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The CNC Cutting Platform That Grows as Your Business Does... SRPlasmaCutting was formed by accident. Just like many owners, we needed a CNCplasma table to fit our budget. We wanted to cut parts for the motorcycle industry and found out money wasn't on our side after hearing we needed to spend $30K-$60K... That is when it hit us to get our brilliant fabrication and design team to make us a system that would do what we wanted in our budget. Little did we know that we created the most flexible cutting table for lite industrial the market had ever seen. The SR1000 was born and from that & our conversion table was a specialty in our SR2000 model. Regardless, if you need a basesystem or a plug-n-play conversion table we have a product that helps the average person select quality without confusion. Top 5 reason to own a SR1000 or SR2000. • USAmade sturdy steel table/gantry system • Choosea budget 4x8 or a complete plug-n-play 4x8 model • Own an SRPlasma Table and never buy another table ever • Our conversion SR2000 allows you to grow as you grow • We take build custom one offs to customer specscheaper

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