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April 2011 Newsletter Dear Parent / Carer I am delighted to write the foreword for our Easter newsletter. There have been many events to celebrate this half term, not least the birth, 200 years ago of Nathaniel Woodard on 21st March when we joined with Woodard schools and academies around the country to celebrate with our first communion in the academy. We also congratulate Mrs Jan Richardson, Chair of the Woodard Academies Trust on her recent honour from the Queen. This has been an action packed half-term in the academy, and I do hope you will enjoy reading of the many events and activities that have taken place. During the Easter break we will be running revision seminars for students in years 9–13 due to take external examinations this summer. Further details of these are available on FROG. Parents of students in Key Stage 3 will also receive further information towards the end of the Easter break regarding two new systems we are trialling during the summer term; home learning and assessment of students’ work. Full information will be sent directly to parents/carers of students in years 7, 8 and 9, and we would welcome your comments and support as we develop this aspect of our work. Finally, I should like to take this opportunity to wish staff, students and families a restful and enjoyable Easter break. With best wishes, Mrs C. Bailey Principal

The Sir Robert Woodard Academy is delighted to congratulate Mrs Jan Richardson MBE, Chair of Woodard Academies Trust, who was honoured by The Queen on Thursday 10 March during a day of investitures. Mrs Richardson was awarded an MBE for services to education and to the community in Nottinghamshire. Her exemplary commitments have been to a youth education charity, SkillForce; the Academies Board of Woodard Schools; the Nottinghamshire Education Business Alliance, the Board of Woodard Schools (Nottinghamshire) Ltd, and as a Justice of the Peace at the Families Division, Mansfield. Speaking just after the event, Jan commented: “The Queen spoke specifically to me about my work with the academies and SkillForce and how they support young people. The Palace was absolutely stunning and I felt humbled. I am equally inspired, encouraged and supported by wonderful people at Woodard and SkillForce who are committed to improve the lives of young people and help them to make the most of their opportunities”.

Birthday Celebrations for Woodard Schools 2011 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Woodard schools, Nathaniel Woodard. We are very proud to be the pathfinder academy in this family and to carry the name of Nathaniel’s great-grandson Sir Robert. To mark this occasion all the Woodard schools are working together to fundraise £250,00 to build a secondary school in Kenya’s Rift Valley province. Working with a UK charity called the Kariandusi School Trust this school will give hundreds of children who leave primary school each year with nowhere to go, the opportunity to continue their education and have a better chance in life. Watch this space to see how our fundraising efforts are going and for more information look at this short introductory film below.

Celebration Communion On 21st March Woodard schools across the country held special services to mark the 200th birthday of our founder Nathaniel Woodard. Our chaplain, Reverend Wendy led a ‘Celebration Communion’ in the academy hall with music led by the academy main choir and students and representatives from each chapter. We were pleased to welcome parents and guests from the local community who joined us for this important celebration.

Learning Resource Centre To celebrate World Book Day this year we held a READATHON – a sponsored read – in the Learning Resources Centre. Students were encouraged to sign up and collect sponsors from family and friends and on Thursday 3rd March, over 50 enthusiastic students arrived at the LRC at 3.05pm, eager to start their reading. They were able to read any book, comic, newspaper or magazine of their choice. Some students had been sponsored to read for one hour and others for two. Half way through, a break was taken for some welcome refreshments and then it was back to serious reading again. One student, Kieran Neal from Brunel Chapter had been sponsored to read the Oxford English Dictionary for two hours. Kieran said it was hard work, but he persevered and learned some new words! Mrs S Waton, LRC Manager

Students from Brunel Chapter

READATHON raises money for two charities, both of which work with sick children: the Roald Dahl Foundation and CLIC Sargent. The £480 raised from READATHON will go to help children with cancer, leukaemia, Hodgkin’s disease, epilepsy, blood disorders or acquired brain injury. The READATHON was also a competition between Chapters to see which Chapter could raise the most money. Five Chapters were represented and Dickens Chapter had over 20 participants. Parco from 7AG raised the most sponsorship money, collecting a staggering £68.66. Dickens Chapter pledged the most money, a total of £270 having been paid in so far. Mrs S Waton, LRC Manager

Well done everyone who took part and raised funds for these two very good causes.

Performing Arts Light on Its Feet Festival 3rd March 2011 The Minerva Theatre, Chichester When the Minerva Theatre invited us to take part in this project, the Drama Department was honoured. This was recognition of the high standard of work that has been achieved over a number of years under the inspirational guidance of Miss Venn. This was to be a celebration of the best work being produced by young people and their teachers in West Sussex. In collaboration with the C&T Animateur, Jenni Fellows, the BTEC students in Years 12 and 13 had taken the work to their hearts. This was not just another series of plays, these were pieces that spoke from the heart and the head. Taking as their starting point the United Nations Millennium Development Goal Number 7: Achieving Environmental Sustainability, these young people embraced the challenge of understanding the plight of the planet and transforming that understanding into moments of theatre that would challenge and engage audiences of all ages. In February, the group had taken the plays to a C&T school in Essex, adapting their work to the conditions they found there and developing workshops to enable young people in years 7, 8 and 9 to understand the concepts. This was another challenge altogether. The students had to respond to the demands of a professional theatre; they had to liaise with the technical staff there; they had to remain ‘light on their feet’ at all times and perform to a paying audience of strangers. They brought the house down with a sophisticated blend of hard-hitting geopolitics, humour, movement and absolute integrity. All those who saw them were deeply proud to be associated with them. They truly changed hearts and minds. Mr G Williams Director of Specialism (Performing Arts)

Performing Arts

Dance Showcase 15th–17th March 2011 The Arts matter in our lives. They are not just a luxury that we can indulge in when times are good and discard when things get a little tight. They define who we are; they shape our understanding of the world; and they engage every aspect of our being – the mind, the body, the spirit, the heart. Last month was the perfect illustration of this. The massed talents of dancers from across the age ranges transformed all those who were privileged enough to be there. From the vivacity of Chaos, the Junior School Dance project through to the sophistication and darkness of the pieces created by the senior students in their final year, this was an evening of skill, talent and integrity. Everything was just so professional, from the stage management through to the lighting and sound. And as I left the Hall after the final curtain I knew that I had been changed: I felt lighter, more joyful and very proud; I had been made to think and to challenge some of my perceptions and I wanted to learn how to do what these young people had just shown me of the potential in all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of the event. From classical influences and highly accomplished contemporary work; tap, jazz and street; solos, pair work and huge ensemble pieces, there was something for everyone there. This was more than a show: this was a celebration of all that is great in the Academy and in young people today. We saw the beautiful product of the combination of hours of dedication and hard work with creativity and imagination. We saw young people developing their vocabulary of movement and learning to communicate with an audience. We saw huge numbers of friends and families supporting their loved ones. And we were bound together in a spirit of delight. We are truly fortunate to have such talented young people at the Academy and they would be the first to acknowledge that this is down to the talent, commitment, passion and drive of their three dance teachers: Miss Poulter, Miss Lawlor and Miss MacGregor. I am very proud to be able to work alongside them. Their work is a triumph of the creative human spirit. Mr G Williams Director of Specialism (Performing Arts)

Performing Arts

C&T This term the animateur has been working with Sixth Form and year 7 groups on the national creative project about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The Academy has responsibility for raising awareness of Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability. Year 12 and 13 Drama BTEC groups devised live performances which were then taken to C&T partner school Royal Liberty in Romford, as well as playing at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester. The year 7s created installations which they shared across the year group. Early in the summer term the animateur will be working with the Eco Council to create a web app to educate parents about the importance of ensuring environmental sustainability. Jennie Fellows C&T Animateur

Physical Education Football SRWA 7 – 0 CHATSMORE On Tuesday 22nd March the year 7 football team played Chatsmore School. The winners of the game would take the top position in the league. From the start SRWA dominated the game and earned a comfortable victory 7-0, with goals from James Thurgar (2), Dillon Nagel (2), Jerry Hopkins (2) and Liam Reynolds (1). The first two goals came from good work following Liam Reynolds’ throw-ins from the left-hand side, and SRWA went in at half time 3-0 up, still with some work to do to see out a comfortable victory. Four goals in the second half and solid defending performances from Will Allen, Harrison Moulton, Sam Benger Wells and Owen Fieldus ensured that the Chatsmore frontline rarely saw the ball and Sam Thompson in goal had the minimum of work to do. Man of the match was Elliott Dollner, but a fantastic effort was put in by all the boys. Rob Bromley Curriculum Team Leader for Physical Education

Physical Education Football Year 7 This term the football season has started again for the year 7 team, and the boys have continued the success they were achieving before the winter break. A strong 7-0 win against Chatsmore School, and a very narrow loss to Littlehampton Academy with a goal in the final 30 seconds of the match have left the SRWA team in second place, with all still to play for. With two matches left against Steyning and Rydon, top of the table is still achievable. Team members are: Sam Thompson, Will Allen, Samuel Benger Wells, Elliott Dollner, Harrison Moulton, Dennis Bowyer, Owen Fieldus, Ethan Simmonds, Caleb Livous, Caleb Eppy, Jerry Hopkins, Liam Reynolds, James Thurgar, Dillon Nagel, Aaron Feldberg and Matthew Jukes. Year 11 The year 11 football team have battled hard this year and played some decent football although not receiving the reward of a win for their efforts. In the pre season friendly the squad beat Shoreham College 5-1 in a very controlled game. Matt Hammond led the line very well with Lewis Harrocks dominating the midfield. Lewis has played well all season and mostly had the better of the centre midfield position. Following a slow start to the Shoreham Academy game the team kept possession well in the second half and fought well but eventually lost 3-1. At Durrington the team played better again and Callum Linssen supported the team playing in every role on the pitch. We lost 2-0 but lacked the final ball to create clear openings. Against Steyning again the team upped their game and dominated, holding the lead for most of the game. Steyning equalised with a great goal, which Sam Moody, having played well all game, couldn’t get to. The goal was the result of some poor decisions and giving the ball away too easily. Unfortunately, a moment of poor concentration from a corner saw Steyning take the game where a draw would have been a fair result. We hope to do well at the tournament next week and I wish the boys the best for the future and have enjoyed supporting them this year.

Physical Education Gymnastics This term five Year 8 students represented the Sir Robert Woodard Academy at the annual district Junior Gym Competition. They had to create a floor routine based around the theme of ‘tip, invert and rebound’. After three months of continued dedication and hard work at gym practice, they choreographed a routine with some amazing skills. The most impressive part of the routine being Rosetta Hall falling back off Anezka Hall’s shoulders to be caught by Lauren Sinfield, Sarah Ford and Amy Currie. At the competition they all performed extremely well in their event to show the judges and the other schools just how much talent we have here at the Academy. Gym club will return in September when we will start preparing again for the Sussex Schools Sport Acro Competition which is open to all students of all abilities! There will also be an opportunity for the Year 10 and 11 students to audition to compete at the Senior District Gym Competition in November. Miss Hammersley

Netball Year 8 The year 8 netball team played in their end of year tournament at Durrington High School. They had some close results against Angmering, Worthing and Durrington and could have easily won some of them had they had more belief in their abilities! The star players were Laura Hart and Jess Teasdale who worked tirelessly throughout all the matches. A special thank you goes to Toni Heator, Caitlyn Matten and Beth Loversidge who stepped in the night before to help the year 8 team go to the tournament. Miss Hammersley

Modern Foreign Languages Joyeuses P창ques! Use an English/French dictionary to work out the crossword answers!

Across 1. holiday 3. egg 5. lamb 6. nest 7. Monday 9. hen 10. spring 12. bell 13. Easter 14. basket Down 2. 4. 7. 8. 11.

chocolate garden rabbit April chick

Community Update Community Engagement Day As mentioned in the last newsletter, the keenly awaited Community Engagement Day took place on Tuesday 8th March. Dr Paul Sutton from C&T, ably assisted by Jennie Fellows, led the day, with the main theme being how to ensure SRWA and the new build is the hub of the community. Eight adults from the Business and Friends Breakfast Club were invited to work alongside 20 SRWA students, Miss Shrimpton, Miss Peach, Mr Tout and myself. The group very quickly ‘gelled’ and within minutes there was an excellent

Volunteering Enrichment Group On Wednesday 16th March the SRWA Volunteer Group visited Angmering School to work alongside the disabled youngsters who are in full time education there.

‘working’ atmosphere explaining ways in which we could all work closer together. Students felt that we ought to help the elderly more than we do, and they felt we could work closer with Lancing College. They wanted more sports opportunities at the weekend and during the holidays, and they wanted to fully develop their own identity at SRWA. We all felt that it was a really positive day with some excellent suggestions and we are now planning to meet up in June, to look at the progress we have made.

Our group split themselves into three and helped with Boccia, table tennis and curling. Each activity is modified so that the disabled youngsters can play against their disabled counterparts. It proved another invaluable experience for our youngsters especially as they were well beaten! We are intending to pay them another visit in the summer term.

Sussex Technical Response Unit Following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Complex and the devastation of the Tsunami, we are in contact with the local Response Unit who went to help rescue people who had been either trapped or made homeless. The team, many of whom had only just returned from Christchurch, have been asked if they can visit SRWA to talk about their experiences. The Academy has been proactive in responding to the disaster and we hope that our links will continue into the future. We hope for an update in the next newsletter.

Community Update

On Friday 18th March, thirty five ‘friends’ attended the 12th SRWA breakfast. We were entertained by Sam who showed what an exceptional tap dancer he is, and Craig who played two pieces on the piano. There was an update on the Community Band Concert on 12th March, and the magnificent Dance Showcase on 15th, 16th, and 17th March. The group were then shown photos and a video of the recent community engagement day, and those who were there spoke very highly about the day and the impact it had made upon them.

Julian Stevens from Adur/Worthing Council asked the group if they could find work placements for any of the Return to Work group, and Janet Cullen from Macmillan Cancer, thanked SRWA for the ‘Music for Macmillan’ event where the Boundstone Chorus and Community Band will join forces to help raise funds for this most worthwhile Charity. Louise Brooks from the Worthing Churches Homeless Project said that they were collecting old bikes in order to repair and pass on, and there

were other contributions from Lisa Hector (Link Romania), Andy Brooks (Senior Citizens IT group) and David Chapman (Rotary). It was agreed that we could have an update from Ali Groves about the SSCO programme which is under threat at the next breakfast on 13th May. Particularly interesting was the information provided by Lee Murphy of Whitgift Estates about the proposals for New Monks Farm. There was much discussion about this particular issue and we hope for a further update at the next breakfast.

Community Update Friday 18th March In time honoured tradition the staff got together to engage in a ‘friendly’ mixed netball match against the Post 16 Sixth Formers, raising money for Red Nose Day. As in the past, the staff were far too strong for the Sixth Formers and ran out 7-0 winners. Mr Bromley scored a few (but missed a few) and Mr Ferguson was warned for his over ‘friendly’ play. Various events were held by all the Chapters at the Academy and in total well over £1000 will have been raised this year. Mr R Bryant, Director of Community Learning

Family Learning Events On Saturday May 21st there will be three family learning events at SRWA. We shall be holding:•

Drum up with Grandparents – a day of fun, laughter, making and playing of instruments of all shapes and sizes.

Family Art – creating wrapping paper, making lino prints for greeting cards, and making calligraphy prints.

Football for parents and carers – youngsters can work alongside mum/dads/uncles/aunts or even grandparents, looking at coaching,

fitness, and how to arrange and officiate games. All the above are aimed at students (and their families) from Years 6, 7 and 8 and are completely free. Information is on our website, and our four feeder schools will also have more details and an application form or contact me for details. Mr R Bryant, Director of Community Learning or 01903 755894

Community Update SRWA Parents Action Group On 30th March the PAG met in the Post 16 Chapter at 6.30pm with the Agenda being:• • • • •

FROG update Community Engagement Event March 8th Family Learning Programme Future Adult Education Support for SRWA

The Community Engagement Day and other Community Cohesion events were well received, and we agreed that so much quality learning takes place in the local community. We all felt that we now need to focus on specific ‘events’ to develop and would like more to give the group. If you would like to come along to listen, suggest, and generally be supporting your son/daughter, please email me at SRWA about YOUR THOUGHTS ON ADULT EDUCATION.

There was much discussion on each topic, with the Future Adult Education to be put on the next agenda for 20th May. The group were asked to consider what they felt was wanted and to email me at the Academy.

What would you like to see offered to adults in the new build – all thoughts and suggestions would be welcome.

Boxing Skills and Techniques

The club is still open to new members. If you are interested in joining, please see either Mr Bryant or Mr Stott for more information.

Ten students from the academy have been participating in the Boxing Skills and Techniques activity held at Impulse Leisure Centre every Wednesday evening since November. The activity has been excellently delivered by the Adur Boxing Club and generously funded by Go4it. The students have been learning boxing skills and techniques, fitness exercises and overall training routines. Through the demonstration of these skills and the completion of written assessments, the students are working towards an ASDAN qualification.

Mr R Bryant Director of Community Learning

Mr S Stott Learning Mentor

Student Services

Eco Club Two teams from the ecoclub entered the climate week challenge – a country-wide initiative designed to highlight the problems of climate change around the world, which involved them devising a way to publicise the challenge facing the earth due to climate change, and be a sustainable way of making money. One group came up with ‘Recycle’ – a company that would refurbish and then hire out old bikes so that students could get to and from school. The other came up with ‘Green is the new Black’ – a recycled clothes/fashion show idea – we await the results. The Academy is currently working towards the Eco schools bronze award which will help us on the path towards sustainability.

Recycle BATTERY BACK! RECYCLE YOUR BATTERIES IN STUDENT SERVICES Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, which can contaminate the environment when batteries are improperly disposed of. When incinerated, certain metals might be

released into the air or can concentrate in the ash produced by the combustion process. In landfills, heavy metals have the potential to leach slowly into soil, groundwater or surface water. Dry cell batteries contribute about 88 percent of the total mercury and 50 percent of the cadmium in the municipal solid waste stream. When burned, some heavy metals such as mercury may vaporise and escape into the air, and cadmium and lead may end up in the ash.

What happens to the batteries once they have been collected in? The batteries are sorted into chemical type, bulked up and then sent on to treatment facilities for recycling. Base metals are recovered for reuse in industry. For further information please visit What are the environmental benefits of battery recycling? Before these regulations came into force most batteries were discarded into landfill. Batteries contain various hazardous metals such Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Zinc, Manganese and Lithium. It can be damaging to the environment to dispose of them through landfill and burning batteries also causes atmospheric pollution. In addition, the resources that can be gained from the batteries are the very same materials being mined (at great cost) in other parts of the world. By helping to recycle batteries not only are you helping the environment but also helping to keep down the cost of new batteries.

Enterprise Day Year 5 Enterprise Day held at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy

staff from the students’ own primary schools and students from the Post-16 chapter of the academy.

On Thursday 17th March, Year 5 students from three local primary schools, The Globe, North Lancing and Sompting Village, attended The Sir Robert Woodard Academy to take part in a Young Enterprise programme.

Mrs Jenni Readman, Chapter Manager for Brunel Chapter and the academy lead on economic wellbeing said

Module 5 of the ‘Our Nation’ programme follows the production of apple juice, from harvesting the apples through to marketing the final juice cartons. The programme introduces students to a range of business ideas, including problem-solving and matching skills and qualifications to jobs. The programme was delivered by Georgina Angele of Young Enterprise South East alongside local business volunteers, Katrina Travis from Clothing Connection and Tony Murrell from Chauffeur Monkey, assisted by

At the end of the day, parents of the year 5 students were invited to the academy to see their children receive a certificate for their participation.

“The students were a credit to their schools, showing high levels of enthusiasm and motivation, excellent behaviour, and engaging well with all activities. We are looking forward to working with the primary schools further, and getting to know the students before they join us in Year 7. We are very grateful to the primary schools for working with us on this project and would like to thank them for their support on the day.” The day was a huge success and The Sir Robert Woodard Academy is looking to draw on this success with a similar event next year.

NatWest School Bank up and running The SRWA School Bank is now up and running. Set up in conjunction with NatWest, the school bank is open in 8M every Thursday lunchtime. Students can open bank accounts and both staff and students can pay money into any NatWest bank account. If you would like to open a bank account, collect a white form from Student Services or from the school, and bring it along signed by your parent or carer. You will then be asked to complete one further form with one of the bank staff, and your account details will be sent to you. Getting into the habit of saving and good money management now can help you with your finances in the future.

Learning Performance National experts in the field of developing students’ study and revision skills, Learning Performance have been working with Year 10 students in all-day workshops. They are also going to be working with year 11 students in the run up to their examinations. These workshops, whilst not cheap, ensure SRWA students have the very best advice about how to organise and go about their revision.

Feedback from Year 10 Learning Performance Workshops included comments:

“I loved today, Hammy (the presenter) is amazing. Best school day ever!” “An interesting way of learning skills and it was good not being too serious or tricky.” “It was a very good day because the presenter has taught us a lot of things and I have learnt to juggle!” “Really great and I would have been happy to do it for a few more days. It brightened up my week!” “I liked how it was set out. We didn’t feel like we were working, but we were.” “This was a very good way to memorise things.” “I thought today was great! I’ve learnt new ways of remembering my work, which will benefit me in my exams to get good grades.” “Very good workshop; much better than I thought it would be.”

New After School Club Read All About It Academy Newspaper Academy Newspaper

Learning Resource Centre

Thursdays, Week Two, Starts 21 April 2011

Years 8 to 10, budding journalists and sports fans Fun, improve your writing and let the academy know what’s going on

NCFE After School Workshop Congratulations and thank you to the 140+ year 11 students that attended the after school session to improve and complete their outstanding work. With tea and biscuits, students supported each other in a marathon study session. The students' attitude and co-operation was exemplary. Successful completion of the course will earn students the equivalent of a grade B at GCSE in a work based qualification in Equality and Diversity.

Sims In Touch The academy will be introducing a new SMS text/email messaging system this May to compliment and enhance our existing communications. There will be an increase in the use of SMS/text and email messaging for certain types of communication with parents and our hope is that you will feel better informed about your child’s education and events at the academy. This system is designed to improve current communications and you will still receive letters and hard copies of important updates. As we have always stated you can phone the academy at any time if you have any concerns relating to your child. It is important that we have your most up to date mobile phone number and email address on our systems. Please update them through the Frog Parent Portal or using the student details update form (Click Here).

Catering News A National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme came into effect on the 4th April. The scheme provides members of the public with information on hygiene standards in food businesses across the district. The ratings will be published on a national website. After each food hygiene inspection a rating is given ranging between zero to 5. The rating is based on: • • •

How hygienically the food is handled The condition of the structure of the business How you manage and document food safety

We are extremely pleased to say that The Sir Robert Woodard Academy has achieved a 5 star rating based on our last inspection. Congratulations to Mrs Cheryl Bailey, Catering Manager, and her team on a great job. Sir Robert Woodard Academy Upper Boundstone Lane Lancing, West Sussex BN15 9QZ 01903 755894

April Newsletter 2011  

Sir Robert Woodard Academy - April Newsletter 2011

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