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january / february ‘14

Does it matter to you?

Did you know that L'Oreal®, the company who owns Redken, Matrix, Pureology, and L'Oreal Professional, is the same company that spends millions of dollars advertising their at-home box color brands to your clients?

L’Oreal Professional Brands • Redken • Matrix • Pureology

• L’Oreal Professional • Kerastase • Shu Uemura

L’Oreal Direct to Consumer Brands • Garnier • L’Oreal Paris • L’Oreal Technique

• Excellence by L’Oreal • Feria • Superior Performance

L’Oreal Distributors • Salon Centric • State Beauty Supply

it matters to us. The products you purchase from Salon Service Group come from privately owned companies who are dedicated only to the salon professional.

We are dedicated to providing sameday shipping, custom educational programs, the most outstanding stores in the Midwest, and the absolute best in complimentary marketing support.




2014 is about

This Groupie includes a special color choices section giving you an overview of the color brands to choose from at Salon Service Group.

Changing color lines doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve helped thousands of salons & stylists through the process. We’ll go as fast or as slow as you want. Want to try a few shades? We can do that. Want to see the color in a class or demo setting? We can do that. Prefer to just talk with someone 1-on-1? We can do that, too. If getting started would be a financial strain, no worries, we’ll buy back your current color inventory. If timing is a concern, we’ll work the conversion around your schedule. If at the end of this exploration you decide to stay with your current color line, that’s ok. Our job is to show you options and explore with you which brand might best fit your specific needs. Start choosing!


Keratin Complex has revolutionized the beauty industry with its innovative keratin technology. Beginning with the signature Smoothing Therapy and continuing on to a complete range of products, styling tools, and now color. With Color Therapy, the keratin is driven deep into the hair shaft to even out the hair’s porosity, allowing the color to anchor inside the cortex for long-lasting, even, and brilliant results.

Color Therapy KeraHold

Color Therapy Demi-Glaze



Tube size


Tube size


Permenant Shades


Demi-Glaze Shades


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application




FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION WITH KERATIN COMPLEX COLOR CLASSES • Intro to Keratin Color Therapy • Beyond Blonde • Reality of Reds • • Bold Brunettes • Gray Uncovered • Color Meets Smooth •

I have to say that since completely switching my salon’s color line to Keratin Complex’s KeraHold Color Therapy, we have seen phenomenal results with color and shine. All of our customers have been blown away by the feel of their hair after their service! Between the shine, color selections, and overall feel that it gives the hair, I couldn’t be more happy to use and educate for Keratin Complex’s color line!! Gina McIntyre Salon Owner - Salon Obsession Keratin Complex Educator Florence, KY

Choose keratin complex

Contact your Salon Partner or Customer Service at 800.933.5733, ext 7299 or email



Family-owned, and independently Dutch produced, Keune is committed to creating the finest products and color lines in their own laboratories. Keune was built on the philosophy of maintaining “The Art of Hair Design” and want to help you create the quality that you and your clients deserve. No matter what type of salon you operate or clients you service, there is a Keune product and color line that perfectly suits the atmosphere you’ve created.

Tinta Color

So Pure Ammonia-Free Color

Semi-Color SPECS


SPECS Tube size


Tube size


Tube size


Permenant Shades


Permenant Shades


Semi Shades


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application





FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION WITH KEUNE COLOR CLASSES • Fundamental Foiling • Color Codex: Color • Tinta Submersion • Art of Color Placement • So Pure Submersion • • Color Correction Basics • Formulation Experience • I am the loyal girl who used the same color line since the day I started in the industry 7 years ago, so I was a little nervous about switching. I had been searching for a new company for over a year when Keune fell in my lap. They brought me samples and told me about the company & what makes them different from other companies. I used the color on my next guest and knew I had found my fit. The color is rich, the hair feels amazing & the reds rock!! Salon Service Group and Keune were amazing through my transition. They brought me detailed education and support before I did the full switch so I didn’t feel lost. When my SSG Sales Rep, Keune educator, & my Keune Rep all showed up for my Intro to Color class in my small 4 chair, 2 stylist salon, I was blown away. They treated me like I was the biggest salon in the state! My guests became more loyal to me because they can’t go get this “wow” somewhere else in town. They were simply blown away at the longevity of their color and the fading was very minimal compared to what they were used to! Switching to Keune has changed my world of color and grown my business in amazing ways! Dani Crimmins Salon Owner - Studio D Clay Center, KS

Choose keune

Contact your Salon Partner or Customer Service at 800.933.5733, ext 7299 or email


Founded by the Schwarzkopf family, whose dedication to the professional hair care industry has been consistent for four generations, oya has a deep history in color. That history has led to incredible, German-inspired pigments developed in the usa by an international team of experts. Green Tea and Sea Kelp, the two key ingredients in oya color, prevent premature color fading, reduce scalp swelling, control frizz and fly-aways, and increase hair suppleness and elasticity.



Tube size


Tube size


Permanent Shades


Demi Shades


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application




FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION WITH OYA COLOR CLASSES • Introduction • Gray Coverage • Corrective Color • Blondes and Sunshimmers •

As a color artist you have a skill set that you spend lots of time perfecting. But when you are able to work with a superior color line, your craft has a great advantage to make you look way more talented! Since changing over to OYA my clients have been raving about their color and the longevity of it. OYA is by far the greatest color line I have worked with in my 18 years of experience and I personally have used the top brands in the market.

We were hesitant to change color lines as we were all very comfortable and familiar with our previous color line. Since we have switched it has taken us out of our comfort zones, but we love how we can customize every color client! The shine and coverage is fantastic!

Face to Face Salon & Spa LaVista, NE

Janel Schick Salon Owner - Salon & Spa De Crist Lee’s Summit, MO

Choose OYA

Contact your Salon Partner or Customer Service at 800.933.5733, ext 7299 or email



Inspired by the creativity of Milan, the capital of fashion and design, Alfaparf Milano stands out with its Italian style. Whether you are looking to create a total change, just add light reflections, or cover gray roots, Alfaparf Milano will achieve results you never dreamt possible.

Evolution Of The Color Permanent Color

Thermae Spa Color No-Ammonia Permanent Color

Color Wear Semi-Color SPECS


SPECS Tube size


Tube size


Tube size


Permanent Shades


Permanent Shades


Semi Shades


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application





FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION WITH ALFAPARF COLOR CLASSES • World of Colorwear • Intro Evolution of the Color • Master Blondes • Color Correction • Alfaparf Collection •

“I ventured out to try something new, and I absolutely love Alfaparf color! It has amazing coverage, lots of dimension and is true to color.”

Sara Sailsbury Turning Heads Salon Ames, IA

I have been a stylist for 20+ years and absolutely love this color line! It has great versatility and very easy to learn! The reds are by far the best I have ever used, they stay vibrant longer than any other color line and the gray coverage is flawless!

Russel Winkelbauer Russell’s Salon Omaha, NE


Contact your Salon Partner or Customer Service at 800.933.5733, ext 7299 or email


the color Permanent Color

PM Shines Demi Color

NEW shinesXG Demi Color SPECS


SPECS Tube size


Bottle size


Tube size


Permanent Shades


Demi Shades


Demi Shades


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Mix Ratio


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application


Cost Per Application





FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION WITH PAUL MITCHELL COLOR CLASSES • Collection Color • Dimensional Foiling • Color Bartender • Taste of Color • • Color with Confidence • Blonde Ambition • PM Shines • Shines XG •

I have specialized in color 26 years and 9 years ago I was introduced to Paul Mitchell. I quickly noticed how shiny and vibrant the color was. I was nervous switching color lines after using others for so long. I traded all my old color in for PM and went for it in one day! It was the easiest transition I ever made. Formulas came to me instantly with amazing results. Clients who I had served other color lines to for years were blown away with the new longer lasting color and no fade. They were AMAZED with the shine and condition of their hair. Needless to say it’s been a decision I have never regretted and I am looking forward to the new XG Shines line!!!

I love Paul Mitchell color because of the shine and long lasting coverage. PM color allows the stylist to formulate hair color with creativity. The new N+ series has the best grey coverage I have seen in the past 20 years.

Mindy Thomas St. Louis Hair Studio St. Louis, MO

Stacey Vogel Salon Elle Chesterfield, MO


Contact your Salon Partner or Customer Service at 800.933.5733, ext 7299 or email



GET STARTED WITH XG SHINES Demi-permanent • No-ammonia • 51 Shades Outstanding vibrancy and luminosity shines xg trial kit Purchase at Reduced Price (17) tubes of shines XG 3oz (You choose) Receive FREE (1) 5vol XG Processing Cream 33.8oz (1) 10vol XG Processing Cream 33.8oz (1) shines XG swatch book (1) shines XG paper chart $ 99 | Save $49.15 | INTROPX99

shines xg Pro kit Purchase at Reduced Price (52) tubes of shines XG 3oz (1 of each shines XG color)

Receive FREE (3) 5vol XG Processing Cream 33.8oz (2) 10vol XG Processing Cream 33.8oz (1) shines XG swatch book (1) shines XG paper chart (1) shines XG banner (2) shines XG mixing bowls (2) color brushes (2) tube presses $ 299 | Save $158.10 | INTROPX299

shines xg tubes shines XG tube 3oz $ 5.95

xg processing cream 5 or 10 volume 33.8oz 6


Red Shades

Variety Pack

Gray Blending

Purchase at Reduced Price (4) tubes of shines XG 3oz

Purchase at Reduced Price (4) tubes of shines XG 3oz

Purchase at Reduced Price (4) tubes of shines XG 3oz

(6R, 6C, 5VR, 7RO)

Receive FREE (1) 10vol XG Processing Cream 33.8oz (1) shines XG paper swatch chart $ 19.99 | Save $9.81 | INTROPXRED

(6N, 9PN, 5RB, 8G)

Receive FREE (1) 5vol XG Processing Cream 3.83oz (1) shines XG paper swatch chart $ 19.99 | Save $9.81 | INTROPXVAR

(6N, 6NN, 4NB, 8G)

Receive FREE (1) 5vol XG Processing Cream 33.8oz (1) shines XG paper swatch chart $ 19.99 | Save $9.81 | INTROPX19


Buy 5 Get 1 FREE $29.75 *No Mix & Match green | uswetbr-gr

silver | uswetbr-sil

purple | uswetbr-pur

pink | uswetbr-hp

black | uswetbr-blk




half gallons


buy Shampoo get conditioner


1/2 OFF

Save $5 | UMINI


37.43 | 1401US01

purchase any 1.5” iron (original, white, or pink)

• Firm Finishing Spray 10oz • Everything Cream 1.7oz • Color Hydrate Shampoo 10.1oz • Color Hydrate Conditioner 10.1oz • Volume Texture Spray 5.1oz $ 109.95 1401US02-WHITE 1401US03-ORIGINAL 1401US04-PINK



receive free:


• Flexible Styling Spray 10oz • Everything Cream 1.7oz • Color Hydrate Shampoo 10.1oz • Color Hydrate Conditioner 10.1oz • Volume Texture Spray 5.1oz $ 109.95 1401US05-WHITE 1401US06-ORIGINAL 1401US07-PINK


r o l o c r u o y Keep ant vibr


timeless color aftercare collection • Seal in color vibrancy • Prevent sun fadage • Add protective barrier

timeless color Fade-Defy Shampoo $ 12 | 13.5oz | kxts13 $ 22 | 33.8oz | kxts33

timeless color Fade-Defy Conditioner $ 12 | 13.5oz | kxtc13 $ 22 | 33.8oz | kxtc33

free Fade-Defy backbar Purchase (6) Timeless Color Fade-Defy Shampoo 13.5oz (6) Timeless Color Fade-Defy Conditioner 13.5oz Receive FREE (1) Timeless Color Fade-Defy Shampoo 33.8oz (1) Timeless Color Fade-Defy Conditioner 33.8oz $ 144 | Save $44 | 1401kx01

new ! Restorative

Keratin Ampoules

• Fortify weak, damaged hair • Reduce frizz • Protect against the elements $ 24 | 5ct | kxvs-5 $ 48 | 10ct | kxvs-10



Vitalshot Cocktails Intensify the results of in-salon services to deliver smoother, shinier results with these new services! scan to View the VitalShots Menu of Services

buy 5 kerawhip get 1 free $

60 | Save $12 | 1401kx03

new season. new look. Purchase (11) KeraHold Shades 3.5oz Isolated Ombre: 10.1/10A - Ultra-Light Ash Blonde 1.0/1N - Black Velvet Browns: 5.20/5VN - Light Violet Natural Brown 4.52/4MV - Medium Mahogany Violet Brown 4.0/4N - Medium Brown Beach Blondes: 8.7/8GV - Light Caramel Blonde 9.3/9G - Lightest Golden Blonde 10.28/10VP - Ultra-Light Violet Pearl Blonde Summer Reds: 9.43/9CG - Lightest Copper Gold Blonde 7.43/7CG - Medium Copper Gold Blonde 5.4/5C - Light Copper Brown

Classic smooth with free glycolic system Purchase Keratin Smoothing Treatment 32oz Receive FREE Glycolic Smoothing System 4oz $ 360 | Save $66 | 1401kx04

(1) Demi-Glaze 000/Clear 2oz Receive FREE (1) KeraHold 20vol Developer 32oz (1) KeraHold 30vol Developer 32oz (1) 2-in-1 Barrier + Stain Removal Cream (4) Technique Cards

Isolated Ombre, Velvet Browns, Beach Blondes, Summer Reds

(1) Multi-Purpose Color Perfector 18.6oz $ 94.88 | Save $71.47 | 1401kx02

s u o e g r o g e t a e r C oks for new lo ient! every cl

express blowout with free glycolic system Purchase Express BlowOut 33.8oz Receive FREE Glycolic Smoothing System 4oz $ 315 | Save $66 | 1401kx05

vital Condition

blonde benefits

radiant blonde

Purchase (1) Vanilla Bean Conditioner 33.8oz (1) Color Care Masque 18.6oz

Purchase (1) Vanilla Bean Conditioner 33.8oz (1) Blondeshell Masque 18.6oz

Purchase (3) It’s a Blonde Thing Lightener 1lb

Receive FREE (5) Vitalshot Ampoules 10ml $ 64 | Save $24 | 1401kx06

Receive FREE (5) Vitalshot Ampoules 10ml $ 64 | Save $24 | 1401kx07

Receive FREE (1) It’s a Blonde Thing 20vol Dev. 32oz (5) Vitalshot Ampoules 10ml $ 74.40 | Save $31.50 | 1401kx08


l l pe

s y dr



a *Av


e in l abl


r ua




r olo


td tec

cpd z | c 6.7o | $ 13

mp sha


discover dryspell • extend the life of your style • Refresh and deodorize • add volume and texture

Purchase (4) DrySpell Color Protect Dry Shampoo 6.7oz Receive FREE (1) DrySpell Color Protect Dry Shampoo 6.7oz PLUS DrySpell Easel Card $ 52 | Save $13 | 1401CP01





buy 1 get 1

50% off PowerSculpt Hard Hold Gel 5.1oz $ 16.50 | Save $5.50 | 1401cp03

wickedgood offer Purchase (4) WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray 5.2oz Receive FREE (1) WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray 5.2oz PLUS WickedGood Easel Card $ 52 | Save $13 | 1401CP02

buy 25 get

50 free! 1 2

SuperPlump Duo Packettes $ 25 | Save $50 | 1401CP04 SuperRich Trio Packettes 31.25 | Save $62.50 | 1401CP05


go pro

free half gallon!

SuperRich Moisture Shampoo 25.4oz $ 20.63 | Save $6.87 | CPms25

SuperPlump Shampoo (12) SuperPlump Volumizing Shampoo 10.1oz FREE SuperPlump Volumizing Shampoo 64oz $ 180 | Save $ 49.95 | 1401CP06

when you buy 12 retail size

25% off pro-sizes SuperRich Moisture Condition 25.4oz 20.63 | Save $6.87 | CPmc25


SuperPlump Volumizing Shampoo 25.4oz $ 20.63 | Save $6.87 | CPvs25 SuperPlump Volumizing Condition 25.4oz 20.63 | Save $6.87 | CPvc25


SuperPlump Condition (12) SuperPlump Volumizing Condition 8.5oz FREE SuperPlump Volumizing Condition 64oz $ 180 | Save $ 49.95 | 1401CP07

Farewell frizz

trucurl care

pretty polished

CrazySmooth Shampoo 10.1oz CrazySmooth Condition 8.5oz $ 26.25 | Save $ 8.75 | 1401cp08

TruCurl Shampoo 10.1oz TruCurl Condition 8.5oz $ 26.25 | Save $ 8.75 | 1401cp09

Extreme Shine Treatment Oil 3.9oz FREE PlushLocks Leave-In Smooth 2oz $ 21.50 | Save $ 4.80 | 1401cp10


You’re in for a

rough ride.

Inspired by the “Teddy Boy” look of the late 50’s, ROUGH.RIDER is designed for sculpted volume & hold. • Strong-hold clay • Matte, defined look • Infused with Soya Bean Extracts & Golden Bamboo for strength • Patchouli Oil balances hair & scalp • Sunflower Seed Oil protects color • Anti-oxidant rich to add natural softness & shine for healthy hair

Let Kevin show you how to use ROUGH.RIDER

rough.rider retail

stay young and shine

Purchase (8) ROUGH.RIDER 3.4oz

Purchase (5) YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH 8.4oz (5) YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE 8.4oz

Receive FREE (1) ROUGH.RIDER 3.4oz (1) Retail Display $ 100 | Save $12.50 | 1401KM01

Receive FREE (5) SHIMMER.SHINE 3.4oz (1) Retail Display $ 175 | Save $68.80 | 1401KM02

angels un.dressed

Stylist kit: tools included

Purchase ANGEL.WASH 8.4oz ANGEL.RINSE 8.4oz


Receive FREE UN.DRESSED 3.4oz $ 27.52 | Save $11 | 1401KM03


199 | Save $188.24 | 1401KM04




NEW SEMI Di Lino Cristalli Spray BUY 5 Get 1 FREE Cristalli Spray Purchase (5) SDL Cristalli Spray 4.2oz Receive FREE (1) SDL Cristalli Spray 4.2oz $ 50 | Save $10 | 1401AP01

25% OFF illuminating vials Essential Oil .40z (12ct) $ 19.50 | Save $6.50 | SDIoil Shine Oil .40z (12ct) 19.50 | Save $6.50 | SDIlot


SOS Emergency Oil .40z (6ct) 9.75 | Save $3.25 | SDROIL


Reparative Lotion .40z (6ct) 9.75 | Save $3.25 | SDRLOT


Nutritive Essential Oil .40z (6ct) 9.75 | Save $3.25 | SDMOIL


epic light dryer

Buy 3 get 1 Style Edit

• Lightweight • Positive ion button for volume • Negative ion button for smoothing • Variable speed & temp controls • Shock resistant • Cool shot button • Ergonomic design

Purchase (3) Style Edit Spray


119 | Save 30 | EPIC-L $

Receive FREE (1) Style Edit Spray $ 29.85 | Save $9.95 Black to Deep Medium Brown | SEBLK Medium Brown to Dark Blonde | SEBRN Medium Auburn/Red to Light Auburn/Red | SEAUBRN Medium Blonde to Light Blonde | SEBLD

client profiler

Quick Tan

• Hardback ring binder • Keeps contacts organized with tabbed sections

Includes (6) Quick Tan (1) Counter Display $ 75 | Save $7.50 | 1401QT01


15.95 | Save $4 | PROFILER

Refill Pages (100ct) $ 8.95 | Save $1 | REFILL

Individually $ 13.75 | quick


25% more

free Moroccanoil Treatment 4.23oz 21.50 | moil4


Moroccanoil Treatment light 4.23oz 21.50 | molT4


5 free oily scalp vials when you

5 free oily scalp vials when you

*No Mix & match

*No Mix & match

purchase 6 retail shampoos!

purchase 6 retail conditioners!

Moisture Repair Shampoo 8.5oz $ 65.40 | Save $36.80 | 1401mor01

Moisture Repair Conditioner 8.5oz $ 68.40 | Save $36.80 | 1401mor04

Extra Volume Shampoo 8.5oz 72 | Save $36.80 | 1401mor02

Extra Volume Conditioner 8.5oz $ 75 | Save $36.80 | 1401mor05


Hydrating Shampoo 8.5oz 65.40 | Save $36.80 | 1401mor03


Hydrating Conditioner 8.5oz 68.40 | Save $36.80 | 1401mor06


SPECIAL PROMOTION / January–February 2014


stylist tool kit

stylist volume kit PROMOTION STYLIST

Moroccanoil Treatment 6.8oz Luminous Hairspray Strong 10oz Heat Styling Protection 8.5oz Professional Hair Dryer Boar Bristle Classic Brush Boar Bristle Teasing Brush Moroccanoil Yoga Bag $ 175.25 | Save $43.82 1401mor07

Moroccanoil Treatment 6.8oz Volumizing Mousse 8.5oz Luminous Hairspray Medium 10oz Hydrating Styling Cream 10.2oz 2 1/8” Round Ceramic Brush Moroccanoil Yoga Bag $ 66 | Save $22 | 1401mor08


Volume Kit

Tool Kit

1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x

1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x

Moroccanoil Treatment* (6.8 FL.OZ./200 ml) Volumizing Mousse (8.5 OZ. / 250 ml) Luminous Hairspray Medium (10 OZ. / 330 ml) Hydrating Styling Cream (10.2 FL.OZ./ 300 ml) Round Ceramic Brush (2⅛”/55 mm) Moroccanoil Yoga Bag

Salon Price: $66.00

Moroccanoil Treatment* (6.8 FL.OZ./200 ml) Luminous Hairspray Strong (10 OZ. / 330 ml) Heat Styling Protection (8.5 OZ. / 250 ml) MO2000 Professional Series Hair Dryer Boar Bristle Classic Brush Boar Bristle Teasing Brush Moroccanoil Yoga Bag

standout color in

breakthrough finishes


Hey Baby Crème Gloss Finish

I Sing in Color Crème Gloss Finish

Love.Angel. Music.Baby. Satin Finish

4 in the Morning Satin Finish

Push & Shove In True Chrome Stefani Fashion Finish Glitter

gwen stefani signature shade set Signature Lacquer Shade Over & Over A-Gwen .5oz Swarovski Studs and Crystals Nail Glue Nail Art Designs $ 8 | 1401opi04

buy 8 and get a free counter display $

gwen stefani A+ Display (24) Nail Lacquers (4 of each shade) .5oz • Hey Baby • I Sing in Color • Love.Angel.Music.Baby. • 4 in the Morning • In True Stefani Fashion • Push & Shove (Includes Lay Down that Base .125oz)

(1) Counter Display (1) Color Palette with Chain & Label $ 104.95 | 1401opi02

64 | 1401opi05

gwen stefani A display rock starlets mini pack Mini Lacquer Set .125oz ea. Hey Baby I Sing In Color Love.Angel.Music.Baby 4 in the Morning $ 6.95 | 1401opi06

(12) Nail Lacquers (2 of each shade) .5oz • Hey Baby • I Sing in Color • Love.Angel.Music.Baby. • 4 in the Morning • In True Stefani Fashion • Push & Shove (Includes Lay Down that Base .125oz)

(1) Counter Display (1) Color Palette with Chain & Label $ 52.50 | 1401opi01


free infinite color banner

When you purchase 24 or more tubes of Tinta Color *Banner designs will vary

Save $5 | 1401KE01

the royal treatment Purchase Keratin Smoothing Shampoo 8.5oz Keratin Smoothing Conditioner 6.8oz

• For smooth, straight styles • Eliminates fly-aways and frizz • Adds moisture and shine • Protects hair from heat styling $ 12.26 | Save $4.09 | Kkserum

Receive FREE Keratin Smoothing Treatment 6.8oz $ 22 | Save $18.50 | 1401KE02

mess-free foil

Tangle Teezer

Aqua splash BRUSH $


• Works color through mid-shaft and ends of hair • Evenly distributes conditioner or treatments • Add shampoo to cleanse and remove debris • Detangles wet or dry hair with ease Pink | aqua-p

Ergonomic, oval body for firm, non-slip grip

Fused body & teeth for water rinsing, self-cleaning experience



new! Keratin smoothing serum

Black | aqua-b

Convex teeth for pain-free detangling and massaging effect

Upright, hollow design with drying feet for quick draining

Purchase Pop-Up Foil Dispenser • Perfectly delivers one foil sheet at a time • Easy to grab foil doesn’t stick together • Non-skid feet • Easy to use; easy to clean Receive FREE Pop-Up Foil 500ct $ 39.95 | Save $8.98 | 1401foil

Set yourself apart. Grow your business. The quickest growing salon service is now faster & more profitable with Hotheads Hair Extensions.

2014 certification Schedule February 10 Memphis, TN Minneapolis, MN Des Moines, IA February 17 Knoxville, TN February 24 Kansas City, MO Milwaukee, WI March 3 Louisville, KY Omaha, NE Springfield, MO March 10 Nashville, TN Iowa City, IA March 24 Oklahoma, OK St. Louis, MO April 28 Tulsa, OK Contact your Salon Partner or call 800.933.5733 to reserve your spot $ 199 Career Investment


duos & trios Save up to


shampoo one Shampoo One 33.8oz The Conditioner 33.8oz $ 17 | 1401p02

tea tree Special Shampoo 33.8oz Special Conditioner 33.8oz $ 22 | 1401p05

extra-body Extra-Body Shampoo 33.8oz Extra-Body Rinse 33.8oz $ 17 | 1401p03

blonde Forever Blonde Shampoo 33.8 Forever Blonde Conditioner 6.8oz FREE Dramatic Repair .85oz $ 22 | 1401p09

tea tree head to toe Special Shampoo 33.8oz Hair & Body Moisturizer 33.8oz $ 22 | 1401p06

strength Super Strong Shampoo 33.8oz Super Strong Conditioner 33.8oz FREE Super Strong Tmt 3.4oz $ 22 | 1401p11

curls Spring Loaded Shampoo 33.8oz Spring Loaded Conditioner 6.8oz FREE Full Circle Leave-In 2.5oz $ 22 | 1401p10 color care Color Protect Shampoo 33.8oz Color Protect Conditioner 33.8oz $ 17 | 1401p01



lemon sage Thickening Shampoo 33.8oz Thickening Conditioner 33.8oz $ 22 | 1401p07 lavender mint Moisturizing Shampoo 33.8oz Moisturizing Conditioner 33.8oz $ 22 | 1401p08 original Awapuhi Shampoo 33.8oz The Detangler 33.8oz $ 17 | 1401p04

smoothing Super Skinny Shampoo 33.8oz Super Skinny Treatment 33.8oz FREE Super Skinny Relaxing Balm 3.4oz $ 22 | 1401p12 moisture Instant Moisture Shampoo 33.8oz Instant Moisture Treatment 33.8oz FREE Super-Charged Moisturizer 3.4oz $ 22 | 1401p13

Removable air filter


Built for speed, endurance and performance.

1875 watts of power Cool shot button

Includes collapsible silicone diffuser

SmartSense microchip Fits most dryers

9ft professional cord with hanging loop

Tourmaline ions dry hair quickly and gently SmartSense filter maximizes the life of your tool 4 heat settings and a cool shot button Long-lasting AC motor “Clean Filter� light Ergonomic design $ 114.99 | NROdry

go big. pay less!

these 5 popular paul mitchell gallons will be half price in 2014!





20.25 pcpcg








20.75 pdetg


Case Sale! Stay strong

Dry Wash

Purchase (10) Stay Strong 11oz

Purchase (10) Dry Wash 5.5oz

Receive FREE (2) Stay Strong 11oz (12) FastForm Guest Samples $ 89.90 | Save $26.36 | 1401P14

Receive FREE (2) Dry Wash 5.5oz (12) QuickSlip Guest Samples $ 104.90 | Save $31.76 | 1401P15

MITCH duo Purchase Double Hitter 33.8oz Receive FREE Construction Paste 2.5oz $ 17 | Save $7 | 1401MM01

Purchase Moisturizing Shampoo 33.8oz Receive FREE Keratin Cream Rinse 8.5oz $ 22.25 | Save $10.49 | 1401p16

$5 Bamboo Brush Sale

Free Kimono Guest gowns

Bamboo Express Ion Paddle, L $ 5 | PBAM-P

Purchase $200 of PM SHINES and/or Paul Mitchell the color

Bamboo Express Ion Round, M 5 | PBAM-R


Bamboo Express Ion Boar Bristle Finishing Brush $ 5 | PBAM-B *While supplies last


Free Keratin cream rinse


Receive FREE (2) Paul Mitchell Kimono Guest Gowns PKIMO

ov erstock

e c n a r a e cl *While Supplies Last - Very Limited

2 for $12

2 for $12

Olivia Garden Nanothermic Paddle Brush Save $13.90 | 1401OG01

Olivia Garden Styling Brush Save $12.90 | 1401OG02

2 for $10

2 for $12

Olivia Garden Vent Brush Save $11.90 | 1401OG03

Olivia Garden Paddle Finger Brush Save $11.90 | 1401OG04

2 for $6


Keratin Complex 2.5� Round Brush (Grey) Save $6 | 1401KX09

microfiber towels 10pk 19.95 | Save $6.04 softees-wht




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Voluminous Ponytail & Twist

Between Past & Present

Step By Step guide Learn how to create a classic and elegant look perfect for that Valentine’s date.

Rough.Rider Podcast

Let Kevin Murphy himself teach you how to use his latest product, Rough.Rider.

Kevin.Murphy Digital Media

Dowload the Kevin.Murphy Digital Media APP for you iPad to view their latest printed collateral! *Android version coming soon

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View the step-by-step instruction guide for the inspiring Keune Trend Collection.

Keratin Complex Vitalshots

Intensify the results of in-salon services with the new Vitalshot Restorative Keratin Ampoules. View the suggested menu of services!

Matte Mani

Watch the OPI how-to video to learn how to do the perfect french manicure with a matte top coat.

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thermal wraps

(300ct) Assorted Colors - Short THERMAL-S $14.95



Embossed Roll Foil Silver - 5” x 250’ FOILS $9.90



Reusable Latex Gloves (12ct) Black - S, M, L JET-12S JET-12M $ JET-12L $10.98


Disposable vinyl goves (90ct) Black - S, M, L JET-90S $ JET-90M JET-90L





Springfield 900 E Battlefield Springfield, MO 65807 417.761.7347

ST. LOUIS 2125 Barrett Station Rd St. Louis, MO 63131 314.965.8648

St. Peters 1055 Venture Dr St. Peters, MO 63376 314.584.4192

KANSAS CITY 10153 Wornall Rd Kansas City, MO 64114 816.941.8578

N. Kansas City 7868 NW 100th St Kansas City, MO 64153 816.877.8090 *Closed Sat

Tulsa 5525 E 41st St Tulsa, OK 74135 918.388.0847

Oklahoma City 12310 N May Ave Oklahoma City, Ok 73120 405.755.2445

Moore 2272 N Broadway Moore, OK 73160 405.639.2056

Memphis 1789 Kirby Pkwy, Ste 6 Memphis, TN 38120 901.969.3799

Louisville 4014 Dutchmans Ln Louisville, KY 40207 502.882.9257 *Closed Sat

M-T-W-F: 8:30am–5:00pm


Thursday: 8:30am–6:00pm


Saturday: 9:00am–1:00pm


PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Springfield, MO Permit No. 801

1859 W Arbor St Springfield, MO 65807

“You have all been a huge part of our success at Salon Service Group. On behalf of myself, my family, and the staff at Salon Service Group and u-smooth, we have created the u-care Foundation. Our industry is brimming with a diverse group of talented, imaginative, and compassionate people. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for each and every one of you. The u-care Foundation is our way of giving that compassion back to those that may need help due to unforeseen medical conditions, emergency financial assistance, or similar circumstances. It’s our way of giving back to those that have given so much to us. Going forward, 2% of all u-smooth sales will fund the u-care Foundation. Thank you so much for your continued support.”

gino barbo president/ceo

To Order: 1.800.933.5733 or w w Kevin.Murphy MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN & parts of IN, IL

Keratin Complex MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN & parts of IN, IL

u-smooth MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN & parts of IN, IL

Moroccanoil MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, & parts of IN, IL

opi MO, OK, AR, TN, KY

Alfaparf Milano MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN & parts of IN, IL

ColorProof MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN & parts of IN, IL

oya MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, IA, NE, WI, MN

Keune MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY & parts of IN, IL

Paul Mitchell MO, OK

January/February MO/OK  

2014 January/February Groupie - Missouri & Oklahoma Edition

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