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HYATT REGENCY SARASOTA Since its lobby doors opened in 1974 as Sarasota’s first full-service hotel in the downtown area, the Hyatt Sarasota is taking a look back at all it has accomplished


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Regency Sarasota’s Resort-style hotel with a dramatic bayside setting and modern amenities, they find the perfect blend of a beautiful waterfront setting, authentic hospitality and the welcoming comforts of home. Beyond the aesthetics of the Hyatt Sarasota, there is an abiding and loyal trail of tenured employees, heartfelt stories between hotel staff and guests, a continued growth of community partners, events held for various local businesses, and the multiple remodels of modern facilities and amenities. Since its lobby doors opened in 1974 as Sarasota’s first full-service hotel in the downtown area, the Hyatt Sarasota is taking a look back at all it has accomplished—from checking guests from all over the world into its 294 guest rooms, to seating and feeding 800 people for a gala in one of the largest ballrooms in the city. And after 45 years of local and global engagement, it’s time to take a look ahead at what is in sight for the next 45 years, with a large scale renovation in the works for 2020. Apart from Hyatt Hotels’

namesake, Hyatt Regency Sarasota continues to exist as its own entity and celebrate the unique legacy it is leaving and leading for the region. “It’s the sense of arrival that really makes you feel like you’re walking into our home,” says Director of Sales & Marketing, Debbie DeVito. “Our people are what set us apart from the rest. You’ll never see anyone without a smile on their face, from our dishwashers to our general manager. There’s really a wonderful sense of home here at the Hyatt.” DeVito is quick to take note that Hyatt Sarasota’s success is largely attributed to as many wonderful clients as wonderful colleagues. Indeed, every job gets tough— with their own set of stresses and challenges—but that’s what’s so great about having a strong team to get by. “I love to come to work everyday, first of all,” says General Manager Marcia Dmochowski Clark. “I walk into this hotel and I see that beautiful view of the Marina, and then I get to interact with our team, which is more like one big family. We help each other get through the rough times as well as celebrate the good times.”


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COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Year after year, the staff gives their time to All Faith’s Food Bank, participates in the SE Guide Dog Walks and hosts the Turkey Trot to benefit S each year donating food, s ace and staff su ort he hotel also donates a number of gift certificates to hel non rofits raise funds for their causes. Additionally, every Friday marks “Jeans Day,” when staff wear jeans and donate money to local charities. Currently, they are collecting for the Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund. Hyatt Sarasota also takes part in the Chamber of Commerce working closely with a number of community artners and non rofit organi ations to host events ranging from guests for a youth grou to guests for a cor orate function


SUNCOAST CHARITIES FOR CHILDREN At Suncoast Charities for Children, who have had a relationship with Hyatt Sarasota for 35 years— serving as a host hotel and a major sponsor for the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Festival since it began in 1985. “They not only provide us room rebates, but have also organized employee fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for Suncoast Charities for Children,” says Executive Director Lucy V. Nicandri. It’s their “continued loyalty as a sponsor,” despite changes in ownership and management staff over the years, that has made a real difference to the organization, she says. “This means so much to our charity and clearly illustrates how much they truly care about giving back to the community and their commitment to corporate values.”

NAACP SARASOTA CHAPTER NAACP Sarasota Chapter has been working with Hyatt Sarasota for over 15 years, partnering on its annual Freedom Fund Dinner, which recognizes local heroes and heroines that make Sarasota the community it is today. Trevor D. Harvey, President of the Sarasota County branch, describes the lifelong friendship that has been developed with NAACP and the hotel. “The Hyatt has opened its doors to us and made us a part of their family,” he says. “Sarp aya and this team are the reasons we choose to continue to partner with the Hyatt year in and year out. The hospitality is world class.”

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nd for 1 years, the Glasser-Schoenbaum uman Services Center has also developed a significant relationshi hen rs Shoenbaum passed, cookies, an orchid and a card signed by all of the staff were delivered. “They were one of the few people who sent condolences,” recalls and ecutive irector ameron Hodgens, Ph.D. “It meant so much.” For the kind of non- rofit Glasser-Schoenbaum is, odgens believes the yatt is e actly the right fit when it comes to customer service style and feel. “We’re a human services organization, and the Hyatt has that great combination of being really dialed in for locals and showing stellar customer service,” she says ver the years, she has watched the transformation in the look and feel of their events, with Hyatt stepping it up every time—yet the strength in personalized service continues, including Executive Chef Ryan Ward, who carefully accommodates various dietary needs and mindfully sources locally when possible. “So much about being a non- rofit is about wining and dining people, it’s something you have to do,” explains Hodgens. “In this town, it has to be above the bar every time. And that’s what the Hyatt delivers.”

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA eanwhile, niversity of South lorida- Sarasota anatee S S has en oyed a long-standing relationshi with the hotel also for 1 years his ast year, the organi ation increased their engagement with the hotel in the past year—taking advantage of Hyatt’s hospitality professionalism and event space. In June of this year, S S reserved the ro ics’ room for a gathering of nearly 4 attendees he view was one of the best in Sarasota, the food was exceptional and the service was impeccable,” says ee illiams, egional ice hancellor for dvancement ur guests left with an excellent impression of our organization and the Hyatt’s careful and dedicated attention to detail.” Williams feels the Hyatt has served the university’s interests as more than simply a venue for an event. “They are as concerned as we are with the details, purpose and outcomes of our event,” she says.

10/15/19 2:09 PM

STAYING AWHILE A unique company culture to be proud of. The Hyatt Regency Sarasota’s company culture and relationship with their employees remain different than any other hotel chain. While there are a number of other hotel properties downtown available as options to work for, and an industry such as hospitality where it’s common to have a high turnover rate—with many employees as transient and variable as the guests—the incredible amount of tenured associates that want to make a difference to the lives of their colleagues, guests and community, shows there is something special being retained here. While many guests come and they go, the staff here stays. Many of them note the loyalty, comfort and contentment they feel putting on the same Hyatt Sarasota name tag after so many years. There’s something homey in the waters here. Management puts the security and happiness of their staff as high of a priority as its guests. Internally and externally, people are treated with respect, humanity, integrity and empathy—a tribute to the long list of dedicated and passionate associates with 20 plus years under their belt, and still going strong.

DIRECTOR OF EVENTS, CAROL DANISI has worked for the Hyatt Sarasota for 27 years— starting as the Restaurant Manager, then moving up to Banquet Manager and Convention Services & Catering Manager, before stepping into her role currently. “The history and the culture that she provides to the hotel is a huge asset,” says DeVito. “We have brides that have gotten married here, then come back and have christenings for their children because of her. We have guests call year after year just asking for her. Her personality helps us close business every day. As a single mother, Danisi holds memories dear, such as when her daughter came to work with her for “Take Your Child to Work Day.” A large luncheon happened to be going on that day in the ballroom. The Chef put her right to work in the plate up line—complete with a hat and gloves. Danisi’s daughter helped plate over 300 lunches. After 32 years total with Hyatt, “it pretty much is in my blood,” she exclaims. “The hotel and people that work at my hotel have always been there to celebrate the highs and support me in the lows of my life. My work with the Hyatt is something I always take great pride in and I still enjoy the creativity my job offers me every day.”


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SALES AND EVENTS MANAGER SARP KAYA recalls working at the Hyatt Regency Austin back in the 90s. “When our son was one year old, we took a vacation in Anna Maria Island and fell in love with the area,” he says. “I asked my wife who is self-employed, if she would live here. She (the Boss) said ‘get a job and we will move.” Kaya’s now been with Hyatt for over 22 years, and is currently the property’s Sales and Events Manager, but is really more than that, according to DeVito. “He is the face of our hotel and to the community—people come here because he’s here.” she says. “I guess that makes the Hyatt a part of me,” he says. And the Sarasota resort-style location in particular, he notes, “is like a playground where I come and see the friendliest faces, aka my coworkers.” And while Kaya has had the chance to interact with imortant olitical figures who have walked the halls of yatt Sarasota—shaking hands with George Bush, Dick Cheney, Julian Castro and many more—for him it’s more about the fun team building traditions like bowling retreats, happy hours, pizza parties, mini golf outings and going on the La Barge after a busy season or busy period.




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BANQUET MANAGER CAPTAIN PAM POE agrees, “Hyatt is all about family time and caring for each other,” she says. “Hyatt means stability to me.” 42 years ago, Poe moved from Michigan to Florida with her parents after graduation, and went out looking for a job. She saw the Hyatt sign on the side of the building. The way the company values guest and treats everyone with dignity and respect she says is what’s kept her for over four decades. Not to mention the opportunities to meet stars like Chuck Norris, Don Johnson, Jay Leno and Michael Jordan. For Banquet Houseman Chris Martin, he started at Hyatt Sarasota in 2008. “I was told there was a job opportunity in the set up department by my friend that worked as the Dockmaster,” he says. Since then, he has been awarded Employee of the Year and sent to Hawaii as reward for anticipating the needs of the guests, and putting them first and foremost

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everyday is the opportunity to create an experience—make people feel good and really be happy to be here,” says Clark. “For me, it’s creating those special moments.” Those special moments for Clark include seeing the smile on a child’s face when the front desk gives them a stuffed animal when they’re checking in, or when the team surprises guests because they know it’s their birthday and they have something in the room waiting for them. “We spend a lot of time here together and to create that experience, it takes a lot of synergy.” Hyatt Sarasota has a way of empowering its staff to provide authentic hospitality by simply being themselves and bringing their whole selves to work. Ultimately, this has made all the difference in the lives of the guests they come in contact with everyday. It’s the people and culture that make guests feel right at home. “Our guests love us because we always ut them first, and in return, they continue to come back year after year,” says Chris Martin. “The Hyatt is different because we are a big family—if you come to visit, you become part of our extended family as well.” And for guests, there’s a genuine pleasure in seeing the same staff there when they come back again after their last stay, however many weeks or years ago. “I have made so many friendships over the years,” says Poe. “I feel like I have small families all over the world.” While Danisi has been with the Hyatt for many years, she’s also worked for other hotel companies prior, and is steadfast in the way Hyatt differs from other hotel chains. “We empower our associates to make decisions to benefit our guests without searching for a roval or worrying about being reprimanded,” she says. “We truly listen and respond with compassion to both our guests and associates—offering solutions to improve any situation or action.” From concierge, valet attendant, barista, housekeeper and accounting, “Everyone truly cares about each of our guests’ experiences and each other,” says Danisi. “A beautiful location means nothing if you don’t have a staff that takes pride in what they do and how it affects our guests and co-workers.”

10/15/19 2:09 PM

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Gearing up for a 2020 renovation of the interior spaces.

Le: Bar elevation design and a concept board for the foyer color pale e, materials and finished.

SINCE HYATT SARASOTA BUILT ITS ROOTS IN THE EARLY 70S, the building and brand have undergone several major renovations to stay at the forefront of comfort, technology and design by continually looking toward the future. Coming 2020, Hyatt Sarasota will undergo another exciting renovation, which includes a complete overhaul to update its longstanding infrastructure and implement more modern furnishings. “It’s exciting and I can’t wait to restore the hotel to the stature that it deserves,” says General Manager Marcia Dmochowski Clark. Since taking the helm as general manager two and a half years ago, lark is ama ed that anywhere she goes, and mentions her osition, someone somehow has an affiliation either they had their high school prom there, got married there, vacationed there, had a family reunion or business luncheon there. “So they have a sense of ownership,” she says. “It’s such an icon in the community.” For Debbie DeVito, the upcoming renovation is especially exciting for the sales department. “It gives us a fresh new start, something to sell, something to look forward to,” she says, “And really, just to repeat our history and set us apart from the rest of Sarasota.” A great deal of coordination and communication is going into it already, with not only the general contractors to control the trades, but also internally amongst the various departments, to minimize any disruption to the guests hat’s key,” lark says loor by oor, guest rooms will receive a com lete makeover of a fresh look, bathrooms will be converted from tubs to shower stalls, meeting room spaces will be expanded and the entire hotel will go from carpet to cool tile oors lans to enhance more water views throughout the ro erty are also in the works, including a total change to the lobby. It will still have that same open feel, but now, a bar will be put in with windows behind it for a wonderful view of the water while sitting with cocktails. “Because that’s what Florida’s all about, right?” says Clark. The lobby will also gain a market, where people can enjoy the convenience of being able to go in and grab a bottle of wine or a sandwich on their way to the beach or out to a’ d’ an dditionally, they lan to create more sense of community more than there already is. Though there is plenty of gathering space in the lobby, the remodel will create more intimate spaces so people can relax and have conversations “as if they’re in their own living room,” says Clark. “The community gives so much to the hotel, and in turn, we want to give back to the community, because we appreciate being apart of it.”

1000 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota, 941-953-1234,, @hyasarasota

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SRQ360 18 Inside the Brand 136 CocoTele 140 RSVP MARKETING FEATURES 7

Brandstory Feature The Hyatt Regency Sarasota 38 Domicile Fall House+Home 60 Provisionist The Look 95 Planning an Event 124 Nosh Restaurants Kitchen Confidential This page: Victoria Gomez Mayol

surrounded by paintings in her Lakewood Ranch studio. Get bowled over this month with an eclectic collection of bowls. Photography by Wyatt Kostygan. Paeg 6: Old Fashioned Cocktail by MADE restaurant, photo by Evan Sigmund. Cover: Local Veganation features dishes to create a modern vegan Thanksgiving feast, photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

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culture city 33


Grove Ladder Farms grows out east to provide “pasture to the people” with 12 acres of newly acquired land. Pick up a stack of fanciful stationaries from the Shannon Kirsten Studio. Come climb, dig and soar at the Bishop Museum’s newly-opened Mosaic Backyard Universe. Jarred Wilson’s postcard collection takes it back, way back.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Cine-world Film Festival gives local cinephiles what they crave. Free from expectations and self-doubt, Argentinian artist Victoria Gomez Mayol paints her own way.


Bowls on bowls—from fruit bowls to soup bowls, get your fix from local home goods boutiques. Oak & Stone Clothing Co.’s is the real MVP of modern menswear for athletic builds. From his place at the anvil, metal specialist David Cohen continues to expand his prospects.


An adventure up the coast at the Postcard Inn on the Beach in St. Petersburg, FL

giving coast 136 CocoTele shared the love with local nonprofits and the programs they are producing to support the community.

parting shot 144

A tribute to the late Arnold Simonsen, Sarasota’s paramour and patron.

TOP DOCTORs HONOREES Meet the doctors from Greater Sarasota who were honored by their peers. Read more starting on page 97.

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Jacob Ogles




Chris Leverett Evan Sigmund EDITORIAL INTERN








Chelsea Jobity Aidee Rodriguez


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Inside the Brand NEXT—SB2: Philanthropic Agenda and Good hero Awards Luncheon, Monday, December 9, 2019



Join us on December 9, 2019 for the next SB2 | Philanthropic agenda

BE SOCIAL WITH SRQ Follow us on social media and join the conversation to see your comments here!

Facebook @The Venice Symphony Read about when Troy Quinn met Harrison Ford, and more in this cool Q&A in SRQ Magazine @Sarasota Performing Arts Center Thank you SRQ Magazine for this incredible article that highlights both our leader, CEO Cheryl Mendelson, and our mission, values and aspirations as we continue to develop the innovative Sarasota Performing Arts Center.

SAVE THE DATE—the next SB2 Symposium will take place on Monday, December 9, 2019 from 11 am-1:15 pm at The Hyatt Regency Sarasota. SB2: The Philanthropic Agenda will feature a panel discussion by leaders in the philanthropic community that explores the dynamic and ever-changing world of non-profits. The panelists will engage in dialogue as they discuss what is trending in philanthropy. Join us to hear about who’s innovating, why donor-advised funds are growing so rapidly and what exactly are donors looking for. The SB2 The Philanthropic Agenda will begin with remarks by Keynote Speaker Mark Brewer, President and CEO of the Central Florida Foundation. A lively panel discussion will follow featuring John Annis, Senior Vice President of Collaboration and Impact for Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation; Carol Butera, Executive Director of the Selby Foundation;

Philanthropy Catalyst Ariane Dart, Roxie Jerde, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and Mark Pritchett, President and CEO of Gulf Coast Community Foundation. Powered by the SRQ Gives Good program, SB2 Philanthropic Agenda will culminate with the Local Good Hero Philanthropic Awards honoring individuals and corporations who have meaningfully impacted our community in the past year. Thank you to our Good Hero Philanthropic Awards sponsor JFCS of the Suncoast. SB2 The Philanthropic Agenda would not be possible without the support of event sponsor Sabal Palm Bank. We also extend our gratitude to SB2 Program Sponsors Merrill Lynch Mariash Lowther Wealth Management, the JFCS of the Suncoast and New College of Florida. TICKETS ONLINE AT SRQMAG.COM/SB2

Vote for your favorite local luminaries, dining hotspots and experiences—Best of SRQ Local Ballots Now Open. Celebrating the best locally owned establishments in the region, SRQ MEDIA asks our astute readers to vote for their favorite local eats, shopping, arts, luminaries and hotspots culminating in the buzzworthy special “Best of SRQ Local” awards feature published in the April 2020 edition. We look to highlight local experiences—from new restaurants to memorable theatre productions, from our community’s best achievements to seriously talented chefs. SRQMAG.COM/BESTOFSRQ

@The Hermitage Artist Retreat Great interview by Phil Lederer of SRQ Magazine of our fearless leader, Bruce Rodgers. @Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe Have you seen the amazing “Culture Preview” wri‰en by Phil Lederer of SRQ Magazine? And have you seen the magnificent photo on SRQ’s home page, leading to the article? WOW!

Instagram @sorcha_augustine Celebrating with @sarasotacontemporarydance and @ zo_roseee. We’re on the cover of the Culture issue of @srqmag this month! Thanks so much SRQ! It was such an honor to work with you all! Thank you for the feature @modernsoul_boutique These are ALL gorgeous. Thanks for making my clothes come to life.

18 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local


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Below: Tim Clarkson watches over the chicken coop at the family’s new Arcadia farm.


ARCADIA PROSPER Grove Ladder Farms grows out east. Brittany Mattie



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This page: Tim on the farm with daughters Guinevere, Rosa and Celeste. Tim and Chelsea Clarkson expand their farmland and their family.

WHAT FIRST BEGAN AS A BACKYARD HOBBY FOR TIM CLARKSON AND HIS WIFE CHELSEA—raising seven chickens and harvesting eggs in small batches for friends, neighbors and family—has since become a sought-after enterprise. “We have been blessed to have local fol s invest in o r e orts ti e and ti e again sa s Ti . The iggest invest ent ca e in when a c sto er helped the providing access to rent open far land in ld a a allowing Ti to leave his o at the landfill and follow his drea of far ing f ll ti e. Three ears of at rda arasota ar ers ar ets later and the were finall a le to p rchase their own land in e oto o nt s r ral cit of rcadia. e overloo ed it the propert at first eca se we tho ght it was too s all e plains Ti t we are act all loving o r little log ca in it s solid pine inside and o t char ing and ea tif l. nd with acres of past re- ased livestoc far rove adder can now ethicall raise health irds at a ti e as well as the f ll ga t of other far ani als sprawling across its wide open past res. e ond the financial savings avoiding the higher cost-of-living associated with arasota and anatee o nties the lar son s decision to igrate farther east of the interstate had ore to do with craving the star-ga ing re oteness and slower pace of living in this halc on of lorida. e are s rro nded agric lt re now he sa s. e have ore access to agric lt ral tools and e ip ent along with the co fort of privac the co ntr gives s. t in these parts the prospering tillage provides access to tender grasses n trient-rich soil necessar gs a ple s nlight and nad lterated space. t with so ch ore ara le land to loo after now the lar sons ade s re to integrate electric fencing thro gho t their colic fortress as well as hire a pair of reat renees g ardian p ps to protect their livestoc fro predators. e are c rrentl ilding p a oc of registered lorida rac er sheep at o r new far shares Ti . lorida rac er sheep are the oldest sheep reed in orth erica ro ght over the panish in the s. e plan on selling half and whole la s ne t fall along with la pelts and hand-d ed arn ade fro their wool. SRQ 24 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local



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Come climb, dig and soar at the Bishop Museum’s Mosaic Backyard Universe. Olivia Liang “IT’S A SPRINGBOARD FOR PROVOKING MORE CURIOSITY,” says Matt Woodside, chief curator and director of exhibitions at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, which plays host to the newest adventure-seeking, science-celebrating, imagination-inspiring exhibit: the Mosaic Backyard Universe. Picture a 1960s Brady Bunch yard with multicolored and hypoallergenic AstroTurf, hand-painted murals depicting Florida storm clouds, live turtles and plants in a freshwater feature, a DMX theatrical lighting system to simulate lightning and s nsets and so ewhere a ilodon patientl lies silent read to e nearthed fro the ig it. tep o the ac porch into the highl immersive Mosaic Backyard Universe, an unparalleled adventure for all explorers, ages two to gray. SRQ

SPACESHIP Remember the good ole days when a quality refrigerator box was the only prop needed for an adventurous afternoon? Soar up, up and away in this refrigerator-style spaceship as Apollo 11 transmissions guide your ascent. The suspended solar system has been sized to scale, with an

eight oot u iter oating amongst hand-painted constellations.

TREE HOUSEPLATFORM Look up. Look down. Look all around. With a glass base as a portal into the root system and soft-tothe-touch handmade, silk leaves as a canopy, the

26 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local


fabricated Southern Live Oak transforms the exhibit atrium into an exploration of backyard nature. A wraparound platform places you high in the sky amongst bird calls and pull-out panels that explain water systems and the rings of time, while telescopes peer deep into space in the opposite corner of the exhibit.

SCIENCE SHED A space designated for facilitated and independent learning, the Science Shed will lead active learning workshops while also providing expedition kits with notebooks, art supplies, scales and microscopes available for checkout.

This page: The Bishop welcomes a field tr p o s tors n ts ne l opened osa c ac ard n erse


10/15/19 12:21 PM

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The ever-changing inspirations of the Shannon Kirsten Studio. Phil Lederer

This page: Inspiration abounds as Shannon Kirsten Couch gets down to business in her Downtown Bradenton studio.

FRESH OFF A TRIP TO NEW YORK to introduce the latest line of holiday cards, gift wraps and notepads from Shannon Kirsten Studio at a national stationery show, Shannon Kirsten Couch takes a much-needed early afternoon at home away from the studio. But inspiration follows her ever where fro the lorida landscape o tside her door to the ogo rgentino na ed lade o ncing o the walls inside it, and even the crowded aisles of the local grocery store, where the motley collection of colors and shapes can spur the latest idea for her hand-drawn o erings. or ing in watercolor acr lics and go ache which she prefers for its versatilit her ind oods with new ideas pouring forth fully realized or in bits and pieces that join her multitudinous photographs and clippings tacked haphazardly to her studio inspiration oard. rrentl selling her wor in o ti es across the co ntr incl ding deals with ig na es li e nthropologie a s ifth ven e all ar and Trader oe s and feat red in aga ines li e The Knot, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, Couch has come a long way from her start making custom wedding invitations and stationery (though she still takes the occasional wedding that catches her eye), but she aintains her signat re to ch. stic to what reall love she sa s and tr not to e too in enced trends. e t p new line inspired by a recent tour through the Scandinavian landscape, and maybe a brick-and-mortar store of her own. SRQ 28 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local



10/15/19 12:14 PM

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srqist This spread: Jarred Wilson shares printed nostalgia with his cherished postcard collection.

WISH YOU WERE HERE Jarred Wilson collects postcards. Olivia Liang

“THIS IS OUR NEW HOUSE BUILT THIS FALL,” the photo postcard reads, revealing a Bradenton home in the midst of construction in 1912—

the favorite postcard of Bradenton-native Jarred Wilson’s collection. “They’re nostalgic,” he says, pulling out the postcard that started it all, depicting an aerial view of the University of Texas at Austin where Wilson attended graduate school. Since then, he has collected more than 1,000 postcards, favoring 19th-century linen-postcard-era treasures for their vibrant colors, hues and saturations. “They’re really re ective of the ti e the were prod ced he e plains sharing social val es advertising co nit and even racis and violence. ith a professional background as an archivist, Wilson pulls card after card from his humble cataloguing boxes, each slid lovingly into clear plastic envelopes, slowly growing with antique-store discoveries, convention scores and eBay victories. SRQ 30 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local



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This page:

Nick Caras, head of the Sarasota Film Festival, inside the theater with Tim Calandra, director of community outreach.

culture city


Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Cine-world Film Festival gives local cinephiles what they crave. PHOTOGRAPHY BY WYATT KOSTYGAN


Phil Lederer

10/15/19 12:00 PM

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This page: Films anticipated to be shown at this year’s CineWorld include Marielle Heller’s touted A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood r ht and as e on s fil Harriet (left).


the epte er sl ps fil aficionados and discerning cinephiles find the selves jonesing for a much-needed fi . nd in arasota that eans they’re calling up the Cine-world Film Festival as early as August, checking on the product and trying to score some tickets. They’ll be a bit early, however, because this 10-day November festival sources the overwhelming majority of its fil s fro the Toronto nternational il estival in September, sending a festival representative every year to scope out the latest and the greatest, and to bring more than fil s ac to arasota for a marathon 50–60 screenings over the course of a week and a half. While this brings scheduling down to the wire and Cineworld fans can’t know for certain what’s coming until late September or, more likely, early October, the extra hustle also puts Cineworld in the position to screen cele rated fil s at a local cinema before they hit the major movieplex or online streaming services. Oscarwinning fil s li e The King’s Speech and Slumdog Millionaire saw their first arasota screenings at Cine-world, as well as undiscovered indie darlings that would go on to change the industry at large, like The Blair Witch Project. Films that premiered in Toronto and that are anticipated to arrive in Sarasota for Cine-world include Marielle Heller’s much-touted A

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers. From the South Korean director Bong Joon-ho comes Parasite, a thriller about an unemployed family that takes an interest in swindling the lives of wealthier families. Other premieres include: Kasi e ons fil Harriet about Harriet Tubman, Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit and Destin Daniel Cretton’s Just Mercy. These are t a few of the an fil s that will be reviewed by the Cineworld team during the Toronto festival and eventually narrowed down to approximately 30–40 that we will be screening at the festival. And after 30 years of programming, Cine-world cinephiles have learned to place

their faith in the festival and programmers have grown to know their audience. Longtime members become like family friends, and the festival a reunion, complete with catered sandwiches and co ee. r niche is in the atmosphere we create,” says Tim Calandra, who serves as director of community outreach for the festival, working closely with David Meiers, the digital marketing director, to stay in touch with the a dience ear-ro nd. t s the individualized attention,” sa s eiers. e sta tr e to the people who come and we listen to what they’re interested in.” And it’s a crowd that gobbles up documentaries and foreign fil s li e cand fro

the concessions out front. Last year saw documentaries covering everything from music and media, to religion, sports, intimate family histories and even combat in Afghanistan. And narrative fil s ca e fro aro nd the glo e incl ding ran T r e Australia, Argentina, Colombia, o th orea and celand. nd typically, anything from France is a hit even short fil s. t s a ver c lt red crowd says Calandra, and Meiers agrees. The reall do their ho ewor and do a lot of research around the fil s he adds. These are people who stay through the credits just to see where the fil was shot. alandra nods. These people sta ntil the screen goes blank.” SRQ

stor call th s est al has een a nonstop arathon o fil s ded cated to ar o s enres he arasota l oc et ant c pates th s ear ll e no d erent res lt n n a collect on o st see fil s to sat s each nd d al s palate ttend n the oronto l est al each ear and select n the est to r n ac to lor da the ne orld l est al ser es as one o arasota s t o a n portals to the reater fil orld fil o iet o


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Free from expectations and self-doubt, Victoria Gomez Mayol paints her own way. Phil Lederer CLOISTERED AWAY IN HER HOME STUDIO IN LAKEWOOD RANCH, with paint-speckled

wooden oors and nat ral light fro the ig s arish window overloo ing the l sh greens of the neigh oring o inson reserve ictoria o e a ol revels in a newfo nd freedo . ro the fa il ho e and street galleries of rgentina to the o levards of arasota co plete with a pit stop in ittle oc and narrowl avoided pitfall in ew or it her artist s path has proved a long and winding one t she s finall arrived e actl where she needs to e painting what she wants when she wants. ven the faint traces of pig ent padded in fro the st dio and onto the white carpet of the ad oining living roo can t other her now. rowing p in rgentina the da ghter of a notar and a calligrapher a ol discovered earl the p sh-and-p ll tension etween

36 | srq magazine_ NOV9 live local


needing to create and si pl needing to eat. The fa il was creative her sister sang her rother wrote t econo ics s perseded arts and her father s r sh ade local signage not portraits. nd while her sister still sings her rother swapped pens and now a es a living as a notar li e his other. a ol didn t paint ntil she was ears old when she visited her a nt in the rgentinian co ntr side st ling across a roo f ll of oil paints and not e erging ntil the s n had set and her first painting was co plete. ainting lessons with her other followed with the older a ol ta ing the o nger to an after-school class for ad lts e posing the self-ta ght s etcher to advanced techni es and the world of art e ond p re representation where life e perience and e pression enter the i and recreation eco es art. t s ilding an i age fro ideas sa s a ol. That s the di erence. hat followed was a period of artistic freedo and nfettered creation for the o ng artist inspired friends fa il and co ing of age a idst the vivid world of the fa o s rgentinian wilds of the isiones province. itho t an agent or a galler she fo nd s ccess in street festivals and freewheeling happenstance. t greater rewards ec oned and she pac ed p for the landing in ittle oc . t first the and of pport nit see ed as advertised. a ol ic l fo nd representation in two galleries in ittle oc and with a it of travel and entreprene rial spirit ca ght the e e of ew or it s ra is aller a galler started a fellow rgentine and dedicated to cele rating atin erican artists. t a spicio s eginnings elied a co ing dro ght and a trap a o t to e spr ng her wor failed to resonate with the r ansan ilie and ra is egan to loo ore li e a gilded cage o ering little in the wa of e hi ition et de anding sole rights to show a ol s wor an where in the co ntr . a ol and her o ng fa il ed to arasota. gain she fo nd representation ic l in a local galler again the e perience proved sti ing. t an artistic low a ol was no longer e ploring and e pressing herself so ch as cran ing o t canvases that satisfied ar et de ands.

This spread: Argentinian artist Victoria Gomez Mayol not afraid to spill some paint in her home studio.

was not painting she sa s. needed a change. nd this ti e the change wo ldn t e geographical. tting the ties that ind she left the galler and reentered her st dio ta ing a ear to replenish and reengage with the artist she discovered all those ears ago in rgentina. ith no press re to sell to satisf an a dience or even to prod ce it wo ld e a ear of self-creation. The wor wo ld follow. This is art not prod ct a ol sa s. needed to go deep and do so ething real. asier said than done. lone in her st dio witho t the cl tter and clatter of co issions and galler de ands forcing her ind and hand this wa and that r shing fro one pro ect to the ne t li e an a to aton appro i ating artistic e pression a ol faced the vast stillness of the so l digging deep to the painf l edroc of an artist adrift. he issed her ho e in rgentina. he issed her fa il there the people who la ghed the wa she new how to la gh. he ncovered dar holes with deep- ried h rts and e ories. nd the elanchol started she sa s. t this ti e she didn t t rn awa . was so lost at first she sa s not nowing who the real a ol was. The one who painted solel fro nat re as she had for ears r the one who speciali ed in fig res PHOTOGRAPHY BY WYATT KOSTYGAN

10/15/19 12:01 PM

and scenes, as she had also embraced? The painter who embraced the vivid noise of a busy canvas, or the daughter of a calligrapher who learned the power of silence while studying Eastern art? She stopped painting Florida birds and beach scenes, letting images of her childhood ow thro gh her and onto any of the many canvases arranged around her cramped studio. The Hill of Seven Colors in Northern Argentina. The great ombu trees spreading their umbrellalike canopy over the Misiones jungle. Her brother, reclining under those broad leaves and reading a book as colorful toucans roost overhead. Mayol is all these things. Expressionism and control. Light and dark. Silence and the great whooping cheer that rallies life to its sound. Stepping into her studio today, Mayol turns on some jazz, some tango or música folklórica from the rural villages of Argentina—anything to help her out of her rational brain and into something more instinctive and intuitive. She paints without expectation, without demands external or internal. She doesn’t know if it will be her best work, she says, “but I’m allowing myself to do it.” The answer will come with time. “Painting is about questions, not answers,” she says. “Put them on the canvas and people will find di erent answers. SRQ srq magazine_ NOV19 live local | 37


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Left: Prep Kitchen at the Korina model, John Cannon Homes.


“We are seeing more wood flooring used throughout our homes. Many of our clients have opted for a lighter selection of wood finishes, like a light walnut or white oak.”—John Cannon Homes


Connecting with local designers, home builders, and specialists for guidance on what has been on trend. From fits to finishes and what’s hot for design and build, our experts share their inside tips so you can ring in the next decade with renewed homespiration.

FREEDOM OF CUSTOMIZATION | JOHN CANNON HOMES Having designed and built over 1,400 custom residences, John Cannon Homes has set the standard for quality in luxury, custom home building in Sarasota and the surrounding area for over 31 years. Whether a homesite is located within a community, an established neighborhood or on the water, John Cannon Homes works closely with clients to create a home that fits their lifestyle and reflects their dreams. The process begins with the John Cannon Homes Design and Drafting Department working together to design a home that incorporates everything they want while maximizing the efficient use of space and the structural integrity of the home. In their 4,000 SF Design Center, clients select their home’s finishes and products and meet with trade partners prior to the start of construction.As leaders in the Design/Build construction process, John Cannon Homes stays current on the latest trends. Open floor plans continue to endure as a favorable trend and they also see more clients requesting separate prep kitchens, with commercial grade appliances for food preparation or catering. Another emerging trend are separate master bathrooms and expansive closets that cater to either more of a masculine or feminine design. Visitors can view these newest home trends in John Cannon’s Korina model home located in Lake View Estates at The Lake Club in Lakewood Ranch. In addition, The Korina features extraordinary views from the sprawling lanai complete with outdoor kitchen, and stunning pool with linear fire bar and showcases the company’s commitment to high-end, personalized design.John Cannon Homes has been voted the area’s Best Builder for 27 consecutive years and recognized as the best home builder in Sarasota in SRQ Magazines’ annual quest for the best Sarasota has to offer. Learn more at or contact Mark Grigoli at 941 361.1300. S P E CI AL C ON T E N T M AR K E T I N G F EATU R E




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DECORATIVE MODERN HARDWARE | CALIFORNIA CLOSETS “We see a rising in the comb ination of modern and traditional elements.” —California Closets

Offering full end-to-end closet and storage solutions for every room, California Closet’s white glove customer service spans from design and manufacturing to installation. Clients are guided through the California Closets experience by knowledgeable Design Consultants, who apply their industry expertise to help understand the individual needs of each project. Design Consultants collaborate closely with clients to offer a custom solution that embodies their individual style and also matches their existing décor to ensure a cohesive feel throughout the home. The design experts at California Closets have shared that the aesthetic of mixing traditional wood finishes with new decorative modern hardware in gold, graphite, or other metal accents is on trend right now. The company’s new line of solid matte finishes for doors and drawers can be paired seamlessly with standard traditional hardware in aluminum or chrome, as well as with any of these bolder, trendy metals. California Closets Design Consultants have also forecasted that combining modern and traditional elements will continue into 2020. In anticipation of this, California Closets has all the materials needed to incorporate this trending style in your home. Their showroom on 1st Street hosts a multitude of samples and built out storage solutions to spark inspiration. With renowned customer service and a streamlined design process, California Closets is ready to design the bespoke storage solution you’ll need to get organized this fall. © 2019 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved.



MOTORIZATON | BUDGET BLINDS Centrally located and convenient to both Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Budget Blinds provides custom window treatments in the forms of shutters, blinds, shades, drapes, valances, and cornices while also carrying bedding and pillows. Clients can visit the Budget Blinds brick and mortar showroom on University Parkway or take advantage of a unique offering—an in-home consultation and visit from Budget Blind’s mobile showroom. The mobile showroom is powered by a Budget Blinds designer and comes directly to your front door. A true showroom-on-the-go, the space is stocked with samples from Budget Blind’s extensive inventory so a client can match fabric, color, shutter, shade, or blinds to their existing wall colors or trim. The Budget Blinds designer also takes a professional measurement on site which allows them to share a quote during the consultation. This easy, convenient way to shop is a testament to the wide reach of Budget Blinds, along with their industry expertise and special offerings. Budget Blinds Lakewood Ranch is a part of a network of over 1,200 stores and is proud to be connected to the largest custom window covering company in the country. Their extensive inventory of motorized window treatments and exclusive relationship with Lutron, a highly rated leader in this technology, allows for Budget Blinds to offer premiere, state-of-the-art products. Budget Blinds also carries an exclusive soft treatment line named Inspired Drapes. Through this partnership, the dedicated Budget Blinds team is able to tap into Inspired Drapes’ rich history of industry-based knowledge as well as their extensive supply and network of unique fabrics, trims, and hardware. S P E CI AL C ON T E N T M AR K E T I N G F EATU R E



MIXED METALS | RILEY INTERIOR DESIGN As a full-service interior design firm, Riley Interior Design is known for high-end, distinctive interiors. The award-winning, nationally recognized firm is located in the Southside Village of Sarasota and the Riley Interiors team works closely with clients to create spaces that fit their lifestyles. Riley Interior Design shared that clients are looking for spaces with clean lines that have a feeling of warmth. Homeowners are also interested in invitation-driven-design so their residences can transition from a comfortable, organized living space to an environment where hosting friends and family can feel effortless. Sarasota’s subtropical environment has helped the Coastal Contemporary style stay on trend in the region but Riley Interior Design has also seen an emergence of clients looking for a Modern Farmhouse style. Warm wood tones juxtaposed with white Shiplap walls are ways that this trending style translates into interior spaces, along with mixing metals. Whether contrasting metal appears within a home’s plumbing fixtures, the cabinetry hardware, on light fixtures or as design elements on furniture, Riley Interior Design shares that mixing metals makes a space more visually interesting. Ultimately, what’s important to Riley Interior Design is collaborating with their clients to design a space that they’ll be happy to call home. Firm Principal Carrie Riley explains, “We are helping to create YOUR space, your home and the way in which you want to live amongst your family and friends.”



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“We are a woman- owned b usiness committed to the finest roducts and q uality installations. We tr l are assionate ab out every k itchen or b athroom we hel ring to li e.” —Planet Stone

WATERFALL EDGES | PLANET STONE & MARBLE The Planet Stone Marble & Granite team (also known as the Stone Squad) believes that visually stunning countertops can truly steal the show in a home. Operating under the tagline ‘A World Where Your Vision Becomes Reality,’ the ‘Stone Squad’ works one-on-one with clients to ensure that their vision comes to life. A successful countertop installation requires precision and the Planet Stone Marble & Granite team stands behind their dedication to craftsmanship in order to create memorable moments. Other than a wide variety of granite, quartz, and marble countertops and backsplashes, Planet Stone Marble & Granite also carries a large inventory of samples, sinks, and fixtures. Their expansive indoor/outdoor showroom spans an entire city block and features slabs for large-scale installations as well as remnant pieces for smaller projects. This large selection helps an inspired client to visualize how these high-quality stones may be incorporated into their homes. After clients work closely with design experts to find the stone or slab that fits their vision and budget, they begin to ‘Plan it at Planet.’ During this phase of the process, clients are consulted about the installation details and select configurations and edging details. Clients are also educated on how best to care for their new material to ensure longevity. Planet Stone Marble & Granite fabricates all projects in-house so they can meticulously review each detail prior to the cut, seal, delivery, and installation of their custom countertops. A women-owned business, Planet Stone Marble & Granite is committed to the finest products and the highest quality of installations. After each countertop is installed, the team will conduct a post-project on-site walkthrough to examine the work, and ensure that clients are satisfied. Neutral countertops like white and grey marble and quartz have been a color combination trend for the past several years but the ‘Stone Squad’ team has recently started to see more neutrals in the other direction, like golds, browns, and tans being incorporated into designs. Mitered edges and waterfall edges are also hot right now, and the ‘Stone Squad’ expects these styles to stay on trend well into 2020.





An interest in living a lifestyle guided by minimalism has been reignited due to popular tidying expert-turned pop culture icon Marie Kondo’s approach to functionality. Luckily, lovers of all things modern can find no shortage of items that ‘spark joy’ at Copenhagen Imports. Celebrating 36 years in business, family-owned and operated Copenhagen Imports’ collection of furniture and decorative pieces boast innovative, environmentally-sensitive design and exceptional quality. The styles at their boutique showroom represent a mix of modern, contemporary, transitional and urban aesthetics. Whether you’re in the market for a statement piece or a sectional sofa that is durable enough to hold up to daily use while still embodying striking design, furnishings at Copenhagen are often handcrafted to ensure longevity. Beyond furniture, Copenhagen Imports also carries a broad selection of lighting, artwork, and custom rugs. The showroom includes classic designs like Louis Poulsen’s PH pendant lamp series while also featuring popular contemporary brands. Visitors to Copenhagen Imports are welcomed by a staff of Allied ASID designers, who offer their expertise to assist with navigating the showroom’s curated collection. Visitors also might have the pleasure of being greeted by Polaris, the boutique’s mascot dog who was adopted by the Hansen family from Southeastern Guide Dogs in 2017, lending a sense of levity to the stylish, upscale showroom as well as a feeling of home.





“Minimalism has definitel had a res rgen e and the intention o tho ght ll reating an en ironment or long term gratifi ation and leas re.” —Copenhagen Imports

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“O ne of our core values is living out what we lik e to refer to as unq uestionab le integrity.” —Yoder Homes

COASTAL CONTEMPORARY | YODER HOMES Guided by their company core value of “unquestionable integrity,” Yoder Homes specializes in custom-built homes, remodeling projects, room additions, and historical renovations. Over the past decade Yoder Homes has built a reputation as a reliable source for homeowners looking to incorporate unique interior features into their homes. Many of these projects involve high-end finishing that requires a superior level of expertise and proficiency. Yoder Homes has shared that Suncoast homeowners enjoy living in spaces with clean, modern lines. To implement this trend, Yoder Homes has recently completed a large scale, remodeling project where trey ceilings and soffits were removed to create a flat, one-level ceiling. The complexity of the project was furthered by the task of leveling the room’s floors to remove step-downs in an effort to maximize water views. Yoder Homes understands that these complex renovations, which are often fashioned in a Coastal Contemporary style, require expert planning, design, and craftmanship. The Yoder Homes team can work directly with clients from start to finish or can collaborate with a client and their architect to manage the construction side of a project. In addition to home building and renovations, Yoder Homes also offers custom cabinetry, storage solutions, hardware installation, flooring and window coverings. To assist with the design process, Yoder Homes maintains a state-of-the-art showroom to display their wide range of high-quality cabinetry and resources. Whether a client is seeking a new home or looking to renovate an existing one, Yoder Homes is dedicated to incorporating practices that support long term sustainability to projects- so integrity and craftmanship can be enjoyed well into the future.



LOCAL MANUFACTURING | MAIN STREET KITCHEN & BATH As a full-service design and manufacturing company, Main Street Kitchen & Bath provides clients with a customized experience. A locally-owned business, Main Street Kitchen & Bath facilitates the design and installation of bespoke cabinetry for any room in virtually any style. Clients can select from high-quality American made and European cabinetry in styles that range from traditional to contemporary, abstract and coastal. What sets the business apart is that Main Street Kitchen & Bath manufacturers many of their signature products in Sarasota, offering clients the unique experience of watching the materials for their custom cabinetry cut before their own eyes. Having oversight in the fabrication process also helps expedite change orders as updates can communicated quickly to Main Street Kitchen’s manufacturing facility on 10thStreet. Further downtown, Main Street Kitchen & Bath’s state-of-the-art showroom features cabinetry and tile in a variety of fits and finishes. The showroom also offers a wide selection of imported European materials – glass doors, Italian veneers, colorful patterned tiles and floor coverings. As cabinetry doors made of glass have become a popular trend over the past year, Main Street Kitchen and Bath has expanded their inventory of glass that can be paired with any of their signature wood, bamboo or concrete materials. As product experts showcasing the latest trends, colors, textures and designs, Main Street Kitchen & Bath’s passion for high-end cabinetry is demonstrated through their personalized, customer-focused services as well as their highly detailed installation techniques. S P E CI AL C ON T E N T M AR K E T I N G F EATU R E



HUNTER DOUGLAS | M&M WALLCOVERINGS AND BLINDS M&M Wallcoverings and Blinds has been a leader in the sale of high-quality Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters for three decades. M&M’s 3,000 square foot gallery showcases operable Hunter Douglas window treatments as well as the company’s large display of wallcoverings, custom draperies, valances, upholstery, bedding and pillows. Clients are able to test and operate M&M Wallcoverings and Blinds’ exciting displays of motorized window treatments. Both on trend and now available at a more accessible price point, motorization capabilities have been integrated into the popular Solar Shade style as well as Silhouette, Pirouette, and Duette styles. M&M has also shared that wallcoverings are increasing in popularity. From Grass Weaves to bold, geometric patterns, clients are opting to create focal walls that tie the colors and decorative elements in their rooms together. Also trending for 2020-- tailored draperies and stationary side panels that frame windows by adding texture, pattern, and color. The possibilities are wide ranging so M&M offers their expert decorating services, product knowledge, and passion for their trade in the form of in-home consultations, which are always free of charge. A family-owned and operated business, M&M Wallcoverings is proud to have been named a premier Hunter Douglas gallery. This allows for M&M to provide the very highest quality at very competitive pricing.



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10/15/19 12:49 PM


10/15/19 12:49 PM


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ABOVE: GONE TO BOWL FOODS MARKET Three matching mango wood outer and white enamel inner bowls, $16–$68, Mercantile Home, 1463 Main St., Sarasota, @mercantilesarasota. Dogale by Greggio “Aurea” silver-plated Italian bowls in rose and blue, $95 each, Malbi Italian Artisan Decor, 127 South Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, @malbidecor. Sterling silver ower im rinted set, , Summer om any, orth range ve , Sarasota, summerand om any or elain a ua owls with la trim, large range o sizes rom , Summer om any RIGHT: THE BOWL KIT AND CABOODLE Top shelf and thrown and ainted “ uzzle ie e” erami y lo al artist ynnie Siegal, , The rt ul iraffe, ruitville Rd , Sarasota, theart ulgiraffe lown glass “ oral” owl y lo al artist arol a donald, , The rt ul iraffe andala and ol a dot ainted owls, ea h, Summer om any, orth range ve , Sarasota, summerand om any Middle shelf loomingville white uted stonewear, , lu ome, South s rey ve , Sarasota, luhomesarasota reative o o gray and white stri e stonewear, , lu ome at hing glazed lue and green s ale detail owls, ea h, Summer om any Bottom shelf Set o our olored tin owls, , er antile ome, ain St , Sarasota, mer antilesarasota Three mini tahya hand ra ted artisan Tur ish owls, ea h, aravan Treasures rom Tur ey, orth alm ve , Sarasota, aravantreasures har oal “asteroid” glass owl y lo al artist Shannon o hstetler, , The rt ul iraffe 50 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local

CARGO_SRQNOV19.indd 50


10/15/19 8:21 PM

THE BOWL SHEBANG Choose to be bold. Brittany Mattie

CARGO_SRQNOV19.indd 51

10/15/19 8:21 PM


I MEAN THAT BOWL-HEARTEDLY Hand-thrown and pastel painted clay bowl with starfish imprint by local artist Anja Palumbo of Sarasota Green Pottery, $81, The Artful Giraffe, 1861 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, @theartfulgiraffe. One-of-a-kind imported Kütahya hand-crafted Turkish bowls, $12–$90, Karavan Treasures from Turkey, 1262 North Palm Ave., Sarasota, @karavantreasures. Mint & Char Nesting opalescent bowl, $114, Blu Home, 1830 South Osprey Ave. #101, Sarasota, @bluhomesarasota.

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DESIGNED FOR THE ATHLETE Oak & Stone Clothing Co.’s modern menswear collection is the real MVP. Brittany Mattie

This page: Founder Ricardo Aviles personally packaged all O&S purchases with a personal motivational message inside each box.


st li e that. nder r o r a es that sa s icardo viles fo nder of a tone lothing o. st wanted nor al ever da clothing. fter so an ns ccessf l fittingroo changes viles tired of not eing a le to fit properl in an alit tees or ttondown shirts. Too long. Too tight. Too agg or o . ot eno gh give. hanneling his inner oldiloc s to find the st right fit it was ti e to anage his own te p for his porridge a ped to solve a largel ntal ed a o t need for en with road sho lders and tapered waistlines. odern enswear is not ade for athletic ilds he ad its. 54 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local

CARGO_SRQNOV19.indd 54

o set o t to ild a rand that solved that pro le . viles too hi self o the ench and p t hi self into the te tile ga e spending the following si onths st co ing p with the rand concept. learned as ch as co ld cra into rain a o t the fashion ind str he sa s repla ing the loop of o T e t torials he watched on how to create tech pac s researching how to set p s ppl chains and traveling internationall to so rce fa rics. et the iggest h rdle proved to e the tireless search for the right an fact rer to partner with. was in ew or at a trade show event loo ing for a an fact rer and after da s and da s of eetings and interviews fo nd

one that was perfect for what we were tr ing to acco plish for he sa s. The ne t ear of life was dedicated to colla orating with the an fact rer on e actl what we wanted. t was a long r tal and etic lo s process t it was i perative that we got the prod ct fit st right. a tone proved itself revelator for en with -shaped odies. The a ple stretch and reatha ilit in the chest and ar area doesn t sacrifice a attering fit in the idsection all while providing pri e co fort and odern st le. The ssential - re tton-down was not onl the ver first shirt designed t re ains the e odi ent of the rand. The wood ttons and stonePHOTOGRAPHY BY WYATT KOSTYGAN

10/15/19 12:07 PM

SRQNOV19_001.indd 55

10/15/19 12:32 PM


This page, left to right: Oronde Vassell, track and field star s tt n co n the err eater eathered an or an lle cal sthen cs athlete ttoned p n he ssent al h te

colored fabric make our name come to life,” says Aviles. The long-sleeve annel feels li e o r favorite ro enin shirt t fits the wa o ve alwa s wanted it to. t s a tr e athletic fit that accent ates the ph si e of the person wearing it. ts ind strial-washed cotton annel fa ric is preshr n and ade to stand the test of ti e while the darts on the ac panel taper in tighter than t pical shirts to reall accent ate those co ntless ho rs of deadlifts and c rl ps. ro the ar oc et Tee to the Terr weater and the lassic rve long-sleeve there is finall an apparel line of ever da pieces that can ta e a an fro a wor eeting to watching the ga e with the o s to date night with their . viles is now at the point where he is not onl ilding pon his collection of ti eless tees and annels t trail la ing a eet of elite athletes. Thro gh ingenio s randing on nstagra and organic word of o th ic l garnered the attention of pro sports pla ers in the and who co ldn t elieve the high- alit fa ric and sartorial c t for their ilds. sed to have to get shirts tailored to fit e li e this shares evante ond line ac er for the Ta pa

a ccaneers. ver da ore agents are reaching o t to viles on ehalf of their clients who want to align with the niche collection and attractive lifest le rand. t never st lindl signs so e od to the rand for the sa e of sing the li e ill oards to dip into their notoriet and in encer following. e learn a o t the ild a relationship with the we send the clothing hear their feed ac and a e s re the re a good fit for the rand e plains viles. ach of the has an incredi le stor and an incredi le reason wh the re with s. has wor ed with all-stars ranging fro ic o pierre a local strength trainer and for er pro s ate oarder ic o pierre to ichard Tho pson l pic gold edalist sprinter and cade coach and ric Ten rin fo nder of private personal training co pan thletes Trainer so ght after pro athletes actors odels and sicians. ore than st creating a s ccessf l clothing rand my goal is to continue creating a community of athletes that inspire each other sa s viles. e have a tea entalit we re fa il . e re all striving for the sa e thing and that is to be the best version of ourselves.” SRQ


Chase Pettey / Adventure Fitness Trainer Morgan Alley / Calisthenics Devante Bond / Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Jalen Davis / Miami Dolphins Cornerback eff ris el in innati Bengals Quarterback Oronde Vassell / Track and Field Erik Ostberg / Tampa Bay Rays Catcher Keishawn Bierria / Denver Broncos Linebacker Leon Taylor / Tampa Bay Rowdies Forward Noah Stone / Bodybuilder Bryant Mitchell / Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver, @oakandstoneclothing

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10/15/19 12:07 PM

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10/15/19 12:33 PM



From his place at the anvil, David Cohen carries on the family tradition and expands its prospects. Phil Lederer

IN THE EARLY 1900s, when David

Cohen’s forebears emigrated from Russia, they landed in Philadelphia and made their mark as best they could—founding an ironworks that would manufacture gates and rails for a great American city in the middle of a booming expansion. And when Cohen’s grandfather—and namesake—moved to the Gulf Gate area of Sarasota in the 1970s, he followed in their foundry footsteps, establishing Forms In Sculpture, a metalworks specializing in sculpture and restoration. Today, in the building his grandfather built, Cohen mans the anvil as a third-generation artist of the alloy, restoring antique hardware for a client list that spans the nation, and includes local treasures like

58 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local

CARGO_SRQNOV19.indd 58

The Ringling. And with his own o shoot co pan perior piral tairs ailings and ates o tfitting architecture all across town—and doubling in size this year with a new fa rication shop o ere ven e SRQ stopped in to meet the man behind the metal. What metals do you work with the most? Cohen: With Forms In Sculpture, I work primarily with silver, copper, brass and pewter. With Superior Spiral Stairs, we primarily fabricate stairs, railings, gates and other items out of aluminum.

If these different metals had personalities, how would you describe them? Silver reminds me of history and culture. Copper is ever changing. Brass is classic. Aluminum is lightweight and durable.

What is the most difficult sculptural project you’ve worked on? Good friends asked me to make a copper urn for their son, who had passed at an early age e loved tro i al fish, which is a passion of mine as well. The challenge for me was to make a scene of a lown fish that was oth realisti ut made you smile and remember him. It was an emotional creation and I wanted it perfect for them. What do you find most rewarding about the work? Metal is a media that is more complex and beautiful than one would think. Copper, for instance, over time gets a beautiful patina to it. When working with copper sculptures, I have the ability to not only create a one-of-akind piece but can use heat with a torch to ring out different olors, su h as red, blue, green and orange. Growing up within an artistic family, my passion for creating has become a reality. I’m able PHOTOGRAPHY BY EVAN SIGMUND

10/15/19 12:06 PM

This spread: David Cohen restoring metal in his new fabrication shop for Superior Spiral Stairs, Railings and Gates.

to express myself because each piece, whether a sculpture, railing or stair, is one o a ind and allows my reativity to ow through it rom start to finish Why do spiral staircases never seem to go out of style? The helical sha e o a s iral stair is eauti ul an ma e them more modern with different railing shapes, but also bring them back in time with ornamental s rollwor They are truly timeless Metalworking is a family business going back generations. What has changed and what has stayed the same? t orms n S ul ture, the techniques and tools remain the same e are wor ing on histori al items, so the tools they used to make the items are used to re air them e still use machines from the early 1950s to polish metalwork and even older tools like anvils or urnishing metal and re airs Su erior S iral Stairs involves the welding and a ri ation o aluminum The newer technology of the inverter welders makes this more rofi ient and ost effe tive Plasma and water jet cutters cut aluminum lean and ast What is the first metalwor ing project you ever made? My dad started me out on making wall-hanging nail sculptures out of horseshoe nails and a small fisherman that would ounteralan e with a large fish at the end o the line was young, ro a ly or so, with a torch in my hand! They were fun to ma e and sold them in the sho to ma e a ew e tra u s Where do you find your artistic inspiration? My father and grandfather were great metal s ul tors see their work on a daily basis around my home, the sho and around town t s a onstant reminder o the talent am a a le o and this eeds my ins iration What lesson from your father or grandfather do you still follow to this day? Suit u and show u every day ratitude Ta e time out o the day or avid SRQ

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10/15/19 12:06 PM

THE LOOK MODERN SOUL “We are loving the animal print trend this season. This snake print skirt features a silky fabric in a midi length. Perfect to dress up or down. Necklines are rising, and the mock neck is the perfect elegant look to add to your wardrobe. We love the soft sweater knit fabric on th s top and the cropped fit loo s reat with high waisted skirts or jeans.”


Boutique Owner

pr cot ane o t e o ers ean e s ne est collection of Faux Fur Leopard winter accessories. hoose ro an arra o so t ar st l sh head raps scarfs and mittens in color tones of grey, latte, beige and rose. Bundling together creates the perfect, cozy, trendy gift for the “she” on your list, or simply indulge yourself!”

Ginger Boutique Owner


10/15/19 2:13 PM



OH MY GAUZE h a e st les are spec ficall designed and manufactured with 100% cotton. Our clothing is completely washable, will not shrink, and best of all, no ironing necessary. Oh My Gauze is breathable and nearly maintenance free; perfect for traveling or cool, comfortable relaxation.”


Boutique Owner


464 JOHN RINGLING BLVD SARASOTA | 941-960-1435 CENTER LEFT C.C Exclusives Leopard Faux Fur Headwrap $12. C.C Exclusives Leopard Faux Fur Scarf $18. C.C Exclusives Leopard Faux Fur Mitten Glove $18. sarasota


59 SOUTH BLVD. OF THE PRESIDENTS SARASOTA | 941-650-6808 FAR LEFT Lucy Paris Snake Print Midi Skirt, $78. Lucy Paris Vanessa Mock Neck Knit, $68. Make a statement with your accessories. These Kya Earrings feature a metal frame with threaded straw woven throughout. They are 3” long and bring a great natural statement to any outfit adyn harlie ya arrings, store/sarasota/


374 ST ARMANDS CIRCLE SARASOTA | 941-388-1964 LEFT Oh My Gauze’s Hand Pained One of a Kind Top , $149. Fall fringe scarf in Straw, $29.95.Dallas button pants in Fig, $65.95.


10/15/19 2:14 PM

Four local takes on the Thanksgiving feast, from localvore vegan to shellfishly seafood and international imprints to gluten-free fare.


FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 62

10/15/19 12:57 PM

6 Everything Vegan and Whole Food Plant-Based. Veggie Millet “Stuffing,” Honey-Glazed Turkey Breast Roulade and Pecan-Encrusted Bu‰ernut Squash Cakes

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 63

10/15/19 12:55 PM

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 64

10/15/19 3:31 PM


There’s always going to be that tried and true classic song you can’t get enough of, but after so many repeats listening to the same ol’ tune, a craving for something more newfangled and fresh calls for a remix. Instead of relying on a nightclub DJ or record prod cer to n that trac ta e a load o this holiday season and enlist the innovative expertise of local chefs and caterers who are cultivating modern takes on the annual feast of gluttony. This Thanksgiving, forego the wishbone, and instead, tweak the traditional with four alternative themes that don’t involve de tt n a t r e or fi n a o t the “homemade” mashed potatoes from a box. Time to press play and mix things up. Main Entree Honey-Glazed Turkey Breast Roulade st ed with with rown rice craisins golden raisins cara eli ed onions and fresh her s served with a grav ade ec tive hef l son ild ian and owner of ild ian atering ild iancatering. co ild ian catering - . Side Dishes Chargrilled Autumn Peaches pit center filled with whipped goat cheese dri led with wild ower hone and lavender ade ec tive hef ernando r of orton s o ret ar et ortons ar ortonsgo r et ar et - . Pecan-Encrusted Butternut Squash Cakes and e ie illet t n ade ild ian atering.

This spread, clockwise:

Honey-glazed turkey breast roulade, flourless chocolate almond torte and chargrilled autumn peaches.

Desserts Flourless Chocolate Almond Torte a ed with a f dg center of cocoa powder and ade fro al ond o r and gro nd al onds garnished with rasp err p ree dri le and whole fig ade ild ian atering.

Credits: Table decor, place seings and dinnerware for this

feature sourced from The Copper Acorn, 2660 57th St., Sarasota,, @the_copper_acorn

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FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 65

10/15/19 3:33 PM

8 International Imprints. The United Nations of Global Cuisine. Sweet Potato “Mashies,” Turkey Vaca Frita, Szechuan Green Bean Casserole, Handmade Potato and Caramelized Onion Dumplings, Thai Vegetable Consommé and Roasted Kobocha Squash Wedges. Main Entree Turkey Vaca Frita, a Cuban-inspired dish of sa ron-inf sed shredded turkey, red and gold peppers, onions, cumin, yellow rice, black beans and asparagus, made by Executive Chef Larry Barrett and owner of Simply Gourmet Sarasota,, @simplygourmetsrq, 941-929-0066. Side Dishes Sweet Potato “Mashies,” homemade mini meat loafs, topped with a sweet potato puree, cranberries and rosemary, inspired by German/ Northern European, made by Morton’s Gourmet Market. Szechuan Green Bean Casserole with fried shallots, mushrooms and crushed peanuts in a red curry coconut sauce and Thai Vegetable Consommé so p a s n-dried roth filled with handmade potato and caramelized onion dumplings and vegetable “confetti,” inspired by Southeast Asian cooking, made by Simply Gourmet Sarasota. Desserts Roasted Kabocha Squash Wedges (considered the Japanese pumpkin) blistered in mustard and adorned with pomegranate arils, made by Simply Gourmet Sarasota.

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 66

10/15/19 3:38 PM

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 67

10/15/19 3:38 PM

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 68

10/15/19 3:46 PM

6 Shellfishly Seafood. Crustacean Centric with a Fresh Catch. Maple Scallop Brusche‰a and Sauteé Croccoli, Salt-Encrusted Black Grouper, Acorn Squash Halves and Cauliflower Mash “Soufflé.”

Main Entree SaltEncrusted Black Grouper, a whole grouper baked in a buttery meringue coating, served with paprika-dusted lemon halves, made by Executive Chef Greg Campbell and owner of Pier 22 Restaurant, Patio & Catering,, @pier22dining, 941-748-8087. Side Dishes Roasted Acorn Squash Halves filled with a scallop risotto, garnished with Parmesan and sage, made by Executive Chef Fernando Cruz of Morton’s Gourmet Market. Maple Scallop Bruschetta, with diver sea scallops and sauteed broccoli with chopped bacon and jumbo lump blue crabmeat, by Pier 22. Desserts Ca li o e a o baked with Gulf shrimp and served with warm pita chips, made by Pier 22.

This page, right:

Raw spiced pumpkin bars, thyme and carrot loaf with roasted maple root vegetables and vegetable tian.

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 69

10/15/19 3:48 PM

6 Localvore Veganation. Everything Vegan and Whole Food Plant-Based. Thyme and Carrot Loaf with Roasted Maple Root Vegetables and Apple Pie Swirls. Main Entree Thyme and Carrot Loaf bound together with p p in and s n ower seed ground, served with a side of savory gravy, using a blend of soy milk and spices, made by Valarie Wadsworth-Delieto of Val’s Vegan Cafe, @valskitchencafe. Side Dishes Roasted Maple Root Vegetable Medly comprised of red and gold beets, brussels sprouts, radishes, rutabaga, parsnips, turnips, maple syrup and garden rosemary, Val’s Vegan Cafe. Vegetable Tian baked au gratin with onion, garlic, yellow squash, zucchini, potato, eggplant and tomato, using vegan butter, vegetable broth, o r and seasoning ade Dwight Spence and Tzirel Bleier, co-owners of Fork My Life Vegan Cafe & Bakery,, @forkmylifellc, 941-923-3511. Date & Fig Cranberry Compote, Val’s Vegan Cafe. Desserts Raw Spiced Pumpkin Bars with a ginger and almond crust, topped with aqua faba (chickpea juice) whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon, Val’s Vegan Cafe. Apple Pie Swirls baked from pie crust, apples, cinnamon sugar and vegan icing, Fork My Life.

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 70

10/15/19 3:54 PM



FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 71

In an unforgiving climate and through years of struggle, Nicole Cardone and Deborah Gorman stave off extinction to usher in a new era of frozen desserts with SorBabes Gourmet Sorbet.

10/15/19 4:08 PM


before the days of refrigeration. Alexander the Great did the same on his campaigns, and his fellow Greeks took the enterprise even further, adding lemon and pomegranate juices to create perhaps the world s first sor et. t was thrilling, it was delicious and, like the lethargic shark of the dessert kingdom, it didn’t evolve for another 2,000 years. n the intervening illennia atherine de edici and the talian enaissance ro ght the advent of ice crea and gelato one sland introd ced fro en c stard to the s nscorched asses fro en og rt eca e a thing and Ben & Jerry’s convinced everyone that it was a good idea to dump their breakfast cereal in their ice cream bowls. “But sorbet has alwa s re ained one-di ensional la ents icole ardone who along with professional chef Deborah Gorman, founded SorBabes in 2013 to breathe some life into this forgotten stepchild of the fro en dessert fa il with nheard-of avor co inations and a ga e-changing evol tion. This year, the sorbet startup made its way into 6,000 stores across the country— including a major deal to hit shelves in all li groceries t efore finding success, what began as a simple exercise in fro en avor innovation wo ld ring oth ardone and her siness partner to the edge of endurance, with only each other to rely on. STARTING A FIRE or ardone the stor egins in ew or it in with the reat ecession. finance professional along with her h s and cascading crashes and bursting bubbles took their toll, both mentally and economically, and a profession that once see ed defined by potential and possibility now reeked of negativity, failure and uncertainty. By 2010, ew or was a lood ath and ardone was loo ing for an escape. can t e in this world where everything is crashing and rning aro nd e she told herself. he needed to create something new, to build something solid from the ground up—a tangible investment that she could call hers. No slouch in the kitchen and armed with a ig sweet tooth she egan a ing sor et. h not t s not li e an one else was doing anything with it.

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 72

t started as a personal pro ect in with ardone ha ling ags st ed with fr it p ights of stairs to her idtown Manhattan apartment, where she would handpick cherries for hours on end to make ho e ade sor ets. t was easier than she thought. She bought a professional sorbet machine, and discovered that, with the proper attitude, one could make sorbet out of st a o t an thing. o co ld a e sor et o t of sirloin she sa s t still no one seemed to be taking advantage. Some quick and dirty market research at local grocery stores onl confir ed ardone s s spicions. ver rand ade the sa e avors and the sa e thing she sa s and while the standard le on ango and rasp err avors a be good enough for some, she imagined so ething a it livelier than st glorified fro en fr it ice for her sor et. t she needed help. nter e orah or an. Dividing her time between Los Angeles, where she worked as a pastry chef, and the a ptons where she served as a live-in chef for a family known for throwing lavish dinner parties, Gorman had both the work ethic and creative c linar instinct that ardone with her siness ac en and financial savv needed. ardone s other-in-law estate manager for the same Hamptons fa il introd ced the two. eas in a pod sa s or an. e clic ed right awa . ith complementary skill sets, the pair set to work and quickly saw results. “The two of us could acco plish an thing or an re e ers thinking. “We pushed each other in really positive ways, and we took it to a whole other level together. First came a simple raspberry sorbet with a SorBabes twist—injecting huge chunks of chocolate and swirls of crushed raspberry jam into the concoction to create a “textural e perience for the c sto er t it wasn t long efore or an s chef-l instincts too over and the avors got cra ier and cra ier. nter an a t n sor et ade with freshpressed cider hand-poached pears and candied ginger, or a refreshing brunch sorbet of cucumber, white wine and mint. But the real revelation came when the team decided to just go nuts and throw some pistachios in the works. e di erence etween sor et and ice cream is the base—water for sorbet, and some sort of milk for ice cream. But while milk brings a whole lot of creamy texture

10/15/19 3:55 PM


to the mix, it doesn’t do anybody a whole lot of favors avor-wise serving ore to as whatever other ingredients or an a e wor ing with. ven dair alternatives ta e awa fro the rightness of the avor sa s Cardone, and become dominant tastes to co at or co ple ent with ever creation. SorBabes found the best of both worlds by accident creating a pistachio sor et and arveling at the sweet and crea res lts. Hazelnuts followed, as well as almonds and peanut butter (actual peanuts proved troublesome), and SorBabes found itself holding a new plant- ased vegan nondair -free corn-s r p-free sor et that felt li e ice crea t tasted li e a avor o . The year was 2012, and Cardone and or an new the were on to so ething. The decided to o ciall start a siness o r et or et. t for the or a es wo ld e the hardest ear of their life incl ding one e ora le o ent that saw a ver pregnant ardone tr ing to carr a -po nd cooler down ights of stairs while an in red or an helped as est she co ld. don t now if co ld ever do that again ardone sa s and or an agrees t was insane. A COLD WORLD till feeling the e ects of the recession ardone left ew or it for near ag ar or where she sta ed in her father-in-law s dining roo with her new orn a one- ear-old and a dog. hile her h s and sta ed in the cit for wor ardone and or an dove headfirst into the siness a ing sor et all wee and spending the wee end driving aro nd the state fro far ers ar et to far ers ar et specialt shop to specialt shop fro roo l n to ridgeha pton. ac ing the sor et in little ason ars tied with string around the lid, they sold out every time and gained a rep tation for o -the-wall creations that co ldn t e fo nd an where else. t was a r nawa hit sa s ardone. The pair was even written up in Time Out New York. t was li e a drea sa s or an. ol e soon e ceeded ho e- itchen capacit and the pair fo nd space in a copac ing facilit in roo l n the two wo en l gging vats of fro en n t tters and fr its across town in the wee ho rs of the orning sing the achines when igger clients were sleeping. or an re e ers wor ing all thro gh the night pac aging sor et d ring

the wee to sell at the ar ets that wee end. t was a cra s er or an sa s t it was ite a thrill. The en that wor ed at the facilit egan to recogni e the odd all clients. The started calling the or a es. The na e st c and ever thing was loo ing p t then the set ac s ca e. ver step of the wa there have een so an challenges sa s ardone and the first ca e as a it of a s rprise hitting at the heart of the concept those cra avors that the pair had eco e nown for. Those avors are great at the far ers ar ets sa s or an t when we p t it on the shelves it didn t sell at all. ar ers- ar et reg lars who often arrive loo ing for so ething to s rprise their palate a love finding sor et with dar cherr and alsa ic vinegar t fol s loo ing thro gh their options at a s per ar et shop ch ore conservativel . ardone and or an headed ac to the drawing oard. The co ldn t cede their creative identity, but needed to meet their desired c sto er ase halfwa . ive the so ething the re co forta le with sa s or an then ta e the for a little it of a twist. ro this reinvention ca e the avor profiles that the co pan still prod ces toda li e the crea ocoa a e with its ch n s of chocolate and al ond and the tart a n err a rasp err sor et spi ed with chocolate and cr shed wild err . t solving that pro le onl ro ght another constantl o tgrowing their facilities and having to find new co-pac ers who co ld handle de and each re iring the deliver of instr ctions and ingredients and so e farther awa than others. Then ca e free er iss es with so e stores stoc ing their sorbet in cheap freezers with poor insulation, eaning the prod ct free es and nfree es on the shelf slowl t rning into an n alanced and free er- rned iller of word-of- o th s pport. n the egan ca paigning to get into li with no response and in that sa e ear har Tan re ected the siness. ardone re e ers cr ing herself to sleep at night. To a e atters worse or an was no longer there to cr on having oved to os ngeles. hortl after in ardone oved to arasota. ife had a wa of oving on as the pair fo ght to eep their sor et drea s fro elting the d o geographicall straddling the ar et the had hoped to one da do inate.

But despite any distance, the pair remained dedicated to or a es and to each other. n lean ears the were strong for each other. hen one despaired the other rallied. e wo ld power each other thro gh sa s ardone. t s o r partnership that has ade this s ccessf l. hone call pep rallies staved o e ha stion. t was a atter of s rvival or an recalls. The ept their heads down or an foc sed on an fact ring and distri tion and ardone ept the siness a oat with loans and lines of credit. lowl or a es egan to find footholds across the co ntr ilding to its c rrent position sold in ore than stores and poised to ta e the ar et stor . THE ICE AGE ARRIVES Toda ardone has little tro le calling or a es a s ccess tho gh the novelt certainl hasn t worn o . inall ling to the s rface in late the c rrent or a es line p of seven accessi le et ir avor co os li e ean t tta va af l ond a n e on and assionilla tested in three representative ar ets last ear hicago orthern alifornia and ortland eco ing the n er-one-selling dair -free rand in g st in one. That ade all the other retailers per p sa s ardone and soon the calls ca e in. hole oods pic ed p the or a es line e cl ding the a n err d e to oth a stic pac aging ista e the an fact rer and a rather strict one-stri e r le fro the distri tor and li finall called ac after fo r ears of ca paigning wanting to sell the artisan sor et in all stores. did happ dance for a o t a onth sa s ardone. ven har Tan called ac . This ti e the or a es re ected the . ow loo ing to the f t re ardone and or an har or ig plans for with new avors and new ar ets to con er. national la nch is in the wor s which co ld triple distribution for a business that’s already growing at an average of percent per ear. The c rrent co-pac ing facilit in owa meets all their current needs, so that part of the business seems to have found its forever ho e tho gh or a es is now head artered in arasota. either ardone nor or an had an idea how di c lt it wo ld e to a e it this far, but perhaps that was for the best, says ardone t ade e ta e ris s never wo ld have ta en if d nown etter. SRQ

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10/15/19 4:08 PM


Château 13 and Daily Dose add to Downtown Bradenton’s burgeoning food scene.


FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 74

10/15/19 4:24 PM


a e arrassed to ad t that n ers t ar a defines the northern order o no n n erse radenton s so e ncharted c l at on et een and the l o e co t stands to reason there d scern n ood es a on th s ster o s nd eno s pop lat on ho lo e to eat and dr n t sadl the t has re a ned a stran er to e s nce o n to arasota n o dec ded t as h h t e set o e plorator ss on to rect th s lapse n eo raph cal and c lt ral p r e a o rda n nsp red al that e an on oo le aps and ended th a tr p nto o nto n radenton to scope o t t o reshl esta l sh ents that are ele at n and e pand n the re on s appeal MY FIRST INTERACTION TAKES PLACE around 4:30 pm

at The Daily Dose Juice Garden, owned and operated by Brianna Dine, who, through some magical combination of real-world intelligence, quiet self-assuredness and perhaps a bit of youthful optimism, opened her operation at 17 years of age. Dine has a passion for healthy eating, and after graduating from high school, she pursued her passion by setting up shop in her aunt’s law fir of all places. he had an e tra o ce across fro the rea roo sa s ine so too over that space and started juicing for her employees.” They loved it of co rse and ine wo ld go on to add salads to her repertoire, subsequently grabbing the attention of an angel investor with an e e for pro ising siness talent. ith help fro the investor and an additional grant fro the it of radenton s siness incentives program, Dine was able to set up a proper shop on 13th treet in the heart of owntown. er spartan rightl lit ice ar o ers cold-pressed ices s oothies and salads. ver thing is organic and vegan and nli e an health-oriented eateries who se argon li e organic and vegan to hold wallets hostage ine has ept her prices shoc ingl low. feel g ilt when order the -o nce sland ra s oothie hand her a ill and get in change. The s oothie is filled all the wa to the top and co prised entirel of spinach, mango, pineapple, banana, ginger and coconut il . don t thin eing health sho ld e e pensive says Dine. The smoothie is refreshing to both the eye and the stomach, with a lustrous leafy hue to match the sweet, earth tang and slightl crea avor profile. My guilt festers, prompting me to order a juice ight. The ights incl de fo r -o nce po rs of an juice blends on the menu. The Fuego blend beckons. t is ine s latest f sion of apple le on t r eric and ginger. s a ice i ologist with an interest in holistic healing, Dine created the concoction in response to a c sto er whose wife was e periencing hor one ct ations that ade her inter ittentl isera le and fier in disposition. e called e at li e p. . one night as ing for so ething to help she sa s. videntl t r eric is elieved to aid in reg lating hor onal

or e st e st r endl t on an a o t nted

imbalances, but as a healthy young man whose only significant a iction is aldness a ore interested in the ginger s spiciness and the t r eric s livercleansing properties. adl ine has recentl sold o t of the alread pop lar lend how fier was that lad s disposition . o ight in order fro ost to least sweet, includes Green Glow (apple, kale, pineapple, le on ginger ivine nshine carrot apple le on ginger), Rooted (beet, apple, cucumber, carrot, ginger, orange and er ivore spinach ale c c er celer le on . nsnared the clever s li inal essage hidden within the na e the ivine nshine lend is favorite with an ill inating i t re of earthiness from the carrot, sweetness from the apple and some tang and heat fro the le on and ginger respectivel . The er ivore lend is a great option for those who need to manage their sugar intake, though it still goes down s ooth in spite of the ro st earthen avor. Whether it’s a real or imagined by-product of iced fr its and vegeta les feel well. sa farewells to the high priestess of cold press and head for the st lish lac - ric ed edifice across the street that houses Château 13 Restaurant & Wine Bar. The façade stands out from the muted colors of the surrounding ildings li e a shin piece of on and co ined with the line of people waiting for doors to open get the sense that the ilding s interior will irror the level of vision e e plified its st lish e terior. s the doors nloc and the earl ird crowd sh es in greeted enn a o a stat es e wo an who learn is the general anager and resident wine e pert. a o s friendliness is a force of nat re with that rare ability to speak so directly to you that you feel as though o re the onl person in the roo . shown to seat in the restaurant’s front half, a cozy, elegant space with a mural of a winery’s cellar to set the mood. The dining area provides an inti ate distinctl ropean a ience and is walled o fro a ar area alread stling with loose chatter efore ottles have even een ncor ed. e reall wanted to e a le to have two di erent vi es sa s a o who points o t that even the ac gro nd sic di ers etween oth halves. srq magazine_ NOV19 live local | 75

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The leather-bound menus look more like spell books than food and wine listings, and my eyes wander up and down the pages in search of delights that my stomach will soon answer for. Inspired by Europe’s finest c isines the en feat res a heav rench in ence as well as so e panish talian and elgian. There are tapas ranging fro loc de foie gras to tr e Parmesan popcorn, Calabrian chili roasted shrimp and ho se- ade ricotta as appeti ers verdant salads that co e with rg nd poached pears or fig a s a selection of mussel plates, charcuterie boards, enticing entrees, desserts and a selection of more than 100 wines. This is what living is. The merrymaking begins with a four-piece charcuterie board with hot capocollo and sottocenere al tart fo cheese fro tal and a n serrano and once de e n anchego fro pain. erved with cranberry pumpkin seed crackers, crostinis, caper erries fig a rose ar pic led carrots and toasted waln ts t rn into a code rea er striving to nloc ever co ination of avors. The sottocenere with a ildl s o rind of ash and e lgent with the aro a of lac tr es see s to a e its wa into most combinations. The winning combination is a cranberry pumpkin seed cracker smeared with a bit of fig a then la ered with the sottocenere and serrano ham with a walnut folded in it. A glass of La Petite erri re a vignon lanc serves as acco pani ent and presents a delicate oral o et that starts o sil efore finishing slightl ineral and dr . server attentive t not p sh enco rages me to sit and sip my wine as I ponder my main course, but I do her one better, ordering some tapas to mediate negotiations between stomach and eye. The cured d c reast and the crisped tr ed potato s ins stand o t. The d c s o and al ost er -li e perfectl co ple ents the sliver of poached pear and da of whipped ch vre cheese while the tr ed potato skins might be Château’s salty bar food disguised as something gourmet. After the board and the tapas, the next course calls for something light that won’t completely bust my seams, so it’s the salmon entrée instead of the o ie rger. Tr ed shroo s loc de foie gras shallot a and gr ere cheese ade the rger see li e a perfect lend of rench c linar panache and erican gl tton t to leave roo for another glass of wine and perhaps some dessert, the burger will have to wait ntil ne t ti e. The sal on so rced from a salmon farm in Antarctic waters, comes panseared and served atop a rich co ination of spring vegeta le fricassee with its of prosci tto i ed in and a ring of le on gastri e along the edge of the plate.

garnish of candied lemon and a drizzle of fennel puree co ple ent the gastri e perfectl . This was the ind of inspired meal that can make other restaurants seem li e fast-food chains the ind of eal that can rea r someone’s lust for life. It went well with the last dregs of the sa vignon lanc fro earlier t a o set sights on a glass of erlot. he insists on a a toria fro Trentad e iner the owners of which she has a close personal relationship with. The deeply opa e rich vintage fro le ander alle in ono a has a o et of erries as sweet as a oll ancher tho gh the sweetness of its aro a gives wa to a wellbalanced mix of oak, light tannins and plums. It looks li e dessert will have to wait ntil ne t ti e too. n evening of c linar e ploration was the da s goal t sho ld have pree ptivel chec ed self into food reha . etween the cold-pressed and fer ented everages etween the sweet and the savor fo nd myself full, utterly impressed and a bit surprised. I can’t sa a pro d to have har ored pres ptions a o t radenton that led its food scene to s rprise e t fort natel places li e h tea and ail ose have become a part of the area’s burgeoning food scene witho t help. rther ore with a st nning p lic greenspace on the anatee iver a onthl indie arts pop- p called riendl it lea and a rewer there s a lot of fertile soil in owntown radenton fro which rich c lt ral destinations can spro t. all in a eliever I’m telling all of my friends. In closing, I’d like to toast to the resta rate rs of radenton a ing inspired dishes to the artenders of -town slinging li erating li ations to the o ng people of radent c a ing a na e for the selves nice to eet o sorr it too so long. SRQ

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Clockwise this spread: Daily Dose owner and operator Brianna Dine and her juice café. The bar at Chateau 13, the 60° South Antarctic Salmon and the cheese and charcuterie board.

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: the act, or an instance, of placing two or more things side by side oÂĄen to compare or contrast, or to create an interesting effect.


While the tongue map—representing designated sections of our taste buds for certain a ors has een sc ent ficall de n ed the sensat on o taste st ll e sts n fi e esta l shed as c percept ons s eetness so rness salt ness tterness and sa or or ant thet cal lo ers the cl ch oppos tes attract s part c larl apt hen tast n o erse a ors o hen a che s dar n eno h to toss aro nd d erent contrast n a ors nto a s n le d sh a stator e per ence ta es place l e a o nce ho se n the o th hoose to et taposed th s rpr s n l a net c n red ents n these polar pleas n d shes

This page: Bourbon & Maple Grilled Jumbo Shrimp repared th s eet aple s r p and a o r on ar e e sa ce ser ed on tart po e ranate c tr s r ts and arn shed th sp c ch ch rr each stro l r ol es each each stro co MADE Grilled Cheese o se ade p ento cheese sp c alape o ac cheese s eet on on ll ona re acon a r lled reen to ato local ar la and lea lett ces an t arasota aderesta rant co Opposite page: Kim Chee Yum Bun heap o ho se ade chee sla pa red th ssa an rel sh and a so r orean p c le ser ed th a s de o sp c sr racha a o a l rd tate t arasota da l rd co 78 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local

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10/15/19 4:09 PM

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 79

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Opposite page: “A Song of Ice and Fire’ Cocktail” Puerto Rican añejo rum, brandy, orgeat, orange, lemon, Tiki bitters, cinnamon branch, pineapple cro ned th a a ed l e do sed n h h proo r and ser ed n a scorp on o l he octor s ce ol es l d ol es each doctorso cea co This page: Sweet Brie Flatbread Sweet Granny Smith apples and smoked pulled chicken, married with brie cheese and o arella topped th a sa or h te sa ce ood d re n th t radenton the oodl d re n co Pistachio Falafel he s eetness o to ato ar alade resh nt and as l n ted th charred cch n p c led red on ons and lac arl c t at nd eno s o th n s e arasota nd eno ssarasota co Next page: Monte’s Carlo PB&J part o pean t tter alape o pepper ell acon alape os salted potato ch ps and po dered s ar ser ed et een so rdo h l ate ood eer per or e arasota eat ooddr n eer co

srq magazine_ NOV19 live local | 81

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This page: Gulf Gate Food + Beer’s Monte’s Carlo PB&J with peanut butter, jalapenos, salted potato chips and powdered sugar.

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Suit up and drink up: Winter is coming with the Eskimo Bros.



easily sell ice to an eskimo…if he weren’t an es i o ro alread . Tho gh o land s first and foremost love lies with liquid, a brotherly bond led to something more solid. He, Broc Smith (owner of Sarasota Liquor Locker) and Jason Donahey started Eskimo Bros. Ice last year in response to the snowballing appreciation of top-shelf spirits and local programs like the arasota his e ociet . n in of elevated craft cocktails seemed to be materializing on menus left and right at Sarasota’s most intuitive restaurants and bars. After breaking the ice, many a time, the Eskimo Bros. formulated how to enhance the g est e perience even ore and with total transparency. The co itted to the siness finding a warehouse to rent and pushing its A/C cooling abilities to ensure a nippy facility for production. nd after no s all e pense o land ad its they purchased two specialty ice-making machines. The machines freeze 300-lb blocks of ice each, which take two days to freeze entirely. elieve there was so e trial and error at first attempting to lift the block with their brute scle and slipper fingertips. eedless to sa a hydraulic engine hoist with metal hooks frozen into the sides of the ice now lifts the massive block out and sets it down to be chopped into

smaller chunks before going onto a butcher’s band to be precisely measured into 2 inches by 2 inches and hand-sliced into perfect cubes. These cloudless quadrates of splendor go through a lot of love and labor before getting personally packaged and delivered to the walk-in coolers of local namesake accounts, such as MADE, phelia s on the a age shi ar Grill, Michael’s On East, State Street Eating House + Cocktails, 99 Bottles Taproom, Social ater ar The arasota odern rt vation Hotel, Siesta Key Oyster Bar, Hana Sushi Lounge, The octor s ce and The aterfront. Esoteric bars of the above pedigree continually source Eskimo Bros.’ ice, knowing well o re eant to e perience a everage with all o r senses sa s o land. The first thing you do is see it—the clarity and visual appeal of the coc tail is ndenia le. fter soaking in the eye-catching aesthetic, you’re tasting it. And while the business name is certainly tongue and cheek, the Eskimo Bros.’ ethereal p rpose is e actl that. The i i ers e perience on their tong e and in their o th is jarringly distinctive, compared to the frozen cubes that have been sitting in plastic molds or getting scooped out of an ice machine. “Here, there s no ad lteration of avor it s st p re nfiltered water o land goes on. nat re ice cubes freeze from the outside in, creating

This page: Eskimo Bros in their space crafting ice.

a cloud of air bubbles, sediment and total dissolved solids to form in the middle. “So if you let your ice cube melt for long enough, while you’re sipping on a 20-year-old pour of whiskey, that last diluted sip is going to taste li e pool water he sco s. o what we do is take advantage of our machines’ freeze plate and circulation pump that makes use of directional free e right fro the otto p. This ultimately creates a pure, crystal-clear rig that pushes out all the impurities, avoids an o notes li e chlorine and will ta e on average, up to two hours to eventually melt. Meanwhile, the Eskimo Bros. are pushing beverage boundaries even further to give bartenders more creativity and control over their cocktails. Recently, they’ve been toying with c tting di erent ice shapes to fit into specific glassware and free ing ele ents li e thyme, rosemary or orchids inside the cubes for s tle notes of her al avors. The ll even custom-design stamps, like a restaurant’s logo, to etch into the ice for dramatic appeal when a customer orders their drink “on the roc s. hat we re seeing in the c rrent coc tail ove ent as far as the e pectations in alit of prod ct and g est e perience goes—is this isn’t something that’s going to disappear o land sa s with a s ir . ost definitel with p n intended. SRQ srq magazine_ NOV19 live local | 83

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Suit up and drink up: Winter is coming with the Eskimo Bros.



easily sell ice to an eskimo…if he weren’t an es i o ro alread . Tho gh o land s first and foremost love lies with liquid, a brotherly bond led to something more solid. He, Broc Smith (owner of Sarasota Liquor Locker) and Jason Donahey started Eskimo Bros. Ice last year in response to the snowballing appreciation of top-shelf spirits and local programs like the arasota his e ociet . n in of elevated craft cocktails seemed to be materializing on menus left and right at Sarasota’s most intuitive restaurants and bars. After breaking the ice, many a time, the Eskimo Bros. formulated how to enhance the g est e perience even ore and with total transparency. They committed to the business by finding a wareho se to rent and p shing its A/C cooling abilities to ensure a nippy facility for prod ction. nd after no s all e pense Boyland admits, they purchased two specialty ice-making machines. The machines freeze 300-lb blocks of ice each, which take two days to freeze entirely. Believe there was some trial and error at first atte pting to lift the loc with their r te scle and slipper fingertips. Needless to say, a hydraulic engine hoist with metal hooks frozen into the sides of the ice now lifts the massive block out and sets it down to be

chopped into smaller chunks before going onto a butcher’s band to be precisely measured into 2 inches by 2 inches and hand-sliced into perfect cubes. These cloudless quadrates of splendor go through a lot of love and labor before getting personally packaged and delivered to the walkin coolers of local namesake accounts, such as Made, Ophelia’s on the Bay, Sage, JPAN Sushi Bar & Grill, Michael’s On East, State Street Eating House + Cocktails, 99 Bottles, Social Eatery & Bar, The Sarasota Modern, Art Ovation, Siesta Key Oyster Bar, Hana Sushi Lounge, The octor s ce and The aterfront. Esoteric bars of the above pedigree continually source Eskimo Bros.’ ice, knowing well o re eant to e perience a everage with all o r senses sa s o land. The first thing you do is see it—the clarity and visual appeal of the coc tail is ndenia le. fter soaking in the eye-catching aesthetic, you’re tasting it. And while the business name is certainly tongue and cheek, the Eskimo Bros.’ ethereal p rpose is e actl that. The i i ers e perience on their tong e and in their o th is jarringly distinctive, compared to the frozen cubes that have been sitting in plastic molds and are getting scooped out of an ice machine. ere there s no ad lteration of avor it s st p re nfiltered water o land goes on. By nature, ice cubes freeze from the outside in,

This page: Eskimo Bros in their space crafting ice.

creating a cloud of air bubbles, sediment and total dissolved solids to form in the middle. “So if you let your ice cube melt for long enough, while you’re sipping on a 20-year-old pour of whiskey, that last diluted sip is going to taste li e pool water he sco s. o what we do is take advantage of our machines’ freeze plate and circulation pump that makes use of directional free e right fro the otto p. This ultimately creates a pure, crystal-clear rig that pushes out all the impurities, avoids an o notes li e chlorine and will ta e on average, two hours to eventually melt. Meanwhile, the Eskimo Bros. are pushing beverage boundaries even further to give bartenders more creativity and control over their cocktails. Recently, they’ve been toying with c tting di erent ice shapes to fit into specific glassware and free ing ele ents li e thyme, rosemary or orchids inside the cubes for s tle notes of her al avors. The ll even custom-design stamps, like a restaurant’s logo, to etch into the ice for dramatic appeal when a customer orders their drink on the roc s. hat we re seeing in the current cocktail movement—as far as the e pectations in alit of prod ct and g est e perience goes is this isn t so ething that s going to disappear o land sa s with a s ir . ost definitel with p n intended. SRQ srq magazine_ NOV19 live local | 83

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Former chemical engineer and war veteran Steve Milligan of Loaded Cannon Distillery risked it all for a taste of freedom.


AS THEY SAY, “YOU GOTTA RISK IT FOR THE BISCUIT.” And Steve Milligan did just that while

serving his country, hunkered down somewhere o the grid in territories li e wait orea and Saudi Arabia. “You know, when you’re on assignment, stuck living in a guarded compound in Saudi Arabia for three years, you’ve got a lot of time to read.” So between his chemicalengineering knowledge and reading books from the library, Milligan started distilling liquor. To his surprise, he got pretty good at it. “Of course, it is very illegal over there,” he adds. “Very illegal.” But mutineer Milligan went for the gold regardless—sharing the challenging start of gathering the necessary supplies for building the apparatus. “If you go into the hardware store and all this st for the still o now pretty soon, somebody is going to turn you into the police,” he says. “So, I had to go in one week to buy one piece of piping, another the next, and so on until I had everything I needed.” Milligan started out making wine, converted the wines into brandy, then graduated to vodka and whiskey. Was the self-trained hooch maker ever afraid of getting caught? “Oh yeah,” he says. “One of my most embarrassing stories was trying to make a mango wine, and the bubbler pot plugged up on me. I came home and it had exploded all over my bathroom.” Needless to say, the whole bathroom was stained a funky orange h e and sta ed that wa indefinitel under his discretion. Many years later, Milligan found himself retiring from VP of operations at DOW Chemical Co. and moving to Bradenton,

t fishing and golfing weren t on his radar for retirement. After a string of unexpected family tragedies, and a pulse to feel purpose again in life, Milligan needed something to distract and drive him, like distilling did during his deployment. Enter, Loaded Cannon Distillery. The small-batch, independent distiller does just about everything. “We’re very unusual because we have a silo in the back,” he says, “and that silo holds 45,000 pounds of corn.” The liquor-loving rebel mills all his own corn, rice, rye and wheat in said silo, and even makes his own molasses in a 6,000-gallon tank that sits right in the middle of the facility. Whatever raw materials he can’t make are sure to only come from Florida and never touch synthetics or plastics, only a larger-thanlife copper still to ensure purity and clarity. “Many distilleries say their spirits are ‘hand-crafted.’ We like to say ours are ‘copper-kissed.’” And instead of specializing in just one premier spirit, Loaded Cannon seeks treasure in them all. “I think doing all the spirits keeps you sharp,” he says. “There would be nothing more dull to me than sitting down and only making rum every day.” ar fro d ll the otanical gin gets finished o in a hi isc s ath and tinted with a hint of citrus for some “sun coast warmth.” Labeled Ben Margoza, after a British priest turned Florida pirate whose one rule was no killing on holy days fine an other ti e tho gh cons ers will notice quickly that Loaded Cannon respectfully names all its bottled creations after legendary bootleggers. From the crisp vodka named after the ferocious female pirate Anne Bonny, famous

throughout Caribbean waters, to its buttery smooth bourbons and whiskey line, dubbed Carlota’s Revenge, to honor the beautiful damsel kidnapped on the Gulf Coast by vicious pirate Miguel Pascal. Grief-stricken and full of revenge, Carlota sank Miguel’s ship, taking her own life. Her ghost is said to still play the harp along the Manatee River. And in true buccaneer spirit, Loaded Cannon crafted a whole collection of rums called PYRACY—celebrating the scurvy dogs that ruled the heavy seas with a unique aging process and a special yeast suited both for blending or sipping. With the perfect balance of dar s gar and olasses r avors consist of white, dark, spiced, toasted coconut, vanilla and butterscotch, after being aged in rec cled alo Trace wood arrels. All Loaded Cannon spirits, including seasonal and limited-run products, are availa le for ight tastings and ottle p rchases in the Tasting Room—designed to feel like the inside of a pirate ship. An assortment of home bar supplies, branded merchandise, Bloody Mary mixes and cocktail recipe books is also available for purchase, once your tour by Milligan is through, sharing the details of his craft and commitment to the quality of smallproduction distillation. Without having to walk the plank, he will take you behind the scenes thro gh oaded annon s e cient prod ction area, fermentation and bottling areas. “I give a very passionate, very heart-wrenching tour. I’m gushing with pride when I’m telling it,” he says. “It’s like my candy shop.” SRQ

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Opposite page: Loaded

Cannon Distillery owner Steve Milligan on his premises. This page: Old Fashioned cocktail by MADE using Esimo Brothers ice.

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and harangues straight out the ’80s, followed by good-old-boy backslaps and “diddun mean nothin’”s if you pass muster. 4116 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota, 941-377-0666


Writer Phil Lederer shares his paean to the beauty and grime of “dive bars.” If you find yourself looking for a stiff drink on a Friday night (or any night) and want a no-nonsense trip to the sort of place where time stops, and many bad decisions are made, then this rundown of local “dive bars” is for you. Loved by their regulars, complained about by their neighbors, and part of the staple of every community, a visit to the dive bar might just be the pressure release you need. Famously dark, dirty and loud, dive bars are also full of laughter and camaraderie among the lifers and those just out for a night on the town. If you want to get out of your regular and slide into the irreverent, then one of these drinking holes is for you. But don’t tell’em we sent you!

Red Barn Don’t let the ominous red glow at the threshold fool you, this welcoming dive bar staple opens its doors to regulars and curious travelers alike, with plenty of room for all comers at the horseshoe bar dominating the rectangular drunk tank that comprises the entirety of the enterprise. Sporting the second-largest liquor license in town, the scene really starts bursting at the seams past midnight with the Sarasota service crowd seeking solace, and the air runs thick with cigare‰e smoke and off-key sing-alongs from the wall-mounted jukebox. The lone pool table gets regular action from good-natured competitors, the foosball table sits largely open and the dartboard may even be abandoned,

but regulars can get a Heineken with nothing but a head nod to the barkeeps, who peddle scratch-offs for those feeling lucky. With three entrances/exits, the crowd ebbs and flows with ease, as everyone from beard-faced bikers to ball-capped bros and businessmen in bu‰ondowns enter the democratizing mix of this modern-day dive. 2058 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota, 941-922-7855

5-STAR REVIEW Kim Garvey: “The Red Barn is not for drinking amateurs. This bar is the oldschool horseshoe type with cigare‰e, cigar, pipe smoking and doubles that’ll put down a large zoo animal. Music is loud, loud, loud.” Google Review

Cracker Jack’s Pub The dive bar your mamma warned you about. Though technically open to all, the “Regulars Only” sign hangs around the neck of just about every head turning to appraise the latest interloper without invitation—and a cramped bar means you best prepare to sit shoulder to shoulder with regulars like Chicago Chris, a grizzled old man dubbed “Pesci” and Philadelphia Phil, who will kindly remind you that ge‰ing stabbed is “the least of your worries” if you don’t show the proper respect. The jukebox sits idle, as folks prefer to spend their dollars on drinks and pipe tinny tunes from old cell phones instead. Two ragged pool tables lie largely empty, with pool cues held together with duct tape standing sentinel by a wall with more mirrored finishes than you’d expect. Only for the thick-skinned, expect insults

Rob Nicholson: “Fantastic dive bar! It’s dark and dated just like its patrons. Good drinks, good conversation as long as you stay in line. It’s not a local bar, it’s an on-my-way-somewhere bar and that’s all it needs to be, there is nothing to change. It’s pure Americana.” Google Review

Rendezvous Lounge The Applebee’s of Sarasota dive bars, Rendezvous Lounge has the neighborhood fun-time feel that lets you truly relax, belt a bourbon alone before you belt a tune with new friends and then stumble on home at the end of the night, confident that you could do it all again next week and until the end of time. A true watering hole where folks of all sorts congregate, from craggy-faced regulars resting their bones with a Bud Light to gelled-up guys on the prowl to ladies looking for a girls’ night out, the raucous atmosphere encourages casual camaraderie while a dimly lit bar and music just loud enough gives ample cover to knock back a few undisturbed. A DJ in the back keeps it lively and the whole place seems to sway when a crowd favorite comes on, while pool tables up front host both leagues and casual games, punctuated by the occasional pool-cue-turnedpole-dance display as the night wears on. Entertainment varies by day of the week, from karaoke to game night, but always be on the lookout for Fred the Mechanic, a real beer-soaked bard with countless tales of good times long past, including pushing for a new roof at the Red Barn by shooting holes in the current one. 1570 North Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota, 941-953-6970


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This page:

A late-night game of pool at Memories Bar. Opposite page: Karaoke Night with college students and locals.

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This page:

Gathering with friends and locals at Crescent Club

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 88

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HP Scans: “Love this place. Lots of locals who can tell you the latest gossip. Enough tourist to keep it fresh! Great jukebox. Bartenders are very a‰entive, friendly and kept my drink full.” Google Review

Craig Galleher: “Great old-school dive bar. Small but comfortable. Full liquor, pool, bowling and a package store connected. Bar has been here almost a half century, but seems to have been well maintained. Easy to find, if you like dive bars, this is one to visit.” Google Review

Memories Lounge 5-STAR REVIEW Tony Lozzi: “This bar might me shoved in a hidden corner, but the culture there is great. Patrons from all over and has the local crowd that makes it feel safe . . . You should check it out if you are looking for the Sarasota version of Cheers.” Google Review

Crescent Club The snazziest of the Sarasota dives, it’s no surprise you’ll find this one on Siesta Key. Named for Crescent Beach next door, it may as well be named for the great wooden bar slicing out the corner of the joint in one swooping arc, behind which multiple bartenders dash from end to end, mixing it up with the regulars and sliding strong pours down the slick, stained finish. The interior has ambient light turned crimson from ruby red fixtures, scarlet-topped stools and even blood red tablecloths adorning the well-equipped and candlelit seating area. The drinking age seems to hover around the 30s and 40s, with each troupe of regulars assuming their position at the rounded counter, while a lone silverback with military bearing smokes his American Spirits alone, as welcome an out-of-time addition as the Newport cigare‰e machine loitering along the back wall. And while one-man drunken dance parties hi‰ing full swing in front of the jukebox provide ample free entertainment, most of the old dogs prefer the torchlit quietude of the outdoor patio, where one can only wonder what stories lie waiting to be coaxed from their stony humors.

One of the oldest taproom hideaways in Sarasota, Memories’ prolonged tenure serves as both benefit and drawback to its dive status, depending on one’s disposition. A veritable town legend, this cramped and smoky den of loyal boozers and barflies commands such a consistent draw among the local lushes as to necessitate a bona fide day shi¤ and night shi¤ to accommodate them at all hours. And the pub’s persistence has allowed the subsequent rise of its own peculiar mythology, personified most manifestly in a near-centenarian named Phil, who has held court in the rear of the bar since times untold, subsisting on whiskey and cigars, and regularly closing out the bar’s raucous karaoke nights crooning classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin. On the flipside, Memories’ storied status and proximity to both Ringling College and New College gives the clientele and atmosphere the unmistakable injection of the typical college bar character, as hipsters and young creatives seek the authenticity and prospective danger of the classic dive bar experience, diluting it in the process. But the energy the youthful crowd brings to the enterprise remains undeniable, as every inch of the bar and diner-style seating gets jam-packed with a crowd as colorful as the Christmas lights lining the ceiling, with cigare‰es and Bud Lights abu‰ing selfies and vape pens in equal measure. 3428 North Tamiami Trl., Sarasota, 941-355-9849

Bahi Hut Lounge The only dive on the list not to allow smoking within its rough, wooden-walled confines, the Bahi Hut Lounge serves as rare true refuge for those out on the town, and a rare dive bar with cocktails worth checking out. Warm, so¤ly lit and with calming ambient music piping through the Polynesian-styled interior, it’s a no-pressure dive where all are welcome to find a seat to sit in and a friendly bartender to while away the end of a heavy day with. The bartender shoulders the time-honored noblesse oblige to smile through his pain in order to alleviate yours.) In operation since 1954 and one of the oldest tiki bars in the US, the intervening years have given rise to one of the strongest drinks in town: the famous Bahi Hut Mai Tai—so strong the barkeep warns away the lightweights and never serves up more than two per customer. Also one of the most diverse dives in Sarasota, expect to see crowds of all sorts and hear more than one language during your stop. But when the congregation gets going, the laughter and good cheer is as loud as it is infectious.4675 North Tamiami Trl., Sarasota, 941-355-5141

5-STAR REVIEW Laura Gonzales: “Great old-school dive bar. Small but comfortable. Full liquor, pool, bowling and a package store connected. Bar has been here almost a half century, but seems to have been well maintained. Easy to find, if you like dive bars, this is one to visit.” Google Review

6519 Midnight Pass Rd., Sarasota, 941-349-1311

srq magazine_ NOV19 live local | 89

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 89

10/15/19 5:14 PM


Henry Detwiler Sr. and son Sam Detwiler unearth the realities of growing a family business.



down to the conference table where tins of freshly baked breads and cookies act as a centerpiece. e fiddles with his cell phone tapping via trial and error to switch o the ashlight feat re he is a dad li e an other. o how did o hear a o t s he as s perhaps still not recognizing the breadth of his s ccess in t rning etwiler s ar ar et into a arasota ho sehold na e. etwiler s the far ar et nown for selling fresh for less egan its o rne nder a - - -foot roadside tent partnering with tter s air and gg ar and s allscale far ers to s ppl alit prod ce fro the co nit for the co nit . Then in enr and his fa ilial ento rage opened their first store on al er o levard event all ilding p to the fo r soon to e five locations open toda . orging relationships with - to -acre far s witho t the capacit to s ppl to large corporations etwiler s receives the ost tender fresh and avorf l prod cts at low cost for their c sto ers while o ering its siness to the s all-scale far ers who depend on it never losing sight of the relationships that atter. e re st a fa il co pan sa s a etwiler president of etwiler s ar ar et and the eldest son of the clan. “And what goes against good service

is when o scale too fast eca se ever one s an er instead of a na e. ith fresh prod ce delivered dail a tcher shop seafood stop deli a er and etwilers the selves ehind co nters and strolling the aisles etwiler s ar ar ets provide grocer -chain variet with a h ani ed shopping e perience handwritten signs detail the da s selections and prices sta pose in wee l ers and social edia platfor s advertise the revolving in-stoc specialties availa le for tonight s dinner. n an e ort to invite ever far er sta e er and c sto er into the fa il siness separating the s all chain fro oo ing co petitors etwiler s invest ent lies in growing relationships no rished fro seed to store at ever step of develop ent. e want to a e s re that as we grow we eep o r c lt re sa s a . rowing p on the ission fields alongside his father and an ordained pastor since age a learned the val e of serving others when repairing o th lorida h rricane and eorgia ood da age as earl as fo r ears old. aised and ho eschooled in h le eginnings with his eight si lings learning thro gh fail re and e perience at his father s side a cond cts siness the etwiler wa gro nded in hristian val es where od co es first others second and the selves third. nd while the occasional co plaint arises criti ing

the pro inence of the fa il s religion in their siness the etwiler fa il presents a nited front with a si ple response. t s not so ething we p t on it s who we are sa s a . e can t cage that part of s p. hether seated at their dinner or conference ta le fa ilial har on and s ccess is a o t finding the right alance. hen o re fa il o have a di erent interest sa s enr loo ing to his son seated at the head of the ta le. o have that a ilit to spea ver honestl and forthrightl . nd thro gh that open dialog e etween parents children and si lings the etwiler fa il contin es to grow and s ppl the co nit with their gen ine selves operating the fa il siness as if it were still a s all-scale operation despite ilding fo r stores in their first ears. ith no c rrent plans to e pand o tside of lorida an ti e soon etwiler s ar ar et strives to aintain and perfect the neigh orhood c lt re that ears the fa il na e. pening soon the new lar oad location will o er the sa e neigh orhood ar et to the e panding co nit ringing the etwiler fa il to o rs. e re not loo ing at a s all pict re sa s a . s long as we can e a co pan that people want to work for and that people want to shop there s no reason to stop. SRQ

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10/15/19 4:36 PM

FEATURE_NOV19_AllSeafood.indd 91

10/15/19 4:36 PM


A Place at the Table

A Practical Guide to Vegetables, by Abra Berens. Chronicle

New American Recipes from the Nation’s Top Foreign-Born Chefs, Edited by Gabrielle Langholtz and Rick Kinsel.

Books, 2019. $22.70. The ultimate guide to conquering 29 pesky vegetables with ease and pairing them with your everyday meals.

Prestel, 2019. $40. A collection of recipes from chefs who have immigrated to America, this cookbook digs into the gastronomical core of the country.

Black Sea

Where Cooking Begins

Dispatches and Recipes, Through Darkness and Light, by Caroline Eden. Quadrille

Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You a Great Cook, by Carla Lalli Music. Clarkson Po‰er,

Publishing, 2019. $20.25. Tracing the recipes that line the shores of the Black Sea, Eden divulges an intimate look at a region’s diverse menu and lifestyle.

2019. $17.52. The ultimate playbook serving up everything from shopping strategy, kitchen technique and manageable recipes that look and taste far from elementary.

Zaitoun Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen, by Yasmin Khan. W.

Salt & Straw

W. Norton & Company, 2019. $21.52. Explore Palestinian cuisine through Khan’s collection of recipes and stories from her time working in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and learning from Palestinians in their own kitchens. “Zaitoun,” the Arabic word for olive, represents not only a core ingredient in Palestinian cooking, but a deeper message of international compassion.

Ice Cream Cookbook, by Tyler Malek and JJ Goode. Clarkson Po‰er, 2019. $16.78. With perfect recipes to beat the Florida heat, this cookbook will not only teach you the ins and outs of ice cream creations, but inspire your own variations and experimentations.


Spice things up in the kitchen this winter with a collection of cookbooks that savors the country, the globe, the land and the sea. Fry a whole fish, or simply lick homemade ice cream—straight from the dish.

The Whole Fish Cookbook New Ways to Cook, Eat and Think, by Josh Niland. Hardie Grant, 2019. $28. Niland reveals the techniques behind his mission in his Sydney seafood restaurant: cooking a whole fish, leaving nothing to waste and everything to taste.

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10/15/19 4:42 PM

SRQNOV19_001.indd 93

10/15/19 12:33 PM


2003 Cat Depot was founded as a non-profit, feline-only rescue and community resource when several Sarasota-based animal lovers rallied the community to help 262 cats in distress. 2009 Cat Depot’s permanent adoption center on 17th Street opened with cutting-edge features including a state-of-the-art ventilation system, natural light, and an attached cat-centric gift store. Free-roaming rooms with home-style furnishings help keep the cats content and enable public cuddle time. 2014 Having to fundraise for its annual operating budget of $2M, Cat Depot was extra grateful for a significant bequest which allowed the Cat Care Clinic to open with affordable, feline-specific veterinary care. 2019 With the community’s support over the years, Cat Depot’s dedicated cat caregivers, veterinary team members, educators, administrators, and hundreds of volunteers have found loving homes for nearly 15,000 cats; served over 25,000 clients in its Cat Care Clinic; and fed over 52,400 cats through the Community Food Bank.

Cat Depot, The Resource for Rescue, Adoption, and Education 2542 17th Street, Sarasota, FL 34234 Phone: 941-366-2404

CAT DEPOT’S FUTURE OF FELINES Cat Depot relies on you to help create stewards of the future who, in turn, will save even more cats. Enhancements to Cat Depot’s main shelter and Education Center will continue to promote cat adoption and humane education by providing animal lovers of all ages with more opportunities to learn about our furry friends through public education classes and trainings, youth camps, yoga with cats, birthday parties, and other activities.

SRQNOV19_CatDepot.indd 94

10/16/19 9:45 AM



“I am a list person so I always have a check list of things that need to be done. This way I can rest easy knowing I won’t forget toorder the cake if it’s on my list.” - Felicia LoPresto, Catering Sales Manager, Art Ovation Hotel

Situated in the heart of downtown Sarasota, visiting art exhibitions in the lobby gallery, and ukuleles in each guestroom, a stay at Art Ovation Hotel is far from the ordinary. Our brand-new hotel is the talk of the town, offering colorfully crafted on-site dining, stylish and artful places to connect and carefully curated experiences all designed to indulge the creativity of our guests. AOH celebrates and supports the art. Much more than a hotel, AOH hosts the excitement of the processes and people enlivened and challenged by all things creative. Through innovative programming, guests are immersed in diverse encounters with literature, visual, performing and media arts with ample opportunity to practice, learn and build relationships fostered by art. Call us at 941-316-0808. ART OVATION HOTEL, AN AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION HOTEL | 1255 N. PALM AVENUE, SARASOTA, FL 34236 | ARTOVATIONHOTEL.COM

SRQNOV19_PlanningAnEvent.indd 95

10/15/19 6:44 PM

SRQNOV19_001.indd 96

10/15/19 12:34 PM


Palmetto Palmetto Bay Anna Maria Holmes Beach Bradenton Lakewood Ranch Sarasota Venice North Port


TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 97

10/16/19 11:06 AM

2019 TD



There is nothing more meaningful than the referral from a respected peer. The doctors who are being honored in this year's prestigious SRQ TOP DOCTORS | PEER REVIEW program have received the overwhelming support of colleagues in the medical professional communities of Greater Sarasota including Palmetto and Palmetto Bay, Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Venice and North Port, Florida. DataJoe Research facilitated all aspects of the online peer-voting process, also referencing government sources. DataJoe is a Colorado-based research eam who partners with business and consumer publishing companies across the United States including Modern H ealthcare, Washingtonian, C rain' s B usiness J ournals and S ourceMedia. Congratulations to this year's honorees.

Allergy Immunology Bloom, Frederick L. Allergy Associates of Sarasota & Venice 2650 Bahia Vista St Suite 304 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-9711 Windom, Hugh Windom Allergy, Asthma & Sinus 3570 S. Tuttle Ave Sarasota, FL 34239 941-927-4888

Anesthesiology Daley, Sean M. Sarasota Anesthesiologists, P.A. 1261 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-2360 Glover, Alan M. 540 The Rialto Venice, FL 34285 941-485-0295

Nutter, Thomas Sarasota Anesthesiologists, P.A. 1261 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-2360 Severs, Barry L. Manatee Memorial Hospital Bradenton, FL 34208 941-745-6829 Swartz, Jeffrey A. 1261 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-2360 Vonwaldner, Mary L. 1261 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-2360 Wittmann, Mark Sarasota Anesthesiologists, P.A. 1261 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-2360

Cardiology Bermudez, Edmund A. Regional Cardiac and Vascular Associates 600 Nokomis Ave. Suite 102 & 203 Venice, FL 34285 941-486-6979 Buck, David C. Bradenton Cardiology Center 316 Manatee Avenue West Bradenton, FL 34205 941-748-2277 Hassler, Ki Ki Hassler D.O., F.A.C.C. 1215 Jacaranda Blvd. Venice, FL 34292 941-451-8282 Hepp, Walter R. Heart Specialists Of Sarasota 1950 Arlington Street, Suite 400 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-4250 continued on page 110

Nominations were completed by medical professionals practicing in the Greater Sarasota area, including Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Palmetto and Palmetto Bay, Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, North Port and Lakewood Ranch. Only one survey per person was submitted.Surveys and nominations remain anonymous. The nominations you provided will be utilized solely for the purposes of compiling, producing and publishing the Top Doctor Medical Resource in SRQ Magazine’s print and online platforms. Medical professionals were asked to only nominate professionals for whom they had personal knowledge of their skill and expertise. SRQ MEDIA partnered with DataJoe Research, a software and research company specializing in data collection and verification in collaboration with publishers across the United States. DataJoe Research facilitated all aspects of the online peer-voting process, also referencing government sources. DataJoe then tallied the nominations per category for each doctor to isolate the top honorees in each category. After collecting nominations and additional information, DataJoe checked and confirmed that each published honoree had a current, active license status with the state regulatory board. If there was no evidence of a doctor's current, active registration with the state regulatory board, that doctor was excluded from the program. Furthermore, any doctor who has been disciplined, up to the time-frame of the review process for an infraction by the state regulatory board, was excluded from the program. We recognize that there are many good doctors who are not shown in this representative program. This is only a sampling of the huge array of talented professionals within the region. Inclusion as an honoree is based on the opinions of responding doctors in the region and the results of the research campaign. We take time and energy to ensure fair voting.


98 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local

TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 98

10/16/19 10:37 AM

TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 99

10/15/19 9:47 PM


HONOREE Orthopedic Surgery


Jeffrey Silverstein MD

ABOUT JEFFREY SILVERSTEIN I received a B.S. in Biology at Indiana University and my medical degree at West Virginia School of Medicine. That was followed with residency at the Chicago Medical Center and a Fellowship in hip and knee reconstruction at FL Orthopedic Institute. As an advocate for improving quality of life for my patients, I believe open communication between physician and patient as key to successful outcomes. I’m trained in the latest techniques for hip and knee replacements including direct anterior hip replacements and traumatic fractures. When applicable, I perform less invasive techniques including muscle sparing incisions, partial knee replacements, robotic assisted technology, and custom patient specific implants.


our community for over 40 years. Formerly known as Sarasota Orthopedic Associates, we’ve grown to three locations by adding technology as well as skilled specialist physicians to our group. All our locations offer Physical and Occupational Therapy as well as MRI, X-ray, and the dispensing of medical equipment such as braces and splints. Our Sarasota facility is the only orthopedic practice with an on-site full size aquatic therapy pool.


physicians at 360 ORTHOPEDICS have a total of over 140 years of experience in the medical field roviding treatment from “head to toe” with the most up-to-date technology. Our locations are self-contained so that you may have all your orthopedic visits at one location, and even in one visit! This convenience allows you to see your physician, have an x-ray/MRI, undergo physical therapy, and receive durable medical equipment all in one place. We are unique in our ability to offer same day or next day appointments for our patients when needed. 360 ORTHOPEDICS is proud to be recently voted the #1 choice for orthopedics and physical therapy.


it all . . . we treat our patients with a 360 degree view of their health for comprehensive and compassionate care. In the center of our logo, you will find the word ho e” displaying our wish for every patient. Our colors of blue and green represent trust, wisdom, balance, health, and renewal.

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TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 100


Hip and knee replacement Direct anterior hip replacement Revision hip/knee replacement Partial knee replacement Arthroscopy/Arthroplasty

360 ORTHOPEDICS | 941.951.2663 (BONE)

Appointments can be requested via website.

10/15/19 6:54 PM

TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 101

10/15/19 6:54 PM


HONOREE Dermatology


nn eff


ABOUT ANN NEFF Ann Neff, M.D. has been a respected and valuable member of Dermatology Associates since 2010. Her background and expertise is unparalleled, making her one of the most sought after Mohs surgeons in the region. Dr. Neff's training is very unique in that she has completed two residency training programs and two fellowship training programs, which combined give her knowledge and skill rarely seen by most dermatologists and Mohs surgeons, especially related to skin cancers and growths around the eye region. She is Dermatology Associates trusted Mohs surgeon and works closely with all of our providers to perform the skin cancer treatments that require this specialized skill at both our Sarasota and Bradenton locations. In addition, Dr. Neff offers general dermatologic care, especially to those patients at high risk for multiple cutaneous malignancies. Before joining our practice, Dr. Neff's experiences in academia, allowed her to see some of the most difficult and hard to treat cas¬es. She served on faculty at the University of Cincinnati Department of Dermatology performing dermatology and Mohs surgery and practiced oculoplastic surgery at the prestigious, world renowned, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami. When not working, Dr. Neff enjoys spending me with her husband, Guy and three children, Adam, Katie and Isabella who are all actively involved in tennis. She also enjoys watching tennis, running and reading. Dr. Neff's knowledge base, surgical skills and calm, personable na¬ture make her loved by colleagues, staff and patients. She is a true e ert in the field of dermatology and is committed to providing superior dermatologic care to all of her patients while maintaining a friendly and warm environment.

102 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local

TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 102

DERMATOLOGY ASSOCIATES Our practice believes that every patient deserves personalized care and attention, focusing on the individual's needs and concerns. A job well done means the patient feels their questions have been heard and addressed. Taking the time to listen and making sure each patient is participating in the treatment plan helps to set us apart. In dermatology, problems that present are usually visible, often bothersome, and affect a patient's quality of life. Whether removing a skin cancer or treating a bothersome rash, the patient can see the actual progress of treatment. Skin cancer surveillance and treatment are an integral part of dermatology, and can be life-saving. Regular dermatology appointments can improve patient's lives by helping them look and feel better.


Mohs Surgical Dermatology Cutaneous Oncology Melanoma Treatment Periocular Disease and Treatment

DERMATOLOGY ASSOCIATES | REFLECTIONS MEDSPA 3830 Bee Ridge Road - Suite 200 | Sarasota FL | 34233 4351 Cortez Road W - Suite 101 | Bradenton FL | 34210 11505 Palmbrush Trail - Suite 220 | Lakewood Ranch FL | 34202 O: 941.927.5178 | F: 941.921.6838

10/15/19 6:53 PM


Providing Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

Left to Right: Ashvin Patel, M.D., Charles Rush, M.D., Donald Erb, D.O., Edward Stolarski, M.D., Erik Herman, M.D., Gary Shapiro, M.D.

Left to Right: Michael Moustoukas, M.D., Michael Feiertag, M.D., Ngoc-Lam Nguyen, M.D., Patrick O’Neill, M.D., Satinderpaul Satia, M.D., Sean Dingle, M.D.

Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center has been providing comprehensive orthopedic care to Sarasota for more than 45 years. With a medical staff of 16 physicians and more than 50 health care professionals, KWOC’s services cover a broad spectrum of care including arthroscopic surgery, foot and ankle, hand and upper extremity, joint replacement, knee and hip, physical medicine and rehabilitation, spine, sports medicine and interventional pain management. In KWOC’s new state-of-the-art facility, physicians offer patients personalized treatment with the most up-to-date diagnostic technology. The physicians at Kennedy- White believe in giving back to the community and offer educational outreach programs throughout the year to share tips for maintaining good orthopedic health, injury prevention or new advances in orthopedic treatment. In 2019, twelve Kennedy-White physicians have been honored as a part of SRQ Magazine’s Top Doctors Peer Review Program: Drs. Charles Rush, Gary Shapiro, Ashvin Patel, Michael Feiertag, Erik Herman, Sean Dingle, Edward Stolarski, Patrick O’Neill, Donald Erb, Satinderpaul Satia, Ngoc-Lam Nguyen, and Michael Moustoukas. Their recognition is a testament not only to their own abilities, but also to the efforts of the whole staff to provide exceptional care. Kennedy-White doctors and staff strive to deliver the best outcomes every day and to uphold the fundamental values that have become the practice’s guiding principles.

6050 Cattleridge Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34232 | (941) 365-0655 |

TopDoctors-2019-11 F-SRQ.NOV19_Kennedy-White V2.indd 103 Orthopaedic Center.indd 1

10/15/19 10/15/19 6:53 1:59PM PM

TOP DOCTORS David A. Sugar, MD

HONOREE Sports Medicine


SUGAR ORTHOPAEDICS 1630 S. Tuttle Avenue, Sarasota, Florida 34239. 941.556.6900 |

PLEASE SHARE A BRIEF SUMMARY OF YOUR PRACTICE. Dr. Sugar believes in treating patients as though they are family members, even going so far as to ask questions like, “How would I treat this woman if she were my grandmother?” As a surgeon, he is naturally fascinated with the human body and with quality surgical techniques, but when asked about the most satisfying aspect of his work, he is quick to say, “People. I’m so humbled that people come to see me. They are often feeling anxious and uncertain, and I can play a role in helping them to leave here feeling comfortable. It’s incredibly gratifying to be a part of people’s lives like that.”Having met just after medical school, David and Stephanie Sugar have, in their words, “grown up together.” They like to keep a low-key, young-at-heart approach to their lives and their practice, with the goal being to provide a warm, relaxed, family atmosphere for staff and patients.

Donald Negroski,


Sports Medicine Knee Injuries Shoulder Injuries Knee Replacements Pediatric Orthopedics

DR. DAVID SUGAR considers it an honor when you choose him for your orthopaedic needs. He is committed to providing care and service that is in keeping ith that honor. e is an orthopedic surgeon in arasota, lorida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Sarasota Memorial Hospital. He has served on many committees including having the distinction of Chairman of the Surgical QI Committee. He received his medical degree from University of South Florida College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 22 years.

HONOREE Neurology

NEGROSKI NEUROLOGY 5741 Bee Ridge Road, Suite 530 Sarasota, Florida 34233 941.487.2160 Fax: 941.487.2170


PLEASE SHARE A BRIEF SUMMARY OF YOUR PRACTICE. Dr. Negroski established his Sarasota private practice in 1985 and has a distinguished history of providing comprehensive care to adults suffering from neurologic disorders. Along with Dr. Valeriy Sabodash and Daniel Sellers, PA-C, Negroski Neurology specializes in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, epilepsy, migraines, Parkinson’s disease as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including EMG, EEG and Botox for migraines and dystonia. By encouraging shared decision making, our patients and providers work together to make decisions, select tests, treatments and care plans based on clinical evidence that balances risks and expected outcomes with patient preferences and values. Negroski Neurology also conducts clinical trials to assist with development of novel therapies for Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders.


General Neurology Multiple Sclerosis Migraines

DR. DONALD NEGROSKI completed both his residency, serving as chief resident, and fellowship in neurology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. In additional to general neurology, he specializes in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Recognitions include Partner in MS Care by National MS Society, a member of Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis, medical advisor for MS Views & News and clinical assistant professor at Florida State University College of Medicine, Sarasota Campus.

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10/15/19 7:07 PM


Medicare, Care Credit and Most Insurances Accepted. On-site Ambulatory Center


2019- Voted Top10 Plastic Surgeons in the State of Florida

Joseph J. Ross


2019- Voted Top Doctor in Cleveland

Patient’s Choice Award for America’s Most Compassionate Doctor


Fellow-American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Board Certified in Ophthalmology, Facial Plastics and Hair Restoration

Voted Best Doctors in America

Our experienced doctors and staff pride ourselves in providing quality, elite care personalized to each of our patients including these services:

Voted American Top Ophthalmologists

M ulti pl e Lo ca t i o ns F o r Yo ur Convenienc e



3920 Bee Ridge Road, Bldg F, Suite A Sarasota, Florida 34233 (941) 921-7744

1250 Belcher Road South Largo, Florida 33771 (727) 535-2300

TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd EyeV2. 105 indd.indd 1 F-SRQNOV19_AD.Envision

• Cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery • Cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, botex injections, fillers, microdermabrasion, lip injections and hair resoration • Eye and orbital plastic surgery • Refractive cataract surgery • Comprehensive ophthalmology • Macular degeneration • Skin cancer • Kybella

10/15/19 10/15/19 7:07 7:06PM PM

TOP DOCTORS Arun Khazanchi, MD



WHAT SETS YOUR PRACTICE APART? My patients and team members are an extension of my family, and family is extremely important to me. I created a friendly, warm environment at both of my offices in akewood Ranch and at Doctors Hospital) so our patients feel comfortable and welcome e take time with each one of our patients to ensure that we understand their situation, symptoms and medical history and can create an entirely individualized treatment plan for them. Because digestive health is a complicated specialty with countless varying factors, it’s paramount for patients to work with a gastroenterologist they know and trust ur team rovides the advanced knowledge and com assion to hel eo le get back to what they love in life

Tonantzin Matheus, MD HOW DOES YOUR PRACTICE IMPROVE THE LIVES OF YOUR PATIENTS? I treat patients at all stages of digestive health, from those who have been suffering for years to patients who are experiencing uncomfortable sym toms that are new to them ach of them is seeking answers and a ath to health ur team takes the time we need to empathize and deeply understand our patients’ lives and the factors affecting their condition. Education is imperative to helping patients regain their quality of life. I strive to combine professionalism, advanced treatments and compassion to amplify our patient’s chance at a healthy, active life.

n ammatory bowel disease irritable bowel syndrome Esophageal disorders Esophageal and pancreatic cancer

• •

DR. ARUN KHAZANCHI is board certified in gastroenterology, internal medicine and hepatology. nationally acclaimed gastroenterologist, r. ha anchi treats digesti e health disorders including rohn’s disease, lcerati e olitis, esophageal and s allo ing ailments, irritable bo el syndrome and more. e is one of a small group of physicians ho perform endoscopic ultrasounds for cancers and biopsies of the rectum, lungs, pancreas and esophagus. e also speciali es in conditions affecting the bile ducts and gallbladder.

HONOREE Gastroenterology SPECIALTIES • • • •

Colorectal Screening Esophageal Disease GERD/Dysphagia Irritable bowel syndrome

DR. TONANTZIN MATHEUS is board certified in both gastroenterology and internal medicine. he speciali es in colorectal screening and dysphagia and has ad anced training in esophageal disorders, including s allo ing problems, re u and digesti e tract motility. r. atheus performs in office capsule endoscopy and colonoscopy screenings and has been practicing for nearly years. luent in panish, she en oys taking time ith her patients to ensure they are fully informed and their questions are ans ered.

FLORIDA DIGESTIVE DISEASE SPECIALISTS LLC 11505 Palmbrush Trail, Suite 200 | Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202 5741 Bee Ridge Road Suite 550 | Sarasota, Florida 34233 | 941.361.1100 106 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local

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HONOREE Hand Surgery


790 East Venice Ave Ste 102 Venice, Florida 34292

SPECIALTIES WHAT SERVICES DO YOU OFFER? I am an orthopaedic hand surgeon, taking care of wrist, hand, and finger problems ranging from pain, numbness, deformities, and/or accidental traumas. I treat common conditions such as car al tunnel syndrome, locking trigger fingers, cysts, and arthritis. I treat most conditions with medications, injections, braces, and as a last resort, surgery. If surgery is required, many times it can be done in the office without the need to go to a hos ital or surgery center. Sometimes people allow themselves to suffer from longstanding problems with their hands and don t know that they can be easily fi ed, sometimes even without a stitch.

Derek ff, MD

• •

Orthopaedic Surgery Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Wrist Arthroscopy

DR. DAVID CHAN is a fello ship trained, oard ertified rthopaedic and urgeon. e is a nati e loridian, hinese merican hose immigrant parents ha e gi en him the opportunity to pursue his interests in helping those in his community li e a better quality of life. is interests include minimally in asi e techniques such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release and rist arthroscopy, as ell as treating other common maladies such as hand and rist arthritis, trigger fingers, upuytren’s contractures, tendon ruptures, and cysts.

HONOREE Orthopedic Surgery

PLEASE SHARE A BRIEF SUMMARY OF YOUR PRACTICE. Dr. Cuff specializes in performing minimally invasive arthrosco ic rocedures as well as com le shoulder and elbow reconstruction. He utilizes state of the art surgical techni ues to treat the full s ectrum of shoulder and elbow problems. Dr. Cuff has been inducted into the restigious merican Shoulder lbow Surgeons S S society e is one of a small grou of surgeons in the state of Florida to be given this honor, and he is the only surgeon in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, ee or ollier counties to achieve ctive ember status in this organization. Dr. Cuff has a strong interest in clinical and basic science research of the shoulder and elbow. He has published multiple articles in peer reviewed international journals on these topics. 941.485.1505


Arthroscopic Procedures Shoulder and Elbow Reconstruction

DR. DEREK CUFF graduated um aude from the ni ersity of aryland chool of edicine. e completed his orthopaedic residency in altimore, at the ni ersity of aryland edical ystem, and a portion of his training as also at the ohns opkins ospital. e ent on to complete subspecialty fello ship training in shoulder and elbo surgery in ampa, at he lorida rthopaedic Institute prior to mo ing to the arasota area.


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Joseph Noah, MD

HONOREE Orthopedic Surgery

836 Sunset Lake Blvd A-205, Venice, Florida 34292 and 779 Medical Dr. Suite 8, Englewood, Florida 34223


WHAT SETS YOUR PRACTICE APART FROM OTHERS? There are many orthopedic care options in our community. We believe that quality, modern and advance healthcare does not have to be synonymous with sterile and im ersonal care ur ractice is s ecifically geared to providing high level, patient focused care. We still believe in the importance of the human element in healthcare. This allows us to treat every patient with dignity and as an individual. The goal to make every patient, regardless of diagnosis, feel as if their appropriate care is the only thing that matters.

• • •

Sports Medicine Joint Replacement Surgery Orthopaedic Surgery

DR. JOSEPH NOAH has been practicing Sports Medicine and Orthopedic surgery for over a decade. I’ e ser ed as a team physician for both a a or eague aseball team and an football team. sing this kno ledge and insight, I’ e been able to help thousands of people find lasting pain relief and reco er from in ury quickly. lthough I stay on top of ne procedures, ne er doesn’t al ays mean better. I also like to stay ith pro en procedures ith the highest record of success. I ant to continue gi ing our patients the care and treatment they need and deser e. y goal is to pro ide top quality orthopaedics to as many people as our practice can handle. I’m al ays here for them. I’m ery big on the little details, and I belie e attention to detail creates the best care. espite my education, some of the most important things I’ e learned about being a doctor ha en’t come from books they’ e come from my patients’ concerns. aking the time to listen makes me a better doctor.


TOP DOCTORS METHODOLOGY Summary DataJoe Research is a software and research company specializing in data collection and verification, and conducts various nominations across the United States on behalf of publishers. To create the "top doctors" list, DataJoe Research facilitated an online peer-voting process, also referencing government sources. DataJoe then tallied the votes per category for each doctor to isolate the top nominees in each category. After collecting nominations and additional information, DataJoe checked and confirmed that each published winner had a current, active license status with the state regulatory board. If we were not able to find evidence of a doctor's current, active registration with the state regulatory board, that doctor was excluded from the list. In addition, any doctor who has been disciplined, up to the time-frame of our review process for an infraction by the state regulatory board, was excluded from the list. Finally, DataJoe presented the tallied result to the magazine for its final review and adjustments. Final Note We recognize that there are many good doctors who are not shown in this representative list. This is only a sampling of the huge array of talented professionals within the region. Inclusion in the list is based on the opinions of responding doctors in the region and the results of our research campaign. We take time and energy to ensure fair voting, although we understand that the results of this survey nomination are not an objective metric. We certainly do not discount the fact that many, many good and effective doctors may not appear on the list. Disclaimer DataJoe uses best practices and exercises great care in assembling content for this list. DataJoe does not warrant that the data contained within the list are complete or accurate. DataJoe does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. All rights reserved. No commercial use of the information in this list may be made without written permission from DataJoe. Questions For research/methodology questions, contact the research team at

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Holyk, Brian W. Bradenton Cardiology Center 316 Manatee Ave W Bradenton, FL 34205 941-748-2277

Schwartz, Hardy J. Heart Specialists of Sarasota 1950 Arlington Street Suite 400 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-4250

Kumar, Vivek V. 6310 Health Park Way Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

Shoemaker, Steven B. Regional Cardiac & Vascular Associates 600 Nokomis Ave. Suite 102 & 203 Venice, FL 34285 941-486-6979

Landis, James Regional Cardiac & Vascular Associates 600 Nokomis Ave Suite 102 & 203 Venice, FL 34285 941-486-6979 Also an Honoree In Interventional Cardiology

Mollod, Michael Heart Specialists Of Sarasota 1950 Arlington Street, Suite 400 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-4250 Morsli, Hakim Intercoastal Medical Group 965 S. Beneva Road Sarasota, FL 34232 941-366-1888 Nalluri, Chippy C. Heart Specialists Of Sarasota 1950 Arlington Street Suite 400 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-4250 Pacifico, Daniel S. Florida Cardiac Consultants Inc. 1540 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 401 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-0060 Ramos, Mark J. Intercoastal Medical Group 965 S. Beneva Road Sarasota, FL 34232 941-366-1888

Yamada, David M. Heart Specialists Of Sarasota 1950 Arlington Street Suite 400 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-4250

Cardiothoracic Surgery Fong, Jonathan Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1540 S Tamiami Trail Suite 303 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8791 Golino, Alessandro Riverview Cardiac Surgery 5304 4th Ave Circle East Bradenton, FL 34208 941-744-2640 Hoffberger, Jonathan D. Jonathan D Hoffberger, DO, FACOS 1540 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8791 Sell, Jeffrey E. Sarasota Memorial Hospital 1540 S Tamiami Trail Suite 303 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8791

2019 TD

Colon and Rectal Surgery Das, Riva Florida Surgical Specialists 607 Manatee Ave. E. Suite 102 Bradenton, FL 34208 941-216-3602

Cosmetic Surgery Hillstrom, Robert P. Hillstrom Wright Plastic Surgery 5911 N Honore Avenue Sarasota, FL 34243 941-355-3223 Marsh, James W. James W. Marsh MD, PA 2677 S Tamiami Trl Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-9818 Wright, Harry V. Hillstrom Wright Plastic Surgery 5911 North Honore Ave Sarasota, FL 34243 941-355-3223 Also an Honoree in Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Dermatology Arsenault, Emily F. Arsenault Dermatology 230 Manatee Ave East Bradenton, FL 34208 941-907-0222 Bogart, Megan Milam Bogart Dermatology 7400 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231 941-364-8220

Bracciano, David M. Bracciano Dermatology 8430 Cooper Creek Blvd Suite 102 Bradenton, FL 34201 941-360-2255 Callahan, Elizabeth F. SkinSmart Dermatology 5911 North Honore Ave. Suite 210 Sarasota, FL 34243 941-308-7546 Milam, Cathy P. Milam Bogart Dermatology 7400 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231 941-364-8220 Neff, Ann G. 4351 Cortez Road West Bradenton, FL 34210 O'Donoghue, J Morgan. O'Donoghue Dermatology 1952 Field Road Sarasota, FL 34231 941-926-7546 Richey, Hobart K. Hobart K. Richey MD, PA 728 The Rialto Venice, FL 34285 941-484-2246

Emergency Medicine Garby, Brian M. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1700 S. Tamiami Trl. Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8111 Gerber, Joel L. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1700 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8111


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Lorraine Cho Chung Hing, MD At the Florida Kidney Institute our mission is to provide compassionate, exceptional quality care to patients with hypertension, electrolyte abnormalities and acute as well as chronic kidney diseases. We continue our expertise in providing care to patients who require in-center hemodialysis at dialysis facilities and home therapies, including peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis. Patient care is our focus. We aim to optimize quality of life in patients with acute and chronic kidney issues. We refer patients for kidney transplantation when feasible t is definitely an honor to be nominated by our community as a SRQ TOP Doctor for providing outstanding nephrology care.

David Widmyer, DO The Florida Kidney Institute provides care to patients with acute and chronic kidney disease, as well as management of high blood pressure and electrolyte disturbances. In addition, we provide exceptional care to dialysis patients; both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. For our patients, we strive to optimize their quality of life by providing patient-centered care of their chronic and acute kidney conditions. When feasible, patients are referred for kidney transplant evaluation. It is an honor to be recognized as a SRQ TOP Doctor by our peers for providing high quality nephrology care.


Internal Medicine Nephrology

DR. LORRAINE CHO CHUNG HING graduated from the University of South

lorida ollege of edicine in . he is oard ertified in Internal edicine and ephrology. r. ho is the founder of lorida idney Institute , located in enice, lorida. ffiliations include enice egional ayfront health, ngle ood ommunity ospital, arasota emorial ealthcare ystem and ncompass ealth ehabilitation ospital of arasota.


Internal Medicine Nephrology

DR. DAVID WIDMYER graduated from ake rie ollege of steopathic edicine in . r. idmyer practices at the lorida idney Institute , located in enice, lorida. e is oard ertified in Internal edicine and ephrology. ffiliations include enice egional ayfront ealth, ngle ood ommunity ospital, arasota emorial ealthcare ystem, and ncompass ealth ehabilitation ospital of arasota.

FLORIDA KIDNEY INSTITUTE PA 1500 E Venice Ave Unit 103 | Venice, FL 34292 941.485.4700

TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 111

Holland, Reuben W. 1700 S Tamiami Tr Sarasota, FL 34242 941-917-8507 Wolcott, Susan Venice Emergency Medicine Associates 540 The Rialto Venice, FL 34285 941-483-7000

Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism Antunes, Jose R. Dr. Jose R. Antunes, M.D. 2400 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota, FL 34237 941-365-0333 Kozlow, Wende M. Intercoastal Medical Group 943 South Beneva Road Suite 210 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-379-1777 Lupo, Mark A. Thyroid & Endocrine Center of Florida 3050 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota, FL 34239 941-342-9750 Perez, Jesus Intercoastal Medical Group 943 S Beneva Road Suite 210 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-379-1777

Pothiwala, Pooja Gulf Coast Medical Group Endocrinology 1700 E. Venice Ave Suite A Venice, FL 34292 941-800-4700 Rand, Joseph Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St. Suite 512 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-3270

Family Medicine Dunn, Kevin J. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 6128 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231 941-923-5882

Summerlee, Robert J. Intercoastal Medical Group 11715 Rangeland Parkway Bradenton, FL 34211 941-538-0092

Khan, Jaffer J. Center of Surgical Excellence 8421 Pointe Loop Dr. Venice, FL 34239 941-412-2100

General Surgery

Khazanchi, Arun Florida Digestive Disease Specialists, LLC 11505 Palmbrush Trail Suite 200 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-361-1100 Kondapalli, Ravi Venice Gastroenterology, LLC 825 Venetian Parkway Venice, FL 34285 941-483-5730

Nessetti, Matt AllCare Medical Centers 5860 Ranch Lake Boulevard Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-388-8997 Stein, Barry I. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 6128 S Tamiami Trl Sarasota, FL 34231 941-923-5882

Kucera, Stephen Gastroenterology Associates of Sarasota, LLC 2089 Hawthorne St. Sarasota, FL 34239 941-365-6556 Matheus, Tonantzin Florida Digestive Disease Specialists LLC 5741 Bee Ridge Road Suite 550 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-361-1100

Gastroenterology Bernstein, Marc Florida Digestive Health Specialists 2089 Hawthorne Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-365-6556

2019 TD

Byju, Kr University Gastro, LLC 2401 University Parkway Suite 202 Sarasota, FL 34243 941-360-2579

Mitchel, Lee Scott Lee S. Mitchel, MD, LLC 1219 East Avenue South Suite 308 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-4015 Southerland, John Sarasota Digestive Health Specialists 1801 Arlington Street Suite 101 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-894-3490

Browning, Robert Lee Intercoastal Medical Group 11505 Rangeland Parkway Bradenton, FL 34211 941-362-8662 Cordova, Alfredo C. 232 Manatee Avenue East Bradenton, FL 34208 941-254-4957 Erbella, Jose Manatee Memorial Hospital, Medical Office Building 250 2nd Street East, Suite 1A Bradenton, FL 34208 941-896-4788 Halaby, Issam A. Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood 436 Nokomis Avenue South Venice, FL 34285 941-488-7742 Halbreich, Steven Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1950 Arlington Street Suite 310 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6300 Nora, John Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1950 Arlington St., Suite 310 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6300


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10/15/19 10:15 PM



Ki Hassler,

HONOREE Cardiology

KI HASSLER 1215 Jacaranda Blvd, Venice, FL 34292 941.451.8282 F: 877.652.3059


WHAT SETS US APART? While most practices have moved towards a corporate model of medicine, Dr. Hassler has focused on providing personalized attention and exceptional medical treatment for her patients for 15 years. She and her staff know patients by name and she is proud of the relationships she’s developed, encouraging patients to call before they develop a serious problem. Patients are her top priority and her staff prides themselves on quick response time and appointment scheduling to meet patient needs. She enjoys sharing her interests with patients, and encourages support of local arts, of which she is a long time supporter. With her hands on approach to patient care, Dr. Hassler and her staff provide high quality medical treatment with a personal touch that sets her apart from the crowd.

Sharla Sundberg,

PLEASE SHARE A BRIEF SUMMARY OF YOUR PRACTICE. I specialize in minimally invasive surgery. I treat all surgical diseases of the gastrointestinal tract from bowl obstructions, to diverticulitis and colorectal cancer. I also evaluate and treat many abdominal wall disorders such as groin and ventral hernias. My practice is a patient centered practice. I believe my patients are best able to choose the appropriate care plan when they are well informed and made the center of our care team. Patients and their families are treated with compassion, respect and kindness. We ensure all their care questions are answered fully to void any possible uncertainty and anxiety.


Cardiovascular Prevention Heart Failure Cardiac Arrythmias Coronary Disease

• • •

DR. KI HASSLER is a board certified cardiologist ho practices in enice, lorida. he is a graduate of irks ille ollege of steopathic edicine and completed her training in Internal edicine and ardiology at un oast ospital. he sees a ide range of cardio ascular patients and has a special interest in pre entati e medicine and congesti e heart failure management. he en oys spending time ith her human and furry family, as ell as tra eling, e ercising and photography.

HONOREE General Surgery


op octors


PINNACLE DOCTORS 315 75th St West, Bradenton, FL 34209 941.761.1998


Bariatric (weight loss) surgery Abdominal and Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgical Treatment for Heartburn/GERD

DR. SHARLA SUNDBERG is a oard ertified general surgeon ith innacle edical roup ho speciali es in minimally in asi e surgery, including eight loss surgery, and is trained in using the da inci urgical ystem. he recei ed her medical degree from the ni ersity of e as edical ranch in al eston, e as and completed her residency in eneral urgery at the prestigious tanford ni ersity in alo lto, alifornia. he then completed her fello ship at tanford ni ersity, focusing on minimally in asi e surgery and the surgical management of obesity. he pre iously ser ed as hief of urgery at lake edical enter and currently ser es as chairperson of lake edical enter’s robotic surgery committee and as the medical director of bariatric surgery. he is one of the fe female general surgeons in practice in anatee ounty and is married to ric undberg, , an orthopedic surgeon speciali ing in surgery of the spine ith oastal rthopedics.

Novak, Russell Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1950 Arlington St #310 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6300 Also an Honoree in Colon And Rectal Surgery

Rao, Arundathi Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 5880 Rand Blvd Sarasota, FL 34238 941-917-4753 Rekkas, Stelios Manatee Weight Loss Center 232 Manatee Ave East Bradenton, FL 34208 941-896-9507 Smith, Bryan L. Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood 436 Nokomis Avenue S Venice, FL 34285 941-488-7742 Also an Honoree in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery

Stevens, Scott B. Intercoastal Medical Group 3333 Cattlemen Road Sarasota, FL 34232 941-341-0042 Sundberg, Sharla Pinnacle Medical Group 315 75th Street West Bradenton, FL 34209 941-752-2801 Toomey, Paul Florida Surgical Specialists 607 Manatee Ave E Suite 102 Bradenton, FL 34208 941-216-3602

Willkomm, Christopher Surgical Associates of Venice & Englewood 436 Nokomis Ave South Venice, FL 34285 941-488-7742

Also an Honoree in Orthopedic Surgery Hand Surgery

Gynecologic Oncology

Sforzo, Christopher R. Sforzo | Dillingham | Stewart Orthopedics + Sports Medicine 5831 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 300 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-378-5100

Boothby, Richard Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1888 Hillview St. Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8383


Fiorica, James V. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1888 Hillview St. Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8383

Buck, Richard H. Florida Cancer Specialists 600 North Cattlemen Road, Suite 200 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-377-9993

South, Stacey Women‘s Choice Oncology, PLLC 3425 University Pkwy, Suite 102 Sarasota, FL 34243 941-746-7507

Pelayo, Miguel Florida Cancer Specialists 6310 Health Park Way Suite 200 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-907-4737

Infectious Disease

Hand Surgery Chan, David Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine 1790 E Venice Ave Suite 102 Venice, FL 34292 941-485-1505 Hand, John D. Schofield, Hand & Bright Orthopaedics PLLC 1950 Arlington St Suite 111 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-921-2600

2019 TD

Moustoukas, Michael J. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655

Farooq, Ahmed Metrolina Infectious Diseases PA 517 Riviera St Suite D Venice, FL 34285 941-244-9524 Gordillo, Manuel E. Infectious Disease Associates 1425 S. Osprey Ave Suite 1 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-9060

Milam, Michael W. Infectious Diseases Associates 1425 South Osprey Ave Suite 1 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-9060 Offner, Stuart A. 6010 Pointe West Blvd. Bradenton, FL 34209 941-746-2711

Internal Medicine Bhamidipati, Lalita Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St Suite 405 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-3500 Cabello, Stephanie Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 14405 Arbor Green Trail Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-917-7080 Ejercito, Lorena L. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St Suite 605 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8100 Ferreira, Gregory J. 1843 Floyd Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-5864 Hautamaki, R. Dean. Hautamaki & Horiuchi 1843 Floyd Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-951-3920


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Vivian Torres, MD

HONOREE Vascular Surgery

HOW DOES YOUR PRACTICE IMPROVE THE LIFE OF YOUR PATIENTS? My philosophy of patient care is that the atient comes first y ultimate goal is to im rove their uality of life t is im ortant that listen to the atient and learn what really matters to them in order to treat them a ro riately verybody is different, what works for a atient with a articular roblem may not work for a atient with the same or similar roblem y role is that of an educator foremost ith my base of knowledge, training, and craft, aim to im rove my atient’s uality of life by hel ing them feel well enough to en oy doing the things that are im ortant to them in life and by giving them the tools to live a longer, healthier life

Andrew M. Georgeson,


VENAS Vascular Specialists 5860 Ranch Lake Blvd, Suite 200 Bradenton, Florida 34202 941.504.8248 F: 941.460.5609


ABOUT DR. VIVIAN TORRES Born in Brooklyn and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Torres followed the footsteps of a long lineage of doctors and graduated medical school Magna Cum Laude. After completing her fellowship in Vascular Surgery, she moved to Florida for its emerald beaches and, most importantly, proximity to family. In her spare time you can find her rollerblading at the enderson ark, riding her motorcycle, travelling, or relaxing by the water with her family and friends.

HONOREE Vascular Surgery

Allure Medical 1225 Jacaranda Blvd., Venice, FL 34292 (Dr.Georgeson on site Mon. to Wed.) 941.214.9768 | 9114 Town Center Pkwy., Suite 101, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 (Dr.Georgeson on site Tues. and Thurs.) 941.214.9769

WHAT SETS YOUR PRACTICE APART FROM OTHERS? t llure edical, we believe in curing advanced vein disease, not ust managing its sym toms ein disease affects more than 4 million mericans and is widely underdiagnosed and undertreated t’s rogressive and if untreated can result in severe com lications and wounds e use the latest technology and minimally invasive rocedures to sto vein disease in its tracks o need for years of ain, disabilities and wound care visits ur treatments are virtually ainless and don’t re uire any downtime ou’ll be able to walk out of the office and resume your regular activities e take great ride in our high atient satisfaction scores ur ractice is dedicated to offering the best atient e erience ven better, our rocedures are ty ically covered by most insurance lans, including edicare

TopDoctors-2019-11 V2.indd 115

ascular Surgery Fellowship trained and oard ertified


Vein Disease egenerative Surgical and on-Surgical Cosmetic rocedures


DR. ANDREW M. GEORGESON is a board certified general surgeon ith more than thirty years’ e perience in the treatment of ein disease. e is ranked in the top fi e of U.S. surgeons to perform the most successful vein procedures and proudly supports myriad charities and organizations. In his free time, he loves to travel, spend time with his family, and en oys concerts, biking, theater and films.

10/15/19 6:50 PM

Horiuchi, Todd K. Hautamaki & Horiuchi 1843 Floyd Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-951-3920

Yaryura, Ricardo Intercoastal Medical Group 943 S. Beneva Road Sarasota, FL 34232 941-366-1888

Also an Honoree in Pulmonology Internal Medicine

Also an Honoree in Cardiology

John, Gerald B. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St, Suite 605 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8100 Lerner, Brad S. Lerner Cohen Healthcare 1921 Waldemere St Suite 814 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-953-9080 Porter, Kinga Whole Health LWR 11509 Palmbrush Trail Suite 202 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-666-8757 Also an Honoree in Family MedicineInterventional Cardiology

Nguyen, James Bradenton Cardiology Center 316 Manatee Ave W Bradenton, FL 34205 941-748-2277

Interventional Cardiology Schreibman, David S. Heart Specialists of Sarasota 1950 Arlington Street Suite 400 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-4250 Also an Honoree in Cardiology Interventional Cardiology

Maternal and Fetal Medicine Baron, Felice Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1888 Hillview Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6260

Sastry, Ashok Nephrology Associates of Sarasota 1921 Waldemere St Suite 413 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6585 Widmyer, David Florida Kidney Institute 1500 E. Venice Ave. Suite103 Venice, FL 34292 941-485-4700

Neurological Surgery

Mayer, Peter L. Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists 5831 Bee Ridge Rd Suite100 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-308-5700

Neurology Concha, Mauricio Intercoastal Medical Group 2881 Hyde Park Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-906-7155

Cassidy, John R. Neurosurgical Associates Cassidy & Guerin, MD, PA. 842 Sunset Lake Blvd Suite 302 Venice, FL 34292 941-484-3404

Gonzalez, Ralph F. 200 3rd Avenue West Bradenton, FL 34205 941-746-3115

Chauhan, Veeraish Veeraish Chauhan, MD 8614 East Sr 70, Suite 101 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-251-4031

Fine, Andrew D. Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists 5831 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 100 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-308-5700

Hanes, Gregory Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St Suite 701 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8900

Cho Chung Hing, Lorraine Florida Kidney Institute 1500 East Venice Ave Suite 103 Venice, FL 34292 941-485-4700

Glasser, Ryan S. Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists 5831 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 100 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-308-5700

Negroski, Donald Negroski Neurology 5741 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota, FL 34233 941-487-2160

Ghose, Ranjan Nephrology Associates of Sarasota 1921 Waldemere St Suite 413 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6585

Guerin, Christopher Neurosurgical Associates Cassidy & Guerin, MD, PA 842 Sunset Lake Blvd Suite 302 Venice, FL 34292 941-484-3404

Sutherland, Dean P. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St Suite 701 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8900

Nunez, Juan E. 517 Riviera Street, Suite B Venice, FL 34285 941-488-2881

Knego, Robert S. Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists 5831 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 100 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-308-5700


2019 TD

Also Honoree in Spine Surgery


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10/15/19 10:14 PM



Michael Swor,

HONOREE Obstetrics, Gynecology

Swor Women’s Care 1900 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, FL 34239 941.330.8885 F: 941.906.8774



PLEASE SHARE A BRIEF SUMMARY OF YOUR PRACTICE. Michael Swor, MD, FPMRS is a leading double-board-certified, gynecology s ecialist serving women throughout lorida, for over years is o ular and award-winning ractice, Swor omen’s are, rovides highest- uality, atient-focused gynecological care for every stage of a woman’s life ioneer of s eciali ed gynecological techni ues and surgical rocedures, r Swor serves as chairman of the e artment of dvanced Gynecology and inimally- nvasive Surgery at Sarasota emorial os ital ith G s, r enny ichon and r elly- nne Shedd- artman r S , they offer a level of advanced women’s care, including com lete obstetrical care, with unmatched rivacy, comfort and atient-centered service n addition to their re utation for atient care, advanced training, latest technology and medical e ertise, r Swor, his artners and his staff are known for their com assion, dedication, and holistic hiloso hy

• • •

om rehensive G omen’s ealthcare, dolescence to ature ears icrola arosco y, elvic loor e air and obotic Surgery reatment of ibroids, ndometriosis and nfertility elvic rola se, ladder ncontinence

DR. MICHAEL SWOR Since completing his specialty training through the University of Florida, Dr. Swor has continued to study and expand his practice through his teaching, research and developing new technologies. He is the only Sarasota gynecologist granted board certification in female pel ic medicine and reconstructi e surgery. e as the first to use the daVinci® robotic system for gynecological surgery and founded the Center for Advanced Surgery and a regional referral Center for Endometriosis and Low-Impact Laparoscopy.

Thank you to our patients and the medical community for your continued referrals, making us the most comprehensive podiatry practice in the area. — offices in Sarasota and Manatee counties — consultations for medical and surgical management of lower extremity conditions at all area hospitals

Stephen D. Lasday, DPM Alissa Zdancewicz, DPM Robert M. Goecker, DPM Eric VonHerbulis, DPM Dustin M. Stroud, DPM

1611 53rd Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34207 941-753-9599 | 1961 Floyd St. Suite D, Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-2627 SRQNOV19-West Coast Podiatryv3.indd 1

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Obstetrics and Gynecology Finazzo, Michael S. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St Suite 307 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8565 Garner, Kyle L. Gulf Coast Obstetrics & Gynecology 1950 Arlington Street Suite 203 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-379-6331 Maguire, Maureen A. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere Street Suite 307 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8565 Matta-Toomey, Karen West Coast Obstetrics & Gynecology 513 Manatee Ave E Bradenton, FL 34208 941-745-1616 Pollack, Neil B. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere Street Suite 802 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-7888 Ramirez Nessetti, Doris AllCare Medical Centers 5860 Ranch Lake Blvd Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-388-8997

Sullivan, John E. Advanced GYN and OB, LLC 2453 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota, FL 34239 941-203-5000 Swor, G. Michael. Swor Women's Care 1900 S. Tuttle Ave Sarasota, FL 34239 941-330-8885 Towsley, Greg A. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere Street Suite 802 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-7888

Brown, Richard Florida Cancer Specialists 1970 Golf Street Sarasota, FL 34236 941-957-1000 Chu, Luis Florida Cancer Specialists 1970 Golf Street Sarasota, FL 34236 941-957-1000 Also an Honoree in Hematology Oncology

Gonter, Paul W. Florida Cancer Specialists 836 Sunset Lake Blvd. Suite 101 Venice, FL 34292 941-408-0500 Lifton, Robin Florida Cancer Specialists 901 S Tamiami Trail Venice, FL 34285 941-484-3531

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Lunin, Scott D. Florida Cancer Specialists 1970 Golf Street Sarasota, FL 34236 941-957-1000 Maun, Noel A. Florida Cancer Specialists 901 S Tamiami Trail Venice, FL 34285 941-484-3531 Also an Honoree in HematologyOncology


Also an Honoree in HematologyOncology

Lingamurthy, Manjesh Cancer Center of Sarasota Manatee 4351 Cortez Road West Suite 100 Bradenton, FL 34210 941-755-0606

Patel, Anjan J. Florida Cancer Specialists 1970 Golf Street Sarasota, FL 34236 941-957-1000 Also an Honoree in HematologyOncology

Adler, Jonathan A. Adler Eye Institute 1509 53rd Avenue West Bradenton, FL 34207 941-753-0220 Campbell, David Sarasota Ophthalmology 2121 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-955-6363 Halvey, Cornelius H. Sarasota Ophthalmology 2121 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-955-6363 Ross, Joseph J. 3920 Bee Ridge Rd Bldg F Suite A Sarasota, FL 34233 Schwartz, Thomas L. Eye Care Associates of Sarasota 1219 East Ave S #105 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-957-4216

Silver, Caryn Florida Cancer Specialists 1970 Golf Street Sarasota, FL 34236 941-957-1000

Silverman, Scott E. Coastal Eye Institute 6310 Health Park Way #340 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 941-748-1818

Van Der Wall, Ana Florida Cancer Specialists 2401 60th Street Court West Bradenton, FL 34209 941-792-1881

Stelton, Christopher R. 3400 S Tamiami Trail, Suite 101 Sarasota, FL 34239

Opthalmology Abrams, Jody G. Sarasota Retina Institute 3400 Bee Ridge Rd., Ste 200 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-921-5335

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Reuter, Todd J. Sarasota Oral & Implant Surgery 2130 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-365-3388


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Orthopedic Surgery Cuff, Derek J. Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery 836 Sunset Lake Blvd Venice, FL 34292 941-485-1505 Dingle, Sean R. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655 Noah, Joseph Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine 836 Sunset Lake Blvd Suite 205 Venice, FL 34292 941-485-1505 O'neill, Patrick J. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655 Rush, Charles W. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655 Silverstein, Jeffrey Sarasota Orthopedic Associates 2750 Bahia Vista Street, Suite 100 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-951-2663 Stolarski, Edward J. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655

Sugar, David A. Sugar Orthopaedics 1630 S. Tuttle Avenue Sarasota, FL 34239 941-556-6900 Also an Honoree in Sports Medicine

Valadie, Alan L. Coastal Orthopedics 6015 Pointe West Blvd Bradenton, FL 34209 941-792-1404

Rosenberg, Seth I. Silverstein Institute 1901 Floyd Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-9222 Shea, Roger M. Shea ENT Clinic 5432 Bee Ridge Road Suite 140 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-371-2244

Valadie, Arthur L. Coastal Orthopedics 6015 Pointe West Blvd Bradenton, FL 34209 941-792-1404

Silverstein, Herbert Silverstein Institute 1901 Floyd Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-9222

Vidolin, John Paul John Paul Vidolin, MD 836 Sunet Lake Blvd. Suite102 Venice, FL 34292 941-497-1771

Wazen, Jack J. Silverstein Institute 1901 Floyd Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-9222

Otalaryngology Ear Nose Throat

Pain Management

Marlowe, Andrew Marlowe & Marrs ENT 5432 Bee Ridge Road Suite 150 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-303-8590

Erb, Donald L. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655

Patete, Michael Michael Patete, MD 213 Palermo Place Venice, FL 34285 941-485-7783

Giraldo, Kenneth Dr. Kenneth A. Giraldo MD, P.A. 5831 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 100 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-343-1040

Phommachanh, Viengsouk FYZICAL Health 2401 University Parkway Sarasota, FL 34243 941-355-2767

Job, Lindsey Restore Medical Partners 8383 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34238 941-375-3006




Satia, Satinderpaul Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655

Pathology Mccormack, Kevin M. 2001 Webber Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-362-8900 Stelton, Christina D. Suncoast Pathology 446 S Tamiami Trail, 2nd Flr Venice, FL 34285 941-483-3319

Pediatric Allergy Immunology Fuchs, Howard B. 3920 Bee Ridge Rd Sarasota, FL 34233 941-923-3495

Pediatric General Featherman, Donald S. 2020 Cattlemen Road Sarasota, FL 34232 941-955-5191 Mihm, Susan R. Sunshine Pediatrics of Venice 145 Miami Ave. E. Venice, FL 34285 941-480-0088

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Herman, Erik S. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Adamson, Christopher D. Adamson Plastic Surgery 5741 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 510 Sarasota, FL 34233 941-343-9900 Also an Honoree in Cosmetic Surgery

Barnett, Marguerite Sarasota Institute of Plastic Surgery 1715 Stickney Point Rd Sarasota, FL 34231 941-927-2447 Bhanot, Sumeet Bhanot Facial Plastic Surgery 2038 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota, FL 34239 941-966-3223 Derby, Brian M. Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center 2255 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239 941-203-1303 Widmyer, Anna Hillstrom Wright Plastic Surgery 5911 N Honore Ave Sarasota, FL 34243 941-355-3223 Also an Honoree in Cosmetic Surgery

Yan, David Gulf Coast Medical Group Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 8431 Pointe Loop Drive Venice, FL 34292 941-207-5355

Podiatry Frimmel, Robert Sarasota Foot Care Center 1921 Waldemere Street Suite 106 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6232 Giannone, Louis S. Venice Podiatry 411 Commercial Court Suite G Venice, FL 34292 941-412-3000 Goecker, Robert M. West Coast Podiatry Center, P.A. 1961 Floyd Street, Suite D Sarasota, FL 34239 941-753-9599 Yungst, Paul G. Sarasota Foot Care Center 1921 Waldemere St Suite 106 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-6232

Psychiatry Thomas, Matthew P. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1650 S. Osprey Ave. Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8800

Pulmonology Aranibar, Richard Intercoastal Medical Group 11505 Rangeland Parkway Bradenton, FL 34211 941-362-8662

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Barber, Laura Gulf Coast Pulmonology Associates 209 Palermo Pl Venice, FL 34285 941-488-1906 Evans, William H. Matrix Pulmonary 2401 Manatee Ave W Bradenton, FL 34205 941-744-1336 Hurwitz, Kenneth M. Lung Associates of Sarasota 1921 Waldemere St Suite 705 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-5864 Seaman, Joseph C. Lung Associates of Sarasota 1921 Waldemere St Suite 705 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-366-5864

Swor, Gray B. 21st Century Oncology 3210 Fruitville Road Sarasota, FL 34237 941-364-8887

Radiology Ruzek, Kimberly A. Radiology Associates of Venice, Englewood, and Sarasota 3501 Cattlemen Road, Suite C Sarasota, FL 34232 941-342-7283 Also an Honoree in Diagnostic Radiology

Selva, Sergio L. Radiology Associates of Venice, Englewood and Sarasota 512-516 Nokomis Ave., S. Venice, FL 34285 941-488-7781 Also an Honoree in Diagnostic Radiology

Radiation Oncology Fitch, Dwight L. 21st Century Oncology 6215 21st Ave W Suite B Bradenton, FL 34209 941-795-2270 Patrice, Stephen J. 21st Century Oncology 901 Tamiami Trail South Venice, FL 34285 941-485-8455

Reproductive Endocrinology Pabon, J. E. Fertility Center & Applied Genetics of Florida 5100 Station Way Sarasota, FL 34233 941-787-2287

Rheumatology Silverman, Larry N. 21st Century Oncology 3210 Fruitville Road Sarasota, FL 34237 941-364-8887

Drucker, Yoel Sarasota Arthritis Center 1945 Versailles Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-365-0770


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Johnston, Cindy Sarasota Arthritis Center 1945 Versailles Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-365-0770 Kelley, Joe T. Intercoastal Medical Group 943 S. Beneva Road, Suite 201 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-366-3062 Manohar, Jaishree Sarasota Arthritis Center 1945 Versailles Street Sarasota, FL 34239 941-365-0770

Sleep Medicine Adams, Glenn D. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1625 S Osprey Ave Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8772 Scheer, Steven J. Optimal Sleep Health 2020 Cattleman Road Suite 400 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-342-3400

Spine Surgery Feiertag, Michael A. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655

Nguyen, Lam Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655 Patel, Ashvin I. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655 Sundberg, Eric B. Coastal Orthopedics 6015 Pointe West Blvd Bradenton, FL 34209 941-792-1404

Sports Medicine Shapiro, Gary S. Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center 6050 Cattleridge Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 941-365-0655 Also an Honoree in Orthopedic Surgery

Urology Allen, Bryan J. Bryan Allen MD 200 3rd Ave West Suite 210 Bradenton, FL 34205 941-792-0340 Barzell, Winston E. Urology Treatment Center 3325 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 200 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8488


Carey, Robert Sarasota Memorial Health Care System 1921 Waldemere St. Suite 310 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-5400 Green, Joshua T. 21st Century Oncology 3325 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 200 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-917-8488 Klutke, Carl 21st Century Oncology 842 Sunset Lake Blvd Suite 403 Venice, FL 34292 941-485-3351 Lomas, Gregory M. 21st Century Oncology 842 Sunset Lake Blvd Suite 403 Venice, FL 34292 941-485-3351 Perry, Matthew J. Florida Urology Specialists 1 S School Ave., Suite 200 Sarasota, FL 34237 941-309-7000

Lepore, Michael R. Sarasota Vascular Specialists 600 North Cattlemen Road Suite 220 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-371-6565 Nair, Deepak G. Sarasota Vascular Specialists 600 North Cattlemen Rd Suite 220 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-371-6565 Samson, Russell H. Sarasota Vascular Specialists 600 North Cattlemen Road Suite 220 Sarasota, FL 34232 941-371-6565 Silverman, Steven H. Steven H Silverman MD FACS 1215 S. East Avenue Suite 307 Sarasota, FL 34239 941-312-6196 Torres, Vivian Tampa Bay Surgical Group 5860 Ranch Lake Blvd Suite 200 Bradenton, FL 34202 941-504-8248

Ruane, Thomas J. RTR Urology 842 Sunset Lake Boulevard Venice, FL 34292 941-485-3351

Vascular Surgery Georgeson, Andrew M. 9114 Town Center Parkway Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202



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HOME AWAY FROM HOME An eclectic weekend at Postcard Inn on the Beach, St. petersburg Written and Photographed by Wesley Roberts



by the sight that greets the family. While most resorts have invested heavily in vast sheets of glass, bright spaces, and modern architecture—the foyer of the Postcard Inn on the Beach, St Pete feels li e a ir neigh orhood co ee shop. ots of wood great reclai ed orna entation and overst ed rown leather sofas make the space a cozy counterpoint to the blaring Florida sun outside. The comfortable seating by the front des was in se often d ring o r sta as were the over-sized Connect Four game set and the normal-sized chess oard. To e fair the fo er is appointed nicel with a long ar that wraps in fro the resta rant space so it is ore of a spea eas than a ca eine-deliver space. The co forta le at osphere and the oor-to-ceiling wall of oo s give a strong essage that g ests are welco e to sit and enjoy for a long as they like. A couple of additional steps take me into the onpre ises co ee shop . . rind. The rind eca e first stop in the orning and a fre ent chec point

in the afternoon. The serve ahwa co ee as good as any, and I enjoyed bringing a delicious macchiato in with e to the rea fast et. The iced ocha latte half the chocolate please was a tantali ing wa to cool o fro the s n. e also fo nd that the gra and go” breakfast and lunch options to be delicious. What a great wa to help g ests a e the ost of their ti e oth on and o propert . st gra a co ple of rea fast sandwiches and o can get o r da nderwa . s all convenience t one that ore properties wo ld enefit fro o ering to their g ests. t was on the second da of o r visit that wandered ac p to the busy foyer of Postcard Inn on the Beach and sat for a it tr ing to fig re o t wh the space see ed fa iliar. Then it hit me—the foyer, for me at least, reminded me of the fa o s entral er co ee shop on the s s pershow Friends a livingroo -awa -fro -ho e with sofas that are a little too nice for a co ee shop. e loved o r roo -si ple t co plete with plent of space to get in and o t of o r swi gear and

This spread, left to right: The

cozy industrial offeehouse oyer o the ost ard Inn on the Beach with daily beach stats on the chalkboard. A wedding reception in the central outdoor courtyard under the Florida trees. The Cuban sandwi h rom the Barracuda Deli a uest rooms open onto an open area, steps away rom the ool

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beach gear. It is a smart feature of both Postcard-owned properties that I have had the pleasure to stay at—this St. Pete property and the Islamorada property in the Florida Keys, that both have kept the older motel-style where the rooms open directly to the outside rather than into an air-conditioned hallway. When you are wet from the pool, or sandy from the beach, you don’t want to be trudging up and down long hallways and riding in chilly elevators. And we, like all of our neighbors, left the ost each of o r elongings the oats sandals and kid’s pails—outside our door when they were not in use. Having a door that opened to the outside, especially onto the pro d oor gave s another enefit a right green, grassy, postcard-sized personal lawn. This tiny bit of greenery got a ridiculous amount of use from our kids, who rolled on it, played on it, snacked on it and read books on it during our stay. Most of our neighbors enjoyed their small private kingdoms as well. A friendly co ple a few nits down were o t on their ini-lawn o and-on all da . The safe space let the trade o caring for their very young baby, while the other parent got to nap. It was nice of the parents to welcome my daughter’s curious visits, and interesting to talk to the husband, who turned out to be a world-renowned “shark-tagger” who spends most of the year at sea. Of course, the beach is divine. It is a huge, almost endless expanse of soft, perfect sand that leads to the happy Gulf waters. The Gulf of Mexico is almost always gentle and warm, among the best beach experiences in the world. The resort’s pool is also enormous and was a centerpiece of activity and energy all day. And, at least while we were there two happ f n-filled weddings were underway — ceremonies on the beach during the day, and festive, evening parties after the sunset. An amazing synergy has formed between a nearby start-up business and the resort. Right beyond the gates to the par ing are the o ces of eachfront ggies where your vacation can be expanded to include the rest of t. ete each. eachfront ggies o ers ggies for rental, which are something in-between a road-legal golf cart, and a futuristic space pod. The egg-shaped vehicles can co forta l carr fo r people and o er a roof and a windshield, but no doors. It’s an open-air wild ride in which you self-drive and putter your way up and down the island, exploring while the wind whips by and the s n ea s. The sta is incredi l enth siastic a o t the service and cares that their customers have fun, including o ering tips on places to go and things to see on the island. e set o down the road. irst whipped past o r favorite must-return lunch spot in all of St. Pete— The arrac da eli afe which is wal ing distance to the resort. arrac da is a s all nass ing fa il resta rant with the est an sandwiches o will find an where. The kids hooted and cheered as we headed North to ohn s ass illage oardwal a lovel collection of

shops and restaurants arranged along the eponymous boardwalk. The view from the windows of the Friendly Fisherman Restaurant is half the joy of lunch—boats, seagulls and gorgeous Florida waterways—and the Halfo nd l e heese r nch rger anaged to satisf even my son’s growing-boy appetite. fter filling p on fries and so e reall e cellent clam chowder, we took to the boardwalk to explore. Right on cue, just as the warm air and post-lunch torpor set in, we stumbled across The Sandbar, an ice cream shop that had st added a delicio s cold- rew co ee over ice cream option to their menu. The sugar perked up the ids and the ca eine per ed p the ad lts and with that we remembered the advice of the concierge back at the ostcard nn on the each. e had een told that we ight find alligators sna es and other wild ani als near . The Alligator Attraction must be seen to be elieved. l ensconced on the second oor of an outdoor shopping center is one of the quirkiest and ost f n places o ight ever find. here there should have been a sunglasses store and a clothing boutique, is now a quintessential roadside attraction where you can kiss baby alligators, hold scaly pythons, continued on page 133

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SRQ’s Foodie Content Channel

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CROW’S NEST MARINA RESTAURANT 1968 Tarpon Center Dr., Venice, 941-484-9551. CASUAL FINE DINING The Crow’s Nest is a casual fine dining restaurant, serving fresh seafood, steaks and other traditional Florida favorites. Located on the Island of Venice and nestled between the Gulf of Mexico on the west and the Intracoastal Waterway on the north and east, Crow’s Nest has become a waterfront fixture for surf ‘n’ turf. M–W 11:30am-10pm. Th 11:30am–11pm. F-Sa 11:30am–12:30am. Su 12–10pm. DUVAL’S FRESH. LOCAL. SEAFOOD. 1435 Main St., Sarasota, 941-312-4001. SEAFOOD Duval’s Fresh. Local. Seafood. is excited to announce: Duval’s Free. Local. Shu’le! Your experience at Duval’s should be what you’re expecting. For dinner, try the Chef Selected Fresh Catch, an offering of the freshest fish in the market, and fillet your fresh catch in-house. Featuring a 3-5-7 Happy Hour and late night. M–Th 11am–9pm. F–Sa 11am–10pm. Su 10am– 9pm. ELEMENT 1413 Main St., Sarasota, 941-724-8585. MODERN MEDITERRANEAN In the heart of downtown Sarasota, you don’t want to miss the upscale Mediterranean grill, Element. Try their Sambuca shrimp with bacon crème, crisp prosciu’o, tomato fennel compote and pine nuts. For dinner, their 12 oz. bone-in center cut porcini-encrusted veal chop is delectable. For a large party, order the table an entire roast suckling pig; which serves four to six guests and is cooked with apples, figs and shallots. Equipped with an extensive wine list and an enticing array of craž cocktails, dining at Element is a must-try experience. M-Th 4:30pm-10pm. F-Sa 4:30pm11pm. Su 10:30am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-10pm. F-Sa. GECKO’S GRILL & PUB 6 convenient locations. Serving AMERICAN PUB FOOD WITH A GOURMET TWIST Fresh fare, smooth spirits & exceptional hospitality since 1992. Locally owned and operated, Gecko’s polished casual atmosphere, fantastic food, service-forward culture and specialty cocktails make it an enduring community gathering place. Serving Lunch, Dinner & Late Night and a favorite of Locals and visitors alike. Voted “BEST SPORTS BAR.” Featuring daily Happy Hours, weekly Chef’s Specials, locally sourced seasonal produce & beef from our farm and ranch partners, all your favorite sporting events, award-winning Kids Menu and teams of friendly hospitality professionals. There’s always something happening at Gecko’s -- Bingo; Team Trivia Night; All Day & All Night Happy Hours and special events. See you at Gecko’s! GROVE 10670 Boardwalk Loop, Lakewood Ranch, 941893-4321. CONTEMPORARY GOURMET DINING GROVE Restaurant, Patio and Ballroom is the newest offshoot of PIER 22, the award-winning waterfront destination headed by restaurateurs Hugh Miller and Greg Campbell. A full-service restaurant and events venue offering contemporary gourmet dining. The menu is elevated yet approachable and locally inspired. Housemade dishes emphasize fresh seasonal ingredients as well as innovative cooking methods, and with 27,000 square feet of dining space including casual patio dining, private rooms, a relaxing lounge space and an elegant 400 person ballroom there’s room for everyone at the table! M-Th 11:30am-10pm, F-Sa 11:30am-12am, Sun 11am-10pm. LEMON TREE KITCHEN 1289 North Palm Ave., Sarasota, 941-552-9688. HEALTHY CASUAL DINING Lemon Tree Kitchen’s all day menu highlights American Classic dishes that liž the body and mind while providing a comforting meal that will appeal to the everyday diner. With wholesome clean ingredients and hand-cražed dishes that meet every lifestyle choice, Lemon Tree Kitchen uses locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible and ensures that their vendors align with their

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mission to serve food that you can feel good about. Open daily for lunch and dinner. M–Su 11:00am–9pm. LIBBY’S NEIGHBORHOOD BRASSERIE 1917 South Osprey Ave., Sarasota, 941-487-7300. CASUAL FINE DINING Libby’s serves bistro classics and seasonal New American cuisine. Named ažer the restaurant’s unforge’able family matriarch, Libby, this modern American brasserie evokes style and uniqueness with a welcoming warmth. Start with the Brasserie Tartare or the Crispy Brussels. Entrees include the Double Brined Porkchop, served with yukon gold mashed potatoes and Steak Au Poivre, a wood grilled NY Strip steak. Indoor, bar, and outdoor seating is available at this Southside Village favorite. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Su–Th 11:00am–9pm. F-Sa 11:00am–10pm. MARINA JACK 2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota, 941-365-4232. SEAFOOD, STEAKS AND PASTA The Sarasota landmark offers its customers exceptional food and great atmosphere while dining on the water. Come to the dining room on the second floor and try some new items on the dinner menu. Start with braised mussels in a chorizo broth or short rib tostadas, which feature Gouda cheese and pulled slow-braised short rib. Open daily for lunch and dinner. M–Su 11:15am–11pm. MATTISON’S - 3 Locations: Ma’ison’s City Grille, 1 N. Lemon Ave., Sarasota, 941-330-0440/ Ma’ison’s Forty-One, 7275 S. Tamiami Tr., Sarasota, 941-921-3400/ Ma’ison’s Riverwalk Grille, 101 Riverfront Blvd., Bradenton, 941-896-9660. AMERICANN, EUROPEAN, PROVINCIALLY SOURCED MENU ITEMS Chef Paul Ma’ison, executive chef and proprietor of Ma’ison’s, operates a successful culinary group on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Located in Sarasota and Bradenton, each Ma’ison’s restaurant location is unique to its neighborhood, offering Chef Paul Ma’ison’s signature menu items, outstanding service, and quality ingredients, while supporting the community, regional farmers, and culinary suppliers. Each Ma’ison’s location offers outdoor dining, happy hour and live music. Ma’ison’s Catering Company is an award-winning, chef-owned and operated company procuring fresh, natural, and local ingredients. Catering in-house and off-site, Mattison’s Catering Company offers certified wedding and event planners, experienced professionals, and custom menus. Hours vary by location. MORTON’S GOURMET MARKET 1924 South Osprey Ave., Sarasota, 941-955-9856. GOURMET GROCER It’s the place where you can spend a lazy Sunday morning sipping coffee and breaking off pieces of a scone, a frenetic Friday evening collecting rare cheeses, meat and wine for Saturday’s soiree or a quick lunchtime bite to go. For the la’er, Morton’s fresh-made sushi, salad bar or ready-to-go tea sandwiches are longstanding local faves. M–Sa 7am–8pm. Su 9am–6pm. MUSE AT THE RINGLING 5401 Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota, 941-359-5700. CONTEMPORARY CASUAL DINING Upscale local cuisine with international flair is the inspiration for Muse’s concept and development. Muse at The Ringling provides a comfortable and contemporary dining experience in a magnificent, artistic setting. Muse creates menus with an eye for presentation, using fresh and high quality products. Intriguing combinations and variations on cuisine anchor the innovative menu. The ideal dining spot to complement a day in the galleries or a night at the theater, Muse offers diners a culinary adventure where dishes are approached as works of art. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Su–M 11:00am–5pm. Tu–Sa 11:00am–8pm. OAK & STONE - 2 Locations: University Park, 5405 University Pkwy., Sarasota, 941-225-4590/ South Sarasota, 4067 Clark Rd., Sarasota, 941-893-4881 PIZZA AND CRAFT

BEER At Oak & Stone, artisanal wood-fired pizzas are handcražed and diners can select to B.Y.O.P. (build your own pie) or choose from the menu’s many custom craž pizza options. The standard tavern fare is elevated with options such as Smokey Gouda Mac n’ Cheese and Pretzel Crusted Tuna. Fresh offerings such as delicious salads and hummus plate round out the menu. Oak & Stone boasts the largest RFID technology self-serve brew wall in the region, with 56 taps that showcase local and American craž breweries, self-pourable by the ounce. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Su–Th 11:00am– 11pm. F–Sa 11:00am–12am. OPHELIAS ON THE BAY 9105 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key, 941-349-2212. FINE DINING With indoor and outdoor dining options boasting incredible waterfront views of Li’le Sarasota Bay, Ophelia’s On The Bay is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delectable meal. From their PEI mussels presented in a saffron-anise’e broth to incredible cocktails such as the Pink Lady, you can’t go wrong. Happy Hour M–Su 5pm–6pm. Dinner M–Su 5pm–10pm. Sunday Brunch 11am–2pm. PBNT 1409 Main St., Sarasota, 941-914-9955. AMERICAN PBnT is serving up delicious pizzas, burgers, tacos. There are options for everyone, including gluten-free pizza crust and le’uce-wrapped burgers. PBnT caters to every craving for America’s favorite foods. Try their When Pigs Fly pizza, which is a BBQ base, topped with cheese, roasted pork, chopped bacon, onion and a BBQ drizzle or their Momo burger which is a double pa’y, sautéed mushrooms and onions, mozzarella cheese and mayo. If you are really hungry, try their American Dream, which is a cheese pizza, cheeseburger and a taco of choice. Fast, fun and friendly – PBnT is the perfect choice. M-Su 11am-10pm. PIER 22 1200 1st Ave W, Bradenton, 941-748-8087. CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN Pier 22 takes waterfront dining to a new level. On the mouth of the Manatee River, the picturesque se’ing is relaxing and the perfect backdrop for any outing. With over 26,000 square feet of space, Pier 22 also offers catering and space for events. They focus on fresh, homemade fare and unique twists on everyday dishes. For lunch, try their sož-shell crab sandwich with jalapeno tartar sauce, with a side of poutine. While watching the sunset on the patio, dine on their fresh game of the day, sourced from around the world and always a surprise. M-Th 11:30am – 10pm. F-Sa 11:30am-10:30pm. Su 11am-10pm. Happy hour daily 3pm7pm and Sunday Brunch 11am-3pm. SHARKY’S ON THE PIER 1600 Harbour Dr. S, Venice, 941-488-1456. SEAFOOD Ažer just one visit to Sharky’s On the Pier, Fins at Sharky’s or Snook Haven, you’ll understand why all three restaurants have become Venice-area landmarks, smack-dab on the water. Boasting unparalleled views of the 720-foot long Venice Fishing Pier and Gulf of Mexico for over 30 years, Sharky’s has made a name for itself as Florida’s No. 1 Beach Bar with complimentary live music and entertainment, family friendly fun and a whole lot of ocean. M–Th 11:30am– 10pm. F–Sa 11:30am–12am. Sun 11:30am–10pm. TSUNAMI SUSHI & HIBACHI GRILL 100 Central Ave, Suite 1022, Sarasota, 941-366-1033. ASIAN FUSION In the heart of downtown Sarasota Florida, Tsunami Sushi and Hibachi Grill stands alone for creative sushi, fresh sashimi and a new spin on asian fusion--all at remarkable prices. The Tsunami team focuses on ensuring every meal exceeds your expectations. FRESH SUSHIMade fresh before your eyes by their talented chefs. FULL BAR- They feature a full bar, with specialty cocktails like the Hibiscus Rose, Japanese Julep and Shinsu Sour. ASIAN ENTREES- Fresh and flavorful with the unique taste of Japan. M-F 11am-Close; Sat/Sun 12pmClose; Closed Daily 2:30-4:30pm.

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Located directly on Sarasota Bay, the Dining Room at Marina Jacks has developed a reputation for offering a first-rate experience paired with unparalleled cityside and marina views. While there’s no shortage of activity at the bustling downtown Sarasota marina, we find there’s nothing be’er than to order a glass from Marina Jacks nicely curated wine list and slip into a blissful dining experience. Chef Shane Dabney shares one of the newest additions to Marina Jacks’ dining room menu. The Spicy Tuna Tacos may be listed as on the Small Eats menu, but that by no means accounts for the generous portion of sushi-style spicy ahi tuna, delicate sesame finger slaw and wasabi aioli served between three crave worthy crispy wonton tacos. Accompanied by wakame salad and wasabi caviar, Chef Shane’s Spicy Tuna Tacos are an elevated Asian-fusion dish that can be enjoyed in the Dining Room while watching sailboats dance and yachts glide in and out of Sarasota Bay. MARINA JACK 2 MARINA PLAZA, SARASOTA | 941-365-4232 | MARINAJACKS.COM

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CROW’S NEST RESTAURANT, TAVERN & MARINA Whether you arrive by boat or ažer a drive through charming downtown Venice, The Crow’s Nest has been a go-to for waterfront dining for over forty years. Located on the Venice Inlet, the restaurant’s expansive windows offer views into the channel and nearby islands. Executive Chef Annie Prizzi’s focus on sustainable, inspired cuisine is highlighted in signature dish Seafood Ravioli, a nod to the Chef’s Sicilian heritage and a celebration of the coastal environment. Artfully assembled, the dish highlights the light subtle flavors of the sea’s bounty, while still offering a pasta indulgence. Chef Annie’s homemade seafood marinara pairs perfectly with her made from scratch sheets of pasta, which are infused with sundried tomato and basil. Following the concept of a deconstructed ravioli and layering flavor as she builds the dish, Chef Annie incorporates clarified bu’er, creamy rico’a, and fresh spinach to the pan along with a medley of fresh, high-quality seafood. The resulting dish is an elegant tower of handsomely sized scallops, jumbo lump crab meat, and local Florida pink shrimp. A celebration on the Fru’i di mare, the dish is refined yet comforting. CROW’S NEST 1968 TARPON CENTER DRIVE, VENICE FL | 941-484-9551 | CROWSNEST-VENICE.COM

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FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY DUVAL’S FRESH. LOCAL. SEAFOOD. “A restaurant that has the Gulf of Mexico for a backyard ain’t that bad.” In return, the popular seafood establishment has truly embraced being a neighbor to the Gulf’s abundant waters. As purveyors of over 40 different species of fish that are caught while in-season throughout the year, it’s nearly impossible to focus on a single, signature dish for this seafood-oriented restaurant. Instead, we leave the plating up to the patron. Whether you’ve selected expertly prepared traditional Grouper or Snapper, or have come to love the delicate texture of Goldentile, Tripletail, or Hogfish, a patron at Duval’s seeking the terroir of the Suncoast can depend on fresh, sustainably caught and locally harvested seafood. Prepared as you wish with a rotating selection of nightly sides, a wide variety of possibilities to enjoy Gulf dining await. DUVAL’S FRESH. LOCAL. SEAFOOD. 1435 MAIN STREET, SARASOTA | 941-3124001 | DUVALSFLS.COM

SAMBUCA SHRIMP ELEMENT MODERN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL Sambuca Shrimp embodies the essence of Element’s inspired Mediterranean menu. “Our riffs on classic Mediterranean favorites along with our immersive atmosphere, and superb wine and craft cocktail offerings are meant to seduce the senses and entice the palate,” shares Chef Nils Tarantik. In this signature dish, Italian digestif Sambuca is used to deglaze a sauté of gremolata, fragrant garlic and shallots, smoky bacon, new potatoes and succulent shrimp. With a touch of cream and time to reduce, Chef Nils’ stovetop synergy evolves into an indulgent and silky pan sauce. When added to the final plating, the sauce’s hint of the Sambuca’s light anise flavor elevates the dish, sending your taste buds from downtown Sarasota straight to the Amalfi coast. ELEMENT MODERN MEDITERRANEAN GRILL 1413 MAIN STREET, SARASOTA, FL | 941-724-8585 | ELEMENTSRQ.COM

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MUSSELS AND ALE GROVE RESTAURANT Choose a seat at the GROVE’s expansive, welcoming bar and unwind with a selection from the Lakewood Ranch restaurant’s well considered cocktail menu. The notable bar program is only the beginning of an experience at GROVE. Chef Greg Campbell’s passion for high-quality ingredients and hands-on cooking translates into dishes that are meticulously cražed with lingering, well-developed flavors. A signature starter and house favorite, GROVE’s Mussels and Ale begins with Goose Island Next Coast IPA- a balanced, hoppy ale with a subtle tropical taste. Plump and delicate Prince Edward Island Mussels are simmered in the ale along with chorizo and manchego cheese-- creating an irresistibly fragrant, savory broth. Served with crispy, bu’ery Texas Toast, which is made daily by GROVE’s own off-site Pier Bakery using natural ingredients, GROVE’s Mussels and Ale is an ideal beginning to a meal by celebrated Chef Greg. GROVE RESTAURANT 10670 BOARDWALK LOOP, LAKEWOOD RANCH, FLORIDA | 941.893.4321 | GROVELWR.COM

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PAD THAI SPRING ROLLS LEMON TREE KITCHEN If you’ve thought that eating healthy equates to lackluster cuisine, Lemon Tree Kitchen will reset your mindset. Inspired by a variety of global cuisines, the wholesome, clean dishes of Lemon Tree Kitchen are packed with flavor. The restaurant’s signature Pad Thai Spring Rolls will not disappoint. A starter on their All-Day menu, the traditional Thai dish from which these handcrafted rolls get their namesake are deconstructed to their elements. Dressed rice noodles and traditional vegetables are carefully rolled into delicate rice paper. Topped with cilantro and peanuts and served with a sweet chili dipping sauce, this elegant dish (which is both gluten free and vegan) shines within a carefully crafted menu that celebrates dining intended to lift the body and soul. Chef Jose Rojas comments, “we are looking to create a lighter version of one of the most requested dishes in USA. And rather put it in a form of an appetizer without compromising the flavors of a traditional Pad Thai.” LEMON TREE KITCHEN 1289 N. PALM AVE, SARASOTA, FL | 941-552-9688 | TABLESEIDE.COM/LEMON-TREE-KITCHEN

ROTISSERIE HALF CHICKEN LIBBY’S NEIGHBORHOOD BRASSERIE Libby’s is back. While their recently renovated design may lean more contemporary, their menu still pays homage to the very favorite bistro dishes that have captured the hearts of Sarasotans since this neighborhood establishment opened over ten years ago. Inspired by Chef Anthony Bourdain, one signature, classic Libby’s dish that has endured--the Rotisserie Half Chicken. Any internet-loving foodie has likely come across the legend of ‘Engagement Chicken,’ or the tale of how a perfectly roasted chicken has served as a segue to life-long romance and marriage. (Google it, we swear it’s a thing!) The story is probably more urban myth than reality...but, maybe not. After all, who can resist a succulent, perfectly roasted slow roasted chicken with crackled, browned paper-thin skin, flavored with fresh rosemary, thyme, and roasted garlic? As plated, the half chicken is paired with warm fingerling potato salad, smoky bacon, shaved brussel sprouts and a shallot vinaigrette. It’s savory, comforting and hits the mark for a meal that feels like home. Maybe love truly has found its way onto a plate after all? LIBBY’S NEIGHBORHOOD BRASSERIE 1917 S. OSPREY AVE. SARASOTA, FL 8445 LORRAINE RD. LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL 941-487-7300 | TABLESEIDE.COM/LIBBYSNEIGHBORHOOD-BRASSERIE

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BURGUNDY ESCARGOTS OPHELIA OPHELIA’S ON THE BAY Since 1988, Ophelia’s on the Bay has been serving highend cuisine inspired by the restaurant’s lush, waterfront location. Repeatedly named one of the area’s most romantic restaurants, Ophelia’s offers an intimate experience akin to a candle lit dinner, accompanied by the subtle sound of waves crashing nearby. Chef Daniel Olson’s passion for creating elevated, flavorful cuisine is reflected his signature dish, Burgundy Escargots Ophelia. Succulent escargot are sautéed with trumpet mushrooms, scallions and black truffle champagne nage. Finished with herbaceous, creamy basil butter, a generous heap of grilled French batard accompanies the plate. With the deep flavor of the mushrooms combined with the sweet and saltiness of the gorgeously prepared escargot, we promise not to tell if you ask for more bread to sop up every bit of Chef Daniel’s signature dish. OPHELIA’S ON THE BAY 9105 MIDNIGHT PASS RD. SIESTA KEY, FL | 941-349-2212 | OPHELIASONTHEBAY.NET

THE PETIT FILET MATTISON’S CITY GRILLE The Petit Filet is a signature example of the quality, all-natural beef served at Mattison’s. Building the dish from the bottom up, Chef Paul Mattison first pan sears the filet to lock in its flavor, then places the tender filet on a bed of a balsamic glaze, marinated Portobello mushroom and a duo of thick-sliced Beefsteak tomatoes. A house made horseradish crème fraiche seasoned with bright citrus is drizzled on top and the dish is finished with a garnish of garlic, blistered grape tomatoes, yellow pea shoots and basil olive oil. As a dedicated purveyor of natural beef, pork, chicken, and lamb for his restaurants, Chef Paul shares, “We’re proud to serve all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free products not only because they are delicious, but more importantly, we know that they are the healthiest and most sustainable products on the market, humanely raised with the upmost care.” MATTISON’S CITY GRILLE 1 NORTH LEMON AVENUE, DOWNTOWN SARASOTA | 941-330-0440 | MATTISONS.COM

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GEORGE’S BANK SCALLOPS FINS AT SHARKY’S Fins at Sharky’s beach-front dining offers the prime seating needed to enjoy extravagant sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Its ever-changing, innovative menu is inspired by an array of global cuisines and seasonal South Floridian ingredients. The dish you must try is the George’s Bank Scallops. Trained in Paris, Executive Chef Ismail Oztas has created a solid foundation of French technique from experience gained through working alongside renowned chefs like Jacques Pepin. Admirers of French fare will be delighted to discover pearl onion confit within this signature dish, along with the complex and layered melding of fava beans, sautéed shitake and beech mushrooms, thick-cut Nueske’s bacon, fingerling potatoes and sweet basil. Topped with a citrusy aioli that celebrates South Floridian flavors, the mild flavor of the generously sized scallops is enhanced by Chef Ismail’s medley of ingredients that delightfully add a vegetal undertone to this light, yet complex, dish. George’s Bank Scallops not only intrigue the palate, they’re the perfect representation of the restaurant’s coastal vibes. FINS AT SHARKY’S 1600 HARBOR DRIVE S, VENICE, FL | 941-999-3467 | FINSATSHARKYS.COM

MAGURA SASHIMI TSUNAMI SUSHI & HIBACHI GRILL Tsunami Sushi and Hibachi Grill features creative sushi, sashimi and contemporary Asian fusion cuisine. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and a flair for artistic plating, Chef Jackie Huang uses the restaurant’s sleek white plates as his canvas. Chef Jackie’s Magura sashimi is a gorgeous rose’e of freshly caught tuna and ripe avocado, accompanied by daikon and thinly sliced jalapeno for a hint of heat. Beauty lies within the Fibonacci-esque spiral of these well- balanced, clean ingredients, but also in Chef Jackie’s precise, artistic plating. Pair the Magura sashimi with a carafe of sake or a craž beer from Tsunami’s highly curated menu. At Tsunami you’ll find artisanal sake, small batch Japanese ales, renowned whiskeys and an impressive wine list-each a welcomed accompaniment to Chef Jackie’s thoughtfully composed dishes. TSUNAMI SUSHI & HIBACHI GRILL 100 CENTRAL AVE., #1022, SARASOTA, FL | 941-366-1033 | TSUNAMI-SARASOTA.COM

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wanderlust pet potbellied pigs, cradle chincillas and much more. It’s a turn-back-time place, where the tickets don’t even break $10, and the value is many times that. ost i portantl the sta loves the ani als and the animals are clean and well-cared for. Kyle, the young man that gave us our tour and oversaw our one-on-one interactions, talked to the giant, scaly ornate monitor lizard like it was his child. We got a demonstration of how he had managed to train the temperamentally ornery reptile to sit peacefully on his lap and accept pets from the kids. The owner of the Alligator Attraction happened to arrive while we were there, and he turned out to be exactly the sort of wild character you might expect to run a strip mall alligator petting zoo. Travis Palladeno, alligator man and past Madeira Beach Mayor, chatted animatedly while he worked with the newest member of the menagerie, Sid the Sloth. The Alligator Attraction is not for everyone. Some visitors might bristle at the tape on kissing alligators’ mouths, or simply that the space does not mimic the natural environments that the animals would normally en o . ands-on access rings a trade-o and while I am glad for the naturalism of modern zoos, on this occasion it was wonderful to see our two kids’ faces light-up at getting to touch and interact with numerous animals they have only previously seen behind thick glass. This sort of experience is so rare it makes it a must-do for families on vacation. Headed back to the Postcard Inn on the Beach, we indulged well beyond our normal limits and stopped at the Twistee Treat. Soft serve cones are sold from inside a building designed that is, itself, an oversized soft serve cone—a wonderful bit of kitsch that used to be common to touristy meccas, but time and progress have cleared most of these structures away. It’s wonderful to see the Twistee Treat still carrying the banner. Back on property, the kids still have energy to spare. My daughter runs around on the grass and my son challenges anyone passing to a game at the outdoor billiards table. He’s only nine, and not exactly a pool shark, but a number of other kids and adults are game to play. Perhaps the pièce d’ resistance of the throwback atmosphere is the PCI Beach Bar & Snack Shack. Nationally recognized more than once as the “Best Beach Bar in Florida,” it’s an interesting asset. On Saturday afternoon especially, while the resort spaces and pool are rela ed and ncrowded a ood of t. ete locals in search of daiquiris and each other, comes around the side of the resort and enters the publicly accessible bar that separates the property from its beach. Young people in boardshorts or bikinis smash tightly together around the bar like salmon headed up stream. Imagine a “wild nature park” where instead of gira es o can o serve a each f ll of Baywatch extras throwing frisbees and hanging-out. The crowd was

well-behaved and limited to the beach bar area. It’s sort of what you probably *told* your parents Spring Break was like, and it added to the active energy of the Postcard Inn on the Beach. Both the interior and exterior bar are well serviced with fancy high-end options, like the Smoked Old Fashioned, as well as beach-safe frozen daiquiris in plastic cups. Lunch and dinner on property can be enjoyed at Stamps in the form of burgers, mahi-mahi taco, and other casual classics. The burgers are exotic enough to a e choosing hard do o want a rfing in aris with a sea salt and black pepper rubbed patty, roasted garlic gloves, bacon, and Gouda cheese or the California Dreaming, with a toasted cumin and chipotle rubbed signature patty, queso fresco, and avocado? See… hard choice. I can guiltily admit that if I had discovered the anging acon eviled ggs appeti er on the first day I might have eaten it for every meal. The last night, after the kids and wife were asleep, I wandered the property, not wanting to say goodbye. I may have ordered an extra Hanging Bacon & Deviled Eggs all for myself that was totally worth it, and definitel en o ed the chattering conversation of strangers and new friends that gathered in Adirondack chairs aro nd the fire pit. t was a perfect place to e the last night of a vacation, when I had absolutely nowhere that I needed to be. SRQ

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The kids enjoy the waves as the sun sets on St. Pete Beach. Hungry baby alligators wait for a feeding at the Alligator Attraction. Owner Travis Palladeno and his newest addition to the Alligator Attraction, Sid the Sloth.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County’s Leonela Tase Sueiro Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County member Leonela Tase Sueiro, 18, represented the southeast region of the United States in the Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Youth of the Year competition on September 25th at the National History Building in Washington, D.C. She was one o si finalists in the running or this prestigious honor, and received thousands of dollars in academic scholarships. She is currently a freshman at The George Washington University.

The Roskamp Institute’s 3rd Annual Grey Matters (GM3) An Illuminating Success ore than guests filled the Ritz arlton allroom or the sold out third annual rey atters Sym osium on lzheimer s resear h, enefiting Sarasota s Ros am nstitute and eurology lini ts mission to ondu t resear h or develo ing sa e and effe tive new drug thera ies to treat lzheimer s and other neurologi al diseases eynote s ea er im erly illiams aisley, a tress, New York Times estselling author and an lzheimer s awareness advocate, delivered a heartfelt speech about her mother, who passed away in 2016 after a long battle with dementia. During the “Neon for Neuroscience” Cash Call, an anonymous donor agreed to match donations up to $25,000, which encouraged attendees to raise an avalanche of glow sti s in the dar ened room in su ort o the nstitute ltogether, the event raised more than $166,000 for medical research.

The Women’s Resource Center Presents BeingWE (Being Women Empowered) omen are natural orn leaders yet many eel overwhelmed y attem ting to uggle li e s demands and have it all—home, family and career. ow to alan e wor and home li e The omen s Resour e enter will e lore these issues with BeingWE (Being Women Empowered), a guided conversation series for women by women, reated y eren i ra , an area ased entrepreneur and real estate professional. The series laun hes with three sessions The Superwoman Badge, Oct. 29; Women Balancing usiness i e reating hat s ossi le gainst

ll dds, e and, ollow our liss ow ur rains re ni uely ired to Ta e tion, an a h session is m , and all genders are welcome to participate.

Goodwill Manasota Recognized for nergy fficiency fforts oodwill anasota was the enefi iary o lighting u grades rom lorida ower ight om any at its Sel y ewtown lo ation in orth Sarasota. For this endeavor, Goodwill Manasota was re ognized with the lorida u li Servi e ommission s S Tri le ward, a uarterly re ognition or outstanding energy e ien y efforts The servi es and u grades to the Sel y ewtown a ility were donated through s on rofit nergy a eover rogram oodwill s new LED lighting, valued at $4,500, is brighter and uses less energy, while producing less heat. This ena les the air onditioning system to ool more e iently, arti ularly during the summer months. The lighting upgrades are expected to save the organization more than , annually —funds that can now be diverted to support its mission services.

Buchanan Announces More Than $1.9 Million Awarded to Mote Marine Congressman Vern Buchanan recently announced that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded more than $1.9 million to Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota or red tide resear h S e ifi ally, the unding or ote arine omes as a art o s ational Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Competitive Resear h rogram n , a u hanan ro osal to in rease s om etitive e ternal resear h for red tide by $8 million was signed into law. The project will occur under the direction of Dr. i hael ros y, resident and o ote Marine.

SMH Unveils the ROSA Knee Robot Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) has welcomed a new mem er to its ortho edi surgery team R S the nee ro ot R S , whi h stands or Ro oti Surgi al ssistant, adds another layer o te hni al e ertise to the health system s growing ro oti s rogram ith R S y their side, S s leading ortho edi surgeons dward Stolars i, MD, and Sean Dingle, MD, recently performed two ro oti total nee re la ement ases and were

wor ing on a third in se arate ro edures sing R S s om uterized algorithm, the atients received a new, precisely formulated and placed joint designed to promote natural joint movement and eliminate their grinding one on one ain The R S nee ro ot has won learan e and has since been acquired by about 30 hospitals with high volume ortho edi rograms in the nited States Sarasota emorial s ortho edi surgery team is the second in Florida to complete training and egin using R S in the o erating room.

PECKY’s “Gives Back” Campaign Raises Funds For All Star Children’s Foundation atri ia and eter stes, the owners o ,a design services boutique in Sarasota, have raised nearly , to su ort ll Star hildren s oundation Re ently they laun hed the “ ives a ” am aign to raise unds and generate ommunity awareness o ll Star s mission, whi h is to transform foster care through innovation, s ien e and om assion host o s artists and designers have made this campaign possible y donating original wor s ne hundred er ent of the proceeds from these items are directed to All Star.

Florida Studio Theatre Inspires Students To Write Plays ow in its th year, lorida Studio Theatre s ST award winning R T rogram will encourage young students to open their minds, envision new possibilities, and write down their remar a le ideas This year, ST s R T rogram will rea h more than , hildren in over 45 schools across the state of Florida. The rogram is a year round arts in edu ation initiative, providing students with the example, the ins iration, and the s ills to write their own original plays. o ida t diot eat e o ite la

Aesthetic & Wellness Center’s Peak Performance Programs The Aesthetic & Wellness Center, established by r nda owett in , has e anded its ra ti e to include alternative healthcare approaches. These programs are designed for individuals who want to im rove overall health and ta e an a tive role in early detection and prevention of health onditions tilizing the latest diagnosti testing te hnology, in luding ioim edan e nalysis,

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ONE— Cat Depot has placed 14,718 cats into loving homes since the organization was founded in 2003.

TWO— Cat Depot utilizes over 50,000 pounds of litter and 22,450 pounds of wet and dry food for shelter and community cats annually. THREE— Cat Depot’s Emergency Response Team is trained to deploy to animal related disasters on local and national levels and participates in national programs such as the Million Cat Challenge and Shelter Animals Count to increase knowledge and positive outcomes for shelter cats. FOUR— More than 25,000 cats and kittens have received a orda le care thro gh at Depot’s Rose Durham Cat Care linic which is open-to-the-p lic appoint ent.

FIVE— at epot o ers Sarasota’s cat lovers with something for everyone – feline adoption, education and community programs, veterinary care, cat-centric retail, and even yoga with cats.

Micronutrient Testing, Metabolic Testing, Cardio Metabolic Testing, Hormonal Testing, and Medical Fitness Evaluation, The Aesthetic & Wellness Center can work toward reducing or even eliminating potential health risks factors while taking a cohesive look at an individual’s health.

Coastal Orthopedics Donates Computers to Boys and Girls Clubs of Manatee County Coastal Orthopedics recently donated 16 Dell Precision M4500 laptops and corresponding equipment to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County, an afterschool and summer program that offers ho e and o ortunity to every hild in the community. The laptops and computer equipment will e used in the non rofit s teen enter at the Palmetto Boys and Girls Club, which serves about students daily ith five lo ations, the oys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County reaches more than , youth annually The non rofit offers programs for academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles and has been serving the community for over 73 years.

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center CEO Andy Guz Named 2019 American Cancer Society Real Men Wear Pink Candidate Lakewood Ranch Medical Center’s Chief Executive er, ndy uz oined lo al leaders to raise awareness and funds for the 2019 American Cancer Society Real Men Wear Pink campaign. The candidates were nominated by co-workers, family members and friends. The 2019 campaign will run from September 1 through November 1. Guz noted, “As my third year participating in the American Cancer Society Real Men Wear Pink campaign and throughout my career in healthcare, I have witnessed the impact of raising funds for groundbreaking breast cancer research and initiatives to ensure access to mammograms for those in need. By raising money and awareness through Real Men Wear Pink, we are helping to save more lives from breast cancer.”

Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Results & New Date For 2020 This year’s 35th Annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix had 68 race teams compete from around the world, a signifi ant in rease rom an average o 30 race teams participating over the last several years, than s to ower oat and the ffshore

Powerboat Association partnering on a new six-race offshore series this season This rodu ed hugely positive results for both the sport of powerboat racing and the impact that the Festival continues to have on the local economy and Suncoast Charities for Children. Visit Sarasota County reported in their economic impact report that the 2019 Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix generated an estimated economic impact of $29.6 million and a direct total impact of $17.9 million in expenditures. Next year’s festival will be held June 20–28 with the grand prix race taking place on Sunday, June 28.

The Suncoast Science Center/ Faulhaber Fab Lab Launches Youth Program The Suncoast Science Center/Faulhaber Fab Lab launched new youth programs for elementary and middle school students. After school middle school rograms in lude a five wee “ rain enders” course, centered on shifting students’ perception of mathematics and preparing them for success in high school Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes. A ten-week “Coding & Game Design” course will teach Python programming language as well as om uter s ien e undamentals five week “Physics Fun” course will teach physical science principles to students through hands on hallenges and ro e ts ST Saturdays ta e ourth and fi th grade students on an intera tive exploration of various science, technology, engineering and math concepts. Weekly themes include Robotics, Makers Day, Electronics, Art Lab, Rocketry and Chemistry. The programs range from $150-$300 and limited spaces are available.

People with Parkinson’s are Dancing The Sarasota Ballet and Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s are partnering to provide “Dancing Through Parkinson’s,” a dance-movement program for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners. Parkinson’s is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease with no known cure. According to Robyn Faucyashington, hie e e utive o er o the Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s, “Numerous studies show that dance helps improve mobility, balance, and gait by addressing the motor symptoms of PD which include resting tremors, slowness o movement, and di ulties with balance as well as non-motor symptoms such as anxiety, pain, and sleep disorders.” SRQ

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OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE AT RINGLING COLLEGE THE BOOMER CONFERENCE NOVEMBER 1 Who are you when you’re not working? What do you do with all that free time? What do you want to do with the rest your life? Boomers across America are facing these questions. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Ringling College (OLLI at Ringling College) will address these concerns with the fourth annual Boomer Conference, Friday, Nov. 1, 8:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m., on the Ringing College Museum Campus, 1001 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. The event features speakers and networking sessions offering useful strategies on retirement’s social, financial, and practical implications. Keynote speaker Marianne Oehser, a certified retirement coach and author of Your Happiness Portfolio for Retirement: It’s Not About the Money, will challenge audiences to rethink their retirement expectations. The fee is $39.95, which includes lunch, with a $5 certificate toward OLLI membership for each registrant. To register and for more information, call 941-309-5111 or online.

CAREGIVERS COMFORT SOCIALIZING LUNCH NOVEMBER 4 Julie Cook Downing, president of Caregivers’ Comfort Creations, LLC and Doctors Hospital Caregiver Support Group facilitator, hosts a monthly lunch at The Rosemary restaurant. This event provides caregivers some time to relax, enjoy themselves and eat super delicious food with others sharing similar situations. The lunch takes place from 12:15–1:45pm. For lunch details, contact Julie at

ART OF PERFORMANCE RAIZ DE 4 BY CASA PATAS NOVEMBER 6–7 Curated by the Casa Patas Flamenco Foundation, Raíz de 4 honors the art of Flamenco by delving into its most primitive roots, evoking the convergence of cultures and the folklore of Spain. The purest styles of flamenco, some of which are: romances (ballads), martinetes, fandangos and soleares are brought into the forefront in a performance made up of a cast of distinguished dance and musical artists.

Song (cante), dance (baile), guitar (guitarra), and percussion (percusión) seamlessly convey a genuine love for this art form and take the audience on an intensely authentic and unswerving journey of sensations, and emotions.


private reception featuring a dozen partner wineries on Thursday, Nov. 14 at Michael’s Wine Cellar. The Signature Luncheon on Friday, Nov. 15 is an all-day affair with sipping and shopping, a professionally produced fashion show and an a¤ernoon of dancing in the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Lounge. The public is invited to sample and purchase the wines at an open house on Saturday, Nov. 15 at Michael’s Wine Cellar. The weekend wraps up that evening at winemaker dinners hosted by Forty Carrots supporters in their homes. An exciting online auction and chance drawings are also open to the public participation starting Nov. 10 at

NOVEMBER 9 Everyone is welcome to come celebrate the military nonprofits of Sarasota over Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 9th at CitySide Apartments in the historic Rosemary District. The celebration will include Street Yoga, the singing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and color guard to kick off the bands at 5 p.m. with performances by Dan Johnson of Operation Hemingway, Ari and the Alibis, Enrique Casados and Kaliedogroove. Great food and beverages provided by Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Tsunami Sushi and Gold Coast Eagle Distributing. There will be fun activities for kids and admission is free. The Veterans Block Party will be highlighting all the amazing work, activism and results being produced by the incredible military nonprofits community throughout Sarasota and beyond— Operation Warrior Resolution, SRQ Vets, Vets 2 Success, Operation Hemingway, and the Military Officers Association.

NOVEMBER 15–16 Pianist and composer Gonzalo Rubalcaba was already a young phenom with a budding career in his native Cuba when he was discovered by Dizzy Gillespie in 1985. Since, Piano & Keyboard Magazine selected him in 1999 as one of the great pianists of the 20th century, alongside figures such as Glenn Gould, Martha Argerich and Bill Evans, he has won two Grammys and two Latin Grammys, and established himself as a creative force in the jazz world.



NOVEMBER 9 Hit the links on one of the country’s finest courses while supporting children, teens and young adults in grief at the Mark Wandall Foundations’s 16th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament. Before you tee off, a delicious breakfast will be generously provided by Station 400. Enjoy food and fun on the course, and then come back to the clubhouse for cigars and whiskey. All food and drink for the entire day is included in your golf registration.

NOVEMBER 15–18 The Siesta Key Crystal Classic is a visual and cultural arts festival held on Siesta Beach every November. In just 24 sculpting hours, the master sculptors create sand masterpieces, some over ten feet tall, and transform the always beautiful Siesta Beach into an outdoor art gallery. And it’s more than just sand, the festival also features live music daily along with a large village of shopping and food and drink vendors. Other activities include the popular three day “Quick Sand” competition, sand sculpting lessons and an amateur competition. Hours are extended on Saturday and Sunday until 9 p.m. with colored lights on all the sculptures and live music.

WINE, WOMEN, & SHOES NOVEMBER 14–16 Forty Carrots Family Center presents the 15th anniversary of Wine, Women & Shoes. The award-winning series kicks off with a


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DOCTORS HOSPITAL CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP NOV 18 Every third Monday of the month, Julie Cook Downing, President of Caregivers Comfort Creations, LLC, facilitates a Doctors Hospital Caregiver Support Group. This group focuses on the caregiver and offers a retreat from the never ending mental and physical responsibilities of caregiving. This free, open group provides compassionate support and an opportunity to explore new solutions together to caregiver challenges. The group meets in the classroom outside of the

VETERANS’ CAREGIVERS FREE LUNCH AND LEARN SUPPORT GROUP NOVEMBER 18 Welcoming all veterans’ caregivers and veterans caring for a loved one to a free lunch and monthly Caregivers Support Group every third Monday of the month. This group focuses on the Caregiver, and not the patient. Julie Cook Downing, facilitator and president of Caregivers’ Comfort Creations, LLC, has over two decades of experience with both support groups and family caregiving.

CHILDREN’S GRIEF AWARENESS DAY NOVEMBER 21 In honor of Children’s Grief Awareness Day, please join leaders of local grief support organizations for a free community event on why childhood grief ma‰ers.

CHAMPIONS FOR CHILDREN GALA NOVEMBER 23 Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County is thrilled to announce the Champions for Children Gala will be held at the Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club on Nov. 23. This year, the organization will honor Tom and Debbie Shapiro. Don’t miss an enchanting evening with silent and live auctions, a gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Paul Ma‰ison and dancing. All proceeds will support valuable programs designed to enhance more than 9,000 Club members’ academic success, healthy lifestyles, and character and leadership development. SRQ


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IN MEMORIAM THE STAGE ILLUMINATES IN FRONT OF A VELVET CURTAIN AS JEFFERY KIN, managing artistic director of The Players Centre for Performing Arts, takes the stage. “None of this would have happened if we didn’t have a wonderful space,” he says. “And the man who helped us get this space is right back there.” Heads and bodies of young imagineers and artists collectively swivel toward the back of the theatre, where Arnold Simonsen sits quietly. He’s there to revel in the performance, nothing else. Young actors and their familial entourages rise and applaud as a single, warm spotlight shines down on the gentle giant. He stands and waves humbly, radiating a warm glow. Arnold Simonsen donated millions of dollars to Sarasota organizations before passing in July, creating a memorable presence that will not be forgotten. “He was not invisible to them . . .all the kids knew who Arnold was,” says Donna DeFant, chair of the board of trustees at The Players. And just as Arnold Simonsen wanted no child to fall through the cracks, the kids wanted the same for him. From the start of The Arnold Simonsen Players Studio to his time recovering in a hospital room, the kids emulated their hero by signing cards and sending notes—ensuring that just as they had been celebrated and supported, so would he. “There were no strings attached,” says Richard Russell, executive director of the Sarasota Opera. Simonsen understood wants and needs, and knew that organizations knew what was best for their own success. A regular subscriber to the Sarasota Opera since 2007, Simonsen attended all shows and galas, underwrote operas, supported the Sarasota Youth Opera and Bradenton Opera Guild, and often compared Sarasota Opera favorably to the Lyric Opera of Chicago, his old 144 | srq magazine_ NOV19 live local


stomping grounds. “We have supporters and we lose a fair number of them, but there are some you develop a personal connection with, and Arnold was one of them,” says Russell. A generous supporter of the arts, Simonsen let his money speak for his passions, saving the limelight for those under the spotlights. He came to Florida Studio Theatre’s rescue “in one fell swoop,” says Richard Hopkins, the producing artistic director of FST, referring to Simonsen’s funding of their new costume shop and production building. Through the Quality of Life by Choice program at Salvation Army Sarasota, Simonsen also combated the homelessness crisis by supporting individuals and aiding them in their transition from homelessness to housing. “Mr. Simonsen’s gifts will provide a legacy of serving the most vulnerable populations in our community,” says Glenda Leonard, director of development at Salvation Army Sarasota. And while Simonsen was a champion of philanthropy in many arenas, supporting the American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Association, Longboat Island Chapel and Longboat Key’s Paradise Center for Healthy Living, no tribute to him can be written without mentioning Rhonda Montminy. From Sarasota Opera’s Simonsen and Montminy Opera Club to FST’s Arnold Simonsen and Rhonda Montminy Theatre Wing, Rhonda was Arnold’s partner in both generosity and life. And even after his passing, she continues to exude warmth and compassion in ways that carry on Simonsen’s legacy. At a recent Players’ performance, Chair DeFant shared that Montminy attended with pride and enthusiasm, despite a broken air conditioner and Arnold missing from her side. “She was so happy to be there because those are Arnold’s kids,” says DeFant. is e or will definitel live on with s. SRQ

Behind the Spotlight. Olivia Liang Above left: The late Arnold Simonsen and Rhonda Montminy as photographed for SRQ Magazine. Above right: The late Arnold Simonsen and Rhonda Montminy honored at the inaugural Good Hero Philanthropic Awards in November of 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota in recognition of their deep and unyielding leadership in regional giving back. Shown with Chair of the Board of Trustees at The Players Donna DeFant, The Players Managing Aristic rector e er n and SRQ Magazines’ Executive Publisher Wes Roberts.


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SRQ Magazine | Love Local November 2019  

Explore modern takes on the Thanksgiving feast to serve up delicious vegan, vegetarian, global and seafood-inspired dishes. Learn about the...

SRQ Magazine | Love Local November 2019  

Explore modern takes on the Thanksgiving feast to serve up delicious vegan, vegetarian, global and seafood-inspired dishes. Learn about the...

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