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welcoming messages sse riga mission & values code of conduct good to know School’s staff courses organizations events at sse riga places to eat places to party places to chill you are not a true sse rigan if...

dear class of 2022, dana supe CHIEF EDITOR

Ēriks kasparenoks EDITOR

mareks pielas EDITOR

daniela gerda baranova EDITOR

paula līva matuzeviča EDITOR

If you feel excited, ready to take on new challenges yet a little scared about the upcoming years, it is all completely natural. We, the members of the Information Committee at the Student Association, have created the Newcomers Guide in order to inform you about how we do things here, at SSE Riga, and assure you that, while at times mind-blowingly challenging, they are all doable. While the Guide will not answer all your questions and sort out all the mess in your head that may be present, our hope is that it makes things at least a little bit clearer, introduces you to the SSE Riga community and gets you even more excited about the upcoming events. Keep on reading to find out more about the courses and events, do’s and don’ts, school’s staff, the Student Association and Organizations, best places to eat, chill and party as well as what it takes to be a true SSE Rigan. Keep in mind that the other students and the Student Association are here to help as much as we can, but all in all, the experience is all in your hands. They say that the university years are the most exciting years of your life. No one here wants to put that pressure onto you, however, we wish you that they are not only the best ones but also the start of something greater. Something that will lead you to where you truly wish to be.

wElcome to sse riga! 3

welcoming messages Anders paalzow Rector, sse riga Dear Newcomers, First of all: Welcome to SSE Riga! Leaving secondary school behind and starting academic studies was for me personally, like I guess for most of you, quite a change that came with a number of questions on “how to do it?” and even “how to survive?”. The real experts on how to do it and how to survive at SSE Riga are your fellow second and third year students. As you will see from this Guide, they are more than willing to share their insights and give you the hints that will facilitate your life as SSE Riga students.

In addition to consulting this Guide and asking your fellow students, I do encourage you to approach me and my colleagues at SSE Riga. We will be more than happy to assist you and, needless to say, you are also more than welcome to share your experiences and suggestions with us. On behalf of the entire SSE Riga community I wish you the best of luck during your three years of studies and personal development at SSE Riga!

lauris zalva Dear Class of 2022,

president of the sa

Your reasons for gathering in the magnificent building of SSE Riga at 9:00 every morning will differ, but underlying everything is hard work and commitment to studying in SSE Riga. Despite your pathway of getting here, your goals and outlook, ambitions and mindset will likely shift dramatically in the coming years. However, it would not be fair for SSER to claim the entire growth of its students for itself, and similarly, it would be naïve for one to except to grow only because of physically being here. What studying in SSER brings, is opportunities, network, friendships, resources. I wish that you make the most of being here to grow and learn to enjoy the student life in the meantime.


The Student Association, which not only has the resources to help you grow, but also the willingness to help - even if all you need is advice on thriving (or surviving) in the unfair life of a student, the SA is here for you. In any case, enjoy your studies here. Study hard, but party hard as well since it is empirically proven that engaging in the extraordinary occurrence of student life leads to the wellbeing of the soul. Make the most of your time here - good luck and have fun!

sse riga mission & values The mission of SSE Riga has been, since its inception, to provide a state-of-theart education in business and economics that contributes to the economic and social development of the region, in particular Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The School produces state-of-the-art research of relevance to the Baltic countries and actively participates and fosters public debate in its field of competence. We nurture a diverse and caring community in which each member of the School is valued and respected; a positive and friendly atmosphere is created, allowing space for individual uniqueness and teamwork collaboration.

community We adhere to high ethical standards by applying accountable academic and administrative policies, practices and services; the School requires its faculty, staff and students to practice dignity and honesty in actions and words.

INTEGRITY We demand intellectual rigor and critical enquiry in advancing academic work and expanding knowledge; we serve as a catalyst for positive changes in the Baltic countries and beyond.


code of conduct Help others - if you find that you have mastered some topic quite well, help people who are struggling with it. You might soon find yourself looking for such help from fellow students.


Keep it clean - if you see some paper dropped on the floor, just pick it up and throw it out. We all are living in the same space, so it is nice to keep it clean. A lecturer might even test you to see if you keep up with this rule. P.S. karma points are always a nice bonus. Be a good SSER representative - the value of the diploma you will have, will be dependent on the future students at SSER, so carry the school name with pride. Promote the school to other capable people you know to improve the quality of the institution. Fill in the surveys - soon enough you will find a lot of emails asking you to fill in various surveys in your inbox. Do fill them in, as your fellow students need your help and you will also find yourself needing some help with surveys soon enough.

Plagiarise or cheat - Plagiarise or cheat - seriously, don’t even think about doing it. The consequences will be severe and you really don’t want to deal with them. Come late - try to be respectful of everyone’s time, and if you, unfortunately, do happen to be late, sit down at the side. Please, don’t distract others by making the whole row stand up just because you like to sit in the middle. Use electronic devices during lectures - there is no electronic device policy for most lectures, so do not use them unless asked to.


Flush down chicken and rice down the toilet - true story. You might be amazed by the lack of common sense for some people far too often, so use the facilities for what they are meant for.

And most importantly… don’t give up - it will get hard from time to time, but be strong and keep going. It is going to be all worth it in the end.


good to know working hours

6am- 2am library

8 am - 8pm weekdays

10 am - 4pm

The right wing room is meant for quiet studies and the left wing is usually used for group studies. Make sure to bring back the study material undamaged and on time in order to avoid any penalties.


important dates fall semester start

august 19

easter break

april 10 april 13

midterm break

november 18

midterm break

may 1may 4

christmas break

december 23 january 1


june 6

january 7

end of year

june 19

spring semester start


e-talons In Riga, there is an e-talon payment system for public transportation. Students can use the services for lower prices. You can get a rechargeable (blue) card at any “Rīgas Satiksme” office (the closest one to school is on Brīvības Street 49/53). Don’t forget to take your ID and ISIC with you! With this blue card, you can go to any Narvesen and charge it with a desirable number of rides for EUR 0.30 each or with a monthly pass (EUR 10 for one route or EUR 16 for all routes). All above, you can get a non-rechargeable (yellow) card at any Narvesen with a desirable number of rides for EUR 1.15 each. A single-use ticket bought from the driver costs EUR 2.

advisory board meetings During Advisory Board Meetings, the administration meets with the bers and students to discuss university-related issues and events, form everyone about the newly introduced rules and policies. While couraged to attend, the Information Committee sends out a summary

SA Board memas well as ineveryone is enof each meeting.

printing & copying In order to do printing, you can go to PC Lab or the Library and fill in your SSE Riga username and password when asked.

Credits received at the start of each semester - 2.50 (250 printing pages) Printing at the PC Lab - 0.01 per page (single/double-sided) Printing in the Library - 0.02 per page (single/double-sided) Color printing - 0.1 per side (only possible in the library) To check how many printing credits you have left, you can go to print.sseriga.edu, but in reality, we all just hope for the best.

e-mails At SSE Riga, be prepared to check your email more often than your Instagram account. You will receive emails from the administration, lecturers and fellow students (Information Committee particularly) regarding changes in the schedule, conferences, job opportunities, accommodation offers, etc. Mailing only Year 1 students: year1@sseriga.edu

Mailing only Belarusian students: bel@ssseriga.edu

Mailing only Year 2 Estonian students: 2est@sseriga.edu

teaching assistants Most courses in SSE Riga are split into lectures and seminars. During seminars, which are usually led by TAs (Teaching Assistants) a.k.a.Y2/Y3 students, who managed to get the highest grades in the respective courses. you will deal with the material covered in lectures more intensively. Even though most seminars are not mandatory, it is strongly advised that you visit them regularly to successfully prepare for the exams.


exams and re-exams Most of the exams are written on paper and can be up to three and a half hours long. Moreover, you cannot go out during them, so make sure to not go overboard with drinking water. You will also have some exams digitally later, so you will be introduced to the DigiExam software soon as well. Some longer courses can have a midterm exam. In addition, only a select few go through SSE Riga without a failed exam, so most of us will have to go to re-exams. No need to worry as preparation sessions are usually offered. If you, however, do not pass the re-exam, you will, unfortunately, have to retake the course next year. Moreover, if you fall ill, be sure to bring a doctor’s note for the exam not to be counted as a fail.

e-learning platform We can assure you that your browsing history will mostly consist of this webpage. The platform is mainly used for receiving course guidelines and materials, submitting the course works as well as seeing the grades for particular assignments. You should enrol yourself for each course separately and read the course outlines before they begin.

evaluation 0-99 100-139 140-159 160-200 Fail




In the Diploma, you will receive an academic transcript with the SSER grades and ECTS grades that make the transcript compatible with international standards. To qualify for the BSc degree, you must earn 187.5 ECTS and present a Bachelor’s Thesis.

lais.lv LAIS is an online grading platform used by most universities in Latvia, which you can use to view exam results, apply for elective courses, and extract the full grade transcript. You can also see a letter (A-F) assigned to your grade that indicates how well you performed in comparison with others. These grades will appear on your Diploma so make sure that they match with the grades published on E-Learning.

student material storage An important section on the e-learning platform that is useful for preparing for the exams is the student material storage - there you will be able to find the seminar answer sheets and useful study material from the previous years. However, keep in mind that for most courses, the material uploaded is not always perfect or the only right answer.


social involvement points system SIPs is a mean of awarding and evaluating students for their academic performance and involvement in the extracurricular activities. The main goal is to give an insight into students’ social activity. The system is mostly needed for the exchange program selection.

academic ranking GPA: max 200 points EXAMS: No re-exams 30 points 1 re-exam 10 points 2 re-exams -10 points 3 re-exams -30 points


social involvement ranking ACTIVITY IN ORGANIZATIONS: Board members and associates TAs International Office BSc Programme Promotion



final exchange selection

staff Anders paalzow Rector, Professor

christopher rieber Director of Information Services, Lecturer

jekaterina silkalna BSc Programme Admission and Compliance Manager

tatjana matanceva BSc Programme Coordinator

ramona ozoliņa Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

If you see a smiling Swedish guy somewhere in school, most probably he is Anders Paalzow, our rector. Ideally, you should shake his hand two times: when you sign the study agreement and when you are receiving your diploma. Do not be afraid to ask questions, but do remember that there are others in the school to help you out. Christopher is one of the people you will see more often than your family. Not only is he a librarian, he is also a lecturer in many courses. He will be more than pleased to show you around the SSE Riga library on the 6th floor. Christopher will educate you about referencing and research methods as well as check all your assignments for plagiarism to make sure your writings are not copy-pasted. Jekaterina’s duties include BSc programme admission process, document compliance, cooperation with partner universities as well as coordination of all international matters such as incoming and outgoing exchange students, international summer opportunities, and the dormitories. Jekaterina is the one who can help foreign students obtain any documents needed to live in Latvia. Tatjana is responsible for administrative processes such as student academic records, examinations and assessments, student information and immigration procedures. She is also responsible for uploading your grades. Reception area on the ground floor is the first point of contact for SSE Riga students and visitors and that is exactly where Ramona will greet you every morning with a wide smile. Ramona performs office tasks and is responsible for administrative support to students, staff and visitors. Besides that, she hands out keys for study rooms for students who wish to study or “study”.


courses 1. civil defence

4. academic english

We honestly do not know what is the course about. You will be the first ones to take this course, so good luck!

Yes, of course, you all know how to speak and write in English, but are you sure you know everything about commas, semicolons, articles and writing professional letters?

2. financial accounting

Both in life and this course - balance is everything. The knowledge you gain in this course will definitely be useful also in other courses later on, so pay attention even if you feel like falling asleep. You will also have the opportunity to bond more with your coursemates because one fo the first teamwork tasks will require a lot of work and patience.

3. mathematics There exist two kinds of people during mathematics course the ones who can relax while bringing back into memory derivatives from high school and people who you can find in the lobby experiencing the first shock of not having a clue about what is going on.


5. INTRODUCTION TO ACADEMIC STUDIES Although the course sounds like a piece of cake, don’t be fooled - the trip of your SSER sleepless nights starts here. Writing essays and reading an endless number of academic articles in the lobby will probably become your night routine. Pro tip - read them in advance and discuss the articles with your friends.

6. economic statistics Whatever your opinion on the subject might be, you will definitely love Morten and the fact that the exam is open book. You will learn not only the different distributions that exist but also the birthdays of Mortens’ relatives.


Semester 7. MICROECONOMICS And yet again you are blessed with another Morten’s course - can life get even better? Microeconomics will be one of the most important and longest courses of your whole SSER life, so make sure you pass it the first time. Fortunately, Morten provides a lot of the previous exams; therefore, solve them as much as the library opening hours allow you!

8. data analysis Hopefully you like beer and making graphs about it because in this course you will learn a lot about these things. However, if you are a die-hard Mac fan or like to use the mouse while working on the computer, better download a Windows system beforehand and get used to using the keyboard.

9. MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS aGPSS will become your worst nightmare so we strongly advise you to pair up with a really smart person who likes programming. Apart from that the course is quite entertaining, because Strazds’ and Natalja’s combo never disappoints. Just sit back, pay attention, and enjoy the mystery of how to manage finances.

10. organization & management The one course you will forget about the second it ends. However, do not be fooled, this course will take a lot of work and a lot of patience, and most probably a lot of sleepless nights. During the course you will have to read a lot, cooperate with your teammates, and probably spend your Valentine’s day at school. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

11. macroeconomics This is the last course with Morten that you have so enjoy every minute of it! Although there are people who can get an excellence on the report with the minimum page limit written in eight hours, don’t count on it and start writing in advance. Trust us, you are more likely to topscore the course if you like geography - the economics of a foreign country will be keeping you up at night for a long time.

12. ETHICS AND SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Although it sounds like another soft course, don’t believe anyone who says so, because the requirements are getting more and more strict each year. Simply enjoy the ethical beauty of economics and do your best to pass the course on the first take!

13. INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP Creativity will be quite helpful in this course, because coming up with as many crazy, innovative and original but realistic business ideas is not that easy as it sounds. Oh, and confidence also is useful, because you might have to speak in front of the whole class. Good luck not getting lamp fever!

14. MARKETING Marius is easily one of the nicest lectures in SSER, because he has also been a student here and knows how hard it is to write a Macro report, sleep, have personal life, and think about other courses at the same time. Definitely pay attention to his readings - they will help you pass the course better than ever imagined and find the most creative friends there are to make your advertisement unforgettable.


Semester 15. ECONOMICS & CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR A great transition from marketing techniques into understanding why people choose what they choose. Heidi told us to warn you you won’t have it as easy as us....Hopefully though, you will still get to play Kahoot.

16. management accounting and finance The last accounting course of the year! If you didn’t understand T-accounts, cash flows, and other accounting-related terms, now you definitely will. However, you will still have to work quite hard, so don’t let the summer feels take away your working spirit.

internship The end of Year 1. Congratulations on finishing Year 1, you did it! But the best experience definitely is the internship - find your dream job or, on the contrary, your worstnightmare-job to see what you like or dislike about potential career opportunities.


organizations The student association association.lv


@sserigasa The Student Association Board of SSE Riga is a group of 11 highly driven students, who try to improve your university experience in all ways possible. The Presidential Couple (President + Vice President) are the main representatives and driving force of the SA. They set goals, manage the board, take strategic decisions and lead diplomatic conversations with the administration, which are especially important when trying to implement initiatives coming from the Education Committee. Be it collecting course feedback, offering mentorship or additional preparatory sessions, Education Committee will always listen to students’ concerns regarding the study process and cooperate with the administration to resolve them. As you probably know by now, study hard is always followed by party hard. Thus, cheers to the Event Committee, who make sure you’ll chill like a villain, dance till you’re dead and experience occasional memory loss. Worry not, the PR Committee got you covered. They will remind you about upcoming events, as well as take plenty of photos to help you fill the gaps.

dana supe Information Committee Chairperson


ispirs haradžanjans Alumni Coordinator

Poļina Šapurova

Speaking about gaps, the inflow of information at SSE Riga surpasses expectations, thus, the Information lauris zalva Committee’s responsibility is to delivThe President er it to students in the most efficient way. The Newcomers Guide, Internship offers, SA reports, the Yearbook - they will keep you on top of everything. To stay on top of your fitness game, don’t forget to go to the weekly practices and tournaments organised by the Sports Austėja Denisovaitė Committee. If you are wondering how The Vice - President the SA can afford all of this, then the Business Committee is the answer. Looking for sponsorfoodraising - these guys know how to make money out of thin air, almost. It is a tough job, and that is why the Chief Accountant closely monitors the SA’s finances, raivo lismanis and ensures that they are used wisely. Business Starting from managing SA’s website Committee Chairperson to storing personal information of associates, the IT Committee is not only helping lecturers to use the Soros projector. Finally, the Alumni Coordinator works closely with the Alumni Association, by developing new projects to foster the SSE Riga community. matas petronis PR Committee Chairperson

mārtiņš barkāns

marija dvorņikova Hleb Birylau

Chief Sports Committee Accountant Chairperson

Education Committee Chairperson

IT Committee Chairperson

samanta Mežmale Event Committee Chairperson

The insider The Insider is the school’s magazine with six issues published every academic year. The content of the magazine includes study tips, interviews, success stories, fun articles and news from other organizations. Perhaps most importantly, there is the Gossip page, which is the first page students open when a new issue comes out. As the magazine is prepared by students, everyone is invited to share their ideas for interesting content, bring fresh thoughts and criticism, or write a review of a trip or experience.

Days of opportunities Days of Opportunities has been organising the annual career fair since the School was founded. Every year, international companies and government institutions from all over the Baltics, as well as recognized universities offering Master’s Programs, gather to give presentations to the most hard-working and intelligent students of the region. Students, in turn, regard DoO as the best way to start their careers, to talk to the employers in a comfortable atmosphere, and to find an interesting internship place. The whole event is concluded by a formal banquet and an after-party at which both students and employers participate.

investment fund The aim of the Investment Fund is to prepare young financial specialists who are fluent in financial markets and trading. Knowledge and experience is shared throughout the organisation via various seminars, which are held by professionals who work in investment banking, retail banking, audit, or financial advisory. During the seminars people share their experience in the industry and describe the process of working in the financial sphere from the inside. Members of the organizations also write a weekly analysis of stock markets during the Investment Game.

je joue Je Joue (“I play” in French) is a place where all students can come together and express their talents, dreams, and ideas through the medium of art and culture. We encourage students to use their minds, question the status quo and embrace their own uniqueness. After all, if you won’t chase your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs.


charity club The principal goal of the Charity Club is to increase awareness of the responsibilities we bear to one another. Charity Club goes on trips to animal shelters, organizes different donations, has a long-term friendship with orphanage “Zīļuks” in Madona’s district, and collaborates with Māras center. A friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.

The entrepreneurship society The Entrepreneurship Society organizes activities to foster entrepreneurship, and motivate, educate, and support young people willing to start their own businesses. Mission and vision of Entrepreneurship Society is to strengthen an entrepreneurial environment at SSE Riga, in Latvia, and throughout the Baltics.

debate society Debate Society is a community of people interested in controversial issues and current affairs by engaging themselves in debates on various topics. Even though the schedule lists meetings as happening two times per week, Debate Society members meet more often with all their discussions, beer evenings, crazy sauna and forest parties, and, of course, tournaments. They participate in various competitions across Europe, and also run the annual international SSE Riga Debate Tournament.

latvian model united nations Latvian Model United Nations (LVMUN) is an organization with the aim of promoting open dialogue on complex global issues, including international peace and security, economic and social progress. At LVMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by engaging in a debate on pre-selected topics, as well as react to crises that emerge during the conference.


180 degrees consulting 180 Degrees Consulting offers consulting services to organizations driven by a social mission. By working on projects in marketing, strategy, fundraising, organization management, etc., our consultants not only get a hands-on experience, but also tackle global problems. In addition, students master McKinsey case solving methodology and receive professional training by management consultants who work for the world’s leading consulting firms.

leif muten society The Entrepreneurship Society organizes activities to foster entrepreneurship, and motivate, educate, and support young people willing to start their own businesses. Mission and vision of Entrepreneurship Society is to strengthen an entrepreneurial environment at SSE Riga, in Latvia, and throughout the Baltics.

sse riga choir The SSE Riga Choir unites current and former students who are passionate about singing. As a multicultural choir, the repertoire surpasses genre, period and national limitations. The concert programmes vary in form and theme, and include Medieval, Renaissance, sacred, jazz, popular music and many more. The SSE Riga Choir participates in Latvian Song Festivals, Baltic Student Song Festivals, and many other local events and competitions.

weekly practices

Thanks to the Sports Committee, the students of SSE Riga can take their mind off of studies and avoid burnouts by participating in weekly sports practices, all free of charge. You can try out your strengths in Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Table Tennis, Yoga, Aerobics, Swimming, Floorball. You can find more information about the schedules and locations by joining the respective Facebook groups where you will also have to sign up for each practice the day before.


events pub tour Maybe the first, but most certainly not the last time to take a look at the typical student life exploring bars and pubs in the Old Riga and getting to know your coursemates during the night but waking up for an early morning lecture still feeling tipsy. Worry not, it is worth it!


By this time, you should start to feel that the rumors about the workload are, in fact, true. Thus, another symbolic event is organized for you - the newcomers. If you didn’t feel like being in the community before, after baptizing you are a true SSE Rigan.

scavenger hunt This event, organized by the Education Committee, will ask you to prove both your physical activity levels as well as your sharp mind while running around Riga.

internship experience sharing

While your own first internship might seem far away, it is fun to hear what fortunes and misfortunes your fellow Y2s had during their summer, get advice and keep an eye open for the places you would want to work yourself.


beer pong tournament This time it’s not Hektors, but rather beer ready to play the Latvian national sports

- find the best teammate and get game at the SSE Riga premises.

sser vs. rbs olympic games To participate you will need to show your athletic abilities and express your willingness to beat RBS. Sports Committee makes sure that community feeling is felt during sports events in the joint efforts to win our competitors.

boat trip

What happens on the ship, stays on the ship. Unless you make it to the Insider gossip page. Possibly the wildest, loudest and most fun three days you’ll experience during the time at SSE Riga. Karaoke and drunk debate tournaments before meeting SSE Stockholm students are just among some of the things happening on the Tallink cruise.

homecoming At homecoming, it is the right time to meet alumni in an informal atmosphere and have a chance to network, dance, drink, sing karaoke and take tons of photos in one night. As SSE Riga is celebrating its 25th birthday, this year the party will surely be even more spectacular than usual.

alumni careers

Education Committee makes sure that students keep in mind that the point of studying at university is to prepare you for the job market. Alumni share their stories about career paths and give valuable advice on how to achieve the most desired.


WINTER SYMPOSIUM The Sports Committee is stepping in to remind you that along with studies and parties, there is still room for staying active and healthy - make sure to keep your hockey skills at high levels.

CHRISTMAS BALL Possibly the fanciest ball of the year marking the end of the first semester, celebrating the newly elected SA members and setting you in the mood for the well deserved upcoming Winter Break is surely the place to be after the Microeconomics course.


As Y3s arrive from their exchange semesters, it is highly entertaining to hear about their experiences about partying with foreigners, learning their way around the exchange countries and, of course, all the knowledge they have gained.

VALENTINE’S PARTY If you are in a long and committed relationship, just looking for a soulmate or enjoying the single life - be sure that Valentine’s party is the place to turn that fact around.

days of opportunities

As the time to think about the first internships is fast approaching, days of opportunities event is your chance to meet potential employees face to face, hear about what different companies have to offer at the presentations and their stands.



Although Micro, Statistics and Macro courses seem too long in the beginning, they end way too soon and it is time to say goodbye to Morten. One of the most relaxing yet fun events at SSER where you will have the possibility to drink loads of tea and talk about Morten’s deepest secrets.

TAKEOVER The new SA Board is just starting to sense what it means to try hard to keep the student life up to its best standards and at Takeover their skills are tested once again. Presidential striptease will get you in the mood for the party and drinks will make sure that you keep it for the rest of the night.

BOTTOMLINE SUMMER SYMPOSIUM The best way to start the summer - enjoy a breath of fresh air in the nature, party during the night and play sports with a slight hint of headache the next morning with your gathered team of coursemates.

GRADUATION PARTY While at times you may have the urge to experience this sooner yourself, in your first year, you will have the possibility to congratulate the fellow Y3s as they receive their diplomas as well as champagne for their yearbook nominations.

GRADUATION BARBEQUE The best cure for a hangover - in the morning after graduation, you will have the possibility to eat, chill and look for Y3 lost items in the SSE Riga yard.


places to EAT to CHILL to party


places to eat a


They have one of the best kebabs in town, and showing your ISIC will get you a lowered price from 4 to 3 EUR. They have beef, chicken, falafel, and different sauces to choose from, so if you are a kebab fan and you are too lazy to walk anywhere else - this is definitely the place for you.



Another place that is really close to SSER and has great value. They have lunch options, but after that they also have a regular menu and brunch on the weekends. They are also known for great pastries and tasty cakes.



A little more pricey, but they have a really nice menu, offer burgers, main courses, pastas, and many other options as well as a large drink menu. On the weekdays, they have a lunch menu too.



Have you ever craved cheese fries, burgers and other fried goodies that are not from McDonald’s or Hesburger? Then you have to visit Delisnack - there is one in the Old Town and one on the Aristida Briāna block, next to Valmiermuiža, Labietis and Piens, where you should definitely go for something not so alcohol-less...


Tokyo City

Honestly, one of the best places for sushi. You can find some other types of food there too, but this is their main speciality. In terms of prices - these are one of the most affordable here.


Big Bad Bagels

Located just a 10 minute walk away, you will find the best bagels in Riga - freshly baked every day in different types. Believe us, you will not regret going there.


Ausmeņa kebabs

If you want to support local businesses of Latvia, and especially the region of Latgale, then you need to try the kebab made by Latgalian guys! The menu on the wall is in Latgalian dialect, but the staff is very nice and will definitely help you with translating.


Casa Nostra

Late night study group or just craaaave some Italian pizza? This family owned Italian restaurant is just what you need!


places to chill i


If you consider yourself as an individual who enjoys a nice beer from the tap on a Wednesday evening - go to KKC. A very nice place to chill located close to SSER, so you can either celebrate or drink your sorrows away.



If you get tired of your regular school coffee machine coffee, and you want something a little better, but not so expensive - Caffeine is the place for you. It has many locations in Riga and one of them is very close to university. It is also great for group or solo work outside off school premises.



A very nice cafe with great coffee, that has a lot of space for studying or just hanging out with your new coursemates after or during lectures.


All Cappuccino

Located very close to SSER is a nice small coffee shop, that definitely has one of the best coffee’s near SSER. Also - if you are in the mood for a slice of cake or a healthy (or not so healthy) sanck, you will be given that here.


Ezītis Miglā

You will see that we have mentioned this place in “places to party” because it is very applicable to both. You can go to Ezītis to party or to chill - whatever you have in mind you can execute here.


Rocket Bean

On the opposite side of the before mentioned Caffeine you can find a local coffee roastery. The coffee is a little more pricey here, but if you have a date or a specal meeting, or just want to do a group project outside school - Rocket Bean has a lot of space!



Located on the back of Aristida Briana block you will find Labietis - a local beer brewery, that offers beers from the tap, in a bottle, to go, and a nice summer terrace. So, if you are a fan of beer - come to Labietis!



Probably one of the best places where to chill. They have a large craft beer variety, exquisite cocktails, great food, and live music in the evenings. Maybe not your daily place, but worth every penny.



Tallinas Pagalms

A superduper chill place located outside of Old town Riga. In the summer it has a huge inner yard filled with impromptu tables & chairs. In the same yard you can visit Ezitis Miglā and You Know Where. In the winter they have 2 floors of a bar that is decorated as a Soviet Union time living room. Definitely worth a visit!

places to party r

Shot Cafe

The most popular party place for SSE Riga people, and you can definitely meet some of us there after exams or deadlines. They have good shots and long islands - definitely come by during their happy hours every day during 19:00-21:00 and 01:00-02:00.



Hardcore Hangover Club - believe me you cannot expect anything less the morning after. The goto place for “I just passed/failed an exam, let’s “blow off some steam”.


One One Club

Open only on Friday & Saturday nights and located on the Aristida Briana block, is an alternative club that offers the most Western European like nightlife experience.



If you enjoy alternative music and live concerts, then this very authentic and long-living music bar is definitely for you. It is definitely anything but EHR or top pop hits, so be prepared.


Aussie Pub

On the opposite side of Depo is Aussie pub - a bar that sells many different beers from a minivan that is inside the bar. Something that you probably have not seen, however, it has a really nice music, drinks, and vibe altogether.



Very much of a party place - you can definitely enjoy cheap cocktails and find a lot of people next to the bar on the same street. So if you are looking for a company - this is where you should go.


Ezītis Miglā

Ezītis Miglā or Hedgehog in the fog has MANY locations in Riga, believe me, there is definitely one near where you are living (if you are living in Riga ofc). It offers food late at night, cheap, tasty, and strong shots - what else do you need?



A place that is 21+, but you can definitely sneak in there not being 21. Kind of posh, but the atmosphere and cocktails are very nice. It is also located on the Aristida Briana block, so if they do not let you in - there are places nearby that will take your money and exchange it for booze.


Coco Loco

1,5L of your favourite cocktail for around 20 EUR? This is the place where to come and get it. They have a foosball table and nice “chill” spots where you can hide away from other people and just.



you are not a true sse rigan if...

… you have not asked your neighbours to stand up and let you leave your row in Soros. … you have never said “sorry for spam”. … you did not develop a love-hate relationship with Hektors during the Newcomers Camp. … haven’t joined any of the organizations. … you haven’t been kicked out by the guard late at night. … you haven’t tried cramming the whole course material during the last night before the exam. … you don’t open the gossip page in the Insider before any other article. … you have never felt like a movie star entering the school building in front of a hundred excited tourists. … you haven’t slept in Soros chairs. … you don’t ignore emails that ask you to do things. … you haven’t started speaking to a student in a language they don’t understand. … you haven’t used epiceconomics.com website as a legitimate reference for your report.


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SSE Riga Newcomers Guide 2019  

Advice and tips by the SSE Riga Student Association

SSE Riga Newcomers Guide 2019  

Advice and tips by the SSE Riga Student Association

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