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t. Stephen Connect’s mission is to connect readers with the people behind our local businesses. So often in today’s society it can feel like a business is a faceless entity devoid of any human element, and in fact when we shop online this isn’t far from the truth. We end up buying from a machine and we miss out on the personal contact that used to be an everyday part of daily shopping on the high street. But local businesses are different. They are run by local people who have chosen to set up shop here and have become an integral and vital part of our community. They could have chosen to set up somewhere else, but they didn’t – they chose St. Stephen. This magazine is a simple way of saying thank you to those people for being here and for offering quality goods and services that we sometimes take for granted. The businesses and their owners who are featured here are all passionate about this town and its future. They face many challenges and take many risks; it’s not easy to run a small business in a small border town. As you read through the magazine, take a moment to consider the power you have when you shop – the buying choices you make affect the people around you, which in turn affects you too. By thinking “local first,” you’re investing your money directly into the lives of the people in your own community. We hope you enjoy putting faces and names to local businesses. Let’s celebrate St. Stephen’s entrepreneurs – real people who help make this community vibrant. We have a lot to be thankful for! With best wishes, Jeremy, Jon and Kristen



Jonathan Higgins HigginsTech - IT Services Jonathan lives in St. Stephen with his son Jonah. His extensive computer support background laid the foundation for HigginsTech, his technology support service. He’ll tackle any computer or tech problem with confidence, working with businesses or direct with local residents to take technology from complicated to plain sailing.







“I want to offer fresh thinking and creative solutions to my neighbours. I love this community and I want to see it grow and thrive. Got a technology issue? I’ll take care of it!”





Disher Homes is your one stop shop for a brand new house. From choosing the right site-build, modular or mini home, to moving in, Disher Homes will take care of all the details. Imagine moving into a newly finished, spotlessly clean, warrantied, energyefficient home with nothing to worry about - that’s the Disher Difference!

Their nationally recognized standards in energy efficiency mean lower bills for you, and a nice warm home whatever the weather. Serving Charlotte County since 1989, Disher Homes is an integral part of the local economy, doing their best to think local first, from hiring local employees and subcontractors to buying materials and vehicles, as well as supporting multiple local charities and schools.

Service, warranty, guaranteed price and rigorous quality control are what set us apart.

Need somewhere to build your home? Disher Homes has three subdivisions available right now and can design your living space exactly how you want it. Dedicated customer service and excellent workmanship give you the reassurance you need as you build your dream home. As a testimony to their quality of service, over 95% of their business is via customer referral. Disher Homes’ work was recognised in 2011 when they received the Energy Efficiency Champion Award from the Premier’s Awards for Energy Efficiency.



Why not celebrate Disher Homes’ 25th DISHER anniversary this year with a brand new HOMES home! Call 466-6088, swing by our showroom or check out to view a diverse range of floorplans, services, photo galleries and client testimonials.

(506) 466-6088

faces aleri MacDonald and Dale Weeks have a business philosophy that is best described in the mission statement for St. Stephen Guardian Pharmacy:

Locally owned and filled with familiar faces who have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the right solutions. We have a unique environment and an enthusiastic staff focused on building a relationship with you. St. Stephen Guardian Pharmacy understands that people aren’t just choosing a pharmacy — they’re choosing a pharmacist they trust. Valeri believes that “Having a great relationship with our customers ensures that we always have the customers’ best interests in mind.” This focus on building relationships begins with having a conversation with our customers so that we can understand their needs. “We go to great lengths to

Veleri MacDonald, Owner understand what our customers need and we work hard to bring solutions to those needs,” says Valeri. St. Stephen Guardian Pharmacy strives to be easily accessible and maintain a relationship with their customers. When you call them a real person answers the phone; their website is mobilefriendly and you can use it to refill your prescription. Guardian staff love to stay connected with their customers and friends via Facebook; “like” their Facebook page (St.Stephen Guardian) to be the first to know about in-store deals, contests and new products. Or just swing by the store on King Street - you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome.



A rc h a m b au lt, N e at h way, & Rideout Ap p roa ch abl e Accountants




SUCCESS In 2006 when David Archambault, FCGA, and Laurie Neathway, CGA, began an accounting service it became the first multi-designation accounting firm in New Brunswick. With the addition of their friend Jason Rideout, CA TEP, this pioneering accounting firm expanded their expertise – and the letters beside their names represent a treasure trove of knowledge and experience in all things accounting, tax and estate planning. More importantly, ANR is passionate about working with individuals, small business owners and nonprofit organizations – face to face, partner to client – to see them through on the path toward success. “We value our relationships with our clients. It’s important to us to be in direct contact.

If you phone, you will reach one of us. If you come in, we’ll make time to sit with you and sort out your next steps,” said Jason. Laurie adds, “we see the potential here in our community and want to see it thrive and that is most likely going to happen with the growth of small business in the area – a stronger community with more diversity in business. So if we can help support entrepreneurs and their efforts to grow their businesses and be successful then we’ve done our job.” “If you’re thinking about starting a business, come in and have a chat and we’ll set you in the right direction, with no obligation to use our services. It’s important to us that you succeed.”

focus is to ”Our support and

help people grow their business in a sustainable way.

Above: ANR’s new office space in an iconic St. Stephen building. Left: From left to right - David Archambault, Laurie Neathway, Jason Rideout.

(506) 466-4040 ST STEPHEN CONNECT JANUARY 2014


Your Windshield Could SAVE YOUR LIFE So says Troy Weeks as he passionately explains how important it is to get your windscreen repaired or installed properly. The windshield is an integral structural part of the protective shell of a vehicle; a poorly installed or repaired screen can compromise its strength and rigidity, putting lives at risk in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, windshield technicians don’t legally have to be licensed or trained to install this vital safety equipment. The industry isn’t regulated,



so finding a trained, qualified technician with the expensive equipment to do the job properly can be hit or miss. But in St. Stephen, you can get the job done properly by a trustworthy, internationally franchised company right on your doorstep: Speedy Glass. Extensive and ongoing technical training, along with high-end, specialized tools exclusive to Speedy Glass, are an enormous benefit of being part of a successful nationwide franchise. Their industry leading technology helps them

Opposite: Owners/operators Jody and Troy Weeks. Top Left: Troy cutting glass for a customer. Top Right: The Speedy Glass Team: James McAllen, Troy Weeks, Stephanie Dufour, Jody Weeks. work quickly and efficiently, and without damaging customers’ vehicles. Speedy’s technicians are careful and thorough, taking pride in their work and making sure that it’s done right. All in all, Speedy Glass stands out as the clear choice for windshield repair and replacement in St. Stephen.

Speedy Auto

Glass is locally owned and operated by two brothers born and raised in St. Stephen, Troy and Jody Weeks, who are committed to Charlotte County and “thinking local first.” Fully involved in the community, they support local youth programs and schools by coaching sports and sponsoring local Glass is the events.

The shop was preferred choice by most formerly an And Speedy Glass Apple Auto Glass insurance companies isn’t only about franchise, but the for auto glass repair and windshield repair company Belron and replacement. that owned Apple replacement. They also supply Auto Glass also competitively priced windows, shower owns Speedy Glass and recently units, tow hitches, bug deflectors, decided to consolidate their brands window tinting, headlight buffing, paint under the Speedy umbrella. Not only chip protection, spray-on bedliners, an do customers benefit from the industry array of other auto accessories and just leading technology of this international about anything to do with glass! They are company, but they also benefit from always looking for new innovations and the service you can expect from a products to better serve their customers. family business: St. Stephen Speedy

Call or drop by for more information about their products.


31 Route 170, St. Stephen ST STEPHEN CONNECT JANUARY 2014




ak Haven Auto Renewal is a premier Auto Body Collision and Damage Repair Facility overlooking Oak Bay, owned and operated by Ron and Mandy Alberts. It is Charlotte County’s only facility to offer a Direct Repair Program under Intact Insurance’s Rely Network® of Certified Collision Repair Facilities. They offer professional and courteous care through the claim process, returning



vehicles to pre-accident condition with quality workmanship. Having over 30 years in the automotive repair industry, Ron recognizes the importance of quality. “Our staff is trained on the latest automotive trends and technologies, which is critical not only to us, but to our customers. We are proud to be certified as an i-Car Gold Member Shop

Opposite Top: Owners/operators Ron and Mandy Alberts. Opposite Bottom: Mandy demonstrates their Audatex estimating software. Top Left: Ron inspects damage to a customer’s vehicle. Top Middle: George, a registered apprentice, works on a vehicle to achieve a quality finish. Top Left: George repairing a collision damaged vehicle. (National Standard of Excellence),” said Ron. This level of quality extends to their customer service. From the latest Audatex estimating software, to dealing with the insurance companies and arranging rental cars, Mandy ensures that customers don’t have to worry about a thing: “We try to exceed customer expectations, because we want them back. When our customers recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues

it means a lot and we are thankful to those who have trusted us for their collision repair needs.” Oak Haven Auto Renewal is proud to support local businesses, whether it be automotive parts and supplies, glass replacement or car rentals. If your vehicle is damaged and in need of repair, call Mandy (321-0529) and trust Oak Haven Auto Renewal to put your mind at rest.



MOVING FORWARD In 1986 Paul English established a seniors home care company in St. Stephen. Nearly 20 years later, Kindred Home Care is the largest independent home support company in New Brunswick. Now run by his son Billy English, CEO and Will Bernard, COO, Kindred Home Care is on a steady path of growth. Their use of innovative systems and technology enables them to provide consistent specialized care to their clients as they continue to grow. It’s Kindred Home Care’s mandate to build a local-centric culture, committed to operating out of St. Stephen and contributing to the local economy and community. It’s also their goal that while they remain rooted in St. Stephen, they grow into the rest of the Maritimes and eventually across the country. In the last year they have doubled in size with three acquisitions and have acquisitions lined up that will launch their presence in Nova Scotia within the next few years. Kindred Home Care’s success is yet more evidence that St. Stephen is a town of innovation, perseverance and companies that think big and think local first. 14


Will Bernard

Billy English

Owners Brian and Carrie Mawer

For over ten years, Mawer Construction has provided top notch new-build, renovation, and insurance work to Charlotte County and has done so with quality and customer service as their top priority. In owner Brian Mawer’s words, “We cater to quality. We don’t cut corners. We read, explore, and investigate trade journals to find the newest techniques and materials, because building to code is only the bare minimum. With decades of combined trades experience on staff, we go beyond code to deliver the best quality.” At the heart of Mawer Construction is the desire to serve the local economy.

They hire locally as well as buy materials locally. “It feels good driving the economy and helping other peoples families by being able to provide employment to local folks...and the business feeds the local economy by buying all materials and subcontracting locally. It’s a fantastic feeling to contribute locally because the better anybody does in this community the better everybody does.” If you have renovation needs, insurance covered repair claims, or are looking to build, Mawer Construction can see your job through from start to finish.



St. Stephen Connect - January 2014  
St. Stephen Connect - January 2014  

St. Stephen Connect’s mission is to connect readers with the people behind the local businesses in St. Stephen, NB, Canada.