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>Start Session >New Order >Select Item >Select Sauce >Pay Now >Cash >Debit/Credit >Waived >Pay Later >Inventory >Send Restock Alert >Update Quantity >History >Current Session >Day >Week >End Session >Magnify Order >Paid >Not Paid >Delete Order >Ditched >Food Prepared >Food Not Prepared >Refund >Food Prepared >Food Not Prepared >Order Processed >Edit Order >Add Items >Delete Items >Twitter Notification >Edit Menu >Magnify Item >Edit Item >Hide Item >Reveal Item >Delete Item >Item Stats >Add Item >Connect to Inventory >Review Connections >Accept Connections >Inventory >Send Restock Alert >Update Quantity >Add Item >History >Sales >Inventory >Employee >Facebook >Twitter >Foursquare >Settings >Security >User List >Restock Alert >Financial Report >Inventory Report >Twitter Notification >Facebook Notification >Foursquare Check-In >Set Time Limits >Twitter Notification >Facebook Notification >Foursquare Notification

Fry Baby Administrative App iPad

Sam Watson Interactive Design

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Structure of app.

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