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Depression is real, and it affects millions everyday. Many people need to learn how to deal with depression and recognize it when it affects them. Almost everyone in their life experiences depression at one time or another, it's when it goes on for longer than a couple weeks that the biological aspects kick in, and it can become a problem. Dealing with depression is not easy, but it must be dealt with, especially if it is prolonged. The body and the hormones in the brain can only take depression for so long before it becomes a viscous circle. This is why after a certain length of time doctors will often prescribe depression medication. The medication is not for life long, but is needed to kick start the brains chemical balancing mechanisms. Without a bit of help, the brain cannot get rebalanced and the depression continues. This is why if your doctor has prescribed anti depressants that you need to take them. Many people think of anti depressants as a crutch, this is not true, they are for a biological reason. Don't allow preconceived ideas of dealing with depression keep you from seeking out the medical help you need to function in a normal way. Your doctor may prescribe different types of anti depressant medication, you need to follow directions careful if they switch you, or suggest that you start removing them from your system. Your hormonal brain balance needs to stay steady, these hormones are what cause not just pleasant sensations, but also what makes you sad. Depression is very real and many people find that once they become depressed they have a hard time getting back on track. If you or someone you care about is depressed, consider taking them to the doctor. Remember, this is not all emotion, sometimes you can't just snap out of it. There are definite clinical signs of depression, here are a few, you may or may not enjoy social contact, you feel overwhelmed and hopeless. You may feel like things are never going to change, that life is just not fun anymore, you may stop doing or being involved in family activities or even your favorite hobby. You may or may not enjoy the prospect of new or exciting things in your life. Make sure that you look at depression and how to deal with it from a clinical standpoint and not just an emotional one.

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==== ==== for information on dealing with depression visit ==== ====

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