad during World War II. Ever since then, Trick-or-Treat for Unicef has served as the Original Kids Helping Kids® campaign. For generations of Americans, Trick-or-Treat has been a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of the world’s children. Key Club partnered with Unicef in 1994 and continues its support today. Now in its 18th year of partnership, Key Club has raised over $5 million for UNICEF. All the money raised helps girls and boys all over the world who receive the help they need for happy and healthy lives. So far, Unicef has raised more than $167 million and every donation, big or small, makes a difference. Be a part of the past, present and future by continuing to participate in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF! For more information, please visit

Along with Unicef’s new collection boxes, there is a new way to donate! Text the word “TOT” to UNICEF (864233) to make a $10.00 donation to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!



Past Events Chicken Frenzy by Serena Lee On September 22, 2012, I, along with a couple friends, volunteered at the Simi Valley Days Festival, which was at the Rancho Simi Community Park. We volunteered at the Petting Zoo booth, which featured various different animals from chicken, to bunnies, to sheep, to goats, and even a llama. Our job was to maintain the booth. It cost $2 for entrance and the kids were able to feed the big animals with their cups of food. The kids (and adults) enjoyed it a lot and it was fun watching them pet the animals and trying to pet them. Another one of our jobs of the booth was to put the chickens back into their pens if they ever flew to the top of the pen Mindy Nguyen & Paolo Recto from SSHS and or flew out. At first, all of us were scared to grab the chicken, but Chelsea Corbin from Royal helping on Saturday thankfully the chickens would only fly on top of their pens, so it was Sept. 22nd at the Simi Valley Days Petting Zoo. not that big of a deal to grab the chickens. But once they started flying out of the pen, it got hectic. We ended up chasing the chickens around the zoo whenever they got out of the pen which was pretty hectic. Once, my friends and I thought we lost all the chickens, because one second they were there, another second they were all gone. We were shocked and starting searching everywhere when someone pointed out that they were sleeping on the bars of the tent at the top. The chickens caused a lot of frenzy and worry for us volunteers! But overall, the volunteering was worth it. To be honest, I was skeptical to help at first, because I didn’t think I would be comfortable with the animals and the smell, but I ended up really enjoying helping people and watching people’s fascination with the animals that I ended up feeding the animals myself! It was a worthwhile experience and would gladly volunteer for the petting zoo next year.

Rabbits and Chickens and Llamas? OH MY! By Julia Elhai Every year our Key Club has the opportunity to volunteer at the petting zoo at the Simi Valley Days. It is one of the most enjoyable experiences that our club offers. Not only do you get to be around chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, and a llama, but you get the experience to help children feed the animals and see the joy of the animals light up their faces. The weekend of September 19th - September 21st was truly the most memorable experience as it has been every year. The people surrounding you are having as much fun as you are the entire time and it is unforgettable! If your a Junior, Sophomore, or Freshman I highly recommend this volunteer opportunity next year; it is amazing. Hank Powell watches as Julia Elhai and Doc trade off holding a hen on Saturday Sept. 22nd at the Simi Valley Days Petting Zoo.



Past Events Cars at the Carnival by Lorraine Ador Dionisio On the 23rd of September, I was given the chance to volunteer at the annual Simi Valley Days. At this event, I helped selling tickets with the Kiwanis Car Show. It was a fun experience as there were many awesome and tricked out cars that were displayed everywhere. At the booth, my friends Nikol, Sandra, and I helped the Kiwanis Club by helping them sell raffle tickets. By people purchasing those raffle tickets, they were eligible to win a prize such as a flat screen TV or a dinner with firemen. Each ticket was sold for a dollar a piece but people were able to buy a bundle of twenty-five tickets for twenty-dollars. Personally, I thought that was a good deal as they could have won a dinner with firemen! Another thing that we helped out with was writing people's names and numbers on each raffle ticket when they purchased a bundle. Although we had to write many names and numbers, it was a good experience associating with people and discovering their interests in cars. Overall, I would love to work at the Simi Valley Days Fair again but next year I would like to work at the Petting Zoo. Also, I encourage all of you Key Club members to volunteer at the Simi Valley Days next year or any other volunteer opportunities, as it is a great way to interact with people and gain service hours!

The Alternative Rec. Experience By Mason Thurmond Contribute to the Newsletter! Write articles and submit photos! Did enjoy volunteering at a Key Club event? Do you volunteer somewhere on a weekly basis? Write an article about it and send in photos! You can receive 1 hour of service per article and/or 3 photos!

1. Download the article template from

Last month, I volunteered at an Alternative Recreation Dance at Houghton Park. The Alternative Recreation Program is a program put on by the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, made specifically for teens and adults with mental disabilities. Many of these teens and adults do not have the chance to experience social events, like the dance, or field trips, and RSRPD gives them those opportunities. This dance was just like any other school dance, with a DJ, disco ball and free food. I helped out by tending the drink sales, passing out cookies and keeping a general eye out for good behavior; basically like a chaperone. I had an awesome time hanging out with some great people and learning a lot about how people with mental disabilities are no different than me. It was also strikingly spectacular to offer my presence and patience and be such a great help. I’m looking forward to volunteering with this program again and definitely recommend this as a fun and insightful experience.

2. Write your article – Use your creativity to discuss your topic 3.

File Name: NN_EVENT

4. Include any photos you may have from the event (preferably candid photos of you or others performing service) 5. Email it to: Great turn out and a major member increase at our meetings! Thanks for joining!



Ongoing Projects Pop Tabs Throughout the year we collect pop tabs for Ronald McDonald house. This is a place in close proximity to a hospital where families can stay when their child is in the hospital. They recycle the pop tabs and use the money to help families pay to stay at the house as well as pay the utilities and other expenses needed to keep the house running. So keep collecting! They can be from canned beverages and even the tabs from canned food!

S.O.S. (Save Old Spectacles) We are continually collecting glasses for SOS. Check with everyone you know to see if they have any old specs that they do not use anymore. Keep in mind, the end of the school year is ending and if every member brings in at least 3 pairs of glasses, our sponsoring Kiwanis of Santa Susana will throw us a pizza party!

Feeding the Homeless Our club helps at 2 different locations for feeding the homeless and we could always use more volunteers! We help with set up, dinner service, dishes, and clean up after.

• Stillwaters Cafe at Shepard of the Valley Church: Thursdays from 5-7pm • The Samaritan Center: 1st Thursday of the month

Upcoming Events

Region 10 Training Conference When: Saturday, October 13th Time: 11am - 4pm Where: Rancho Alegre (Santa Barbara) What: Join members from the 4 divisions in Region 10 (42 East Narwhals, 42 West Orcas, 24 Zebras, and 29 garden gnomes). Contact Paolo ASAP so we can arrange transportation to and from the conference with our Regional Advisor.

Relay for Life When: Saturday, October 13th – Sunday, October 14th Time: 9am -9am (24 Hours) Where: Rancho Simi Community Park What: Join thousands of people who walk to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back! Join the Division Relay Team: Narwhal Nation Visit and search for our team!

Habit PTP Fundraiser When: Tuesday, October 16th Where: Habit Burger Grill on Alamo & Tapo Canyon What: All proceeds from our fundraiser will go to Pediatric Trauma Program so make sure to bring everyone you know and spread the word! Fliers will be passed out soon for you to bring with you!



Upcoming Events

Sycamore Elementary Harvest Festival When: Friday, October 26th Time: 3:30 - 6:15pm Where: Sycamore Elementary 2100 Ravenna St. Simi Valley, CA 93065 What: Help work the festival booths and do what ever is needed to make the festival run smoothly.

Dues are Due! When: Friday, October 26th Amount: $11 (Payable in the student store to Ms. P)

Fall Rally Meeting! When: Friday, October 26th Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm Location: 1765 Royal Ave. Simi Valley, CA 93065 What: MANDATORY for members planning on attending Fall Rally on November 10th!! Learn division cheers and meet some other great Key Clubbers from Simi and Royal High Schools.

Division 42 East Car Wash When: Saturday, October 27th Time: 10:30am - 1:30pm Location: Rock & Roll CafĂŠ in Simi Valley What: Get together with the Narwhal Nation to wash cars for PTP! All proceeds will go to Pediatric Trauma Program.

Fall Rally South When: Saturday, November 10th Time: 9am – 8pm Where: Six Flags Magic Mountain What: Key Club spirit rally and Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club PTP fundraiser that is crazy fun. Ride all the rides and meet THOUSANDS of Key Clubbers from all over! Cost: $33 at the gate (over 50% off a general admission ticket!) Season pass holders pay $5 as a donation to PTP.



Our KEY Family

Division 42 East New division positions are now open to applications! Our District Governor Alyssa Yocom has challenged all the Lt. Governors to open up new positions on their Division Leadership Teams as Task Coordinators. Our division has accepted her challenge! The following coordinator positions are available for you to apply for: •Pediatric Trauma Program •The Eliminate Project •Kiwanis Family •Project Jumpstart •Key Leader •March of Dimes •Children's Miracle Network

Presenting the D42E T-shirt Design Contest Winner! This is the design that will be on our T-shirts this year! You will be able to purchase them SOON! The price has not yet been determined.

October DCM: Hi, Santa Susana Key Club Members!

DATE: October 26th

Keep up the amazing work and put those thinking caps back on! Please study hard and have a successful year!

LOCATION & TIME: 1765 Royal Ave 5:30 - 6:30pm

Kristine Rafanan Division 42 East LT. Governor

MANDATORY for members interested in attending Fall Rally



Our KEY Family

California-Nevada-Hawaii Join the CNH KC Education Reflector! Take a look and join the CNH Education Reflector moderated by the Member Relations Committee! http:// We will be posting every week: • discussion topics • useful enlightenment • other tips and tricks Simply request to join the page, wait for approval, and then you can immerse yourselves with fun and information with the rest of the CNH members!

Key Club International Key Club Week is November 5-9! Key Club Week is November 5-9! Key Club Week is November 5-9! Key Club Week is November 5-9! Key Club Week is November 5-9! Show your community what you and your club can do during Key Club Week! Spread your Key Club spirit!

Kiwanis of Santa Susana Key Club, don’t forget that your parents and their friends can get involved with our community too by becoming a Kiwanis member. Any interested adults can contact Jeff Bertoniere, 805.377.0130 or for more information.



October 2012 **Meetings**










4 5 Samaritan Center (4:30pm)







Still Waters Café 11 12

13 Relay for Life (9am)

Still Waters Café

Region 10 Training Conference (11am-4pm)





Habit PTP Fundraiser 21






Still Waters Café 24


26 (DUES) Sycamore Still Waters Harvest Café Festival **Fall Rally Meeting**




31 Parks & Rec. Halloween Carnival

27 Division 42 East Car Wash (10:30am1:30pm)

Key Club Fun Fact Key Club has been Trick-or-Treating for Unicef since 1994.

Keep a look out for other events that may come up as well as event details and sign ups! **Meeting MANDATORY for those planning to attend Fall Rally!** DON’T FORGET TO PAY DUES BY 0CTOBER 26TH!


Officer & Advisor

Contact Info Stillwater’s Café Chair Lily Chapman 805-813-7175

President Paolo Recto 805-404-2268

Spirit Coordinator Cinthya Lopez 805-210-4969 Message from the Editor

Vice President Samaritan Center Chair

Member Recruitment Chair Nikol Spaho 805-791-8850

Sohil Bammi 805-300-9213

Michael Gulino 805-210-1990


SAA (Sargent At Arms) Lilly Chapman 805-813-7175

Faculty Advisor

Historian Lorraine Ador Dionisio 805-210-9555

Kiwanis Advisor

Fundraising Chair Jimmy Lam (805)-304-3839

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an officer or advisor!

Michelle Hosogai 818-633-6588

Secretary Serena Lee 805-624-2544

Editor Kaila Mattera 805-338-3344

Mrs. Sharon Demartino Mr. Lloyd Picker

Officer Email:

Visit us on the web! Our website: Facebook: Santa Susana Key Club Group | SSHS Board Tumblr: SSHS Key Club | Division 42 East CNH District Website: Key Club International:

Hello my fellow Key Clubbers and welcome back to school and to a new Key Club year! I am so lucky to have been appointed as your Editor again for the new year! I hope that I will be able to represent YOU, the members, and keep you informed about all things Key Club! I will be at as many events that I can be at with a camera in hand! So if you see me at a Key Club event or around campus, don’t be afraid to say hello. I hope to get to know all of you! The festivities that surround the month of October have been my inspiration for this month’s newsletter! Halloween is an exciting holiday and creates a lot of fun ways to get out and volunteer! Whether you are trick or treating, partying, or volunteering this year, I hope you all have a spooky and safe Halloween! Swimming in Service, Kaila Mattera 2012-2013 Bulletin Editor

Kiwanis International:



Caring- Our Way of Life

Narwhal News SSHS - October 2012  
Narwhal News SSHS - October 2012  

Volume 2 Issue 5