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human electro synergy components

two wheel drive

weT ConDITIon


CoBBLe STone

Better traction 2WD system + Suspension fork Straight line stability is improved. This feature is more obvious when the road surface is sandy or rough. Suspension fork can absorb gaps and be able to trace the riding lines well. As a result, the pedaling power can be transmitted efficiently to the moving power with good traction.

rear drive only

Torque sensor (Twin sensor) based Crank + Front motor Input power (pedalling) can be proportionally transmitted with the output power (motor activation) thanks to the support of torque sensor based crank. The pedal power results in a well balanced drive system on both front and rear wheel. 2WD - Two wheel drive

Better traction

two wheel drive


twin Sensor Torque Sensor

Rotation Sensor (RPM)

measures the power applied to the pedal while riding

measures rotation and prevents against sudden starts



High assist power when pushing pedal with high torque Low assist power when pushing pedal with low torque


total output power

The Twin Sensor can measure the torque from pedaling efficiently at any time, and be able to control the activation of motor by real time. The rider can control the bike riding very naturally & actively according to the pedaling motion.

input human power motor power

all-in-one plug & play crank unit

pedalling torque

well balanced two wheel drive motor power human power

human power rear drive twin sensor crank unit

front motor

human electro synergy components

Product name

Parts No.

Key Feature


Suspension fork (700C, 26“)

SF11-NVX-HE 700C

63mm travel, Alloy monocoque lower, 120mm pitch (130mm for 26“), 120mm O.L.D., 28mm stanchions (30mm stanchions for 26“), specific interface design for SRS HESC HB motor to improve contact, coil spring w/pre-load adjust


Hub motor 250W 36V


36V/250W, DC brushless type, Built in speedometer sensor, Quick all-in one plug connection system, w/freewheel function, O.L.D.: 120mm, special stopper design for better power transmission and interface strength


Controller box (700C, 26“)


The brain for the system operation, including DC/DC converter for the lighting system


Display LCD

EBDS-SRL02 (display)

Dimension 90 x 64 x 18mm, Large easy-to-see LCD screen (2,6“), Built-in LED 110g back-light. Detachable display design. Power cut switch (for brake lever) included. On / Off switch & Mode button integrated. Assist power change (four modes). Display mode: Current speed / Average speed / MAX. speed /Total distance / Trip distance, Total time, Power out-put indicator, Battery gauge. Auto switch off function (after ten minutes). 700C or 26“ wheel setting. Push-up support switch function included. Error message is displayed if incorrectly assembled.

EBDH-SR01 (display holder)

TwiN torque sensor crank unit


TWIN sensor crank unit. Built-in sensor kit included. Teeth number: 42T (double 1000g chainguard), 38T (no chainguard). Alloy crank, 170mm

Battery unit


Dimension 275 x 110 x 80mm (Upright type) / 53 x 117 x 318mm (Flat type) 36V Built-in LED power indicator Safety function avoids overcharging and over discharging Input voltage range: AC90V-264V (47-64Hz) Input current: 100V: 150VA +/- 20%, 240V: 150VA +/- 20% 2.0A max. Operating condition: 0 - 45°C / 10 - 90% RH Storage condition: -20 - 35°C / 10 - 90% RH


410 Wh / 11,4 Ah Upright


310 Wh / 8,6 Ah Upright


290 Wh / 8,0 Ah Flat


SR SUNTOUR corporate

79 km 60 km 80 km 56 km 74 km

TAIWAN SR SUNTOUR Inc. #7 Hsing Yeh Rd, Fu Hsing Industrial Zone Chang Hua, Taiwan Tel. +886 4 7695115 E-mail:

106 km

100 km

93 km

2710g Up 11.4 Ah 2600g Up 8.6 Ah 2800g Flat

132 km

Note: Environmental factor (road conditions, the number of gears, wind or temperature etc.) will affect the battery stamina. Especially in the winter season (temperature below 5°C) the battery performance will decline.

EUROPE SR SUNTOUR Europe GmbH Am Marschallfeld 6a 83626 Valley, Germany Tel. +49 8024 3038152 E-mail:

03 - 2013 TW

push-up-support switch kit

SF12-NVX-HE 26“


2WD, Twin Sensor, SR Suntour

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