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This is a question that really has me thinking. I was listening to an Abraham cd the other day, and Abraham was asked about purpose. Their response was that the only purpose we had was to experience Joy. This got me to thinking. I've had many points in my life where I had a choice. Each choice would have taken me in a new direction. Sometimes I chose consciously, other times I avoided making a choice, thus going with the default. And many of my choices were quite varied. For example, I could have chosen to be an artist, or a writer. I could have chosen to work with animals, or be a dog trainer. Then there was my interest in the human psyche (which I did choose to explore). If I were to believe that I had a purpose, a singular goal, that I was here to accomplish, then I don't know how I would make sense of so much of my experience. And this got me thinking about the common assumption in New Age and spirituality circles these days, that we have come here for a purpose and we won’t really be happy until we achieve our purpose. So what are we really asking about when we search for our purpose? Probably many things, but one of the more basic notions, I believe, is yet again to have the many choices we face in our lives be made for us. If someone can give us a direction and tell us what we need to be exploring in our lives, it keeps the anxiety at bay. Then we are not responsible, totally and completely, for the choices or lack thereof that we make for ourselves.

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Purpose: Living Life Authentically, pt 1  

Do we really have only one purpose in our lives? Did we come here to accomplish one thing, our purpose? And when we have accomplished this,...

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