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Narwhal News July 2013

“Caring – Our Way of Life”


Volume 3 Issue 3

Santa Susana Key Clubbers that attended the Officer Training Conference!

Santa Susana High School Key Club 3570 Cochran Street Simi Valley, CA | (805) 520 6800 Division 42 East | Region 10 | Cali-Nev-Ha

Message from the President

In This Issue… Title and Message from the President Page 2 Past Events Page 3-5 Upcoming Events Page 6 Volunteer Opportunity Page 7 Our KEY Family –OTC Page 8 D42E Updates Page 9 CNH Updates Page 10 Calendar

Hey all you splendid Key Clubbers! School’s out for summer!! I know you all must be excited; I know I am. As you take some much earned time off from schoolwork, please remember that service does not stop just because school is out. I encourage you to take part in our Summer of Service Challenge! I mean, you get to feel that warm fuzzy “I just helped somebody” feeling over and over and why wouldn’t you want to try to win a free ticket to Fall Rally? Check our website and Facebook group for links to websites that can help you find service that you can do to rack up service hours and make our community a better place. Don’t forget about Stillwaters Café and the Samaritan Center this summer as they provide great opportunities to get service hours and have fun serving the community. The officers and I will be working together to plan for the summer as well as planning events for the upcoming year. After attending Officer Training Conference, we have an even greater repertoire of knowledge to be able to plan fun events (social & service). If you have any suggestions or ideas of what kind of service or event YOU would like to partake in this upcoming year, LET US KNOW! We are here to serve all of YOU and would love to hear your ideas, so please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other officers.

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Have a FANTASTIC summer Narwhals! Stay safe, have fun, keep doing service, and I will see you in the fall! Surfing in Service, Kaila Mattera Santa Susana High School Key Club President 2013-2014 Call/Text: 805-338-3344


Past Events Arroyo Spring Fling: June 7th On June 7th, the Santa Susana Key Club volunteered at Arroyo Elementary School for a carnival. We all were signed up for a booth. I worked at the craft table. Some of the other booths included fishing, a bake sale, a sac toss, a candy booth, a milk bottle throw, and many other fun games. At the craft booth that I worked at we had four different activities for the kids to do. They chose which one they wanted to make and my job was to help them make it. I loved seeing how excited they were when they finished their craft. It was truly rewarding to see their bright smiles from ear to ear. I also love crafts so I enjoyed helping them. This event was a blast and I am so glad that I was able to participate. I am looking forward to help out again next year with my fellow Key Clubbers! -Breanna Scranton On June 7th, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Arroyo Elementary School’s Spring/Summer Carnival. I always love helping out at the elementary carnivals because the kids have so much fun and being able to help them and watch them play the games gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I ran the Fishing Booth. For one ticket the kids could use a little fishing pole with a magnet to catch a plastic fish to win a prize. It was really enjoyable to be able to watch the joy spread across each child’s face as they caught that fish; priceless. All the kids were really cute as they would continue to come back again and again to catch another fish and get another prize. I am really happy that I was able to be there to lend a hand and it was really a great way to kick off the summer. -Kaila Mattera



Past Events Officer Bonding Day: June 17th Most of the officers from our board met at Lemon Park in the afternoon to get to know each other! We played a few games to learn about everyone. This afternoon was really beneficial because we now will be able to work better together during our term. Everyone got along really well and I am so happy that I will be working with an AMAZING board this year. I hope that we can have more days that we can just hang out and have fun! -Breanna Scranton

Contribute to the Newsletter! Write articles and submit photos! Did enjoy volunteering at an event? Do you volunteer somewhere on a weekly basis? Write an article about it and send in photos! You can receive 30 minutes of service per article! 1. Download the article template from 2. Write your article – Use your creativity to discuss your topic 3. Include any photos you may have from the event (preferably candid photos of you or others performing service) 4. Email it to: 5. Email Subject: NarwhalNews_TOPIC.



Past Events Kiwanis Garage Sale: June 15, 2013

Carly Balster

The Kiwanis Garage sale was a terrific experience! Carly, Justine, and I got there at 6am. We set up all of the shoes and clothes for most of the time. We also held signs on the street to promote the garage sale. The Kiwanis members really appreciated our hard work. This garage sale was a great service project to be a part of and I hope that I can go back again next year! -Breanna Scranton

Justine Balster

Carly and Breanna



Upcoming Events

What: Summer of Service Challenge

Ongoing Events Pop Tabs

When: June- August (ALL SUMMER)

Throughout the year we collect pop tabs for Ronald McDonald house. This is a place in close proximity to a hospital where families can stay when their child is in the hospital. They recycle the pop tabs and use the money to help families pay to stay at the house as well as pay the utilities and other expenses needed to keep the house running. So keep collecting! They can be from canned beverages and even the tabs from canned food!

Why: Summer is a time to kick back and take a break from school work. And what is better than taking the opportunity to spend some of that free time bettering your community and having fun doing community service? WINNING: The member with the most service hours recorded at the end of the summer will win a ticket to Fall Rally in November!!!

S.O.S. (Save Old Spectacles) We are continually collecting glasses for SOS. Check with everyone you know to see if they have any old specs that they do not use anymore. Keep in mind, the end of the school year is ending and if every member brings in at least 3 pairs of glasses, our sponsoring Kiwanis of Santa Susana will throw us a pizza party!

Feeding the Homeless Our club helps at 2 different locations for feeding the homeless and we could always use more volunteers! We help with set up, dinner service, dishes, and clean up after. o Stillwaters Cafe at Shepard of the Valley Church: Thursdays from 5-7pm o The Samaritan Center: 1st Thursday of the month



How to win: Email your hours to our Secretary Bertini ( by the last day of the month at 6pm. Also, keep filling out your hour sheets and get them signed so you can turn them in at our first meeting in the fall to verify your hours.

Volunteer Opportunity I have been volunteering at this animal rescue for about 6 months now and I have loved every minute of it. I walk the puppies, fill their water and food dishes, clean their cages, and play with them. This is a truly rewarding experience which is why I wanted to give our club an opportunity to also volunteer here. I have attached a file for the short application to volunteer. You can turn this into the rescue (address below). She appreciates any help, so you can volunteer at any time you are available. This is a fantastic way to earn service hours for your summer service challenge while helping innocent puppies receive the proper care and love that they need until they find a perfect home. If you have any questions, please contact me. Helping animals in my passion, so I would be happy to help you start working if you are interested. Please view the next page to see pictures of the adorable animals that you would be taking care of. Thank you so much! rescue application.pdf -Breanna Scranton (805) 813-0879

Their Mission Statement: Itty Bitty’s and PIttie’s Rescue was founded on the belief that no animal should have to go hungry, be homeless or live in fear or pain. The sanctuary believes that all animals deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness, and respect and provided with care that increases their opportunity for a safe life. We are a no-kill organization committed to rescuing abandoned companion animals with the ultimate goal of placing them in loving, permanent homes. Recognizing that every dog and cat deserves a chance, Itty Bitty’s and Pitties’s Rescue Group will not discriminate on the basis of age, health, or breed. We will dedicate every resource at our disposal to the physical, emotional, and behavioral rehabilitation of each animal that we rescue. All decisions regarding the animals in our care will be based on the quality of life of that individual animal. In addition, Itty Bitty’s and Pittie’s is committed to reducing the number of abused, neglected, abandoned, and exploited animals in our area. It is our long-term vision to work with other concerned citizens to make Ventura County a no-kill community. All of the dogs and cats in our care will be spayed or neutered as soon as the animal’s health and age permits. No animal will be released from our rescue unaltered. Our animals will only be placed with carefully screened fosters and adopters. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our rescue, and it is our hope that all who assist our organization will have a rewarding experience. Fosters will be given the resources and support needed to optimally provide for the animals in their care, and all volunteers, donors, and others associated with Itty Bitty’s and Pittie’s Rescue will be treated with appreciation and respect.



Our KEY Family: OTC The Officer Training Conference was absolutely wonderful. Division 42 East and West came together to learn all about Key Club and how to fulfill our positions to the best of our ability in our upcoming term. We first had our June DCM meeting to be informed on the activities the seven schools in our division have been doing. We then went to two workshops. I went to the Editor workshop where I learned all about my position and how to create informational newsletters. This workshop also provided how to correctly manage a Key Club website. I then went to the Secretary workshop where I learned what a secretary’s job is. Everyone then came together to eat lunch and discuss topics such as spirit, Fall Rally, DCON, Key Leader, Project Eliminate, Pediatric Trauma Program, and the Kiwanis Family. After that, I went to a Fundraising 101 workshop where I was informed on creative and effective ways to raise money. We then played some icebreakers that allowed us to get to know each other better. This day was truly incredible as I was able to see how extraordinary Key Club truly is. Officer Training Conference inspired me to make a difference in this world. I am extremely excited to attend the OTC next year for more memorable experiences! -Breanna Scranton -Breanna Scranton

Everyone that Attended the OTC!



D42E Updates International Convention 2013: We want those back at home to have the opportunity to learn just as much from our experience at ICON, so we have created a form for each of you, your fellow club officers, and members to ask any questions you would like us to address to Key Club International (KCI) while we are in Washington D.C. If you have any questions you would like us to bring to ICON, please visit the following link and submit your questions by July 3rd. Please share the link with the members you serve. GOLDEN Questions for ICON: YTklg8mWM-IrYbd_qG93CRnl4z9Km_gE0vROVg/viewform

Narwhal Fun Fact! The average weight of a Narwhal is one ton!!!

Car Washes are currently being planned. Keep checking back to learn more. July DCM: Date to be determined! Division 42 East T-Shirt Contest Deadline: CHANGED TO July 26th by 6pm The Division Leadership Team wants to give those who are planning to submit a design more time to think of a creative and nice t-shirt for our division. The flyer for the T-shirt design will be released by our Division News Editor, Mindy Nguyen, by then end of the week. The flyer will have all of the criteria for the design. Send to: The logos are on the club website to include in your design!


2013-2014 Division Leadership Team LTG - Paolo Recto Executive Assistant/Secretary – Daniel Lee Executive Assistant - Joseph Ko Division News - Mindy Nguyen

Santa Susana Key Club Recognition (at division level):

Spirit - Nathan Valencerina & Lorraine Ador Dionisio Fundraising - Serena Lee & Ryan Luong

-Most Service Projects for May

OTC Coordinators - Jessica Ji & Benjamin Lang

-Most Funds Raised in May



CNH Updates

District Goal for Eliminate: Every Member to save 3 lives from MNT (only $5.40)



July Calendar










Division Shirt Design due!




6 DCON logo due By 6pm

Stillwaters Café 4:45pm-7pm

2013 Key Club International Convention: Washington DC












Stillwaters Café 4:45pm-7pm Samaritan Center 4:30pm-6pm





18 Stillwaters Café 4:45pm-7pm





25 Stillwaters Café 4:45pm-7pm




31 Service Hours Due! Send to bertininguyen@

Stillwaters Café 4:45pm-7pm

Keep checking the website for events to participate in!!!



Officer Contact Information President Kaila Mattera Cell: 805-338-3344 e-mail: Vice President Michelle Hosogai Cell: 1-818-633-6588 e-mail: Secretary Bertini Nguyen Cell: 805-304-1038 e-mail: Treasurer Sandra Valencia Cell: 805-501-9707 e-mail: Editor Breanna Scranton Cell: 805-813-0879 Club Editor Email:

Co-Public Relations Chair Carly Balster Cell: 818-913-6124 e-mail: Co-Public Relations Chair Justine Balster Cell: 818-913-6121 e-mail:


Samaritan Center Chair Mason Thurmond Cell: 805-907-8914 Samaritan Center e-mail:

Faculty Advisor Mrs. Sharon Demartino e-mail: sharondemartino@


Stillwaters CafĂŠ Chair Jeremy Wishengrad Cell: 805-404-8989 e-mail:

Class of 2014 Rep. Serena Lee Cell: 805-624-2544 e-mail:

Co-Spirit Chair Siena Mattera Cell: 805-338-9190 e-mail: Co-Spirit Chair Margot Rowe Cell: 805-206-7872 e-mail: Kiwanis Family Chair Dana Brough Cell: 805-624-1319 e-mail: Projects Chair Lorraine Ador Dionisio Cell: 805-210-9555 e-mail: Fundraising Chair Julia Elhai Cell: 805-795-0311 e-mail:


Class of 2015 Rep. Nikol Spaho Cell: 805-791-8850 e-mail: Class of 2016 Rep. Nicolas Mintzer Cell: 805-501-0309 e-mail: Officer e-mail

Don’t hesitate to contact an officer if you ever have any questions! We are here to help you have a delightful Key Club experience!

Officer Biographies Secretary: Bertini Nguyen Hello, my name is Bertini Nguyen and I am a junior at Santa Susana High School. What I like to do on my free time is practice with swim team and if I'm not swimming then I'm off to the Lemon Park with my friends playing basketball. The reason I love Key Club is I love to serve and lend a hand to help others. The feeling I get when I take my time out of my day just to volunteer for something is indescribable. My goal as being a secretary is to first off send in all my MRF's early and on time, and my other goal is to help the other board run the club smoothly. That's mostly my life. Have a good day!

Treasurer: Sandra Valencia Hey I'm Sandra Valencia and I am Santa Susana's Key Club Treasurer for the 2013-2014 year. I am 15 years old, some of my hobbies are photography, cooking, listening to music, and reading. I am also a big Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who fan.

Kiwanis Fun Fact The Kiwanis Motto is “We Build.�

13 13

Websites and Message from the Editor Hello Narwhals! Visit Us on the Web!!!

Thank you so much for reading Santa Susana Key Club’s July newsletter.

Our website:

I hope that you all are working on your summer of service challenge as it is very important to never stop volunteering and helping our community! I cannot wait to see you all in the fall. I am so excited to continue making our club stronger!

Check out our mobile site too! Facebook: Santa Susana Key Club Group| SSHS Board Tumblr: SSHS Key Club|Division 42 East

Key Club International:

Please keep reading the newsletter throughout the summer and checking any new updates on the website.

Kiwanis International:

Thank you again! Enjoy your summer!!!

CNH District Website:

Click these links to find volunteer oppurtunities!!! Must sign up w/ program before volunteering for events!!



Swimming in Service, Breanna Scranton 2013-2014 Bulletin Editor

“Caring- Our Way of Life”


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July Newsletter  

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