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Dear Parent/Carer, I am delighted to write a foreword to the first newsletter of this academic year. This has been a very busy half term as you will see from the wide range of additional learning opportunities students have participated in. Thank you to those parents who were able to join us on a tour of the new build recently and I take this opportunity to remind parents that introductory chapter evenings will be held during the spring term when we are settled in our new accommodation. I am pleased to report that we are nearing the final stage of completion and are looking forward to our fantastic

new facilities. The hoardings are now being removed, revealing the chapters on the Upper Boundstone Lane side (Curie, Nightingale and Mandela) and I am pleased to share with you the logos designed by students and worked up by a professional graphic artist, which will feature prominently within the new build. I do hope you will enjoy reading this first edition of 201112. Yours sincerely Mrs C Bailey Principal


Literacy is defined as the four strands of language; reading, writing, speaking and listening.

What makes me read? I love to read in my spare time. One of the main reasons I like to read is because it takes you away from the real world and you enter the world of whichever book you are reading. You can almost escape from yourself and become one of the characters in the book and I love the feeling that you are someone else. Reading also teaches me things, and at first you don’t even realise you know it until it comes up in a conversation

Author Charlie Higson On Monday, a group of SRWA boys were thrilled to be taken across to Worthing High School to meet Charlie Higson, author of the ‘Young Bond’ series of high action thrillers and his new venture into the world of Zombies and the

Sir Robert Woodard Academy

and you suddenly realise that you know it. For example, I was reading a book and they were saying how the singer Buddy Holly was killed in a plane crash. I like Buddy Holly music and it taught me something I didn’t know about him. The main reason I like to read, however, is because it takes you into another world and makes you into a different person. Until someone disturbs you that is... by Lois Wakeford - 9DHI

undead; ‘The Enemy’, ‘The Dead’ and ‘The Fear’. The boys were all recommended by their English teachers to attend, and were transfixed as the opening video clip of Charlie Higson, dressed as a drooling zombie complete with pus and staring eyes got the atmosphere tense… until the zombie’s droning of ‘Bite, bite!’ turned into the command ‘Buy it, buy it!’ re the newest book!


Charlie introduced his talk with references to the very first ghost, vampire and zombie books written by Shelley, Byron and friends who met up in Italy in the summer of 1816 and were forced to stay indoors due to a volcanic eruption that had blotted out the sun for months and created all kinds of weird phenomena in the weather and landscape around them. They spent their time making up scary stories and so Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein story came into being. Charlie

talked about his three sons and how he felt challenged to write a series of books that would scare them. ‘The Enemy’ features a disease that rapidly attacks everyone in the UK over the age of 14, so that they either die, or become zombies, and the children are forced to look after each other and try to find ways of escaping the roaming crowds of zombified adults – lots of blood guts and gore ensues. After the talk, Charlie stayed on to sign any books the boys had, and for a photocall. All in all, a very interesting and worthwhile afternoon. Mrs S Waton LRC Manager

Author Kjartan Poskitt Since Kjartan got his engineering degree he has worked on children’s TV, presented science and maths programmes, warmed up thousands of studio audiences, toured his one man show, played a lot of pub pianos very loudly and been Widow Twankey, so we knew we were in for an exciting afternoon! We were delighted

that he could give us a whole afternoon of his mathematical madness, and our feeder schools Sompting Village Primary and the Globe Primary brought along their Sir Robert Woodard Academy

4 year 5 and 6 able mathematicians to the academy to join in the fun. Students from the top SRWA maths sets in years 7 8 and 9 helped to fill the school hall, ready for Kjartan’s Presentation. His style is a mixture of tricks, number crunching and amazing mathematical facts mixed up with active audience participation along with a joke-peppered delivery. Mrs Waton, LRC

Manager, said that the students responded very enthusiastically and many told her afterwards that they had enjoyed maths far more than they had expected to! Mr Redmayne, Director of Mathematics Specialism said that… “Our students need to understand that mathematics can be a fun subject and that it impacts on everything we do in life from using computers and mobile phones to weather forecasting. As part of the development of our new SRWA specialism I plan to organise several events each year to engage and excite all of our students. This session was

Sir Robert Woodard Academy

aimed at our Gifted and Talented students and our brightest primary students who will be starting in our new exciting facility in September 2012. Further events will be targeted at students who find mathematics challenging and struggle to engage with the subject. We are at the start of an exciting journey with my mathematics team, and the future will be a bright one for all of our students.” The Book Nook independent bookshop from Hove were on hand at the end of the event to sell some of the Murderous Maths books so that students could get Kjartan to sign them, and SRWA was pleased to present both the Globe and Sompting Village with complimentary sets of all Kjartan’s Murderous Maths series for their school libraries.


Author Cathy Cassidy

Cathy Cassidy, the ‘Queen of Teen’ fiction arrived in style at the Sir Robert Woodard academy today, along with some Year Six girls from North Lancing Primary School and all the Year 7 and Year 8 girls from the academy. The atmosphere in the Hall was electric as Cathy began to speak about her schooldays and the trouble she got into for daydreaming… she went on to say that daydreaming is something that we all do, and that is where stories come from. Cathy daydreams about a character or a situation and then gradually the story begins to form and she can then write it down. She showed slides of her writing shed in her Scottish garden, and talked a bit about the latest book in the chocolate box series: Marshmallow Skye. Cathy read part of a chapter from this book before taking questions from the audience. One of the most interesting questions was form Zoe Lynn who asked who she had based the character of Scarlett on; Cathy replied that she had

been partly inspired by a niece of hers who had struggled in secondary school, had gone off the rails a bit but ultimately was able to sort herself out, and so Scarlett’s story had a happy ending too. She did say that none of her characters were exactly like real people, as the story had a way of making itself unique. The Book Nook bookshop from Hove attended the event and sold plenty of Cathy’s books ready for the students to meet the author personally and have their books signed.

The North Lancing students had thoroughly enjoyed meeting Cathy; many said that the idea of daydreaming and using your imagination to write stories, and not necessarily needing to be top of the class had inspired them. Mrs Waton, manager of the Learning Resources Centre at SRWA thanked Cathy for coming all the way from Scotland to the south coast and being such an entertaining speaker.

Sir Robert Woodard Academy


On the 29th July 2011 I went on a walk with some family and friends, but this was not any walk - this was a walk for Help for Heroes. The walk that we did was 15 miles long and took us over the South Downs, along the River Adur and finally along the coast. We started at the academy at 9:30am and we finished

the walk at roughly 5:00pm at Beach Green, Lancing. The walk was very tiring but it was worth it! You will understand why it was worth it when you hear the final amount of money that we raised... We raised ÂŁ1,057.67 for Help for Heroes! This is a massive amount and I would like to say thank you to all of the people who sponsored us and the people who came on the walk, it would not have been possible without you! Simon Parker, 10MC

Enterprise Day 2011 On Friday 30th September 2011, Sir Robert Woodard academy undertook its second annual Enterprise Day. Aimed at developing a range of workrelated skills such as initiative, teamwork and leadership as well as giving students a taste of the issues encountered during a working day, each year undertook a different activity. We were supported on the day by a variety of external people, such as Sony, Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce, Brighton and Hove EBP, Sarah Papouis from Synergie, and Andy Brook. There were also a wide range of volunteers from around the Sir Robert Woodard Academy

local area. Students worked in groups to meet a brief. The briefs ranged from developing an online museum for the Lancing and Sompting area, marketing the new Sony Tablet, and developing a new tourist event for the summer. Feedback from our visitors on the day showed that they were very impressed with the level of creativity and initiative shown by SRWA students, and with how welcome they had been made to feel.


Chaplaincy Corner I think the smell of new paint and freshly laid carpet will forever be my first impression of our new academy building. Going round with prospective students and parents as part of our opening evenings, it was wonderful to feel the buzz and excitement about our future academy building. Despite getting lost on more than one occasion, I think once we move in the vibrant colour coded chapter wings will mean that even a directionally challenged person such as myself should be able to navigate without too much trouble! The prospect of being part of something new is both daunting and exciting. Newness offers an opportunity to start again; to try something different. Every morning I begin my day by saying Morning Prayer thinking about and praying for the students and staff of the academy. There is one line in that short service that I particularly like: “The night has passed, and the day lies open before us…”

we still never know quite what the day will hold. Perhaps we’ll discover something completely new about how the world works, or maybe we’ll be inspired by a piece of music, or perhaps we’ll achieve something for the first time. There is an ancient saying that you can never step into the same river twice; water is constantly flowing into it making the river new. I hope we can all see each new day as a gift to be cherished and make the most of all that lies before us. As part of the ongoing celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Nathaniel Woodard, SRWA one of the newest Woodard schools, joined with the oldest, Lancing College, for a live radio broadcast. BBC Radio 4 broadcast their Sunday Morning Worship live from Lancing Chapel on Sunday 6th November. SRWA students participated and Revd Wendy preached. Family and friends of the academy were also present for this auspicious occasion.

It’s a reminder that whatever has happened in the preceding days and weeks, today is a fresh start. Despite the fact that in education our lives are run by a timetable Sir Robert Woodard Academy


The final curtain before the new dawn! The classic children’s story, Wind in the Willows written by Kenneth Grahame and adapted for the theatre by John Morley comes to the academy this November. Meet Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad as they go on their journey through life, facing all of the obstacles in their way and overcoming them. It is a voyage of self-discovery and friendship. This adaptation captures the pace and energy of the original story and its unforgettable characters. It will also be another opportunity to witness the young people of the academy excelling themselves in talent, enthusiasm and commitment with their unique brand of ensemble playing.

The show starts at 7.00pm on the 22nd, 23rd and 25th November (4pm on the 24th) and will be the final performance in the academy Hall before we move to the new building in January. Tickets are £5 for adults and £4 for all concessions and are available from the academy reception: 01903 755 894 artsadmin@srwa. It promises to be an evening that you will never forget. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Junior Band is Open to Change. After nine years of going from strength to strength, the academy Junior Band is re-inventing itself and moving in a new direction. Under the visionary leadership of Laura Fauvel and with the indefatigable help of Becca Lieu, Tracy Wells and Karen Kennard, not to mention a legion of enthusiastic parents, on October

Sir Robert Woodard Academy

9 8th the Open Day welcomed many prospective band members and their parents to look around and experience the band. This followed visits to all the schools by members of the Junior Band teaching staff in the previous week and much excitement in the press. The Band does what it says on the tin: it is open to young people with an interest in learning to play an instrument while playing in a band. It is open to Years 4 to 6 and to anyone in the academy from year 7 upwards who would

Christmas Card competition being run to raise funds for the Band with a prize of a Ukulele and a £20 book token. For more details come along on Saturday morning to the Performing Arts block and pick up an entry form. The winners of the competition will be announced at the Band’s next concert at St Mary de Haura Church in Shoreham at Noon on Saturday 19th November. Come along and join the fun. This Band is going places

Our Wonderful Students -

Theatre for Children at Sompting Village and North Lancing Primary Schools

like to start. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to join in. From 9.30am to 12.30pm every Saturday morning there are music theory lessons and instrumental tuition as well as small ensemble work and the famous Band rehearsals.

Our Year 13 students performed two new pieces of Theatre for Children on the 6th and 7th October to Year 5 students at Sompting Village and North Lancing Primary Schools. We were enormously proud of their work and were delighted to receive the following email from Sarah Erratt-Rose, the Deputy Headteacher at Sompting Village.

This year the Band is being generously sponsored by Water Music of Worthing and Kenads Printers of Worthing. There is a

“I just wanted to drop a quick line to say a massive thank-you to your wonderful students. I thought their drama presentation Sir Robert Woodard Academy

10 was of an excellent standard, with both our pupils and staff alike appreciating the humour, good quality acting and serious messages provided for us. As for the workshops that followed: they were impeccable! The activities engaged our pupils perfectly and were definitely aimed very accurately for the Year 5 age group. Indeed, the pupils clearly found the work of your students inspiring, as they eagerly contributed orally. This may sound simple, but it isn’t, as this particular cohort is one we have to work very hard with, to enable them to contribute in this way. It is high praise to your students, that the children so readily joined in with their ideas and followed their instructions with absolute concentration and focus. Not only that, but they clearly thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

negative behaviours whatsoever. They showed great maturity and fantastic leadership skills, not to mention natural talent in so many ways. Thank-you to each and every

one of the group who attended Sompting Village Primary. Oh... and, of course, thank you to the staff, for enabling these important links with our school to happen.�

Post 16 Open Evening

Finally, I just wanted to thank your students, also, for their outstanding example. They were calm, friendly, polite and enthusiastic and demonstrated no Sir Robert Woodard Academy

We welcome all current year 11 students and their parents to a presentation and to a tour of some of our new facilities in the post 16 chapter and specialist areas of the academy.

Monday 14th November 6pm - 8pm

Enter via post 16 chapter entrance to the new build


Steel Band Hammers out Rhythms of Celebration The steel band goes from strength to strength. It barely seems possible that we have only had the equipment for nine months with the quality of music that they produce and the energy and commitment and joy that all of the band members display at every performance. Those who were lucky enough to attend the awards ceremony on the 29th September were not only treated to a beautifully choreographed Dance piece and an example of the humour and wit of the Drama Department on tour but a rousing tour de force by the steel band. The pans opened and closed the event and left everyone floating on a Caribbean high.

The Open Evenings on the 11th and 12th October were witness to a further example of the passion, dedication and skill of the steel pan players. The new building rang to the tunes of La Bamba

and Tequila and everyone who stepped inside the magnificent new Theatre immediately had a smile on their face. The site manager, Gareth Williams even joined in for an impromptu improvisation with the young people. What better way to celebrate the success of our students and the start of our new life in the new building than to gently calypso the night away?

Mr Tout Leaves (for the second time!) Ian Tout, Performing Arts Administrator at the Sir Robert Woodard academy bade farewell to us on the 30th September after nine years in the post. It is the second time he has left as Mr Tout was a student at Boundstone Community College before returning to work here. Mr Tout has left the academy to take up a new post as Programme Coordinator for Drama at the University of Sussex. He rejoined the former Boundstone Community College in September 2002 when the College first attained specialist performing arts college status. Mr Tout said “I’ve been involved in so many fantastic projects and events and I have so many

Sir Robert Woodard Academy

12 good memories of establishing groups like the Junior Band and Community Band, of coordinating major events like the Real Spaces Project involving students from all schools in Lancing and Sompting, professional musicians and a composer and which included getting a live recording made in Chichester Cathedral. I also really enjoyed coordinating the fantastic performing arts tours to destinations in the UK and to Worthing’s twin towns in France and Germany and Adur’s twin town in Poland”. “I am sad to be leaving some very good friends among the staff and also a great number of the students who I have seen grow up but it is time to move on. I know that the Performing Arts will continue to go from strength to strength as there is a great amount of dedication, skill and determination among the team that deliver Music, Drama and Dance and that they will carry on this important work for the benefit of everyone in Lancing and Sompting”.

ways he is the soul of this place and he will be sorely missed by staff and students alike.”

Director of Performing Arts, Guy Williams says, “We are delighted for Ian that he is taking such a significant step forward in his career. However, it is impossible to imagine what life at the academy will be like without him. In many Sir Robert Woodard Academy


Gifted and Talented Mathematics Report As part of the focus to develop our most able students we have undertaken a series of planned events for 2011-12. Top Set Year 10: Mr Ferguson Visit to Sussex University on 23rd September Our most able students in year 10 were invited to attend a seminar on University mathematics and discuss the possible career choices with a mathematics degree. A Level Year 13: Mr Jackson Visit to Sussex University on 15th October A team of our most able students are visiting the University as a training event leading to the Senior UKMT team maths challenge to be held at Lancing College next month.

Year 7 & 8: Mr Hill Junior UKMT Mathematics Challenge To be held in school on 26th April 2012 Year 9,10 & 11: Mr Hill Intermediate UKMT Mathematics Challenge To be he in school on 2nd February Year 12 & 13: Mr Jackson Senior UKMT Mathematics Challenge.

Please note students will be invited to participate and hopefully we will be successful where some students gain into the prestigious Europe-wide competition. Mr D Hill - Gifted and Talented Coordinator Mr N Redmayne - Director of Mathematics Specialism

Sir Robert Woodard Academy


On Tuesday 27th September six year 11 students were involved in an assessment of one of the Shoreham Outdoor Activity Centre staff. The boys were involved in a range of climbing activities whilst the instructor was being assessed by the County Assessor. Later that day Adam Tucknot, the Centre Manager, emailed me to say how impressed the instructor and the assessor were with the students.

On Wednesday 28th September the year 10/12 Volunteer Group visited the ‘new’ St Barnabus House in Worthing. Neil Francis showed the students around the impressive new building and they were invited to walk the famous ‘path of remembrance’. On Wednesday 12th October they visited Angmering School to work alongside a group of students who use wheelchairs, and on Wednesday 2nd November they will be visiting the ‘We play too’ centre at Brooklands. Further trips to the headquarters of Link Sir Robert Woodard Academy

Romania have been planned in the run up to the Christmas Shoebox appeal, and the group will be inviting several elderly local residents to the academy for lunch and musical entertainment.

On Thursday 29th September, staff, students, governors, friends and parents attended the 2011 Presentation Evening at the Worthing Pavillion Theatre. The evening was lit up by the musical, dramatic, dance and vocal talents of a range of students, and we were all proud of those students who were recognised for their commitment at the academy. Special thanks go to Mrs J. Richardson MBE, Chair of the Woodard Academies who gave the address on the evening.


On Friday 30th October staff at SRWA got together at break time to once again support the MacMillan Coffee morning; £30 will be finding its way to this worthwhile cause. Later that day the Worthing Churches Homeless officially opened their new shop in Durrington. Staff at SWRA will be pleased to know that the bikes that were donated have had a facelift and are now on sale in the shop. Any and all donations of all descriptions will be gratefully received. I am happy to act as go between.

The official launch of the SRWA/ Rotary Interact Club was on Thursday 6th October at 3.10pm4.00pm. Students from the academy were offered the opportunity to meet after school with the Worthing Steyne Rotary Club to launch the SRWA Interact Club. The group will then support a local good cause as well as an International Charity. For further details contact me. Next meeting is Thursday 20th October.

On Friday 7th October boys from year 8-13 were involved in the ‘Cancer - who me?’ programme of assemblies, taken by the Teenage Cancer Trust. Lyndsay Wilson delivered a very powerful presentation to the boys highlighting the need to consider their health on a daily basis. This was followed by an open event at Chesham House in Lancing where local partners met to exchange views on this very important issue.

A Business and Friends Breakfast was held on Friday 21st October at 7.30am and a wide range of community issues were discussed. If you would like to join us at future Business and Friends Breakfast to discuss community issues, please email me. Sir Robert Woodard Academy

16 The next Parent’s Group meeting is on Wednesday 16th November at 6.30pm in the Post-16 centre. Why not come along to meet other parents who are supporting the academy? If you would like to join us please email me. Parent’s Maths Taster Course – The first taster course will take place on Thursday 10th November 6.30pm-7.30pm. We will be using one of the IT rooms. We are targeting year 7 parents AND their youngsters to come along to see what is taught, how it is taught and how parents and the Maths dept can work closer together to fulfil maths potential in year 7.

Family Maths Challenge For your chance to win some vouchers and vivo points, have a go at our math challenge which the whole family can get involved with! Your challenge this week is to find whch number less than 1000 has the most factors, and what factors it has.

Sir Robert Woodard Academy

If you are interested in attending please give your name and contact details to either a year 7 tutor or email me directly. News on the Brighton Vets v SRWA All Stars 5-a-side match. Match to be played in the sports hall with a raffle taking place in the Youth Wing. All money raised will be going to the Charlie Ferrier wheelchair appeal. If you would like to be involved in any way, please contact me. Employability course with Brighton Football Club. This will be aimed at those looking for work or who wish to improve their chances of promotion in their jobs.

Mr Bryant The factors of a number are those numbers which divide exactly into that number. e.g. 24 has eight factor: 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24

Last week’s solution & winners: The Shilling family, 9AP The Clegg family, 9DHi The Parsons family, 7CMc The Kennedy family, 7CMc

17 The plan was for each tutor group in the Roddick Chapter to fill two shoeboxes with gifts and necessities, that we might take for granted, but will make a big difference to families who receive them.

This month the Roddick chapter supported the Link Romania Shoebox appeal. The Link Romania charity was established in 1991 and has been working hard to make a difference in the lives of poor and needy people in Romania and other Eastern European countries. Although the needs of the people no longer make headlines in the West, they are still as pressing as ever.

We asked pupils to donate items such as shampoo, toothbrushes, sewing kits, hair brushes/combs, small toys, colouring books, hats, scarves, socks/tights, and sweets or chocolate. If each pupil brings in just one item the boxes will fill quickly and provide families in less fortunate situations a helping hand and hopefully a small amount of happiness. For more information go to www. Mr O’Brien Roddick Lead tutor

Sir Robert Woodard Academy

Term Dates (2011 - 2012) Autumn Term 2011 Thursday 1st September - Friday 16th December

Decant week closure: W/c 12th December (Academy closed to years 7, 8, 9, & 10) (Year 11 scheduled mock exams and revision sessions only) (Year 12 and 13 bespoke seminar program) Christmas Holidays: 19th December - 2nd Jan

Spring Term 2012 Tuesday 3rd January - Friday 30th March

(Academy closed to students Tuesday 3rd January) (Academy open to year 11 ,12 & 13 on 4th January in our new build) (Academy open to all students 5th January in our new build) Half Term : 13th - 17th February Easter Holidays: 2nd - 13th April

Summer Term 2012 Monday 16th April - Friday 20th July Inset Day: 6th July & 20th July Half Term: 6th June - 8th June

Key Dates (2011 - 2012) Post 16 Opening Evening GCSE Mock Exams Year 12/13 Consultation Day GCSE Mock Exams Year 9 Consultation Day Year 9 Options Evening Year 11 Parent Consultation Day Staff Inset Day 01903 755894

14th November W/c 5th December 8th December W/c 12th December 13th December 7th February 7th February 10th February

Sir Robert Woodard Academy Upper Boundstone Lane, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 9QZ

October Newsletter 2011  

Sir Robert Woodard Academy - October 2011 Newsletter

October Newsletter 2011  

Sir Robert Woodard Academy - October 2011 Newsletter