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Liquid Powered Calculator Condition: New

P r ice: $16.85

Liquid Powered Calculator Doing math while limiting your impact on the environment is almost as exciting as climbing Mt. Everest! No, not really but this runs a close second. The smooth corners and cool blue color combined with being environmentally friendly and functional make this wholesale calculator a steal! Let your new calculator be a conversation piece and advertise that you are being environmentally responsible while doing your calculations! Liquid Powered Calculator Features: • NEVER Needs Batteries! • Powered by Water, Juice, Soda, Beer, or Almost any Liquid! • 8-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) • Can also Operate on 1 Button Cell Battery (not included) • Size - 2.875˝ Wide x 5˝ High x 0.625˝ Deep • Fun, Responsible and Uniquely Functional Do Your Pa rt! Billions of batteries are disposed of annually, adding tons of harmful materials and chemicals to the environment. This product NEVER needs batteries!