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Why You Shouldn’t Pick Up a Hitchhiker

By: Cecilia Kwok

Deep in the vast blue sea, where you can find lovely little organisms like clown fishes and coral reefs, there exists a regular hitchhiker... the female slugresembling parasite, Sacculina Carcini. As it floats around patiently waiting for the ideal host to swim by. The ideal host? Crabs. The slug seizes its chance and flings itself after its target, hauling itself onto its victim’s shell. Once this moment happens, my friend, it’s game over for the crab. The crab unknowingly has just begun the deadly game of playing slave to its new master. It slides itself all over the oblivious crab, and, excuse my choice of words, but forcefully injects

itself through the joint of one of the legs, effectively entering the hard protective shell of the crab. Once in, the slug will squeeze itself through until it gets to the body of the crab, where it will grow and extend long, nerve-like ‘tentacles’ to all parts of the crab’s anatomy, successfully taking over the systems of the crab. Once invaded, the crab will lose its ability to regenerate a limb that has been previously ripped off. It is clear that escape is impossible, as the slug further snugly integrates itself with the host, and the crab will slave away, directing every bit of nutrient to its master.

From this point on, whether the crab was male or female, it will only continue to do one thing... If the crab is a male, the slug will make it sterile. The crab will not die (he wishes!), it will just continue living the way it is...sterile and with the shape of its shell altered due to the slug tampering with its hormones so that it will resemble that of a female. It might even influence the crab to do courting gestures similar to that of a female crab! Poor thing is now gender confused with a deflated ego. The slug will make its way to the

crab’s underside where the eggs are usually housed, (whether male or female) to display itself off and to attract the population of male Sacculina. Once spotted, the male Sacculina will enter the crab to fertilize the eggs of the female slug. Next, the crab will exhibit female nurturing habits and basically care for the parasite’s eggs as if it were its own. Nature, though sometimes cruel, is sooooooooooooo fucking beautiful.

News With Cool Graphics Like These...

Who Wouldn’t Want Hey all of science, like your programs? Well you should join my program instead for the good of yourself, myself, and the world! First of all, it goes without saying that science is the most awesome faculty to be in. If you do not believe so then I question why you are reading this paper anyway. Also, I only know about Western’s stats program so again let’s say if it is at Western, it is the best, since we are the best university. I’d also like to mention that I will ignore biostats for this article, since they are an offshoot of my stats simply directed at a certain scientific field. I am talking about stats as a whole. So why is stats any better than any other program you ask? Well stats are what are needed for all the other programs to get anywhere productively. Philosophy kids may mock science for basing all our knowledge off of induction rather than deduction, but realistically if we did not apply the use of induction, we would never learn anything about the world around us. This ignorance would horribly cripple mankind’s progress as a race, and indeed this is why we have science in general, to learn about the world around us (or universe if you’re in astrophysics). Statistics is the key to making sense of all this available knowledge. Statistics, for those of you who may not be aware, is all about using fancy math tools to interpret data. Statistics hides out with the actuarial science and financial modelling students on the second floor of Western Science Centre. We are also on good terms with the applied math students, who are the only program I would consider on the same wavelength of coolness of my own. Thus, I will ignore them in this discussion. So, funny boy, why do you think stats is worth the while you ask? I’ll start by explaining how your programs are dependent on mine (again ignoring bio-stats and applied math). For starters, the basic programs of chemistry, physics, and biology along with all of its constituents are fields that rely heavily on interpreted data to operate. There is a reason why you build into all your labs a degree of uncertainty, because you are looking at data in a rudi-


To Be In Stats?

By: Ben Revington

mentary statistical manner, and data is rarely perfect (if it was, my program would be useless). You need to know how to make sense of what you are seeing, and stats does it best. Do you think that gravitational constant has always been accurately measured to the last decimal point? Not a chance. It is a mean that takes into account other factors as well as possible, and a mean is a rudimentary statistical concept. Earth and geological sciences are essentially in the same boat. You collect data and try to figure out what it means enough to add your program’s interpretation on it. Again, statisticians are the pros at that. What about pure math you say? They after all can work out new tools for us statisticians to use. However, pure math is almost a philosophy since it is not designed around how the world is like the rest of science, but rather how some symbols equal some other symbols on a theoretical plane. Computer science is another area that statisticians require to do work on a large scale. When statsy people are going through all your

piles of data, we need computers to get through it efficiently. However if we needed to work without computers we could, whereas computers could not know how to interpret stats without us. Also worthy of note are those students in actuarial science or financial modelling. These guys got the right idea, but they limit themselves to learning about the monetary world. While important, there is a lot more to this world than finances. As a plug for them though, I will say that being an actuary is an extremely employable degree once you have written all your exams because your strong statistical background gives you a greater understanding than other business people. Statistics Canada is a key statistical researcher, and it can use data to learn anything needed about the country as a whole at the time the data was collected. Statistics Canada can also use algorithms to predict how things logically should unfold in the future or how we would think they unfolded in the past. Statistics at Western allows students to gain the tools that will allow them to help society learn about itself in a meaningful quantitative

manner. There are plenty of other jobs besides those at Statistics Canada out there for statistics, but Statistics Canada is the most solid example as to how crucial stats are, as the government looks at (but sometimes ignores) these stats before making many major decisions. Statistics can tell us about healthcare, the economy, the weather, the odds of a certain team winning a game, anything really. If we have the data, we can learn from it. Many people think of stats as applying only to gambling because they understand the link between probability and such activities. This is like saying writing is only about stories however. Sure stories are a good example of something written, but they are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what may be written. Any other reasons for joining stats? Plenty, but I can only write for so long, so here are some basic ones; are your English/communication skills not that hot? Fear not! Statisticians have a reputation for being good with symbols but questionable at communicating in any language (as you may have notice by my less than stellar writing skills in this article). Do you want smaller classes than some of your gigantic bio ones? Once the “riffraff” have dropped off of some of the initial courses, your classes will all comfortably fit in WSC 240, which will become like a second home to you, meaning not as much trooping through campus in the wind and rain. I for one recognize everyone in my classes by face, and know easily half of them by name. Considering I’m talking about all the stats, act sci, and financial modelling kids together, that pretty decent. Speaking of which, that brings me to the real reason there should be more kids in this great program...I’m lonely here! In theory there could be other kids in statistics in my year, but well...if I ever meet one I’ll let you know (recall that there are small class sizes too, so I would see one all the easier). I feel I am in the best program in the best faculty at the best university, but I have no one to share it with. A data set with only one point is not fitting for such a great program.

high school student who had not yet set foot on an NBA court, was signed to a seven year, $90 million shoe contract with sportswear empire Nike. In 2000, new golfing sensation Tiger Woods signed a $100 million, five year contract to promote Nike’s golf department. In 2004, the Brazil national soccer team signed a twelve year, $144 million contract to play “the beautiful game” in Nike soccer shoes. One would assume that as a result of spending $374 million dollars on celebrity athlete endorsements over twelve years, Nike would have incredible profits. That is not the case. This year, Nike’s first, second and third quarter profits all dropped. Major corporations should still spend a part of what they normally what to buy our closest friends and By: Billy Silverstein do to attempt to raise sales, but family. Will it be a signature Tom spend the other piece on a good Brady Movado watch or the coveted As our sophisticated society precause, like giving a family a simple new Nike Air Max Lebron VII? As pares to enter the year 2010, we the levees are breached at Masonville necessity such as a clean glass of have many pressing issues. Some Place, frantic crowds of people flood water. of those include the 24.5 million stores to get a piece of a celebrity ath- What makes major corporations so people suffering from AIDS, the self centred that they forget about lete. The general public may believe 200 000 victims who have been the dire situation of AIDS in Africa that money can truly buy happiness. forced from their homes in Darand spend billions of dollars in one Money can buy true happiness, but fur, children, not yet five years year in an effort to minimally boost only if spent correctly. Consider this: old, who have not had a decent Motorola donated $12 million dollars sales? Is it so that Nike CEO Mark meal, and where will NHL superto help stop AIDS in Africa and their Parker can stay at the Deluxe Presistar Alex Ovechkin sign onto his dential Ocean View Suite at the profits increased by 198%. When next endorsement contract. In the Four Seasons Maui Resort or so that Apple joined the (PRODUCT)RED past, people seemed to be more Adidas boss Herbert Hainer can buy cause where proceeds from all red concerned with the state of the world. Today, it appears as though iPod nanos sold went to helping stop his precious Amanda a diamond the size of Texas? In Africa, it had AIDS in Africa, their profits soared people are more concerned with by a margin of 425%. Major corpora- been estimated that 24.5 million who is wearing Jordan’s shoe or people have been infected with the tions must cut down on the millions who is swinging Tiger’s club. deadly virus AIDS. Antiviral drugs of dollars spent on celebrity endorseMajor enterprises are willing to against AIDS cost approximately ments, and share a portion of what pay athletes millions of dollars in $148 a year per person for treatthey spend on sponsorships to fix the an effort to boost their sales rather above mentioned concerns throughout ment. A minimal cost of 3.6 billion than put money towards solving dollars is required to control the the pandemic of AIDS in Africa or the world. spread of AIDS in Africa through In 2005, Los Angeles Lakers supercontributing to eliminate poverty drug therapy. If major companies star Kobe Bryant signed a $40 milworldwide. would spend a half of the one lion, five year endorsement deal with The holiday season has come upon us and it is now time to think about Nike. In 2003, Lebron James, a flashy billion dollars spent on celebrity

Nike, Just Do It, Please

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endorsements per year on the antiviral medication for AIDS, the vicious contamination could be completely controlled in just seven years. But Wait! This would mean that Lebron James would have to earn a mere $45 million dollars over seven years in his shoe contract endorsement contract with Nike and David Beckham would only make $80 million dollars from his sponsorship deal with Adidas. Picture This: Michael Jordan is relaxing in his lounge chair smoking a Cuban cigar overlooking a spectacular view of Highland Park, just outside of the bustling metropolis of Chicago. In today’s world, Michael Jordan, a retired NBA player, makes thirty times more money in a year than the President of the United States and the combined salaries of the Prime Ministers of Canada, England and Australia. Michael Jordan doesn’t make $33 million dollars from playing ball, or from running a company, but because he endorses a pair of shoes. We are at a critical crossroad where millions of people are living lives we could not even begin to imagine. We are at a point in time where thousands of businesses are willing to spend billions on endorsements and allow for Christmas bonuses. So as little Johnny gazes at advertisements as big as the size of his house, think of little Adewale gazing at her mother who is dying of AIDS. It is not as if I am asking to stop the endorsement of athletes, I am simply pleading to reduce it. Spend a large portion on what is normally spent on making an athlete’s bank account richer, on making an African child’s life richer. As you finish this article, remember that sporting goods giant Adidas says “Impossible Is Nothing;” solving social issues around the world is no exception.

One Christmas Cookie Too Many…

By: Shabnam Hamidi

So, you finished exams with flying colours (or not?), went home to mom, dad and a festive holiday meal…only to return to Western as Santa Claus’ stunt double. Stressed? Not to worry. These 5 tips will take care of those nasty bulges, and get you right back into shape. 1. Fill up on salad before reaching for the main course. This’ll keep you on track with your daily vegetable intake, as well guarantee that gluttony is one sin you don’t commit. 2. THE LTC STRIKE IS A GOOD THING. Don’t deny it. You totally took the bus even when you could have got-

ten to some of your classes in the time it took for the bus to arrive. So, here’s your chance to recover. Suit up in that winter gear, and get moving to class, Mustangs. 3. No more candy stores. It’s a new year, and although you’ve been avoiding it so far, it’s time to clean out the junk. Why not start with those mischievous chocolate covered almonds lying ever so conveniently by your chem. textbook? If

you must snack, try non-chocolate covered almonds, and just mix in some cranberries for a sweet taste! 4. Find a gym buddy. Or if you think you got the motivation factor down packed, try committing yourself to at least two classes a week offered at the Rec. centre. Think of it as an appointment that you have to go to. Besides, you’re pay-

ing for it as part of your tuition, so you might as well get your money’s worth in the form of a sleeker, more toned behind.

5. Update your playlist. Okay so not everyone’s got a Mac (personally, I like Vista just fine, thanks), or a Crackberry, but if you’re in uni., you better have yourself an ipod. Create a playlist of fast, up-beat music and let it boost your energy for an awesome workout. So stick to these bad boys and you’re sure to shed the holiday pounds, without losing any of the holiday cheer! * Disclaimer: Weight loss is not guaranteed. But follow the above tips, and at least we can say you tried.

Tunnel Vision By: Ben Revington As this is the season of giving, I feel I must give my gift to you science kids. Specifically, it has come to my attention that not all science students know the science tunnels as well as I do. Thus for those of you who do not know them that well, read carefully, and I’ll keep you cosy and warm during this cold winter season. Most students know there are tunnels in general, and probably are also aware of the location of a couple, but do not really use the tunnels on a regular basis. A few know them quite well and regularly walk through them, but these are a smaller number than I would like. If you get tired of being cold or wet every day, or if you just don’t like having to put on hat, coat, mitts, etc., every time you switch class, then get a locker in Taylor and then just go through the tunnels until you’re done for the day. This keeps you healthier, which is key in this H1N1 flu season. It is also great for getting by locked doors late at night, since if you can get in one building, you can get into any of them. As an overall disclaimer for this article, I am only talking about the main science tunnels. Some buildings like the Chemistry Building, Dental Science Building, Greenhouses, etc., are also directly connected above ground to other buildings so I do not include them or I include them as part of another building. The tunnel bridges, such as that between Western Science Centre’s 3rd floor and the Biological and Geological Sciences Building are also ignored. North Campus is down a hill, and to my knowledge, there are no good tunnels leading to it. The tunnels I will be referring to will have the short forms I have given to each building below for the sake of efficiency. Thus the tunnels I will be discussing are between: Middlesex College (M) - Western Science Centre (W), W Biological and Geological Sciences Building (B)-Physics and Astronomy Building (P), B - Taylor (T), Kresge (K) – T, T-P, and K – P. For each tunnel, I will outline the end points and some general information about them. For the M- W tunnel, it is quite useful for computer science students pulling all-nighters on assignments and wants to make a trip to check out the better food or pop machines elsewhere, such as those in T. Computer science kids typically have access 24/7 to M, so in effect they can get into any science building 24/7. Since M is out on its own a bit, it only re-

ally has one option as far tunnel travelling is concerned. From the M end of the tunnel, you want to look for the bottom of the stairwell across from a water-fountain and room 16A in the basement. This is near one of the left-mid doors if you are going into M, and is down the hall a ways to the left from the Grad Club if you are going into the Grad Club. At the other end of the tunnel, the entry is at the bottom of the stairwell to the left of the doors from the outside people use to get to W room 55. The stairwell obviously goes higher, so if you happen to have class on say the 2nd floor of W (like myself, since 2/3 of my classes are there); you still have a direct route to M. The next tunnel really joins 3 buildings rather than 2. It goes from W to B to P. Due to this extra option and this tunnel’s relative efficiency compared to going though B directly, this is my favourite tunnel. It is also a useful tunnel for physics students studying in the PASA lounge who have a class in W, or who want to use it and the tunnel to M in order to hand in an assignment there somewhere. The W tunnel entrance is by the tandetron lab 649, and is at the end of the hallway containing room 55 mentioned earlier. It is also right by the elevator, and in fact, one can take the elevator from any floor and set it to LG to get a more direct route to the tunnel, which can be quite handy for someone on an upper floor. This tunnel goes essentially straight from W to P but at about the halfway point there is an offshoot that leads to B. If you are entering the tunnel from this point, the tunnel part to your left goes to W and the tunnel part to your right goes to P. The way to access this

left will take you past Nat Sci 1, and is the general way you want to go to get upstairs. If you continue to follow this along however, you wind up in the T-P tunnel. As long as were down here, I may as well tell you about the K-T tunnel. If you do not turn left at the end of the previous directions and go straight further instead, you go past Nat Sci room 7 and walk through a tunnel marked Kresge. You go through this tunnel, and you wind up exactly where it says you will. This tunnel is easy to find from the basement of T, so a fair number of the people with classes in K likely know of it already. To enter this tunnel from K is a bit less obvious. If you enter the front door of K, and go straight down the hall, just past room 12 and across from K7 and K8 is a stairwell that you will go down to find this tunnel. Since we are on the topic of K, let us next talk about the K-P tunnel. To find this tunnel, you turn right as soon as is physically tunnel from B is to take the door possible upon entering the front door of K. in the basement that is near room There is a stairwell there that will eventually 0153/ room 22 (it has two names for lead you under the road and into P. some reason). It is also right by a To find this same tunnel from the P end, you staircase that is nearest to the door take the sketchy door under the staircase of B facing W on the level above. in P by room 4 and a water-fountain. This To get in this tunnel from P, you want area is by the door into P facing the Art Galto check around in the basement for lery that is not accessible directly to handiwhere rooms 23 and 26 are, as well capped people. as the entry to the T-P tunnel, which The final, and possible most obvious tunnel we will mention later. The entryway is that of T-P. The T entrance is quite obvifor this tunnel is a sketchy looking ous and is right by Nat Sci 1 or the science door in the corner. lockers. It should be the first thing you see The next tunnel worth mentioning is when you go into the basement, as long as from B to T. B actually has another you take the staircase not leading more to lower basement with more tunnels the Science Council’s office. This tunnel is to various areas, but these tunnels perpendicular but in the same general area are too sketchy for me to recomas the K-T and B-T tunnels. mend usage of. To get in this tunnel from P is also quite The tunnel “from” B to T is blurred easy. It is an obvious tunnel with a differinto the basement of B itself. Also, ent floor than the surrounding area in the since the basement of B can be a bit basement of P. It is 2/3 of the way down the tricky to navigate, I am simply going hall parallel to that of the K-P tunnel. It is by to give step by step instructions as room 16 and across from the boy’s washto how to get from where the P – Broom. This tunnel should be easy for people W tunnel going into B ends to the in wheelchairs to gain access to as well since basement of Nat Sci. If you want to it is near this entrance. go the other way, just reverse all my In general, tunnels can be a bit slower durdirections. This way takes a while, ing nice weather during the day at Western. so I wouldn’t use it instead of the They also will usually ruin your cell phone second half of the P-B-W tunnel, only reception, and do not lead everywhere, if you find yourself already in B and since you are on your own if you have a are a good ways away from the entry class not in this group of buildings. Howto the other tunnel. ever, when the weather gets bad, or you are My instructions starting from the sick of navigating the traffic from cars and P-B-W tunnel entrance is thus: go people, or simply if its late at night and you straight down the hall, go right at can only get into one of these buildings but 0165, left at 0164, left at 0182, want to get in another that is locked, use straight until the last right of the long the tunnels. You may even find more that I hallway, then left immediately at the have missed while writing this article. The dinosaur picture, straight past the warm feelings one gets at Christmas may be chemistry hallway (unless you want a while off yet with exams here, but there is to go there obviously), then left, then no reason we cannot stay warm for real in right past Nat Sci 145, and go forthe mean time. wards a bit more and you are in the basement of T. The tunnel to your

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Resolution: Age A Full Year

The holiday is over. It’s a tough line to stomach, but it’s true. The turkey has been eaten, the gifts have been open, and school is back in full swing. Marks are being processed, entered, and sent. For most students, the New Year means a fresh start, and for many, the fresh start involves making resolutions designed to improve grades. So you skipped orgo once or twice and your grades suffered. Quick fix? Go to class more. Sometimes, however, it’s not that simple. Go to every class and still don’t get it? You are not alone! Many students find it hard to keep on track. A low grade is a definite indicator that something has to be changed and the New Year is a great time to buckle down and set goals. While resolutions can sometimes be seen as overrated and are often poorly executed, these tips will help you set realistic goals so that, come exam time, mistakes won’t be repeated and you won’t get backside attacked by another orgo exam. Tip 1: Use Resources You don’t have to suffer alone! The university offers great resources for the student in need. Whether it is workshops or private tutoring, there is something for everyone. Some examples: The Student Development Center Just perusing the website, one can see many services the SDC offers. Specifically, the learning skills center serves to help strengthen academic performance. With online services like self-assessments, or individual counseling and presentations

on campus, this resource is something that every student should check out if academics are becoming an issue. Take a look at the website at Western’s Tutor Referral Service A relatively unknown gem. If you require serious one-on-one help with a specific subject, this is for you. Tutors are listed according to faculty and provide information about their area of expertise, degrees obtained, and contact information. If money is an issue, many tutors will allow you to pair up with a buddy for a two-onone session. The list is available at Tip 2: Leave room for mistakes Don’t go bonkers with goals that don’t allow any breathing room. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes and have setbacks. Make a resolution that allows you to slip up from time to time. While that sounds counterproductive, it’s actually beneficial; allowing a lapse once in a while will make it much more likely to pick up where you left off rather than beating yourself up over it and being discouraged. Tip 3: Make behavioural changes Instead of setting a goal for, say, and 80% in that bio class, set behavioural goals that will allow that to happen, such as going to the library 3 times a week. Just setting a goal for a higher

mark doesn’t specify the changes you will have to make in order to make that resolution possible. Setting a behavioural goal specifically outlines what change in your behaviour is needed in order to boost that mark.

February. Instead of making many little goals, make one big one and focus on it. An easy way to do this is to have one main goal per month that will lead up to a greater goal by the end.

Tip 4: Focus on one task at a time One big problem with keeping resolutions is that people will commit to make too many changes at once. This is overwhelming and is one of the main reasons many will lose steam by

How successful you’ll be at keeping your resolutions is really about how you approach them. Hopefully, these tips will help you make changes and stick to them so that, instead of worrying about your schoolwork, you can focus on enjoying everything university has to offer.

True Exam Stories neatly stacked piles of exams (the professor had plenty of time to stack the During this particular final, mountain of papers while he waited) It one guy entered the test needing a was clear that the professor had waited decent grade to pass the class. His only to give the student a hard time. “Turning in my exam,” retortonly problem with Calculus was ed the student confidently. “I’m afraid that he did poorly when rushed, I have some bad news for you,” the and this guy standing in the front of the room barking out how much professor gloated, “Your exam is an hour late. You’ve failed it and, consetime was left before the tests had quently, I’ll see you next term when to be handed in didn’t help him at all. He figured he wanted to assure you repeat my course.” The student smiled slyly and asked the professor himself of a good grade, so he “Do you know who I am?” hardly flinched when the profes“What?” replied the professor said “pencils down and submit sor gruffly, annoyed that the student your Scantron sheets and work to showed no sign of emotion. piles at the front of the room”. The student rephrased the Five minutes turned into question mockingly, “Do you know ten, ten into twenty, twenty into forty... almostan hour after the test what my name is?” “No”, snarled the professor. was “officially over”, our friend The student looked the profesfinally put down his pencil, gathered up his work, and headed to the sor dead in the eyes and said slowly, “I front of the hall to submit his final. didn’t think so”, as he lifted up one of the stacks half way, shoved his The whole time, the professor sat test neatly into the center of the stack, at the front of theroom, strangely waiting for the student to complete let the stack fall burying his his exam. test in the middle, turned around, and “What do you think you’re walked casually out of the huge doing?” the professor asked as the lecture hall. student stood in front of him about to put down his exam on one of the 1000 students in the class.

Compiled by Danielle Hammond 1. A professor was giving a big test one day to his students. He handed out all of the tests and went back to his desk to wait. Once the test was over the students all handed the tests back in. The professor noticed that one of the students had attached a $100 bill to his test with a note saying “A dollar per point.” The next class the professor handed the tests back out. This student got back his test and $64 change.... 2. The setting is Ohio State University about six or seven years ago in a hugelecture hall (620 students) for a

Calculus final. Apparently this particular calculus teacher wasn’t very well liked. He was one of those guys who would stand at the front of the class and yell out how much time was remaining before the end of a test, a real charmer. Since he was so busy gallivanting around the room making sure that nobody cheated and that everyone was aware of how much time they had left before their failure on the test was complete, he had the students stack the completed tests on the huge podium at the front of the room. This made for quite amess, remember there were

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Greek Inks


, Z I


Welcome Back Science! On behalf of the Science Students’ Council, I would like to wish you all a happy new year and welcome you back for another amazing semester in UWO Science. The winter term can sometimes prove to be difficult for students, and that is just one of the reasons your SSC is bringing a great list of programs for you this semester. Just a few of the highlights include:  Upper Year Pub Crawl – January  Academic Information and Speaker Events - February  Science Creeps Photo Scavenger Hunt – March  Dr. Neil Shubin Speaker Event - April

Many of you will be familiar with the events we are hosting, but the SSC is also working on a very exciting new initiative for students this semester. The SSC will be proudly running Western’s very own Science Games competition. This two-day University wide event will bring together all departments and challenge students in various science disciplines, athletics, and of course, will include many social events throughout the London area (AKA: Richmond Row). Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for advertising for this event, because it will surely be something you will not want to miss. In closing, I would just like to emphasize that our door is open at all times, andour inbox at is as well. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or are in need of our assistance, we would be more than happy to help you as best we can. I look forward to seeing each of you at our events throughout the semester, and wish you all success in the rest of the school year. Best wishes,

Tyler Coupal Science Students’ Council President 2009-10

Absolute Zero: New Years Issue  

Absolute Zero New Years Issue

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