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How To Use Video Forensics To Protect Your Small Business Many business owners nowadays are interested in learning about the alternatives that exist to protect their business. Video surveillance is a popular option currently in use in just about all banks, gas stations and retail stores. With the growing usage of cell phone videos, people now assume that they can be captured on video whenever they’re in public. As a business owner, after you have captured information on video, you can use video forensics to identify and convict a criminal who has invaded your business. Litigation is settled far more quickly in cases with video evidence than in cases without video evidence. Because it is a highly specialized field, video forensics is best left to the experts. Even though it’s tempting to reduce your business’s operating costs by attempting to do your own forensics. However, that’s not in your best interests. Video forensics is required to follow exact standards of evidence if it is to be used in a court of law. Only a highly experienced analyst can make sure that these standards are met. A forensic expert first authenticates the recording. This step is necessary to prove that the video hasn't been changed in any way. You can modify video evidence to help the suspect avoid conviction, however this is pretty uncommon. Their entire career could be in danger if a forensic expert changed video evidence so this is not likely to occur. The video also has to be protected and stored the right way which is another thing a professional will do. Most forensic analysts are trained through certified institutions like the American Academy of Forensic Science. In the event of a robbery, burglary, or other crime at your place of business, contact a forensic analyst right away. He or she will be able to deal with the evidence to make sure that it can be used in a courtroom. Be sure the expert you select is also articulate and comfortable speaking in a courtroom because in most instances, the forensic expert is the one that presents the evidence to the judge and jury. For use in their analysis, specialists convert the raw footage to a digital format. Next, they take areas of the video that are helpful and enlarge or highlight them. Even things such as the height of the people in the videos can be established by a qualified professional. The ability to give authorities the most accurate assessment of a suspect's height and weight is particularly helpful in identifying burglars. Often, experts can also calculate exact distances of people and objects in the video. Because portions of the video can be enlarged, video investigators usually can spot small identifying characteristics, such as a tattoo or a scar, on the body of the suspect. The greater the resolution of the video, the easier it is for the video forensics expert to enlarge key aspects of the video footage without making the footage too grainy. The clearer the video, the easier litigation will be. High-quality closed circuit video surveillance is not only helpful in criminal cases. Business owners could use the footage to identify employees that are not following business policies or who are stealing. It is beneficial for you to use video surveillance if you are a business owner. Some small business owners might also consider setting up video surveillance in their homes too. Even though you may not wish to purchase a closed circuit television system for yourself, they have become so commonplace today that there's a good possibility a neighboring business has one and may be able to capture video information that may be useful to you in prosecuting criminal activity. But for Michigan Recording Arts Institute and Technologies

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How To Use Video Forensics To Protect Your Small Business optimal coverage, it is advisable to have your own system. While in search of reliable video forensics to help you ensure your legal circumstance, you can trust K&R's Audio & Video Forensic Services. Drop by to find out more details about K&R's Audio & Video Forensic Services.

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How To Use Video Forensics To Protect Your Small Business  

While in search of reliable video forensics to help you ensure your legal circumstance, you can trust K&R's Audio & Video Forensic Services....