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Narwhal News June 2012 Volume 2 Issue 2

“CaringOur Way of Life”

Kiwanis Picnic: Lily Chapman

Santa Susana High School Key Club 3570 Cochran Street Simi Valley, CA | (805) 520-6800 Division 42 East | Region 10 | Cali-Nev-Ha


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Photos by Kaila Mattera

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On Sunday May 6th, all members of the Simi Valley and Santa Susana Kiwanis Families got together and bonded over food, music, and games at the Kiwanis Picnic! Members of every age level brought their families and enjoyed a beautiful day at the park. Key Clubbers helped the Kiwanians serve food and also organized games for the younger kids to play. Members from our club who attended organized a couple water games to help cool everyone down on the sunny afternoon. We had a water balloon toss and the line of people ready to play was so long! We also played over and under where to teams pass the soaking wet sponge over one head and under the legs of the next person. It was a lot of fun to see people of all ages coming out to have fun and make friends with other members of the Kiwanis family.



Past Events

Photos by Kaila Mattera

Cadilacs and Chevys and Fords oh my! On Sunday, May 20th, the Kiwanis of Santa Susana held their annual Kiwanis Car Show for Kids! People of all ages came out to marvel at the beautiful antique cars. From muscle cars to stockcars, there were cars of every color. Members who came out early helped with set up and helped serve breakfast in the Kiwanis food truck. Volunteers also stood on the nearby street corners to let passer byers know what was going on. There were activities for kids to do like ring toss and duck fishing. They could also play in the bounce house or get a temporary tattoo. Members working the later shift helped in the kids area or helped serve lunch in the food truck. If you had any free time, you got to walk around and check out the cars and vote for your favorite. It was a really fun way to work alongside the Kiwanians. If you did not get the opportunity to volunteer this year, you might get the chance to do so next year!



Ongoing Projects

Upcoming Events

Care & Share Collection When: Saturday, June 2nd

Pop Tabs

Time: 10am – 2pm (Shifts: 10am-12pm +12pm-2pm)

Throughout the year we collect pop tabs for Ronald McDonald house. This is a place in close proximity to a hospital where families can stay when their child is in the hospital. They recycle the pop tabs and use the money to help families pay to stay at the house as well as pay the utilities and other expenses needed to keep the house running. So keep collecting! They can be from canned beverages and even the tabs from canned food!

Where: Vons Market on Erringer and Cochran What: Work along side sponsoring Kiwanis members to collect goods for our local Care & Share.

Ronald McDonald House Visit When: Saturday, June 9th Time: 8am - 12pm

S.O.S. (Save Old Spectacles)

Where: Meet at the Santa Susana front parking lot to drive to the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House.

We are continually collecting glasses for SOS. Check with everyone you know to see if they have any old specs that they do not use anymore. Keep in mind, we are collecting glasses up until the very last day of school! So keep bringing in those glasses!

What: Take a tour of the Ronald McDonald House and learn more about where all the collected pop tabs go.

June Division Council Meeting When: Monday, June 25th Feeding the Homeless Our club helps at 2 different locations for feeding the homeless and we could always use more volunteers! We help with set up, dinner service, dishes, and clean up after. • Stillwaters Cafe at Shepherd of the Valley Church: Thursdays from 5-7pm • The Samaritan Center: 1st Thursday of the month

Time: 1:30 - 3:00pm Where: Rancho Madera Community Park

How to Contribute: Submit Articles + Photos!

1. Download the article template from 2. File Name: NN_FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_EVENT DATE 3. Write your article – Use your creativity to discuss your topic 4. Include any photos you may have from the event 5. Email it to: 6. Email Subject: NarwhalNews_TOPIC (Ex. Relay For Life) *You can receive 30 minutes of service per article

What: We will be **Make sure to check each discussing club business, month’s newsletter to see if your article is included division business, and business from all other levels of Key Club. This is a great opportunity to meet other Key Clubbers and make new friends! 4


Our KEY Family Division 42 East

Division 42 East Division Council Meeting attendees. Photo by Nathalie Vasquez

Welcome the 2012-2013 Leadership Team Executive Assistant: Julia Elhai Division Secretary (EA): Joseph Ko Division Tech Editor: Kaila Mattera Spirit Coordinators: Gina Apinyavat & Donna Rahgoshay Fundraising Chair: Ryan Luong Project Chair: Jackie Lara

Congratulations to our Immediate Past LTG Kyle De La Cena for receiving Distinguished LTG! Great Job to you too! It was thanks to you, THE MEMBERS, that D42E won Most Improved Division! Let’s keep up the good work!

California-Nevada-Hawaii The 66th Annual Cali-Nev-Ha District Convention has concluded and the results are in. The Results - Your new Executive Board: Governor: Alyssa Yocom Secretary: Lloyd Chen Treasurer: Cannon Joyce Tech Editor: Rasmi Elasmar



Our KEY Family Key Club International ICON: Unlocking the Magic July 4th – July 8th in Orlando Florida Here is your opportunity to meet thousands of Key Clubbers from all over, be recognized for your club's or districts achievements, elect the 2012-2013 International Board, and dance the night away on Thursday and Saturday night. Don't miss out on the most amazing Key Club event of the year! You do not want to miss it.

Kiwanis of Santa Susana • Thanks to your hard work and efforts in collecting Save Old Spectacles (SOS) this past year, our Kiwanis threw us a pizza party at our meeting on May 25th! Great work everyone! • Key Club, don’t forget that your parents and their friends can get involved with our community too by becoming a Kiwanis member. Any interested adults can contact Jeff Bertoniere, 805.377.0130 or for more information.



Recognition At May DCM, our club was recognized for having the most service projects!

Members of the Month

A special thank you to our OUTSTANDING Faculty Advisor Mrs. Sharon Demartino! With out her, our club could not function. She helps us in so many ways every year and she deserves to be recognized for her dedication to our club!

Elvira Hernandez

Thank you for your dedication and for going above and beyond to serve our community!

Cinthya Lopez At our meeting on Friday May 25th, Mr. Shultz announced that he would not be returning next year as our Kiwanis advisor. Mr. Shultz has been a Kiwanis advisor for our club for the past 13 years! Thank you Mr. Shultz for helping us and guiding us for these past years!



Calendar: June 2012 Sunday








2 Care & Share 10am2pm

LAST Meeting Before Summer 3









Ronald McDonald House Visit 8am12pm 16




12 Finals

13 Finals

Last Day of School!















June DCM 1:30-3pm

Key Club Fun Fact Past Key Club members include Bill Clinton, Elvis Presley, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and John F. Kennedy

Keep a look out for other events that may come up as well as event details and sign ups! 8


Officer & Advisor

Contact Info President Paolo Recto 805-404-2268

Vice President Sohil Bammi 805-300-9213

Treasurer Michelle Hosogai 818-633-6588

Secretary Serena Lee 805-624-2544

Editor Kaila Mattera 805-338-3344

Stillwater’s Café Chair Lily Chapman 805-813-7175

Spirit Coordinators

Samaritan Center Chair Michael Gulino 805-210-1990

Nikol Sphao 805-791-8850

SAA (Sargent At Arms) Lilly Chapman 805-813-7175 Historian Lorraine Ador Dionisio 805-210-9555 Fundraising Chair Jimmy Lam (805)-304-3839

Cinthya Lopez 805-210-4969

Faculty Advisor Mrs. Sharon Demartino

Kiwanis Advisor Mr. Lloyd Picker If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an officer or advisor!

Officer Email:

Visit us on the web! Our website: Facebook: Santa Susana Key Club Group | SSHS Board Tumblr: SSHS Key Club | Division 42 East CNH District Website:

Message from the Editor

Hello my fellow Key Clubbers and welcome to a new Key Club year! I am so lucky to have been appointed as your Editor again for the new year! I hope that I will be able to represent YOU, the members, and keep you informed about all that Key Club has to offer. I also want to publicize our events and get the word out about Santa Susana Key Club! We may be small now but hopefully if people know who we are and what we do, we will be much bigger. I know we have a great year ahead of us! Have a great summer and I will see you in the Fall! And don’t forget to keep up your volunteering! Even though we will be out of school for summer does not mean the service has to stop. Swimming in Service,

Key Club International:

Kaila Mattera 2012-2013 Bulletin Editor

Kiwanis International: 9


Caring- Our Way of Life

Narwhal News SSHS- June 2012  
Narwhal News SSHS- June 2012  

Volume 2 Issue 2