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The obsessive and destructive effects of Facebook.

CELEBRITY GLORY: #WINNING Celebrities who get famous off a terrible reputation.



ONLINE POKER Anthony Librera explores the politics behind online poker and why it will be banned.

20 THE MLB Matthew Spano gives us the lowdown on America’s favorite pastime sport.


SSB 05.2011

MAY 2011 sneak peak 24 SPRING STYLE Nautical motifs, tasseled accessories and punky style.

The SSB guide to the perfect menswear suit.





Look in your boyfriend’s closet and see what you can find. Then steal it.



us advice on getting over the case of the ex.


40 BAR REVIEWS Reviews of the hottest bars.


Amanda Lee Domenche gives

44 An epidemic that’s hard to resolve.

CHEF PRIYANKA Rose Infused Red Velvet Cake Pops.



Stay fit for the warm weather.

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SSB 05.2011



CONTRIBUTING OPINION WRITERS Jacqueline Estrema, Michael Gigante






CONTRIBUTING ENTERTAINMENT WRITERS Amanda Lee Domenech, Justin Giles, Barbara Schulz



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editor’s letter They say April showers bring May flowers, so here we are. As the school year is winding down and the temperatures are on the rise, we are all on the look out for plans for the summer time. Whether it is a vacation that many of you are planning to go on, or just sticking around, SSB will be here to help you find the local hot spots to hit up and also keep you posted on other events occurring around us. We as a team did something new and different for this May issue. We took some suggestions from students just like you and we let our writers improvise on stories they would like to write and read about. This issue is geared towards the start of the summer. We all like to be single and ready to mingle in the summer time, so we let our new writer Amanda, contribute an article on the best ways to navigate through a break up. With all the showers, communion parties, weddings, and commencement ceremonies coming up, we included an article written by Lauren Glennon on the best ways for you dudes to rock your suits. Lauren Di Dio on the other hand, wrote an article on women’s summer styles and dress wear. Make sure you check that out. Another section we had added to this issue is Fitness and Lifestyle, the best ways to get fit for the summer, an article by Gerard on “Why Americans are so Damn Fat?”. It is an article on the rise of obesity in our country. For all of you out there go “Eat Better”, they have two convenient locations on Staten Island with great gourmet and healthy foods. As always, our wonderful Chef Priyanka has included one of her amazing recipes with great images, that will leave your mouth watering. Obviously there are more things to check out for this May issue. It is something we take great pride in, so take a look, read it through and enjoy it. Even though we had run into a few different obstacles while preparing this issue, we are still going strong. As a new magazine or business I should say, we have to work hard and be optimistic. For those of you that attend the College of Staten Island, I’m sure you guys are aware that there are Student Activity Fee funded publications run by the school. Actually if I put it correctly most of you guys are probably not aware of these student publications, that come out once a semester and that no one really picks up. Well we the so called “bad guys” stepped on their toes and used their “display racks” to display our magazine on their mostly empty racks. You would think, they are almost empty all the time, no one really picks up their magazine, what’s the big deal? Especially when we are a magazine “for students by students.” We offer a chance for students just like you to expand your portfolios, widen your horizons by contributing articles as well as illustrations, at the same time saving you guys money by visiting our advertisers. So instead of approaching us and asking us to stop using their racks, they had taken out numerous amounts of our magazines, calling us, using foul language towards us and giving us a “fair warning”. At a recent meeting with the Director of Student Life, they had told us we can’t use “their racks.” What we don’t understand is that we are students of this university, we pay for “their” racks with our student activity fees, that are part of our tuition and at the same time doing a service for the students. We are in efforts to better the community, whatever betters the community betters you guys. Also, how often do you hear about current students of CSI coming out with great ideas like this, ideas to provide service to students, an idea to involve students while funding this with our own money that we raise from advertising dollars. But since we do not take money from the school and don’t obey by their copy regulations we have to be looked upon as an outside business. Still doesn’t make sense to any of us here. What I’m asking from you guys is to support us as much as you can. For those of you attending St. John’s and Wagner we will be out on “your racks.” Racks that we were more then welcomed to use without any issues. Off course special thanks goes out to your Curriculum and Student Life Directors. The bad always comes with the good. We have recently been in talks with, working on a plan to publish our restaurant reviews on their website giving credit to SSB Magazine and also our culinary writers. By the way, if you are interested in contributing, feel free to shoot me an email. The Staten Island Advance will also be featuring an article about SSB, our intentions and the service we provide for the community and you guys. So Look Out !

MAY 2 0 1 1

the pit crew

A face and a personality behind this issue’s contributing writers.

the love therapist

the social media guru

the #winner

the yankee 8

SSB 05.2011

the stylist

AMANDA LEE DOMENECH, 21, is known she’s wanted to become a writer since she learned how to hold a pen. “I came across SSB when rushing to a class; there’s always time for literature. I intend on loving life and living everyday to the fullest. That doesn’t make me a party animal, it just gives me an extreme appreciation for life. I’m currently a full time student and a part time stylist at a high-end boutique. I take salsa lessons and go dancing every chance I get, which should come in handy this summer when I’m relaxing on a resort in the Dominican Republic. My summer will consist of all play and little work. At least that’s what I’m aiming for.”

JACQUELINE ESTREMA, 21, is serious when it comes to her studies. “I’m a junior at The College of Staten Island. I’m currently majoring in Business but am undecided between International Business or Marketing. I have a minor in Women Studies and have found those classes to be my favorite. I work part-time. When the semester ends, I plan on taking an Economics course to further my education. Besides working, I plan on being at the beach a lot and taking advantage of the nice weather.”

MICHAEL GIGANTE, 23, is a full-time writer who plans to publish his own novel. “I was born in Brooklyn on Christmas Day 1987. In 2007, I enrolled in the New York Film Academy, and worked in the film industry for a while. However, I’ve always wanted to be a writer so I decided to enroll in formal university. I am currently attending the College of Staten Island as a dual Computer Science-English major, with a minor in History. During the summer I plan to finish the first draft of my novel, create a TV show for Community Television, and write a movie script. The rest of my spare time will be spent on a beach in New Jersey.

MATTHEW SPANO, is 100% Italian and 100% a Yankee fan. “I was born and raised in Staten Island. I’m always down for whatever – just looking for a good time. You can catch me at a Yankee game or riding my motorcycle. My friends are my life. Without them I’d be lost. I graduated the College of Staten Island with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business. I currently work at Staten Island Univeristy Hospital in the Accounting/Finance department.”

LAUREN GLENNON, is an aspiring actress, writer and media mogul. “My interests include singing, reading books, going to plays and musicals, and going to Manhattan as much as possible to keep myself entertained. I came across SSB Magazine through my boyfriend who is also a contributing writer. I thought “Hey, I could do better than him,” so here I am. My plans for this summer is to go to shows, lie on the beach, and drink as many margaritas as I possibly can.” SSB 05.2011



TOP 10

Top Ten funniest newspaper headlines (via Huffington Post)







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#JGF Family Promotions is

an Internet Marketing and Promotions Web Assistance company based on Staten Island. Created and founded by Joseph Aquilino, we expertise in logos, radio and internet ads, social media, blogging, yers, posters etc. #JGF Family Promotions

markets not only to a local and national demographic, but by working with me, your business will receive global exposure. In addition, we design networks for non-proots, businesses and organizations. We also assist with fundraising events and planning for organizations such as RSD, ACS, Leukemia and Lymphoma So ciety, American Red Cross, American Heart Association and much more. Our fees are aordable for everyone, including the college student organization. Fees are based on a monthly or yearly scale with three different packages you can choose from. For more info or to discuss the packages, call Joseph Aquilino at 347-938-0571. My website will be up shortly for you to view all our available packages

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JUST FACEBOOK ME. Friend me. Poke me. Message me. Social media website, Facebook has turned our generation into computer addicted beings, luring around the screen for the next friend request, next event invite, next status update. Written by Jacqueline Estrema Illustrations by Luca Grosso, Paul Walsh


person the next day? I think we both know the

in that regard as well. Did I say enhance?

answer to that question. Just look at that crazed

I mean worsen, because when you’re in a

alcoholic that you see on Thursday nights

relationship Facebook creates more fights and

when you go out. That kid is hilarious. The best

jealousy than necessary. Just a few examples:

scenario, though, is how you met this hot chick

a girl likes a boy’s picture or status, but he

one night at the bar, and she said, “Facebook

has a girlfriend; the girlfriend automatically

me” with a cute smile. Now you go back and

gets a knot in her stomach. A guy comments

forth liking pictures, statuses, and comments

on a girl’s photo; her boyfriend will get crazy

twice a day just to let this girl know that you’re

jealous, and ask her the proverbial twenty

interested. Remember when you actually had to,

questions: Who’s that? Why’s he commenting

you know, call the person? What a meaningful

your picture? Et cetera. This could all have

h Facebook,

way to interact, how times have changed…

been avoided if we just deleted all friends of

where would we be without you? For one

thing, we’d actually have to be interacting

relationship, though, because Facebook has

psychotic, right?) Then after the fighting and

physically rather than checking our phones

found a way to enhance the overall experience

accusations are resolved somebody inevitably

Don’t feel left out if you’re in a

the opposite sex! (As if we needed to get more

and computers every minute

got into a fight, harsh

just to see if an acquaintance

words were exchanged,

of ours liked our new pictures

the couple broke up, or

from Atlantic City. But wait, I

they’re fine now. Yet in

contradicted myself there. Ever

a week, maybe a month,

since Facebook we’re all friends

that same couple will

now, and socialize more than

have a fight very similar

ever. Am I right?

Think about it: do

to the last. Ah, just one of the little ways Facebook

you honestly think you could’ve

has enriched our lives.

befriended so many people

simply because you actually

has Facebook affected,

know them, or is it because

you ask? Just about

you met half of them, one time,

everything. Facebook

at a bar/club/house party and

lets us update our every

just decided to request that

move in life, what’s on


SSB 05.2011

But what else

our minds, and how we’re feeling. Feel like

weekly posts saying that everyone’s running

you have something you need to say, say it

down to Atlantic City to hit up Casbah &

to the 1,543 friends you have. The best part

MurMur for the weekend. Also, please stop

about this is that you think these 1,543 people

updating your pictures the moment you get

actually care about what you have to say when

home from the long weekend just to show

the reality is quite different.

everyone how over the top and extremely

revealing the outfit you wore last night was.

I’ve had a profile for about four

years now, and despite my tone I can’t totally

Is the attention whoring really worth it just

bash the site, because good things have come

to have five guys like your photos, and just so

out of being an active member. I’ve found

your 3 best friends can tell you how sexy you

family, and formed closer bonds with relatives

were and how you have never looked better?

that live far away. I’ve also reconnected with

I guess if empty praise gets a rise out of you,

friends I haven’t seen since elementary school.

then go ahead and lap it up while you can. The

It does have its perks.

main problem is that Facebook swells ego’s

because everyone thinks that everyone else

However, the good things do not

balance out the negatives. Yup, it gets worse.

cares what they’re doing.

Girls write about how awesome they look in

bikinis, and take mirror shots so everyone

back a few years in being able to distinguish

can see 90% of their bodies. Guys write about

right from wrong, and maturing into the

how many girls they’re getting it on with every

young adults we really should be. Instead

weekend, because it makes them feel so boss.

we’re all too worried about what everyone else

Depending on who you are this might seem

is doing, and we’re all in competition with

fine and dandy, however I’d say about 75% of

each other. It’s like some sinister social game.

your so called friends are probably making fun

I mean, look at how many girls have gotten

of you, while others are probably so jealous

plastic surgery. No seriously, I can’t get over

that they may even hate you. Then these status

how many girls have gotten breast implants

junkies wonder why they have so many haters.

and nose jobs in the past few months, and then

Newsflash: we don’t get a kick out of the

they shamelessly plaster the photos all over

Facebook made our generation fall

Facebook. It’s sick, and don’t be fooled into thinking these people are abnormal or that I don’t know what I’m talking about just because you don’t think you’re so attached to the site. We’re all guilty of being a Facebook addict in one way or another. Even I completely recognize that I’m just like the rest of society in the status and picture update lunacy. However, if you yourself are a Facebook member, and you don’t think you’re just as guilty of being an addict you’re a bit naive. Because later as you sit by the computer and procrastinate on Facebook when you should be doing your homework, remember this article, and then I hope you’ll realize how Facebook has had a negative impact in your life.

SSB 05.2011




CELEBRITY GLORY: #WINNING The glorification of celebrities has taken a steep turn into the looneybin ever since the Charlie Sheen fiasco went down. How do celebrities get all the spotlight but goes under the radar when it comes to governmental consequences? Written by Michael Gigante Artwork by Elspeth Tremblay,


y now chances are you’ve heard about the escapades of Charlie Sheen. The guy’s so nuts that even when he’s off drugs he makes headlines. His ABC interview showed how disturbed this individual is sober. If you haven’t, just imagine any Grand Theft Auto mock interview with an arrogant, egotistical madman. Yet throughout the most recent scandal his show, Two and a Half Men, has reportedly been gaining viewers. Our interest in him seems to justify his insane behavior. This man is a role model. He has money, power, and a platform in which he uses to pontificate his personal views. Even though we may not agree with him, we’ve given him ample opportunities to broadcast them into our homes. This makes Charlie Sheen a good example of the rot that has infected American society. E.g.: if you’ve got money, fame, and power it’s almost like you’re a separate class of person. At this point in my argument, I usually have people ask me, “uh, duh, dude, where the hell have you been?” In answer to that question, I would retort that we need to discuss these issues not only to stop them from repeating, but also to guard against compliance in a system that tramples on 14

SSB 05.2011

our own rights by allowing a single social class to have no accountability. Let’s take Charlie Sheen’s charge of assault against his ex-wife Brooke Mueller that occurred last year. CBS News reported that, during an argument, Miss Mueller threatened Sheen with divorce. In response, Sheen took a knife to her throat and threatened to hire hit-men that would “know how to get the job done,” and who “won’t leave any trace.” A far cry from the harmless drug addict he appears to be, no? And what did Sheen get for his crime? Well, after pleading guilty to a less serious offence he was sentenced with 30 days of probation, 30 days in drug rehab, and a 36 hour anger management course. Yup. Threats of murder and physical assault, yet he served

no jail time whatsoever. Domestic violence isn’t serious enough for you? How about murder? Let’s take Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick Incident. On July 18th, 1969, Ted Kennedy got into his car after a party with Mary Jo Kopchene to supposedly driver her home. Kennedy took a wrong turn down a dirt road onto a rickety wooden bridge, and crashed into the lake. Kennedy made it out, and despite his professing that he did all he could to save her Mary Jo Kopchene died. What’s even more deplorable was that he left her body to rot in the lake overnight, not bothering to notify the authorities. Instead the police were notified the next day by a fisherman who found the submerged car, not Kennedy. When this was finally brought to trial Kennedy received a mere two-month jail sentence which was then suspended. Not even two-months jail time for the death of a girl. If you or I ever killed someone in that way we’d have been crucified, and rightly so. Where is the justice for her family? Kennedy had to make an apology to the nation, but then became a respected senator. Remember his funeral in August 2009? It was almost a state-wide event. Has the world gone mad? A woman dies because of you, and you become a well-respected state-official? You didn’t even alert the police! But then, the Kopchene’s were paid over $90,000 from Ted Kennedy personally, so I guess that makes things alright….wait a minute, NO IT DOES NOT. Wealth and fame are

indeed the great equalizers. Those who have it are just the most equal. Another more memorable example is when Dick Cheney shot his hunting buddy in 2006. He wasn’t even charged with anything. In fact Harry Whittington, the victim, apologized to Cheney for getting shot. At a 2006 press conference, Whittington said, “My family and I are deeply sorry for everything Vice President Cheney and his family have had to deal with. We hope that he will continue to come to Texas and seek the relaxation that he deserves.” Poor old Dick. He had to shoot a guy and go through all the guilt while that villainous Whittington was in the hospital fighting for survival. Damn, they’ve even got me believing this garbage! Zero accountability. Zero. How are all created equal when some can commit these atrocious crimes and get away with them? Since when did wealth and fame be our get out of jail free cards? I thought we weren’t supposed to have any. …Beat my wife? Eh, I got some extra cash lying around. Shot my friend? Eh, I’ll pay his medical bills. Killed a girl? We have political connections, and a crap ton of money, it’ll be alright. The worst part of it is that laws are swept aside all the time in this country, and these are not isolated incidents. What’s just as bad is that these men are not criminals. The law molded to fit around them in certain cases, and was totally impotent in others. America is supposed to be the land of equality, based purely on the fundamental principle that all men are created equal. Right now, you’re only as equal as the social strata you’re born into and the money in your bank account.

SSB 05.2011



SSB 05.2011



POKER: THE ILLEGAL GAME IN OUR GOVERNMENT Once again the government is looking to control us even more, this time by banning online poker. When will this take-over end and how will we ever survive the economy without some poker on the side? Written by Anthony Librera Artwork by,


he two, no three, military

conflicts that our government has invested itself in is not a top priority. No, there is a greater war being fought in our homeland, and just to be clear: it’s a war on our rights.

You may recall an article I wrote

for the March issue that discussed briefly the smoking ban on CUNY campuses that followed the ban of smoking in many public areas. Now, another specific type of citizen is being targeted for similar purposes - Online gamblers.

The US government is once

again targeting specific groups of people with the clear intention of incrementally passing legislation to limit our rights. This

time the legislation is equally intrusive and

you plan on gambling or not, this also has the


side effect of creating a more monitored and

restricted society. Perhaps the biggest sham of

In the past five years, several

bills have been introduced and passed that

all, though, is that many of these provisions

have placed higher security enforcements

were attached in an anti-terrorism bill during

on poker websites. These measures differ

the Bush (Jr.) administration. An anti-

by state, with some laws more severe than

terrorism bill that had stipulations to prohibit,

others. For example, depending on where

or even stall online poker? How patriotic.

you live, you’d have to deposit money into a

third party account, and then transfer it over

piece of the pie, because taxing the winnings

to the website if you plan on using a credit

and losses from online gambling would

card to play. Other areas have banned online

make too much economical sense. Think

poker altogether. These obstacles are set up

about the amount of games that get played

to inconvenience the players, but, whether

every day, and how much money that could

Maybe the government just wants a

flow into the coffers of our all-loving government. With the new tax revenue, maybe they could even lower income taxes? Ha, and maybe politicians will keep their campaign promises, as well! Nevertheless, taxing online poker is smarter than trying hinder it, because rather than spending money trying to enforce legislation banning online poker they’d be making a bit of a profit, and most importantly they’d be leaving our right to choose alone. Of course, the government doesn’t really like to remind us that people have the right to choose for themselves in our modern society.



Let’s also not lose sight of the role

for themselves, what’s the problem? That sort

poker has developed in our culture during

no mistake, this isn’t about the non-effect it

of thing works for the stock market, right?

recent history. People now hold regular

will have on the many, but the violation of

tournaments of Texas Hold ‘em, enjoy fun

rights of the few. After all, that’s why we have a

dictionary a sport is defined as, “a source of

games with friends, play in dedicated poker

diversion.” Under those terms poker is clearly

leagues, and even compete in Las Vegas for

a sport, but also one of America’s greatest,

hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether

most beloved past times. It’s an integrated

it’s the family, a friendly game with some

part of our culture, and is one of the most

acquaintances or even a serious affair poker

popular applications on any social networking

remains a breaking point for people across all

site. Leave it alone and let it remain part of

age groups. Poker’s one of the only games that

American culture.

has the capability to bring people together on

a level ground. It’s not about the exchange of

online poker players is just another example

money it’s about the right to do what you want

of how it is easy to target a specific group of

to do with people who equally want to do it.

people, and try to pass them off as second

class. Poker should be left free of government

While I won’t be covering the

According to the Merriam-Webster

The bias the government has against

legality of gambling, I’d like to take note of

involvement. Let private enterprises handle

one thing: if playing poker and congregating

regulating people who participate in the online

for fun is not illegal, the only thing that makes

sport. The government, for the most part,

playing cards illegal is the exchange of money.

should keep their hands to themselves rather

Age restrictions I can understand, but if you

than trying to persecute the small group of

have a group of adults who can make decisions

people who want to enjoy a game or two. Make


SSB 05.2011

first amendment.

SSB 05.2011



SSB 05.2011



AMERICA’S FAVORITE PAST TIME IS BACK. Strike! It’s baseball season and this year’s MLB season seems to be with much change within line-ups and teams, including a stronger international presence and some heftier prices to go along with that. Here’s what to expect from this year’s MLB season. Written by Matthew Spano Artwork from


he smell of the freshly

cut grass, the warm sun shining on your face -- looks like springs finally arrived, and it brings with it America’s favorite pastime: baseball. That’s right, Major League Baseball is back. Founded in 1869, and getting more popular with each passing year, we’ve seen a lot of changes in baseball from the equipment, to how players train, and even the rules of the game. Remember your grandpa talking about old greats like Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Cy Young? Today those names are replaced with Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, and Roy

Halladay. However, despite the changes it’s gone

define baseball.

through, baseball has never failed to produce

great athletes that have transcended the sport,

talent anymore. Ever since Jackie Robinson

and became cultural icons; names like Mickey

broke the racial barrier with the Dodgers

Mantle, Willie Mays, and Derek Jeter all conjure

in 1947, we’ve seen an influx of foreign

up those flag waving All-American images that

But it’s not just about American

players; players like Albert Pujols, Manny

years homegrown.

for a field level seat is about $100, a beer is $9-

Ramirez, Mariano Rivera, and Carlos

$11, and a hot dog is $6, it’s not such a stretch

Beltran. This practice of recruiting foreign

billions made on the sale of merchandise, the

to believe that you could be spending close to

talent reached its peak in the late 90s, and

MLB has exploded in popularity. In 2010, for

a thousand dollars on a baseball game. Despite

opened the international floodgates that gave

example, the Yankees made close to $1 billion

the monetary constraints for some though, this

opportunities to athletes across the world;

in revenue, when in 2001 those figures were

is not slowing the rise in popularity. In fact, the

even players from Japan, like Ichiro Suzuki,

only around $242 million; even if we adjusted

rise in prices may have had the exact opposite

have risen in popularity the last 15 years. Due

for inflation that’s still a significant increase

effect, and now fans will pay higher prices just

to this expansion, the MLB has taken the

in profit. The average ticket price for Yankee

to say they went to a major league game; the

international stage, and finally allowed the

stadium is $55, and when you multiply that by

exclusivity seems to make it more exciting for

“World Series” to live up to its name.

56 thousand seats, and not accounting for food

some. Hopefully, ticket prices will stabilize a

Since 2005 though, we’ve been

From sold-out stadiums, to the

or drinks you might buy during the game, you

bit in the coming years, that way we can all

seeing a steady increase in homegrown talent

can get a fairly accurate picture as to how well

afford to go to more than 4-5 games a year.

making its comeback to the MLB. Every

the team is doing.

Only time will tell.

year since has seen the draft dominated by

American men in college trying to make it

made going to a game with the family almost

into the big leagues. To that end, teams are

impossible for many. Years ago, you could have

slowly becoming more American. It seems to

taken a family of four to a game and spent

be stabilizing, but a pattern does seem to be

under $60, while today you’re looking at an

emerging; a few years international, and a few

easy $750 night. When you figure each ticket

However, the rise in popularity has

Go Yankees! Go Mets! MLB 2011

here we come.

  

  



 


   22

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OUT WITH THE COLD, IN WITH THE NEW With summer just around the corner it’s important to be prepared when it comes to fashions must have looks. Looking chic and effortless this upcoming season while updating your summer wardrobe is fun when the hottest trends are nautical prints, tassels and edgy punk rock looks. Since summer 2011’s style is very diverse it makes finding a style to try easy and stress free. Written by Lauren Di Dio



Nautical inspired looks return every summer season. It’s a staple in any

Tassles aren’t just for holding back drapes or decorating the arms of a

woman’s wardrobe for hot sunny days. Striped navy and white shirts or

couch anymore. This season, the best belt, or handbag embellishment

dresses paired with red accessories are the most common way to wear

is a hanging tassel. Big or small, dressy or casual, tassels instantly add

the look. To keep this trend more sophisticated, avoid large printed

a touch of class to an outfit without aging it. To dress this trend down

anchors and an overload of head to toe stripes. Dressing in this trend

use a tasseled rope as a belt. Add earrings to any dress to make the look

too literally will make the outfit look more theme party appropriate than

more refined for an evening out.

chic. The Tommy Hilfiger 2011 collection shows the flirty, sophisticated sailor girl trend which has evolved from the more playful, costume-like approach of a nautical inspired collection.

Tommy Hilfiger (courtesy of


SSB 05.2011

(courtesy of

PRETTY PUNK Being rough around the edges this summer is a different trend than the girly nautical theme. Keep it pretty with the use of color and a little sparkle. Balmain showed this dark trend in Paris fashion week and many celebrities have already made this trend popular. Rihanna’s been rockin’ this look very often the last few years. She uses distressed leather and tight fits to accomplish the sexy rocker look. Anyone can wear this trend by pairing a dress with a motorcycle jacket and heels to keep a feminine balance to the tomboy look.

(courtesy of

(courtesy of

SSB 05.2011




SSB MENSWEAR: SUIT ETIQUETTE Suiting is probaby the msot well known of all menswear categories, yet it is the easiest way to either look really good or really bad. It is essentially all in the fit and the color waves you choose to wear. Here are a few tips on finding your perfect suit. Written by Lauren Glennon Photos from


very man knows to

a clown so stick to the natural colors such as grey, black, and tan. For a date go with a grey or tan. For a job, if you go with classic black, you can’t go wrong. Colors are the baseline of the suit as long as you know how to make it pop. Accessories are key. They can make or break any suit. Ties are the eye popper here and color is necessary. It makes your suit unique;

make a great impression for a job or even on a

here’s your shot to make it about you. Throw

hot date all you need is the right suit. The fit,

on a tie with bright red, green, or even yellow

the accessories, and the right color are details

but avoid crazy patterns or cartoons. You’re a

you need to focus on to look your best. So

grown man and no one will be impressed by

men, listen up because here are a few tips on

your Batman tie—leave it to the boys. Bowties

trying to impress.

is a growing trend. Proceed with caution

The most important part is the suit. There

because sometimes you can come off looking

are many things guys should know about

like Pee Wee Herman. If you do wear a bow

buying a suit. Most important is the fit. The

tie, try to wear it casually on a date or a special

biggest styles for 2011 are classic masculine

night out. Lastly, make sure you add on a nice

cuts. A masculine cut is broad shoulders and a

pair of cufflinks. Try some bright silver or gold

thinning waist. It creates an elegant line, giving

to make the suit and you look like a million

men a slim look. What guy wouldn’t want that?


It’s the best way to look sexy and feel good all

A suit is perfect addition to any man’s

at the same time.

wardrobe. It’s the most important thing he’ll

Color is everything. It will make whoever

need, useful for a date, a night on the town, or

you’re trying to impress notice you and take in

his perfect job opportunity. The only thing you

all the details. Bright colors make you look like

the guy really needs to know is how to rock it.


SSB 05.2011

SSB 05.2011


one night stands: Con: walk of shame Pro: new boyfriend-fit clothes A woman can look good in anything, especially when it comes to men’s clothes. Channel your inner boyfriend and grab those slouchy jeans and your loose fitting oxford button down for a comfortable and fashionable look.


SSB 05.2011

On Brandon: Calvin Klein Briefs, $15 30

SSB 05.2011

SSB 05.2011


On Lori: Shirt, Jack Spade $15; Jeans, Levi’s $65 32

SSB 05.2011

SSB 05.2011



SSB 05.2011

SSB 05.2011



SSB 05.2011



NAVIGATING THROUGH A BREAK-UP No matter how much you want to deny, deny, deny, break-ups are one of the hardest things to ever feel and experience. It’s a part of life and though there’s no legitimate 12-step program to get you through it, you’ve got to start recovering somewhere. Written by Amanda Lee Domenech Artwork from Lisa G. Bauer, Katarzyna Janota


think it’s safe to say that

we would all like a GPS to lead us to happiness, but I’ve come to realize happiness isn’t a destination it’s an emotion. So how do we feel it?

There is no easy

way to get over someone, but sometimes it’s even harder to stay in a doomed relationship. After all, everyone from Nine Inch Nails to Dallas Green knows that “sometimes love just is not enough.” But before you decide that you need to split up, picture your relationship as a house of cards that you and your partner built. You hold your first card at an angle, then your partner leans their card on yours and instantly you have a base. One by one you each lay your cards out

and together you build something beautiful,

or items that link the two of you; Native

and in a thousand relationships not one would

Americans believe that the spirits of the dead

be the least bit similar.

can linger if you keep their possessions. They

can especially cling to fabrics. The same holds

However, every relationship has

flaws, and every couple fights. Does that mean

true for your ex’s. You know that old hoodie

your one of a kind deck is worth giving up on?

he always used to wear, or that old Yankee’s

Unfortunately, sometimes it is. If your cards

hat he gave you? Don’t they remind you of all

are so bent out of shape it‘s impossible for the

your time together? Don’t they make you feel

two of you to stay together, then it’s essential

worse every time you see them? Then your ex

to have a dignified escape route. Yes, dignified.

is haunting you. To exorcise this spirits you

Thought it might be hard to believe, there is a

would traditionally have to burn the clothing,

graceful way to deal with a break up, and here

but in an effort to avoid creating a fire hazard,

are a few steps to help you.

we’ll just make due with a garbage bag. While

this might sound dramatic, you’ll be thankful

Firstly, throw away all old clothes,

you got rid of those painful reminders when they’re not staring you in the face the next time you open your draw.

The next rule

is taken from Carrie Bradshaw, of the show Sex and the City. It’s a classic she made up in season two: destroy all pictures where he looks sexy, and you look happy. Prior to the Facebook era this rule would have been easy to follow. However, Facebook allows the spirit of our ex’s to live on through our computer SSB 05.2011


screen, iPads, smart phones, game systems, and even our TVs. So, the first item of business is to un-tag yourself in all photos where you and your ex are together. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of all the photos on a mutual friend’s page, but you can avoid the daily reminder of what-once-was in your own online album.

But when the best time would be

to switch our status from “in a relationship” to “single” on our profiles? It’s an admittedly difficult answer to give, made worse due to the swarm of questions and ‘likes’ following your change in status; on top of dealing with your ex, you now have to question everyone else’s intentions. To avoid that, simply leave your status blank; remove the option to view your relationship status altogether. None of your friends will be informed of the break up, and, before anyone realizes your status has changed, the awkward tension will have subsided.


SSB 05.2011

After resolving the status issue,

be starting from square one.

delete your ex from your friends list and hide

their feed. If the person you dated has any

up on love; believe that there is someone out

sense they’ll try to make you jealous by posting

there for you. Relationships can teach you a

pictures of them with good-looking people,

lot about yourself, so take each one as a lesson

or updates about how they were up until 4

learned. Remember: stay positive, keep active,

AM dancing at a club. Reading these statuses,

and most importantly: love you through it all.

or viewing those pictures, will serve no other purpose than to aggravate you.

Also, be sure to delete their phone

number. If you have it memorized: forget it. Take all measures that will avoid sending those infamous “drunk” texts. If you’re not a drinker, delete their number anyway. Make reaching out to them as inaccessible as possible because if a break up is what you think is best, then commit to your decision. A strong resolve is necessary because falling back into old habits is far too tempting. It’s better to navigate through a break up the first time, because when it doesn’t work a second you’ll

Whatever you do though, don’t give



Written by Justin Giles Image from


t first glance, one

wishes to place Rango into the same mold that most animated films seem to fall into: children’s fare. However, as one looks deeper they start to realize there’s more to this heartfelt tale. Rango is much more than just a throwaway children’s film; it’s an homage to great westerns, reaching its peak near the film’s conclusion with a cameo from one of the greatest western characters of all time.

The most important thing in a film

like Rango is the main character, and the little chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp is pitchperfect. Set in a world where animals live out the last days of Wild West fantasy before

industrialization, Rango is equal parts funny,

main adversaries: Rattlesnake Jake. The

charming, loveable, and courageous. He’s as

Gatling tailed outlaw is voiced by Bill Nighy

out of his element in this stereotypical western

in such a way that even the slightest syllable

town as the viewers are, but the way he tries,

sends shivers across your skin. On top of that,

just a tad too hard, to be the typical western

Jake is also strikingly rendered; he appears

hero never ceases to be funny. Another

almost photo-realistic with the small exception

impressive accomplishment is the way the

of his eyes. With the eyes, the film went above

animators made Rango’s emotions visible

realism, imbuing them with all the evil and

without pushing his facial movements into the

pure unrestrained violence one could imagine.

uncanny valley of human imitation. Rango

succeeds immensely in this regard.

second half following a fantastic chase scene,

the movie is mostly well-paced. The owl

All of the animation in Rango is

Though Rango slips slightly in the

beautiful, and can be, at times, unnerving.

mariachi band, that punctuates the story with

While some characters, such as Abigail

tiny bits of musical narration, pushes the story

Breslin’s Priscilla, are so cute that the audience

along well, and the characters are interesting

wishes they could reach into the screen

and loveable enough to make us want to see

and take them home, others are far more

more of them. But none of them hold a candle

frightening. Of particular note is the scene

to Dirt’s new sheriff, the chameleon that can’t

where Rango first enters the saloon at the town

help standing out and taking center stage:

of Dirt, and introduces us to the town’s entire


assortment of grotesque rogues and villains. Another perfect example is one of Rango’s SSB 05.2011




BAR REVIEWS: THE LOCAL SCENE Written by Barbara Schulz Images from,,


arm weather

and vanishing school days are the reasons most students always look forward to the marvelous month of May. With classes coming to an end, you can feel summer right around the corner. Whether you have big plans, or decide to stay local, May is the month to pregame.

Staying local is something most try

to avoid, but when cash is low traveling can be a burden. However, if you’re in the mood for a fiesta any time, be sure to make your way down to Burrito Bar. Conveniently located at 585 Forest Avenue, in Staten Island, this bar is close to home, and is always a good time; the Mexican-Hippie atmosphere always provides a cool vibe. The locals say the best night to go is Wednesday due to the crowd, but, if you’re in the mood for Mexican, any night’s good. The warmth of May lets them open the patio, and prepare for their well-known Cinco de Mayo party; the outdoor patio is sure to fit your needs, and the staff is well prepared to “Maui your Wowie.”

Not in the mood for the local scene,

and just want to get rowdy? Well, I have the 40

SSB 05.2011

perfect place for you: Continental Bar located

meshes a restaurant, a bowling alley, a bar,

at 25 3rd Ave, in Manhattan. It’s surrounded

and a concert hall into one place; with all of

by a ton of other bars, and has the best specials

these options it is impossible to be bored.

in the entire city. If you’re in the mood to get

Weekend prices are on the expensive side and

wasted, but are low on funds, then start your

lanes cost $25 per half hour, but they have all

night here. Their widely known “5 shots of

the Brooklyn ales on tap which makes up for

anything for 10 dollars” is the reason this place

it. However, as expected, this place fills up

is the ultimate pregame spot. 4pm to 8pm has

quick, so if you plan on stopping by make a

everything between $2 to $4, and once 8pm


hits they have another special that makes

everything between $2 to $6, this little spot

get a little authentic? Then Radegast Hall and

does the trick.

Biergarten is the place for you. Located in

Brooklyn, at 113 North Street, this place was

If you’re ready to get pretty, I suggest

Want to expand your horizons and

you put on your favorite shoes and go to the

created to remind you what real beer tastes

city. Whether you’re having a girl’s night, or

like. With an awesome selection of German,

just going out with the guys, this spot is known

Belgian, and Czech beers, it’s no surprise that

to keep you dancing. District 36, located at 29

this place will be around for a while; not to

West 36th Street, just blocks from the Empire

mention the classic décor that gives off the

State Building, is the place for you. Upon

vibe that it’s been around since the Great

entering, you walk onto a spacious dance

Depression. Yet it hasn’t been around that long,

floor, and if that’s not enough then don’t worry

and if you don’t go you might have your own

because there are two more floors. Aside from

“great depression.”

an awesome layout, another asset that draws

in a good crowd is the sound system which

no better way to celebrate than by enjoying

provides guests with the bass they need to keep

yourself with friends. However, a critical part

it moving.

of your enjoyment is being surrounded by a

good crowd, and by staff members that tend

Don’t feel like going all the way

School’s almost over, and there’s

to the city, but need to get off the island?

to your every need. With places like these

Then here’s a place that is sure to meet your

you’ll no longer have that “where should I go

needs: Brooklyn Bowl is located at 61 Wythe

anxiety,” and you can start your partying guilt

Avenue. With its impressive layout, it is able

free. So take a break, because it’s time to put

to accommodate all of its guests. This venue

aside your books, and start living.

SSB 05.2011




SSB 05.2011


THE WEIGHT SCALE ISN’T BROKEN. There is not doubt that obesity is one of the leading epidemics in America. What is it? The junk food? Are Americans least likely to exercise? When it comes to obesity, how does American weigh in on this issue? Written by Gerard Little Artwork from Karl Addison, Elspeth Tremblay


it can be done and there are many people who

restaurants; Mc Donald’s alone feeds more

are clear examples. Many Americans who are

than forty six million people a day. Obesity is

morbidly obese are not doing everything that

near its all-time high and will surpass diseases

they can to make the turn around. You can

related deaths to smoking cigarettes. Many are

lose up to five pounds a week by drinking only

unaware and many others are simply careless.

water instead of juices and soda, adding more

Fast food should never be your first choice; instead see if there is anything besides fast food and mericans are

on the verge of witnessing the extermination of a generation. Obesity is taking over the lives of many Americans, and individuals across the United States are ignoring the problem. Obesity is classified as extra weight on the body that introduces health risk. Record numbers of American adults and children struggle with it. Why are Americans So Damn Fat? The tough three letter word does not hold any meaning please do not take offense; America must wake up. Not taking care of your body obesity will lead to a lifeless body. Obesity can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, and Dyslipidemia. Obesity in some cases can even alter both male and female reproductive organs for good.

each day one in four Americans visits these

Something has definitely gone

wrong in American society, but who should take the blame? When it comes to dealing with obesity each individual can only blame themselves. Restaurants such as Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s are the main selection for many Americans. Fast food is prove that excessive consumption of Fast Food place damages the body. However

strive to go with a healthier choice. The better choice

fruits and vegetables to your diet will also help. Exercising is the key to a healthy physique. Walk instead of taking the bus and using the stairs instead of elevators are ways to be more active; simple steps

may be more expensive however, would you

such as these count as daily

rather or your life.


Eating at home is also

If free classes that support motion are available in your

helpful. It is affordable

community get involved.

and more beneficial unlike low-quality, rushed fast food.

Instead of sitting on the sofa watching a television sitcom that

Stationary activities like

is not relevant to anything important, get

television and video games also contribute to

up and get out. Obesity is killing individuals

obesity because there is no motion involved.

slowly and this fact alone should open eyes

Laziness has taken society as a whole;

across America. Start the fight against obesity

individuals are just not as active as they once

now before it is too late. Small steps to improve

were. What happened to the weekend jogging

your lifestyle can add years to your life. This is

in the park? Or exercising in the evening? Why

an invisible truth many see past it but it is your

are many recreation centers empty?

America and you must put an end to obesity

once and for all.

Americans have to reconstruct their

lives and become better educated about their health. It takes more than calorie counting, but instead making a conscious effort to be aware of everything consume. Some products health claims are false or misleading careful observation and understanding help weed out the nonsense. It can be a very tough and long road to acquire healthy habits. However SSB 05.2011





ummer is just around

the corner and Cake Pops are everywhere! It’s the new fad in the dessert world. A Cake Pop is a moist cake mixed with frosting and enrobed in chocolate. And what’s better than rich Red Velvet cake covered in intensely dark chocolate? Well, infusing it with rose and topping it with real silver leaf are just a few tweaks and additions that I thought would make it go from great to awesome. Plus, roseessence is a traditional Indian flavoring widely used in sweets and cakes, and something I thought be an ethnic twist to a traditional American cake! Rose-Infused Red Velvet Cake Pops can be served in miniature cupcake liners or on a stick as a lollipop. They’re perfect for springtime picnics, poolside parties and latenight get-togethers! Red Velvet Cake: • 2 ½ cups + 5 tbsp All Purpose Flour

• 1 ½ cup granulated sugar • 1 tsp baking soda • 1 ½ tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder • 1 tsp salt • 1 cup low-fat buttermilk • 1 ½ cup vegetable oil • 2 large eggs, room temperature • 1 ½ tbsp red food coloring • 1 tsp white distilled vinegar • 1 tsp rose water • PAM Baking Flavor Rose Cream Cheese Frosting: • 3 cups confectioner’s sugar • 6 oz reduced fat cream cheese, softened • 2 ½ tbsp unsalted butter, softened • ½ tsp rose water Chocolate Coating: • 4-5 bars dark chocolate, melted • Silver leaf, optional 44

SSB 05.2011


Process: 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray a rectangular pan (~9x13) with PAM and line with parchment paper. Spray with PAM and set aside. 2. In a medium bowl sift together the flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt. Mix and set aside. In a large bowl add the eggs, buttermilk, vinegar, oil, food color and rose water. Using a hand mixer beat on low for 1-2 minutes until blended well. With the mixer on low, add about 1/2 cup of the dry ingredients and blend. Do this continuously until the dry ingredients are blended well with the wet ingredients and the batter is smooth. Do not over beat. Pour into greased pan and bake for 35 minutes. Turn halfway through. 3. Remove from the oven and cool in the pan for about 15 minutes. Using the sides of the parchment sheet, lift the cake out and cool for another 15-20 minutes or until completely cool. Using a serrated knife, trim off the hard edges. 4. In a large bowl add cream cheese, butter and rose water. Beat on low speed for 1-2 until creamy and blended. While beating add in 1/2 cup at a time of confectioner’s sugar. Beat until everything is blended and creamy (resembles frosting). 5. In a large bowl crumble the whole cake into small pieces. Mix in the frosting using a spatula until it’s incorporated well and resembles a thick crumbly dough. Roll into 1-2 inch thick balls. Press together with fingers to make sure that the cake sticks together as a ball, and smooth using the palms of your hands. Place on a cookie sheet and freeze for about 1 hours- till its chilled & hard, not frozen solid. 6. Melt the chocolate in a large bowl. Take about 4 balls out of the freezer at a time and thoroughly coat each ball, dunking them into the bowl of chocolate. Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet to dry. Decorate tops with drizzled chocolate (optional). Once the balls are all dry (few hours or over night) carefully decorate with the silver leaf.

SSB 05.2011




WORK OUT TIPS FOR SUMMERTIME (via Weight Loss by Suite 101)

Artwork by Aled Lewis 1. Hit the gym for an air-conditioned workout, followed by a quick shower for a refresher. 2. Hit the pool for a comfortable water workout. You’ll never even realize that you broke a sweat, but you’ll feel great afterwards. 3. Take advantage of the hours around dusk and dawn for outdoor workouts. This is when the sun is down and so is the humidity. 4. Pop an exercise DVD in for a great indoor workout. 5. Exercise in short bursts with breaks in between to cool off. 6. Drink more than the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. 7. Don’t eat a big meal before exercising, but don’t workout on an empty stomach either. A light snack is all you need. 8. Use a home gym. Walking the treadmill in an house with air conditioning and fans is much easier than walking outdoors on the hot days of summer.


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