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Starbucks Unplugged An open mic night featured students' musical and literary talents Tuesday night.

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Friday, September 13, 2013 • Volume 97, Issue Number 3 • Slippery Rock University's Student Newspaper

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Rock Football marches in remembrance

Clay Target Club

Shoots for Funds The National Shooting Sports Federation gives a $10,000 grant to the club. What will they use it for? NEWS A-2

40% College Students

Binge Drinkers A recent study reveals over 40% of college students aged 18 - 22. But what percentage of that is underage? OPINION B-1

Men's Soccer Earns Shutout SRU earns first shutout of the season with a 4-0 victory over Shepherd University.



Seniors Anthony Saunders and Tony Papley lead the Slippery Rock football team into Hantz Stadium to face Northwood University last Saturday with former teammate Zach Sheridan's jersey in hand. Slippery Rock will hold a moment of silence at Saturday's game against Shippensburg University in memory of Sheridan.

Students Explore Greek Life Options Fraternities and sororities presented to students at 'Meet the Greeks' Monday evening.

SRU President forecasts Family sues school 'perfect financial storm' for student's death By Jonathan Janasik News Editor


Workaholics Find out how comedian and Workaholics star Erick Griffin spent his evening after performing at Slippery Rock last Friday. Page D-1

At the State of the University address Thursday, it was announced by President Cheryl J. Norton that if no changes are made to the budget within the next three years, SRU is predicted to have a deficit of $28,901,329. According to Norton, most of the money earned by SRU goes towards paying faculty salaries. SRU has $37,780,426 in reserve, but that money is already allocated for specific uses. “It’s reserve money, it’s one time only money,” Norton explained. “It’s not being replaced and it’s being used for annual costs that are not being litigated. It’s like using you’re savings account to cover your rent.” Faculty cuts are being utilized at other PASSHE universities, and Norton stated that it is not out of the question for SRU. No cuts have been announced yet. Norton explained that as state funding has decreased, SRU’s dependence on tuition has increased. This is a problem because the number of students enrolled at SRU has been decreasing. Each 100 students lost costs the university approximately $765,220, explained Norton. Other universities are considering lowering requirements for students to enroll in order to increase the amount of revenue coming from tuition. “We do not want to bring into this institution students just to be

paychecks,” Norton explained. “We will always want quality students who can take advantage of our institutions excellent educational opportunities.” Norton said that even if tuition increased by 10%, that would still not be enough to keep SRU from going into deficit. She added that SRU would never increase tuition by that much. “We’re consistently being told, ‘do not anticipate any tuition increase at all,’” explained Norton.` SRU plans to employ new strategies to attract new students, including the use of more online classes and more year-round classes. Attracting nontraditional students is another strategy that SRU is planning on using. Norton stated that she is open to any ideas that faculty or staff could provide to help with the financial situation. “Folks, we’ve looked, we’ve measured, we’ve added, we’ve subtracted,” Norton said. “There’s no golden bullet. There’s no pot of money out there that can satisfy this need when you’re in this perfect financial storm. It doesn’t exist.” Norton remains optimistic for the future of the university. “Will we get through this?” Norton asked. “Absolutely. I’m just not saying that it will be easy. But we will get through it. Next year is this institution’s 125 birthday. We’ve been through many challenges Maybe not all of us at the same time, but we are in this boat together. We will grow together and make it work.”

By Jonathan Janasik News Editor

The family of an SRU student who died in 2011 during a basketball practice filed a lawsuit against SRU, former SRU nurse practitioner L aura B ateman, and the National Collegiate At h l e t i c Ass o c i at i on (NCAA) on Sept 6. Ac c ord i n g t o t h e lawsuit, the diseased s t u d e n t , Ja c k H i l l c omp l e t e d h i s Pre Participation Physical Examination with Nurse Bateman. Hill was asked to fill out a checklist that asked if he had any medical conditions that could affect his ability to play sports. On that list were conditions known as Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA), and Sickle Cell Trait (SCT). Because Hill had never been tested before, he stated that he did not have SCA or SCT. His autopsy reviled that he was SCT positive. The lawsuit s t at e d ,” S C T- r e l a t e d complications were the number one cause of student-athlete deaths during the first decade

of the 21st century.” With that being said, SCT can be detected in a blood test. The NCAA required testing for all Division I students beginning August 2010. Because SRU is a Division II school, testing was not required when Hill was got his physical. The NCAA did not mandate SCT testing until August 2012. According to the lawsuit, the NCAA has known about the risk of SCT in athletes since at least 1975. The lawsuit stated that on Sept 9, 2011 Hill was participating in a high intensity conditioning “insanity workout” which was intended to be a punishment for the whole team. This was reported as being the third workout that the team participated in that day. In those earlier practices Hill asked to be excused from certain portion of the workouts. “Upon information and belief, Jack’s request to be excused from certain SEE LAWSUIT, PAGE A-2









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ROCK NOTES Registration for Walk The Rock

Registration for Walk The Rock (10,000-Step Challenge). The 12-week, pedometer-based, walking program is designed to help members of the campus community increase physical activity. All registrants will receive a free walking log and may choose to use a pedometer of their own or purchase one for $8 (cash only). For more information, call Kimberly Smith, associate professor of exercise and rehabilitative sciences, at 724.738.4468. Morrow Field House lobby. Sponsored by SRU Wellness Commission.

New Christy Minstrels

SRU Performing Arts Series opens 2013-14 season with The New Christy Minstrels, renowned American folk group with sales of more than 20 albums. Tickets (at the door): $22, adults; $20 senior citizens; $18 youth; and $8 SRU students. University Union Multi-Purpose Room.

"Furnace Works" Art Display

”Furnace Works” art display featuring works by June Edwards, SRU associate professor of art. Display runs noon to 5 p.m. weekdays through Sept. 20. Martha Gault Gallery, Maltby Center.

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Lawsuit against SRU may take over 3 years to reach decision Continued from Page A1

extremely exerting workouts from practices earlier that day was refused,” stated the lawsuit. During the third practice of the day, Hill told the coach that he wasn’t feeling well, the lawsuit said. Later in the practice, Hill collapsed twice. The second time, he was unresponsive and stopped breathing. One of the coaches called the campus police. “Instead of being provided the immediate medical attention he needed, [Hill] was left lying in the middle of the wrestling room by coaches and trainers while the remainder of the team helplessly stood by and watched, waiting for medical assistance to arrive,” stated the lawsuit.” “Upon information and belief, a member of the coaching staff retrieved an automated external defibrillator (AED) but no member of the coaching or training staff attempted to use the AED to resuscitate [Hill],” the lawsuit continued. “Rather, a fellow student improperly attempted to use the AED on [Hill] as coaches and trainers did nothing.” The lawsuit stated that when the officers arrived, nobody was standing near Hill and nobody was trying to perform CPR on him. People who have SCT require special treatment when facing cardiac arrest, because Hill was untested, he was unable to receive proper resuscitation. Hill was taken to Grove City Medical Center and was pronounced dead later that night. The coroner stated that Hill died after a sustained period of high intensity exertional activity.

The lawsuit stated that if Hill would have been tested for SCT, he wouldn’t have died. Hill’s parents believe that SRU, Bateman, and the NCAA’s negligence directly lead to their son’s death. According to attorney and SRU business professor Dr. John Golden, what the lawsuit said happened doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Hill’s attorney, Thomas Kline, still has to prove that what was said in the lawsuit was actually what happened. Each of the defendants until Sept 26 to file an answer. Golden explained that these answers will most likely deny what that lawsuit said happened. It is possible for the defendants to ask for an extension, which would allow them more time to prepare their answers. Golden stated that cases like these usually reach a settlement instead of going to trial. If a trial does happen, it will most likely take place three to four years from now because of the complexity of the case and the Allegany county court schedule. The statute of limitations in Pa. is two years. Hill’s death was on Sept 10, 2011. If Hill’s parents would not have filed the lawsuit before Sept 10 , 2013, it would not have been able to go to court. SRU has not made any public statements concerning the lawsuit. “It’s university policy not to comment on pending litigation,” explained Rita Abent, the Executive Director for University Public Relations.

Clay Target Club earns $10,000 Club president promises new equipment, travel opportunities By Haley Barnes Rocket Contributor

Slippery Rock’s own Clay Target Club has just received a $10,000 grant from the National Shooting Sports Federation. The Clay Target Club was approved during the spring semester of 2013. The club offers students to use skills to compete in shot gun sports. John Buttermore, assistant professor of SRU’s School of Business, is the club’s advisor as well as certified coach. He is willing to help interested students improve their skills. Buttermore applied for the grant to help start off this new club. The club hopes to use the money for new equipment and travel. President Alaina Piazza is a junior therapeutic recreation major from Harborcreek. Piazza was one of many who approached Buttermore with the idea of the club. She hoped that club would see expansion this semester. “The grant money we received was a more than a pleasant surprise. It allows us to expand beyond what I thought we would be able to do, this being our second semester running,” Piazza said. The club is welcoming to everyone of different skill level. “Safety is our number one priority, and we provide a very controlled environment for learning and practicing safe fire arm protocol, which is a skill that I feel is beneficial for everyone to know, whether you plan on shooting for recreational fun, competing at a collegiate level, or simply want to have the opportunity to try something new.” Piazza said. The Clay Target Club’s first day at the range is this Sunday at Castlewood Rod & Gun Club at noon.


September 13, 2013


POLICE BLOTTER Borough Sept. 1 - Eric J. Turner of Butler was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after being was observed driving on South Main Street without the use of any lights and causing a crash. Turner’s vehicle jumped a curb and nearly struck a light pole near Morrow Way. Charges are pending upon the results of the blood test. Sept. 1 – A resident of 333 South Main Street reported that someone had broken down her porch railing and dislodged numerous retaining wall / landscape bricks in front of her

residence sometime between Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. Sept. 10 - The residents of 218H Cornish Drive reported that on Sept. 6, someone had entered their apartment and stole a Playstation 3 wireless controller and attempted to gain access to a locked bedroom causing $300 damage to the door after the residents left their apartment unlocked accidentally before going out for the night.

when an individual hurt their knee. The individual refused an ambulance but was transported to the Health Center. Sept. 6 – Police responded to a medical call in the Quad when an individual injured their ankle on a loose piece of sidewalk. Sept. 6 – Haley Mott, 20, was cited with furnishing of alcohol and underage charges after a report of an alcohol violation at the R.O.C.K. Apartments.

Campus Sept. 6 – Police responded to a medical call at Morrow Field House

Sept. 7 – Police responded when a nurse at the Health Center requested an ambulance for an individual that

ingested pills. Sept. 7 – Charges were filed for a drug violation at Founder’s Way when officers observed the violation in progress. Sept. 7 – Alexander Gramsky, 19, was issued an underage citation when police responded to an alcohol violation in Building E. Sept. 7 – Elias Sofayov, 18, was issued an underage citation when police responded to a medical call for intoxication at Rhoads Hall.

Compiled by Kevin Squires

Police monitor for underage drinking By Kevin Squires Assistant News Editor

The University Village at Slippery Rock hosted their third annual Block Party event September 5. Walk of Shame and DJ NUGGET provided entertainment; Babes and Oh My Grill provided food. The event had a B.Y.O.B. policy. Melanie Snider, 21, a therapeutic recreation senior who attended the event noted, “there was definitely drinking and definitely a lot of smoking pot.” However, she also observed many of students in attendance without drinks, just enjoying the scene. Police were observed prevalently monitoring both the party as well as on campus, patrolling for underage drinking, students driving under the influence of alcohol, and other illegal activities. Snider described the security as “really good,” adding that she “liked that their goal was to make sure everyone got home safely.” According to a recently released 2012 national survey on drug use and health by the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, young adults aged 18 to 22 who were enrolled full time in college were more likely than their peers who were not enrolled full time to report current, binge, or heavy drinking. The report goes on to explain that among full-time college students in 2012, 60.3 percent were current drinkers, 40.1 percent were binge drinkers, and 14.4 percent were heavy drinkers. Among those not enrolled full time in college, these rates were 51.9, 35.0, and 10.7 percent, respectively. The pattern of higher rates of current alcohol use, binge alcohol use, and heavy alcohol use among full-time college students compared with rates for others aged 18 to 22 has remained consistent over the past ten years. Recognizing the need of police involvement in liquor control, Slippery Rock University was recently awarded a grant for $40,000 from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. State Representative Jaret Gibbons, D-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence, announced in a press release “I’m glad this grant was given to Slippery Rock University and trust that it will go a long way in helping facilitate safe alcohol use.” Gibbons said “One of the main functions of the PLCB is protecting Pennsylvanians from some of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse.” If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, self-help meetings are available to students and the community. A Narcotics Anonymous meeting is available every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at the Lutheran Church (across from McDonald's). Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are also available through the Newman Center (adjacent to the McKay Building) and the Presbyterian Church in town. Check them out to see about joining a fellowship of non-drinkers and non-users.

Alcohol Violation Policies At Slippery Rock University Underage possession or consumption of alcohol: 1st violation: Censure (written warning) and Alcohol and Other Drug Program 1st Referral 2nd violation: Permanent Disciplinary Probation and Alcohol and Other Drug Program 2nd Referral 3rd violation: Minimum of one semester to maximum of a two-year suspension from the university.

Possession/consumption of alcohol on campus by an individual 21 or older (does not include campus events for which an SRU alcohol permit has been secured): 1st violation: Censure (written warning) and Alcohol and Other Drug Program 1st Referral or alternative sanction. 2nd violation: Permanent Disciplinary Probation and Alcohol and Other Drug Program 2nd Referral or alternative sanction. 3rd offense: Minimum of one semester suspension from the University to a maximum of two years suspension.

Furnishing alcohol to minors: 1st offense: Minimum of one year deferred suspension, assigned educational outreach hours to be completed within the deferred suspension time, Alcohol and Other Drug Program 1st Referral, and $200 hosting fine to a maximum of a two-year suspension. 2nd offense: Minimum of one year suspension from the University to a maximum of a Permanent Dismissal. By policy, furnishing alcohol to minors includes any situation where an individual gives alcohol to someone under the age of 21, purchases alcohol for someone under the age of 21, or allows anyone under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcohol on the premises owned or controlled by that person. Under the University Student Code of Conduct, students will be charged with furnishing alcohol to minors in those situations where alcohol is provided to minors without regard for the health and safety of the individuals involved or the peace of the community.

Board of Co-Op approves Phi Beta Sigma's 'ambitious budget' By Kevin Squires Assistant News Editor

A motion was passed during the Board of Cooperative Activities (Co-Op) meeting Thursday allowing the request for Phi Beta Sigma to receive $3,170 from budgetary reserves. The meeting was called to order at 12:34 p.m. “It’s a very ambitious budget,” said Cathy George, SRSGA, Inc. Business Manager, “[Phi Beta Sigma] has really worked hard on it.” The funds are proposed to support various new initiatives including 11-12 events comprised of various activities such as three national events, a stroll competition, business speakers, two campus parties for all students, one of which will be a DJ and the other a keynote speaker and others. “It is a heavy goal they’re setting for themselves, but they do do a lot of programming each year,” said Brad Kovaleski, Student Government Association advisor. In other news, the Board elected Tavara Edge, Erica Camahan, Steven Zamborsky, and Dane Patricelli for Co-Op at Large positions on the Student Government Associations Board of Cooperative Activities. The election occurred after being tabled at the last meeting Cooperative Operations meeting to better advertise for the Co-Op at Large positions and encourage more students to apply, the Board selected the four

representatives from a pool of six upon review of their applications and a brief introduction from the candidates. The Board also approved motions for funding to the Cycling Club and Improv! Club. The Cycling Club’s request for funding was approved for a total amount of $694, after removing an $80 nonspecific transport fee and a applying 10% deduction for not having the budgetary information in on time. The request was to fund transportation costs, supplies, and entrance fees for the club. The Improv! Club’s request for funding was approved for $227. The funds are budged primarily for use in advertising and appetizers for events. The Improv! Club meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in old University Union lobby and welcomes all students. The group plans use the funds for an improv themed costume party around Halloween. The Board also voted to approve the AFSCME/SGA Vendor agreement for the 2013-2014 academic year at a 2.5% sales commission and to approve the student conference grant guidelines. The student conference grant guidelines were established last year but needed amended, explained Student Government Association Vice President of Financial Affairs Abby Schon. “Instead of a first come first serve basis, we’re giving the student conference grant a deadline where you

have to turn in your application by a certain date so that we can review all of the applications we receive and allocate the money accordingly rather than just getting them one by one,” Schon said. The Student Government will potentially award up to $500 to an organization applying under the grant guidelines. “Another change we added is that it’s case by case basis... If our budget is smaller, we may not be able to give that $500.” Schon explained. Also as part of the changes, any amount of money that is still in the student conference grant fund will stay in that fund, not move to the budgetary reserves for the following year. Requests for funding must follow SGA and SRU policies and following the conference, organizations will be required to give 15-20 minute open presentation in which all members of the organization that attended the conference are present. “It is a legitimate presentation. We want to get the most out of what they learned at the conference; not just a few bullets.” Schon said of the presentation time. Michael Funyak spoke during open forum about a “preinitiative” seeking approval $7,000 to cover league fees for three teams. “We’re trying to get on the agenda for two weeks from now;” explained Funyak “it’s for a great cause and to represent the University in a great way.” The meeting adjourned at 1:18 p.m.



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Recent drinking stats address underage problem Underage drinking is a common activity and a social norm among college students. While it can be argued that a university is an enabling atmosphere, apparent ly statistics on collegiate drinking have not changed in over a decade. According to the 2012 National Survey on drug use and health done by the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, young adults who were enrolled full time in college were more likely than their peers who were not enrolled full time (for example part time college students and persons not currently enrolled in college) to report current, binge, or heavy drinking. Among full-time college students in 2012, 60.3 percent were current drinkers, 40.1 percent were binge drinkers,

and 14.4 percent were heavy drinkers. Among those not enrolled full time in college, these rates were 51.9, 35.0, and 10.7 percent, respectively. Because over 60 percent of college students surveyed anonymously admitted to being current drinkers, there are bound to be some underage drinkers in the majority. The survey also investigated the pattern of higher rates of current alcohol use, binge alcohol use, and heavy alcohol use among full-time college students compared with rates for others aged 18 to 22. The survey found that the rate has remained consistent since 2002. That statistic could mean both good and bad news for students. On one hand, because the level of reported drinking

In the Quad In the Quad is a segment in which random students, faculty and staff are asked for their opinions on a specific topic.

annually in the survey hasn’t varied much, it is easy to say that college binge drinking isn’t ‘on the rise’. But the bad news is that the survey doesn’t specify how much of said drinking is done underage, even though 18 22 year-olds were surveyed. That makes it hard to discern if the numbers have varied in that respect. Underage drinking is a problem everywhere, and Slippery Rock is no exception. Citations for underage consumption of alcohol are featured in the police blotter on almost a weekly basis. While its obvious that there are more students that participate in underage drinking than those who are charged, it’s still ambiguous as to how big of a problem it really is.

This week’s question: “Do you think parties hosted by apartment complexes promote underage drinking?”

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Tricia White Senior Literary Cultural Film Major Hometown: Greenville, Pa.

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Jarion Pomder Senior Criminal Justice Major Hometown: Erie, Pa.

“If people aren’t carded when they get there, then yes because they can get away with it.”

“Not necassarily because we are in college and people will drink even before they go out.”

“Yes it does. It’s easier to access off campus because no one really cares what goes on at off campus apartments.”


September 13, 2013


Apple reveals Playing us for Fools New iPhones Miley Cyrus:

Casey Young Casey’s Corner, Consider This Casey Young is a sophomore Communication-Journalism major from Orchard Park, NY.

Say what you will, but Miley Cyrus knows how to create a lot of hype. Ever since her risqué and provocative performance on the Video Music Awards show, August 25, Miley Cyrus has been the subject of many conversations. Even many of the professors around campus have found a way to comment on Miley’s performance during classes this week. Do not be fooled, Cyrus is completely aware of what she is doing. Over two and a half years have gone by since the final episode of the Disney hit TV show “Hannah Montana” aired. Without a lot of great singing and acting ability, Miley Cyrus has maintained a household name. Sure, her tactics are risky, but every famous singer in history has received flack for a risky performance or dance move. Elvis was criticized for shaking his hips, Michael Jackson dared to grab himself on

stage, and Janet Jackson shocked everyone by exposing her breast during the halftime show at the 2004 Super Bowl. Audiences around the world secretly love all the bold performances that catch a lot of criticism. We just can not help but want to see what happened. Even if your moral principles do not match up with what Miley Cyrus displays for the world to view, you have to admit it is easy to be pulled into the discussions because you have an opinion on her activities. She is banking on it. The only way she stays relevant is continuing the gossip. Just this week, on September 9, Miley Cyrus’s new music video for the song Wrecking Ball debuted on Vevo. Even more scantily dressed, Cyrus stars in the latest video to steal the record for the most views on Vevo in a 24-hour period. The video received 19.3 million views in one day. I am not buying all of the criticism directed at Ms. Cyrus. She is merely supplying what society demands. If we all quit talking about her videos and performances, stopped searching for our own viewing pleasure, and cease to join in on the social media rampage, Miley would be out of a job in Hollywood. I predict the young singer/actor will be around for years to come because she will continue her risky and provocative performances. Why would she stop? She has already booked a gig as the host and musical guest on “Saturday Night Live,” October 5. If the recent trends continue, there will be a huge audience watching to see what Miley does next. If you are opposed to Cyrus’s antics, do

Nice Guys, I Can’t Olive Reid “I Can’t” Olive Reid is a senior at Slippery Rock.

We’ve all been Friendzoned, it’s a part of life. It might suck, but hey, that’s just how things go sometimes. You have to move on to someone who you doesn’t see you as the brother or sister they never had. Maybe later, their feelings will change. I mean it happened for Ross and Rachel, why not you too? But one sure fire way to guarantee that never happens is to turn into a ‘Nice Guy’. Nice Guys are the absolute worst. They make excuses for why the girl they were nice to doesn’t want to sleep with them. Did you know that all girls date jerks exclusively and completely ignore Nice Guys, even though Nice

Guys are always there when to listen to the problems you have with your jerk of a boyfriend? Or that girls should date Nice Guys because they’re just so nice and will never hurt them? Nice Guys, did you know that just because you do nice things for a girl, that doesn’t mean she’s obligated to date you? You don’t get an award for listening to your friends problems or not sleeping with her that time she was too drunk to walk home so she stayed at your apartment. That doesn’t make you a ‘True Gentleman’ (a term Nice Guys like to throw around), that makes you a decent human being. Just because a girl doesn’t want to sleep with you because you bought her dinner that one time doesn’t make her a bitch, but you thinking

Enough is Enough

LaRae Ferguson RaeLa’s Rant LaRae is a junior emerging technology major from Pittsburgh, Pa. She also does PR for Sister to Sister, an on-campus female empowerment organization.

those things most definitely makes you a jerk. If a girl doesn’t like you in that special way doesn’t provide you with justification for getting mad at her. Stop having the mind set that the female world is against you. Actually, stop blaming everyone just because you can’t get a girlfriend. Maybe if you were a little more straightforward about what you wanted or showed a little more confidence, you wouldn’t have this problem. Ladies, don’t you just love it when guys act super nice towards you, become your friend, then get super mad when you don’t want to date them and/or express interest in another guy? Personally, I think it’s great when guys use the guilt trip, excuse me, I mean expression, ‘nice guys finish last’.

Relationships in our generation are corrupted. Men think they are too manly to treat women right. And women do not know their worth and what they deserve. Courting and dating has become a thing of the past and jus t “t a l k i ng” and hanging out have become predating terms. Also, there are no incentives for men to do better by women. Leaving nothing to the imagination when getting dressed, young ladies today belittle and expose themselves to negative attention from

Kelsey Sozanski Commentary Kelsey Sozanski is a freshman Communication - Journalism major from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Guten Tag. However you say it, say welcome to the new iPhones. Every year we anxiously wait for Apple to come out with a new iPhone. We wonder what it will be named, look like, and how big it will be. Will the new iPhone be named 5S or 6? Will the rumors of the gold iPhone be true? Will it come in vibrant colors like the recent iPod touch? Will there be more than one new phone this year? These are just some of the many questions we wonder as we await Apple to release their new products, which they did on September 10. Yes, there will be colorful iPhones and even a gold one. Some of us may hate to admit that we desperately want to know about all of Apple’s products and try to play it off as Apple being overrated, but I will gladly say that I am not one of those people. I believe Apple products are reliable products and worth the money. I am one of those people who keep up with all the new products and I probably will end up getting the new iPhone if I think it is better than the iPhone 5. A gold iPhone was rumored to be coming to a store near you, which was apparently called iPhone 5C; this was partially incorrect. There is a gold iPhone, but this isn’t its name. What’s the “C” mean? The “C” was said to stand for China or for cheap. Why gold? Gold is in high demand in Asia and Apple is trying to appeal to that market in hopes of increasing their sales rates. The “C”, however, does not stand for China or for cheap, it stands for color. We all know that Samsung and Apple are the two leading cellphone manufactures in competition, and since Apple has not increased their screen size (which I love that they haven’t) like Samsung does with it seems like almost every new Galaxy, Apple is trying to come up with fresh ideas in order to get ahead of the Samsung Galaxy market. Apple will be selling a cheaper version of their phones. This cheaper version was said to have a plastic back, unlike the iPhone 5 that has an aluminum back. The plastic back phone will be cheaper because if you drop it, you’re out of luck, it will more than likely shatter to pieces. The iPhone 5C is a colorful phone that comes in five colors and is one hundred dollars less than the new iPhone 5S, which comes in space gray, white, and now gold. I think selling a cheaper iPhone will benefit Apple greatly. A few months ago, I switched from T-Mobile to Sprint because I wanted an iPhone. Then a few months after I switched carriers, T-Mobile got the iPhone; and I felt just peachy about that. By all or almost all major networks carrying the iPhone, I feel that this will also boost Apple’s ratings. Will I buy the new iPhone? No probably not. When the iPhone 6 hits the market, yes, maybe I will be one of those people rushing to the Apple store the day it comes out to see what it’s being bragged about. Sorry you Galaxy lovers, had one and didn’t like it; I’m team iPhone all the way.

everyone. As women, we need to raise our standards. Mediocrity should not be an option, and when you know better you do better. Allowing a cheating man back into your life time and time again, accepting emotional abuse, physical abuse, and even alienation. We have to draw the line somewhere. We are weak because we have no one to help build us up. We as women, stand around watching e ach ot her fail time and time again and instead of lending a helping hand, we’re judgmental. I know we’ve all sat

round talking about some girl who has been labeled a “hoe” or the latest rumor that this girl has slept with the next girl’s boyfriend. Since when is this okay? Why have our standards and self-respect plummeted? Bottom line, it is not okay to be a side chick. Nor is it acceptable to have your sex life broadcasted. Enough is enough ladies. Grow up! Raise your standards! And be a women who demands respect from everyone and carry yourself in a way that the people watching have no choice but to respect you!

September 13, 2013


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Horoscopes By Nancy Black Tribune Content Agency (MCT) Today's Birthday (09/13/13). Your people take priority this year. Family, friends, partners, neighbors and community groups present opportunities and resources. Your participation and leadership builds momentum for your passion causes. Share and collaborate. Keep close track of the numbers, especially around the October eclipse. Delicious romance spices your autumn. Savor with love. To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

COMICS Spaghett Kat

By Jack Johnehsick

Dogs like bones and they are boneheads.

How do you like my footbone?

Spaghett Kat is a political satire of United States government. A nonbiased companion comic is attached for your benefit. Refer to it if you need help understanding the many themes that Spaghett Kat explores. Spaghett Kat is right, Yeah! He kicked the dog! dogs do like bones! That bonehead was asking I trust that for it. everything he says is true!

Do you get it? He talked about bones in the first pannel and then he brought them back up in the third pannel! I thought we were done talking about bones!

And the cat‛s winking at me. Cats don‛t wink!

Best in Show

By Phil Juliano

Aries (March 21-April 19) -- Today is a 7 -- Career takes priority this Friday the 13th, and there's plenty of work. Talk is cheap. Postpone long conversations. Stand firm. Draw positive results to you. Consider home and family. Clean up. Taurus (April 20-May 20) -- Today is an 8 -- Call ahead to save time. Make plans; travel conditions are excellent. Convince your partner. Don't get stopped by a bout of temporary confusion. New expenses surface. Take it all into consideration. Gemini (May 21-June 20) -- Today is a 7 -- Prepare to negotiate carefully. Plan it out thoroughly. Count wins and losses to get what's predictable. Choose your words. To avoid a potential problem, play the game exactly by the book.

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy

By Tim Rickard

Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- Today is an 8 -- Share responsibilities with your team. The potential for accidents is high. Review instructions again. Consider your next move carefully, and practice first. Get a mentor or coach for best results. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Today is a 9 -- Get a lot done. Weekend chores need attention. Get down to the actual work. Test before sealing up everything. Romance doesn't need to be expensive. Candles and music soothe. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Today is a 7 -- Plan some fun. Pamper yourself. It doesn't have to cost a lot. Pull strings to get what you want. Cover all the details. Avoid conflict by communicating plans early. Invite a friend. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) -- Today is a 6 -- Focus on home and family for the next few days. You're still determining the right choice. A critic speaks out. Look for the full story. It could get awkward. Find out what's needed at home. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) -- Today is a 7 -- Invite exploration and education. Dig deeper into a favorite subject. Yoga improves your spirits. Communicate with a group or community to discuss shared passion and enthusiasms. Reach out and discover. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) -- Today is a 9 -This phase is good for making money. Don't buy toys. Do what you're good at and what you enjoy. Focus on the fun part of the job. Be smart and respectful. Express your love. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Today is a 9 -You're ready to make changes. List the upgrades you envision for your place. Anticipate resistance. Inspire action. It's not a good time to travel. Provide treats. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) -- Today is a 6 -- You may change your mind about what you want. Clarify your direction with friends. But don't invest in it yet. You're entering two days of private self-examination. Ask probing questions. Get sensitive and pensive. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- Today is a 7 -- Take a day off if you can. A document arrives. Use your persuasive skills to moderate a clash between normally gentle souls. Let friends help with a household project. Guard against impetuous overspending. Relax. (c)2013 bY NANCY BLACK DISTRIBUTED BY TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


By Harry Bliss

September 13, 2013




Men's Soccer


Field Hockey

SRU picked up the first win of the season with a 4-0 shutout over Shepherd University.

Rock sets school records for total shots and shots on goal in 5-1 victory over Mansfield University.

See Page C-2

See Page C-3

Rock powers past Nor thwood Nigel Barksdale sets single-game touchdown record with six By Kristin Karam Assistant Sports Editor

Six touchdown passes. 465 yards. One new school record. Senior quarterback Nigel Barksdale led the Slippery Rock football team to a 51-36 season-opening win over Northwood University in Michigan last Saturday. Barksdale’s six touchdowns passed the previous single-game touchdown record of five set by Eric Denton in 1986. Barksdale’s fi rst pass of the game went to Senior Ken Amos for a 73-yard touchdown. “Nigel had an outstanding day,” head coach George Mihalik said. “Anytime you set a record, there’s no doubt that you had a fantastic performance.” M i h a l i k f e l t B a r k s d a l e’s performance was strongly supported by the rest of the offense. “His cast of supporting players is outstanding,” Mihalik said. Barksdales six touchdown passes were caught by five different receivers. Senior John Schademan caught six passes for 108 yards, including two touchdown receptions (26 total yards), sophomore Jaimire Dutrieuille caught six passes and had one touchdown for 19 yards, senior Laquinn Stephens-Howling had four catches for 96 yards and a 53-yard touchdown, senior Robert Joyce brought in a two-yard touchdown pass and Amos had six receptions for 116 yards and the 73yard touchdown. Barksdale finished the game with 27 completions for 48 attempts.


Senior quarterback Nigel Barksdale drops back for a pass in his record-setting six touchdown performance in the season-opener against Northwood University. Barksdale was named co-winner of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference - Western Division Player of the Week, as well as Division II National Player of the Week.

Redshirt freshman Zack Newsock took over in the middle of the fourth and completed his only pass attempt for seven yards and rushed 22 yards on five carries. SRU earned 675 yards in total offense 675 yards (203 rushing, 472 passing) against the Timberwolves. Redshirt freshman Shamar Green led the Rock with 91 rushing yards on 22 carries, averaging four yards

per carry. Junior Mike Wainauskis completed a 30-yard field goal and was 3-for-3 on extra point attempts. Senior Brian Shaw was 2-for-3 on extra points. Despite the record-breaking performance, Slippery Rock lost three fumbles and Barksdale threw two interceptions. A high turnover rate from the offense cannot become a pattern

if SRU wants to continue winning and Mihalik said the issue will be addressed immediately. “You’re not going to win many games when you have five turnovers,” Mihalik said. “We have to focus and reduce the turnovers.” The Rock’s defense allowed SEE SRU, PAGE C-2

SRU settles for 1-1 conference draw Ladies jump to eighth place in national rankings and No. 1 in Atlantic Regional By Matthew Morgan Rocket Contributor

The last time the Slippery Rock University women’s soccer team finished in a draw was on September 10, 2011. Tuesday, exactly two years later, the ladies in green and white concluded a match against the Clarion University Golden Eagles with a 1-1 draw following two overtimes at Clarion’s Memorial Stadium. Slippery Rock now holds a 17-0-2 all-time record against the Golden Eagles. Clarion's Stephanie Sikora took the only shot on goal for Clarion the entire game to put the Eagles up 1-0 in the 29th minute of the first

half. A little over a minute later, SRU freshman Andrea Felix netted her second goal in two games with no assist. The score would remain the same for the next 80 minutes with Slippery Rock putting 12 more shots on goal but failing to place any in the back of the net prior to the final whistle. Senior goaltender Dana O’Neill faced five shots and finished the game with one goal allowed and no saves, which frustrated head coach Noreen Herlihy. “We gave away a sloppy goal,” Herlihy said in connection to the Golden Eagles solitary point on Tuesday. “We were definitely dominant in possession and shots on goal. We just weren’t clinical enough in front of goal.” Earlier in the day, the women’s squad was voted eighth in the Division II national rankings, as well as number one in the Atlantic Regional rankings. “The game against Cal-U was a big deal and we got a positive result,” Herlihy said in regards to the jump in national rankings from 17th to 8th. “While its wonderful for the players and the team, we know rankings can be very fickle. We don’t get too carried away with it.” Lauren Impey, a senior defender from

Northampton, England, has become a leader on the team from her class standing as well as her skill. “I try to be the player that (the team) can all look to and see that I am ready for battle,” Impey said. “Being a senior player comes with a huge responsibility both on and off the field.” In addition to Impey’s defensive skills, she has high praise for the freshman class composing most of the team this season. “Their performance has been superb so far,” Impey said. “They have certainly pushed the sophomores, juniors, and seniors to work harder. I am devastated that this is my last season, because the potential the team has is frightening.” With all the positive rankings and praise from teammates, Herlihy said the team must not get ahead of themselves. “When you’re defending champs, everyone is coming at you with their A-game,” Herlihy said. “We just need to be aware of what will be coming against us and adjust. We just didn’t put away the chances we had this week.” Slippery Rock will face off against the Indiana University of Pa. Crimson Hawks at 2 p.m. on the James Egli Field for a PSAC match-up.



September 13, 2013

SRU set for home opener


Senior wide receiver John Schademan completes a pass from senior quarterback Nigel Barksdale during Slippery Rock's 51-36 win over Northwood University. Schademan and Barksdale connected on two touchdown passes in the season-opener.

Continued from Page C1

Northwood to earn 36 points and senior cornerback Anthony Saunders intercepted a pass from Northwood’s quarterback Mitch Robinson in the fourth-quarter for a 28-yard touchdown. “Saunders made a great play,”

Mihalik said. “We want to increase turnovers from the defense. We need to reduce them from the offense.” Senior Tony Papley recorded the only sack for SRU and pushed the Northwood offense back four yards while Northwood earned four sacks causing the Green and White to lose 26 yards.

The season-opener brought to light several weaknesses in SRU’s team, Mihalik said. He noted that the special teams needs to be better at kickoff returns, the offense needs to reduce turnovers and the defense cannot give up big plays. “We had Northwood at fourthand-18 and they scored a touchdown,”

Mihalik said. “That can’t happen.” Slippery Rock faces off against Shippensburg University and their Harlon Hill trophy-winning quarterback, Zach Zulli, tomorrow at home. The Harlon Hill trophy is the Division II version of the Heisman trophy. Shippensburg was shut out 33-0 by Shepherd University last week but Mihalik said the team can’t read into it too much “I think it was a fluke and was just one of those games that got away from them early,” Mihalik said. “Anytime Zulli is on the field they have a chance to score and a chance to win.” L ast s eas on, SRU lost to Shippensburg 55-35 and Mihalik said that they were unable to control their offense. Mihalik hopes that the team will feed off of the energy from their home crowd and make a stand against Shippensburg. “It’s going to be an electric, noisy atmosphere,” Mihalik said. “It’s family day, Village Fest and the home-opener. As a player, you just feed off that energy.” Slippery Rock has had the number one attendance in the conference for over 40 years and Mihalik gives all the credit to the students. “We have a fantastic student body and we expect them to come out, be painted up and really create a college game day atmosphere,” Mihalik said. Slippery Rock will battle the Shippensburg University Raiders tomorrow night at for their “White Out Night” at MihalikThompson Stadium.

Rock earns first shut out of year By Brian Hepfinger Rocket Contributor

The Slippery Rock University men’s soccer team shut out Shepherd University 4-0 on Sunday to pick up the first win of the season. SRU’s first shut out of the season featured goals from senior midfielder Zach Hall, junior forward Stephen Donnelly, sophomore defender Stephen McConahy, and sophomore forward Peter Boylan. Hall, Donnelly and junior defender Declan Brennan were credited with assists in the match. Shepherd dropped to 0-2-0. Slippery Rock got on the board in the first few minutes of the game thanks to a goal by Hall. Their lead grew to 2-0 at the 32-minute mark with McConahy’s goal, assisted by Brennan. Donnelly then scored off of an assist from Hall in the 54th minute, pushing the lead to 3-0. Boylan scored the fourth and final goal of the day on an assist from Donnelly in the 57th minute. The Green and White led the total shots ratio 18-11, with 8-2 in shots on goal, and 4-2 in corner kick attempts. Senior goalkeeper Joe Agerskow earned his second shutout of the season with two recorded saves in goal. Donnelly was impressed with his team’s performance on Sunday. “I think things are starting to come together,” Donnelly said. “We are doing well as a team in practice and now it’s starting to show in games.” Donnelly is impressed with how the team is coming together early in the season and every player is making their own contribution. “It’s great, our team chemistry is really good at the moment, and it shows we don’t need to rely on one person to score goals,” Donnelly said. On Thursday, September fifth, SRU opened its season at Lake Erie College with a 0-0 draw. The game went into double overtime, but neither team was able to score. Both teams had 18 shots on goal, but neither team showed any advantage over the other. Last season, SRU played in six double overtime ties; a school record. They started nine returning players in this


Junior defender Declan Brennan sets up to send the ball into the Notre Dame College of Ohio territory in the preseason match-up August 31. Brennan was credited with an assist on sophomore Stephen McConahy's goal at Sunday's 4-0 win over Shepherd University.

game, with newcomers Brennan and sophomore DJ Kouyate as well. The Rock played 18 players in the game. Neither team was able to overcome the other in total shots, but SRU did have an 8-4 advantage in shots on goal, and a 6-5 advantage in corner kicks. Agerskow had his first shutout in this game. He stopped four shots on the day. This was the second matchup all-time between the Rock and Lake Erie. Last season, SRU won 3-0.

SRU’s record has improved to 1-0-1 with the win. The team opened their season with a 0-0 draw in double-overtime against Lake Erie College September 5. On Thursday, Sept. 5, SRU opened its season at Lake Erie College with a 0-0 draw. The Green and White will travel to Urbana University Sept. 13 to cap off their three-game road trip before returning home Sept. 17 to face West Virginia Wesleyan. Game time is set for 1:30 p.m.

September 13, 2013



Ladies set two school records By Cody Gray Rocket Contributor

The Slippery Rock University field hockey team had an offensive outburst on Wednesday night against Mansfield when they beat them 5-1. The Rock also set school records for total shots, with 35, and shots on goal, with 30. Just under nine minutes into the game, junior Kelsey Gustafson opened up the scoring with her first goal of the season, off an assist from fellow junior Lindsay Brown to give the Green and White a 1-0 lead. Five minutes later, freshman Megan McKay buried her second goal of the season. McKay followed that up three minutes later with her third tally of the year off an assist from senior Meghan McKinney to put Slippery Rock up 3-0. With eight and a half minutes left in the first half, Brown netted her third goal of the season to put the Rock up 4-0 going into halftime. Mansfield scored the first goal of the second half on a fast break to narrow the lead to three. Ten minutes after the first Mansfield tally, Brown collected a rebound and buried her fourth goal of the season to conclude SRU’s record setting win. The Green and White kicked off the home stand against American International C ollege and Assumption College on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. On Sunday, freshman Renee Rosenblum opened up the scoring

against Assumption College 11 minutes into the game on her first goal of the season, with an assist from Brown. Six and a half minutes later, McKay posted her first goal of the season to give SRU a 2-0 lead. With a little over nine minutes left in the first half, Brown notched her second goal of the season to put the Rock up 3-0. G o a lte n d e rs ju n i or C ar l e e Dumars and freshman Courtney Lee combined eight of nine shots to give the Green and White a 3-1 win. SRU put nine shots on net as well. On Saturday, Slippery Rock took on American International College and suffered a 3-2 overtime loss. AIC opened up the scoring two minutes into the game with a goal from the right side. The Rock tied the game up twenty minutes later with a goal from Brown. Sophomore Courtney Bradshaw scored her first goal of the season to give SRU a 2-1 lead. American International tied the game up with just over six minutes left and Slippery Rock couldn’t bury another goal in the second half and the game was sent into overtime. Two and a half minutes into the extra frame, AIC sent traffic in front of Lee and snuck the ball by her to give American International the overtime victory. Dumars and Lee split the game and faced eleven shots while SRU put nine on the AIC goalie. Slippery Rock will conclude their home stand with games against Kutztown University tomorrow and against Bloomsburg University on Wednesday.


Redshirt junior Allison Shade moves the ball down the field against Assumption College during Slippery Rock's 3-1 win at Mihalik-Thompson Stadium on Sunday. Shade had three shots on goal against the Greyhounds.


September 13, 2013

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Rascal Flatts

Emmy Fashions

Harmony Kasper gives a review of the latest Rascal Flatts concert held last Friday at the First Niagara Pavillion with opening acts The Band Perry, and season three winner of The Voice Cassade Pope in this week's 'Side Notes' column.

Rock 'N Fashion style guru Katie Ellis shares her red carpet fashion predictions for this year's 65th annual Emmy Awards Ceremony this Sunday evening at 8 p.m. live from the Nokia Theater in Los Angelos.

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See Page D-2

Workaholics star gets cozy with students PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRIS MAZZA Star of Comedy Central's Workaholics, comedian Erick Griffin got close with students after his stand-up performance in the Smith Student Center Ballroom Friday evening. Griffin followed and friended many students on Twitter and Facebook in addition to hanging out with some of them in his hotel room while watching the Harry Potter Weekend Event after his show.

Comedian Erick Griffin chills with students after show By Stephanie Cheek During his comedy, show Assistant Campus Life Editor

Most students think of celebrities that come to campus as unapproachable, but two students got to learn first hand how approachable comedian Erick Griffin was last Friday night. Erick Griffin is a comedian, actor and writer, mostly known for his character Montez on the hit Comedy Central show Workaholics.

he covered topics that ranged from relationship advice, music, sex education, and even his pet peeves. His personal pet peeves were displayed whenever the phrase, “I will purge!” was heard, based off the summer horror film, The Purge. While the show was a highlight for freshmen Chris Mazza, 18, Business Management major, and Dillon Kline, 19, Criminal Justice major, it was after the pictures that they got

to meet and spend time with Griffin. “After the show I sent him a few tweets and he responded to them and eventually followed me on Twitter,” explained Mazza. It was during this Twitter conversation that Mazza and Kline were invited to spend some time with Griffin in his hotel room. In this conversation, Kline said, that Griffin was curious about what there was all to do in Slippery Rock.

The two students then drove to the Fairfield Inn, where Griffin was staying, and when they went into his room he was watching the Harry Potter movie marathon, according to Mazza. “We were trying to get him to come to the Heights, but because of his 6:00 a.m. flight we did not leave,” Kline said. According to Kline, the majority of the night they spent time together talking, and

Griffin even showed the two boys his Twitter and all of his followers. “We talked about how we enjoyed the show and if he enjoyed doing stand up for colleges,” Mazza explained. “He said it was a lot of traveling for instance he had a flight at 6 a.m. the next day.” “He [Griffin] said the campus was beautiful and a lot bigger than he expected here,” Mazza said. Griffin also explained

to the two students that they should stay focused and continue to go to school and in reality they could do anything in the future, Kline said. According to Kline, when they asked Griffin how did he become a famous comedian, he answered that he started just doing a lot of open mic nights until he became famous and well known. “My overall opinion SEE COMEDIAN, PAGE D-3

Coffehouse-inspired show brings a variety of talent to Smith Student Center By Katie Ellis Campus Life Contributor

The atmosphere at the first Starbucks Unplugged Event at the Smith Student Center on Tuesday evening was infectious, as performers stepped into the spotlight to showcase their talents for the large crowd in attendance. Artists from across campus, Pittsburgh, Grove City, Hermitage, and more came to perform sets of charttopping and original songs for nearly fifty audience members. The event was the brainchild of senior music major and student manager of Starbucks, Andrew Lake, 21. REBECCA DIETRICH/ROCKET Lake previously attended Students gathered in the Smith Student Center's Starbucks for the very first Unplugged an open-mic night at the open mic night. Literary and musical talents were featured among the performers. North Country Brewing

Company which gave him the inspiration to bring a similar event to campus. Unplugged was created so that students could have an outlet to share their musical ability and poetry with their peers. “It’s a great opportunity for people in fine arts to share their talents,” Lake said. “A lot of people have much more than just music to share.” The event gained enough popularity through advertising on campus, Facebook, and word of mouth, that all of the performance slots were filled for Tuesday night’s event, and people have already begun signing up for the show in October. Lake who served as the emcee for the event has high hopes for the future. “I hope that people want to get more involved

in showing their art on campus, and that Starbucks will help out with that. If there’s an interest, and if there’s still musicians willing to participate, I’m looking to make this a semi-regular thing.” he said. Senior communication major and business minor, Karissa Caylor, 22, did her part as the Marketing Intern for AVI to get the student body involved in the event. She passed out fliers at the organizations fair to the Slam Poetry Organization, the Illusions, and other students on campus to get the word out. Illusions, and other students on campus to get the word out. “It’s catching on like SEE STARBUCKS, PAGE D-3



September 13, 2013

Emmy fashions among celebs, glamorous yet predictable? to the expert guidance from her team of stylists made up by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn. Known for wearing figure-hugging silhouettes in bright colors to show off her curves, the star has notably been photographed wearing Katie Ellis Vera Wang and Zuhair "ROCK'n Fashion" Murad. For the Emmy Awards, the “Modern Katie Ellis is a freshman Family� star and her journalism major and a stylists would be wise to regular contributor to The think outside-of-the-box and choose a gown from Rocket. Zac Posen’s fall collection. With just over a week Taking a step away from until awards show color would be a smart season officially kicks move for Vergara who off with the 65th Annual would look elegant in a Primetime Emmy deep burgundy, off-theAwards, Hollywood’s shoulder trumpet style top stylists are finalizing gown. It’s sweetheart their clients’ wardrobe neckline and knotted choices for the big night. straps will draw attention Millions of people across to her curves, and give the globe will be tuning in her an unexpected to the telecast to see what dose of old Hollywood their favorite stars are glamour. Vergara should wearing and making their accessorize her look with predictions as to who will bold chandelier earrings, make the best and worst a rich shade of lipstick dressed lists. Before to match her gown, stars like Sofia Vergara, and voluminous waves. Kerry Washington, and Fashion favorite Kerry Sarah Hyland step foot Washington has been on the red carpet they making headlines for her meet with their stylists sartorial choices as of late, to discuss everything and her recent turn as a from jewelry to shoes to runway model for Stella the most important part McCartney. Washington of their look, the gown. has been working with With so many elements stylist Erin Walsh to put to consider, stylists start together iconic looks planning their clients’ from designers like wardrobe months in Miu Miu and Michael advance to ensure that Kors that land her at they have the best pick the top of every best of gowns come time for dressed list each time she awards season. It’s no makes an appearance. surprise that Sofia Vergara As a nominee for her is always a standout on role in “Scandal� and her the red carpet thanks

standing as a red carpet heavyweight, the actress has garnered enough clout to be able to wear a highly coveted gown from one of fall’s couture collections. Versace’s collection is full of sparkly gowns in rich jewel tones that look as if they were made for Washington. The strapless, navy gown with sequin detailing is the standout choice for the Emmy nominee to wear on her big night. It looks like a simple strapless dress from the front, but the intrigue comes from the back of the gown which features a racer back silhouette and short train. When it comes to accessorizing her look, Washington should choose simple diamond bracelets, a subdued makeup palette, and an up-do to let the gown take center stage. At just 22 years-old, “Modern Family� scenestealer Sarah Hyland is already a red carpet veteran having arrived at awards shows dressed in creations from Christian Siriano and Marchesa. Hyland and her stylist always choose age appropriate gowns PHOTO COURTESY OF MCT CAMPUS in bright colors and Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara graced the Emmys last year at the Nokia ones that are artfully Theater in L.A. This year marks the 65th annual Emmy Awards Ceremony. decorated with dozens of jewels. In order Siriano off her look, she should designers in order to turn to stand out on the presentation, showcased a black and accessorize with simple heads on the red carpet. red carpet, while still Washington, black pumps, smoky eye Vergara, gold frock that would maintaining her youthful radiance, the starlet be perfect for Hyland to makeup, and a high-bun and Hyland will no doubt would be wise to stick wear to the Emmys. It to further play up the be at the top of every with a creation from one features a golden bodice dress’s ballerina theme. best dressed list thanks These stars should start to the expert guidance of her favorite designers, in a zigzag pattern that Christian Siriano. leads into a multi-tiered awards season off on a of their stylists at this During his fall runway black tulle ballerina- high-note by choosing year’s Emmy Awards. from these length skirt. To finish gowns

Rascal Flatts draws large audience

Harmony Kasper "Side Notes" Harmony Kasper is a junior journalism major and a regular contributor to The Rocket. Country music veterans, Rascal Flatts, made a stop at the First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pa. on Friday night. Bringing together people of all ages, these three men performed new songs from their album "Changed" as well as their older classics. The group started off the night with their cover of "Life Is A Highway" from the hit animated movie "Cars". Fans in the lawn immediately came to their feet to sing and dance along. Continuing on this upbeat start, Flatts performed "Banjo" which showed off their ability to rock out with a country sound. Over the years though, the band has transformed from a mainstream country to a mix of country and pop, as shown through their eight albums. Could this transition be the reason for lower attendance at this concert than I expected? Do true country music fans mind Rascal Flatts not staying true to country? At times, I kept thinking back to last summer when Rascal Flatts was in Burgettstown and how this concert felt so similar. Most of the same songs were sung and the trio didn't make any major changes or do anything spectacular that made this tour really unique.

Flatts might still have their fans, but the same style and tone was present in their last two appearances to the area. Did you know that the Rascal Flatts men are not from “somewhere down south� but our neighboring state of Ohio? Bassist Joe Don Rooney, guitarist Jay DeMarcus, and lead singer Gary LeVox, have been making albums and touring the country since 1999. Even though so many years have passed, they still have a decent fan following, although it didn't look that way in the beginning Friday night. Much of the enormous parking lot at the First Niagara was still vacant and many of the back row seats under the pavilion were vacant, even when the band came on. Could Rascal Flatts be coming to the end of their popularity with music fans? Many people were still dressed in cowboy boots, jeans, and plaid, myself included. This was the second year in a row that I saw Rascal Flatts at Burgettstown. I am anxious and hesitant to see who they have fronting them next year if they return to the area LeVox's signature nasally tone of voice is known throughout the music industry. Flatts brought it back to one of their first singles from 2000 "Prayin' for Daylight" which still seemed to be a favorite among fans, especially the adults present. The night wouldn't have been made without the trio performing some of their slow ballads that every Rascal Flatts fan knows, such as "What Hurts The Most", "I Won't Let Go" and "Bless the Broken Road.� The encore songs were most appropriate for the evening, "Summer Nights" signifying the last nights of summer and "My Wish," arguably the

band’s most popular song. The opening acts for the evening may have been just as popular for concert goers that night. Season three winner of "The Voice" Cassadee Pope sang many songs from her new album. Before beginning, rumors spread that she wasn't as good in a live show. I will say that she did sound better back on "The Voice" than on stage Friday night. The former “Hey Monday� singer was supposed to begin her set at 6:00 p.m., as advertised on tickets and online. Unfortunately, fans were left waiting for an hour and a half for the show to begin. No one is certain why the singer took so long to begin, but fans didn't seem to mind, this time. I don’t think she will have a lasting career if she disappoints ticket buyers with this kind of behavior often. You may also be surprised to know that Kimberly, Reid, and Neil of The Band Perry, also performers of the night, are siblings. Opening with their most popular song at the moment "Done" the band started off strong and got the crowd pumped up for the evening. The trio first became a hit with their single "If I Die Young", which they saved for the end of their set. The Band Perry’s set list became one huge sing-along with the crowd. Kimberly ran around the stage, jumping, dancing, and belting her heart out all with impressively high heels on. Regrettably some fans had to choose between watching these soulful siblings or meeting Miss Pope because lines for her meet and greet began right after her set finished. I am glad I didn’t go stand in line. But I was pleasantly surprised and The Band Perry was my favorite part of the evening.


September 13, 2013



Fraternities and sororities offer involvement opportunities By Amber Cannon Campus Life Contributor

"I don't have a lot of sisters, so for me, being in a sorority hits home because it gives me those sisters that I can lean on. I love the sisterhood we have," said Jahmara Marchman, 21, a senior political science major and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Marchman initially didn't have any interest in joining a sorority but said the love she received from her sorority sisters was the deciding factor in joining Alpha Kappa Alpha. "I didn't know any of these girls before joining Alpha Kappa Alpha. I was having person trouble back at home and the way they were there for me was unexplainable. I've never experienced a bond like this, with girls especially because we all know how snotty girls can be sometimes," she said. "It was so refreshing and new. At that moment, I knew there was no way I could be without these girls. I knew I had to go Greek." According to Marchman, every day was a slumber party with her sorority sisters. "Every day is literally a sleepover! I always have someone to talk to about new movies, new music, or Drake," she joked. John Coulter, 20, a junior prephysical therapy major, stated that the people that he met at orientation altogether made him join a fraternity. "When I went to orientation for Pi Kappa Phi, I was amazed by how passionate everyone was about their fraternity or sorority," he explained. "You could really tell that these people cared about one another, so I followed my intuition and joined a fraternity." Coulter stated that the funniest thing about being a part of Pi Kappa

Phi is the leadership trips the fraternity takes each year. "Last year, we took a trip to Baltimore,” Coulter said. “I really enjoyed it. It's always fun getting to spend time with your brothers in school, but outside of school, it's like a party all the time. This year, we are going to Atlanta which should also be a great time. “ Apart from the leadership trips, Coulter explained that his favorite part of being in a fraternity is the events that Greek Life throws. "We throw a lot of different events throughout the year. During the spring semester, we hold an Alcohol Free MixOff where we, along with many other organizations, make our very own nonalcoholic drinks based on the theme of the event." Greek Sing, another event held by Greek Life, is hosted during the spring semester. Each organization tackles their singing and dancing abilities to raise money for charity. REBECCA DIETRICH/THE ROCKET "Being able to donate to Students gathered Monday evening in the Smith Student Center Ballroom for Meet the Greeks, charities is the major reason held annually at the beginning of fall semester as a part of prospective fraternity and sorority why I decided to go Greek," recruitment opportunities. Sororites such as Alpha Kappa Alpha presented what their sisterhood Coulter said. "The cool thing was about to interested students. about Greek Sing is all the money we receive from between who to trust and who not to that no matter what, I will always admission and donations goes to the trust was difficult," he explained. "I have someone here for me. The Make-A-Wish Foundation. “ decided to go to Meet the Greeks to brotherhood that we established will Ryan McMullen, 20, a junior dance see what each fraternity had to offer." remain forever. " major and member of Alpha Sigma McMullen expressed how being McMullen said surprisingly, each Phi Fraternity, reveals that his member of Alpha Sigma Phi was very in Alpha Sigma Phi has helped him experience with his fraternity has friendly and welcoming. develop into the person he is today. been amazing so far. "After getting to hangout with these "Being a part of Greek Life really "Let's be honest. When I first arrived guys for a while, I realized that I help me fit in here at Slippery Rock. I at Slippery Rock, I didn't have a lot of found the friends that I was looking don't know what I would do without friends. Trying to find that balance for. It's also great because I know my brothers."

Comedian makes friends at SRU Starbucks sponsors open-mic night Continued from Page D1

Continued from Page D1

of him is he is a great dude,” Mazza said. He was easy to talk to and was down to earth, according to Mazza. Compared to other celebrities he did not act like he was better than anyone and treated them like an equal, Mazza said. According to Kline, both him and Mazza stayed with Griffin until 12:30 that night before heading out. According to Kline there were no phone numbers that were exchanged, so the only way that they can stay in contact with Griffin is through Twitter. “If he is in the area again I will definitely send him a tweet and see if we can arrange a meeting like that again,” Mazza said.

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Starbucks hosts an Open Mic Night for students.

wildfire.” Caylor said. “It’s bringing groups of people who wouldn’t ordinarily hang out with each other together.” As coffee percolated in the background, a hush fell over Starbucks as Haley Cardwell, 19, a sophomore Psychology major, opened the show with two songs, including “The A Team”. Her acoustic set came together after a series of guitar mishaps and lastminute song change. Cardwell’s guitar strings broke just minutes before the event and she was forced to borrow a guitar from her neighbor, she said. In spite of her preperformance troubles, she’s already signed up to perform at the show next month. “I’m trying to learn tabs which everybody else played today,” Cardwell said. “That’ll be a fun learning experience.” In between acts, audience members were engaged

in lively conversations about what they could expect from the next artist preparing their set. Each performer was given ten minutes to set up, perform, and disassemble their equipment. Performing as a duo, juniors Haylee Wittman, 20, an art education major, and Megan McHaffie, 21, a therapeutic recreation major, made their first public performance together at Unplugged. McHaffie was visibly nervous for their performance as her hands began to quiver before she started playing her guitar. “I’m trying to teach myself how to play guitar, this was a bucket list item for me.” McHaffie said. As their performance wore on both McHaffie and Wittman became more comfortable in front of the audience and even laughed off selfdescribed, “mess ups”. The duo closed their set with an original spin on the Jason Derulo song,

“In My Head”. “It was fun, a bunch of our friends were here,” Wittman said. “It’s not that scary when you have all of your friends sitting out there pretending like it’s playing at your house.” The second-to-last performer elicited some of the loudest applause of the evening with his original songs and rendition of a hit pop song. Sophomore public relations major, Mark Byars, 19, worked the crowd by engaging everyone in the audience no matter their location. Byars said that he takes every opportunity available to perform because he’s trying to start a professional music career. The Starbucks Unplugged event had a massive first turnout, thanks to the artists who came out to share their craft with their peers. Due to the talented artists and large turnout, plans are in motion to have the event twice a month.


September 13, 2013