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F I R M O C O N S T R U C T I O N C E L E B R AT E S 1 5 Y E A R S Firmo Construction was formed with the purpose to design and build in a sustainable, forward thinking manner. An early adopter of LEED certification, we began implementing sustainability and efficiency practices into our work while the program was still in its infancy. Today, our portfolio reflects award-winning projects spanning across commercial construction, high-end custom homes, adaptive reuse, tenant improvements, and hospitality. We are headquartered in sunny Sarasota, Florida, with licenses to work in multiple states. Through years of experience we’ve developed an expertise in adaptive reuse of commercial structures, historic preservation, and archaeological resource preservation. We strive to deliver work that is on time, within budget, and unparalleled in quality. A S P E C I A L B R A N D STO RY M A R K E T I N G F E AT U R E | S R Q M A G A Z I N E | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 8

“It’s not just the construction; it’s a collaboration.” When speaking with Stefan Baron, Director of Business Development for Firmo Construction, it becomes immediately clear that you’re working with a singular company. Anchored in Sarasota by the real estate growth of the new millennium, Firmo Construction was established in September of 2003; proving themselves unafraid to tackle challenges right out of the gate. Fifteen years later, the company is relentless in its continued evolution; with their design-build business approach, dedication to sustainability and overflowing wealth of expertise, Firmo Construction continues to shape the landscape of the Sarasota/Manatee community. However, Baron, along with President Eric Collin, and Director of Design Maegan Ochoa, takes little time to reflect on past successes. With eyes on a bright horizon, Firmo Construction steps confidently into the next fifteen years of growth. Despite what the name might imply, construction is only one piece of the puzzle that makes up Firmo Construction. With their design-build approach, Firmo provides their clients with onestop shopping; and with that, peace of mind. Adopting this business model came about organically over the years. “We started as a general contractor, and as time has evolved, we found that we actually can build whatever set of plans [the client] gives us,” says Baron. “We are very good at designing and managing a project from its inception to its completion—with the interest of the client in mind,” says Baron. Putting Firmo at the helm effectively removes the silos that often hinder traditional projects, and in turn lessens the stress and frustration clients feel when trying to juggle the many facets of a project. Ochoa weighs in: “If you aren’t in the industry, you might find an architect; but you don’t necessarily know one that’s right for you. We know that’s the engineer, that’s the designer, and that’s the architect you need to work with, so we can put together that perfect piece and save [the client] a lot of time working with the wrong team.” Thinking above and beyond the black-and-white of traditional construction projects has solidified itself as a staple of Firmo Construction’s company culture. From their very first project, adapting an abandoned assisted living facility into an award-winning Homewood Suites by Hilton hotel, to opening the very first LEED Certified Hampton Inn and Suites in the country right here in Sarasota, Firmo has remained on the cutting edge of forward-thinking sustainability. Taking into account the life cycle of the building components, clients see both low operating costs and high property values. “You don’t just want a regular light bulb,” Baron muses, “You want a better light bulb.” And when it comes to Firmo Construction, you can count on every detail being just that—better.








Firmo is founded and headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.

Completes adaptive reuse of an abandoned assisted living facility into an award-winning Homewood Suites by Hilton hotel in Sarasota.

Constructs award winning Finergy Building, the first LEED CS Office Building in Sarasota that revitalizes East Main Street.

Finishes construction of the Hampton Inn & Suites SarasotaBradenton Airport, the first ever LEED certified Hilton hotel worldwide.

Establishes Firmo’s international operations based in Paris, France. Offers DesignBuild Construction Services for leading global hotel brands throughout Europe.

Expands Florida commercial construction operations statewide.

HAMPTON INN When Firmo Construction set out to build the first LEED certified Hampton Inn in the United States, they looked beyond the immediate cost of materials and operation and into the future; from day one, sustainability was key. Selecting an existing urban site minimized environmental impact, leaving plant life, wetlands, and local bodies of water undisturbed. The position of the hotel maximized Florida sunshine as a resource for solar power, and abundant windows increase use of natural light. Glazing on the building’s exterior surface transmits visible light, while keeping heat out, reducing strain on the energy efficient air conditioning system. The irrigation and storm water systems work together, reducing water usage by 23 percent annually, as well as potable water usage being reduced by a third thanks to water saving fixtures throughout the property. During the construction process, Firmo Construction ensured that at least 50 percent of the materials utilized were purchased, assembled, and manufactured within five hundred miles of the site. This achieved dual goals: reducing the environmental impact of transportation, and stimulating the local economy. Additionally, Firmo Construction adhered to a rigorous recycling program, worked to reduce soil erosion and waterway sediment, and gave special care to maintaining the health of the oak trees fronting University Parkway. The resulting property is a glimmering testament to the future of Sarasota and the world of sustainable construction.

WARM MINERAL SPRINGS RESORT Just south of Sarasota lie the rejuvenating, geothermal waters of Warm Mineral Springs – known fondly as the “Fountain of Youth.” Perhaps a modern-day Ponce de León, the visionary New York physician Dr. Grigory Pogrebrinksy has long sent ailing patients to heal in the spring, which has the highest mineral content in the United States. With the dream of creating a holistic wellness resort, including a health and wellness center, a boutique wellness hotel, an assisted living facility, multi-family residential dwellings, and a commercial hub, Dr. Pogrebrinksy knew Warm Mineral Springs was the ideal location – and Firmo Construction the ideal partner. Addressing key issues first, Firmo worked closely with Sarasota County and the City of North Port officials, vetting public interest and assessing the site’s challenges. With support from Ruth Buchannan, head of the Economic Development Corporation, Firmo and Dr. Pogrebrinksy created a master plan concept of the new development, with sustainability at the forefront of their minds. Constructing the Health and Wellness Institute would be the first phase of the project, followed by the hotel and assisted living center, and finally the seventy-two multi-family homes; completion was estimated to take about four years. The Warm Mineral Springs Resort will fuel the revitalization of the area and establish itself as a can’t-miss vacation and residential destination for those seeking a total wellness lifestyle.




Launches Firmo’s Medical Construction Division.

Inaugurates new Firmo headquarters in historic downtown Sarasota across from City Hall.

Expands operations nationally, becomes qualified to operate in over fifteen states.

Celebrating 15 years of Firmo Construction!

Rendering courtesy of Andrew Georgiadis.


SOLAR PARKING GARAGE Should a project require innovative problem-solving, it’s unsurprising that businesses turn first to Firmo Construction. When Broken Sound Country Club began expanding, insufficient parking became an immediate issue. Looking to make use of the land already housing the club’s parking, Firmo began working on initial concepts for a solar photovoltaic panel-powered hydraulic lift parking system. This revolutionary system would allow the club to double its available spaces, while keeping the ground space virtually unchanged. Constructing the prototype, Firmo used steel beams to create a solid, stable base, and placed solar PV panels across the entirety of the roof. Each parking stall was then fitted with a controller to operate a hydraulic lift using both electrical and solar power. This ground breaking structure has incredible benefits; reduction of land waste, cost savings through quick amortization of equipment, possible tax credits, and predominant solar assistance, creating an excess surplus of energy, which proves a net zero cost. Essentially, the parking lot transforms into a power plant, providing minimal impact on the environment while saving green space. The future of this design is bright, and Firmo Construction foresees its use as an innovative solution for cities struggling with overcrowding and a shortage of available land for growth, as well as large operations in tight, urban spaces. Providing economic, environmental, and community benefits, be on the look out for these remarkable structures transforming our community for years to come.

CERTIFICATIONS AND AFFILIATIONS • Class A Certified General Contractor • Certified Modular Builder • Member of the US Green Building Council • Member of the Gulf Coast Builders Exchange • Member of the AIA • LEED AP Staff Members


205 N. ORANGE AVENUE SUITE #301 SARASOTA, FL 34236 (941) 917-0494 LICENSE #CGC1508283 LEED AP

Acting as a Class A Certified General Contractor, LEED Accredited Professional, and a licensed real estate broker, Eric has overseen a development pipeline of more than $250mm in the US and Europe. As a developer, he qualified for a $12m Recovery Zone Bond Federal project and successfully partnered with 123 Venture, a €1.15bn investment fund specializing in hotels. Eric is a very active member in the Sarasota community, serving as a Director of the Indian Beach Sapphire Shores Association and Chair of North Trail Redevelopment Committee where he championed decisive land use changes. Languages: French, Italian, English

STEFAN BARON | DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Bringing close to twenty years of experience in international construction and sales to Firmo, Stefan identifies and assesses new business opportunities and relationships, and responds to requests for proposals. Stefan acts as a liaison between clients and the project team to ensure clients’ needs are met; from project inception through completion, with regards to project design, budget, and schedule. Born and raised in Africa, Stefan later attended business school in France, then came to the US, originally to obtain his commercial pilot’s license. He’s spent the past 25 years living and working in the US and Europe, with work experience also in Mexico, the Middle East, and Africa. Languages: French, English

MAEGAN OCHOA | DIRECTOR OF DESIGN Maegan oversees company operations and leads the design department, developing and implementing creative strategies for Firmo. Her dynamic experience, academic accolades, and cultural capital enable her to focus on building connections with community stakeholders to identify and execute redevelopment projects. Languages: French, English

BRANDSTORY | Firmo Construction :: As Published in SRQ Magazine, September 2018  

Firmo Construction was formed with the purpose to design and build in a sustainable, forward thinking manner. An early adopter of LEED certi...

BRANDSTORY | Firmo Construction :: As Published in SRQ Magazine, September 2018  

Firmo Construction was formed with the purpose to design and build in a sustainable, forward thinking manner. An early adopter of LEED certi...