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South Seattle College News Name change

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Programs at South Seattle College Intensive English Program

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Center for International Education Staff Directors, Admissions, Marketing and Study Abroad

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Center for International Education Staff Coordinator, Assistants, Activities and Advisor

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International Students of South Seattle College Scholarship Winners

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Transfer News Evergreen State College and Seattle University

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Advice for Parents What it takes to study in the USA

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Spring! A time of renewal and rejuvenation. Here at South, we have a lot of that going on. On the next page you’ll learn of South’s official name change to South Seattle College. This name better reflects our comprehensive menu of programs that includes Bachelor degrees. We’re excited to be one of a growing number of Community Colleges that grow into four year institutions. You’ll find that tuition for two year programs continues to be affordable and the Bachelor degree programs, while based on regional university fees, are also an affordable option and a great value! The International Programs Office team is watching our Center for International Education come to life in a new location across campus. The Center will bring together all aspects of our work which includes welcoming students from overseas to study at South, and adds a heightened focus on our Education Abroad opportunities and other global initiatives. More on that in the next newsletter. By the way, we’re set to move to the new location in July—I hope you’ll visit us there. In the USA, spring is also a time of winding down the academic year, which culminates in a formal graduation ceremony celebrating the achievements of our students. South expects about 850 graduates in the class of 2014. This ceremony is rightly called commencement, as it marks the beginning of the next step students take towards their goals whether it is getting a job or transferring on to a university. You’ll find information about our Transfer Partner Universities on page 7. As I reflect on all the learning our students have done over the past year, I am conscious of how important family and friends are in supporting students while they pursue their goals. Page 8 has some information and strategies for you to provide that support. I hope you find the newsletter informative. Let us know if you have any questions. Internationally yours, Kathie Kwilinski Executive Director The Center for International Education South Seattle College


*March 13, 2014, the Seattle Community Colleges District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to change the name of the District to Seattle Colleges and to change the name of South Seattle Community College to South Seattle College.

CHANCELLOR'S MESSAGE: Board of Trustees votes to change name of college district At its meeting March 13, 2014, the Seattle Community Colleges District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to change the name of the District to Seattle Colleges and to change the names of the colleges to North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, and South Seattle College. The decision came after a year-long exploration of national and statewide trends; opinion surveys of students, employees and community partners; and consultation with business and civic leaders and representatives from Seattle Public Schools. I truly appreciate the feedback we received from throughout our community. All three of the District’s colleges offer bachelor’s degrees now. These Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree programs provide the third and fourth year of college work for people who have completed a two-year technical degree. Previously the two-year technical degrees were

considered “terminal degrees” with no next educational step. I believe this will inspire prospective students to reach higher than they thought possible. With the same open admissions policies and the same low tuition, local students can start at a local college that can eventually take them all the way to a bachelor’s degree.

We will continue to serve 50,000 students:   

from basic skills through bachelor’s degrees in career programs and in transfer programs with support services geared to help them succeed

Changing the colleges’ names will signal that we are part of the baccalaureate level program and is a move to “raise the ceiling” for all our students.

We expect the name changes to be fully implemented by September, in time for the start of Fall Quarter.

This is a name change, not a mission change. In making its decision, the Board reinforced its commitment to our mission: The Seattle Colleges will provide excellent, accessible educational opportunities to prepare our students for a challenging future. Albert Shen, Board Chair, said, “We believe that meeting that “challenging future’ means the colleges must continue to take new approaches and offer new pathways to access and completion.”

I’m excited about continuing to build our reputation as outstanding colleges dedicated to meeting the needs of our community. Chancellor -Jill A. Wakefield-


Do I have to take the ESL/IEP? You do not have to take the IEP if you have TOEFL iBT 72 (with a minimum 18 on all sections), IELTS 6.5 (with a minimum 6.0 on all sections), or ACT: English 19, Reading 19 and Math 22 scores. You will be placed directly into college/university level courses. You will have to take the placement test in Math!

“The teachers are very friendly and I really learn a lot from the IEP classes. Now I am in the last level of the IEP and I am taking some college level classes like Art Appreciation.” -Yin, Chen Ho (China)-

Intensive English Program South Seattle College’s English as Second Language (ESL) is called the Intensive English Program (IEP). The IEP is primarily designed for international students who are preparing to enroll in college/university level course. Our classes are small and interactive. Most students who complete our IEP enroll in the 2 + 2 Transfer Program and then transfer to a variety of universities across the United States.

Will I be able to begin taking college courses when I finish the IEP? Yes! Students who complete the Intensive English Program successfully can begin college classes immediately without retesting.

How is our IEP program set up?   

Admission to the IEP Anyone who is over 16 years of age is welcome to learn American English! IEP students apply to attend South Seattle College. Please visit the How to Apply page for information on admission to this program. No test score or high school GPA minimum is required.

How do you choose my level? Students will take the ESL/COMPASS placement test at South before classes start. The test includes grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and a writing sample. After your test results are available, you will have an advising appointment to learn about which classes to take for your level. You will be placed in the appropriate level according to the results of this test.

  

5 – levels from beginning to advanced Levels 1 and 2 concentrate on Grammar, Reading, Speaking and Listening Levels 3 and 4 concentrate on Speaking, Listening, Writing and International Student Development (ISD) class which provides orientation to college academic life Level 5 concentrates on Writing and Reading with one or two college level classes from the following list: o American History o American College o Art o Choir o Keyboarding o Computers o Fitness o Health & Wellness o International Relations o Music Includes 4 instructional hours/day, 5 days/week 20 hours/week of instructions Fall, winter, spring and summer intake

Downloadable course outline


The South Seattle College’s Center for International Education is here to serve you! We help make sure that international students have the assistance and resources they need to make their stay and studies in Seattle a success.

Kathie Kwilinski, Executive Director As head of the Center for International Education, Kathie is passionate about programs and services that help people broaden global perspectives and better communicate across cultures.

Gene Baker, Director, International Marketing and Outreach Gene's primary responsibilities are to recruit international students to South Seattle by working with educational partners throughout the world and to identify key partners for faculty, staff and student exchanges.

Van Pham, Marketing Associate

Tysen Hillquist, Marketing Associate

Van supports potential and existing partner agencies in their promotional efforts of South Seattle College through establishing agreements and providing marketing materials. She also communicates with prospective students on a regular basis about South Seattle and its programs.

Tysen’s role is assisting in international marketing. He served as student body president and vice president and legislative liaison at South Seattle. With a passion for advocacy, he hopes to influence a legacy of change.

Adam Stewart, Marketing Associate

Lindsey Hoogkamer, Admissions Coordinator

Adam is the newest member of our marketing department as a marketing associate, specializing in social media and video production. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BA degree in Business Marketing and a minor in Visual Communication Design.

Keavy Gilbert, Admissions Coordinator Keavy joined our team in December 2013 as a part time Admissions Coordinator. In this position, Keavy helps international students interested in South Seattle College throughout the application process.

Lindsey is an admissions and online advisor for the office. She works with international students who are interested in attending South Seattle College, and helps them with the application process.

Megan Sears, Study Abroad Coordinator Megan Sears is the Study Abroad Coordinator for the Center for International Education. She believes every student should have the opportunity to study abroad, and is committed to increasing access and diversity within the field of International Education.


Rebekah Hunter, Program Coordinator

Rebekah greets each student as they enter the office and offers them support, answers questions, and schedules appointments with the appropriate advisor. She is also the point person for helping sponsored students and students who’ve prepaid tuition settle their accounts.

Mayuli Grajales, Office Assistant Mayuli serves students at the front desk, helps navigate students to their advisors, scheduling appointments, and answers any questions students may have.

Dedrick Smith, International Student Advisor Dedrick joined South Seattle College in May of 2011 as an international student advisor. He has always enjoyed working with students and inspiring them to continue their education. Dedrick also works closely with other units in the Center for International Education.

Tess Matson, Program Assistant Tess works at the front desk as one of the office assistants, greeting students, helping to answer any questions students may have, and scheduling appointments.

Nathan Fanning, Events and Activities Coordinator Nathan is our Events and Short Term Program Coordinator. Nathan has been with our team since January 2011 and graduated from Seattle University in June 2012 with a Masters of Education in Student Development Administration.

Catherine Creason, Program Manager/International Student Advisor Catherine is an international student advisor who specializes in advising F-1 students on immigration issues: maintaining F-1 status, on-campus employment, CPT, OPT, and travel.

Ana Korsmo, International Student Advisor Ana is a student advisor and coordinator for the Intensive English Program. Students meet with Ana when they are ready to discuss their placement or class selection within the IEP. She is also happy to meet with students to discuss methods for academic success.


“South Seattle College gives me the best choices for both my future and satisfaction. It gives me what I need for both English skills and the Hospitality Management program. I can feel the enthusiasm of the teachers in this school. They indeed inspire and encourage me to keep up my dream. I am proud to be here, for this school has helped me to be a better student. South Seattle College is always my choice if I still have a chance to pursue my dream in the United States.”- Trang Thuy Hoang-

“For the first time studying abroad, I am living a beautiful and multicultural experience at South Seattle College. I am getting involved in the International Programs activities such as being an international ambassador, which is an inexpressible personal enrichment. Every quarter, during the orientation week, I get to meet new, fantastic people, and this is thanks to the International Programs. I also consider the International Programs staff like a family because I really admire their professionalism.” - Cedric Ebrottie6

Evergreen State College On Tuesday, March 18th, Admissions Representative (Deedee Orr) from Evergreen State College came and met with our staff about International Students at South Seattle and their goals/needs/concerns about transferring to the 4 year system. Collecting this information will help many departments at Evergreen understand how to better serve all international students. Evergreen is a progressive, public liberal arts and sciences college located in Olympia, Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Evergreen values a student-centered learning environment, a link between theory and practice, and a multicultural community of diverse faculty, students and staff working together. Current enrollment is approximately 4,300. Instead of taking several classes at once, at Evergreen you select a single academic program that integrates many different subjects. In this way, you'll explore a central idea or theme that’s interesting to you. You will design and pursue your own academic pathway and not be limited by formal majors. This means that you select the coursework that best fits the goals and priorities most important to you. More information about the admissions process and access to the online application can be found here: Seattle University Albers School of Business and Economics ranks first in the nation in Macroeconomics by Bloomberg BusinessWeek in 2013 Seattle University is one of our Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) schools. Last year, the Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics was ranked number one by Bloomberg BusinessWeek for their Macroeconomics program, followed by Cornell University and New York University as second and third, respectively. Seattle University, a Jesuit Catholic university, is ranked among the top ten universities in the West that offer a full range of masters and undergraduate programs. - Location: Seattle, Washington - Number of Students: 7,900 - Tuition and Fees: 32,400 - Transfer requirements:  Minimum 3.0 GPA  Associate Degree or 90 transferable credits  TOEFL iBT: 92 or IELTS 7.0 For more information on transfer admissions guarantee schools, please visit


What it takes to study in the USA... Cost All international students are expected to pay tuition and fees promptly at the beginning of each quarter or soon after they have registered for classes. The tuition amount is based on the number of credits. The average student takes 12-15 credit hours per quarter. All international students are required to register for at least 12 credit hours per quarter for three consecutive quarters during their study in the United States to be in compliance with the F-1 student SEVIS regulation. Despite the cost, more and more parents have sent or are planning to send their children to study abroad because naturally parents want to make sure their children will be safe, successful, and get a good job after they graduate. Learn more about tuition and fees here. Challenges Most people living abroad experience culture shock at first, so expect your child will also. Culture shock has three phases: 1. Initial excitement in the new environment 2. Depression from difficulties in adjusting to a new country 3. Long-term happiness in mastering life abroad It is important for parents not to overreact in phase two of culture shock, but to understand what their children are going through. The best "cure" for phase two of culture shock is for students to be active socially, academically and physically, and not withdraw into their rooms or skip classes. Parents should recommend these cures when their children are suffering from culture shock. Educational System The transition to a new culture, language and educational system is far from easy for most international students. Children often become homesick as they adjust to a very different society, having to make new friends, learn the language, and figure out how to get even the simplest things done. There are huge differences in the learning styles, grading and study approaches that vary from culture to culture. This is a time for parents to be understanding, and not expect too much at first. Your child needs to take time to adjust himself/herself in the new living and studying environment. At the same time, all parents should expect their children to work hard, go to class every day, and get help from school advisors and counselors when they need it.

For questions or concerns regarding immigration, academic advising and the Intensive English Program, please refer students to


The South Seattle College’s library provides support to students, faculty, staff and the community with the best possible service, information, resources and equipment available to accomplish the college's academic and institutional goals. We acquire and maintain relevant collections in a variety of formats and we offer services to promote their use and to foster informational literacy skills in our patrons.

The South Seattle College’s Arboretum was established by the College and the SSC Foundation in 1978, in part as the result of a petition by the Landscape Horticulture Program students for an arboretum to serve as their living laboratory. The 5-acre site is located at the north end of campus on a bluff over-looking downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay and the West Duwamish Greenbelt. The Seattle Chinese Garden borders the Arboretum. The Arboretum is an important part of the South’s Landscape Horticulture Program. As part of their studies, students designed and built the Arboretum. It is used as a laboratory for courses in plant identification, arboriculture, pruning, irrigation, garden renovation, plant problem diagnostics, landscape management and landscape construction courses. The Arboretum is also used as an outdoor classroom by professional horticulturists, hobby gardeners and other college programs. Most of the plants on the Washington Certified Professional Horticulturist exam can be found in the SSC Arboretum.

Campus Recreation includes the Game-Room, the Fitness Center, the Outdoor Sports Court facilities, Recreational Activities and Intramural Sports. Our staff, through our facilities and services, provides health, wellness, nutritional, and personal-growth programs that complement student learning outcomes and promote student retention and success.


South Seattle College - Center for International Education, Spring 2014  

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