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E MAGAZINE - 2020-21






The Coronavirus is definitely a catastrophe for the world, but it doesn’t have to mean the Apocalypse. Despite the dark clouds of gloom, silver linings are emerging bright enough to bring hope. This is what we need to focus on. This is a temporary phase of uncertainty. Mankind has fought against and prevailed over such threats before. All of us need to be careful but there is no need to panic. On the other hand, let’s not be complacent either, Accept this challenging situation and see how you can use it constructively. Perhaps, Nature wants everybody to slow down a little from the rush they are in.

- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



The School and the SSRVM Trust, Bengaluru wholeheartedly thank the Founding Advisory Council Members for their generous donations towards the building of the school



Mr. Shomie Das, President

Ms. Bharati Ganguly, Secretary Ms. Suvina Shunglu, Principal & Jt. Secretary Members:

• Ms. June Dutt

• Mr. Sekhar Nahar

• Mr. John Bagul

• Mr. Pradip Mookerji

• Ms. Kaveri Dutt

• Mr. Asim Kr. Majumdar

• Ms. Meenakshi Atal

• Ms. Sunila Nevatia

• Ms. Sumita Bose

• Mr. Subhajit Roy Mukherjee

• Mr. Basant Periwal • Ms. Rashmi Prashad • Mr. Rajat Kejriwal • Ms. Aditi Mukherjee

• Mr. Pronob Guha

• Ms. Gargi Banerjee • Ms. Minni Bansal • Mr. Vikas Vineet

• Ms. Sangeeta Agarwal


Three-hundred years ago a poet had written 'To see a world in a grain of sand...' . The last one year has made us see hundreds of years of the past and view many, many years into the future all in the span of one orbit of our planet around our sun. We have all changed and our lives will never be the same again. I do not feel saddened by this. In fact, if we learn and embrace this change with the humanity inherent in all of us, we, I am certain, will be instrumental in making a better way of life for our children and the world they have inherited. In some ways a virtual Renaissance..... hearing the voices of the past denouncing the electronic medium and discovering for ourselves its possibilities in education, communication and wiping out geographical and spatial distances. Reaching out, communicating and learning from little children in spite of challenges because we are human and humane . As there can be no technology without humanity. At Sri Sri Academy, our Universe has never been fragile and now after the pandemic, we are filled with even more possibilities.

Suvina Shunglu. Founding Principal & Jt. Secretary.


PAGE Sumita Bose Headmistress

Gargi Banerjee Vice Principal

Sharmistha Dasgupta Geeta Sen Roy Pre-primary Coordinators

Mahi Singh Gujral

Swati Lal

Minni Bansal Middle School Coordinator

June Pinto Primary Head

Anindita Bose Susmita Chakravary Primary Coordinators

Gitasree Bishoyee

Sharmistha Baral Mentor Career Guidance


Divya Dubey

Arnav Kumar Shaw

Ditipriya Mukherjee Acting Middle School Coordinator






Sangeeta Agarwal Chief Financial Officer

Vikas Vineet Jha Administrator Deepanjana Ghosh

Angshuman Das

Satyabrata Mukherjee

Hemant Kumar Shukla

Abhijit Tripathi

Srabosti Mukherjee

Ankur Nemani

Chandra Sekhar Samanta

Sudipto Basu Ranjit Maji

Sinjini Ghosh

Swarna Ravee

Gomathi Balasubranian




Rita Dasgupta

Nibedita Roy

Papia Lahiri

Sudeshna Banerjee


Nilanjana Basu

Partho Das

Ashim Biswas

Amit Banerjee

Sharmistha Dey

Bulu Sarkar

Mahua Dutta

Sharmila Roy




80% - 89% 39 Students

70% - 79% 2 Students

Above 90% 113 Students





TOPPER – 99%





70% - 79% 17 Students

80% - 89% 37 Students

Below 70% 2 Students

Above 90% 80 Students







98.75% riyanka athi hreyan handa Arkaprabho hosh

umari hris e ri al agnik aner ee eharika oel Abhay udgil

autam hansali Ayush arda uskaan arakh

umari hris e ri al agnik aner ee

An ali Agar al shi o lani anskar Agar al hirag aid armanpreet ingh

aghav ahoty

Akanksha ingh

autam hansali Ayush arda parsh hanna


mri haitan Aditya Agar al Akshat Agar al Akshita al hushi ahata oshni Agar al risha ukhopadhyay Anuraag oy ukher ee Amitesh a umdar iya oddar Ahona arkar Ansh umar ahal Agar al ishav ain Aashi houdhary hubham e ri al Disha inghania handro Du a

mri haitan Aditya Agar al Akshat Agar al Akshita al hushi ahata oshni Agra al Amitesh a umdar

bhubham e ri al iddharth onthalia mri haitan handro Du a oshni Agar al eha ain Dhruv omani iya oddar akshi ahata Aashi houdhary

Aditya Agar al Akshat Agar al Akshita al hushi ahata aurav Agar al risha ukhopadhyay haranya eogi neha ush aha Anuraag oy ukher ee Amitesh a umdar Ahona arkar Ansh umar ipika ain ahal Agar al ishav ain


Akshat Agar al Akshita al hushi ahata aurav Agar al

Akshat Agar al

mri haitan oshni Agra al eha ain iya oddar akshi ahata Aashi houdhary anya arda hubham e ri al rachi ucha asudha agri handro Du a ukund Agar al rateek hindalia



International School Award (2014-17, 2017-20 & 2020-23)

Internationalism @ SSA, Kolkata Spreading Internationalism Connecting Schools and Countries Fostering Team Building and Innovation Making students a part of the world community Continuing Enriching Relationships with Schools across the world


Bloomfield Hall School, Lahore, Pakistan



Interactive discussion between students of SSA, Kolkata and Bloomfield Hall School, Lahore





Shree Shivpuri Higher Secondary School, Nepal



SSA, India


Pakistan Ismailia Gov. Language School, Egypt



Sunflower English Training School, Suzhou, China

Ingubo Primary School, Zimbabwe, S.E. Africa

IDEL School, Egypt

Om Kolthoum Experimental Language School, Cairo, Egypt

Daejeon Jijok Middle School, South Korea


Kunming Guandu No. 1 High School in Kunming, Yunnan, China





The Dialogue, as opposed to a Debate, was informal, candid, friendly and personal, but most significantly, student-led. Although the dialogues were supervised by Observers and Facilitators (teacher-mentors) in Zoom break-out rooms, there was minimal adult intervention. Student participants discussed how the pandemic has profoundly exposed our human and societal interconnection and the imperative of collaborative cross-border cross-cultural problem-solving. While exploring the economic, ethical and environmental implications of the pandemic, they developed understandings about the competencies required to tackle these challenges today and in the future. This virtual student dialogue gave them an opportunity to learn how to engage in respectful


conversation and communicate across multiple perspectives about sensitive global issues such as social and economic justice, the environment and leadership skills. They understood the importance of empathy and listening skills; of collaboration being the key to a better tomorrow and of expanding one’s circle of influence to bring about change. They acknowledge that leadership has to emerge from the youth; that they are the CHANGEMAKERS, “the movers and shakers” of the world. The programme was organized by the Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG), a non-profit association of schools with global education programmes. Radhika Bagathey. Teacher Facilitator.



Sri Sri Academy - One of the India`s Top 20 ICSE Schools

Ranked # 1 in Kolkata & West Bengal # 20 in India Parameters of Selection Safety & Hygiene, Academic Reputation, Individual Attention, Innovative Teaching, Infrastructure Provision, Value for Money, Sports Education, Holistic Development, Co-curricular Activities, Leadership Management Quality


Ranked No. 3 in Kolkata & West Bengal and No. 24 in India by Education World



Recipients of The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence 2020




Award for Support to Rotary District Events

Club Service Award

Community Service Award

Awards received by the Interact Club of Sri Sri Academy in the Annual Interact Meet of Rotary Club of Kolkata



Srian in The Asia Book of Records Arnav Daga, at the age of 13, set a record in the Asia Book of Records for creating the tallest building with playing cards. The 10.7 ft tall house was built in 52 days 10.7 ft tall using approximately 6,825 ordinary playing cards.



• A trophy and certificate to Ranveer Singh Chopra for his outstanding performance in Drums in the Senior Category for Participation in Espressivo (Organised by SSLM Kolkata Centre).

• Bhawya Daga certified as Junior Oceanographer from NASA and participated in Online National Art Competition named ‘Hijibiji’.

• Yatharth Kedia participated as young Subhash Chandra Bose in a national level culture programme held in Victoria Memorial whic h was attended by Prime Minister of India, Chief Minister of West Bengal and other dignitaries.

Our budding artists



Annual Report 2020 - 2021 Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata stepped into its eleventh successful year as a combined effort of the full academic and administrative team. During this whole year with Covid-19, the school’s resilience and courage to transform this extra ordinary and unprecedented situation into an opportunity to learn and nurture creativity provided opportunities and new platforms. The most important emphasis of the online programme of the school was to help Teachers bridge the Transition from a physical to a virtual school to ensure the continuity of learning for each child while ensuring the best possible quality and inclusivity of all learners. This report shall give a glimpse of all such events and activities during the year.


CORE COMMITTEE AND SCHOOL MANAGING COMMITTEE The Core Committee consisting of 6 members appointed by the Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Trust had Mr. Sekhar Nahar on board from February 2020. They met virtually at regular intervals to discuss the matters related to smooth running of the virtual school and the infrastructure of the physical school. In February 2020, Ms. Meenakshi Atal, Mr. Pradip Mookerji and Mr. Sekhar Nahar have been appointed by the SSRVM Trust as the panel of members along with the other 19 members of the School Managing Committee. This year, instead of regular School Management Committee Meetings, the school had a Virtual Academic Council Meeting on 4th July 2020 and two Virtual School Management Committee Meetings on 10th October 2020 and 20th March 2021.

TRANSFORMING MINDS This year everything happening online, the kriya and YES Courses were also held online for the teachers and students at regular intervals.


The Know Your Child workshop was conducted by Mr. Muralidhar Koteshwar for the new parents of the Junior School.

ACADEMICS The school classes total to 87 sections and holds 2497 students. For a more specific breakdown, there are 661 students in the Pre-Primary (LN – I), 718 in Primary (II – V), 535 in Middle School (VI – VIII), 325 in Secondary (IX – X) and 258 in Senior Secondary School (XI – XII). 1364 of our students are boys and 1133 are girls. Our sixth batch of ICSE students and fourth batch of ISC students appeared for the board examinations. For the third time, Ms. Suvina Shunglu, the Principal has been declared a Convener of Zone D for the upcoming ICSE Examinations 2021 and has 14 schools under her convenership. • For ICSE 2021 registration has been completed with 162 students from Class IX. • For the upcoming session, ISC 2021 registration has been completed for 109 students from Class XI.




BOARD RESULTS: 2019 – 2020

The school has 31 scholars who have been mainstreamed from Sri Kripa, a free learning centre for the underprivileged students of the vicinity since 2012. In these trying times, the school has continued taking the responsibility of bringing these scholars’ education at par with the other privileged students, by providing Tablet phones to all of them.

The students had a prolonged board examination till the month of May / June 2020 and finally the board results were declared in July 2020. The srians once again came out with a flourish of trumpets with 100% results.


The school has also donated groceries and necessities to these families by raising funds and donations from the members during the pandemic.

The ICSE Commerce and Science Toppers were provided with a trophy and a scholarship of three months’ school fees generously donated by the Jain and Bhalla Families. The second and third toppers and 100% scorers were also felicitated with a trophy by the School Management. The Toppers of ISC Examinations received a scholarship and the Founder’s and rincipal’s Trophy from the school. The second and third position holders as well as the 100% scorers were also facilitated with a trophy by the School Management.



• Selected for the International School Awards 2020 – 2023 consecutively for the third time ACCOLADES by The British Council - the United ingdom’s International • Ranked No. 1 in Kolkata and Organization for Cultural West Bengal and No. 20 in Relations and Educational India by Education Today, Opportunities. Bengaluru. • Ranked No. 3 in Kolkata and West Bengal and No. 24 in India by the Education World Ranking Survey 2020. • The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence 2020” • The Certificate of Honour for Excellence in Academics in ICSE / ISC 2020 • Certificate of Merit for Excellence in ExtraCurricular Activities • Life Time Achievement Award to Ms. Sumita Bose – Headmistress • Award for Academic Excellence by a Student – Gautam Bhansali • Thank You Baba Ma Award to the Parents of Shaunak Dhar – Mr. Shantanu Dhar and Mrs. Piyali Dhar.



• Vanshika Gourisaria of XII D participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Program by Enactus SRCC. • Smriti Khaitan, ICSE School Topper was among the top 19 finalisits shortlisted in the Sanmarg Ram Avtar Gupt Pratibha Puraskar 2020.

• Students participated and won prize in various events of GRISHMA UTSAV by SSRVM Trust: ▪ Dress and Tell – First Position – Sikandar Dorian of Class I ▪ English Poem Recitation – First Position – Aarna Sharma of Class I

▪ Let the Music Speak – First Position – Atmaja Saima Bose Datta of Class IV ▪ Art from the Heart – First Position – Tehan Ekansh of Class III ▪ Story Telling – Second Position – Shivanshi Sharma of Class II



• Ishika Bajaj was selected among the regional semi-finalists for the Young Chef India Schools 2019-20.

• Participated in Youthopia 2020 by the Heritage School. First Position in GPS and Third position in Act to Impact – The Drama. • Infinity – An International Event on Innovation. SSA was one of the 4 schools from pan India to display their innovation.

• Rishav Mazumdar has been chosen as one of the students out of 60 from each state in INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) AWARDS – MANAK. In the competition every student gives an innovative idea rooted in science and societal applications to foster a culture of creativity and then the jury members selected the winner.


Model United Nations • Participated in ABMUN. Rahil Shah of Class IX received Verbal Mention and Vishesh Mehra of Class XII received Honourable Mention. • Participated in LMUN by La Martiniere, Lucknow. Kapish Agarwal got High Commedation Award and Shlok Mansinka and Sanchit Jain received special mentions. • Participated in LSA MUN by Lakshmipat Singhania Academy. Received 1 verbal mention. • Won two verbal mentions, special mentions, and outstanding delegates positions in DBL MUN by Don Bosco, Liluah.





Virtual Shishir Utsav 2020 Srians participations and prizes ➢ Amitosh Chatterjee of Class XII - First in the event: Rhythm ➢ Meha Jain of Class XI - Second in the event: Lights Camera Action

➢ Hansrudh Gupta of Class IX - Second in the event: Code Wizard ➢ Chitrangda Bagaria of Class VI - Third in the event: Spell Binding Stories



• In the month of September 2020, Nishtha Mathur has completed 7 days Online Astronomy Certification Course from NASO Educational Society and Akashmitra Astrology Club. • Senior School participated in Bullionaire, a business fest by Lakshmipat Singhania Academy. SSA secured the first position in World Trade Conclave and third position in Kick-Bid.

• Inter School Elocution Competition by Akshar School. Mitadru Sengupta of Class VIII secured the Second Position.

• Prisha Agarwal won the U -13 category Doubles West Bengal State Badminton Tournament 2020. • India Maths day – National Level Competition of Students of Classes VI – X. Gaurav Agarwal of Class XI interacted with Mr. Bawa (Khurshed Batliwala). • Pratik Modi has designed a WEBSITE at the age of 13.



• The visit of 26 students and 2 teachers from SSA Kolkata students at VECC, Kolkata, in May 09, 2018 has been featured on the website of Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Dept. Of Atomic Energy, Government of India.

• India Maths day – National Level Competition of Students of Classes VI – X. Gaurav Agarwal of Class XI interacted with Mr. Bawa (Khurshed Batliwala). • 155 students participated in the Second Level International Spell Bee competition by Hummingbird Education Ltd. 2 students from Primary and 2 students from Middle School ranked number 1 in India. The primary students were awarded with a medal, certificate and a Smart watch and the middle school students with a medal, certificate and a Tablet phone.



• Shaivi Kumar has won ‘ est arration’ Award for Artefacts film and Ishan Sinha has won ‘ est Visuals’ Award for the film Philately – Hobbies of Collecting Stamps in INTACH Film Making Contest. This event was hosted by INTACH which is a private heritage preservation organization and the topic for the year was ‘Family eritage’.

• 16 students won the Gold Medal, 2 students won the Silver Medal, 2 students won the Bronze Medal, 12 won the Medal of Distinction and 2 students won the Zonal Medal of Excellence. • Ansh Manchanda won the 3rd Prize in the Slogan Contest by Times NIE.



Virtual Collaborative Events •


Earth Day celebrations were held on 22nd April. Children related Earth as home for all animals and plants. They were told about the importance of taking care of this "special home" just as they would take care of their own. Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated on 8th May in Edmodo - children learnt to dance to a Tagore song. On 13th May, the Founder's Birthday was celebrated with poems, songs, shloka chanting etc... Teacher made videos with messages, songs, and recitation and storytelling sessions from his childhood days. Science is fun activity by Class IV.



Nursery children were encouraged to practice sharing with family members and caring for plants as some of the key values imbibed by Gurudev.

World Environment Day Celebrated. A video was released.

Live Celebration of International Day of Yoga held.

Rath Yatra Celebrations during Live Chat Session.

A week-long planting seeds activity conducted on Guru Purnima Celebration.

Friendship Day – being a good friend at home and helping around.


• • • •

• •


Independence Day celebration – Making of flags and hoisting it in the live class in Junior School and learnt about the National symbols of India. Senior School had an online celebration. Events live screened in Youtube. Online eacher’s Day Celebration. Elocution sessions were held for classes 2 and 3. (Our world of Animals and Plants). Inter House Debate competition for classes IX – XII. Bond of Love – The message of sharing and caring for others connected to Rakshabandhan and Rakhi was shared with the Nursery Children through a simple story during the Live Chat Sessions. Extempore and Jam sessions were conducted for classes 4 and 5. Dhanshika Aggarwal and Archita Tater won award for the performance in Young Intach’s Social Media Challenge in the Museum Challenge and Monsoon Magic Categories.



Investiture and felicitation ceremony.

Felicitation of ICSE & ISC 2020 toppers / achievers by SSRVM trust, Bengaluru.

ISA – International School Awards Debate held. Chief Guest Ms. Diti Mukherji, Director, ASED and Judges – Mr. S D’ ouza & Mr. Banerjee graced the event.

Inter House quiz conducted by Mr. Barry P Antunis.

ICAI Commerce quiz.

A Session on Data privacy protection for adolescents by Dr. Debarati Halder, Halder, Advocate and Honorary Managing Director, Centre for Cyber Victim Counselling.



On National Sport day SSRVM trust physical fitness enhances emotional fitness by Mr. Pullela Gopichande (Indian chief national badminton coach).

Heritage at Home – an event by the Heritage Club. Guest of Honour : Mr G.M. Kapur, INTACH Judges - Make a Video : Ms Subha Das Mollick, Ms Reena Dewan, Ms Neela Majumdar Judges - Show and Tell : Ms Anjum Katyal, Ms Sachika Ghosh and Mr Parijat Banerjee

• Installation ceremony of Interact Club.


• • • • •

Fit India Freedom Run in association with Fit India Movement, an Indian Government Initiative. Fit India School Week, a nationwide movement to promote culture of fitness. eacher’s Day Celebrated. Hindi Diwas celebration held. Vishwakarma Puja & Mahalaya celebrated. Gandhi Jayanti celebrated. Collaborative video made. hildren’s Day celebrated with skits and quizzes.

Hindi Diwas




Innovation through Space and Time – A Novel Presentation of the English Literature Project by Classes VI & VII. Guest of Honour – Mrs. Meenakshi Atal, Educationist.

Online Christmas Celebrations held for Classes LN - V. Children exhibited their skills through carols, dances and plays.

Fun Virtual Sports conducted for Classes KG - V. Children participated in indoor skill-based races.



In house Final Student Council Election for middle and senior school.

Meraki 2020 – A Business Conclave was organised.

Live Interaction on the courage and valor of Indian Navy Day with Commodore HG Harsha, Chairman, SSRVM Trust, Bengaluru. • Webinar in association with Support Elders on topic Memories of Kolkata. •

World Heritage Week celebrated and a virtual walk conducted for middle school students.

Ms. Subha Das Mallick spoke to senior students on her film Calcutta Sonata in discussion with Ms. Anjum Katyal.

An Open mic interaction by the Interact Club on topic “it’s more than just that”, to commemorate 16 days of Activism Against Gender based violence. Nari Shakti Puraskaar winner Ms. Urmi Basu was the chief guest.


A Virtual Heritage Walk – A Synthesis of Faiths by Middle Schoolers.

Hosted the Heritage at Home and et’s Debate events of SSRVM Online Shishir Utsav 2020.

First Online Inter School Yoga Competition hosted.


A talk on World Suicide Day – Speaker – Mr. Mohammad Ali, Founder of Empowering Lives.

Fifth Edition conducted. 230 15 schools participated committees.

Annual Winter Campaign by the Interact Club in association with Goonj.

of SS MUN delegates from across India in the 4



SSA Hackathon conducted by the school in collaboration with Rabvik Innovations for ATL students.

Inside Interact – ENewsletter of the Interact Club released its first issue in September and Second issue in December 2020.

Nursery Quiz Time held.

Show and Tell event on the topic Mode of Transport for LN & UN.

Celebrating Foundation Day 2021 with Navgraha Homa.

Saraswati Puja 2021 celebrated with zeal.



Middle School Inter – House Extempore. Guest of Honour was Mrs. Meenakshi Atal, Founder Headmistress & Former Vice Principal of The Heritage School. Two students from each level were selected as winners.

• Mitansh Phushkania came second in Nature Category in the photography contest organized by Rotary Club of Jabalpur. • Engineer’s Day celebrated by Pre-Primary Department.

School Mental Health Workshop on Life through an Optimistic Lens by Fortis Hospitals.



Various CSR initiatives and relief camps conducted by the school and students to help people fight against the burdens of Covid 19. RANGEEN KHIDKI: Biodegradable Napkins, Soaps, Ladies Undergarments, Masks and Sanitisers.

DONATION DRIVE FOR ’F : • Monetary help during the initial stage to all the 31 families • Groceries and Ration Supply



DAAN UTSAV: Sanitisers, Masks, Towels, Toiletries and Cash Donations to: • SSRVM Garcha • SSRVM Metropolitan • Bikash OAR Majherhat • Child Care Institute • Poushtik Life • Share Charitable Trust

OAR PROJECT: Distributed Drawing Books, Colour Pencils, Slates, Pencils, Ludo Sets, Poster Colours, Sanitisers, Toothpastes, Phenyl, Detergent Powder, Hand Wash, Floor Cleaner etc…



“ Z ” Recently IAYP club came up with a new project with GOONJ, a voluntary organization that had come up with an annual winter campaign-“OD A DO ZI DA I” . Our aims to build an equitable relationship of strength, sustenance and dignity between the cities and villages using the underutilized urban material as a tool to trigger development with dignity across the country. The camp started from 17th December,2020 and ended on 3rd January,2021. There was a meeting held where the IAYP teachers discussed with the IAYP students how students could be a part of the campaign. There was a poster made which had all the necessary details and was forwarded to all the classes. The students were asked to contribute essential winter clothing, blankets, shoes, boots, general clothing, bags, stationary etc. which were old but in a useable condition in our school, Gate number 2 at the Front Office. During the meeting some of the GOONJ officials had joined and they discussed with us how they try to make an impact on society and even shared some of the small things which brought about a difference to the village people. They told us how our contribution too would make a difference. The GOONJ official thanked us for our contribution and also appreciated the school for their efforts. In this way the IAYP students had been a part of this annual winter campaign. It was a immense pleasure to be a part of this campaign. I would love to volunteer and be a part of more such campaigns. Vasudha Bagri XI






Touching the lives – A relief camp by SSA, Kolkata On 28th January 2021, our Principal Ms. Shunglu informed me that a fire had broken out at 9, Gurusaday Dutta Road, near Karaya PS, resulting in the complete destruction of 20 houses. She requested me to organize a relief camp by reaching out to students. But this needed to be done urgently, within 1/2 days. Immediately, I contacted Mr. Chirag, a member of the IHA foundation. This NGO had already begun work organizing a relief camp for those affected. I told him that Sri Sri Academy would like to join hands with them. Our proposal was accepted and they sent us a list of items which they needed. Scores of students came forward to contribute and in two days we handed over all the relief materials to the IHA foundation. In return we received much love and blessings. I would like to extend my gratitude to Principal a’am and the IHA foundation for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with them. I would also extend my gratitude to Swarna a’am, the teachers and students of the SSA family for coming forward to help at such short notice. Thanks & Regards, Sanjib Chakraborty


Providing Relief to the fire victims at Karaya Road




The Interact lub’s Annapurna Initiative The human race thrives on challenges. When the Covid-19 virus forced us all into a state of lockdown, we realized that fieldwork would be nigh impossible. All our efforts now turned to the online platform. Having successfully organized multiple webinars and released bi-monthly newsletters, it was time to do something more audacious. Organizing a donation drive posed logistical problems that seemed insurmountable at the beginning, but the Interact Club overcame all obstacles and made “ he Annapurna Initiative” possible. “Voice of World”, a multi-functional social welfare organisation for the underprivileged and differently-abled, has been a part of the Interact Club journey over the past three years. When they reached out to us requesting contributions, “ he Annapurna nitiative” was born. A list of essentials including edibles, non-edibles, utensils, clothes and appliances, was circulated among all the students and members of staff of both Middle and Senior school. The entire process of contributions was meticulously planned and remarkably executed. With a little technology and a lot of empathy, Interactors proved, yet again, that they are an inspired lot committed to community welfare. An Excel sheet was updated at regular intervals and drop-off pits created in several locations such as Howrah, Salt Lake and Behala. Generous contributions proved that the SSA family has imbibed uru i’s values and woven them into the school ethos.. Packed and labeled neatly in cartons, all the contributions were handed over to “Voice of World” on Friday, 29th January 2021.

Radhika Bagadthey Teacher Coordinator Interact Club of Sri Sri Academy



Career Counselling & Webinars •

Webinar by Ms. Sangeeta George – Entrance examination preparation sheet, Effective Study Skill and Brain storming ideas for profile building Creative writing, how to be relevant remotely, etc.

Career counselling session for class VIII digitally and registration with Univariety.

Webinar by Harsh Agarwal – Alumni of SSA on Topic – New Venture creation.

Webinar by Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal (Education Minister) attended by class XII students.

Webinar conducted by Ms. Priyanka Preet (Alumni SSA) on topic “Where there is a will there is la suit”.

Webinar by Akash Poddar (Alumni SSA) on Career in finance – busting the myth.

Profile completion, student’s journey, from a support pillar & assessment completion and Live Interaction by Mr. Rahul Reddy, Univariety, for Class VIII.

Webinar on How to keep students happy and healthy during lock down for classes IX to XII hosted by Ayesha Izhaar – Speakers Ms. S. Shunglu, Principal, SSA, Ms. Jyoti Sapru, Psychological Counsellor and Mr. Shahanshah Mirza, Conceptualizer.



SSA’s Career Guidance Cell Neo-normal trends in Education: The COVID 19 has impacted every sector including education. One can only guess exactly how the upcoming school year would be like. We need to appreciate the current scenario and keep ourselves updated on the current trends in the education sector. A snapshot of the current trends: From STEM to STEAM --inclusion of Arts(Humanities) alongside Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will improve the performance of the students. 1. Cultivating Empathy -- cultivating a trusted and truthful relationship between all the stakeholders of the system. 2. Project based learning - to enable the students to think critically and solve complex problems. 3. School-Home partnership approach- teachers as well as parents have to be very innovative in helping the students be successful by encouraging them to engage in self-directed activities.



Our activities in 2020-2021: This academic year had been quite challenging for us initially when all of us were grappling as to how to help and guide the students of our senior school in making the right career decision. However, we are glad to inform that in spite of impediments the Career Guidance Cell could successfully complete the following activities. 1. One on one counselling with the class 12 students along with their parents to help them in college selection. 2. Group counselling with class 8 students to introduce them to the concept of a career and the importance to engage consistently in co-curricular activities. 3. We have completed the first round of one on one counselling with the students of class 11 who came forward and asked for help. This was the ice breaking session to start creating a bond with the students. We hope to guide them successfully towards the right career choice. 4. We arranged for workshops on law and liberal arts in collaboration with LSAT and Ashoka University.



Webinars by Univariety

Univariety arranged for a Career counselling session with the School counselors on the topic Profile building and stream selection for classes – VIII & IX.

Webinar by Career Guidance Cell.

Webinar on the Future of Work in Artificial Intelligence.

Webinar by Univariety: ▪ Class IX – Topic: CV and profile building. ▪ Class X – Topic: Choices of stream and career. ▪ Class VIII – Topic: What needs to be your ground work. ▪ Class XII – Topic: Interview skill and CV writing for college admission.


• •

Webinar by Ms. Sangeeta Gorge on Topic - How to choose best course / country / college after class XII. Career Counselling Session for Class VIII. Webinar - To understand and Succeed in the Changing Post Graduate Admission Process. Webinar for Class XI by Univariety – New Subject Selector Program. Webinar 'Back To SchoolSTRONGER' where Ms. Hena Nafis, Clinical Nutritionist along with Meditation & Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Varuna Shunglu.




Heritage for all: Careers in Conservation – A program for senior students.

Talk on Careers in Science by Mr. Sandeep Ghugre, Senior Scientist in Nuclear Physics at UGC – DAE.

“ e Kind to Your ind” – A Webinar to commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day with Guest Speakers Ms. Ragini Agarwal, Co-Founder of Empowering Lives and Major Mohammad Ali Shah, TedX Speaker.

Talk on Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse by eminent NASA Scientist Ms. Madhulika Guhathakurta.

Webinar on Global Thought Leadership in Education – Synergising 7 Habits with Social Emotional Learning.

Master Class Christmas Celebration Webinar by IIHM.

Webinar on Exam Strategy 2021 and Strategy for University Admission, Tactics for Class XII by Lakshmipat Singhania Academy in association with Mindler.


Principal’s Virtual Interactions • The Principal took charge as a mentor of SSVM Ghatshila. • Attended ASISC Executive Committee Meeting to discuss Literary Events, AGM, Review Constitution and List of Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members. • Webinar on How to keep students stress free in lock down. • Caring mind presented mental health 360 – a webinar and talk – Ms. S. Shunglu, Principal, SSA and Ms. Meena Kak, Director, LSA in conversation with Ms. Minu Budhia of Caring Minds and Ms. Atreeyi Chadra (Clinical Psychologist).




Education Webinar on 'Constant Innovation is the key to Modern day Education’ by Sri Sri University on Global Leadership Series.

Was part of the Literary Committee Meeting of ASISC – WB & NE States.

On invitation, acted as the Guest of Honour in Lumiere 2020, the 20th Foundation Day of SSRVM, Agartala.

Chaired a meeting along with the Vice Principal for Zone D ICSE Schools on Public Health Response to Covid 19 and appropriate behaviour towards it.


One of the Panelist of the Stalwarts of the Education Industry by Father LeBlond Day Boarding School on National Education Policy Explained – Freedom from Rote Learning. Attended ASISC National Virtual Conference 2020 – Digital Transformation Programme. Staff Welfare Fund Meeting for the team of SSA, Kolkata.


NEP 2020 – Way Forward – An interaction with Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, Eminent International Educationist, Advisor to State & Central Government by TCSION. Conducted online academic audit for 8 SSRVM Schools across the country. Attended ASISC Regional Virtual AGM for West Bengal and North East States.



Principal being felicitated by Mrs.Bose, Director of IIHM on International Women’s Day

With Governing Body of the Teacher’s Centre, Kolkata



Message from the desk of Headmistress - Ms. Sumita Bose This year 2020-21, has been totally different for all of us, as we were getting ready to begin the new academic year, lockdown was clamped. Just in a few days time, we shifted from our known world to a relatively unknown virtual world. We soon understood that we need to adjust our action steps to reach our goals. The whole school worked towards it we stood in the storm and we adjusted our sails. Our enthusiastic team of teachers worked relentlessly, upgraded and trained themselves to this new mode of teaching and learning. Everyone in school pitched into help in this transformation. It gives great satisfaction in saying that we have been able to carry out almost all the activities mentioned in the school calendar - be it Parent - Teacher meetings, celebration of events, children's participating in inter school events and so on. Now at the last leg of this academic year we are getting ready for a befitting closing ceremony with the hope that the new academic year will bring back normalcy, regular school hours and happy interactions.


Pre – Primary




Christmas Celebration



Virtual Sports Day Virtual Fun Sports – Pre-Primary was held on 10th & 11th of December, 2020. A day of great enthusiasm, loud cheering and nimble hands stacking up glasses, buttoning shirts, balancing lemons on spoons & wearing socks & shoes. It was ensured that each child gets to participate in the exciting event. It was amazing to see the deft hands of our little ones carrying out the activities within the time set, amidst the cheering of the adults around! Children were rewarded with the teachers applauding them with ‘ ood ob’ and ‘ ell done’ posters. The smiles it brought on the faces of our little ones filled our hearts with happiness.



Virtual Sports Day…

Students enjoying different games





Non Flame Cooking

Dress As You Like



Message from the desk of Pre Primary Coordinators Ms. Geeta Sen Roy & Ms. Sharmistha Dasgupta Amidst the hustle & bustle of getting things ready for the coming new academic year 2020-2021, things came crashing down in the form of the unprecedent corona virus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Within a matter of few days, teaching learning had to be shifted from the cosy ambience of our classrooms to the online platform. To be able to reach out to all from our so-called home arrests, seemed an indomitable task. But keeping a calm mind, using technical knowledge, connecting with teachers and school Heads, the virtual journey began. The school organised various training sessions for all teachers to embark this virtual journey with confidence. Taking baby steps, holding hands with teachers and guiding them with the necessary virtual tools really helped in advancing slowly but confidently on the online platform. Children & parents followed in the groove too and started enjoying the lovely teacher made videos, quizzes and work made available to them on Edmodo. The Grishma Utsav events organised by the SSRVM Schools and their webinars on various online facilities, really helped. The exploration for new virtual techniques continued and soon the LIVE classes began on Google Meet. Children were extremely happy to be able to view their teachers and connect with them. Organising Parent Teacher Interactions and the E- Report cards for the first term gave a satisfaction of the six months being well completed By now things are well settled and taking a further leap with celebrations and creative events felt easier. Durga Puja, Diwali, Story Telling, Christmas, Fun Sports…. We did them all!







Daan Utsav

Shapes All Around Us - Square



Shapes All Around Us - Circles

Shapes All Around Us - Triangle



Saraswati Puja Celebration



Message from the desk of Primary Head Ms. June Pinto Educating in Pandemic Times – A Once in a Century Experience! While attempting to write this article at the end of the academic year, I realised words are not enough to describe the impact that the pandemic has had on us – educators, parents and children. Initially, we felt we were thrown into the deep sea, wanting to clamber onto a life raft as dry land seemed far away. However, after almost a year, we can look back with satisfaction and proudly claim that collaborative teaching and learning has now taken on new forms with all teachers and children themselves having enhanced their technical skills at a very young and tender age. The Covid19 pandemic necessitated a drastic change in our teaching methodology and our entire education system. The speed of the spread of the epidemic, the closure of institutions and the transition to online teaching from the conventional face to face interactions was so swift that it hardly gave any time to plan or to reflect on the potential risks or opportunities that a situation of this nature could bring. It was a challenge to many of our educators who have never had any formal computer training, dealing with different software or learning platforms. There was a potential risk that learning outcomes may not be achieved and instead only result in just engaging the students. Workshops, intense training sessions and long working hours became the need of the hour and everyone rose to the occasion without counting the costs. As education systems cope with the negative impact this pandemic could have on learning and schooling, they must also factor in thinking of how they can recover, become stronger and ensure all children imbibe strong values, maintain good writing skills, reduce learning gaps and have the same opportunities for quality education. Going to school is not only about learning Maths and Science, but also about social relationships and peer interactions. It is about learning to be a citizen and developing social skills. This is why it is important to stay connected with the school by all means. For students, it is also a time to develop socio-emotional skills and learn more about how to contribute to society as a citizen. The role of parents and family, which has always been extremely important, is critical in that task. We do not know what the future holds or how long schools will stay closed. But, we can try to shape each day to be positive, creative, exciting and rewarding. As William Shakespeare reminds us in this quote – our potential is infinite!



Primary Celebrations in a Virtual World - from Class II and III

This year our school celebrated Christmas in a different way. The celebration was held virtually and teachers and students came together to keep the festive spirit alive. I was very happy and excited to attend the online celebration. The students attended the celebration in colorful clothes. They decorated their room, sported Santa caps, and wore Santa masks. The significance of Christmas and story about birth of Jesus was enacted by us in a form of virtual play. I enjoyed performing the drama online. The celebration included Christmas carols and dance. It bought the feel of joy and happiness. The importance of Christmas symbols like stars, bell, candycane, wreath, tree, etc was explained to us. I enjoyed the event very much but missed being in school on this festive occasion. With carols and Santa we started, followed by lots of fun. Christmas 2020 at SSA surely will be a joyful memory for everyone. Dhanishka Aggarwal III - F



ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY Sri Sri Academy, as a matter of principle believes in the holistic development of a child. Hence, keeping the pandemic and the restrictions in mind, the school organised a Virtual Sports for the primary students . The event came to life with students enthusiastically participating in activities such as threading the needle, wrapping a gift box, balancing the book and other array of activities. This allowed the students to catch a break from their studies and enjoy the spirit of sports day even when restricted to their homes. The school motto aims at broadening a child’s vision and deepening his roots. Hindi Diwas was observed on 14th September by the Primary Department to acknowledge the importance of the language. Poems were recited, slogans were chanted, speeches were delivered and dance performance was presented by the Srians. Viswakarma Puja and Mahalaya were celebrated from the confines of home this year. Students added life and colour to the day by chanting shlokas, reciting poems, through singing and dancing. All these activities aimed at the all-round development of a child’s personality were appreciated and supported by the parents.

Virtual Sports Day Hindi Diwas Celebration



Christmas Celebration



Student’s Corner

Pongal is a tribute to farmers. I wore a new dress and visited my dear ones houses. We drew Kolam(Rangoli) with happiness and joy. Harini Krsnapriya .H-II-C

In my virtual classes I actively participated in many activities in which I had my experiences as a leader and as an individual. In the English Poem Recitation, I had to learn and recite a poem on nature to spread awareness about its conservation. In this activity, I had a wonderful experience as a participant and I really enjoyed reciting the poem. Then when the Hindi Poem Recitation came, I recited a poem entitled, ‘ um Sab Bharat Vasi Hain’ to show respect to our native language Hindi. I thoroughly enjoyed reciting this poem. On Hindi Diwas, I attended a wonderful programme in which I had to learn and recite a hindi slogan. It truly was a delightful and mesmerizing experience. Soon, when Gandhi Jayanti presentation had been assigned to me , I was really happy as I was going to co-ordinate with my friends after such a long time. Then me along with few of my friends formed a group and started working on the project. Though we faced many difficulties, but soon we learnt how to overcome these obstacles and thus my group became successful. When my group Shanti House had to enact on a story entitled “ he Pied Piper of amelin”, immediately we decided to form a group and started working on it. This presentation was certainly one of my best memories of class III. I wrote the script for my Shanti House and I played the role of the narrator as well. I learnt many new things about teamwork and its efficiency and values. I gave my best and got a lot of appreciation from my teachers. I was extremely surprised and delighted to know about the ‘virtual sports day’. I took part in ‘ yramid for a haraoh’ and my classmates participated in various other games as well. I had an unforgettable experience of how determination helps to make impossible tasks possible. Another interesting opportunity I got was to share information about a mode of transport in which I spoke about a rocket and I even made a model of it to understand about it more clearly. Tehan Ekansh-III-E



It has been a strange year for all of us, with the onset of the pandemic, lockdown, staying alone, no interaction all became a part of our lives. It al seemed never ending but my parents kept assuring that all should be fine soon and that one should accept and act as per situation. Our school which never re-opened after March session, started posting work on a software called “ED ODO “and learning somehow began. And after some months our school decided to start “live classes” which made us realise that such marvellous ways are there to learn new things as well. Interactive sessions made us feel more human and it also opened more ways for us to learn. It was fun to interact with everyone all over again minus the tiffin break fun which we had in school all seemed a lot of fun to me. With the online classes I learned so many new things about computers also. Christmas has always been a magical time of the year. We celebrate Aarav Dutia-III-C it by eating candy canes, decorating Christmas trees and making homemade cakes and cookies. Even if we were confined in our homes, our teachers ensured we celebrate Christmas on the digital platform. We had a Christmas programme which was held on 18th December 2020. We wore costumes and presented a skit on Christmas. We had online auditions with our teachers. Watching the Christmas programme was an interesting experience. We decorated our background in our homes. Children of classes 4 and 5 explained the Christmas symbols. Some children also sang carols. Christmas is one of my favorite festivals and the programme made it even more special for me! Uraa Kumar-II-C



The Pandemic of 2020 Last year my parents did not allow me to go out and play Holi with my friends. I felt sad because I did not know why they did not allow me to go out an play with colours. After few days, Modiji asked us to make some noise. I knew how to blow the conch-shell, so I blew it standing near the window. After few days the lockdown started. My school closed down. My drawing class and Tennis class also stopped. My father started working from home, but my mother went to office everyday. She said she was a Covid-warrior. Then online classes started. I met my teachers of class 2 and my friends on the computer. I missed my school, but I found the online classes interesting. Online classes helped me to learn the use of computer, iPad and mobile phone very well. My drawing and Tennis classes also started through video conference. In August my mother got Covid. Though we lived in the same house I did not see her for seventeen days. We talked through video call. During lockdown I was not allowed to go out and play, so I read many books and learnt knitting. During lockdown I heard chirping of some new birds and saw clearer skies. In December we had a very interesting online sports event. I enjoyed participating in the Christmas dance also. The tell-a-tale event of January 2021 was the most interesting thing that happened during the lockdown. This is how I spent the pandemic year. I hope school and Tennis will start soon. Simran Paul, Class - II D

Addvika Chaudhury - III B

Disha Bagaria- III B

I Vanya Pureka student of class 2d want to share my thoughts about online classes. Previously when we started online classes I was very excited. I was happy to know that now we are going to study online....we can see our friends online...we can do video chats .I was very happy when my father bought me a new computer for the classes...But gradually I started missing my friends, sharing tiffin with them, learning new things by our teachers...It was a different feeling not going to the school....I want to go to the classes are not so effective for us..... Vanya Pureka, Class – II D



The year 2020 was different then other years. This year we had our classes online. Initially it was difficult but due to the continuous efforts by our teachers we became used to it. We did a lot of activities like science experiments, poem recitation, Hindi poem recitation, and play. What I liked most was the play. We were given the story The Selfish Giant. I love the story a lot. It was fun preparing for the play although we were preparing it online. Our team of 7 students were really excited during practice sessions. I made a big and colourful drawing of the giant and his castle. It took a lot of time and effort. We used to have a lot of fun together during practice. We learnt how to work in a group, how to co-ordinate, how to execute and what is teamwork. Vivaan Poddar-III-D I have learned that animals are of different types like

wild animals, domestic animals and pet animals.I was also amazed to know that animals are grouped on the basis of their eating habits – herbivores (grass and plant eating animals), carnivores ( flesh eating animals), omnivores (grass and flesh eating animals), scavengers (eating flesh of dead animals).Presenting it online was great fun. Shivanshi Sharma-II-C

Teacher’s Corner

OUR THOUGHTS THROUGH THE MONTHS… The creativity of our children came to the fore during covid times where they got an opportunity to explore different skills from home. Young children construct knowledge of their world through the stories they hear and participate in. Story Presentation by class II engaged our children in thinking, emotions, and imagination all at once. Children were divided into groups of five. They were given stories from different genres like folktales, Jataka tales, Aesop's Fables. They wrote stories and poems based on the original story. Our little ones expressed their story in the form of enactment. They were guided to identify the theme, setting, origin, characters and new words from the story. Children displayed collaborative learning, fellowship and responsibility. There were other events like Sports Day, Christmas Celebration, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day and Inter House Quiz where children participated with a lot of enthusiasm and showcased their talent and creativity. Fatima Sardar-Teacher-II-A



Jim Rohn an American entrepreneur and author had very wisely said “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” which we all experienced from the challenges we had to face when learning itself went through a sea change with online classes. Screen sharing replaced the black board and classroom interaction was replaced by virtual interaction. As we transitioned to online learning I was apprehensive whether I would be able to build a strong relationship with my batch of 2020- innocent new faces, bright and charming staring at me anxiously. As time passed and days unfolded to months I was proved wrong. I was able to bond with my class and foster a loving and caring rapport. Giving my children an unstructured time to meet before the class and talking to each other was almost similar to walking down the corridor and chatting before the class. Asking for their feedback and taking their suggestions helped me to win their confidence. Celebrating birthdays, including mine which I must mention was one of the ‘best birthdays I’d ever had’, to the eacher’s Day poem written with a ‘spelling mistake’ were some of the precious moments. Small hangout sessions, sharing anecdotes and laughing over silly things and the innocuous pranks has not only helped us to connect but has paved the way to meaningful discussions later. Even as we are multitasking and meticulously planning to make the classes more effective the enthusiasm of the children in all the group projects and presentations has been phenomenal. I wondered what would be missing but in this amazingly short period and amidst social distancing what strikes me most is how surprisingly we have bonded and made the human connect. Anumita Datta-Teacher-III-C We bid farewell to our children and were preparing to welcome the new batch. We were in for a surprise as the world turned upside down in a matter of months because of COVID 19. Everything changed, our teaching methods, aids everything! We had to turn to computers. Teachers had to face many challenges as they and the students were no longer in the same room. It felt we had to start learning from scratch. Every lesson took a long time to plan and required a high level of attention to detail. We took time but we learnt to tackle the challenges. With every step our confidence increased. We learnt to make PPTs, quizzes and videos so that learning was fun for the children. I conclude by saying what this one-year has taught me I would have learnt in five years! Shilu Lakhmani-Teacher-III-B.

PAGE 2020 – A Year of Transition The year 2020 was an extraordinary year which took the world by storm. The year created a deep impact of technology in my life as I had to adapt to drastic changes amidst this worldwide pandemic by transforming into a person overpowered by the computer. I converted into a tech-savvy person, who enjoyed playing with the different applications, for incessant hours and exploring ways to achieve balance at work. I grew manifold, set a concrete objective to explore new opportunities. Things like taking a virtual online class in Maths or SST started flowing with ease. Conducting a sports event sitting in the comforts of the house was another amazing achievement. I explored ways to develop my interpersonal skills such as empathy, communication and creativity with the children. Monica Chadha – V A


Personal Growth-INSIGHTFUL 2020 "Broaden your vision, deepen your roots"-The school motto stands true for the year 2020. It has truly been an insightful year filled with new learnings and challenges .Beginning from learning how to create small groups and posting assignments in Edmodo ,doing voiceover ppts to conducting live classes in Teams to managing the household chores. The varied zoom meets conceptualised and hosted by the SSRVM trust have continuously strived to enrich the teaching learning experience. The ''SHRADDHA'' course has truly broadened my vision and deepened the roots on pedagogy of teaching and learning. The pandemic has made us –‘ eacher Crusaders ‘-as overnight we mastered the usage of using technology intensely on different platforms such as Edmodo , PPTS with audio and visuals clippings to the more complex OneNote in Microsoft Teams. As per the saying ''A good teacher must never stop learning'', personal growth is therefore a continuum towards betterment. Lim Chiu Ling – Class IV F

By Pameli Banik

My year of Reflection, Resilience and Reawakening 2020 has been a year of challenges. With challenges come the strength and ability to fight the same. In the process, we eventually grow as a strong individual. Well to begin with, I started taking care of my personal heath to fight the pandemic. The teachings of workshops and kriya came as a direct help to me. As the saying goes, difficult times bring difficult measures. I evolved with the power of digital media which helped me to teach throughout the lockdown period and is still on. Learning new skills on how to teach and still be efficient with my work as a teacher became my utmost priority. My knowledge grew on many computer applications, viz a viz, making presentations, creating videos to enable children to learn without a miss. Apart from health and profession, the year 2020 made me realise the value of every small thing that can nurture our life further. Furthermore, I learnt to balance household chores and school work at the same. To sum it up, in spite of difficult times, the growth has been unstoppable. We always discover and evolve for better. Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change. Meghna Sheth - Class IV B



Our Junior Library in the Year 2020 2020 was a time that saw us locked in our homes with a sense of isolation and loneliness. When the virtual classes began, the children embraced them with vigor and enthusiasm. To make this interaction meaningful we librarians, carefully selected stories to make their virtual class experience even more enriching.

ur ibrary became the torytelling lasses in the children’s virtual timetable. Our primary objective, therefore, was to help the children nurture their creativity along with building listening, reading, speaking and vocabulary skills. We were constantly in touch with their subject teachers to understand the different topics that were being taught in class to choose books that would add a wider dimension to their regular lessons. We began our storytelling sessions in June, 2020 with the Lonely Tiger by Benita Sen to make the children feel that in spite of the lockdown there were ways to overcome the feeling of loneliness. Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson encouraged the children to travel in their minds through their drawings. The series Stories of Frog and Toad by Arnold Label were read out with puppets and emphasized on the value of friendship. Wangari’s Trees of Peace – A True Story from Africa made Van Mahotsav a universally important event. The Story of the Birth of Jesus, The Little Christmas Tree, The Little Drummer Boy and The Night before Christmas kindled the meaning of Christmas in the hearts of the children. Fairy tales like Thumbelina, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel were narrated to children to add to their English project on Fairy Tales called Storytelling (classes 2 & 3) and Real Magic (classes 4 & 5). Robin Hood, The Selfish Giant and Fantastic Mr. Fox were read out to the children because their English text book contained an abridged excerpt. Ayesha Gazi. Librarian.



We read out many stories and connected them to non-fiction books. How to Grow a Dinosaur by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves, Tyrannosaurus Drip and Tiddler the Storytelling Fish by Julia Donalson, Dorje’s Stripes and Lion’s Feast by Karadi Tales were all backed by information about dinosaurs, life under the sea, the Royal Bengal Tiger and the African Lion respectively. With Tiddler the Storytelling Fish we asked the children to research and write down three facts on any one of the fishes that were mentioned in the story. We introduced the children to the works of Julia Donaldson. This was a special focus on one author to familiarize them with style, themes and illustrations. Stories like Stickman, Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s Child, Zog the Dragon, Tabby McTat, Superworm, the Snail and the Whale and Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson made children aware of the fun in rhyming words and built their vocabulary. Stories about different seasons took the children out of their homes into the world of nature. Owl at Home (Winter), Shivers (Winter), Spring, September, Down the Hill (Winter) by Arnold Lobel, Coming Home (Winter and migration) by Michael Morpurgo to name a few.

We continuously emphasized the values of kindness, sharing, helpfulness and silence. Stories that moved them were: A Chair for My Mother by Vera B Williams, Stories of Curious George Margret & HA Ray, A Kiss for a Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik, The Stone Soup by Ann McGovern and A Listening Walk by Paul Showers. Mix It Up by Henre Tullet, The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers and The Magic Paintbrush by Liz Miles opened a world of colours and creativity. Children learnt what primary and secondary colours were and how to mix them to create new colours. Throughout the year we took the children to faraway places to help them to experience new sights, sounds, cultures and ways of life. This also helped their cognitive skills to develop. Now, as we draw to the end of the school year we are returning consciously to India. We have started relating stories by Indian authors published by Karadi Tales.



Teacher’s Corner



Message from the desk of Primary Coordinators Ms. Susmita Chakravarty

Ms. Anindita Bose

A digital revolution has been underway in schools for many years now. Blackboards gave way to whiteboards and projectors while notebooks turned to tablets. However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought about a paradigm shift in learning by moving entire classrooms online. Who would have thought that this too was possible? After a slight teething problem in this new way forward - teachers, children and parents -slowly accustomed themselves to education imparted across screens. The shift included new online tools, interacting with children on-screen and making peace with the frequent internet de-stabilization we popularly refer to as “ o Network.” Deep inside I knew this is the best time to upgrade my computer literacy since I was an absolute amateur in matters of technological importance. My children were my teachers and I was scolded too for not understanding and learning “ imple ools” which was a mammoth task for me. I decided to take each challenge with renewed determination daily and I kept telling myself, “When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going.” As we cut to the present , I’m happy to say that right from learning how to make a PPT to organizing and conducting classes online and to confidently “sharing screen” – these terrifying controls have turned into friends! Teaching with compassion and imparting a lesson correctly is always a challenge – no matter how you approach it. Whether you have a classroom full of enthusiastic achievers or a bunch of shy introverts who are secretly waiting to be unnoticed during class – I used to feel there are many interactive ways, faceto-face that could impart a lesson interestingly and inspire participation until education shifted to an online platform and I had to connect with students I couldn’t even see! I would like to end with a quote – “ ife is about accepting challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward and savoring the ourney!”

The last year has been an unprecedented one. Most of us have never faced such widespread disruption in our lifetimes. Our parents and grandparents would have stories to tell about the uncertain environment they faced during the partition of the country around the time when India became independent. In decades to come, our descendants will hear about our Covid experiences. What they will also hear and appreciate, is the adaptability shown by everyone in adjusting to this unknown situation and being able to work around the problems that we came up against. Amongst many learnings, the most important one was to be able to work around whatever problems, that cropped up. Dealing with multiple issues and overcoming each one was shown even by the little ones who took up each challenge boldly. At every step the children rose to the occasion and welcomed the changes wholeheartedly. The online celebrations of events, the presentations in class, imbibing values and sharing them in the live classes showed how our little ones had adapted themselves to the changing times and were ready to partner us. Finally we wanted our children to realize how fragile nature is and one has to look after what we have so that our world can heal faster.


English Play Presentation by Class 3 B





SSRVM Lit Fest Activities Book Review & Story Map

Inspired by the Lit Festival, children of class II, narrated stories from ThePanchatantra, The Jataka Tales, Aesop’s Fables and other sources. They used a variety of props like puppets, costumes, drawings, posters etc. to narrate their stories.







Reading Corner DRESS AS YOU LIKE

Dear Time






Message from the desk of Vice Principal Ms. Gargi Banerjee 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going.' The age old adage might seem rhetorical, but never has it proven itself more true than these unprecedented times. This academic year will stand tall in the annals of history as one that represents the invincibility & indomitable spirit of knowledge & education. The might of a virus that threatened to engulf and cripple the entire academic world was instead overpowered by the collective grit & effort of the entire teaching fraternity. We at SSA, Kolkata could foresee the inevitable even before the pandemic had touched our city. We were forewarned and well prepared. Hence the transition from physical classes to online education for senior school took place in the month of March 2020 without wasting even a single working day. To graduate to a mode of teaching that was hitherto unfamiliar was a mammoth task but our enthusiasm & missionary zeal saw us through. When an entire system gets overhauled there are bound to be roadblocks too. However, on hindsight, these hindrances have ultimately proved to be minor speed breakers in our aim to attain technical supremacy. We have crossed many a milestones this year. Right from adopting the best way to communicate & educate our students, to conducting online examinations & publishing the online report cards, every event was an exercise in reinventing ourselves. Our students have been our constant motivational factor. When they could not come to school, we have tried to take the school to their homes. 'Sanghachadwam' is to reach out and bring each child under the collective roof of our concern & care. As a school our responsibility is to ensure the overall intellectual, emotional & spiritual growth of our students & to provide a well rounded education to all. Our morning assemblies, clubs & activity classes, innumerable competitions & online events have all been conducted to ensure the same. Even in the confines of their homes, our students have performed science experiments, learnt cooking, explored the heritage present their own homes, participated in debates, extempores & quizzes, published newsletters, participated in innumerable workshops and even edited & published newsletters for the school. Over the year each and every student has adapted, evolved and become technically much more proficient than they would otherwise be. It would be justified to state that in this academic year the learning, though not quite traditional , has been immense. The collective effort of the teacher and the taught reflects in the many laurels our students have brought even in these trying times and as usual the proverbial 'cherry on the cake' has been our exemplary board results. With the lessons that 2020 has taught us & the blessing of our founder, let us now all look forward to an enriching & rewarding year ahead.



Middle School The Tiger of Bengal Born in the land where Goddess Durga resides, A child who grows up and decides, That he will free his country from invaders, Just the way done by crusaders. But when he tried to raise his voice to rebel, They locked him in his home just like a prisoner in a cell, In disguise he escaped from his house, As quiet as a church mouse. He travelled to different countries to seek help, So that he could throw away the invaders who thought that every Indian is a whelp, After years and years of hard work, he made the Indian National Army, Who would fight and die for India, to bring peace and harmony? Even before India's Independence he died, Every Indian felt sorrow, every Indian cried, His actual name was Subhas Chandra Bose, but for his bravery, People call him 'Netaji'.

Dhruv Agarwala 7 F

Vaani Taparia -7 E

Aarav Singhania 7 F



Let Unity Survive

Bond of Rakhi to Protect Mother Earth

Millions of people from all over the world, including me, follow different religions. Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam Zoroastrianism and so on. But why? And don’t we realise that we are breaking ourselves in the process? Why do we allow such divisions? There is no specific answer. Do we really need to do that? We don’t even wonder about these. Had there been one religion, we ouldn’t have witnessed so many rituals and rivalries. We ouldn’t have seen nations waging mindless wars for unnecessary acquisition of resources. Are we not all one? God did not expect any such division while creating the world. Isn’t it better to stay unified? I earnestly hope that very soon the whole world will stand together as one nation. This is my dream.

The knot of rakhi I tie on Mother Earth. With a promise to protect it, from reaching its dearth, After all Mother Earth is my responsibility, Protecting it in every way is my duty. Wasting no water is my motto, et’s not see animals only in a photo. Giving our planet a green dress, And making it a beautiful place. For everyone to live in, And let not anyone commit the nature’s sin. God make me a super being, So that I can fulfil Mother Earth’s dream.

Eshant Dugar 6 C


Vidushi Kedia 6 A Peace Practitioner Gandhiji was a changer Along with a peace practitioner He spread tolerance and Ahimsa All across the world, not only in India. But also, in Russia to South Africa. A patriot to peace and humanity.... He introduced the three monkeys Who taught, Criticism is not be to be heard Don't see anything bad or worse And never say anything to curse. He changed the world for better And all himsa he shattered I pay tribute to this great soul For playing such a major role Of giving back the reins of India to the Indians May his contributions be remembered by the people of our nation.

Pranati Agarwal 6 E



A Locked Door

An Unforgettable Night Sky

As we know a lock was put on every door in the year 2020. Neither any visitor was allowed to enter the house nor any member could go out of the house. All of us were scared of the Corona Virus or Covid-19. This virus which is a communicable one is very dangerous too. The scientists are still trying their best to find a way to control this virus. Initially we struggled. We tried frantically to find the key through which we could come out of this situation. At times we felt like we have lost. But still, we didn’t stop from learning. We tried to combat the battle by being mentally together. We began our virtual journey in this pandemic. First began our virtual school. Initially, we faced a lot of network issues; we were unable to submit our assignments or be a part of the live class. Because we were new to this platform and we didn’t know much about it. But slowly, we started learning and soon became an expert. But at the same time hampering our vision continued to be a major concern. So, we found other ways of reducing our screen time. Yes, television. Watching television took a back seat. These online classes taught us so many good things. We got so engrossed in our classes that we did not have time to think of Corona. We gradually overcame this fear. We emerged as more sensitive humans. Finally, the year ended and 2021 stepped in with new hopes. We all hope that this new year the vaccine will be available for all. We will again come out of the screen and be together like before.

It was eight at night. I completed my dinner. I went upstairs as usual. Yes! Watching the night sky is my hobby. I took out my telescope and started watching the sky. Though the sky was dark, but it was clear. It was a cloudless sky, which made it so inviting. The moon lit the sky with its silver beams. Its rays were pointing towards the kitchen window. It felt like it was knocking on the window and was asking us to let her in. The moon was big and bright. The stars looked like twinkling buttons, shining far away in the sky. The wind was blowing gently, touching my fingers. The trees were gushing along with the wind. Soon the lights of the adjacent houses went off one by one. I realised soon it was going to be mid night. I continued to watch the sky. Everyone was asleep. Only the sky and I were there. The pendulum clock struck two. I had lost the track of time. But who could miss such a wonderous night? This was the most splendid time I ever experienced in this lockdown. I didn’t want to go to bed. I only wished if I could capture the night sky in a picture and stare it all day.

Shaurya Agarwala 6 F

Priyanshi Sharma 6 C



Why to Have Patience?

My Thoughts

If you want to achieve something, Even if you are talented and perfect, Please do not forget That you must learn to wait. You should have the energy to tolerate delay, You should have the strength to accept failure once; Even if you fail to succeed, don’t orry; Just have patience in life. Why are we scared for our exam results? Why do we pray to God to come first? Why are we not accepting failure? Only because we lack patience to strive. Patience connects us to our soul, And in our learning, it has a major role, Only through patience you build your concentration, And you achieve Perfection!

Faith in our minds, Freedom in our hearts, Let's salute our fighters, Who died for us, The parade from the Red Fort To the India Gate With our heads held high Recollecting the incidents of the past with pride We bow to our motherland with respect.

Aadya Gupta 6 F

Debanshi Bajaj 6 B











Message from the desk of Middle School Coordinator Ms. Minni Bansal My journey through these unprecedented times January 2020 began the new year full of hope and promise. With renewed spirits, we were ready to flip the page on another calendar year with arms wide open. What gradually did unravel was a loud call clad in despair seeking change. Dealing with this change over the last few months with the unprecedented loss of life, having to go through every day with the fear of the unknown, has been a period of emotional turmoil. It has indeed been one of the darkest phases witnessed by mankind in recent years. If we were to look at the silver lining, the one thing that would stand out would be our ability to adapt. Just like a phoenix rising from its ashes, we have come a long way in transcending the bounds put in front of us by the pandemic. What is great to see is that each one of us has dealt with this phase in our own ways. With work assuming new meaning with timeless boundaries, each one of us has had our own ways to unwind ourselves after a long day. For me, I renewed my passion for gardening –it was a sense of déjà vu for me. The passion I nurtured as a child which got buried in my busy life suddenly came alive. While the pandemic and its repercussions were still very real, my attention slowly shifted towards my saplings. I tried to redirect my energy to things that are still in our control. Oh, the pride I feel when I see these little ones grow stronger by the day! While I completely agree it’s been done to death, but there is so much meaning and resonance to life when we read change is the only constant. It really is, but it’s the time, patience and courage that help us march ahead. The hustle and bustle of everyday life will continue, there might be another pandemic brewing in some corner of the world (hopefully not), what doesn’t change is the innate strength and patience each of us have to adapt, adapt yet again and welcome any challenge the world!



Visiting a Valley of Roses I was trekking with my friends across the icy mountains of Himalayas to look for the wellknown mythical Valley of Roses. The myths of the forgotten scroll stated that only a person with absolute determination can reach there. Braving the five days of harsh weather, we reached a valley that would make anyone feel to be in heaven –The Valley of Roses. Before even seeing the roses, we smelt a wonderful aroma like the fragrance of Aphrodite. The place was dressed in the seven colours of rainbow – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The petals decorated the outskirts of the valley. As I treaded on the valley, I felt as if I was walking on the softest thing on earth. I could hear the bees buzzing and birds chirping. But then I suddenly became aware of the sharp thorns by which the rose bushes are protecting themselves. I was amazed with the means of these beautiful roses to protect themselves. The mythical scroll stated that the chosen person would travel to the centre of the valley. I used a long pole to leap across the thorn bushes. The pole was dug into the ground near the roses. While flying on the pole I looked down at the roses and finally managed to land on a stone-made platform spread over the bed of roses. I could not believe my eyes as I saw the beautiful roses changing into hideous carnivorous creatures which had teeth sharper than sharks. To my utter amazement they wolfed down the pole. As I sailed past the so-called valley of roses and landed on the stone platform, I found a golden box lying beside me with Greek letters inscribed on it. It was indeed the ‘ andora’s box’. The box was open and empty. It took me no time to understand that these beautiful yet so evil carnivorous creatures were actually the vices which andora’s Box had hold. As I closed the lid, the roses poured into the box with hideous noises and wailing. I took out a matchbox and set afire the box of evils as being instructed by the scroll. The valley was empty and my friends and I were trembling out of an unknown fear. We trekked our way back home with an everlasting memory. Even today when I think of the hideous yet so beautiful valley of roses, it gives me goose bumps.

Korock Hazra 7 A









Outside My Drawing Room Whenever I sit in my drawing room, I usually see tall skyscrapers in the distance and the greenery of Tollygunge Golf Club. This view is partially blocked by another building in my residential complex. Sometimes a black smoke, from burning of objects, also covers this beautiful view. I wish the pollution could’ve been less. Then the view could have been better. Though there are quite a lot of trees here in my complex, there has hardly been any improvement in the pollution level. But for the last five months, there has suddenly been a noticeable change. Why? Because of the COVID pandemic and the lockdown. The vehicular traffic has come down drastically and the occasional smoke disappeared. The only thing I can see now is the green meadows of the Golf Club. The only sound I can hear now is the chirping of the birds. The trees in the Golf Club are so old, yet they look so active. Day and night, it seems as if they are talking to each other. It looks as if the trees are having a friendly chat, sometimes, swaying with the winds, at times playing like little children. The trees look healthy and fresh. I feel they are calling out for me; “ ome, chat with us, play with us,” they would say. But unfortunately, for me, it’s the same strict lockdown, confined within the boundaries of my house. Hardly able to go out, except the daily ritual of a short cycling within our complex. However, seeing the trees being playful while standing at its place, even I feel rooted to my living room and chatting with the trees and swaying with the clear breeze. This lockdown may have been very boring for us, but surely, it was a holiday for all those trees who were so frustrated by the pollution. During this time, they could replenish themselves. Actually, it had been a holiday for all those creatures; plants, trees and animals, who were disturbed and tired of the pollution caused by humans. In my opinion, even if the lockdown gets over soon, and we start getting back to our normal lives, we should not disturb these creatures. We should give Mother Nature a chance to heal herself. To my amusement, I really want to put on my shoes soon in the future to venture out and meet my new friends – the old trees of the Golf Club.

Shriyans Ball 7 F



Message from the desk of Acting Middle School Coordinator – Ms. Ditipriya Mukherjee It was a very strange feeling when I first read about the virus visiting China. It was beyond my imagination that it would do its rounds in India as well! The irony of life is, the more you want to stay away from something, it will come to you uninvited and with haste. People have slowly started getting physically, emotionally, professionally and economically involved with the virus! In this modern way of co- existence with the virus, (that has been able to stir up the whole world) we have learnt alot from each other, from life and from the environment. This has helped me and our children to gather new experiences on achievement vs failure, virtual vs real, near vs far, life vs death, social closeness vs social distancing. Our students and we (adults) are much wiser, stronger and resilient than before. EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING!




Missing what I loathed

I am Jasmine

I remember being annoyed by my school, Annoyed by all the commotion, Annoyed by the teachers and their strictness, "I will bunk school." That was my decision. Little did I know I was acting like a fool, And would end up missing school. The pandemic has made us distant, And the experience was not at all pleasant. We had to see each other on video calls. So many network issues, so much muteness. I hated the video calls, And I was filled with sadness. Handing my assignments to the teacher, Erasing the wall-slate, Playing in the field during breaks. Sharing tiffin with my best mate. It's true, we should not take our valuable things for granted, And school is very valuable indeed. Now, all we can do is wait till this pandemic end, So that we can meet our teachers and friends.

About you there is something that attracts the butterflies. Something that attracts the infant’s cries! Something that’s worth for thousand lies. The print that everyman likes on his ties. It’s you, who create unexpected magic, You who create miracles in tragic. You who spread fragrance in ones imagine. You who is known to others as Jasmine.

Ayushree Barman 7 B

Paridhi Agarwal 7 C

The Sound of Nature Before we were too engrossed in our worldly pleasures Ignoring the rustling of leaves, the tweeting of birds, The chirping of insects or the roaring of waves moving forward But now we can hear the sound loud and clear, This sound which is called the sound of nature. When e ere cutting its child ‘nature’ into strands Mother Earth had to take this into her own hands, She gave us the pandemic Covid-19 as a curse and a boon With the hopes that e’d hear the blissful sound of nature soon. So now whenever you feel the wind zipping past you And the trees thrashing around happily, You’ll kno that nature is shouting ith oy Realizing and knowing now it is free.

Chitrangada Bagaria 6 B



Hindi and Bengali Elocution organised virtually on the occasion of Independence Day

Ritkriti Jalan of 7E displaying her abstract art

Middle School Extempore

Middle School Quiz



The Unsung Warriors Dear Teachers You are their lifeline, During these times when life continues online. Teaching not only chapters and text, But also subjects of life which will help them move to the level, next They struggle to submit their assignments, even though they are one, But you correct them with ease, even if they are nine hundred and one. While the students, throw tantrums related to network issues which are avoidable, You express your concern when you say "Am I visible? " "Am I audible? " Your role in their lives stands unparalleled The transformation from offline to online is stunningly laudable. Working 24 x 7 and even beyond, Your dedication towards your work is profound. This day is not enough to salute you, edu-warriors. You have been the guiding force to human race, and therefore, we all proudly regard you as Global Frontiers.

Shaivi Kumar 7 D

Yes, I am Grateful I’m grateful to every single person that has come into my life. Yes, every single person. I’m grateful to those ho had hurt me, I’m grateful to those ho still loves me, I’m also grateful to those ho left me, I’m grateful to those ho stayed by my side, And I’m grateful to those ho ust arrived And I’m grateful to those ho never left me behind. God has taken away people from our lives for reasons They changed their behaviour like change of seasons, A new story, a new memory, a new prayer or request, A new experience, a new friend and a new journey or quest. No matter what it is I have learned it now, Every person comes as a lesson or a blessing And for both, I’m grateful.

Avishikta De 7 C



The Ultimate Predators

Sukhjeet Singh 7 C

The one venomous, But not at all generous, Minacious creatures of all time, And startle the world with their crime. You have guessed it right, The one with painful bite It is the venomous snake The charmers play with them for their own sake. Now they are the one trendy, But think, without them our planet would look empty It is the greed inside humans, Which has led to their gradual extinction. For a drop of venom, Humans are killing them like demons Friends now say, who is the ultimate predator? Snakes or we humans. Nihar Agarwal 8E

Shambhavi Dugar 8 F



Covid Instils a Sense of Duty Once there lived a man in India. He was very arrogant and always spoke of his Rights given by the Indian Constitution. He used to tell his wife at the dining table that he had the right to have good food. When his wife suggested that he should make his own food, then he would become angry. One day during the lockdown the man thought that he will not wear the mask as he has the right to wear and do anything he wants. The Constitution has provided him with that right. Without giving a second thought, he marched out of his house without wearing a mask. On the road he met an old man who asked him, “ y child why are you not wearing a mask? If you have the money to purchase a stylish shirt with printed flowers, why don’t you have the money to purchase a mask that costs fifty rupees only?” The man arrogantly replied, “Uncle, why should we wear masks if we don’t want to wear it? Just because the government told us to wear it?” The old man walked away on hearing the reply. While walking away, the old man gave a curious look at him. The man ignored the old man. As he further walked, he saw a kid giving a mask and a sanitizer to a beggar who seemed happy on getting those. An appealing look was seen on the face of the beggar as well as on the kid. He walked to them and asked the child, “ ey kid, is this your school project? Clicking pictures of yours and others, you are distributing these useless things.” The kid looked at the man surprisingly and asked, “Uncle, have you not heard that masks and sanitizers are very useful nowadays as they help in keeping COVID away.” The man rudely replied, “ o and read the Indian Constitution, you will find that we have freedom to do anything we want.” Having said this, the man walked away with unaccountable proudness. After walking for a while, he thought that he ought to return home as it was nearly his lunch time. As he started walking back, he felt tired. When he reached home, he had high fever and cough. He was rushed to the hospital where he tested positive for COVID19. After a day in the hospital, he thought this ouldn’t have happened had he listened to the two people he met on the road. From this incident we learn that if there are Rights there are Duties as well in our Constitution. The man in this story had forgotten one of his duties to keep himself and others safe, by not wearing a mask. This reminds us of what Sardar Patel said: “If there are rights to be enjoyed, there are duties to be followed.”

Meghna Ghosh 7 F







Humanity Arise!

School Life

As humanity marches on this new road Through rises and falls Covered by a dense cloud of grief and gloom Reminding us of our helplessness night and day Oh Master! Amidst this confusion and mayhem You are our saviour You have always remained watchful with your benevolent gaze Let the thunderous echo of your holy conch Touch every corner Awaken our conscience And deliver us from the abyss of selfishness Show us the right path and rescue the human race.

Ohhh! What can I say about school life? Eating in between the classes Learning how to make a salad using a knife, And mastering different forms of dances. Sleeping during all the boring classes Have always been fun But the interesting career selecting sessions Will be the most useful in the long run.

जय ह जय ह जय जय जय जय ह।

The scolding we get from our teachers When we forget to do our homework or bring our copies Help us to become responsible leaders And not brain-dead zombies. The difficulties faced in school are none While going back home in carpool We have a lot of fun And for me school has always been very cool. Yutika Agarwala 8 E

Munmun Nandi Teacher

Srirup Poudel-7 E



My 8C

An Ode to the Sunlight

We the fantabulous children of 8 C, Care and share for each one with glee, All of us are equally unique, No one among us is weak. We are the ones enthusiastic and mysterious, Vidushi among us is very vivacious. Rapturous Rishav is always leading, Abhishikta is fond of only reading. Aryan is the one who is cute, Yash in the class is perpetually on mute, Ishan is that folk whom we all appreciate, Tiyasha, for her class is never late.

Sunlight is the symbol of positivity, It is a sign of a new beginning, Arrives everywhere, in any town or city, Looking at it the darkness starts departing. Good Sunlight is extremely advantageous. It sometimes may get on your nerves but, You will find the sky so bright and gracious That when you look up your eyes will shut. It protects us from the rain and cold And provides the living beings with Vitamin D, Whether the animals, children or old, Helps to grow a plant from a seed. This is how sunlight plays an important role, And it has the power to energize your soul.

Manan speaks in a different tone, Tammana is never alone, Devanshi is the one with all work done, Utkarsh is always seeking for fun. Aviraj is very polite, Tanush is always filled with delight Khushi is smart, Devansh is al ays in the teachers’ heart.

Diya Shah 8 E Vatsal is the one who never lies, oukh’s imagination never fails to fly, Samyak everyday has problems with his network, If we all fail to complete a task its Khushi who always works Sanjana is always filled with joy, Eshita sits quietly and silently enjoys, Since noble gases are non-reactive, Vidhi is the one who is sometimes active. Samyak is always dependent on his fate, Pratham is always on move, like a lucky crate, We all are thrilling as a roller coaster, Although among us there is no imposter.

Devansh Daga 8 C

Mellow Thoughts Sitting on a rock Gazing at the cloudy sky, Staring in shock. Seeing the heartless people passing by, Waiting for a knock Questioning myself why? As the sun is blocked. Feeling lonely Lost in the thoughts of having a family. My heart is warmed Alas! Waiting for a knock A cloud with a silver lining !

Aarushi Varma 8 F



You My Potter You my potter You spin the wheels for yourself You spin the wheels for us You spin the wheels for everyone But no one remembers the task. You create the happiness You drag the brush! With your magic touch We make the colourful thrush. What do you get o ye potter? When you sell your wares Do you smile at the coins you receive Or feel satisfied when we hold your creation with care. You add to our golden heritage The rich tradition you uphold, You are the one who we should thank But no one turns back and refers to you Once your products are sold.

Nandika Bhutoria 7E

KAVYA KHAITAN 8 Craft work done by Chetna Chajjer 7D



Best Friend Forever

Dawn to Dusk

When the sunrays fall on the wooden floor On the spot here you’d lie akes me remember you’re no more And then I feel to cry. I still hear you at the hall Jumping and catching your favourite ball I each day go to the place Where your feeding dish used to be And, sometimes, coming home from school, I miss you terribly. I miss your fur’s mushy smell I miss you when I see your calling bell I’ll rap the priceless memories ith you In the quilts of my love And keep them for you my friend Until we reunite above. Although time may bring new friends And another feeding dish to fill That special place in my heart Belongs to you, and it forever will!

I woke up, I jumped out of bed Shaking and trembling out of fear But then I realized, it was just a dream And nothing worth a fear. Suddenly something caught my eye It was a sparkling radiant sky With sprightly colours, orange and red Which reminded me of the warm sun kissed bed So calm and peaceful, the state of solitude oon flickered by…I ish it continued. The hustling bustling day began And as it passed, the chaos too ran The colours were back again, so enchanting I again wished it to be everlasting I stood as if in trance Not ready to miss a single chance.

Hriday Nebhnani 8 B

Omkar Mukhopadhyay 8 A

Ritkriti Jalan of 7 E displaying her abstract art



BUSY AT THE AIRPORT (Never a dull moment!)


Last year on our way to Delhi the flight got delayed. My mother got busy with her knitting as usual. I did not read a book for a change. I started looking at the people in the airport. There was a wide exhibit of varied emotions. Even now, when I am thinking of that afternoon it brings a smile to my face. That afternoon, I saw a man in a turban with a box in hand, running after a lady. As she stopped, the man sat on his knees and took out a ring and offered it to her. She smiled and jumped in joy. I looked around. Everyone had a smile on their faces. As I moved to my right near the gate, my eyes fell upon an old lady with a baby in her lap. She was in tears as she had to bid goodbye to her grandchild. I think the baby was going to some other city to live. I got up for a walk. I walked ahead and saw a few college students having a good time. It seemed to be their first trip without their parents. I was eavesdropping. Hmmmm, when do I get to go, I thought. I went back to my mom. She was busy talking to a co passenger. They both looked glum as if the world has come to an end. I eavesdropped again. They were talking about their own children and how they were performing in the school. Oh! goodness gracious. It was time for me to go to the restroom to get a breather.

Shakyo Roy 8 F KRISHNA SARAF 8 F



Shakyo Roy 8 F

Bijetree Ray 8F



কর োনো অতিমো ী এতিঠ ওতিঠ

ইচ্ছা ছিল ২০২০-তে বাছষিক পরীক্ষার পর মা-বাবার সঙ্গে ডু য়াঙ্গসি ঘুরঙ্গে যাব। ছকন্তু ো আর হঙ্গয় উঠল না কঙ্গরানা ভাইরাঙ্গসর অছেমারীর জনয। জানা তেল কঙ্গরানা ভাইরাঙ্গসর ‘মহামারী’ ‘অছেমারী’তে রুপান্তছরে হঙ্গয়ঙ্গি। এই অছেমারী তযন মানবজাছের অগ্রেছেঙ্গক হঠাৎ কঙ্গর থাছমঙ্গয় ছিঙ্গয়ঙ্গি। পৃছথবী তযন হঠাৎ থমঙ্গক তেঙ্গি। কলকারখানা, অছিস, তিাকান, ইস্কু ল সব বন্ধ। লকডাউঙ্গনর সময় রাস্তায় তবঙ্গরাঙ্গল অদ্ভু ে এক ছিহরঙ্গে ো ছিরছির কঙ্গর উঠে। তকান োছিঙ্গঘািা তনই রাস্তায়, তিাকানপাট সব বন্ধ, িু-চার জন পথচারীঙ্গক যাও বা তিখা তযে োও োঙ্গির মুখ মাস্ক ছিঙ্গয় ঢাকা। তটছলছভিান খুলঙ্গল তয খবরটা সবার আঙ্গে তচাঙ্গখ পিে ো হল – তি​ি তি​িান্তঙ্গর কেজন কঙ্গরানা ভাইরাঙ্গস আক্রান্ত আর কেজন মৃে, পছরযায়ী শ্রছমঙ্গকরা ছনঙ্গজঙ্গির পছরবার তিঙ্গি অনয রাঙ্গজয ছকভাঙ্গব তকানক্রঙ্গম ছিন গুজরান করঙ্গি। কাঙ্গজর অভাঙ্গব ছিন মজুরঙ্গির িু-তবলা খাবার জুটে না। এঙ্গহন অবস্থাঙ্গে মঙ্গন হে – তয প্রকৃ ছে মাঙ্গক আমরা ছিঙ্গনর পর ছিন ছনযিােন কঙ্গর এঙ্গসছি, অবঙ্গহলা কঙ্গর এঙ্গসছি, তস তযন ভীষে তরঙ্গে প্রছেঙ্গিাধ ছনঙ্গচ্ছ। লকডাউঙ্গনর এই ভয়ানক অবস্থাঙ্গে প্রকৃ ছে তযন ছনঙ্গজঙ্গক আবার সুন্দর কঙ্গর সাছজঙ্গয় ছনল। ে​োয় আবার কঙ্গর তিখা ছিল ডলছিঙ্গনর িল। আমার বাছির পাঙ্গি তহছটিংস োঙ্গডিঙ্গন ইিাছনিং তকান পাছখ-ই আসে না তেমন। তসখাঙ্গন আবার কঙ্গর ছভি কঙ্গর এল টিয়াপাছখর ঝা​াঁক। োঙ্গির োঢ় সবুজ রঙ আর বউ-কথা কও-এর মধুর কণ্ঠ সকাঙ্গল মনটাঙ্গক ভাল কঙ্গর তিয়। একছিন সকাঙ্গল িাঙ্গি উঙ্গঠ তিছখ োঙ্গি োঙ্গি বারঙ্গবট তখলঙ্গি। োই এখন ভাবঙ্গল মঙ্গন হয়, কঙ্গরানা অছেমারী তযমন একছিক তথঙ্গক আমাঙ্গির ছবিাল ক্ষছে কঙ্গরঙ্গি তেমনই অপরছিক তথঙ্গক তযন আমাঙ্গির ছিক্ষা ছিঙ্গয়ঙ্গি ছকভাঙ্গব নেু ন কঙ্গর বা​াঁচঙ্গে হয়, প্রকৃ ছে মাঙ্গক যত্ন ছনঙ্গে হয়, পছরষ্কার পছরিহন্নো বজায় তরঙ্গখ ছকভাঙ্গব জীবনযাপন করঙ্গে হয়। • তকারক হাজরা সপ্তম তশ্রেী; ছবভাে-ক












The First Online Intra School Yoga Competition was held on 21st November 2020 External judges were invited to judge the performance .Students of classes 6-8 participated in the Competition Anurag Singh, Prateek Chindalia and Lakshyya Jaiswal from senior school participated in yoga display, each student performed with zeal and enthusiasm Shreya Bhartia, Ritsika Chamaria and Devanshi Agarwal secured 1st, 2nd & 3rd position respectively. In the Boys category, Ayush Mandal, Nabh Mittal and Ranveer Singh Chopra secured 1st, 2nd & 3rd position respectively. The event ended with words of motivation and encouragement from the judges and the Principal.



On the Streets of Rajasthan Sitting under the mango tree, Thinking what can I do when free. Movies with Nachos and Popcorn, But have an allergy from when I was born. On this blooming sunny day, Thought of going somewhere on the way. Oh! What about going to the fair? Along with this fresh air. I see how the vibrant colours, Fly up high in the sky. It was like a wonderland full of care, But there was no time to stand and stare. I see how the amusing rides moving round and round, Something to eat, there I found. There were different zones of crafts and games, To win something, I have to claim. There I see small makeshift stalls, Seemed no less impressive than the shops in shopping malls. Umbrellas, tents, giant wheels all around Got lost in the hustle and bustle sound. Noticed one child with a firki in his hand, And the sugarcane juice, oops so heavenly to taste …. mind you, no brand While the people enjoying being together, Happiness and smiles around their faces gather. Potters making pots, Amazed me with their designs and dots. Sitting beside the banyan tree, So immersed in the work, no desire to be free. Listening to the tune of ektara, Soaked in the music I roamed . A visit so unplanned, And people who had not been, Will fail to understand.

Manya Tandon 8 F



Students continued learning in these unprecedenting times.... Chitraganda Bagaria 6B She has started a YouTube Channel during lockdown period, called Budding Bookworms relating to books which she has read. 1.A link to her first video is attached below: 2. Harry Potter Trivia 3.Suggested five books to read during the lockdown.

4.Budding bookworms Sukhjeet Singh 7C A You Tube Channel dedicated to artwork by Sukhjeet Singh. Sukhjeet's Youtube Channel link Vaani Taparia 7E ‘’ closed all means of communication. This is when I took BLOG WRITING as my hobby. Writing has always been a friend of mine during the lockdown we became even more closer. The school's LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT classes helped me . I was made aware of the mistakes I was making. Our teachers told me about doors of improvement which were open and how I could walk through them. ‘’ Vaani to blogger V_t09



Students continued learning in these unprecedenting times.... Tanvi Shah 7E Started her YouTube channel ‘’During this lockdown we all got the time and opportunity to find out our hidden talents. When the lockdown first started I was really bored as school, coaching and activity classes were closed. There was plenty of time which had been wasted. My school conducted online activity classes such as art and craft, drawing and dancing and many more which was a great inspiration for me to take forward my interests. As time went by I found a new way to share my skills with my friends. I started my first Youtube channel made content of dance, drawing and instrumental videos and uploaded it on my YouTube channel. It has indeed made me more confident.’’ Shaivi Kumar 7D Participated in multiple online events and earned many certificates: 1.National Poetry Competition organized by Sunbeam School- Second Position 2.BricsMath Competition organized by Dragon Learn- Achievement Certificate 3.Vawsum’s Singing Idol Competition- Third Position 4.Vawsum’s Young Actors Championship- Third Position 5.Vawsum’s Poetry Recitation Competition- Second Position

Literacy through Language Shack Students from Classes VI & VII began to support the teaching of English Language to the Scholars



Senior School Change is constant The Covid- 19 pandemic has brought a dynamic transformation globally. Due to the Covid - 19, schools are shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed drastically with the distinctive rise of e -learning and digital platforms. As educators, our journey during this period was not smooth. Initially, it was a challenge for me as I was not equipped with the new technology. Slowly and steadily, I became acquainted with the techniques and through different platforms of virtual teaching, things became easier for me gradually. In this 21st century, both physical and online education can be a better way to build up the academic skills of a child in the near future.

हर पल कुछ सीख दे जाए पल कुछ जीवन में ऐसे आते हैं , जो जाते-जाते बहुत बडी सीख दे जाते हैं | ननराशा के क्षण वे साथ अवश्य लाते हैं , पर इं सान को खुद की ही शक्ति से पररचय करवा जाते हैं |

Sanchita Mukherjee Level Coordinator Class XII

स्वाति घोषाल तहन्दी तिभाग

जब भी प्रकृनत हम पर क़हर ढाती है , उससे पहले वह इं सान को इस कानबल बना जाती है , नक वह हर वार का सामना कर सके, धैयय और साहस से हर परे शानी का हल ननकाल सके | नवश्वास खुद पर से कभी न उठने पाए प्रश्न ऐसा कोई नहीं भव में, नजसका जवाब न ढूँ ढा जाए | हर नवकट पररक्तथथनत से हम, नवजयी होकर ननकलेंगे आत्मनवश्वासऔर नये अनुभव लेकर जीवन को बेहतर बनाएूँ गे |



My Virtual Journey March, 2020. Time seemed to have come to a standstill. We were all in the clutches of an unknown Pandemic. Terror, anxiety and uncertainty spread across the globe. However life continued in Sri Sri Academy. Teachers and students geared up for a new virtual journey, all for the sake of teaching- learning/ caring and for imparting values. My life took a turn for ‘ he Road Not aken’. It has been a very challenging and a novel experience. My initial lesson online in Literature, in class XII with some impressions of hand written resource material to conducting the first Unit Test online and gradually the more professional rather refined growth, has been unique at each step. The greatest challenge was not to shed a tear when informed about the fatal outcome of the disease that struck a near or dear one, a friend or a colleague but to continue being a facilitator. The objective was-'I am still breathing. I cannot stop yet!’ The changing platforms from Zoom to Google Meet to Microsoft Teams, hosting the Inter-House Debate Online, Chairing another memorable Debate online at Sisir Utsav 2020 or judging our very own, Literary Club Debate, taught me that learning never comes to an end. WhatsApp groups were formed and gradually the entire machinery started functioning online. Be it virtual school events, extra-curricular activities or classroom teaching, there was no stopping us. I will cherish forever the Teachers'Day programme, 2020, arranged by my class/our students for me/us in the face of all adversities, just to see us happy. My students made me feel so very loved and wanted. That has been the need of the hour. Saturday morning guided Kriya across the screen saw to my solace that the mind seeks while constant webinars, counselling sessions with our students and trying to guide my Department through the academic paraphernalia kept me engrossed. I will remain ever grateful to my colleagues for seeing to the flag of team work hoisted high and mighty. The crisis taught me to accept changes, to become acquainted with an expected new world and to gracefully balance my personal and professional demands/commitments. Not that I have enjoyed every minute but all of a sudden I realised, more than ever before:-

‘ he Kingdom of od is Within ou'- Leo Tolstoy. Parama Mitra Teacher-in-charge English Department XI and XII



Magic of E-Learning





DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY Unlearning the learning The outbreak of the pandemic and consequent lockdown had challenged all the regularities of life. The role of a technology troubleshooter in using the online platforms like Zoom and Edmodo and then a shift to the platforms like Google meet , Google class room, Microsoft Teams was a challenging task in front of each one of us. The major concern was to make the students comfortable in this new teaching-learning system. Constant interaction with the students to keep the classroom connection alive and activities to keep them involved was a point in focus. The continuous brainstorming on the best method to evaluate their learning was done. However, apart from all the challenges I would say that the year 2020 had appeared as a teacher in front of the teachers, making us learn new technologies, creating a better bond through constant team work with the fellow teachers-students and parents, getting enriched through several webinars arranged by the school, evolving new ideas to make distant learning more fruitful.

Ms Sangita Ganguly Subject coordinator Department: Geography









Reminiscence and Contemplation It’s been almost a year I haven’t seen, talked or shared happy moments with my students and fellow colleagues ‘offline’. Seems like a decade since I have sat at my work station or in the library. Often I reminiscence entering the classroom and drawing geographical features on the green board and end up smiling at the memories of the buzzing noises for which the students used to get scolded. It is in these moments I realize the invisible threads that binds me with my school. I saw somewhere that a school in India engaged a Robo-teacher for teaching. I was surprised to see the technological wonder and it’s working. The traditional teacher within me put me in a dilemma that whether the hi-tech teacher can replace a human teacher in classroom ? Life has taught us a lot during past few months. The entire teacher fraternity went through a transformation and during this journey we all have become more enlightened, confident and tech savvy. Things which seemed to be difficult and impossible turned to be so easy just like making 2 minutes Maggi. We all are now thorough with online platforms, online classes, online whiteboard, online assembly, webinars, online workshops, online PTM…an endless list. However, we have also learnt that this asn’t to be a solo journey, sometimes requesting help from our family members, friends, colleagues and even our students who were very generous and surely patient regarding this matter. What’s life without struggles and hence I will like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude towards each and everyone from who I learnt my life’s lessons.

Sayantani Dutta



Legacy of learning continues....

A teacher facilitates and a student inherits the Legacy….



ISA DEBATE Assignment 7 concluded with a debate on the motion ‘ rofit is identified entirely with money, as distinct from the real profit of living with dignity and elegance in beautiful surroundings’(Alan Watts).This was conducted on Zoom on Saturday, 13 th June, 2020. Ms. Diti Mookherjee, noted environmentalist officiated as Chief Guest and Ms. Paramjeet Kaur, Mr. Stephen De Souza and Mr. Anupam Banerjee comprised the panel of judges. Chief Guest






The debate was keenly contested the proposition carrying the motion. Dhriti Kumar of Class XI A was declared the Best Speaker and Poonam Baid of Class XI E was the Runner-Up.





Sagnik Banerjee

Km Shristi Kejriwal

Ayush Sarda

Gautam Bhansali

Anjali Agarwal

Akansha Singh




Smriti Khaitan

Akshat Agarwal

Akshita Lal

Gaurav Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

Roshni Agarwal

Sharanya Neogi

Meha Jain

Khushi Nahata

Trisha Mukhopadhyay




Amitosh Chatterjee

Dhriti Kumar

Soumya Walia

Khushi Nahata

Shubh Pundir

Akshat Goswami

Kanak Bhimsaria

Rahil Shah

Vanij Berry

Shreya Agarwal

Vidhi Patel

Tanesha Choraria

Poonam Baid

Meha Jain

Hashita Upadhyay

Nitya Sikaria

Panshull Choudhary

Ritika Bothra

Aryan Bose

Isha Nevatia

Shivraj Bhardwaj

Raghav Khandelwal Ananya Choudhury Shubhangi Dutta

Mahi Agarwal

Racchet Shah





MUN 2020

Mr. Atri Bhattacharya, Additional Chief Secretary Secretary Consumer Affairs, West Bengal





The Shishir Utsav The cherry on the cake was the Inter School Competition in various disciplines amongst all the SSRVM school children, which marked the beginning of the Christmas and Winter break.



Gardening and Nature club The club which had started with the goal of conserving and inculcating the spirit of love and care for Mother Nature had turned out to be a boon to the Srians during this pandemic. Sri Sri Academy students had actively participated in various activities on the virtual platform during 2020 which not only helped them to remain engaged during the crisis but also took their hobby and passion to the next generation of gardening practices.

Anushka Roy 9 F

Kushaj V Iyer 10 A

Ayush Kothari 10 F

Keshav Gupta 9 F



Photography club With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, people were restricted to the four walls of their houses, unable to meet each other or go to school or their respective workplaces. This left us all perplexed and bored at house. During this time every aspect of our lives took an online form, and so did our activity classes. Being in the photography club , the online classes gave me time to hone this skill . With the help of our mentor Shubham sir, we learnt about cameras, lenses, editing, exposure triangles, focus, depth of field and other related topics. The continuous assignments given to us during class gave us a chance to implement what we had learnt practically.

Aanya Mishra 9A















Ishan Sinha 8 C



Krishlaya Bhagat 8 D

Naman Agarwal 8 D




Gauri Bothra 6 D

Aadya Gupta 6 E

Srinjoy Bose 8 E

Vaani Taparia 7 E

Chitrangda Bagaria 6 B

Chitrangda Bagaria 6 B



DTL/WOODCRAFT Welcome to Design and Technology lab. DTL is all about Design and creativity. Here students learn different woodcraft and creative work. We try to design and create different products using wood and metal. The whole concept of this subject is to make the students more creative and imaginative and making self sufficient in making new things and repairing old things. Here, they learn new and important life skills which are going to benefit them over the period of time. Here students learn skills like sketching, cutting, wood working, finishing, basic electrical works etc. They also learn using different tools and machine like hammer, saw, filers, drilling machines, routers etc.

Notes from Students Delnaz Rajan 9 F DTL is place where we turn our thaught into real object. We are given interesting topics and an opportunity design the same using our creativity. Then we choose most aesthetic and practical design to craft out of wood. During the lockdown woodcraft was not posible doing at our home, so instead we got busy making prototypes out of household items like cardboard, paper etc. Now moving into my experiene with the subject, I had never came across woodcraft as a subject but seemed intrguing. I love doing craft as such and very soon DTL became one of my favourite classes. My experience with this DTL has been Postive and enjoyable. lastly I would like to thank Nitesh Sir for ever encouraging my creativity and helping me enhance my work.

Urvi Lalwani 9 F My journey of DTL has been quite interesting and great learning experience. here I learnt about ideating and designing new things. Here I have designed clean-touch, lights and Organizer. I thoroughly enjoyed the class even it was online. DTL for me is a life skill learning class.

Rajveer 9 C The COVID-19 pandemic wrecked havoc in all our lives. Online school and online games made us crave human interaction. In all this DTL is like whiff of fresh air. The handwork thai is entailed in DTL, albeit under the online guidance of Nitesh Sir and Sangeeta Ma'am has been source of happy engagement within the confines of our home in this trying times. The miniature structures made by us were highly appreciated by our peers. The possibility of turning crisis into opportunity has been the biggest education that we gained this year.





Shaurya Jain 6 E - Placemats

Mahi Lalwani 6 D

Jiya Bhansaly 7 D - Piggy Bank

Uditi Neotia 7 B - Tissue Box



Manya Tandon 8 F - Wall Hanging

Vivaan Agarwal 6 A - Wall Hanging Nikhar Bardia 8 A - Shelf

Jiya Bhansali 7 D - Book Cupboard



Samriddhi Agarwal 7 D - Desk Organizer

Vatsala 7 A - Dream Catcher

Yatharth Kedia 7 C

Nandika 7 E - Drawer

Vivaan Agarwal 6 A - Tic Tac Toe

Dhwai Tantia 6 E - Placemat



Literary Club The Literary Club of Sri Sri Academy believes in passion for literature and language. It helps to build each and every skill that allows its members to be good orators, columnists and debaters. Every Friday, the members meet to share their opinions on many publications, movies, current affairs. They choose to be both supporters and critics of major issues that they feel they should voice their opinion on. The forum is more than just a club to us; it is and shall always be a team, a place to resonate as today’s youth who essentially contribute their insights on politics, books, poems and most importantly, life. We realise, discover and learn simultaneously and that keeps us thriving, every week enabling us to come up and speak our minds on the platform.



Chess Club From the chess club, we have learned many openings in chess and tactics of chess. We have developed our planning skills from this club. We also play a tournament each Sunday to analyze our performance. We have improved our chess performance a lot after joining the chess club. Ishaan Daftari, Mehul Agarwal - 9A



MUN Club Learning outcome of the Club It helps attain knowledge about world affairs • builds up social skills • develops public speaking skills • boosts confidence in expressing your thoughts and Ideologies • helps one to learn diplomacy • enhances leadership qualities • hones critical thinking abilities • teaches one how to deal with problems

Shlok Mansinka (Class XI A) , Vice President of the Club How online activity classes helped to develop their skills and creativity? 1. MUN online connects people who can’t travel in ways they never could for in-person MUN. 2. Committees of delegates and teams of chairs who would never have met in real life will have the opportunity to work together. 3. Online MUN allows for a greater frequency of these teams to meet and create. 4. The chances for connection and collaboration between students from all over the world has never been greater. 5. The opportunity to do MUN from home will removes obstacles some have with doing MUN more often and at less cost.

Vishesh Mehra (Class XII D) , President of the Club



Quiz Club Under the aegis of Mr. Barry Antunis, the Quiz Club, SSA, Kolkata organised the Inter-house Quiz Competition in June 2020 where Shakti house emerged as winners. During club meetings, students were encouraged to present the weekly news bulletin . They also took turns to host quizzes on various topics before the other members of the club. This helped students to enhance their confidence and stage presence. In October 2020, Koushik Mahapatra (IX C) and Aditya Sengupta (VIII E) represented SSA, Kolkata at the INTACH Quiz and qualified for the Kolkata finals. Ishan Sinha (VIII C), Krishnendu Roy (IX C) and Mitadru Dasgupta (VIII E) participated in the CHC (Calcutta Heritage Collective) Quiz and tested their quizzing acumen. The reins of the club were taken over by Mr. Ranjan Bhattacharya in January 2021 who has been hosting quizzes for the students in the form of Powerpoint presentations and also shares trivia. Students are encouraged to clarify their doubts and queries. -ISHITA BHATTACHARYA and SHREYA RAKSHIT



Art Club “ rt can never be bound within boundaries” This statement is very appropriate in this situation. Even when going through these hard times, our school has arranged the art classes so that the Srians can continue to practice art and drawings at a regular basis. It is extremely resourceful and joyful for us while attending these classes every friday, where we get to learn many new and variant crafts models, drawing in different mediums, paper works and other techniques like how to make new objects out of the minimal things available at our home like waste, old newspapers, paper mache, old magazines etc. Our art teachers have always made sure to teach us crafts with the materials that are easily available at our home so we do not have to go out. Through these classes students are able to continue their practice of art and craft even while sitting home and under the perfect observation of our respected art teachers. It is an enjoyable hour every friday for the students to be able to attend these art classes and learn new things every week.

Ashmita Nandy Art and Craft club is a very interactive class. It is full of colours and creativity.It is a place where we can unleash our creative side. this class helps us to learn different drawing techniques and make the ‘best out of aste’. I would like to thank the teachers for making the class engaging, fun and interactive and would also like to thank them for encouraging us.

Dhriti Rai 10 C

Dhriti Rai 10 C

Ashmita Nandy 11



Dhriti Rai 10 C

Gayatri Barik – VI A



Heritage Club

THOUGHTS FOR THE HERITAGE WEEK I am Omkar Mukhopadhyay, from 8A, a part of the Heritage Group. This time we had the virtual heritage week meet, where I came across many new and unknown facts. History being one of my favourite subjects, I greatly cherished the meets with all the guests, as I enriched myself with all the knowledge, they imparted. Also, I was greatly privileged to give the synopsis of the movie, “ alcutta onata” made by the Indian director, Subha Das Mollick. It was a merry time spent, with gathering of knowledge and question answer rounds with the guests. I never knew the rich cultural part of Calcutta before seeing the various religious communities of Calcutta. In all, it was a superb learning and funfilled session, without making us realise the pandemic and virtual classes. There goes a saying at this time, “We always are together, never apart; Maybe in distance, but never in heart.” Omkar Mukhopadhyay 8 A



The Heritage Club of Sri Sri Academy aims to create awareness and participation in heritage related activities among the students and to lay a strong foundation of respect for all heritage, love for the past and a deep understanding of its role in defining our identity today. In pre-Covid times, students participated in heritage walks, arranged a crafts mela and undertook other hands-on activities; in 2020 we organized a variety of online events to celebrate the rich history of Kolkata and its diverse communities. A core group of senior school members led the “ eritage at Home “event on 29.08.20, where our middle school students exhibited their family artifacts. The event was very popular and we organized it once more at the Shishir Utsav for all Sri Sri schools on 21.12.2020.In early November, we interacted with senior citizens of Support Elders, and learned about the heritage of our city through their memories. World Heritage Week (19-25.11.20) saw us taking students on a virtual tour of old Calcutta, watching a film on the city's musical heritage and listening to experts give ideas for future heritage-related careers. Our weekly meetings saw students develop their communication skills through presentations and quizzes on themes such as heritage of food, sports, haunted heritage sites and olkata’s local heritage. Our club hopes to take this love and respect for our past to others, through dynamic and vibrant events. Let us make this a student led movement that spills out of our boundaries.

Ms. Vipasha Chakraborty













ATL Club



Cooking Club





Film Editing Club Through the film editing club we got to learn skills of editing films that may help in future. Through this club we got to know, how films were made during 1890s and how films are made in the present. Partha Sarathi Parida, IX C Even during this pandemic our school took initiative to provide us the opportunity to learn new things through club activities, I joined film editing club, where I learned to trim videos, add effects etc... Each class we learnt something new, took part in some competitions in online the platform. Aditya Rana XC

Editing was my one of the dreams to do and I got opportunity to do this wonderful activities after these 5-6 months of film editing now I am able to do editing from my laptop and i am loving this activity. Yashvardhan Agarwal IX E



Robotics Club

Raunak Gupta 8 F Water Level Alarm

Rishon - Motion Sensor Saubhagya Roy 7 D - Soil Moisture Sensor



Taanish Shah

Debangsh Dutta

Kushagra Dheer - Traffic Light

Soham Somani



Siddharth sinha 6 D

Divyam Shangari

Yash Bhura 8 E



Dear SSA Team I am writing this mail just to Congratulate all the Team Members of SSA for "Srikiran Book". It gives full information about "what the school is doing"?

Bouquets for SSA

I highly appreciate the overall activities covered by school for all children. I would recommend to circulate the highlights of "Srikiran" in social media also so that more people come to know about the activities and care taken by school for the growth and development of all children. Generally, anything negative news/information is distributed in whats app/facebook like fire. But here i feel that School's hard work which is reflected in "Srikiran" should also be distributed in social media apps. It is really worth for noticing by all the people connected with school or without school also. As a parent, it makes by duty also to reflect the good work of school to the people whom i know worth giving the information distribute through social media. Samir Kumar Shah. 9830405060



Dear ma’am, It has been quite intriguing for me to watch my daughter, argue with me as to why she should not miss school, specially since we used to jump at whatever small excuse we could find to skip school during our growing up days. As most parents would, we keep taking feedback from rısha on the various school actıvıtıes and also on the conduct of teachers and fellow students and as usual rısha would always praise the school and ıts teachers, teaching methods, activity classes,the encouragements and the list could go on. Even though we observed a very steady progress ın her all round skills ever since she became a rıan, all this was becoming a bit too much and I wondered that maybe, she was exaggerating and was very dıffıcult to understand that how can she be so appreciative of her school, as we too had been to good schools but always had complaints ready. Then corona pandemic happened, and very swiftly virtual classes were started. It was a very new concept and the numerous doubts and reservations we mıght have had regarding ıt, were set aside and we saw how quickly everyone transitioned from the real to the virtual world. Thanks to the school for the very s ıft conceptualization and effective implementation of the same. On top of ıt, we as parents were getting to see first hand how beautifully all the subjects were being taught. I must make a special mention of you, Tabassum ma,am, you have been a great teacher and mentor and have had a very profound impact on rısha. We understood from where all that appreciation was coming from as we could see ıt happening ınfront of us, so rısha was not exaggerating, and also understood the reason why she does not want to miss school. All other subject teachers were also very good and worth appreciating and very meticulous ın theır teaching methods. Unlıke other students, rısha devotes a lot of hours to her badmınton and fitness class which leaves her with relatively less time for studies. But by attending regular onlıne classes which were conducted so nicely and studying on her own she has done pretty well. I think looking at the success of the online classes, the school should not completely do away with the virtual classes ın the days to come, It has been really effective and we completely support ıt. I thank all the teachers, Mrs.Bansal and principal ma,am for making the wonder years of the student’s really wonderful and can only wish that we too had a school and teachers like you ın our formative years. Wıth warm regards, Anand Agarwal Father of rısha agarwal Class 8B





Corrigendum – Sri Sri Awards Though the previous year magazines were highly appreciated, however, we regret the omission of the Sri Sri Award winners of the year 2018-19. Our heartiest congratulations as we add their names. ELAKSHI VAIBHAV ADITI PERIYAR AFSA ISLAM JAHNAVI GUPTA AISHANI BAJAJ AVIKA JALAN MEHEK AGARWAL VIDUSHI KEDIA SHLOK MOHTA VIDHAN AGARWAL

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And the journey continues.. With Srikiran… E-Magazine 2020-21



From the desk of the Editors… The indomitable Srian spirit was in evidence throughout the Academic Year 2020-21, as Covid raged the world over and shut down schools physically… The trio of editors juggled between official duties, classes, corrections and editing as they captured SSA during Covid Times…. A school that could retain the smiles on the faces of their children as they continued to extend a helping hand elsewhere… The E-Srikiran is the first virtual school magazine collated in a month’s time with contributions from the entire school. The preceding newsletters were researched and compiled by different departments of the school in an attempt to compile our exciting and tumultuous journey this year. Thus the virtual Renaissance that occurred has been documented for posterity.

Suvina Shunglu. Chief Editor, Srikiran 2020-21.

Swarna Ravee

Anamica Singh

Sumbul Ahmad



In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer. - Albert Camus

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