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February 2011 Newsletter

Term Dates 2010 - 2011

Dear Parent/Carer I am pleased to introduce you to our Spring 2011 newsletter. This has been a very busy half term and I do hope you will enjoy reading the many events and activities students have participated in. My thanks as always to staff for their commitment to making these events possible. Much work has been done with year 11 students this half term to support the final lead in to the summer examinations. Parents/Carers will note the year 11 sessions planned for half term displayed on the FROG website front page, and you are asked to encourage your child to participate in these additional sessions as appropriate. Thank you to all parents/carers who have attended our recent consultation days. We continue to receive many positive comments regarding how students present in the community. Thank you to all parents for ensuring students are smart and in full academy uniform. Please find on the back page of this newsletter a summary of the uniform which is compulsory for all students. Please note that neither leggings nor trainers are acceptable. We greatly appreciate your continued support as we go into the summer months. My best wishes to you and your family for an enjoyable half term break.

Spring Term 2011 Tuesday 4th January - Friday 8th April Half Term: Monday 21st - Friday 25th February Inset Day: Friday 4th March 6th April - Staff CPD: 8.40am-10.50am Students arrive at the academy at start of period 2/11.10am Easter Break: Monday 11th April - Thursday 21st April Good Friday: Friday 22nd April Easter Monday: Monday 25th April Royal Wedding: Friday 29th April Summer Term 2011 Tuesday 26th April - Friday 22nd July May Day: Monday 2nd May Bank Holiday: Monday 30th May Half Term: Tuesday 31st May - Friday 3rd June

Mrs C Bailey Principal

Free School Meals? If you are in receipt of one of the following benefits - Income Support, Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, the Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit, or Child Tax Credit. Please contact Mrs Emsley in Student Services ( to see if your child qualifies.

You can find details of the Year 11 Revision Sessions taking place during the half term break on the front page of FROG.

Learning Resource Centre 2010 Southern Schools Book Award: Winner Announced! The five shortlisted books were read by our SSBA group who met in the LRC on Tuesday lunchtimes; Tim Bowler’s ‘BLOODCHILD’ Lucy Christopher’s ‘STOLEN’ Cathy MacPhail’s ‘GRASS’ Jeremy de Quidt’s ‘TOYMAKER’ and Leslie Wilson’s ‘SAVING RAPHAEL’ On Friday 14th January 2011, the Presentation Evening took place at Roedean School. Seven student representatives from SRWA attended the evening along with pupils from 37 other schools from across the south, and listened to the five authors talking about what inspired them to write the very different stories. Tim Bowler explained that his story began with the image of a boy lying unconscious in the road - what could have led up to that and what might the consequences be? It wasn’t until quite far on in the story that the theme of child trafficking emerged. Lucy Christopher lived for some years in Australia and wanted to write about the extraordinary landscapes and creatures found there; her theme follows the relationship that grows between the kidnapper and his 15 year old victim, snatched from Bangkok airport en route to England with her parents, as they spend months together in the outback, isolated by the heat and the desert. Cathy MacPhail explained that her idea came when she was on a train somewhere near Glasgow and saw the words ‘Sharkey is a Grass’ painted on a wall, and someone in the carriage said: ‘That Sharkey’s as good as dead, they should put RIP next to his name’. From that she thought of what might happen to a boy who witnesses a gangland murder and how he could never tell the police of what he had seen for fear of what might happen to his family and friends. Jeremy de Quidt spoke about how exciting it is as a writer to put your ideas into other people’s heads - how the story from ‘Treasure Island’, although it was written 100 or so years ago, still gets people excited and he hoped that one of his stories might be remembered in years to come. He got everyone to use their imagination as he described a situation where your head teacher was on top of a mountain, with two heavy bags of shopping - what might happen next? Leslie Wilson told the audience about how her grandfather had been a policeman in Nazi Germany and that he had been about to lose his job and possibly his life for not being a good enough Nazi. She was keen to stress that there were good and kind Germans in WW2, many of whom helped the persecuted Jews and so her story came out of her own family’s experiences. Sophie McKenzie was last year’s winner, and announced that the votes had been counted and the winner was: LUCY CHRISTOPHER for ‘STOLEN’ Runner up Leslie Wilson for ‘Saving Raphael’

The five authors wait to hear who has won... Our student representatives; Josh meets winning author Lucy Christopher, with Tim Bowler in the background.

Learning Resource Centre

On World Book Day itself this year – Thursday 3rd March, the LRC and the English Department will be hosting READATHON; a sponsored read to raise money for two charities which help children – and their families – who are suffering from cancer, leukaemia, Hodgkin’s disease, blood disorders, epilepsy and acquired brain injury. The LRC will be open after school from 3.05pm until 5pm and each Chapter will be encouraged to send students to read books, magazines, comics of their choice for either one or two hours. Refreshments will be provided! Students will be asked to approach family and friends to ask for sponsorship and staff will sign their sponsor forms on the day to confirm that they have read for the promised amount of time. All monies collected should be paid into the LRC and the totals will be announced in Chapter Assemblies. We do hope that you will feel able to support your child if she/he wishes to take part – we are lucky to be able to read for pleasure and help others by doing so in this way.

ADVANCE WARNING – WORLD BOOK DAY 2011 - Thursday 3rd March All year 7 students will be treated to a storytelling extravaganza to celebrate World Book Day this year when master storyteller Jamie Crawford will visit the Academy. He will go into each class in turn and tell stories; some mythical, some ghost stories, some mystery or horror stories. Many of the stories he tells have been passed on by word of mouth for centuries with themes that can be found around the world in many different cultures. We hope our year 7 students will really enjoy listening to these stories and let their imaginations run away with the characters and settings.

INTER-CHAPTER QUIZ FINAL - Monday 14th February Each tutor group across the Academy took part in the initial rounds of the Inter-Chapter Quiz in January, when 20 general knowledge questions were set for pairs of students to answer in their classes. The winning pair from each class were invited to join the audience for the final which took place in the LRC on Monday 14th February. One team was picked by the Chapter Managers from the winning pairs to represent Mandela, Roddick, Nightingale and Brunel. Each chapter team consisted of four students, one from each year group. The competition was fierce and Brunel v Mandela teams were neck and neck until the last round - when Brunel beat Mandela by ONE point! Roddick were 3rd only three points behind. Nightingale valiantly came in fourth place. Well done everyone!

All students of the Academy will receive a £1 voucher to celebrate World Book Day. The vouchers can be used in any book shop against the cost of a book of their choice OR some retailers (WH Smith in Worthing) have a limited stock of £1 books specially produced for the day. Vouchers will be given to form tutors to give out.

Performing Arts Music Bands get standing ovation at Pavilion Concert On a cold and windy January evening the massed musicians of the Academy warmed their audience with their outstanding performances at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing at the end of the month. The audience responded with deafening applause and a standing ovation at the end of the concert.

For their annual concert the Academy Band and Junior Band were joined for the first time by the Samba Band and the new Steel Band, which had only arrived at the Academy three weeks before the concert. 60 students took to the stage to perform music including medleys Disco Lives and Motown Forever, “Don’t Stop Believing” the hit theme from Glee along with songs by the Beatles and Ricky Martin. The Steel Band debuted with The Lion Sleeps Tonight and La Bamba. All the bands joined together for a selection of hits from Copacabana. Post-16 students making their solo debuts at the concert included Lee Fonyodi and Craig Holden. They were joined by Ben Wheeler, Charlotte Roberts and the Academy Guitarists for uplifting performances of The Beatles Something, Abba’s Angel Eyes and Chris de Burgh’s Road to Freedom. The bands were conducted by James Lelean, Artistic Director of Music Performance and Laura Fauvel, Musical Director of the Junior Band. Mr I Tout, Arts Administrator

Performing Arts New Steel Band arrives at the Academy Students from the Academy have taken delivery of a brand-new Steel Band which made its performance debut at the end of January. The Steel Band is the latest addition to a long-line of successes in the Performing Arts. It has been specially made for the Academy and came all the way to Lancing from Trinidad in the Caribbean. The Academy has invested heavily in this new development which will increase the range of musical opportunities available to our students even further. The highly distinctive sound of a Steel Band immediately conjures up images of different cultures and students are looking forward to embracing this through their music. Students from across all years have taken part in a workshop with musicians from Culture Mix and used the opportunity to explore the different sounds and musical styles that can be made on a steel pan. The band made its performance debut alongside the Academy, Junior and Samba Bands at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing. Mr J Lelean, Artistic Director of Music Performance

Performing Arts Drama Drama students to perform on stage at Minerva Theatre! A very exciting opportunity has arisen for our Drama students in Years 12 and 13 to perform at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester on Thursday 3rd March. In partnership with Chichester Festival Theatre, a special Drama Festival “Light on its Feet”, has been organised to showcase the Drama work of West Sussex schools which are specialists in the Performing Arts. Students from the Academy will be performing pieces which embrace the concept of environmental sustainability and how this can be achieved in the face of so much misinformation, distortion and apathy. The students have been working alongside our C&T Animateur Jennie Fellows and aim to challenge their audience to think about the world and identify ways in which to make it a better place to live. Our students will be performing alongside groups from Chichester High School for Girls and Westergate Community School. They all deserve a good audience for their performance and I would encourage you to support them – it really isn’t every day that students get to perform their own work on the stage at one of the South East’s most renowned theatres. The performance starts at 7pm and tickets priced at £5 are available from the Academy Box Office 01903 851827/ – only 90 tickets are available and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Miss A Venn, Curriculum Team Leader: Drama


Chelsea Dance Festival On January 29th the year 11 GCSE Dance students performed at the Chelsea Dance Festival in Eastbourne. The festival was a celebration of Dance in schools and involved performances from schools all over the South East. The group gave an outstanding performance of their piece ‘Imperfect?’ based on a professional work by Motion House Dance Theatre.

Year 11 GCSE Dance Students Kirsty Melissa Matthew Jasmine Danielle Sam Sam

Dance Boys Urban Dance Project with JP Omari JP Omari is the Artistic Director of Streetfunk, Brighton and Hove’s No 1 Hip Hop Dance Company and the Dance Department have been fortunate to secure his expertise for a 6 week urban dance project. We invited a group of boys from years 7 to 11 to take part in this project and they have been working every Tuesday after school developing new skills in addition to rehearsing a performance piece. It has been challenging and hard work but very rewarding for all those involved. They will premier their performance piece as part of the Annual Academy Dance Show in March. Boys Project Participants Jordan Felix Schaeff Sam Connor Tyler Callum Jake Caleb Brandon Sam Kai Harry

Dance Showcase 2011 It’s that time of year again! The Dance Department are proud to announce the dates of this year’s dance showcase. The show dates are Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March. All performances take place in the main hall commencing at 7.30pm and tickets are available from Mr Tout in the Performing Arts office.

Dance Time 2011 On Friday 11th March a group of talented students from years 8 and 9 will make their stage debut as part of Dance Time 2011 at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley. The piece entitled ‘Tribe’ takes inspiration from ‘Dance Tek Warriors’ by Union Dance and explores the idea of opposition and discord using contemporary dance styles and martial art forms. The dancers involved are Sammy Clegg, Dara Laurie, Shannon Eade, Shannon Borrill, Ryan Boyling, Chelsea Heard, Katie Shelley, Nicole Bray, Sam Lisney and Lia Gravett.

History Imperial War Museum

The History department took a group of year 9 and 10 students to visit the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London. This was a challenging visit which many students found very powerful, extending their understanding of how Hitler was able to plan and carry out his programme of mass extermination. Students were also able to visit the other exhibitions at the museum looking in particular at the First and Second World Wars. Everyone who came on the visit was a credit to the Academy and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for making the day successful. C. Marsh Curriculum Team Leader: History

Physical Education Year 7 Basketball

In January the Year 7 basketball team competed in the Area Basketball Tournament at Angmering Specialist Sports School, Angmering. The team competed well, only narrowly losing their first match against a strong Angmering side. However, they bounced back to win their second match. This was enough to take them through to the next round second in their group, where unfortunately they lost their final two matches. Well done to the 8 members of the team that competed – Jack Barnard, Calvin Stitt, James Thurgar, Harry Sayers, Callum Taylor, Caleb Eppy, Jordan Maskell and Jamie Hull. Mr R. Bromley Curriculum Team Leader for Physical Education

Physical Education Year 8 Basketball

The year 8 basketball team have been working hard this year to develop their teamwork skills and this has been evident in their play. The team played 8 matches in total winning 5 and losing 3. I have been very proud of the way that the team have battled in all their games and supported each other including new players to the team. We have a core of 15 players who are keen and developing all the time. This year was an important year where we have come together and learnt a lot about the game. The training will continue throughout the year to ensure next year we are even stronger! At the end of the season we finished third in the league narrowly missing out on a place in the final. A special thank you goes to George Villiers who did a great job as the team captain! Mr Fox

Year 9 Basketball Year 9 Both Jason and Daniel White are making progress, and with more activity under both baskets, they will be even more successful. Ben Bathurst and John Fisher are also two promising players as they are able to break down the opposition defence. John's shooting is his strength, where Ben is now driving into the key with confidence. Lester Stovell is aggressive and determined and will be really effective next year. Joe Howard and Jack Menday are learning in every game. Both are keen to learn and will improve with more games under their belt. Mr Bryant

Year 10 Basketball Our Year 10 Basketball team have made great strides this year to become our most successful team. After progressing in the league with convincing performances we quickly advanced to the district semi finals after beating Durrington High School 41-12. In the semi finals we were drawn against Chatsmore who are a very good team. It was very very close at the end with only 1 second on the clock and SRWA 1 point down. Chatsmore made the mistake of fouling Conner Mountfield while he was in the act of shooting the ball. He was then put on the line to shoot his free throws with 1 second left. He made both of his foul shots and we won the game by a single point! With this we were off to the district Finals against St Andrews who are the strongest team in the area. We unfortunately lost at the final hurdle 17-31. Coach Smith said “We showed a lot of character during our journey to the district finals, and that is what I wanted to see from this Year 10 basketball team�. Next year we hope to go one better and win the district Final. Mr Smith

Physical Education Year 11 Basketball Yr 11's have promise in 'pockets' and have several players for the future if they continue to work hard. Jake Andrews is most able and has scored some sensational baskets. Ollie Etherington and Matt Hammond are beginning to have an understanding of how the other one plays and this pairing will be key to success next year. Matt is beginning to find his 3 point range whilst Ollie is driving in with great success. James Francis continues to try hard and is vital in supporting all other players on court. Sam Lisher and Ryan Killick have both improved this season and are pivotal in defence. They have a key role to play next year. Nico Tanner is always keen to do well and with continued effort will have more great performances under his belt. Josh Wheels and Max Ludlum joined us late, and both have talent. I hope that they play next year. Mr Bryant

Year 7 Netball Numbers have continued to grow in the Year 7 netball team with 2 teams regularly coming out to train. They had a friendly match against Shoreham Academy where they played their Year 8’s. It was a valuable experience despite loosing. A special thank you goes to Chloe Bird who stepped in to help out the Year 8 team who were short due to injury. After half term the Year 7’s will take to the stage and play in their very first secondary school netball league. Good luck to all participating! Don’t forget netball club is every Thursday at the sports hall. Miss Jarman

Year 8 Netball The Year 8’s have played impressively as a team to come away with some good results against some very tough opponents! They started the league with a match against Towers where they played well to hold them off in the first half. Next came Rydon A and Rydon B where SRWA won one and lost one. The last match of the league was against Shoreham Academy where we unfortunately lost. Every week the standard of play improved and it was a pleasure to watch some very competitive games! Well done to captain Laura Hart and vice captain Jess Teasdale who took on these roles maturely and seriously to ensure they had a team every week and motivate everyone to play to their best. Good luck next term in the Yr 8 District Netball Tournament. Don’t forget netball club is every Thursday at the sports hall. Miss Hammersley

Physical Education Year 9 Netball The Year 9 netball team have done extremely well in the league this year despite some changes in the team this year. They started off with an impressive win over Shoreham Academy 9 – 2. With spirits high over their win they went on to play against Towers. At half time we had certainly rattled Towers confidence as the score was 0 – 0! Unfortunately Towers did go on to win the second half despite outstanding performances from all the girls. The last match of the league was against Steyning. We unfortunately had to play 1 player down due to an injury half way through, but despite this we played extremely well to only loose 3 – 6. Credit goes to Nina Day (captain) and Hannah Cosham (vice Captain) who are excellent role models to their team mates. Don’t forget netball club is every Thursday at the sports hall. Miss Jarman


At the end of last year, 16 students went to Eastbourne to compete in the annual Sussex School’s Sport Acro Gym Competition. Since the Academy first entered this competition, numbers have continued to grow and grow and so has our medal tally! Congratulations to everyone who entered in the individual, pair and trio events. Their performances reflected all the hard work they had put in over 3 months. Special congratulations must be made to 3 year 8 students: Anezka, Lauren and Jess who came away with a bronze medal in the regional trio event. Another special congratulation must also be made to Shannon and Rhiannon in year 9, who beat 10 other pairs in their category to win us another bronze medal! Good luck to Amy Currie, Rosetta Hall, Anezka, Sarah Ford and Lauren who will be representing us in the group floor category at the District Gym Competition in March. Gym club continues to run this term every Wednesday in the gym.

Physical Education Physical Education Website Reviews This is a new item for the newsletter and will profile interesting and helpful web-sites related to sport. The first web-site is: this site is suitable for all students interested in improving their sporting performance. It is a useful resource for students following the level 2 and 3 BTEC Sport qualifications as it has a great deal of information about fitness training and exercises. It is very detailed and has few adverts and can be easily browsed through, or you can search for specific items. The drop down menus and the side menus clearly help find what you are after. The site also includes nutrition advice and a range of rules for some sports. this site is the home of the upcoming London Olympics. Tickets go on sale on 14th March 2011 so if you want to find out more and get detailed information on how to buy tickets then you must register on this site. Once registered you will receive emails about a range of topics related to the London Olympics. The site has timetables for events and information on British athletes preparation for the games. It also has links to the range of volunteering opportunities available and events happening locally linked to the Olympics. If you want to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity this is the web site to come to.

Year 7, 10, 11 and Curie Chapter football teams are starting up again for their seasons with matches starting this week. Senior players should attend the Advanced Football Squad on Mondays after school until 4.30pm. Also look out after half term as there will be a new PE clubs list coming out with more activities such as Table tennis, badminton and cricket on. Mr C Blower Director of Learning: Physical Education

Chaplaincy News Kenya Trip In July a team of 10 students and 2 members of staff will be travelling to one of the worlds largest slums Kibera, on the edge of Nairobi. They will spend the week working in a school delivering creative lessons and fun activities to some of the world’s poorest children. This life changing experience is being organised by the CRED Foundation, a local West Sussex charity that has many years experience connecting UK people and skills with projects in the developing world. The team are going to work with one of CRED’s long term partners Spurgeons Academy, situated in the heart of Kibera providing free education to children many of whom have been orphaned due to AIDS. Each team member has to raise enough money to cover the costs of going and try to raise extra so a financial gift can be left with Spurgeons Academy. Fund-raising efforts so far have included a freezing cold Boxing Day swim in the sea, hand-making hundreds of Christmas tree decorations, a sponsored chest wax (Thank you Mr Clegg for volunteering - ouch!!) and a year 7 disco. On 23rd February the team will be doing a sponsored walk from Brighton Pier to Worthing Pier and back again.

Lego Club Lego Club goes from strength to strength (or should I say brick to brick?!) Each week about a dozen students have fun creating a variety of Lego models and after half term we plan to start making some animations.

Community Update SRWA Volunteering

On Wednesday, 9th February, the Year 10/11 Volunteering Group were involved with The Holocaust memoriam tree planting on the Sompting Recreational Ground. Over 100 trees were planted and blessed by Reverend Wendy Dalrymple. Also in attendance were Wendy Knight, Adur Communications and Jeremy Sergeant, Assistant Parks Manager, and the councillors were Chairman of Adur District Council – Debbie Kennard and Carson Albury from Peverel Ward which covers the Sompting area.

SRWA students pictured are Sam, Jake, Alisha, Kirsty and Georgia

On Wednesday 2nd March the group will be working with representatives from the Help the Heroes charity and on the 16th March we shall be welcoming the Elderly Lunch Club back to SRWA.

Community Engagement Day On Tuesday 8th March, SRWA will be hosting the first community engagement day. Dr Paul Sutton from C&T, together with Jenni Fellows, students from SRWA, and a selected group of ‘friends’ of SRWA will come together to discuss the community and ‘its’ needs. We shall be putting together a community plan which will work alongside the Adur & Worthing ‘Waves Ahead’ strategic plan in strengthening community cohesion in Lancing and Sompting.

Community Developments Following the report by Bruce Nairne from Step Ahead Research, there are exciting prospects to improve the life chances of many in the local community. We are now looking at advising on the development area behind Mash Barn where there are a golf course/football pitches/ community facilities and new houses planned. Further discussions are being held, and it is hoped that those making the proposals will be at the next SRWA Business & Friends Breakfast on Friday 18th March. If you would like to attend, please contact Mr Bryant at SRWA.

The Sleep Out On Saturday 29th January, eight students joined Mr Bryant at the annual sleep out in aid of the Worthing Churches Homeless Project. Along with about 100 others, on a very cold January evening, we gave up just one night, experiencing what it is like to sleep in a cardboard box. Most managed ten hours sleep, although a number of adults stayed up all night ‘socialising’ in the canteen. We managed to raise £300 for this worthy cause.

Community Update

On Friday 28th Jan over 30 attended the latest SWRA Business and Friends Breakfast. The group were entertained by Keren Payne who sang, accompanied on the piano by Lee Fonyodi. Lee then went on to thank all those who have supported and sponsored the year 13 BTEC performance group. We then heard the ‘new’ voice of Claire Davis a year 11 student who sang a piece from the Blues Brothers. Mrs Readman gave her vision of potential economic links and we are delighted to now be working with Glenn Souter from HSBC in developing closer business links. The Adur Well Being Team gave a presentation on fitness and general well-being and offered their services ‘free’ to local businesses. Several of those present were involved with Lancing Utd F.C. and informed us of the recent damage to the pitch and the implications not only to the Imogen Driscoll appeal but to the future of the club itself. May I say at this point that it is very much hoped that we as a community can give as much support as possible and any offer will be gratefully received by Ricki Souter or Glenn Souter. Reverend Wendy Dalrymple and some of those students going to Kenya, spoke about the incredible opportunity for students at SRWA to visit a community in Africa, and outlined ways in which the group might be able to help. Once again, any offers of help will go a long way to make their dream a reality. I thanked all those present for attending and supporting the academy as they do. Each person will receive an invitation to the next breakfast on Friday March 18th together with a copy of this report in the hope that ‘we’ are able to support those requests made today. If you require details or information relating to the group, please contact me by email.

Shoreham Fire Station We continue to work very closely with Shoreham Fire Station and we have recently hosted two Heart Start events at SRWA. The first for the Enrichment Volunteer Group and the second for the Year 12 Work Skills Group. The Heart Start course is nationally recognised as a ‘starter’ first aid course for students, and further courses at SRWA are being organised.

Information Home Details If you have recently changed your phone number or the living arrangements for your child have changed please do let the academy know. This can either be done by logging into FROG and completing the online form or the new details can be put in writing, signed and dated and sent to Mrs Salter in Student Services. Thank you

Sainsburys Vouchers Have Arrived! Tesco Vouchers are Coming Soon! If you shop or have friends or relatives that shop at either Sainsburys or Tesco please can you send your vouchers into the academy. From the collections last year we were able to get equipment for DT, PE (including equipment for the lunchtime football scheme), Science and IT so it was well worth it. A big thank you to everyone who donated vouchers last year, your support in these collections is greatly appreciated. Collection boxes are available in the academy Reception area or the students can bring them in to Student Services.

February Newsletter 2011  

Sir Robert Woodard Academy - February Newsletter 2011