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Your Options... SR 1000 Includes a standard

SR 2000 Includes a standard

$9885.00 * 4'x8' CNCPlasma cutting table (can be 4x4) * Non-Conversion, software/laptop

$14985.00 * 4'x8' CNCPlasma cutting tables (or 4x???) * Mach Motion Supported (in spec sheet)

SR HD Add items ala carte to any model for upgrade * Servo motors instead of steppers =$1800.00 * Height control Adjustment =$1200.00

Free Ad On's * Spec sheet to build your own water table * Spec sheet to build extra 4' or 5' pedestals

Customized CNC Plasma Cutting Table We are taking orders on custom one off tables (examples 5x10 or 10x20) Thesehave specialty pricing but still have incredible savings.

Need a Torch? We use Hypertherm and highly recommend them for quality and overall price. We have a nice model that complements our table depending on your needs in cutting. Just let us know and we can save you additional money.

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SR Plasma Cutting  
SR Plasma Cutting  

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