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September 2012 Vol. 3 Issue 9

September 9th 4:45 pm

“New Life Journey” Sunday Classes Begin Bible Skills & Thrills - KidZone & Zone 45 5:00 pm Middle School “iThirst”- Youth Building High School “Ignite” -Youth Building 6:00 pm Evening Worship Service

September 12th *(begins on the 12th)

6:00 pm

*“New Life Journey” Wednesday Classes *Preschool “Sparrows”& Grades 1-5 “First Kids” Choirs Middle School “undignified”-3rd Floor Mid-Week Bible Study-Chapel 7:00 pm *Preschool “D.I.R.T.” Begins - seeds Preschool *First Kids “Jumping the Hurdles” - Kidzone/Zone 45 *Middle School “unashamed” Choir Begins - 3rd Floor High School “Youth Explosion” -Youth Building *Mid-Way - “The Truth Project”- Room 109 *“Late Night” Young Men’s Bible Study - Conference Room


A Word From Your

r ily for you m fa h c r the o our chu d went to be with t u o y k n is as ay tha my da e His plan se unity to s es when v t s r ti n c o o e p p p ff s e o e r r he ook d how ery clo take anot and Faceb credible God is an d some v . So s n t a x e s t t , I want to n s e il r a ience ards, ema ain how in d lost my grandp ent exper r e prayers, c inded me once ag a iff h d I y . r many em sed us in in this life rent has been a ve s s Pastor Mark Bryant r le e b t e is v Lord. It r in a m ou h a pa of Christ y family, y but losing m en. s f r o a e the body t s y e e r h e have be ht the w g d u d n o e a r s h s a t d le s n b friend self, To e how ding ay for my ds cannot describ s o t understan ing, ”Lord t r n e a r a r Iw le o c w a ray e ways and s given m er. In June I was p s a h s s lo different wo verse b his t t m t e e r a t e h p t w e y S e a r e to s d the cus egin in ect, I hav at followe hat will b 6). The fo t h 4 t s 4 s ie y r :3 a e 5 d S 2 In retrosp he on has to atthew say”. In t the Serm d of God :2 and M r 3 o s W n regarding at You want me to e ia s h t s Colo what wh y mind. ( l listen to next level. m il o w t show me e e W m a . iving t the tantly c t xt Level L s so that we live a e that cons N e b will all ge l il e w e w v s t li a ie r r h u t e d’s cing o raying of the s study Go us influen ut I am p d s b n e , a J c Ministerial Staff t ti ip u c h . o e s b h say a as been er to wor rship time h h o t k w e a g g e o r t in b n g r e me ity herin ay ev Senior Pastor at the sum good habit) of gat the Sund excellent opportun d e t s ju d Mark Bryant [] I know th a (a n e e the habit . This is a at we hav pening th o e b back into t to remind you th enings at 6:00 pm o ls will a time Associate Pastor an unday ev rate worship. We to spend S d word. I w n ip a h s ll r a y. Fred Lewis [] o b corpo egin w basket pportunit o is h t f We will b of another time of play volleyball or o e rt to advantag Worship Pastor I want to be a pa e evening services ying you will take try. First, Neal Terwilliger [ a h is r t p r in e m m ft a a h I t ROC uth r you ther. about ou School yo ership ping toge d h ip r h o ig s w H w f d o ie ll n Associate Worship Pastor fe ool a e a br g lead nt to shar merge Middle Sch th will be providin Darren Gray [] a w I , t s dle a s to ot le on. Hea r next Mid ions ti a u r o e Last but n e we have no plan r id fo s n h divis searc Minister of Education en a co siz ts in both for rayerfully n never be p e to empha s r e a a h p Bruce Welch [] w s g a a e in . Pray hat id roups ourag ve ahead groups. T h youth g sition, we are enc o t o o m b e r w fo s t a h y begun t tran em d f Minister of Recreation & Outreach h a t o e e lr lp a d oversig e m n h s ti a a is to rd h Mike Armstrong [] stor. In th f Heath and Karen ual the Lo id iv d in School Pa o e e h alongsid ying for t Youth Pastor to step up ren as well as pra y. d Ka Heath Anderson [] ol ministr o h c s Heath an le d r the mid prepare fo Minister to Children Brit Fisher []

Director of Preschool & Kindergarten Tracey Cody []

Business Administrator

Tommy Johnston [] Director of Technology Scott Singleton [] La Primera iglesia Mission Pastor Amadeo Miranda


Be Blesse Mark


What is happening in


Mary Hil Davis Offering

many faces.

Adult 55+

Game Night

Tuesday, September 4 6:00 pm Youth Building

Acts 10:34-36, The Message

* One Hope. Our Church Goal: $12,000.00

Statewide Goal: $4,110,000

Adults 55+

Diamond Set Tuesday, September 18 10:30 am- Games 11:00 Lunch Special Music Program with Fred Randles

Church will provide barbecue. Please bring a salad, vegetable or dessert. College Address Update E-mail Shirley at with your student’s college address, phone and e-mail.

Saturday, September 29 8:00 AM Cost :$3.00 Fellowship Hall

Diane Randolph Age range 60 + Up Meets 2nd Tuesday each month at 7:00 p.m. in homes/church. Contact Karen Bailey @ 803-885-3555. Bruce & Sherri Burk Age range 40-60 Meets 2nd Tuesday each month at 6:30 p.m. in homes. Contact Jan Vaughn @903-945-2190. Joy Fenner Age range 60 + up

Meets 2nd Thursday each month at 10:00 a.m. in room 108 at the church.

Contact Jo Ledbetter @903-885-2906.

Rebekah Naylor Age range 30-50 Meets 4th Monday each month at 6:30 p.m. in different homes. Contact Cathy Glenn @903-885-2628. Laing Turner Age range 20-35 Meets 3rd Tuesday each month at 6:30 p.m. in homes. Contact Debbie Nix @903-885-5302. Joyce Perimon Age range 45-57 Meets 3rd Tuesday each month at noon in the Conference Room. Contact Lindy Sarine @903-885-9599


at The ROC Bring $1 for compassion


Middle School Campus High School Campus

Middle School & High School

“Saw You at the Pole” Wednesday, September 26 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the Chapel Preschool & Kindergarten

Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm

Middle School 5th Quarter Friday, September 7

Post game ‘til midnight @ The ROC bring $1 for compassion

9:45 am at The ROC

Friday, September 21 post game until midnight

Middle School Sunday Mornings

September 26th

9:45 am 3rd Floor

High School students...

High School Sunday Mornings

What is happening in


What is happening at

Gospel Revolution Brynette Pogue Room 108 Sunday 4:45 pm

NLJ Classes begin Sunday, September 9 and Wednesday, September 12

Bible Skills & Thrills Sherry McGraw & Susan Fisher Grades 1-3 Kid Zone and Grades 4 & 5 Zone 45 Sunday 4:45 pm

Grief Share (starts Tuesday, September 4) Phyllis Roundtree Conference Room Tuesday 5:15 pm 40 Days in the Word (For Sunday School Leaders only) Doug Evans Room 204 Wednesday 6:00 pm Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted Nina Williams Room 203 Wednesday 6:00 pm The Truth Project Bruce Welch Room 109 Wednesday


Join us on Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm

40 Days in the Word (For Sunday School Leaders only) Fred Lewis Room 106 Sunday 4:45 pm Gifted to Serve Bruce Welch Room 103 Sunday 4:45 pm

High School

Not a Fan Neil Terwilliger Room 101 Sunday 4:45 pm

Together! Sundays at 5:00 pm Youth Building


middle school

middle school choir

Wednesdays 7:00 pm on the 3rd floor

Sundays at 5 pm 3rd Floor (meet in youth building on September 9)

Save the Date!

First Family Camping Trip October 5-7, 2012 Cooper Lake Doctors Creek

$16.00 deposit reserves your campsite. 7:00 pm

Sign up online or in the church office.

It Could Happen Tomorrow Carole Stanley Room 205A Wednesday

6:00 pm

Marriage on the Rock Rodney & Nan Bass Bass Home Wednesday

6:00 pm

Raising Boys & Girls Kellie Cody Room 202 Wednesday 6:00 pm

Wednesday night Children's Choirs 6:00 pm 2yrs - Kindergarten in seeds 1st - 3rd Grade - Kidzone 2nd Floor 4th & 5th Grade - Zone 45 2nd Floor

This Fall...

There is always something happening at First Baptist Church!

You can always find more information about upcoming events at, Sunday bulletins, screens located throughout the church and on our facebook page!



Address service requested

116 Oak Avenue Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482

Non-Profit Organization U.S Postage Paid Permit No. 174 Sulphur Springs, Texas

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September 1st News  

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