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News In Moderation There are people who exaggerate and become news junkies; on the other hand, there are people who do not like watching, listening, or reading news. For that reason, you have to be in the middle and consume news in moderation. News in moderation, first of all, means being up to date with the news. Second, they have their favorite way to learn about the news and finally they have a healthy attitude (general knowledge). It is important to look at both, the national news as well as the international ones. The people who consume news in moderation are up to date with the news but they divide their time; they dedicate some time for watching news and for doing their personal things, such as work or study. These people are able to maintain a normal rhythm of life but they are up to date with what is happening in the world. There are people who care much more about the news and they create a habit out of it. For that reason, professionals created several media types to fit everybody’s needs. Thus, they are more comfortable when they are watching the news. In addition, the news in moderation people have their favorite way to consume the news. Some prefer reading news on the Internet or in newspapers, others listening to the radio or just watching them on TV. Thus, it makes the news more attractive for people and they have the possibility to choose one. I think sometimes that people get bored of the news because they use the “boring� type. For example, for me it is more appealing to watch the news online and on TV. I find it very tedious to listen to the news or to read the newspaper. But I have to respect the decisions of others. Furthermore, most of the people that are news consumers have a healthy attitude because they are up to date. This reflects their knowledge and their ability to learn more and they have a better "general culture". However, there are people who only focus on one kind of news, whether sports, culture, economy, events, or some other. But they are equally interested in the news and reveal a taste for the news. A person who is aware of everything and has enough knowledge is very admirable. Nowadays, there are many ways to learn about the news but each person chooses his/her favorite. It also depends on the lifestyle you have and your willingness to watch, read or listen to news. But there are also people who like news, but despite all the variety of types of information do not have time. However, in this life everything has a balance and you have to make time for everything. Due to the above points, do you consider yourself a person who consumes news in moderation? Stefanny Beita Essay 1

News in moderation  

Do you consider yourself a person who consumes news in moderation?