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June 12th & 13th 2014 Milan



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and social Over the last year there has been a growing interest in social impact, social value has been an change. Despite this, the biggest social change we have seen over the last year increase in social inequality. inequality. Social value needs to be recognised and then managed in ways that reduce this methodology What should we all be doing to make this possible? Are the challenges still about or is it now more about making the information credible and useful?

ALTIS, the Postgraduate School of Business and Society of the Catholic University of Milan, has long been engaged, through applied researches and projects, in the study of Social Impact Assessment and in the application of methodologies to measure the organizations’ social value creation. ALTIS, member of the SROI Network Int, is proud to host the annual conference, confirming its role in Italy and abroad in supporting organizations in the understanding, management and communication of a clear and credible relationship between activities, outputs and generated outcomes.

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Conference speakers final  
Conference speakers final