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Sir Robert Woodard Academy May 2014 Newsletter

May I welcome you to our late spring Newsletter. I think that you will be suitably impressed by the number of activities and events that have taken place since our last edition. The Academy has been a hive of activity thanks to the energies of staff, students and our local community partners. A year has elapsed since I started working at the Academy and in my first newsletter I declared that: ‘Areas we will be addressing include curriculum modelling and planning, the chapter and faculty structure, chapter mentor groupings, working with our partner primary schools, and the engagement of the Academy with its community ranging from lettings to evening classes.’ I am pleased to report that we have made significant changes which have addressed all of these issues and which have benefited individuals, our Academy and the wider network of partners within the community of Lancing and Sompting. However, we are continuing to consider further changes which will allow us to respond to the needs of our students whilst taking into account the demands placed upon us by central government. To keep our community informed, I will be hosting a Parents’ Forum on Monday 23rd June at 7.00pm. However, in focussing solely on academic success it is easy to neglect the importance of a positive work life balance. The introduction in September of ‘enrichment’ has proved to be an excellent initiative. There have been several logistical problems but the overall philosophy has been embraced by the majority of both students and staff. Hopefully activities learnt or experienced will lead to an engagement in the future which coupled with taking part in the numerous activities on offer within the Academy, may help in achieving that work life balance. Finally, I should like to wish all our students who are about to sit public examinations every success, they have worked very hard (ably supported by our staff) and we hope that the results they achieve reflect their ability and endeavour. I would also like to wish all those within our community the very best for the rest of the school year as we continue in our efforts to improve the life chances of our students by not only raising their aspirations but also supporting them in their education which will prepare them for their future lives. Peter Midwinter Principal

International Art Exhibitions ‘Spring’ At 11.30am local time on 25th April, the wonders of modern technology brought together two schools that are 1,660 miles apart. The Sir Robert Woodard Academy and Kursk Secondary School 27, Russia were linked via Skype in a unique collaboration, as two exhibitions of students’ artwork were simultaneously opened, entitled ‘Spring’. As you enter the Academy and walk into the Courtyard, your eyes will be drawn upwards to a riot of colour. 48 beautiful pictures of spring in Kursk hang from the balcony. Each is a representation of the season of rebirth through the eyes of students from Kursk Secondary School 27. You can see the artists’ relationship with their immediate world but you can also see a pride in the care they have taken and the skill they command, knowing that these paintings will be a permanent connection with us. Earlier this year, SRWA students entered a competition for the honour of being chosen to represent us in Russia. For the 40 winners their work was sent to Kursk over Easter. On the morning of the opening, they all sat with their parents in the Alan Strong Theatre: excited and nervous. Within minutes they received the news that not only did the young people of Kursk admire their work, but that it is to be made into a touring exhibition that will be mounted across the whole region. Their work will be seen by tens of thousands of people. Parents, students and teachers alike, beamed with pride. Tatiana Panevina and Peter Midwinter, the Heads of both schools, exchanged greetings with one another. They met in November when the indomitable Chris Holgate led the Russian Peace Foundation delegation from Russia to the Academy. They both spoke with great warmth of their hopes for the future and their desire for our collaboration to continue and to grow. Councillor Mike Mendoza officially opened the exhibition in the UK while Victor Lazarenko, Deputy of the Kursk regional Duma opened the exhibition in Russia. They both spoke of their pride in the work of our young people and the importance of building bridges between our two communities. They extended open invitations to one another. Amidst all of the formality, it was the voices of the young people that will linger in the memory. Edgars Kaminskis, a Year 11 student at the Academy spoke in Russian to his peers. While Alexander Dobrynin from Kursk spoke in English to us. It was a powerful moment of international accord. Edgars said: “We hope that one day we will be able to meet, perhaps here in Lancing or perhaps in Kursk. This may be a dream but artists are dreamers – they dream of a better world and dreams can come true.” In response, the Russian students proposed that we start on the next stage of our relationship. Miss Pigg, Head of Art and facilitator of the amazing work that our students produced, enthusiastically accepted the proposal. As a result of this, in September, both schools will be working on joint exhibitions of photographs, capturing the places that are most important to us. It was an amazing experience, two communities speaking to one another as if they were in the same room, despite the miles, despite the language barrier, despite the political tension. Irina Agapova, a Principal from another school in Kursk, told us that the nightingales have just started to sing again in their town. Nightingales are singing in our hearts as all those who were there know just what is possible when people reach out to one another and grasp the hand of friendship. Mr Williams

Performing Arts Specialism BTEC Music Performance On 5th March, the Year 12 BTEC Music Performance class held their ‘Through The Decades’ concert. The concert had been organised by the students themselves as part of their BTEC course. All students in the class had to take on roles found within the process of putting on a live music event including musical director, stage manager, sound and lighting technician and venue manager to name a few. The students took the audience on a journey from the 1950s to the present day, with pieces such as ‘Johnny B Goode’ and ‘She loves you’ through to ‘I bet that you look good on the dancefloor’ and ‘Techno fan’. They were also joined by Year 9 student, Will Moore on drums for a few of the numbers, as well as the Year 13 BTEC class, who entertained the audience with ‘Spirit in the sky’ and ‘How to save a life’. The students decided that the profits from the concert should be split between two local charities, St Barnabas Hospice and the Camelia Botnar Children’s Centre, with representatives from each of the these charities attending the concert. Each of the charity representatives gave a short presentation to the audience on the work of their charity and praised the musical ability and enthusiasm of those performing. Overall, the evening raised £230, to be split between the two charities. “It was a very rewarding experience for all the students involved. They worked incredibly hard to put on the concert, organising everything from the performers and set list, to the advertising and refreshments. It was a great evening, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed and I know the students did too! I am very proud of them for choosing to donate their profits to two very worthy local charities, who work very hard within our local community”. Miss Fauvel

SRWA Orchestra at Woodard Musician of the Year On the afternoon of Sunday 4th May in St John’s Smith Square concert hall, London, the Sir Robert Woodard Academy orchestra were invited to entertain the audience who had assembled for the annual Woodard Musician of the Year competition. For those of you who watch The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent, think of the professional acts who are brought on to add class to the occasion and you will have some idea of why we were there. It was a huge honour to have been invited – a reflection of our burgeoning reputation – and the students rose to the occasion. This was a highly prestigious event held in this classical old building with high vaulted ceilings, however all nerves, as befits such an occasion, disappeared when the performers stepped onto the stage. Even the usually confident Mr Lelean was feeling the pressure, but the orchestra soon settled into its combination of classical, theatrical and film score blockbusters. They played three different sets – one to open the event, one at the interval and one to close the competition. There was even demand for an encore. In this most traditional of settings, the energy, passion and professionalism of the entire group brought the place to life. The competitors were delightful and gave us an education in a wide range of classical styles and forms. The winner of the senior award was everybody’s favourite amongst the 52 family and friends who travelled up together by coach. One parent, Mrs Taylor commented: “The orchestra keeps on getting better and better, even though that seems like an impossibility. Lots of people approached our students to say they should enter for Musician of the Year next year.” What better way to spend a bank holiday Sunday than in the company of such talented and outstanding young people, they were a credit to the Academy, their family and friends and the local community. Mr Williams

Performing Arts Specialism cont. Commit to Culture The doors of the Sussex Yacht Club were thrown open – the views of the new footbridge and Shoreham Harbour were delightful – and the sounds of seagulls drifted into the room. It felt like the first day of spring – it felt like a new beginning. 29th April, Annette O’Reilly, the recently appointed controller of Worthing Theatres, called together all of the movers and shakers in the world of the arts in our region to launch ‘Commit to Culture’. Mr Midwinter, Miss Pigg and Mr Williams were thrilled to be part of the gathering. The idea in itself is very simple – to bring together those who work in the arts and across the community in Adur in a coordinated and structured way. Using the model that Brighton offers, there will be an injection of energy, ideas and leadership that will help us to build on the best practice and ‘fill the gaps’ where they exist. It was an incredibly positive evening, full of goodwill, good food and good ideas. SRWA are very excited to be in on the ground floor of this commitment and we look forward to being able to influence its direction and benefit from making so many new friends.

Woodard’s Got Talent – The Auditions At the time of writing, the Woodard’s Got Talent auditions have taken place. We are all eagerly looking forward to the final on 14th May and an article and pictures of the final will be in the Summer newsletter. There was a wide range of talent on show – from a magician and gymnasts to singers and dancers. The winner will be invited to perform in the Woodard Arts Festival on the 24th June (our very own Royal Command Performance) and will be the proud recipient of the Woodard’s Got Talent trophy.

Earthy and Fun: The Full Monty at the Worthing Pavilion Staff from the Academy, along with the rest of the sell-out audience, were treated to an evening of fast-paced, earthy fun, not without a few moments of pathos and political edge. This was the second collaboration between The Sir Robert Woodard Academy and the Worthing Musical Theatre Company and once again gave our students the opportunity to work in a professional venue learning the skills of the performing arts industry ‘on the job’. Not just on-stage but in the orchestra ‘pit’ and backstage, young people not only have the thrill of working in a fully operational theatre, they also experience that unforgettable and addictive electricity that comes from a live audience that has been swept off its feet. From the opening, when Kai Gillett smiled his knowing smile at his adoring fans, there was a sense of anticipation in the air. Transposed to an American setting (a surprise to those of us who know the original, very British story) we were taken through the hardship that working men were experiencing in a world of economic collapse and the lengths to which they were prepared to go to make ends meet and give their families a chance to do more than just survive. As the son of one of the ‘Full Monty’ team, Felix Barrett was a revelation. We have known for a long time that he has a delightful voice and many other musical talents, but to this we can now add his acting skills. He is born for the stage and looked completely at ease alongside far more experienced and much older actors. For me, he stole the show. This amazing experience was masterminded by Mr Lelean who was the Musical Director for the show and encouraged our students to audition. The music was flawless, performed with Mr Lelean’s trademark panache and gave the whole event a real sense of class. If anyone had any doubts about the wisdom of involving young people in an edgy piece such as this, they were very quickly dispelled. This was entertainment with a capital E and watching it has inspired several more of our students to audition for the next production – Fiddler on the Roof. Long may this collaboration continue. Mr Williams

Performing Arts Specialism cont. Annual Dance Showcase 2014 Before Easter, 80 dance students from the Academy took part in the Annual Dance Showcase. Every year the dance department works with students to build towards a showcase celebrating dance. This platform offers a unique opportunity to present performances and choreography by students from Years 7-13. The varied programme of dances, from Jazz to Contemporary, was produced both in lessons and through extracurricular clubs and activities. Energetic performances were given by both junior and senior dance club members, as well as the Academy Dance Company, who are a group of gifted and talented students from across the different year groups. The showcase was particularly important for our Year 13 students as their performances were assessed for their level 3 BTEC qualification. It was equally important for our Year 11 students as it was the last time they will perform all together at the Academy. The performances sold out very quickly and were attended by friends, family, Academy staff and VIP guests from the Academy Council and the Woodard Trust. The feedback from audience members was extremely complimentary with many wanting to come back to watch the show next year. The exciting array of talent demonstrated by the students here at SRWA never ceases to amaze us. It was a real joy to stand back and watch the students perform. The Dance Department would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming and supporting dance here at the Academy. Miss Poulter, Miss Lawlor and Miss Warren

Strive2Dance Academy Strive2Dance is a new Dance Academy based at SRWA. Since starting in March, students from the local community have been participating in contemporary dance technique and performance workshops as part of a collective company. Strive2Dance is run by Miss Warren, a teacher at the Academy and is open to all students aged between 8-18 years. Sessions are filled with a wide range of activities to help develop stamina, agility, technique and creativity. The dancers in the above picture are from the 11-14 age group, and have been busy rehearsing their first performance piece that will be premiered in the Strive2Dance Showcase on Saturday 5th July at the Academy. The dancers have been thoroughly put through their paces learning modern dance techniques such as Graham, Cunningham and Limon as well as fusing with modern dance styles and developing their choreography skills. Spaces are still available on all sessions, please contact Miss Warren on: for enquiries and to book a place. Miss Warren

Woodard Arts Festival - 24th June On the 24th June 2014, the huge sports hall at The Sir Robert Woodard Academy will be transformed for the inaugural Woodard Arts Festival taking place from 7.00pm–9.00pm. Doors will open at 6.00pm to allow guests to enjoy an open air barbecue in the delightful grounds of the Academy. For the first time, Kings Priory School, St Augustine Academy, St Peter’s Academy, The Sir Robert Woodard Academy and The Littlehampton Academy will be coming together to celebrate the very best of the talents that are being nurtured within the Woodard family of Academies. The show will open with the steel bands and close with the orchestral strains of the Lion King. In between, dancers and actors will delight the audience with a wide range of different genres from physical theatre to comedy and ballet to contemporary. Tickets will be free but must be obtained in advance from our box office: 01903 767434. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to bathe in the best that the Woodard Academies has to offer.

Mathematics Specialism Some Important News SRWA will now be holding a series of examination seminars for the AQA exam board during May-July to explore the changes to the mathematics curriculum from 2015. This will affect both the GCSE curriculum and Post-16 where all Sixth Form students will have to study a mathematics qualification. Local schools and colleges will be attending to share in the knowledge. Our first Post-16 meeting was on 13th May and we were pleased to welcome staff from both Worthing and Chichester Colleges.

Homework Club KS3 and KS4: Miss S Hurley Every Tuesday night in B106 we offer homework support to all students 3.05pm-4.15pm, if you have a problem with using My Maths or a particular topic, just come along and ask for help. Please note that the My Maths password has changed to: Pascal. A copy of individual student passwords has been left at reception.

GCSE 2014 We now enter the crucial last few weeks before the GCE and GCSE examinations start. It is important that students have a good balance in revision planning, working on past papers and attending all the extra classes that have been organised. It is the responsibility of parent/carer’s to ensure that the following equipment is available for the exam. • • •

Scientific calculator is required for paper 2 (Casio FX83GT is recommended) A basic geometry set including protractor and compass. Black pen.

We will be holding revision classes during the Whitsun half term, further details will follow; the provisional dates are 29th and 30th May. The exam dates this summer are: 9th June at 9am: AQA 4365 Linear Paper 1 - Non-Calculator 13th June at 9am: AQA 4365 Linear Paper 2 - Calculator.

End of Year Assessment We are also entering the phase for end of year assessments for Years 7-10. These formal exams will be held during June and will form part of our planning for September 2014. It is again very important that they are completed so that we have accurate information on the progress and performance of all students.

World Cup Challenge - Condundrum Questions Email me with your guesses at: • • • • • •

How many players, in total, will be on the pitch during the first round of games of the 2014 World Cup? How many matches will be played in total? A sphere has a volume of 7200cm³, what is its radius and hence the surface area? This will be used in Rio this summer, what is it? During the entire World Cup, how many penalties will be awarded? During the entire World Cup, how many goals will be scored?

Have a guess! Closest answer gets a prize... Mr Redmayne

Brunel Chapter News Brunel on a Winning Streak Brunel has been really stepping up over the last term and I must say that I am increasingly proud and a little smug at being a Brunel Chapter Leader. After, let’s say having a little bit of a reputation for not winning inter-chapter competitions, not only did B11 win the ‘Top Tutor Group’ but we also won the top chapter for the ‘Book Door Decorating Competition’ before half term. The staff then flexed their muscles and won the ‘Inter-Chapter Charity Staff Tug of War’ and now the Chapter Charities Committee have won the ‘Inter-Chapter Enterprise Challenge’!

Paddle Round the Pier As winners of the competition, the Chapter is now being given the opportunity to hold a money raising event as part of the Paddle Round the Pier Festival on Hove Lawns in July. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to contextualise the work that they have done in the Academy in the real world and enable them to raise money for Freddysmile, the children’s cancer charity. The idea that won them this opportunity is holding a ‘plate smashing shy’ whereby the public pays 20p a throw to attempt to smash plates, which is surprisingly fun! The students have no budget, so we will be relying on donations of old unwanted plates in order to raise the money. Once the plates are smashed, they will be used to create a mosaic to represent the event and charity in the Academy. I would like to thank the great ideas of the whole chapter and the charities committee and especially Zakary Sharpe, Millie Adcock and Kelly Rose who presented and were successful in front of a panel of external judges. I really look forward to developing this project further. Request please: If you have any old unwanted plates, please contact Mr Langan or Miss Roycroft by email on: or

News The auditions for ‘Woodard’s Got Talent’ have been held and I was pleased to see some Brunel students taking part including Maddie Gillman doing Gymnastics, Terri Ballard-Bryant, Viktorija Balcere and Madeleine Bromley singing. It is tough to stand up in front of judges and perform and I look forward to seeing all the acts develop towards the final. Continuing on the subject of fundraising, Ryan Wheeler, who is known for having BIG hair is being sponsored to transform it into a number of statement looks each week. So far he has had a Mohican and quiff and I look forward to his further creations and hope that he manages to raise a good amount of money to support his place on the trip to Africa.

Textiles Project with The Globe Primary School Twenty students from The Globe Primary School have been coming to the Academy once a fortnight to take part in a Textiles project. The students are currently studying The Tudors and have been making a Tudor court in their school hall. The last group produced a Tudor wall-hanging to hang in their hall and the latest group have been working on Tudor props which they can use to act out Tudor plays. The students have produced jester hats, battle flags, handheld mirrors, crowns and headdresses. The students were really pleased with their finished work and were fantastic, enthusiastic and worked really hard. Mrs Knight, Textiles Teacher Miss Roycroft and Mr Redmayne Chapter Leaders

Sixth Form News Student News Congratulations to our Head Girl, Laura Still who has secured an apprenticeship with a local firm in Lancing, Parafix Tapes and Conversions Ltd, the UK's leading converter and distributor of self-adhesive materials from the world's leading manufacturers. Well done Laura. Abigail Phillips has secured a work placement at The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home who support physically disabled ex-servicemen of the past, present and future. Abigail will be doing physiotherapy. Some of our students worked at two local firms over the Easter Holidays, Gardner & Scardifield Ltd, and Sussex Transport. They enjoyed the experience and some have been asked to go back in the Summer. Kai Gillett has secured an apprenticeship with Fox & Sons Estate Agents, he eventually hopes to have his own property business, well done Kai. Congratulations to two of our students who have secured Summer Internships with global companies: • •

Stewart Matthews in Year 12 has secured a two week internship with leading investment bank JP Morgan. The internship will give him the opportunity to work in the fast-paced environment of global investment banking. Ryan Bannister in Year 12 has secured two internships, one with global engineering firm CH2M Hill in London and one with Nuffield for Engineering and Physics.

Chelsea Morrish has been accepted on a Summer School to Liverpool University studying Law & Business, well done Chelsea. Our students have been given a fantastic opportunity of free driving theory lessons from Nick Lee, a local Driving Instructor, who will be coming in fortnightly to teach them.

University Year 12 students have started their UCAS journey with two workshops, the first session was about exposing the ‘myths’ of university life and how they can prepare before they leave home, along with hints and tips for surviving the first semester, which included how to prepare for their weekly shop, homesickness and settling into university life. In June they will start their personal statements. Year 13 students attended a University Finance Workshop run by Mrs Cole and Mrs Morley. As well as applying for university finance they were tasked at finding the cheapest shopping, how to register with a doctor or dentist at university and how to iron, demonstrated here by Adam.

St Barnabas Hospice Visit On 1st April, representatives from the Year 12 BTEC Level 3 Music Performance class visited St Barnabas Hospice, to present a cheque for £115, money they had raised by holding a ‘Through the Decades’ concert. Sydney, Suzy, Simon and Joe were given a tour around the hospice by Neil Francis and Mary Bye, who explained the different aspects of the hospice and how the money the students had raised would benefit the patients.

Business Day at Brighton University Business students took part in the Business, Accounting and Skills Education Competition (BASE) at Brighton University. This is a national competition consisting of 46 UK regional heats culminating in the national final. Working as part of a team, students took the role of ICAEW Chartered Accountants and were asked to resolve a business situation and work through the business case to develop recommendations. Unfortunately we didn’t win but the students were fantastic.

Nightingale Chapter News Chapter Awards Nightingale Chapter Stars - Once again this half-term, Nightingale students made a real effort to commit to their learning in a big way. Although huge numbers of our students are doing really well and making good progress, special mention goes to the following students, who received the most green cards in the Chapter over this period:Lauren Redding Freddie Schaffa Connor Levett Joshua Baker All of them have already received a certificate, and will be claiming a voucher of their choice to treat themselves. Well done – you are stars!

Science Fun! Science club continued to have a successful second term with a range of pupils from Year 7 to Year 9 coming along and having a blast. Last term we walked on cornflour mixed with water, DISSECTED A HEART and made Easter surprises in line with the holiday. The group that attends are welcoming and generally love having a good time trying out different things, so please come along and give it a go next term - Tuesday at 3.10pm in M102.

GlaxoSmithKline Health Challenge Five Year 9 students visited the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals site in Worthing this term to take part in a challenge to think about our school environment and develop solutions to make our school a healthier place for everyone. We will be looking at nutrition, exercise, travel, light levels and a healthy learning atmosphere. Our team, ably supported by Miss Briggs, is one of several from secondary schools across our area - we will be showcasing our research and suggestions for improvement at a celebratory visit in July. On the day, the students were an absolute credit to the Academy, asking insightful questions on the tour and during the challenge, and coming up with some great ideas to explore now they are back in the Academy environment. We look forward to potentially seeing some of their improvements coming to fruition around us!

CERN Trip At the beginning of April, 13 A-level Physics, Triple Physics and Additional Science students from the Academy took a trip to Geneva where we visited CERN, the world’s biggest experiment. Students were able to pass through the high security biometric gates to visit the underground LHC-B detector, responsible for sensing the presence of the Higg’s Boson. We also visited a groundbreaking precision experiment which is currently looking to differentiate between axions and photons - two phenomena which scientists currently know little about! The trip was also a great chance for students to explore Geneva, a fine European city, and sample the shops and cuisine (mostly chocolate and pizza). Mr Palmer

Mandela Chapter News Charity Mandela tutor groups raised £170 to sponsor Mr Loveridge, who ran in the Brighton Marathon in aid of the Mandela charity, Chestnut Tree House. Tutor groups entered a competition to see who could raise the most in an attempt to collect as much sponsorship as possible. Mandela Chapter Heads presented the cheque to Mr Loveridge at the end of last term.

Mandela News Each term humanities subjects in the Mandela faculty join together to present a masterclass for students who have shown particular enthusiasm or academic success in Geography, History and Sociology. The topic for debate this time was ‘How far is Britain a classless society?’ The starting point for the session was the opportunity for students to study the Grayson Perry tapestries, showing different representations of social class. It was a lively debate, during which students began to construct their own ‘tapestry’ to show stereotypes of social class.

SRWA Visit to the Mass Observation Archive: The Keep in Brighton SRWA are proud to be collaborating with the Mass Observation Archive on several projects. One project where, students from the Academy had a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the archive by writing a diary of their ‘12th May’. In 1937 MOA asked people to record everything they did on 12th May, historically significant as George VI’s coronation date. This tradition has been kept alive throughout the years, and whilst MOA say “12th May 2014 may not hold any historical significance, for those researching, the ‘ordinary’ can often produce extraordinary results”.

Also on 31st March, 21 keen historians from Year 9 made the journey across to the Keep in Falmer to get a taste of research using the amazing Mass Observation Archive; a vast collection of first-hand accounts, written by ordinary people, about life in Britain from 1937 until the early 1950s. The archive was revived in the 1980s and continues collecting diary style writing from volunteer writers covering all walks of life now and will do into the future. Our students were given a tour of the main collections, some of which are housed in temperature controlled rooms with airlock doors, which protect the older materials from deteriorating. They then worked on parts of the archive, looking at World War Two propaganda leaflets and p o s t e r s , moving on to picking out details of daily life in 1947 from accounts written by v a r i o u s men and women across the north of England, describing how difficult it was to queue for food in post-war rationing, and to get satisfying jobs as the economy was being rebuilt. Students brought later materials from the late 80s to life in dramatic presentations depicting opinions and viewpoints that were quite shocking to us now, including points of view on the BBC, general TV programming, holiday traditions around Christmas and Easter and the kinds of food eaten then by ordinary families. Many of our students, especially the two Sixth Form historians who accompanied the group, were fascinated by this insight into the minutiae of life across time. The staff at MOA explained how many TV script writers, authors and film researchers use the archive to flesh out characters and historical detail for authenticity in their planning. The collection is open to the public and houses the East Sussex archives and a family history research section where anyone wanting to find information about property and relatives may sign up and have free access to all the materials. The link if you would like to find out more is:

Lapper Chapter News International Artists We are very proud of our international artists - Kieran Moore, Ielyaa Elshari, Ellie Bridle, Katie Baker, Anna Osborne, Alisha Murphy, Martin Robertson and Casey Morgan who now have their work hanging in an exhibition in Kursk, Russia.

Achievement, Awards and Attendance Lapper is currently in second place overall in relation to the highest number of green cards for a single Chapter. However we are currently joint leaders with Mandela for term five. Our ‘top achiever’ so far this term is Chloe Bassett in L1 whilst tutor group L4 (Mr Lelean) have the most green cards since the start of term five. Well done to all students in Lapper who have contributed towards this fantastic result. We were proud to celebrate the achievements of some of our students in the final assembly of the term through a variety of awards for progress, effort, community, commitment and participation. The following students received awards: Progress - Amy Burns and Connor Howard Effort - Emma Pennells and Suzy Brown Community - Chris Emery and Millie Cronin Commitment - Curtis Lavender and Archie O’Neill Participation - Abraham Bloxham and Tom Russell

Alison Lapper and the Enterprise Boys We were very proud of our young enterprise team who have been working hard to put together their bid for a pitch at the ‘Paddle ‘Round the Pier’ event. Callum, Archie, Elliott, Rowan, Felix and Parco based their idea around selling mementos of the day created from work donated by local artists. Alison Lapper had kindly given her time and her artwork for the bid. She met our team three times and helped them to shape their idea into a viable proposition. The boys were very touched by her generosity and responded with enthusiasm to her suggestions. In the event they were unsuccessful in their pitch but they have clearly learned so much from the experience. They now know how hard it is to set up a business proposition but they also know how kind and supportive people can be.

Dickens Chapter News News We are pleased to be able to congratulate one of our Year 8 students, Jaime-Leigh Gilbert on her recent successes at Eurodance 2014. In these European Championships, held at Brean Sands near Weston-Super-Mare, Jaime-Leigh not only achieved second place in the Under-14 Street competition but also placed seventh with her partner, Fizz, in the Under-14 Pairs Freestyle. Jaime-Leigh’s success continued even more recently when she attended the World Qualifier and was able to place second in the Under-14 Championship section for Freestyle. This result means that Jaime-Leigh has qualified for the World Championships to be held at the end of June at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Carolina Mota and Karina Razor represented the chapter at the recent ‘Paddle around the Pier’ Enterprise Competition. Both students prepared presentations and linked with local businesses to develop a product that could be developed from recycled waste and plastic bottles. The plastic bottles were cut into the shape of flowers ready to be decorated at the event by children or pre-decorated for sale. Carolina and Karina presented well and demonstrated the values that we in Dickens are proud of, such as independence and positivity. This was a great experience for the students who were able to gain confidence from developing key skills of communication and creativity within this opportunity.

Dickens Awards Many more students have shown that they are stepping into roles which support others and working within our community. Awards received last term were:For participation - Carolina Mota and Wiktoria Slusarczyk. For commitment to their studies - Lewis Heavens and Jade Dikken. These students are always working hard to improve their performance no matter what the subject. For support of others in the Chapter and future leaders and potential prefects - Rosie Stanley and Amy-Jane Bassett. For effort in their work and dedication - Danele Guile and Karina Razor. Finally for making progress through all their subjects - Ashley Grice and Erin Rickman. Congratulations to all for their support and hard work last term.

Dickens Has Talent I am very proud of the students who applied to the recent Woodard has talent competition. With a huge effort from the students in the Chapter we were very competitive at the auditions stage which culminated in seven of the final thirteen acts being represented by Dickens students. Well done to Zoe Lynn, Kay Mayhew, Jade Dikken, Carolina Mota, Grace Wood, Jaime-Leigh Gilbert and Luke Bassett for representing our chapter with such passion and pride. A special thank you must go to Carolina Mota who has taken her leadership skills to new levels by initiating this idea and driving its progress to the final. Mr Fox

English Department Message for Year 11 Parents/Carers With the English/English Language examination due the day after the Year 11 students return from half term (3rd June), I thought it might be a good idea to outline some key information that will have an impact on their results, therefore please find enclosed with this newsletter a ‘Revision’ leaflet. Could you please take time to read and discuss it with your child? Thank you for your continued support. Mr Crowhurst

Accelerated Reader Rave Review 34,910 children and young people aged eight to 16 participated in the National Literacy Trust’s annual literacy survey, which, amongst other literacy aspects, explores the following: whether young people enjoy reading; how often they read outside class and for how long; what type of materials they read outside class; how many books they read in a month and what they think about reading. “This report shows that children and young people who use Accelerated Reader (AR) are more likely to enjoy reading, to do it more often, to read a greater variety of fiction genres and to think more positively about reading than their peers who do not use this reading tool.” (Dr Christina Clark, National Literacy Trust.) All Agree Accelerated Reader is “Ace!”

Year 7

Words read….

Luke Ellarby Danielle Pacifico Jacob Dobbins Beth Moloney Jamie Jasper Amelia Strutt Saren Driscoll Morgan Carter-Willis Joseph Forrest

1,404,371 829,296 205,210 107,922 1,368,289 2,787,023 603,912 101,442 108,519

Year 8

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Tamsin Buchanan-Snare Anya Lynn Matthew Thurgar Callum Tamburri Edmond Chan Jade Smith Elliot Wattam Kieran Tasker

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Huge congratulations to them all. All Agree Accelerated Reader is “Ace!” Since its introduction into the Academy, Accelerated Reader has made a significant impact upon the reading levels of our Key Stage 3 students; the majority have seen their reading age rising, some by as much as a year or even more. There has been positive feedback from parents who have been using Home Connect, keeping an eye on their child’s TOPS reports (the comprehension quizzes taken after reading each book), or searching for suitable books at the correct level. At SRWA, we believe that to achieve success in this key basic skill, children need to read every day both at home and in school. All our students have reading homework but helping them to read is vital to this success. Thank you for all your support! Mrs Waller

Sport Round-up Rounders


The season has got off to a positive start with the Year 9 and 10 teams competing every Tuesday at Davison High School.

Faye Dowdeswell, Year 7 competed in the Chichester Invitational 4 Piece Novice Gymnastics Competition.

This week saw the Year 10s field very strongly to defend a 4 1/2 rounders lead to win the match against Shoreham Academy. Well done to Millie Adcock and her team!

It was her first gymnastics competition and she placed 1st on the ‘bars’ and 2nd on the ‘vault’, unfortunately she didnt place in the top three on the ‘floor’ or ‘beam’ but her point total was enough to take 1st place overall.

The newly formed Year 9 rounders team competed in their very first match and fielded well despite narrowly missing out on victory. Well done to all the girls. Captains are: Hannah Larbey and Michelle Hepworth. The Year 8s start their season on 2nd June to compete in the Annual District Tournament. Year 7 are playing their games after half term. Captains are: Chanel-Louise Coulson and Billie Jo Chandler and Vice Captains are: Hannah Schaffa, Tyla Guile and Kirsty Matten. Training continues every Wednesday after school and new members are always welcome to join! Miss Hammersley and Miss Roberts

Year 8 Cricket

Miss Gill

Year 7 and 8 Rugby The SRWA Years 7 and 8 Rugby squads have a new exciting community link. The Academy are looking to work closely with Shoreham Rugby Club so that the talent we currently have in these two year groups is utilised. Sessions are still continuing with Mr Matanle after school on Fridays and will soon be joined by top coaches from Shoreham RFC. If you are interested in playing for the school team, Shoreham RFC or looking to come and enjoy some Rugby after school, please come along to training on Fridays. Mr Matanle

With the hot weather fast approaching it is time for the Year 8 Cricket season to commence. The boys have been training extremely hard and are excited with the prospect of playing a variety of local schools. Our season starts on 15th May with a tough away game to Rydon. Captain Dale Stevenson is looking forward to leading the troops into a successful campaign.

Staff Football

Mr Matanle

At the end of last term the Staff Football Team played the Sixth Form Football Team in a “friendly” football match to raise money for charity.

GCSE Moderation

After taking an early 2-0 lead, the staff team began to cruise too early - allowing the Sixth Form team back in. By half time the score was 2-2, and a tight match ensued. Goals came and were disallowed (Mr Harkins attempting a Maradona-esque “Hand of God”), but the final score was 4-3, after Mr Langan converted a Bromley corner... Well played staff!!

On 1st/2nd April 2014, the first GCSE Physical Education group to go through the Sir Robert Woodard Academy had their PE external moderation. These students excelled during the two days which helped to boost their scores and has set them up well for their theory exam on Friday 16th May. Well done to all those that took part in the event, and good luck for your exam on the 16th! Mr Bromley

Staff scorers: Mr Matanle, Mr Bromley, Mr Harkins and Mr Langan. Sixth Form scorers: Lee Pennock (2) and John Fisher. Mr Bromley

Sport Round-up


District Athletics On Wednesday 14th May, Miss Gill and Mr Bromley took 30 students to the District Athletics event at Worthing Leisure Centre to compete against all the schools in the area, including many of the public schools. Throughout the events the standard was impressive. Over the years SRWA have not always experienced a great amount of success at these events, but this event showed the progress that we are making, as our students competed at all levels.

England Match



On Saturday 5th April, Miss Gill and Mr Bromley took 25 students to the England Women’s World Cup qualifier against Montenegro at the AMEX stadium. Our students were exceptional, and had plenty to cheer - with England’s women running out 9-0 winners. Mr Bromley

Some exceptional performances were: Connie Franks - 2nd in the high jump with a height of 1.44m Sahara-Re Bettridge - 1st in the 300m Bryony Johnson - 3rd in the 800m Girls 4 x 100m squad - 3rd in the 4 x 100m Alicia Veale - 200m Final Tom Souter - 200m Final The teams were: Boys - Samuel Benger-Wells, Will Allen, Harrison Moulton, Zac Lelean, William Moore, Thomas Souter, Tom Dikken, Haydan Dickson, Lewis Tucker and Tafadzwa Moyo. Girls - Alicia Veale, Bryony Johnson, Sahara-Re Bettridge, Jade Dikken, Connie Franks, Joakima Driscoll, Michelle Hepworth, Amy Gravestock, Jamie Morland, Lauren Oliver, Madeleine Bromley, Leah Ingall, Hannah Larbey, and Chaila Latham. Mr Bromley Fre

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StriveÊ2Êperform StriveÊ2ÊbeÊcreative StriveÊ2Êinspire > Contemporary and Modern dance training. > Weekly technique classes and workshops. > Opportunity to make the NATD Syllabus grade 1-6 examinations. > Workshops delivered by industry professionals. > The chance to perform in your own Dance Company and to create exciting and thought provoking pieces together. > The chance to perform in an annual dance showcase and in local competitions and platforms.




Age Range

Saturday 9.00am - 11.00am Scramble Dance Company 8-11 years Saturday 11.30am - 1.30pm Scatter Dance Company 11-14 years Tuesday 6.00pm - 8.00pm Entwine Dance Company 14-19 years

Course Cost £36 £36 £36

Each course consists of six two hour sessions. Payments are due on a half termly basis to secure your place and will be processed via the Academy’s Wisepay online payment system. For other finance options please contact the Academy finance team. If you are interested contact Miss Warren at for more information and to book a place. The Dance Studio The Sir Robert Woodard Academy Upper Boundstone Lane, Sompting, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 9QZ

SRWA Links with the Community Travel Plan The SRWA travel plan is taking shape and a draft plan is now in place. There is a Travel Plan Student group and we meet Friday mornings. This group will take a lead on the internal promotion of the plan and developments throughout the term. We shall have a central noticeboard and the students will be responsible for its upkeep. They will also oversee a poster competition to come up with something that will be the focus on the noticeboard, and will be a constant reminder about safety when travelling to the Academy. The video of ‘traffic’ in Upper Boundstone Lane has been shown to the Business and Friends Breakfast group, and they will be involved in improving the situation too. I have been in contact with some of the residents living opposite the Academy and they are very supportive and are keen to meet up. We will therefore be setting up a meeting for residents shortly, where both residents and students will look at the proposals on the latest questionnaire. Both Stagecoach and Compass bus services will be invited too. I have met with Martin Payne the Assistant Operations Manager of the Stagecoach bus company and he is keen to come and talk to the group about his role and ‘travel to school’ in general. I am also meeting with Chris Chatfield the Managing Director of Compass Travel to discuss his role in the ‘safer routes to school’ agenda, and they will be integral in any of the changes to the road system that have been proposed. I am planning to meet with Victoria Tilley the Police Community Support Officer and I am hoping that she will be able to see ‘first-hand’ the issues outside the Academy that concern us. The Travel Plan states that we shall be looking to Sussex Police/Lancing Police Station for assistance to keep the road as safe as possible. I have met with Jim Brannan, Head of Boundstone Nursery regarding some of the issues in the Lane and we are now working together to produce a joint Travel Plan. He will be speaking to both staff and parents at the Nursery, and will ask them to complete the same questionnaires that have gone out to SRWA staff and parents. The questionnaire proposes a one-way system and a rethink of the overflow car park at the south end of the Lane. We have evidence to show that this is a sensible proposal and one that is welcomed by the residents I have spoken to. The purpose of the visit by Martin Payne will be for him to look at the southern end of Upper Boundstone Lane to suggest any necessary alterations. He did in fact work with the London Olympic Committee in helping them deal with travel to and from the Olympic site. His recommendations will be available in a diagrammatic form. Mr Bryant

G&T Aspire Morning - Amnesty International On 23rd April, Gifted and Talented ‘ASPIRE’ students at SRWA were given the opportunity to attend and contribute towards a presentation and discussion from a member of the Amnesty International Organisation. The Project was a product of the United Nations and since it commenced in 1948, the group have been there to reiterate the Universal Declarations of Human Rights (UDHR) when its application has been lost. For instance, the group (consisting of many groups across the world including youth groups initiated in schools) have used the significance of the majority’s contribution towards the release of mistreated people. During the session, we were given a project on ‘deciding how an island would be managed in a sufficient long-term system’. This allowed us to explore the aspects necessary in the development of an efficient society while looking at the healthcare, justice system etc. In doing so, we were able to identify in our presentation, the injustice in current events, to which we were exposed. A video was presented to show how a signature could be the escape route for someone, it effectively portrayed the importance of such a small action of connecting pen to paper. Stories were shared, and the sessions managed to change our approach to problems which we seem to overlook, as they’re not outside our front door. Everyone left with a new perspective and the realisation of how a single collective action could make a bigger impact than any leader or ruler. For more information on the organisation, I would request that you take the time to visit the website at for the chance to see the work being done for justice and hopefully find your way to help. Danuska Dooraree, Year 9 student

Chaplain’s Corner

Twitter: @SRWAchaplaincy 01903 875504

In the lead up to the end of the spring term and the celebration of Easter, I set up a ‘Prayer Wall’ in the Maths Plaza. In the chapter assemblies during the final week of term, I asked the students to use the post-it notes provided to write out any hopes and dreams, worries or concerns, people or places at home or anywhere in the world, and stick the notes to the wall as a simple act of prayer. Many cultures make use of shrines or special places to focus their prayers. Prayer is the simple act of being conscious of a need or something to be thankful for. Most of us have assumed that prayer has to be wordy and spoken in a church or a temple but it doesn’t have to be. Prayer is that moment we don’t always have words to express how we feel. We might be watching the TV and a news item comes on, such as the tragic death of the schoolteacher, Ann Maguire, in Leeds, and our hearts go out to the school and her family – this is prayer. No fancy language – just an honest gut reaction based on compassion or sorrow. It was good to see that some of the students made use of the ‘Prayer Wall’. Revd Hadge

April-July 2014 The new enrichment sessions for this term are underway with some new sessions running such as; Wild about Wool and Softball/Baseball, and also the return from the first term of Block Printing, Tennis Club and Italian Cookery.

“Today!!! I just had to email you and tell you how the children (including Jack) went back to their respective classes and said how much they had enjoyed it today. The whole atmosphere was lovely and it was a pleasure to watch the girls, who are a real credit to SRWA.”



Following the first session on Wednesday 30th April, the students on the ‘Reading Buddies’ enrichment session went to the Globe Primary School to help mentor some of the pupils at the school with their reading. On their return to the Academy, we were delighted to receive an email from the Globe, as follows:-

Woodard Arts Festival

24th June


7pm - 9pm at

SIR ROBERT WOODARD ACADEMY Barbecue and refreshments from 6pm Admission free Tickets available from Box Office

01903 767434

Woodard Enterprise Challenge 2014 On Friday 2nd May some very brave student groups were put through their paces as they pitched their ideas for the Paddle Round the Pier Enterprise Challenge to a panel of judges. There were no dragons on the panel, as students were not looking for cash investments, however they did face some gruelling questions from the judges as they were awoken to some of the harsh reality of the commercial world. The panel of guest judges were: • • • • •

David Samuel - DSA Event Conception, Management & Consultancy and Paddle Round the Pier Festival Director Tim Loughton MP - Member of Parliament for East Worthing & Shoreham Paul Cronin - Branch Manager Barclays Bank, Haywards Heath Sandra Crathern - Innavison, Health & Wellbeing Coach Lewis Crathern - British Kite Surfing Champion

The students were competing for the opportunity to have a stall at the Paddle Round the Pier Beach Festival in July. There were two slots up for grabs, the Inter-Chapter Competition was for the Saturday slot on the 5th July and the Year 11 BTEC Business students were competing for the Sunday 6th July slot. The student presentations were very impressive with the students pulling out all the stops: inviting the judges up to smash plates, demonstrating products they have made from recycled materials, showing pictures of the links they had made with local businesses and of course all their efforts were to raise money for worthwhile charities. Special mention must go to the Lapper team who managed to get Alison Lapper herself in to support them in their presentation. The Chapter teams competing were:• Brunel - Millie Adcock, Zakary Sharpe and Kelly Rose (all Year 10 students) • Dickens - Karina Razor (Year 7) and Carolina Mota (Year 11) • Lapper - Archie O’Neill, Rowan May, Elliot Dollner, Felix Barrett, Callum Tattersall and Parco Cheng (all Year 10 students) • Mandela - Ethan Everest (Year 9), Michaela McNie (Year 9) and Jack Rhodes (Year 12) • Nightingale - Charlie Stringer (Year 8), Chaila Latham (Year 9) and Nadia Nyatsanza (Year 13). Interspersed between the presentations, the judges were treated to some musical and dance performances by our very talented students. Craig Unadkat (Year 13) sang solo supported by Ms Fauvel on piano. Year 13 BTEC acting and music performance students Emily Fry, Ryan Wheeler and Rachel Luff sang a beautiful rendition of an uplifting song called ‘Happy’ by Never Shout Never. Finally the Year 10 dancers Millie Cronin, Jade Dikken, Connie Franks and Rachel Harrocks wowed the guest judges with an acrobatic performance. The Year 11 BTEC Business students had prepared detailed business plans to support their presentations with ideas varying from bespoke shell covered jewellery boxes by the group Shelltings to a retro-inspired souvenir idea called Paddle Memories. After carefully adjudicating and deliberating the panel of judges unanimously decided that the ideas that best suited the ethos of the festival were from the Brunel team who came up with the Freddysmile saucer smash, which will allow visitors to the festival the chance to smash donated plates and then the broken pieces will be used to make mosaics. The Brunel team will have the chance to set up their stall and raise lots of money for the Freddysmile charity on Saturday 5th July. From the Year 11 BTEC Business presentations, the judges went for the Atlantica team who had created a nostalgic children’s game involving novelty prizes if participants can successfully land a small ball into glass jars. The jars were beautifully decorated in ocean-inspired designs and the group had clearly done their research as their costing and planning was meticulous. Well done to the Atlantica team which consisted of Katie Shelley, Lois Wakeford and Katie Townshend. This group will be raising money for their chosen charity, Chestnut Tree House on Sunday 6th July, when they set up their stall at the Paddle Round the Pier Festival on Hove seafront. Mr Langan

LRC Shoreham Wordfest 2014 A celebration evening at SRWA took place on Shakespeare’s birthday, St George’s Day and World Book Night – 23rd April – where words, poems and creative writing all played a part in the ‘Little Local Lives’ competition. Wordfest this year challenged writers at SRWA, Shoreham Academy and Lancing College to produce a written response to the idea of ‘Little Local Lives’; some students used the themes of sea and beach, others expanded on the detail of people, imaginary or real, in local situations; some dealing with bullying and others evoking memory, place and time. All the shortlisted entries were read aloud to the audience by either the author, or a nominated teacher on their behalf. The judges were introduced by Rosalind Turner on behalf of Shoreham Wordfest and were: Mike Mendoza (Chairman of Adur District Council) who sponsored the competition; Julia Lee (a local author) and Chair of the judges panel author Mark Peterson. Each school in turn presented some of their shortlisted entries and Sue Waton, LRC Manager at SRWA gave copies of her chosen World Book Night book, Robert Muchamore’s undercover teen spy thriller ‘The Recruit’, to five students from each of the three schools. The SRWA BTEC Music Group entertained the audience whilst the judges deliberated and Jaime-Leigh Gilbert opened the evening with a dance interpretation of ‘Read All About It’, showing the links between creative writing and lyrics as well as the expressive arts. The winners were announced by Mark Peterson as Bethany Cheung from SRWA for her short story ‘Prince Charming’ which deals with the emotions of a victim of bullying and his saviour. The judges commented that the writing was subtly shaped, demonstrating both flair and originality, Bonny Hazelwood from Shoreham Academy for her comic poem ‘Library Ants’ and finally, Amanda Bailey from Lancing College for her, ‘is it a dream’ mystery short story entitled ‘The Cleaner’ again set in a library! Mrs Waton LRC Manager

Family Cinema The dates and film showings for this term’s Family Cinema are:Saturday 10th May - Frozen Saturday 7th June - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Saturday 12th July - Turbo Tickets are only £2.00 (£6.00 for a family of 4) and can be reserved by phoning the Academy on 01903 767434 or booked on the Academy website. Doors open at 10.45am and films start at 11.00am, a tuck shop provides refreshments at the interval. All children must be accompanied by an Adult to make this into a real family event.

Family Cinema Sir Robert Woodard Academy Alan Strong Theatre Doors open 10.45am Film 11.00am - 1.00pm (with an interval)

Film Dates Frozen

Saturday 10th May

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Saturday 7th June


Saturday 12th July £2.00 - per person £6.00 - family of 4

All films rated PG Tuck Shop available

All children must be accompanied by an adult family member (18+) Tickets can be reserved by calling 01903 767434 or online at

Year 11 Graduation Assembly On Thursday 8th May, Year 11 students along with staff, celebrated all the successes, experiences and relationships from the past 5 years in an assembly to mark their graduation from the Academy. The event included Chapter Leaders presenting awards, telling stories about the students and expressing their pleasure in working with them over the years. They also added in some tips for the future as did Reverend Hadge and Mr Midwinter. Students watched videos of themselves from when they were in Year 7 and a slide show of images from their time in the Academy which many of them had contributed towards by donating photographs. The slides showed sports teams, trips, chapter days, performing arts and pictures of the students and their friends, many of which made for much laughter. Entertainment was provided by Year 11 students Morgan Hunt and Samantha Allen who performed a scene from Macbeth and astonished staff and students alike with their talent, composure and presence, as actors. Throughout the last term staff have been nominating students for awards, these were presented and included: student ‘most likely to be Prime Minister’ was awarded to Joshua Baker and ‘Class Clown’ awarded to Jay Gillett, as well as many others. The Senior Prefects spoke on behalf of the year group expressing their desire to succeed and acknowledging how close they have become and how highly they value the friendships they have made. Students and staff retired to the plaza where music provided a wonderful accompaniment to the chatter, collecting and signing of yearbooks, well wishing and receiving of records of achievement and leavers’ t-shirts. The atmosphere was fun and joyful and I would like to thank all those staff and students who were involved in the organisation. I wish all the Year 11 students the very best of luck in their exams and with all that their future holds, it has truly been a pleasure to work with them over the past 5 years. Miss Roycroft

Medical Notifications 1. We have a student in school with a reduced level of immunity who would become seriously unwell if he contracted measles, mumps, chickenpox or any other infectious disease. Please contact Student Services immediately if your child develops these or any other serious infection. 2. Please be aware that if your child has asthma or any allergy for which an inhaler or epipen have been prescribed by your medical practitioner, the Academy need to be informed and will need to hold a spare inhaler or epipen in accordance with medical guidelines. Your child should also remember to take it with them when doing any physical activity such as PE or dance. The inhaler/ epipen should be clearly named in a box, with the expiry date of the medication clearly visible. 3. Please note, students should NOT carry paracetamol on them whilst in the Academy. If your child needs to take paracetamol whilst at school, please contact Student Services for a Paracetamol Permission Form. 4. Finally, just a reminder that if your child is off school for any reason, please telephone the Academy on the Absence Line 01903 766177 on a daily basis. Mrs Westgate

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