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Discover 70 sports and 38 clubs all in one place!

Welcome! The Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSC) has more than 11.000 members and is the beating heart of Eindhoven student life! Here, TU/e- and Fontys students and employees enjoy an ideal, healthy recreation thanks to the most extensive and complete sports program in Eindhoven! 70 sports, (special) courses, extensive facilities, open 7 days per

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week, qualified (professional sports) teachers and 38 student sports clubs. For only â‚Ź 80,per year you can exercise a whole year before, during or after college hours and in the weekends.

Keep in touch! Follow us for all the latest news, results, schedule changes and other info: /SSCEindhoven @SSCEindhoven


Contact Info Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1 5612 AW Eindhoven Tel. (040) 247 32 32 Fax (040) 244 03 79

Opening hours Monday to Friday 08.00 – 23.00 hours Saturday 08.30 – 19.00 hours Sunday 09.00 – 17.00 hours

Work-out when you want! The SSC has almost 400 lessons on offer each week. But, it is of course also possible to train and work out by yourself! We have two cardio-fitness halls, a fitness hall, five squash courts, a swimming pool and eleven tennis courts. You can work out by yourself on work days between 8h00 - 23h00, on Saturdays from 8h30 - 19h00 and on Sundays from 9h00 - 17h00. Would you like to play basketball, football or squash during the day with fellow students? Then you can easily reserve a sports hall or squash court via our website with your sports card number and PIN code. And you book a tennis court by placing your sports card in the court time schedule. It’s as easy as that!

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Special courses: take up the challenge! Floating at great heights or diving into unknown places; being the best ‘swinger’ of the group or dancing like a true diva. With our special courses you can achieve, experience and learn all these things. As a sports cardholder you can do the following sports: gliding, diving, arching, golf, pole dancing, CrossFit, beach volleyball and horseback riding. And winter sports fanatics can follow our ski- and/or snowboard course as an ideal preparation. More info: Manon van Lint,

Free courses The SSC also offers, in addition to the sports program, free courses. We have courses in squash, tennis (beginners up to advanced) and (ladies) fitness. Signing up via our website is easy with your sports card number and PIN code. More info: Manon van Lint,

Sports card 4

The sports card (proof of enrollment at the SSC) is valid for one college year, including the Summer holidays. Starting 1 September 2013 you will need a new sports card (subscription) and this card stays valid until 31 August 2014. With the sports card you can participate in all lessons and courses, and use all facilities.

Obtaining sports card The sports card can be purchased daily between 9.00 – 22.00 hours at the SSC info counter. You can pay by cash or with PIN pass. It is also possible to pay via internet banking, stating name, initials, date of birth and ‘sports card 2013 - 2014’. At the first time of purchase we charge € 2,50 for administrative costs. The sports card can be made at the reception after showing your ID and proof of enrollment for 20132014. After payment the sports card is straight in your possession. You receive your proof of enrollment via your education, but you can also get it via NB: For TU/e students and -employees the TU/e-campus card functions (after activating) as sports card.

Sports card after graduation After graduation it is possible to continue exercising at the SSC. We have two arrangements for getting a sports card:

1 year rule The first year after graduation, you can buy a sports card for the same terms and conditions as a student. When purchasing the sports card, show (a copy of) your diploma. Alumni TU/e and Fontys As a TU/e and Fontys alumnus you can keep on exercising at the SSC. With the Alumni sports card you can use all facilities and participate in all lessons, except those of the student sports clubs. When purchasing the sports card, show (a copy of) your diploma.

Partner card Partners of sports card holders can also purchase a sports card. For the same price* partners can participate in the same programs and make use of the same facilities. When buying the sports card please bring some proof of partnership (e.g. marriage certificate, shared bank account, shared mortgage etc.) .

Prices 2013-2014

Year subscription

From 1 January 2014

From 1 May 2014

Students TU/e € 80,- € 66,- € 35,Fontys/Design Academy € 87,- € 73,- € 35,External HBO €150,- € 100,- € 50, Employees TU/e € 89,- € 75,- € 35,Fontys/Design Academy € 96,- € 82,- € 35, Alumni TU/e € 165,- € 115,- € 65,€ 225,- € 165,- € 115,Fontys

* Partners of TU/e alumni pay a higher amount. The prices for other subscriptions can be found on our website:

Discover 70 sports and 38 clubs all in one place! You can join our lessons and student sports clubs any time of the year! Tennis, (indoor )football, volleyball, judo, boxing, swimming, athletics, speed skating, pole fitness, squash, cheerleading, aqua fit, lacrosse, abdominals, pilates, tai-chi, capoeira, spinning, salsa dancing, yoga, zumba...and much more. The is best way to enjoy student life and stay in shape is by joining one of our 38 student sports clubs.

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Cause the summer is never that far away…

Not concentrating on punching or kicking, but on using your opponent’s energy to unbalance him.

Hiking and climbing trips to most beautiful parts of The Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Aikido is the study of movement, which can be utilized for self-defense and the maintenance of good posture/health. While aikido is a martial art, it’s not competitive; there is no competition between people. The practice of aikido is the practice of the pure (modern) combative techniques that are derived from the old budo (japanese martial arts). It is said that aikido is the most complete budo because of its application of different stances, positions, movements and distances. Also the use of wooden weapons such as the tanto (knife), bokken (sword) and jo (stick) contribute to this statement. Aikido is suited to people of varying physical strength, irrespective of age or gender.

Climbing is an exhilarating sport! At the Eindhoven Student Alpinism Club (E.S.A.C.) you can experience every bit of adventure the sport brings. Your physical and mental ability will be pushed to the limit. Besides climbing, at E.S.A.C. you can also enjoy hiking, bouldering and tour skiing. The club trains twice a week, once at the SSC and once at Neoliet. E.S.A.C. also organizes trips to the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Besides all the physical activities, the trips also have a huge social character. If you’re looking for something new during your study time, then join E.S.A.C.

The abdominal muscle half hour is a close friend of sports card holders with an eternal summer in their mind! These lessons help you to get a firm, healthy torso and belly. The lessons are suitable for both beginning as advanced sportsmen/women. The great strength of this lesson is the group work. Training in a group increases the motivation for completing the sometimes strenuous abdominal exercises. During these lessons we also stimulate the participants to do abdominal exercises in their own time, and more important, in their own pace. Lara Hofstra

E.S.B.V. Samourais /esbvsamourais

Abdominals / Aikido / Alpinism

E.S.A.C. @EindhovenSAC

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven




You improve step-by-step-by-step until your arrow suddenly just flows.

Thanks to the low impact of the water, Aquafit is a safe way of exercising.

Shake your way into shape thanks to the lowimpact fun during our weekly pool party.

Archery is a combination of power, control, concentration and (shooting) condition. A normal bow has a draw force of about 35 pounds. While shooting you have to aim, keep the bow under control and finish the shot in a controlled manner. This combination makes archery a challenging sport. Student Archery Club Da Vinci offer a free introductory course for beginning archers consisting of 10 lessons, of which the first two are for free. Bow, arrows and other materials are all supplied by Da Vinci. The introduction course is a perfect way to get to know the sport.

Aquafit is all about having fun and improving your stamina. It has all the physical elements: power, agility, stamina, speed, and flexibility as well as body composition. Thanks to the low impact nature of water activities, Aquafitness is a safe training method, especially for those with back, heart, and joint troubles. The lesson is suitable for everyone, men and women, young and old.

It’s just like Otis Redding once sang: You move your body all around - And just shake - Thats the way you do it Shake, Shake, Shake it baby Shake it like a bowl of soup - Let your body loop de loop - Put your hands on your hip - Come on and let your backbone slip - Move your body like your hip - And just shake! Aquazumba will get you into shape if you shake it the right way. Aquazumba is cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.

Atef el Allouche

Atef el Allouche

E.S.H. Da Vinci

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Archery / Aquafit / Aquazumba








Training in all disciplines. Recreational members train 1 or 2 times per week and competitive members 3 times or more per week.

Attracts a large number of members, ranging from recreational to national league players.

You will be watching with awe and wonder how we combine sports and student fun.

Each year, Student Badminton Club Panache attracts multifaceted groups of new members, from beginners through advanced levels. Everybody can practice at their own level during the 2 weekly trainings of the club. Beginners learn the basics of the sport and more advanced members improve their technical skills. Besides the training there is enough time to play games with your friends on the 8 courts we have. We also play in the national and regional league! New badminton talent is therefore always welcome to reinforce our competition team!

Basketball with the Eindhoven Student Basketball Club Tantalus is a wonderful mix of running, jumping, intensity, emotion, technical & tactical abilities‌and lots of fun. Whether you are watching a practice or a league match, you will be inspired by the combination of sports and student fun. Tantalus has two ladies team and three male teams. All teams train twice a week and play their matches in the national league. Each year Tantalus organizes the legendary International Basketball Tournament (IBT) with participants from all over Europe, from Italy to Scandinavia.

Student Athletics Club Asterix offers all disciplines and levels of training. You can join as a recreational member or as a (inter)national star, like our European Champion Duathlon Ruth van der Meijden. Asterix trains at the beautiful athletics track of sports park De Hondsheuvels (200 meters from the SSC). There are three different training groups: a technical group, a competitive running group and an endurance running group. Our recreational members train once or twice a week and competitive members 3 times or more per week. Besides athletics, Asterix also excels in non-sporting activities. So don’t hesitate and join one of our training opportunities! E.S.A.V. Asterix

Athletics / Badminton / Basketball

E.S.B.V. Panache @esbvpanache /ESBVPanache

E.S.B.V. Tantalus

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

BBB (Bottom-Belly-Legs)

Beach Volleyball

Body pump

You don’t have to be an artist to fine tune your body in our BBB lessons.

Even in Eindhoven we have sometimes beach weather and are all set-up for beach volleyball.

Easy, fun, safe….it’s for everyone!

Michelangelo, Rodin, Da Vinci…if they were members of the SSC, they would have joined the BBB lessons. The lesson to fine tune your body. However, the BBB lesson is not only set up to make you look good in a bathing suit or swimming trunks, but is also a way to make your belly, bottom and legs more powerful. In a group lesson of an hour, under the guidance of a fitness instructor, you will do exercises to refine the shape of your legs, hips, butt and belly. Both men and women are welcome! Oh, and at the end, you will smile more than Mona Lisa.

The ultimate fair-weather-sport! On our new beach field at the SSC we organize beach volleyball courses and lessons. Under the guidance of professional volleyball trainers you will learn the basics of this sport and you will play the game itself. Are you already a seasoned volleyball player, then you can join the beach volleyball practices of Hajraa. These practices will start as soon as the weather allows it…and that is something quite unpredictable in The Netherlands.

Get to know the original barbell class. You will perform fitness/strength training exercises set to motivating music. This is the perfect workout for muscle-enhancement, slimming and preservation of muscular mass. Our instructors keep it interesting by changing the choreography each lesson. Easy, fun, safe and effective! Atef el Allouche

Manon van Lint

Lara Hofstra

Information 2013 / 2014

BBB / Beach Volleyball / Body pump





Body shape


Boot camp

An ideal lesson to get to discover working out on music.

Impact encourages students both big and small, men or woman to participate in this noble sport.

A mega-kick of jumping, push ups, sit-ups, knee jumps, weight lifting, bandages pulling...

Body shape is for everyone who wants to workout in a pleasant and divers way and increase their fitness. An easy and effective workout for the whole body! Participating is simple: a warming-up followed by muscle-enhancing exercises for the whole body. Exercise your muscles and shape them as you wish! Our instructors will make sure of that! Atef el Allouche

Boxing is often seen as a sport for big men, but student (kick) boxing club Impact encourages students both big and small, men or woman to participate in this noble sport. Experienced boxers will train to participate in student matches or other organized tournaments. Former European Champion Eddy Smulders is the SSC boxing trainer. During practices you can train at your own speed and intensity. Activities include bag punching, sparring and shadow boxing. The club and the SSC provide all required major equipment.

Prepare for a mega kick! In this class basic techniques from (Thai) boxing are used with pads, buffers and gloves. There is no sparring! Everybody can join, men and women, for this intensive hour-long blast! Atef el Allouche

E.S.K.V. Impact

Body shape / Boxing / Boot camp

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven




Bossaball combines the best of football, volleyball and gymnastics.

Capoeira is a very versatile sport that develops all the muscles of the body, builds strength, agility and improves coordination.

The Okawa beginners courses take place at the start of the academic year.

High jumps, spectacular somersaults and blistering smashes, those are the tasty main ingredients of Bossaball! This new sport combines the best of football, volleyball and gymnastics. It’s being played on a specially designed inflatable playing field with on both sides a trampoline. The aim of each Bossaball team is to get the ball on the opponent’s playing half. Each team can play the ball around on its own half with a maximum of 6 ball contacts. Meanwhile the trampoline jumper can reach the right height for a spectacular smash. Courses start throughout the college year. Manon van Lint

Information 2013 / 2014

Capoeira is a spectacular mix of martial arts, dance, music and culture, that originated in Brazil as a cover defense tactic, practiced by slaves wishing to free themselves. Because practicing self-defense was prohibited, slaves disguised their training as African dance in order to mislead their masters. Capoeira is a very versatile sport that develops all the muscles of the body, builds strength, agility and improves coordination. There is also a musical and cultural side to explore as well. In short, cool to see, even cooler to do! E.S.C. Impulsao

Okawa is the Student Canoeing Club of Eindhoven. They train twice a week in the SSC swimming pool under guidance of René Boom, Dutch Champion Freestyle. Even when you don’t have any kayak experience you can take up canoeing; at the start of the academic year a beginners’ course is organized. Okawa organizes trips to various rivers in or outside Europe to improve your white water skills or freestyle moves. Besides all the trainings Okawa organizes several non-canoe activities like parties, barbecues and theme nights. E.S.K.V. Okawa

Bossaball / Capoeira / Canoeing




Cardio Core


Focus is placed on the large muscle groups of the torso and upper legs.

A sport where the only limitation is your imagination!

Cardio Core is an intense, full body workout designed to use Pilates techniques combined with fast-paced conditioning. Pilates exercises are performed in single and in combination sets at a high tempo with little rest between sets. It is an efficient workout for those who want to build long muscles, improve muscle memory, work on cardiovascular endurance and build core strength at the same time. Emphasis is placed on the large muscle groups of the torso and upper legs.

Is cheerleading a sport? Most definitely! In the United States the sport has 1,5 million participants! At the SSC the Student Gymnastics Club SUCA organizes serious Cheerleading lessons. The practices are just like the ones you know from America, with dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, jumps and most of all stunts! New members, both men and women, are always welcome. There are some conditions: you have to be available for (almost) all practices and experience in gymnastics, acrobatics, acro-gym or dance is important. You can participate in regular sportswear.

Condition training to music Participants of all ages and levels are welcome.


Atef el Allouche

A physical fitness training program designed for cardiovascular endurance. Although each class is different, a typical class may consist of walking/running to warm up, followed by an obstacle course run, followed by dumbbell exercises and mat exercises to train arm/back/ abdominal muscles and finally cool down and stretching. Participants of all ages and levels are welcome! Misha Latuhihin


Cardio Core / Cheerleading / Conditiontraining to music

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven




Triathletes can also join the training of Squadra Veloce.

A diving course in which you could acquire your PADI certificate.

Twice a year the club organizes a beginners’ course.

Student Cycling Club Squadra Veloce caters to all cyclists, beginners and advanced. From mid March to mid October training takes place on a race track near Woensel. This training consists of various exercises, mostly aimed at improving your speed skill. Most of these exercises include short sprints (intervals) and are done in small groups. In addition to the track training, the club also rides a ‘regular’ tour around Eindhoven every week. Squadra has spare helmets and bikes, so if you want to use these during training, please contact Squadra Veloce.

In our diving course you will learn all the aspects of this fascinating sport. The course consists of a couple of snorkeling lessons so you learn specific basic skills and how to deal with compressed air cylinders. Besides the practical lessons you will also follow a couple of theoretical lessons in which the instructor tells you the theory of working with compressed air, all safety rules, how to work in teams under water and other aspects of diving. The course can be finished with an examination weekend in which you can obtain a PADI certificate (open water diver). The level and experience of our PADI instructors guarantees a high quality instruction.

Hoc Habet is the Eindhoven Student Fencing Club, in existence since 1966. You can fence recreationally or participate in tournaments. Twice a year the club organizes a beginners’ course. But if you want to try out the sport, you can always join the regular training. Under the guidance of our official maître d’escrime you will practice the many techniques, attacks, defenses, footwork, the fine skills and the match tactics. The only thing you need is sports clothing, preferably with long trousers. Fencing clothes and equipment will be provided by the SSC.

Squadra Veloce @squadra_veloce

Information 2013 / 2014

Manon van Lint


Hoc Habet

Cycling / Diving / Fencing





Football (Soccer)

Frisbee (Ultimate)

For the fitness room you need authorization. The two cardio-fitness rooms are open to all sports card holders.

The global reach of football can be found at Pusphaira with members of all nationalities.

A sport that attracts lots of international students.

Pusphaira is the Student Football Club of Eindhoven. Pusphaira is a growing club, both in a sporting sense as in number of members. At the moment Pusphaira has 7 teams; 5 men teams and two women teams. The first men’s team plays 5th class KNVB (Dutch Football Association) and Ladies 1 plays 4th class KNVB. Because both the men’s as the women’s teams are represented in different classes, everyone can play and train at his or her own level. Pusphaira is also well known for their field activities. The International Tournament is one of the biggest of Europe.

Frisbee is not something you just do on the beach, it’s a serious team sport! With Vertigo you can train and play league matches on a serious level. The team plays in the 4th division. If you want to know more about this fast and flashy sport, then join one of the practices at the SSC. During the winter the club trains indoors, during the other seasons outdoors. The club organizes also activities, like trips to the beach.

The SSC has a modern fitness hall in which you can work out all year during our opening hours. To enter the fitness hall, you need a fitnessauthorization on your sports card. You can get this authorization in two ways: beginners can follow our fitness course and those who are advanced can visit our fitness-intake hour. For the ladies we have a special fitness course. Sports card holders who already have a Fitness Sticker can get extra counseling/ advice by such as a fitness schedule during our ‘Fitness Advice’ hours. Atef el Allouche

Fitness / Football (Soccer) / Frisbee (Ultimate)

E.S.V.V. Pusphaira

E.S.F.V. Vertigo /ultimate.eindhoven

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven




Each year a beginners’ course takes place where you can fly yourself!

‘De Dommelvallei’ with driving range and 6 holes par 3 course, is located just 300 meters away from the SSC.

Dynamic, full energy, technical, spectacular, but above all lots of fun.

The feeling that you float is real! The ZES is the biggest student gliding club of The Netherlands with more than 100 members. Since its foundation in 1963 students can follow an education under the guidance of a supervisor to obtain a gliding certificate. ZES also offers the opportunity to participate in several activities like races, annual summer camps abroad, an exchange like Aircadet via the KNVvL and many drinks and parties. The military air force base Lt.Gen. Bestkazerne is the home of ZES. Curious? Want that butterfly feeling in your stomach? Each year a beginners’ course takes place where you can fly yourself! ZES /

Information 2013 / 2014

E.S.G.V. De Club offers students the chance to get to know golf as a sport. Both beginners and advanced can improve their game. ‘De Club’ has twice a week a ‘club hour’ under supervision of a golf pro, who helps you improving your game. Home ‘De Dommelvallei’ with driving range and 6 holes par 3 course, is located just 300 meters away from the SSC. At ‘De Dommelvallei’ the SSC also organizes golf courses, in which you can obtain your Handicap 54 for a student friendly price. Throughout the year De Club organizes several tournaments and drinks. Larger scale tournaments take place at golf courses in and around Eindhoven. E.S.G.V. ‘De Club’ Golfcursussen:

You can’t remember the last time you jumped a straight flip with a whole turn? Or maybe you are just curious how to learn such a thing? Luckily for you there is E.S.T. Suca! They offer both men’s and women’s gymnastics on every level, under the supervision of a professional trainer. The club has grown in members the last year and likes to welcome new ones. It is possible to participate in matches or, if you prefer, just to train for fun. Our members are students from all over the world, who share a passion for gymnastics and, just as important, like having fun. So, experience how much fun gymnastics can be and join one of SUCA’s trainings! E.S.T. Suca

Glding / Golf / Gymnastics







Horseback riding

Handball is a fast, tactical and physical sport.

Discover hockey and Don Quishoot by joining the internal league.

Concorde make horseback riding a wicked, yet elegant and noble sport.

Hockey is an extremely popular sport among students. Our Student Hockey Club Don Quishoot boasts 5 Men’s teams and 6 Ladies’ teams…and still growing. All levels of hockey are provided for, from beginners to experienced players. The first women’s and men’s team both play their matches in the 4th league of the KNHB. Besides the weekly league matches, the club organizes an internal tournament every fortnight to help both members and potential members to get to know each other and the club. Besides hockey the emphasis is also placed on social activities!

Horseback riding is a noble sport associated with ‘penny girls’ and ‘boredom’. This is not the case at E.S.R.V. Concorde where horseback riding is a tough, yet elegant sport. Together with Manege Sonniushof in the village of Son Concorde provides lessons for jockeys ranging from beginners to advanced. If you are interested in riding, you can make an appointment to take part in one of our lessons. In addition, they organize an annual party as well as a ten-session beginners’ course as an introduction to learning horseback riding. Happy trails!

E.S.Z.V. Oktopus is the student handball club of Eindhoven. The club has around 60 members and 6 teams play in the regional league. The ladies teams play in the 2nd and 4th class of Brabant and the men’s teams play 3rd and 4th class. Players of all levels are welcome to join! The club also organizes trips to several (student) handball tournaments at home and abroad. Each year, Oktopus also organizes a big International Tournament. E.S.Z.V. Oktopus

E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot /Studentenhockey @ESHVDonQuishoot

Handball / Hockey / Horseback riding

E.S.R.V. Concorde @esrvconcorde Youtube: /ESRVconcordevideo

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

Ice Hockey

Ice skating

Indoor soccer (Futsal)

Enthusiasm and effort is all you need to quickly learn this game.

Besides the regular practices, E.S.V.V. Isis organizes a skating camp.

Futsal on all levels from Monday to Friday.

Ice hockey: The coolest game on earth! The Icehawks play twice a week, with training on Wednesdays and games on Sundays. They play in the Dutch National Students League and organize many different activities such as trips and tournaments, both domestic and abroad! After the season the Icehawks play inline hockey to stay in shape. If you want to experience just how cool hockey is, then join the intro-practices in September!

It doesn’t get any more Dutch than this! Students who would like to learn speed skating or improve their skills can join training twice a week during the winter period at the IJssportcentrum Eindhoven. You can join races and official (student) tournaments; of course under the guidance by professional skating instructors. Besides the regular practices, E.S.V.V. Isis organizes a skating camp at an exotic (but fresh) location each year. In summertime the club members go running, speed cycling or short tracking to stay in shape. No skates? No problem, Isis has lots of skates you can borrow!

E.S.IJ.V. Icehwaks

E.S.S.V. Isis

Information 2013 / 2014

5 vs. 5, indoor, technique and speed…that’s indoor football! ESZVV Totelos is a famous name in the world of indoor soccer. A couple years back the first men’s team played in the highest national league! At the moment the club has over 150 members, 17 mens teams and 4 ladies teams. The level varies from recreational to Hoofdklasse. Going home in the weekend or also playing outdoor? No problem, matches are played on either Monday- or Friday evening and all practices take place at the SSC. Totelos is also well known for their parties, D-night (Carnaval) and the internal football league. E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos

Icehockey / Ice skating / Indoor soccer (Futsal)








There’s no instruction manual, you can only learn Judo by doing it!

Karate will help you develop character, courage, discipline and self-control.

The focus points are technique, stamina and enjoyment…in your own pace.

Judo is a sport for everyone. Young and old, boys and girls. In this sport you try to get your opponent to the ground with a judo throw or try to hold him/her with a ground technique. A judoka uses the power of his/her opponent to master him/her. In judo you learn how to deal with aggression in a positive way; it is a very ‘gentle’ sport. You master your opponent without injuring him/her. All sports cardholders can join the practices of the Samurais at the SSC Dojo.

Whether you want to learn practical selfdefense, improve your fitness and flexibility or simply want to meet new people and have a good time, E.S.B.V. Samourais is the club for you. Karate is a well-thought out training system developed in Japan and practiced worldwide. The club focuses on muscular strength, speed, coordination, balance and cardiovascular conditioning of its members, as well training for competitive events. In addition to club training twice a week, the club boasts an active social life. Both beginners and advanced are welcome.

E.S.K.V. Impact focuses not only on boxing but also on kickboxing. During kickboxing training the focus points are technique, stamina and enjoyment. You will improve your fist-, foot-, and knee technique. To protect yourself you will wear shin pads, boxing gloves, a bit and a toque. You decide your own training intensity; you can take a careful approach or go all-out! You can borrow boxing gloves during training. If you join regularly, then it is wise to get a complete protection set.

E.S.B.V. Samourais /esbvsamourais

Judo / karate / Kickboxing

E.S.B.V. Samourais /esbvsamourais

E.S.K.V. Impact

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven



Mountain biking

The unique aspect of korfball is that it’s a unisex sport; each team is a mixture of men and ladies.

Lacrosse is a dynamic sport for everyone, big and small, man or women.

Beginners will get to know their bike: how to shift and how to break and steer effectively.

The Eindhoven Screaming Eagles have only been founded in 2010, but are already a blooming club with a men’s and ladies’ team. Mainly played in North America, Lacrosse is a team sport played using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a ‘crosse’ or lacrosse stick. It is a contact sport, which requires padding. The head of the lacrosse stick is strung with loose mesh designed to catch and hold the lacrosse ball. The objective of the game is to score by shooting the ball into the opponent’s goal, using the lacrosse stick to catch, carry, and pass the ball to do so.

Due to its surroundings (forests, wide open nature) there are ample of opportunities for mountain biking in the Eindhoven region. The highest point of Noord-Brabant for instance, in nearby Nuenen, is accessible for bikers. K/L/M With various single tracks, it’s perfect for both descending and ascending exercises. Trainings are provided by All Terrain; in which you will learn the basics of mountain biking. You start getting to know your bike: how to shift, and how to break and steer effectively. Newcomers can ‘lend’ a mountain bike and follow an informal introduction.

In this sport the Netherlands is the absolute world leader. The unique aspect of korfball is that it’s a unisex sport; each team is a mixture of men and ladies. Korfball has similarities to netball and basketball. A team consists of eight players; four female and four male. E.S.K.V. Atilla/Euflex trains in Spring and Summer on the Astroturf field and in Autmn and Winter indoors. The club plays league matches on Saturdays and participates in tournaments as well. Atilla’s own International Tournament is the biggest student korfball tournament of Europe! Both beginners and advanced are welcome to join the club. E.S.K.V. Attilla/Euflex

Information 2013 / 2014

Eindhoven Screaming Eagles /eindhovenlacrosse

All Terrain

Korfball / Lacrosse / Mountain biking




Outdoor - Survival



A lot of activities are organized during weekend trips in the countryside.

It results in a nicer body, and it will also boost your self-confidence.

In Pilates the mental and physical health are inter-related.

Student Outdoor Club All Terrain practices multiple non-motorized outdoor sports, like mountain biking, mountain hiking, climbing, canoeing and orienting. A lot of these activities are organized during weekend trips in the countryside. At the SSC there is a weekly training that focuses on general condition, survival and adventure racing. Survivals are running competitions with obstacles. Adventure racing is an orientation competition with different sport disciplines. The level of the training sessions varies from beginner to specialist, so anybody can join. However at the beginning of the college year the focus is more on basic techniques. The intensity of the training will increase during the year.

If you want to get your body in shape in a feminine way then start with PaalFitness! This sport is a combination of strength, agility and, of course, a bit of guts to do a little acrobatics and fitness on a pole. It results in a nice body and it will also boost your self-confidence! Various turns and locking techniques will be practiced during the course. And of course we will go upside down in the pole. The beginners’ course is organized by the SSC. And if you can’t get enough, or when you already have some experience, you can join the Student Pole Sports Club Blue! The association provides training hours, workshops and other fun activities.

Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates, a German physical-culturist. He developed a system of exercises during the first half of the 20th century, which were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. Joseph Pilates believed that mental and physical health are inter-related. The Pilates lesson is a 60 minute exercise program consisting of 5 minute warm-up, 50 minutes of mat-exercises and 5 minutes stretching. The program focuses on core muscles, breathing, control and precision. The exercises offered are accessible to beginners, while different levels of the same exercise challenge the advanced participant.

All Terrain

Outdoor - Survival / PaalFitness / Pilates

S.P.V. Blue Cursus: @spvblue

Lara Hofstra

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven




A hyper version of yoga, but with the benefits of deep breathing, balance, stretching, strengthening and relaxation.

Rowing for relaxation and as top sport.

A real student sport with a student like character!

PiYo is a fun, challenging class fusing Pilates and Yoga. It combines the mind/body practices of yoga and Pilates, as well as the principles of stretch, strength training, conditioning and dynamic movement. You will burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance and get a great stretch! The class is a little different each time, but always a great workout! Lara Hofstra

The Eindhoven Student Rowing Club Thêta was founded in 1975 and has grown into one of the largest student (sports) clubs. Many start with rowing in their student life. The rowing facilities are located at Kanaaldijk-Zuid (Eindhoven Canal). At Thêta, students can practice rowing at all levels, whether it is participating in just the weekly relaxing training or international level, like Lisa Scheenaard. Former Thêta members have participated at the Olympics. Besides these trainings, sports members can develop themselves on social and organizing levels thanks to the many committees of the club. Events like Herfstregatta, Huizen- & Disputenrace, Miami Nice and the 1000Litersbeer party are part of the Eindhoven student calendar.


The Elephants are a diverse group of thick/thin/ tall/small/fast/slow rugby players who mostly start playing as students. The Elephants is an accessible club, where every member finds his way. The team trains twice a week and plays matches on Sunday. Thanks to the nature of Rugby, a strong team spirit reigns within the club. This spirit is unique to the club and can’t be found at many other clubs. The traditional annual Rugby trip is a prima example of this spirit. The Elephants / ElephantsRugby

E.S.R. Thêta @esrtheta

Information 2013 / 2014

PiYo / Rowing / Rugby



Sailing Learn how you can play with the wind.


E.S.Z.V. Boreas is the Eindhoven Student Sailing Club. The club promotes sailing amongst students in Eindhoven to give them the ultimate student experience. Boreas organizes sailing weekends, barbecues, parties and lots more. During the winter months the club organizes drinks at Café D’n Kastelein. Whether you already have sea legs or still have to learn all the ropes, everybody is welcome! Boreas has four boats: ‘Valk’, 2x ‘FJ’ and a J24. Curious? Join Boreas at one of their drinks or other activities. Boreas @BoreasEindhoven

Self-defence - Kenpo Jitsu The focus is placed on self-protection and effectiveness. Kenpo Jutsu is a movement within the world of martial arts, which is based on original techniques and training methods of Karate-Jutsu. KU Kenpo Jutsu distinguishes itself by its focus on the functional application of self-defence techniques. The basics are various situations in which you can be confronted with physical violence (‘Habitual Acts of Physical Violence’) and how to defend this. During practice we deal with standing situations, the ‘grappling’, and the ground fight. Everything in a dynamic, intensive interaction with your training partner. E.S.B.V. Samourais /esbvsamourais

Sailing / Self-defence - Kenpo Jitsu / Snowboaring

Snowboarding Snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, surfing, longboarding and more! Avalanche Boarders is an open association for everybody who’s interested in some kind of boarding. They have lots of activities: snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, surfing, longboarding and more! Every year there are at least two snowboard trips to the mountains and a surf trip in the summer. Never touched a board before? No problem! Avalanche have experienced members that love to share their knowledge and are willing to help you. As a member of Avalanche Boarders, you are assured of a good mix of sport and fun. Besides boarding they organize theme parties, movie nights and enjoy a beer every Wednesday at Kafee Aloys. E.S.S.V. Avalanche Boarders /avalancheboarders

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven




Spinning is a nice way to maintain or build your overall stamina.

A fast and energetic sport that rewards quick feet and quick thinking.

An exhilarating and challenging sport with a laid-back attitude.

Spinning is cycling with music on special designed spinning bikes. These are comparable to home trainers, but a spinning bike uses a flywheel. This has a major advantage because you can train your cycling technique better and you can ride at higher intensities. Spinning is a nice way to maintain or build your overall stamina. During the lessons the instructor will ride with you and simulate mountains, descents and sprints. The course is available for every level because you can tune the resistance yourself. Since last year we also have videocycling.

Interested in a lightning fast, energetic racket sport? Then Squash is the sport for you! E.S.S.R.V. Quatsh is a club with around 40 members. Each Monday and Tuesday practices take place on the 5 courts in the SSC with trainer Dylan Bennett, an international professional player. The training groups range from recreational- to league players. Friday is traditionally ‘club night’; club members play each other in friendly matches. During club nights you get to know many different playing styles, which really helps to improve your own game.

Windsurfing? In Eindhoven? Yes, when there’s wind, the guys of WETH go wind- or kite surfing at different locations in (the south) of The Netherlands. The club is open to all levels; beginners, advanced and pro’s. Equipment will be provided for free by the club. Beginners can join the open courses to learn the basics. As soon as it’s windy enough, the club will notify you. Transportation and accommodation is all pre-arranged. Besides surfing WETH has drinks each fortnight and organizes weekend trips. Hang loose!

Lara Hofstra

Information 2013 / 2014

E.S.S.R.V. Quatsh



Spinning / Squash / Surfing





T’ai Chi

Table tennis

In the SSC courses you can learn the basics of swimming. At Nayade you can fine tune your technique and strength.

Find the right balance and beat the study stress!

You can participate in the NTTB-league during weekends or midweeks in the TLE-league.

Swimming club Nayade not only provides members with the basic skills to take part in this sport, it can also prepare you to take part in the National Championships. In 2011 Nayade Elite medalled at the NK sprint! During the week several trainings take place where, under the guidance of our experienced coaches, you can improve your technique, power, stamina and speed. The beginners’ group is highly popular among our foreign sports card holders who could not swim before. Together with the waterpolo branch of the club, Nayade takes up a lively role in the Eindhoven student life. E.S.Z.V. Nayade /EswzvNayade @nayade_ehv

Swimming / T’ai Chi / Table Tennis

Mindfullness in action, that’s Tai Chi. By paying attention to your own movement, you learn a lot about yourself and how you can become more relaxed. Tai Chi is not just relaxing, but also active and even playful. Exercises from the Eastern martial arts have been translated to our modern Western context. This means that we focus on more effective use of your potential and further improvement of your health. Although the training can become pretty intense, everyone can join and participate at their own level. Find the right balance and beat the stress! This way you will feel more comfortable with yourself. Training Tai Chi is a lot of fun without competition. Atef el Allouche

Around 4 meters distance and velocities of 160 km/h, that’s table tennis! E.S.T.T.V. TAVERES takes part in two leagues with teams of different levels. The NTTB-league and the TLE-league, which stands for Tafeltennis Liga Eindhoven. The latter is extra suitable for players who want to keep the weekends free, since the matches take place midweek. Training takes place twice a week and is open to all sports cardholders. TAVERES organizes also drinks, bowling nights and an International Tournament with more than 300 participants. E.S.T.T.V. TAVERES

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven




Taekwondo promotes your fitness, courage, self-respect and the ability to defend yourself.

With almost 400 members Fellenoord is one of the largest student (sport) associations of Eindhoven.

You can play midweeks with Tamar or in the weekends with Hajraa.

Ilyeo, founded in 2004, that has brought Taekwondo to the SSC. Taekwondo is a versatile Korean martial art, which is characterized by its diversity of kicking techniques that are performed very quickly during combat. Taekwondo includes the following parts: selfdefense, steps-sparring, forms (poomsee), and full contact sparring. It is a sport for everybody, man and woman, young and old. Taekwondo lends itself extremely well for improving your condition and self esteem. Don’t be shy, join in! E.S.T.V. Ilyeo

Information 2013 / 2014

With almost 400 members, E.S.T. Fellenoord is one of the largest student (sport) associations of Eindhoven. It offers you the opportunity to play one of the most popular sports in the world. Fellenoord offers trainings, competitions and tournaments on all levels; really skilled players up to recreational players. The club offers different activities for their members, which gives Fellenoord a very open character. If you want to play tennis or get to know the sport, contact Fellenoord or follow one of the SSC beginners courses throughout the year. E.S.T. Fellenoord Cursussen: @Fellenoord

Volleyball is a real student team sport. At the SSC two volleyball clubs are active: Hajraa and Tamar. Tamar plays matches on working days from Monday until Thursday, so league players can keep their weekends volleyball-free (3 mens teams, 2 ladies teams). Hajraa offers volleyball at all Nevobo levels, from recreational up to 1st division (8 mens teams, 6 ladies teams) and plays matches on Saturday. Training is possible on almost every night of the week. One of the SSC volleyball trainers is Olympic gold medal winner Misha Latuhihin. The outdoor tournament of Hajraa with over 5000 participants is the biggest grass tournament of Europe and worth participating in. E.S.V.V. Hajraa / V.V. Tamar / /

Taekwondo / Tennis / Volleyball





Water polo

Yoga Ashtanga

Yoga Hatha

No pads, no helmets, no protection... just men and women with balls.

You can practice Poweryoga within your own physical capabilities.

Yoga restores the connection between the body and the mind.

Water polo is a team sport that is played with a ball in the water. Beside physical strength and endurance, technical skill and tactical insight of both individual players and of the team as a whole are important. Equally important is the team spirit. At Nayade both female and male players are trained at several levels: from the purely recreational level to the level of the 3rd national league. Former Greek international Alex Papanelopoulos is trainer of the men teams. But, of course, because Nayade is a student association, other pleasant and enjoyable social activities play an important role, too.

Ashtanga / Poweryoga is a regular series of positions, that you execute in a ‘flow’, starting with a series of sun salutations. Poweryoga is a dynamic and energetic form of movement, in which you develop balance, coordination, power and flexibility. Each muscle will be trained and shaped. It is effective, challenging and active. You can practice Poweryoga within your own physical capabilities. Poweryoga brings inner strength, focus and stability, which helps you to deal with stress and tension better. Lessons take place during lunch and in the afternoon.

The asana’s (yoga postures) and the breathing are important parts in a Hatha yoga class. By doing yoga you strengthen the muscles and make the body more flexible. Together with the breathing exercises it improves your concentration and ability to relax. Yoga restores the connection between the body and the mind and it improves your awareness, helping you to find more balance in life. Take a towel and some warm clothes with you.

E.S.Z.V. Nayade /EswzvNayade @nayade_ehv

Water polo / Yoga Ashtanha / Yoga Hatha

Lara Hofstra

Lara Hofstra

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

Yoga Kundalini


Even a couple of minutes of yoga per day can make a real difference.

Shake it like Shakira during the work-out in disguise.

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that is very well suited for the busy times we’re living in. Even a couple of minutes of yoga per day can make a real difference. A class consists of a sequence of dynamic yoga exercises, followed by relaxation and a meditation, sometimes combined with a mantra. Breathing plays a central role during this class. The exercises work on the glandular system and on the nervous system. That’s why the classes do not only have a physical effect, but also a mental one. It gives you inner balance and makes you aware of who you are.

The name Zumba hasSpanish-Colombian roots, where it means ‘fast moving and having fun’, and that is exactly what the sport is all about. You can dance with great passion to the sounds of Latin-American Music, with a flavor of hip-hop. You will be doing fitness exercises, but with a twist of Salsa, Mambo en Meringue. Since it looks more like a dance lesson, it is a ‘work-out in disguise’ and therefore a fun way to improve your rhythm and stamina. The lessons are open to all sports cardholders!



Atef el Allouche

Lara Hofstra

Information 2013 / 2014

Yoga Kundalini / Zumba

Facilities 28

The SSC sports facilities rank among the best in the Netherlands and reflect the popularity and significance that the TU/e gives to university sports. Most sporting activities take place at the own SSC accommodation at the campus. For some sports facilities outside the campus will be hired, like the ‘IJssportcentrum Eindhoven’ and ‘Manage Sonniushof’.

3 sports halls 1 golf driving-range (flood lights) 1 gymnasium 4 football fields 1 dojo 1 training pitch (flood lights) 5 squash courts 1 Astroturf hockey field (flood lights) 2 cardio fitness rooms 2 rugby fields (1 field with flood lights) 1 fitness hall 1 athletics track (flood lights) 1 (indoor)swimming pool 1 climbing wall 1 spinning theatre 1 sauna 1 outdoor archery shooting range 1 boat house 11 tennis courts (flood lights) 1 ice sports centre (400m track + ice hockey) 2 solaria 1 climbing tower 1 pole fitness studio 1 beach field

Reserve facilities Sports card holders can reserve facilities, like the gymnasium, solaria, sauna, squash courts and sunbeds, up to one month in advance via our website (when no lessons/courses takes place). Sports card holders can book a sports hall for a maximum of 2 hours per day. If you want to book our facilities for tournaments or (bigger) events, than please contact our manager Peter Geurts: (040) 247 32 63,

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

Year Schedule 2013/2014 Period 1: 19 August 2013 t/m 1 January 2014 19 August - 3 September 2013: summer schedule or lessons by appointment 19 August - 26 August 2013: TU/e introduction week 2 September - 15 December 2013: lessons according to schedule 16 December - 20 December 2013: Van Lint Student Sports Week (only lessons during the day) 23 December 2013 - 1 January 2014: Christmas Holidays (closed) Period 2: 2 January t/m 6 July 2014 2 January - 6 July: lessons according to schedule 3, 4 March: Carnival (no lessons, shortened opening hours) 18 April: Good Friday (no lessons, shortened opening hours) 21 April: 2nd Easter Day (closed) 26 April: King’s Day (closed) 29 and 30 May: Ascension (no lessons, shortened opening hours) 9 June: Whit Monday (closed) 7 July - 31 August: Summer Schedule (shortened opening hours) Additions and/or changes to this year’s schedule will be published well in advance via our communication channels.

Information 2013 / 2014


Fit and Slim

Health 30

The SSC likes to help maintain/improve your health. To achieve this we offer a set of services and courses.

Fit and Slim is a free monthly instruction consisting of 4 lessons that takes place in the cardio-fitness halls. The course offers information about cardiofitness and nutrition, but also offers advanced body weight control with info about body composition. The course aim is to help sports cardholders on their way to losing weight in a healthy manner. You can sign up via the website: log in with your sports card number en PIN code, go to ‘course registration’ and select ‘Fit and Slim’. Sports cardholders that wish to receive longer and extra support in body weight reduction can follow ‘Losing Weight Like That!’. More info: Frits Niemans, e-mail:

Injury Consultation Every Monday and Thursday evening between 20.00-21.00 there is a free one and half hour consultation for sports cardholders with a (sports) injury. This consultation is not a physiotherapeutic treatment or a sports examination, but has solely a consultative character. This consultation takes place in the physiotherapy treatment room in the cardio-fitness room. When in doubt about the seriousness of an injury, always consult your General Physician as well. Booking is possible via our website; log in and go to ‘consultation hours’. More info: Frits Niemans, e-mail:

Food Coach For everyone who wants to lose weight, gain weight or get more out of training by eating healthfully, the SSC has set up a free ‘Consultation hour dietary advice’ in cooperation with FOOD&YOU in the meeting room of the cardio-fitness. Food coach Nanna van den Nieuwendijk holds a free weekly consultation hour. Booking is possible via our website; log in and go to ‘consultation hours’. More info: Nanna van den Nieuwendijk, e-mail:

Losing Weight Like That! ‘Losing Weight Like That!’ is a balanced and intensive food- and exercise program of 8 weeks in which participants in groups of four receive guidance in several areas (exercise, food and behavior) in order to change their way of life and achieve lasting weight loss. ‘Losing Weight Like That!’ aims to activate and to motivate participants with weight problems to eat healthier and to exercise more. Dietary advice from our food coach and an exercise program under the supervision of our physiotherapist will run at the same time. Participants will gain enough knowledge and insight during the 8 weeks so they can continue the activities after the course in order to reach the personal goals in weight loss. The program consists of:  Personal training schedule  Training twice a week under supervision of a physiotherapist  Food advice (including weekly weighing)  Behavioral interventions

RSI-Prevention On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.00 until 18.30 you can receive advice on RSI-prevention. This program is free for all sports cardholders. More info: Frits Niemans, e-mail:

The costs associated with ‘Losing Weight Like That!’ will be covered by most health insurers. More info: Nanna van den Nieuwendijk, e-mail:

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

Relaxation Sport and exercise is healthy and necessary to get in shape. But relaxation is just as important for your body and mind. Besides the 70 sports that are on offer in the SSC, there are also plenty of opportunities and facilities to unwind. Reserving these facilities is simple; go to our website, log in with your sports card number and PIN code and go to ‘reserve facility’ and select the ‘facility’ of your choice. It’s that simple to use our solaria and sauna, or enjoy a relaxing massage.


Massage What is better after a hard day’s work or after an intensive sport session than letting your body recover and relax by means of a massage? A moment to completely unwind or to loosen up your stiff muscles. Our professional masseuse can perform several types of massage. Sports card holders can receive a massage treatment of 20 minutes for a fee of € 11,-


Sports canteen

The SSC has two separate solaria. Costs are € 4,- for 20 minutes.

The SSC sports canteen is the place where sports cardholders gather (after practice) to socialize. Teams of the indoor football league have lunch here together. And the canteen is the place for some drinks after training or matches. For a good (healthy) lunch, snacks or dinner the canteen is also the place to be; the menu can be found on our website. We show important sport events on the big screen, like WC-, EC and Champions League football, Grand Slam Tennis and big cycling races. Of course our prices are truly student friendly!

Sauna Our sauna has everything that a modern sauna should have: a plunge bath, showers and bathroom facilities. The showerheads are multifunctional and can also serve as a massage mechanism. The costs are student friendly; for € 6,- per person the sauna can be booked for a period of 1,5 hours. The sauna offers room for up to 8 people.

Information 2013 / 2014

Personeel / Personnel Leiding en staf / Board and Staff 32

1 Wim Koch Directeur (040) 247 39 79, 2 Peter Geurts MT / Bedrijfsleider (040) 247 32 63,

Beheersmedewerkers 6 Laurens Eliëns Teamleider Kantine 7 Hans Sanders Kantine 8 Marisa Goossen Kantine

Peter van Rooij Baliemedewerker 9

3 Misha Latuhihin MT / Sportverenigingen / Golf

4 Toon Reijnders Administrateur (040) 247 35 05, Spreekuur: dagelijks tijdens kantooruren 5 Mylène Grams Secretaresse (040)2475736,

10 Hans Thijs Baliemedewerker 11 Niek Latuhihin Baliemedewerker 12

Frans v. Heijnsbergen Technische Dienst, bootsman

Sportcoördinatoren - Kerndocenten / Sports coordinators - Head teachers 14 Atef El Allouche Fitness / Life time sporten 1

15 Lara Hofstra Life time sporten 16 Manon van Lint (Speciale) Cursussen / Sportverenigingen / Tennis 17 Frits Niemans Gezondheid / Fysiotherapie 18 Raymond Starke Communicatie & Marketing / Sportverenigingen

13 Filo v.d. Wiel Technische Dienst, zwembad

Maintenance Staff /

Studentensportcentrum Eindhoven





33 3




Informatie 2012 / 2013










Vragen en Suggesties


Heb je suggesties ter verbetering of heb je nog vragen, dan kun je contact opnemen met het SSC: sciinfo@ tue.n. Je kunt ook contact opnemen met de balie van het SSC: (040) 247 32 32.

If you have any suggestions for us on how to improve the SSC or if you have any questions, you can contact us: You can also contact the reception of the SSC: (040) 247 32 32.

SSC Eindhoven Info Brochure 2013-2014 [EN]  

All info about the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven for students and employees of TU/e, Fontys and Design Academy.

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