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How To Create Your Own Personal Bolo Tie Bolo ties are a good fashion choice that can replace a traditional tie, giving you a more Western look. Popular in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, these kind of ties can be seen regularly in the American West. You could buy bolo ties pre-made, but a fun activity is to make one yourself. You can purchase bolo tie parts on the web, and create a one-of-a kind accessory that will leave your friends and family envious. To create a bolo tie, for starters round up your bolo tie parts. Not many parts are needed so this should be not too difficult. The tie itself includes a decorative slide that rides up and down on a braided leather cord. The ends of the cord are decorated using metal bolo tips. When making your own bolo tie, you will need to purchase a bolo slide, metal tips, leather cord, and a decorative stone or pendant. Pliers, a metal file, glue and scissors are other tools which will be necessary. First, choose a length of leather cord. You can purchase leather cord pre-braided, or braid your own. You will need a piece about 40 inches long for the tie. Slip the cord around your neck, to determine the length you need. If the cord is too long, cut it so that the ends are well above your belt line. The next phase would be to check that the cording is able to fit through the bolo slide holes. If not, you should be able to bend the metal a little to make it fit. Using the metal file, be sure to file out any sort of bumps or sharp edges on the bolo slide. This will help smooth it out preventing the cord from getting worn out. Take the decorative stone or pendant, and make certain that the back of it is flat to provide a gluing surface area for the slide to attach. Using the jewelry glue or super glue, attach the stone to the slide and allow it to totally dry. Once the glue is dry, it's about time to put the whole thing together. Slide each end of the cording through the bolo slide, and attentively tighten the bends of the slide using pliers so that there is some friction holding it it is in place. The slide needs to be just tight enough that it remains in place on its own, but can easily be adjusted. One last step is to attach the bolo tips using a tiny amount of glue inside and inserting the ends of the cord. To bend the tips slightly to hold them in place, the pliers can be used, securing them onto the cording. You are finished! By placing the tie over your head, try out the bolo and slide it into position. A higher slide will appear more professional, and a lower one will look casual. Now that you've made one bolo tie, you might find yourself wanting to make more for friends and family, or just for yourself! Bolo tie parts can be found in a huge variety of styles, so the possibilities are endless in terms of design and colors. The leather could very well be braided together using different colors or beads can also be added for an extra bit of pizzazz. The slide itself has a large number of possibilities, and is where you can really show your style. Before you know it, you too can become a bolo tie expert. Some of the most vital parts to your new neckwear will be the slides on your Western bolo ties. Rocky Mountain Western, LLC

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How To Create Your Own Personal Bolo Tie Additional information on Rocky Mountain Western are attainable on the corporation's website,

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How To Create Your Own Personal Bolo Tie  

Some of the most vital parts to your new neckwear will be the slides on your Western bolo ties. Additional information on Rocky Mountain Wes...

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