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Summer 2014

Dear Parents and Campers, our programs:

Is it June yet?

oving our programs and fine-tuning our camp After spending the fall, winter, and spring impr cannot wait to create an unforgettable summer experiences, the Summer at Sandy Spring team ring laughter, fun, and new learning experiences program for our 2014 campers! We have been inspi and excited to be providing another year of camp for over 20 years, and we are extremely proud to our families.


ers a wide range of opportunities to explore their At Summer at Sandy Spring, we offer our camp e uable skills and knowledge in safe and supportiv talents, discover new friendships, and gain inval ers’ camp range of programs that appeal to our learning environments. This year, we have a wide onmental interests, including a brand new Little diverse academic, creative, athletic, and envir Camp, and many other favorites from previous Friends Camp at the Sandy Spring Museum, Farm year for campers who can’t wait to get started years. We are also offering a Pre-Week camp this on their camp experience!

creaTIve comPanY

facilities and extensive natural grounds so that We’ve also been preparing our state-of-the-art gcampus includes a natural playground, a sprin they are ready for the summer. Our 140-acre ve erati areas in Montgomery County) and a coop fed pond (one of only two natural swimming ue features. challenge ropes course, just to name a few uniq

Friends Camp

developing weekly themes and camp-wide Our professional staff has also been hard at work Summer at Sandy Spring remains as committed activities that bring our camp community together. of our campers, supporting them as they learn as ever to building the character and self-esteem lifetime. and grow, and fostering friendships that last a



American Camp Association accredited camp! The To top this all off, Summer at Sandy Spring is an we are doing conforms to the best practices of accreditation process has validated that the work also given us access to the best thinkers in the camps around the country. The accreditation has with outstanding resources. industry, so we can further improve our program


to is going to be one to remember, and we hope The 2014 edition of Summer at Sandy Spring we’re so excited about. welcome you so you can see for yourself what We look forward to seeing you in June!

Francis Zell

Camp Director


fun for the kids!

Flexible for the parents! Families may register for: • A full-day recreation program of non-stop fun! • A Before Care program for campers who need to be dropped off early (7:30 am–8:30 am). • An After Care program for campers who need to be picked up later (4:00 pm–6:00 pm).

Co nta ct Inf o Offi ce: (301 ) 774- 7455 x167 E-m ail: cam p@s sfs.o rg Fax: (301 ) 570- 2875 sum mer atsa ndys prin g.or g

Joi n Us for Ou r Op en Ho use ! Satu rday , Marc h 15th , 2014 11 AM - 2 PM

Private Tours Available by Appointment


Sandy Spring Friends school Summer at Sandy Spring takes place on the 140-acre wooded campus of the Sandy Spring Friends School. Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) has been an educational institution for over 60 years. SSFS is a Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade (ages 4 through 18) college preparatory day school for about 575 boys and girls with an optional boarding program in the Upper School. Founded in 1961, SSFS is located in the historic Quaker community of Sandy Spring in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland, only 30 minutes from Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The school offers a diverse student body, strong academics that include Advanced Placement courses in the Upper School, arts, athletic programs, and an emphasis on traditional Quaker values. The school also has several state-of-the-art performance spaces, athletic fields and courts, and science facilities.


About us 4.

Summer at Sandy Spring (formerly Summer Friends Day Camps) was founded in 1992 at Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) as a service to SSFS faculty and families, providing a unique summer experience grounded in Quaker values. The camp goals were to engage in exploration, learning, friendship, and summer-time fun. These core values remain, even as our program has adapted to the needs of our busy families. Come join us and see all the fun we’re having!

Why Summer At Sandy Spring? • Flexible scheduling and cost • A variety of activites for all age groups & interests • Safe, nurturing environment • New programs for 2014: Farm Camp Little Friends Camp at The Sandy Spring Museum • Low camper to counselor ratio • Proven record of success for over 20 years • Our own buses for pick up, drop off & field trips • Celebration of Quaker values such as Honesty, Nonviolence, & Social Responsibility

Summer at Sandy Spring is Proud to Be Accredited by the American Camp Association! The American Camp Association (ACA) is a community of camp professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults through the camp experience. A cornerstone of the ACA’s efforts is its Accreditation Process—a way of grading how camps are doing. The standards against which camps are measured ensure that each camp complies with approximately 300 distinct health, safety, and program-quality benchmarks. Beyond a state’s basic licensing requirements, ACA Standards address specific areas of programming, personnel, health care, emergency response, management practices, and youth development. Standards are applied to all activities in camp. The ACA collaborates with experts from The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth service agencies to assure that current practices at your child’s camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. Camps and the ACA form a partnership that promotes growth and fun in an environment committed to safety. ACA Accreditation is the best evidence parents have of a camp’s commitment to a safe and nurturing environment for their children. We are very proud of this achievement which required significant self-study, preparation, training and tremendous attention to protocol and process. Our entire team is committed to holding the camp to a very high standard day-in and day-out so that we can provide a safe and nurturing summer experience for our campers. Additional information on what is entailed in accreditation can be found at


Pre-Week 6/16/-6/20

Jumpstart your summer of fun! For campers who are looking to start their camp experience a week early, Summer at Sandy Spring offers fun-filled activities on campus and at a variety of fun and interesting off-campus locations. All travel will be by SSFS bus, and a nutritious lunch will be provided.

Sample Trip schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 6.

Baltimore Aquarium Hike and picnic at Cunningham Falls State Park Maryland Science Center Miniature Golf and Bowling Picnic and beach games at Sandy Point State Park

Little Friends Camp 3 Years Old Groups: Dragonflies, Grasshoppers, Bumblebees, Fireflies

Little Friends, Big Experiences It’s never too early to start being a camper with our Little Friends Camp at the Sandy Spring Museum! Our Little Friends Camp is designed to provide 3 year olds with a half or full day of activities that emphasize friendship, fun, learning, and new discoveries! The program offers a safe and age-appropriate environment that nurtures curiosity and builds selfconfidence among young campers. Summer at Sandy Spring also offers a 4:1 camper to staff ratio to ensure that proper care, attention and developmental support are given to each and every child.

e: k li s ok lo ay d l a c pi ty a t a h W y Options Full-day or Half-da

9: 00


9: 20


A rr iv al at C am p M or ni ng R al ly

A ct iv it y C ra ft s or Sp ec ia l nsrt A 9: 45 am k & Le go 10 :4 5 am Sn ac Yo ga or A dv en tu re

11 :0 0 11 :3 0


12 :0 0 12 :3 0



Sp or ts Fu n Sp ri nk le r Fu n

1:0 0


l Lu nc h or D is m is sa at io n St or y Ti m e & R el ax

1:3 0


Sn ac k


2: 30 pm 3: 00 pm

N at ur e W al k D is m is sa l

Grades Pre-K–6 7.

Junior Friends Camp Grades Pre-K–1 Groups: Foxes, Ospreys, Blue Crabs, Crayfish, Raccoons

What a typical day looks 9 :0 0


9 :2 0


9 :4 5


1 0 :3 0


1 1 :3 0


1 2 :0 0


1 2 :3 0


1 :0 0


1 :3 0


2 :3 0


3 :0 0


4 :0 0



A rr iv al at C am p M or n in g A ss em bl



A rt & C oo ki n g P ro gr am P la yg ro un d Fu n Lu n ch G ro up G am es Sc ie n ce /C ir cu s A rt s, et c. P la yg ro un d Sw im & W at er Fu n Yo ga /P la yg ro un d, et c. Sp or ts D is m is sa l

Nurturing Staff and Well-Balanced Activities Summer at Sandy Spring’s Junior Friends Camp is the perfect place for young campers to meet new friends, make new learning discoveries, and have plenty of summer fun! This fullday program for children ages 4 to 6 nurtures campers’ curiosity and offers a fun summer experience in a safe environment. The activities are age-specific and focus on the everchanging, ever-developing needs of this age group. Every day presents opportunities for our young campers to socialize, have fun, learn new skills, build self-confidence and make new discoveries. They have a well-rounded schedule with gymnastics, art, music, computers, and much more. They also take part in several camp-wide activities.

For program rates see chart on page 22

Intermediate Friends Camp Grades 2–3

Groups: Herons, Terrapins, Cardinals, Otters, Owls

Fun Choices and Workshops

What a typical day looks like: 9:0 0


9:2 0


Ar riv al at Ca m p M or ni ng As se m bl y

9:4 5


Gr ou p Ac tiv ity Ti m e

11: 45


12: 45


We blend the best of traditional camp with our Workshop Program! Intermediate campers have a wide variety of activities throughout the day. Each day they enjoy one personally-selected workshop, water activities, a delicious lunch, group games with friends, a choice activity in the afternoon and snack time. On top of all that fun are weekly themes and special events that are scheduled all summer long.

Lu nc h In st ru ct io na l Sw im Af te rn oo n W or ks ho p

1:3 0


2:3 0


c. Ro ck W al l/K ay ak in g, et

3:3 0


Sn ac k

4:0 0


Di sm iss al


Senior Friends Camp

Grades 4–6

Groups: Ravens, Falcons, Orioles, Seahawks, Blue Jays

Space to Grow Senior campers participate in a variety of daily activities. Each day they enjoy two personally-selected workshops, swimming (weather permitting), lunch, group games with their friends, a choice activity and snack time. With weekly themes and special events all summer long, our senior campers always make the most of camp.

What a typical day looks like: 9:0 0


9:2 0


9:4 5


Ar riv al at Ca m p M or ni ng As se m bl y M or ni ng W or ks ho p

10: 45


Gr ou p Ac tiv ity Ti m e

11: 45


Lu nc h

12: 45


In st ru ct io na l Sw im Af te rn oo n W or ks ho p

1:3 0


2:3 0


, et c. Gi an t Sw in g/ Ka ya ki ng

3:3 0


Sn ac k

4:0 0


Di sm iss al


Academics Workshop Grades 1–6

Reading Rainbow These fun-filled reading sessions reinforce a variety of important skills, ranging from decoding words and building vocabulary to identifying the key elements in a story and understanding the difference between a main idea and supporting details in written work. Instructors tailor developmentally appropriate learning strategies to each student’s level of ability. Children are immersed in literature that naturally increases their enthusiasm for reading.

Writers’ Workshop These intensive sessions focus on five key aspects of the writing process: brainstorming, outlining, writing a first draft, editing, and publishing. Children engage in both expository and creative writing assignments. Younger students dictate their thoughts and ideas to the teacher to discover how spoken words can be seen in writing; older students build on existing skills to improve their writing mechanics and ability to express thoughts and ideas on paper.

Mindful Math

runs Monday Our Academics Workshop m 9:00 through Friday mornings fro ned to AM to 11:00 AM. It is desig practice and provide children with both ic subjects. enrichment in core academ of learning The goal is to foster a love ter and move while helping students mas el skills. beyond important grade-lev all groups based Students are taught in sm will provide on ability. The Camp Office ssment that a Parent Educational Asse Workshop is required by all Academics perform students. Instructors also y. All academic assessments on the first da s listed above. campers enjoy the session

These sessions focus mainly on helping children understand mathematical concepts, work with numbers and operations, and develop reasoning and problemsolving skills. Emphasis is placed on ”drill and skill” and problem-solving experiences customized to different learning styles.


Workshops Grades 2–6

Campers help build their own schedules by selecting different workshops! Most workshops are two weeks in duration. Campers in SENIOR CAMP must choose AM and PM workshops that equal the number of weeks for which they are enrolled (e.g., if the camper is enrolled for weeks 1–4, the camper must choose a total of two morning and two afternoon workshops). Campers in INTERMEDIATE CAMP need to choose one workshop that equals the number of weeks for which they are enrolled (e.g., if the camper is enrolled for weeks 1–4, the camper must choose a total of two workshops). Workshops may be canceled based on enrollment. Please sign up for different workshops to experience our camp’s many offerings!

Workshop list (Sample of Offerings)


Academics Adventure Challenge Basketball Cheerleading Circus Arts Cooking Creative Arts Edible Creations Flag Football/Lacrosse



Gymnastics Lego Model Building Morley Games Science Soccer Theatre Games Video Production Woodworking Yoga

Academics Adventure Challenge Animation Mania Basketball Cheerleading Circus Arts Cooking Creative Arts Edible Creations Flag Football Gymnastics

Lacrosse Lego Model Building Multi-Sport Challenge Summer at Sandy Spring Playhouse Rocketry Sandy Spring Idol Soccer Video Production Woodworking Yoga

SPECIALTY Programs Grades 6 –12


Fishing & Advanced Fishing Grades 6–8 Fishing

Campers will have the opportunity to test their angling skills against bass, bluegill, catfish, and and more. Young anglers will fish in our campus pond tice several regional lakes as well. We teach and prac “catch and release,” so all fish will be returned to their natural environment. On hot afternoons,

Ordinary to Extraordinary Grades 6–8

Campers will take shopping trips to various area thrift stores and pick out ord inary everyday objects. With their raw ma terial in hand, they will redesign these simple items into extraordinary works of art. Cre ativity and imagination are all they’ll need! All materials are supplied.

campers will return from their morning fishing trips s. and take part in fun and refreshing water activitie

Advanced Fishing

Campers will expand their fishing repertoires with the new techniques like fly fishing, and will explore and strategic side of fishing with bay fishing tactics use other approaches. Instructors will emphasize the . The of artificial lures to catch fish instead of live bait ter trip will culminate in a fishing trip aboard a char boat on the Chesapeake Bay. necessary equipment, *The cost of this program covers all activities, It does not include lunch, and transportation to and from activities. your own rod and extra snacks, souvenirs, or gratuities. If you have bring them with you. tackle box, it is strongly recommended that you


SSFS Boys Pride Soccer Grades 6–8, 9–12 he n ever in t a h t r la u p ore po ports Soccer is m uth team s o y r e h t o ing all uality U.S., eclips es a top-q ir u q re it t ty. Bu ess in populari es to harn h c a o c d e nc ith experie ial. program w full potent s r’ e p m a c p each of and develo a regimen t il u b e v a ctors h of Our instru g a variety in iz s a h p em practices, ining to enjoyable physical tra d n a s e u chniq , tactics, te -discipline lf e s , e c n e d work, confi ebuild team rough gam h T r. e t c ra a ity, and ch od responsibil to make go rn a le rs e p drills, cam carry simulated t they will a h t ls il k s nd develop decisions a o come. for years t


Xtreme Camp Grades 6–8 Our most extreme program for 2014

is Xtreme

Camp. Xtreme Camp is a week of ext

sports such as skateboarding, BMX

rollerblading, go-karting, windsurfin



g, and bouldering; each day hosts a new act ivity and a new trip. Campers will participate in activities that they may already enjoy, or they may learn new skills. The experience wil l focus on proper form and safe practices. You r camper will have a week of exciting, fun, and XTREME adventure. *The cost of this program covers all transportation to and from activitie

activities, lunch,

s, and most equipment rental needs. Personal spending cash is recommended for souvenirs. snacks, skateboard, BMX bike, and safety equipment rental.


Campers will exercise th eir power as citizens and leaders in this oneweek initiative. They wi ll develop and execute a se rvice learning project to address one of the follo wing issue areas: underserved youth, people wi th disabilities, the elderl y, the environment, and an imal welfare. As part of a community outreach te am, campers will turn their creative thinking int o positive action. These good deeds can make th e world a better place and lead to a lifetime of positive impact. *Campers in Action is SSL app

roved by Montgomery Co


Creative Associate

d hild out an c r u o y t e y to g ence a great wa is s re u will experi t n rs e e p m a Day V C mer. with of places, es this sum c y t la e p ri g a v in a o g ps to iteexciting tri bing to wh f m o li c s y k a c d ro e fiv indoor d from ging from n ra s intball, an ie a it p o t activ g a t ver dinner from laser o , r g a e in h ft u ra o r wate tories y eze. The s p t day! ra t o t lf m the nex e h disc go t in jo o t you want will make nch, and ities, lu rs all activ e v o ing cash is c m ra onal spend is prog rs th e f P o . s t s ie o it c v *The d from acti tion to an snacks. d n a s transporta ir souven r fo d e d n recomme


Culinary arts Grades 6–8

As featured on Fox News, our Culinary Arts program introduces campers to the secrets of cooking. Our experienced instructors and visiting chefs share valuable insights with campers and help them feel comfortable in the kitchen. Culinary Arts includes an orientation to the kitchen and its equipment, along with an introduction to basic cooking and baking techniques. As students become more comfortable, they will develop more advanced cooking techniques and time management skills, while learning the foundations of sauces, and showcasing ethnic and cultural dishes from around the world. Campers will use fresh ingredients from our very own organic garden. When they bring home their cookbooks with their favorite recipes, you can try them out for yourself—or let the master go to work!

Farm Camp Grades 6–8

At Farm Camp, campers will learn lifelong culinary and food production skills as they earn Service Learning hours at the SSFS Community Farm. Hands-on learning will teach participants how to start seedlings, prepare raised beds, transplant and finally harvest essential salad crops such as lettuce, spinach, peas, carrots, and radishes. Organic production methods, including cover crops, companion planting and mulch, will be compared to commodity crop production to link concepts of stewardship and sustainability. After lunch, there are opportunities to go on trips to nearby farms, play camp games, go on wild foraging hikes in the surrounding woods and fields, and go for a daily swim at the pond. On the final day, participants harvest and prepare a picnic lunch from the crops they have been cultivating. *Campers should be prepared to get dirty and should dress accordingly. Boots or sturdy shoes are required. Everyone should bring a water bottle, a swim suit, towel, and sun protection including hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. We will work in light rain and have informative films on standby in case of steady downpours. Please note that Service Learning hours will be awarded for the 4 hours when campers are working in the garden.

For program dates, see chart on page 23

17. 14.

Experiencing Yoga Grades 6–8

m Soilsound, yoga instructors fro al on si es of pr by d Le otion, es the beauty of m ar sh ™ ga Yo g in nc Experie crean with campers in a tio ita ed m d an , ss mindfulne environment. tive and supportive ram for ti-sensory yoga prog ul m ue iq un is th h Throug interlearning beginner to n fu ve ha ill w rs pe kids, cam amvaluable skills in te in ga d an s se po ga mediate yo ses. Experiallenging partner po ch n, fu h ug ro th k or w r flexibility, rs will enhance thei pe m ca ™ ga Yo ng enci focus, dy awareness, and bo , th ng re st n, tio coordina rturng the mind and nu si ci er ex y sl ou ne ta while simul . ing their self-esteem d focus as en their creativity an ak aw so al ill w rs Campe arts: ugh contemplative ro th n tio ep rc pe e they explor ediay sculpture, tea m cl y or ns se s, la da creating man benefits), history of tea and its e th g in ud cl (in n tatio Yoga™ more! Experiencing h uc m d an ng ni te deep lis und ace, color, design, so sp ith w t en rim pe will also ex ce mpers have a chan ca as re tu na on ts and their effec rs to world indoors and outdoo th bo ga yo e tic ac to pr . atmospheric sounds music rhythms and e own yoga mat at th ry ve r ei th e iv ce re Campers will portunities p week, and have op m ca ch ea of g in nn begi k! them during the wee to design and paint


Counselor in Training Grades 9–12

r young ram is designed fo og Pr ) ng ni ai Tr in The CIT (Counselor selors or summer camp coun g in m co be in ed terest ng leaders who are in e leadership traini iv ce re s IT C . ld fie e education professionals in th have put am. This year, we te a h it w k or w to like will and learn what it’s luable training that va in ga to s IT C r ities for ou together opportun ployment g and in other em in tt se p m ca e th th in serve them well bo environments. end rst Aid. CITs will sp Fi d an PR C in s rtification All CITs will earn ce turn to their peers re ill w d an rs lo se programs as coun time in individual ction also receive instru ill w ey Th d. ne ar ey have le to discuss what th e and will w to write a resum ho n ar le ill w s IT C eas. in different skill ar bing so learn rock clim al ill w ey Th . w ie ock interv participate in a m g facilitation , and team-buildin ty fe sa er at w , es niqu and belaying tech trip! ith a fun-filled field w t ou e os cl ill w program skills. This 2-week tion high school gradua ice hours towards rv se ity un camp m re m fo co be tain schools *It is possible to ob with the individual k ec ch t us m Ts CI m, but through this progra begins.


General Information Staff


Summer at Sandy Spring has some of the

The facilities at Sandy Spring Friends

best staff in the business! About one third


of our staff have ties to Sandy Spring Friends

campus, two gymnasiums, state-of-the-art

School as teachers, parents, coaches, or

performing arts center, black box theater,

students. The staff are carefully selected,

amphitheater, dance studio, Mac lab, PC

mature individuals who care greatly about

lab, state-of-the-art science classrooms,

children. Virtually all head counselors

high ropes challenge course, natural

have graduated from college; most are

playground, rock climbing wall, camp fire

teachers or coaches during the school year.

ring, community garden, swimming pond,

All staff undergo both FBI and Maryland

stream, miles of walking paths, a cross-

state background checks. There is a head

country trail, regulation baseball and

counselor assigned to each group. We have

softball fields, several soccer and lacrosse

a 1:4 staff-to-camper ratio for our Little

fields, several art studios, and much more.





Friends Camp; a 1:6 ratio for our Junior Camp; a 1:8 ratio for our Intermediate Camp; and a 1:10 ratio for our Senior Friends Camp.


All other camps keep a 1:10 ratio or better.

The SSFS campus is in a prominent area of Montgomery County. It backs up to Woodlawn Manor—a trusted Park Police


facility—and our nurturing, caring staff

Summer at Sandy Spring camp hours

contribute to a safe camp environment for

are 8:30 am–4:00 pm.

Extended care

children. There is always a registered nurse

is offered in both the morning and

on duty during the normal camp day. In

afternoon. Morning care begins at 7:30

addition, most counselors have received

am. Afternoon care runs until 6:00 pm. In

first aid and CPR certification. All aquatics

addition, Summer at Sandy Spring offers

staff are certified lifeguards.

transportation to and from camp.


Camp-wide Activities & Water Fun

Lunch & Snacks

Our campus truly boasts 140 acres of

If campers are on a field trip, a bag lunch

possibilites! In addition to activities listed

will be provided. A morning and afternoon

in program descriptions, campers may

snack is provided for all campers. Campers

participate in nature walks, ropes challenge

are urged to bring a labeled water bottle

course activities, adventure park visits, live

and refill it several times a day.

shows, art, dance, music, fair days, field trips,

We are an ALLERGY AWARE summer

playground freeplay, computer lab time, and

camp. Children on special diets or in need

Friday clubs. We are also excited to offer new

of special foods will be given individual

opportunities for water fun in our swimming

attention. Please speak to the Camp Office

pond, complete with sandy beach! Please

to make arrangements. At least one camp

visit our website for a full description of our

counselor sits at each table to assist and

aquatics program.

monitor campers.


Lunch is provided for all full-day campers.


Summer at Sandy Spring offers transportation

To begin registration, please visit our

to and from camp from a variety of D.C.

website at

and Baltimore metro area locations. Our

Please click the Register tab and follow

bus drivers have CDL licenses and all of our

the instructions. There will be a one-time

buses have passed the appropriate MD state

registration fee of $35 and a $150 per child

inspection. Please go to the website and

non-refundable deposit, which are due at

click on Transportation under General Info to

the time of registration. No refunds will be

see the bus stop schedules and locations.

issued after April 1, 2014, and full payment must be received no later than May 15, 2014.

Medical Form A medical form must be filled out and returned to us. We will send it to you electronically via If you do not have access to the internet, please contact us and we will send you a form in the mail.

More information at:



e otherwis s s e l n u ( r week Rates pe


p m a c s d n e F r ip Cam

-K—6) (Grades Pre


lement p p u S p o h orks cademics W 6)

(Grades 1–


ds Cam Little Frien


Day (5 Day Full

Day 5 Day Half Half Day ,F 3 Day M,W -K—6) (Grades Pre


SUMMER CAMP TUITION INCLUDES: Summer Camp T-shirt, Camper Photo, Hot Lunch, Daily Snack, and Online Access to Daily Summer Camp Photos

$105 $285 $145 $90 $305

Pre Week

: s p m a C y t l a i Spec (Grades 6—8)

Fishing ing Advanced Fish Culinary Arts ordinary ra t x E o t ry a in Ord tion Campers in Ac Day Ventures Farm Camp Xtreme Camp Week of 6/30

oga Experiencing Y

GrSS a d esPride 912 FS Boys Pride Soccer So

8) rades 6— (GSSFS Boys

ccer Counselor in Training (CIT) Co un se lor in 2 Week Session Training (CIT)

2 Week Session


360 360

$360 $440 $350 $390 $275 $475 $280 $470 $376


$360 $360

Summer at Sandy Spring

For you Early Birds! Enroll for at least two weeks of camp before February 28th, 2014 and receive $50 off your total bill!


To receive your discount, you must pay the required registration fee. The discount will be applied to your final bill once registration fee and forms have been received. Restrictions apply, so please visit for details.

Camp Options - Grades Pre-K–6 Friends Camp



















Camp Options - Grades 6–8 6/16-6/20



Day Ventures

Our 6th grade campers are the only campers with the option of participating in the Friends Camp, middle school programs, or both (not during the same week).




Advanced Fishing


Day Ventures

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Specialty Camps

Campers in Action Xtreme Camp Farm Camp



Day Ventures

Day Ventures

Culinary Arts


Culinary Arts

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Campers in Action

Campers in Action

Campers in Action

Xtreme Camp

Xtreme Camp

Xtreme Camp

Farm Camp

Campers in Action

Campers in Action

Xtreme Camp Farm Camp

Farm Camp

Experiencing Yoga

Experiencing Yoga SSFS Boys Pride Soccer

Camp Options - Grades 9–12 6/16-6/20







Specialty Camps CIT



SSFS Boys Pride Soccer Counselor in Training*

Counselor in Training

Counselor in Training

Counselor in Training *Camp is closed Friday, July 4th


Contact Information Summer at Sandy Spring’s Camp Office is located at:

For information about Sandy Spring Friends School please contact:

Phone: (301) 774-7455 x167 Fax: (301) 830-6847

Upper School Enrollment Management: Yasmin McGinnis (301) 774-7455 x182

Lower and Middle School: Susannah Hopkins (301) 774-7455 x106

Financial Aid: Dawn Griffith (301) 774-7455 x231

Director of Boarding: Bill Mena (301) 774-7455 x163

Sandy Spring Friends School 16923 Norwood Road Sandy Spring, MD 20860

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