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Vol. 4 No.1 January 2013

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12/19/12 10:49 AM

From the Pastor... M a r k B r y a n t I want to begin by telling you I am praying for the year 2013 to be the most spiritually fruitful year you have experienced in your life. For many people there seems to be something special about the turning of the calendar to a new year. For me it is a time for a fresh start, a new beginning. The newness of the year reminds me of the goodness and the grace of God and how He makes His grace available to all who will turn and follow Him. Obviously, some will say, “I do not make new year’s resolutions” and they have a long list of reasons. The reason I hear most often for not making any resolution… they make and break them regularly. They seem to equate making the resolution with breaking the resolution. It is the same as saying, “If I never commit, I do not have to worry about breaking the commitment.” There are also those who do not make resolutions because they do not see any reason to change. Let’s think about another approach to the New Year. Instead of sitting around thinking about what you think needs to change or not change, ask the question of the One whose opinion actually matters. The Apostle Paul writes to the church in Corinth and says, “For I am conscious of nothing against myself, yet I am not by this acquitted; but the One who examines me is the Lord” (1 Corinthians 4:4). I can tell you that it is a rather extreme idea for some to recognize that Paul is telling us that our opinion often lacks credibility. What we find in reality is that we tend to give ourselves a pass on actions and attitudes that conflict with the will and the word of God. So this year I am praying that we will all make it a point to continually hear what the Spirit has to say about our attitudes and our actions. Instead of justifying our actions by our own opinions, let us take time to hear what the Spirit has to say. Let us resolve in 2013 that we will begin or continue diving into the word of truth, being led by the Spirit of truth and specifically ask Him to show us where we are in light of God’s truth and how He would transform us more and more into the image of Jesus. At this point, the Word of God becomes the mirror and the Holy Spirit shows us what God sees in us. This is my resolution for 2013. One more thing you need to know, since you are reading this article, the Mayan’s were wrong. J Their lack of knowledge does not diminish the reality of the return of Jesus Christ, so I am also praying that this year will be fruitful so that, whether He returns or the Father delays His return, we can be confident that we have lived our lives to the fullest, for His glory. Be blessed, Mark

SSFBC Ministerial Staff Senior Pastor

Saturday, January 26th

Mark Bryant []

Associate Pastor

Fred Lewis []

Worship Pastor

Neal Terwilliger [

Associate Worship Pastor

Darren Gray []

Minister of Education

Committ to read your Bible in 2013.

Bruce Welch []

Youth Student Pastor

Heath Anderson []

Minister to Children

Brit Fisher []

Director of Preschool & Kindergarten Tracey Cody []

Minister of Recreation & Outreach

Mike Armstrong []

Director of Technology

Scott Singleton []

La Primera Iglesia Mission Pastor

8: 00 am Fellowship Hall Cost: $3.00 is a great site that has several different reading plans.

Amadeo Miranda

Business Administrator

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12/19/12 10:49 AM

New Deacons elected to begin serving in 2013: Robert Cody, Jason Glenn & Richard Lovorn

Meals and Wednesday Night Activities Resume Wednesday, January 9th

2013 Officers: Wade Johnston, Chairman; Eddie Northcutt, Vice-Chairman; and Tim Glenn, Sec-Treasurer

2013 Mission Trip Informational Meeting Sunday, January 27 @ 4:30 pm Fellowship Hall

2013 Offering Envelopes are available in the Welcome Center


DNOW 2013 Cost: $50 February 22-24 7th - 12th Grade

Registration information in the church office or online at

Please make plans to attend this meeting if you are interested in going on a trip. FROM SULPHUR SPRINGS TO SOUTH ASIA...

Middle School

TRUE LOVE WAITS February 8 & 9 Cost: $45 Sign up in the office or online

LOCAL MISSION TRIP! Lakeview Baptist Assembly in Lonestar, Texas Saturday, January 12th

Hundreds of decisions for Christ are made at this camp each year. Help us get the new dining room set up & cleaned for the spring. Free lunch served to volunteers.

Depart at 7:30 am and return around 5:00 pm Sign up in the church office. Contact Brit Fisher for more info.

Speaker: Robbie Robison Registration deadline is Sunday, February 3rd.

Super Start-

The largest preteen experience for 4th & 5th Graders

February 8-9, Grapevine Tx.

Sign up by January 9th and get the Early bird price of $60.00 (includes event, hotel and breakfast) Additional cost will be two, fast food meals.

After January 9th price goes up to $75.00, limited space available.

Kids Day Out to Paris, TX! Grades 1-5 January 7th 8:30am-4:30pm Cost: $20

Last free day before school starts, let’s go and have some fun!

Skating,Bowling & Pizza Meet in the east parking lot! Sign up and pay in the church office or online. Limited space available!

Conference Sulphur Springs Multi-Purpose Facility Located near Hopkins County Civic Center—1200 Houston St. Sulphur Springs, TX

February 15-16, 2013

Fri 7 pm Sat 9 am

Tony Evans Kingdom Man book included in ticket price

with Dr. Tony Evans Tickets may be purchased on-line: For Details or Tickets Contact 903-885-0646 or 903-438-2363

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12/19/12 10:49 AM

40 Days In The Word is a church-wide campaign designed to help you, your Sunday School class and our entire church Love the Word, Learn the Word, and Live the Word like never before. The 40 Days In The Word campaign begins January 13, 2013 and runs through February 17. During these six Sundays Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, will teach us:

• • • • •

Six easy-to-learn methods for reading and meditating on Scripture. Proven techniques for a meaningful quiet time with God. How to memorize Scripture Sound principles for accurate Bible interpretations A step-by-step process for applying God's Word to your life. 40 Days In The Word workbooks will be available in the Welcome Center & church officefor $10.00

Address service requested

116 Oak Avenue Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482

Non-Profit Organization U.S Postage Paid Permit No. 174 Sulphur Springs, Texas firstnews01january2013.indd 4

12/19/12 10:49 AM

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