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FULL BATTLE RATTLE™ leather jacket - $349.95

FULL BATTLE RATTLE™ ss1400 helmet - $199.95

FULL BATTLE RATTLE™ leather gloves - $79.95

FULL BATTLE RATTLE™ moto shoes - $139.95

RUST AND REDEMPTION™ leather jacket - $449.95

RUST AND REDEMPTION™ armored jeans - $149.95

RUST AND REDEMPTION™ t-shirt - $26.95

RUST AND REDEMPTION™ textile jacket - $199.95

RUST AND REDEMPTION™ leather gloves - $69.95

RUST AND REDEMPTION™ ss600 helmet - $119.95

CHAIN REACTION™ textile jacket - $249.95

TWIST OF FATE™ ss1400 helmet - $199.95 CHAIN REACTION™ textile gloves - $69.95

SPEED SOCIETY™ leather/textile jacket - $349.95

SPEED SOCIETY™ hip bag - $69.95

SPEED SOCIETY™ ss650 helmet - $119.95 SPEED SOCIETY™ leather boots - $139.95

SMOKIN’ ACES™ leather boots - $139.95

SMOKIN’ ACES™ fleece - $39.95

SMOKIN’ ACES™ armored pants - $149.95

SMOKIN’ ACES™ reinforced moto shirt - $99.95

SMOKIN’ ACES™ t-shirt - $34.95

KILLER QUEEN™ ss1500 helmet - $199.95

KILLER QUEEN™ armored vest - $129.95 KILLER QUEEN™ armored hoody - $109.95

FULL BATTLE RATTLE™ t-shirt - $26.95

RUST AND REDEMPTION™ garage shirt - $49.95

WE THE FAST™ t-shirt - $26.95

WE THE FAST™ hat - $29.95 CRUISE MISSILE™ t-shirt - $26.95

SMOKIN’ ACES™ t-shirt - $34.95

CRUISE MISSILE™ leather/textile jacket - $199.95

CRUISE MISSILE™ leather boots - $139.95

CRUISE MISSILE™ ss1600 helmet - $199.95

AMERICAN BEAUTY™ ss1600 helmet - $199.95

killer queen™ armored jeans - $149.95

AMERICAN BEAUTY™ leather/textile - $199.95

AMERICAN BEAUTY™ leather boots - $139.95

AMERICAN BEAUTY™ long sleeve t - $29.95

DOGS OF WAR™ ss2400 helmet - $109.95

DOGS OF WAR™ women’s t-shirt - $29.95

Speed And Strength and Tucker Rocky Distributing are proud to be corporate sponsors of the Warrior Dog Foundation. Founded by Mike Ritland, who fought as a Navy Seal in operation Iraqi Freedom, with the sole purpose of giving back to the Navy Seal and special operations community. The Warrior Dog Foundation helps transition dogs from an operational environment. They educate the public on the importance of special operation forces K-9’s in the combat environment and showcase the level of sacrifice these dogs give in the support of our troops. They care for each retired K-9 with dignity and grace, including both mental and physical rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. Speed and Strength® is a trademark of Tucker Rocky Distributing, copyright ©2014. All rights reserved The reproduction of any material from this catalog is forbidden without written consent of Tucker Rocky Distributing. Tucker Rocky Distributing assumes no liability for errors in part numbers, pricing, listings, model applications or specifications. We reserve the right to change product quality, descriptions, specifications, prices and applications at any time without notice and with no further obligation.


2015 Speed and Strength - We, The Fast™ Look Book  
2015 Speed and Strength - We, The Fast™ Look Book  

Highlights from the 2015 Speed and Strength® motorcycle apparel lineup - Featuring the all new Full Battle Rattle™, Rust and Redemption™, Sp...