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November 2011 Vol. 2 No. 11



Sunday, November 20 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Chili Cook-off Western pictures Stick horse races Cupcake Walk Live music Wear your western duds.... hats, boots and belt buckles!



A Word From Your

1 Harvest 1 0 2 e h t nd about r. Redmo g to you D n d iti r le w d r o m giving hat I a ce the L sacrificial surprise t event sin f l o o a n e u s n a m n . ti a e com been an od News” used this o s s a a G “ h h It should e d is h o h t T G e 80’s. ffering. orld with is Sunday O the idea back in th of reaching the w declare H rt ce e a u w p d s o a r a t e y b in to h to ring ificiall our churc give sacr t Day Offe t, s le o e t b v r a s Pastor Mark Bryant a n u e H e e o v t . Firs o mo out th attention ing God t . As we prayed ab r k u s a o d e r e a e be a n we lory ems that church to ur it r This year d ultimately, His g t u n o a t r r fo o mO eans an y imp iples “Fro ring s two ver ide the m goodness c u v is o n r d p w e o o k t h a s has nd m tinue d du the Lord g will con ission, as we go a bt incurre of the e in r d e e ff h O t y n a m ow on Harvest D ing the great com will pay d he new constructi and of e w , d ll n lfi o t u c part of f hall and nothing in t our epal”. Se o ip N d h s o t n w a d o c ll o g fe ho pac ildin Neighbor on of the current that a bu ools we have to im f God. w o n k ti e a t o v W greatest Center. our reno the glory e h r c h t a fo e f r it o t e u e s nO s we u ubt on Recreatio es s Christ a hout a do u it s e w J f g attitud is o n it s ti s t w a u e r t b n n lf d itse goo o co ustded of tw e Lord has entr l y with the Ministerial Staff it in n m u e r m m m h o c rces t ay I a sightfu the resou gai there is an in vest Sund r f a o H e t s Senior Pastor u ou a o g ab d says, “Y n g the rele hetic word of Ha a Mark Bryant [] in s As I pray k n r a e e c p n . God s t prop ave co ase the people h nage. In the shor is reluctant people , in this c k Associate Pastor r o w re y ma Fred Lewis [] d and H mplish M ll you need and mo o o c G c ed us to a n e o e t s are ources have a on betw Worship Pastor ext word n onversati annot find the res and see how you c is H .” y t Neal Terwilliger [ ou c d comfor all of this prophec ut I look n b a , y le r tell Me y p u x m e s of lu read tion g of the t Associate Worship Pastor our atten wn desire encourage you to y o n r rebuildin r u u o t y t Darren Gray [] s e e a dat . I . In contr ”. Paul is telling th s e accommo nsider your ways” s r o e t v n Minister of Education t: “Co first eleve His “ready people “In the midst of Bruce Welch [] significan e attention to the se people rs in Macedonia. of joy d pay clos 8. We will call the n bundance ave eve a a li e ir e b h e t High School Student Pastor h n n t thia out ictio hey g Brian Brewer [] to II Corin ople in Corinth ab deal of affl heir liberality ”. T , they r o t a e r g e p of t , in a cially reluctant Middle School Student Pastor l hardship wed in the wealth id they give sacrifi ia c d! n a n fi o d Heath Anderson [] nly pirit of Go o S t e o h incredible ep poverty overfl t N f . o a work e heir ide Minister to Children his is the T nd their d bility and it was t . a on le g g u a str Brit Fisher [] f money ir e o e h t h t f m o u d s t n s o e bey e mid life, a larg give in th r life, my n raising o u a t o h t y d l e Preschool & Kindergarten Director e g o r r g o t e e n m b o Tracey Cody [] . I pray w f Christ is Holy Spirit to so c g o in y o d d o b is God but the for the Minister of Recreation & Outreach t of what cause we have to yer is for r a y prayer r a p p M y a e M b Mike Armstrong [] ot be unday. ially to fferings; n ple of God! Harvest S e sacrific o iv r g u o o t g e esir peo La Primera Iglesia Mission Pastor to brin that we d are as the he, eager e t Amadeo Miranda ti w o d t e s r s e g le will be ea understand how b e Business Administrator w tor Mark s a P , because d e Tommy Johnston [] s les

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What is happening at

Harvest Day 2011 November 6 Goal: $500,000

Harvest Day is our opportunity to give an extra gift to thank God for His continual blessings throughout this year!

Hopkins County Christian Alliance


Thanksgiving Service Sunday, November 20

Please pray and seek direction from God about your participation in Harvest Day 2011.

6:30 pm FBC Worship Cemter

Hopkins County Christian Alliance

Community Food Drive November 6-20 Drop off location at First Baptist Church next to the youth building

Benefiting the The Community Cupboard

Food needed: Canned meats, sugar, oil, hamburger helper and canned vegetables.


What is happening in

On-line Giving is now available at SSFBC.

Tithe and register for events... it is safe and secure! More info @

Middle School Final 5th Quarter Friday, November 4 Third Floor Bring $1 for Compassion. One-Eighty meets every Wednesday at 7:50 am SSMS Library “But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love,endurance & gentleness.� 1 Timothy 6:11

After School Bowling Grades 1-5 Monday, November 21 3:30 - 5:00 pm Classic Lanes

$5 at the door (includes drink) Parents pick up children at 5:00 pm

Baby Dedication

Great Expectations

Sunday, November 27th 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. services Call Denise in the church office to RSVP for the 8:30 or 11:00 a.m. service.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for all of the gifts you have donated to Operation Christmas Child this year! Our goal is to pack 250 boxes in 2011! Monetary donations are still needed to cover postage. It cost $7 to ship a box. If you would like to help ship a box to a child, please see Kathy in the church office.

6th Grade Disciple Now December 2 & 3 Details coming SOON!


What is happening at

WeeEngage Luncheon 12:15 pm Fellowship Hall What is WeeEngage? Come find out on Sunday, November 6! Tricia Ford Wilson grew up at FBC and is coming back to share with us how to share creative ways to impact our community. WeeEngage exists to encourage Christians to fulfill the Great Commission by engaging in their communities, neighborhoods, and schools. Lunch will be the church office or register online... no cost...families of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Hymn Sing

with Rehoboth Baptist Association and First Baptist Church

10:00 am - 12:30 pm Fellowhip Hall

April 16-28, 2012 For more information, contact Fred Lewis.

Special music, preaching & lunch.

Week of Prayer Begins Sunday, November 27th Church Goal: $500,000

Featuring All of the Choirs and Orchestra of First Baptist Church

Rehoboth Annual Meeting

Saturday, December 10, 7:00pm

Sunday, November 6

Doors open at 6:15

September 21 & 22

FBC Mt. Vernon

for more information call (903) 885-0646

If you are interested in going, contact Shirley Bland in the church office.

6:45 pm Worship Service


Celebrate! “...Be happy and full of joy, because the Lord has done a wonderful thing!� Joel 2:21

American Airlines Center

Sunday, December 11, 7:00pm 116 Oak Avenue Sulphur Springs


The and ROC w you gam ill ha e v inv and a room e a g y ite you nyon that w m, w al e bas il t ket o com in the l be a king t r bal v l or e and comm ailab ack le one Center un v of t isit,pla ity. W to he gamy som e es. e at the ROC...


Recreation Outreach

Volunteer Looking for a relevant ministry opportunity? Volunteers are needed to work 3 hour shifts in the welcome center at the ROC. Email Mike @ Be a blessing and be blessed.

opening soon

Address service requested

116 Oak Avenue Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482

Non-Profit Organization U.S Postage Paid Permit No. 174 Sulphur Springs, Texas

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