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July 2011 Newsletter From the Principal Dear Parents/Carer I write the introduction to our final newsletter of 2010 - 11. This term has again been action packed. We have seen many events, including the completion of the external examinations for students in years 10–13, our chapter learning days with the theme of “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, the Paris experience for students in years 7 and 8, and the performing arts tour to Bath, to name a few. I continue to be indebted to my staff for their commitment to providing the widest possible experience for students, and I have been delighted with students’ appreciation and enjoyment of their learning this half-term. This is a time in the year when we often say farewell to valued colleagues. This term the following staff are moving on to new posts: Ms C Coombs, Mr E Igue, Mr G Smith, Mr S Carter, and Mr A Bailey. We also say a special farewell to four colleagues who together have taught in this place for a combined total of 135 years, and well over 25 years each: Miss Titford, Mrs Hazzelby, Mrs Reid and Mr Vaughan. As they retire we thank each for their exceptional contribution to the lives of many young people in this community. We are thankful to all these staff for their contribution and wish them every success and happiness with their future plans. This term concludes on Friday 22nd July. I thank all parents for your continued support

this year. We have progressed our journey towards our goal of being a centre of excellence, and I look forward to leading the academy into a further year. A reminder to all students who have sat external exams that AS, A level and level 3 results are out on Thursday 18th August, and GCSE/level 2 results on Thursday 25th August. Students may collect their results from student services on these days after 10.00am. The autumn term for students commences on Monday 5th September and we will, on this first day, be operating a staggered arrival. Students in years 7, 11, and 12 should arrive at the normal time of 8.55am (year 7 students reporting to the year 7 chapter). Students in years 8, 9,10 and 13 in September should arrive at 11.00am. Information regarding tutor group venues will be prominently displayed. Sadly, we will be returning to our current buildings, but I will be able to give parents/carers a firm date for our move into our new accommodation, and details of the arrangements for this, when we return in September. Finally, I should like to take this opportunity of wishing you and your families an enjoyable summer break. Mrs C Bailey Principal See back pages for: • 2011-12 Term Dates • Uniform • E-Learning Scheme

Chaplain’s Corner So here we are at the end of an academic year, for me my first as your chaplain. A lot has changed in the last twelve months, we are all a little bit older (I have found my first grey hairs!!) and I hope a little bit wiser. When I look back over this year there are many moments that make me smile not least discovering that my new title is ‘the Jesus Lady!’ Someone asked me recently if I got fed up with listening to people all day and my honest answer was no. In fact one of the highlights of my role is being able to spend time doing just that; listening and sharing stories with students, staff and members of the community. Sometimes those stories are painful with no easy quick fix solutions, (there are no magic wands in the chaplaincy,) at other times they are stories of great delight and achievement. They are stories of faith and no-faith, stories of wrestling with difficult choices and stories of sheer frivolity. What is common in all these encounters is our shared humanity and it is a real privilege to walk beside you in that journey. Perhaps the most well known of all the stories that Jesus told is ‘the Good Samaritan.’ In it a man from one religious, cultural and ethnic background crosses the road

Home Learning At the start of this term, the academy launched new home learning arrangements for Key Stage 3 students. We would like to thank parents, carers and students for their support in making this a success. Staff and students have been canvassed regularly for their comments and suggestions. In addition to the parents/carers that

to help someone completely different to himself who has been badly beaten by thieves. The point of the story is what we often call the golden rule that many of the world’s religions share; to love your neighbour. We become neighbours when we are willing to cross the road for one another, to reach across the divides that can so often separate; between young and old, black and white, gay and straight, sick and healthy, Christian and Muslim, believer and atheist. Henri Nouwen a Dutch Catholic priest who shared his life with people with mental disabilities wrote: ‘Only when we have the courage to cross the road and look into one another’s eyes can we see that we are children of the same God and members of the same human family.’ I have been very grateful to those who have crossed the road to get to know me this past year. As we look forward to a new academic year together, may we all continue to find ways to cross the road for one another. Rev’d Dalrymple

have already contacted us, there is a feedback form on FROG for any other parents/carers that would like to make further comments or suggestions. We will be continuing this drive in the autumn term. Further details will be avaialble in september. Ms K Scott Chapter Head: Learning

Visit of Rachel Ward to the Sir Robert Woodard Academy 23rd June 2011 Students at the Sir Robert Woodard

Academy were very excited to welcome best-selling author Rachel Ward, creator of the Numbers trilogy, to the Learning Resources Centre. Rachel spoke to year 8 and 9 pupils; talking about the books she read as she grew up, her early morning walks when the characters that would people her stories suddenly came into her mind, and the three sources of inspiration for the theme of death that runs through each book. Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights provided the idea for Jem’s gift; the US TV series ‘Six Feet Under’ which gave her the idea for a date of death and finally her own mid-life crisis which made her focus on what you might do differently if you knew the date on which your friends and family were due to die. Rachel then read a section from the first book where Jem and Spider run from the queue for the London Eye just before it is blown up by a terrorist bomb, and their story begins… The students were enthralled and also enjoyed hearing about the process of getting a book published, how the editing can go on for almost as long as it takes to write the story in the

first place, and how similar it is to getting your school work marked by a teacher! She showed the audience the original manuscript for Numbers with all the comments and corrections highlighted. Students asked questions around the plot twists, and whether Rachel’s own emotions affected her writing , the best of which received signed books as prizes. The Book Nook bookshop from Hove provided copies of all three books for a signing session, and afterwards students told us that they found her sources of inspiration the most interesting part of the talk.

Carnegie Medal 2011 Announcement Rachel stayed on at the academy after her talks, to be Guest of Honour at the Literary Luncheon organised by the LRC to thank the students taking part in the Carnegie Shadowing Group. The Learning Resources Centre was transformed into a buzzing venue for the announcement of the winning book from the shortlist of 6 titles: Out of Shadows by Jason Wallace; The Bride’s Farewell by Meg Rosoff; Prisoner of the Inquisition by Theresa Breslin; White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick; The Death-Defying Pepper Roux by Geraldine McCaughrean and Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness.

Mrs S Waton, Mrs C Bailey and Rachel Ward

The Shadowing Group at the academy have been reading the six shortlisted books since April, writing reviews on the SRWA Carnegie Shadowing website and creating an interactive map of the locations and action with the help of animateur Miss Fellows (of C&T). Look at: http://www. to see our efforts. Students voted on Tuesday of this week and placed The Deathdefying Pepper Roux first , with Out of Shadows second and Monsters of Men third; so the wait for the announcement of the national winner was full of tension and anticipation. When Principal Mrs Bailey arrived and Rachel opened the envelope to announce that the Patrick Ness sci-fi epic ‘Monsters of Men’ (third book in the Chaos Walking trilogy) was the overall winner, some students were elated and some others a little disappointed - and then the Luncheon began! All in all it was a brilliant celebration of weeks of reading and discussing the very different settings and stories, ranging from Zimbabwe in the 1970s, to the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition, a young girl’s journey in a dangerous early 19th century England, a rollicking adventure through

France and on the high seas, a gothic drama and a futuristic study of a human colony on a new planet where the thoughts of all the men, but not women, can be heard by everyone around. LRC Manager Mrs Waton said that the students involved all enjoyed taking part and some revealed that they had read books they might not otherwise have chosen to read – and to their surprise, had thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.


SRWA Library Monitors

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; Handel’s jottings and crossings out on his music manuscript for The Messiah; Henry VIII’s prayer roll and many more treasures. We also looked at the science fiction exhibition ‘Out of this World’ where a Tardis and aliens loomed alongside well known works including the annotated handwritten manuscript by Philip Pullman for his Northern Lights best-seller. The British Library is an amazing place! We then met a Librarian who led us in a workshop on ‘research matters’ where we were shown some other fabulous ancient writings and encouraged to look at different ways of finding out more about them – the ‘delta’ approach to research where one question leads to another and another, versus the traditional ‘toolbox’ approach of using ‘who what why where when’ questioning to find further facts. We met in the foyer by Bill Woodrow’s sculpture of an open book (used as a seat) with a ball and chain – representing how human knowledge is locked up inside books. A quick trip to the shop and we were soon back on the coach for the long drive south, tired but full of the wonderful things we had seen.

On Thursday June 30th, some members of the SRWA were unable to enjoy their usual school day due to the industrial action, but the LRC Assistants proudly turned up at 8am to be taken by minibus across to the Shoreham Academy to join the coach to London. We met up with LRC assistants from Davison and Shoreham so we all had a lot in common, and the coach driver entertained us by telling us all about the buildings we could see as we passed through places like Brixton and Lambeth. We arrived at the British Library in time to eat our lunch outside in the sunshine, underneath a statue by Eduardo Paolozzi entitled ‘Newton’, and then went inside for a wander around the galleries. The British Library houses 150 million items – not just books, but manuscripts, images, stamps, journals, sound recordings and newspapers. Underneath the entrance plaza are eight floors of book stacks, the contents of which are freely available to anyone who applies to use the reading rooms at the Library. We went into the Sir John Ritblat Gallery, where we saw the original Magna Carta, complete with wax seal; Shakespeare’s handwriting; Jane Austen’s writing desk; some scraps of papyrus dating back to the year 300 with fragments of the gospel The British Library with St Pancras story of the fishermen at Gallilee; station in the background… illuminated manuscripts; Geoffrey

Paris Trip 2011

22nd June 2011

I woke up at 4.30am to get to school at 5.45am and at 6.15am we got on the coach. After 3 hours we were on the boat for 1hr 20 minutes. In France we had another 3 hours on the coach. I was sharing a room with Cristy, Erin and two other Year 8 girls. It looked very sunny out there. I was with my friends Claire, Jess, Beth Shereen, Chloe and Georgia. On the coach we were watching Toy Story 3. I couldn’t wait to see my accommodation and phone home from Paris. In Paris we went up the Arc de Triomphe and the view was amazing. It was very hot and lots of people were at the top. You could nearly see the whole of Paris; it was unbelievable and I could see the Eiffel Tower. There were 273 steps up to the top and my legs were really aching. The tomb of the unknown soldier was under it and you could see the flame which is always kept alight. There were some breathtaking sculptures around Paris. Then we had dinner and I had lamb. After that we reached the hotel, I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone in my room apart from Cristy. There was a swimming pool which was very big and posh. Our rooms were lovely. I had a double bed. We got to sleep at 3.00am because we were so excited and we had to get up at 6.45am!

23rd June 2011

We got ready and went down for breakfast (it was yummy!). It was a very nice day. We were only 30

by Abbie Cole Yr7 CW

minutes to 1 hour away from the Eiffel Tower by coach. We went to Notre Dame cathedral. It was very interesting. I bought a golden coin from there as a souvenir. After that we went on a boat (un batobus) and saw the stunning buildings along the River Seine. The bridges are so tall and detailed; it looked beautiful. Then we arrived at the Louvre where there are some golden sculptures. We went inside the Louvre Pyramid - a big pyramid dome made of glass - and inside there were paintings and a very famous one called the Mona Lisa, it is worth over £52 million. There were lots of lovely sculptures, paintings and artefacts. After that we went for lunch but it was so expensive nearby. Then we took the batobus to the Eiffel Tower and I took the lift with the group to level 2 which was very high. There were some dodgy dealers outside trying to sell stuff to us. We then had a pizza and went shopping. There was a man and he put razor blades in his mouth and lit cigarettes and matchsticks. He then coughed and they all came back out. We then went back to the hotel and packed and went to bed.

24th June 2011

On the Friday we went to Parc Asterix. It was amazing. I went on lots of rollercoasters; they were really big and fast. It was so much fun; I loved every minute of it. After that we were back onto the coach and came home. This was my first time abroad without my family. I was a bit nervous but loved it and would recommend it to anyone.

Performing Arts Tour Bath was the destination for 66 students from the Academy as part of the annual Performing Arts Tour. The students spent a week in the ancient spa resort performing in the Academy Band, Steel Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Drama and Dance groups. Their performances during the week included the Parade Gardens bandstand, SouthGate Shopping Centre, the Holburne Museum of Art, Bathwick St Mary Primary School, Shepton Mallet bandstand and Bath Abbey. Performances also took place at the Market Place in Salisbury and Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth on the journeys to and from Bath. The group also visited the Roman Baths and Cheddar Gorge. The group was extremely well received by audiences at all their performances and we have received some very complimentary comments since our visit. Amongst the feedback from our venues have been these highlights:

“Your students were professional, focused and gave it 1000%. There is obviously some students that you can pick out as extremely talented in the field but all of them looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. It brought something special to our visitors whilst they were enjoying their day out and lots of random organisations etc. enjoyed it, including the MOD Police and the tour guides on HMS Victory. We would be delighted to welcome you back in the future�. Amy Cosgrave Events & PR Assistant Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Bathwick St Mary Primary School

Performing Arts Tour “We immensely enjoyed your performance – its variety and overall standard. The relevant local drama items were a ‘nice touch’! It was also a very positive coincidence that you should use music from the Y6 show as part of the dance display. All-in-all you were obviously meant to come!” Kevin Burnett Headteacher

“It was obvious that the Southgate shoppers enjoyed the activity. Please let me know if you plan to do anything similar and would like to come back, we would love you to be involved with SouthGate, Bath again in the future. We hope that you enjoyed your time with us, that it worked for you and that all the children enjoyed performing at our venue”. Hannah Keizer Marketing Manager SouthGate Bath

Kenya Trip 2011

Serious Competition After months of fundraising, resource gathering and lesson planning we finally made it to Kibera for an incredible life changing 10 days in the heart of Kenya. We experienced the shocking reality of extreme poverty and yet saw the resilience and optimism of the human spirit. We led

creative lessons, played silly games, painted faces, made sock puppets, danced, ate new foods, experienced some interesting toilets (!) laughed, cried and had our hearts and minds touched by the children we had gone to serve. Look out for our Kenya presentation evening in September when you are warmly invited to come and hear the team share their stories. Well done to Rosie, Georgia, Rachel, Claire, Daisy, Jack, Danielle and Heather for being a fantastic team. We are all very proud of you. Revd Dalrymple Chaplain

Teaching was hard work One of the many classes we taught

Chatting over morning porridge

Play Time

Leaving at 5am

Mathematics at SRWA Developments so far, from Mr Redmayne Director of Mathematics Since my arrival in January 2011 there have been many challenges to overcome and a pressing need to build a team capable of delivering high quality mathematics teaching for the Academy’s newest specialism. A team has been formed to ensure that only specialist subject teachers are included; with the exception of two SEN groups in Year 8 & 9 for 2012. We have secured the services of Mr Jackson a specialist A-level teacher to expand our capability to offer a comprehensive sixth form teaching program at the highest level, including Further Mathematics for the first time in 2012. This is one of the most highly regarded A-Level courses by the Russell Group of U.K. leading universities. As we plan our move into the new Academy building this autumn, the use of I.C.T. in delivering exciting and stimulating lessons is a high priority. To deliver this my Assistant Director of learning, Miss DeDiego, who is qualified to Masters Degree level in Mathematics, is completing a training course this summer at the internationally acclaimed I.C.T. centre in Oundle. This will support her role as our digital I.T. teaching champion for our mathematics team. This is in addition to her other important departmental duties. We are delivering an A-Level course for 2011 based on the OCR-MEI syllabus and our team is committed

to delivering the highest quality teaching. To this end I am embarking on my own Masters degree linked to teaching post-16 mathematics through MEI and London South Bank University, and Mr. Jackson is commencing a development course on the pedagogy of further mathematics. As you may be aware the G.C.S.E. syllabus is under review by the Government, however our planned course for 2011-12 is the AQA 4360 modular route. We have fully resourced the department for the teaching of this including online supporting assessment materials using “Alfiesoft�. Our student services hold revision guides for this course at foundation and higher levels; students should consult their teacher about the most appropriate guide. Each module has a very specific content and builds towards the terminal unit 3 exam in either Year 10 (Early entry class) or Year 11. Key Stage Three has been updated and is based on the successful New Mathematics Frameworking package of resources. These materials will be visible on FROG from September. All materials are accurately leveled so that students understand the level they are working at and can access what will be required to move up a level; in addition to this we have half termly assessments which track progress.

This will enable the team to accurately evaluate whether a student needs to move sets. In our drive to constantly improve students learning we are using MyMaths as one of the homework platforms and we expect all students to attempt home learning, either at home via the web, or in our LRC, which is open after school and break times. Gifted and Talented students will become an increasingly important focus and our recent excellent results in Year 7 & 8 in the Junior U.K.M.T. challenge demonstrate the potential of some students. The most recent competition was organised by Mr Hill an experienced teacher of some 23 years in both Key Stage 2 and 3. The students produced 6 gold awards, 9 silver and 10 bronze; our most able students narrowly missed out on gaining entry to the European competition which will be a target in the new academic year. Our recently qualified GTP, Mrs Hurley, has already gained her Masters of Arts in Teaching in U.S.A. and has been teaching for over 23 years including work at post-graduate level. We are proud to announce that she gained an “outstanding” grade in her overall training assessment and is a huge asset to the team; her skills and extensive knowledge of working with special needs children is incredibly valuable. Mr Ferguson an experienced teacher who has a background in Financial Services, has taken the lead on developing the provision for Financial Capability for Key Stage 4 delivering a level 1 & 2 course for students in Year 11. Ms Massey is an experienced teacher who has a wealth of knowledge from her previous head of department roles in other schools. Heather is currently working on her Doctorate, having completed her Masters a number of years ago. Her skills have been put to great effect in mentoring NQT or GTP students. Her work with Mrs Hurley on a “Carousel of Activities” in the KS3 classroom won praise from a recent visiting OFSTED inspector. Mathematics is an important life skill and we are starting our exciting journey to ensure that our team delivers the highest possible quality of mathematics education for your son/daughter. I recognise that we are not yet perfect, but will constantly strive to improve. If you have any specific enquires please do not hesitate to contact me at Mr Redmayne Director of Mathematics SRWA

MR REDMAYNE’S MATHEMATICS PROBLEM PAGE SUMMER 2011 Here are some warm-up questions to keep your brains working over the summer! Discuss them with each other; a prize will be awarded for the most complete solution handed in during the first week of the new term. Question 1 Find two different ways of expressing 4104 as the sum of two cubes? Question 2 Which numbers are increased by 500% when they are squared? Question 3 Emily does not want to admit her age. She says ‘‘I’m 45 years old, if you do not count Saturdays or Sundays’’. What is Emily’s true age? Question 4 The difference between a three-digit number and a two-digit number is 987. How many pairs of numbers have this property? Question 5 The diagonals of the faces of a cuboid are in cm, √45cm, √52cm and 5cm. What is its volume? Question 6 How many different shapes of isosceles triangles have at least one side of length 2cm and an area of 1cm²? Question 7 The annual distance travelled by Tesco’s Lorries is about 68 million miles; this is equivalent to how many round trips to the moon? (Earth to Moon is approximately 240,000miles) Good luck! Mr Redmayne

The Academy has been busy on the environmental front recently - firstly there was a bike safety check by a mechanic from Quest Adventure during bike to work week, where many students rode their bikes in to be checked out and given some safety hints and tips. The Academy has also been awarded the ecoschools bronze award for taking the first steps towards sustainability. This is mainly due to the stirling work carried out by the eco council, who have given the school an eco audit and come up with an environmental action plan. They also had a meeting with Balfour Beatty who are building the new academy, who talked them through the sustainable features of the new build, including the woodchip burning boiler which will heat the building.

SRWA ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION PLAN July 2011 1. REGULAR BLOGGING via the pod onto frog to inform the

Academy community of what is being done. Continued use of display board/frog/video screens.


ENERGY – track and graph energy usage in the new build. This is possible with the computer systems in place. It will be possible to monitor chapter consumption and then have competitions between chapters on energy reduction. Also the effectiveness of newly introduced measures to reduce energy can be monitored. Inform the Academy of the biomass generator.


LITTER – specific recycling bins?


WATER – a usage reduction campaign and possible purchase/promotion of water bottles.


TRANSPORT – survey and monitor. Promote sustainable methods. Set up a cycle maintenance club.


HEALTH - Put a plant in every class room. Liaise with canteen re monitoring diets.


BIODIVERSITY – develop wildlife area in new build.


GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES – possible fair-trade day. Community links with companies promoting sustainability eg Rabbit recycling.


PUPIL PARTICIPATION – increase membership of the eco council – make it chapter based with chapter and Academy reps.

On Friday, 1st July, Sir Robert Woodard Academy hosted the last of the year’s Business & Friends Breakfast. We said a sad farewell to our Year 13s and Craig Holden and Ms Fauvel gave us a singing performance to remember, accompanied by Mr LeLean on the piano. The group were asked if they were willing to provide evidence of the benefits of the partnerships that they had made, as part of the ICE Community award that we are seeking. Several guests spoke about the work they are doing in the community, and the next meeting was set for 16th September 2011. The highlight of the breakfast was the incredible offer of £700.00 from Councillor Mrs Mills to buy a trombone for one of our budding musicians who has the potential to become a professional musician with the right tools.

Volunteer Group The Sir Robert Woodard Academy Volunteer Group continue to demonstrate their care in the community attitude and recent trips to Angmering demonstrate this. We have had a long and privileged relationship with Angmering School

where a number of wheelchair youngsters are in full time education there. Our students once again, showed their excellent interpersonal skills and really got involved enjoying playing ‘sport’ with their disabled counterparts. They certainly ‘got stuck in’ at the ‘We Play Too’ centre at Brooklands, and after being treated to an ice cream, actively experienced what it is like to use the adapted cycles. Much sponsorship and ‘gifts’ have gone into this centre together with the incredible drive and dedication from Lyn Aaron-Feringno who herself has a disabled five year old daughter, making it a most interesting visit indeed.

Stop Press

Exciting times ahead with the news of Brighton FC looking to provide more training facilities for the local area. This together with the New Monks Farm proposals for a community centre, and recreational facilities, should give the local community a real boost.

above, please contact me on rbryant@

Community Events

The Electric Storm project is ‘storming’ ahead, and we wish them good luck. The first of two Summer Community The recent public meeting looking at Events took place on Friday 8th July at the ‘options’ for the Willow School Sir Robert Woodard Academy. site proved successful, and I am sure the more that get involved the Forty from the more chance there is of a successful community outcome for the Community. turned up to play rounders, (and As with previous Newsletters, another we were most request for new members for the fortunate that Parents Support Group. The group met the rain held last week at the two year 6 induction off). The team evenings and we helped sort out the from Parafix were uniform. If you feel you can help again too strong for the rest, but the and would like to know more please event was played in great ‘spirit’ with contact me. not too much cheating from the Youth Wing or staff teams. The aim of this We are also running a taster course and the staff v Sussex County CC staff in both Maths and English showing cricket match on Thursday 21st July is to parents what we teach, how we teach help raise funds to buy Charlie Ferrier a and how parents can support us. new electric wheelchair. These will take place in October and will be on two separate evenings. Over £100 was raised on the raffle and Why not come in to hear more. the Sussex County CC autographed There will also be a course entitled bat has been auctioned for £100 to ‘employability’ which will highlight the Katherine Mellish an ex SRWA student. skills required to either obtain a job or Also received a pair of tickets to watch to improve promotion opportunities. Brighton play Peterborough at their new ground on 27th August, £70 was raised If you would like any more information – Lawrence Causabon-Vincent was the or have any suggestions for other successful bidder. courses you would like to see at The Sir Robert Woodard Academy, please contact me. Also, you should have by now received the West Sussex Adult Learning booklet outlining their courses at Sir Robert Woodard Academy. If you have any comments, views on any of the


Jack Carpenter being presented with a digital photo frame for achieving 60 cheques since the academy opened

Harry Bush and Jake Andrews each receiving an iPod nano and Docking Station for achieving 100 cheques each since the academy opened.

Teachers reward students with cheques for effort, high standard of work and service.

Lost Property We have a box of lost items in Student Services. If your child has lost an item in the last term please do send them to Student Services to see if we have it. At the end of the school year all unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Home Details If you have recently changed your phone number or the living arrangements for your child have changed please do let the academy know. This can either be done by logging into FROG and completing the online form or the new details can be put in writing, signed and dated and sent to Mrs Salter in Student Services. Thank you.

Students who have completed examinations in the summer are invited to collect their results from the Academy on the following dates from Student Services from 10am until 12pm. GCE exams - 18th August 2011 GCSE exams - 25th August 2011 If you are unable to collect them on this day then there are three options open to you: • collect them on any subsequent day from the main reception between 9am and 4pm • provide a stamped addressed envelope to Student Services and your results will be posted to you on Results Day • provide another person with a note granting them permission to collect your results for you from the main reception. That person must present the permission note and may be required to show a form of ID The Results Slips issued will contain information on collecting any certificates arising from the Summer 2011 exams which will take place in November 2011. On each Results Day there will be staff on hand to discuss your results with you. Mr J Lamb Data Manager

We are happy to announce that both the year 7 and year 12 e-learning schemes are viable and will run this year. I would like to all thank all of the parents who have supported these schemes. We are looking forward to achieving the full benefits of the e-learning scheme over the next few years. Full details of the next steps will be sent home in a letter to those involved on the first day of term in September. Mr T Harkins Strategic Director ICT

Academy Uniform Day Uniform • • • • • •

Black blazer with logo Academy tie White collared shirt Plain black tailored trousers/calf-length skirt Plain black socks or tights Black shoes

Sports Uniform • • • •

Academy sports polo top Black shorts Black sports socks Plimsolls/trainers

Optional Items • Grey academy jumper • Academy rugby top • Academy tracksuit bottoms

Academy uniform will be on sale from Student Services during the summer break as follows: Mondays during August between 10.00am and 3.00pm (Not Monday 29th August as this is a bank holiday) Thursday 1st September between 10.00am and 3.00pm Friday 2nd September between 10.00am and 3.00pm

Term Dates - 2011/2012 Autumn Term 2011 - 1st September to 16th December Academy Closures/Holidays In Service Training Half Term Christmas Holidays

1st and 2nd September 24th October to 28th October 19th December to 2nd January

Spring Term 2012 - 3rd January to 30th March Academy Closures/Holidays In Service Training Half Term Easter Holidays Good Friday Easter Monday

10th February 13th February to 17th February 2nd April to 13th April 6th April 9th April

Summer Term 2012 - 16th April to 20th July Academy Closures/Holidays In Service Training May Day Spring Bank Holiday Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Half Term

6th July, 20th July 7th May 4th June 5th June 6th June to 8th June

Sir Robert Woodard Academy Upper Boundstone Lane Lancing, West Sussex BN15 9QZ 01903 755894

July Newsletter 2011  

Sir Robert Woodard Academy - July Newsletter 2011

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