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Soule Road Middle School

Welcome to SRM! Meet Your New Principal By: Julie Coggiola

Volume 4 Issue 1 NOVEMBER 2012

Welcome to The Heart of Soule Online Student News Journal! The Heart of Soule, a member of the Empire State School Press Association is published exclusively online and periodically by the students of Soule Road Middle School, Liverpool Central School District. It is intended as a vehicle to inform, educate, and entertain the student body. Opinions expressed are those of the students and do not necessarily reflect those of the administration, Mrs. Caldwell or the adviser, Mrs. Colabello. Have a story idea? Let your English teacher know! Writers are always welcome! 8340 Soule Road Liverpool, NY 13039

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Over the summer, the Soule Road Community has replaced several members on its faculty, one of whom is the principal! Soule Road Middle’s previous principal, Mr. Sheitz, retired over the summer, and Mrs. Amanda Caldwell has stepped in and taken control of SRM. This article is her response to a variety of random questions. It reflects upon Principal Caldwell and her life and thoughts inside and outside of the office. What is your favorite sports team, and why? “The [New York] Yankees, because they’re my husbands favorite sports team. It’s the only team he lets me watch! He actually taught my kids to say ‘The Red Sox stink!’” Do you have any interesting hobbies? “I bake cookies. It’s what I do to relax. Exercising is another one of my hobbies.” If you could add anything awesome to Soule, what would it be? “In terms of physical structure, I would add a pool or a ropes course, or additional supplies to add for kids to exercise. I would also make sure every student has their own iPad to use each day. They’re more convenient to carry around than a laptop. They’re an easier tool for kids to use.” J.Zolick If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? “First, I would set up funds to make sure my kids were taken care of forever. Second, I think I would donate a good share of it. My priorities would be to [donate to] cancer research, and to schools who can’t afford enough resources (books, for example) to teach their students. Third, I would make sure I have enough money to retire, but I wouldn’t quit my job.” Have you enjoyed being at this school so far? What are your expectations? “I have enjoyed it very much! I had a great summer getting to know the building and [even] the teachers a little bit. I expect kids to think of learning as their job right now and I expect them also to be good citizens.” If you could pick the musical for our school to do this year, what would you want it to be? “I don’t know! My kids love The Lion King. [Also,] Little Shop of Horrorsthat’s fun stuff. I think it would be something Disney [though.] I love Disney.” What are your thoughts on coming to Soule? “I am very excited about being here! While I worked at the high school, I heard wonderful things about the students and staff here [at Soule]. I think I am very pleased with the students and their conduct. There [are] some good kids here, and the teachers seem awfully dedicated to the students.” What are some words of wisdom you could give to the students at SRM for the upcoming year? “That a solid education is the only way to have the life that you dream of every day. We think about what jobs we’ll have and where we will live and how much money we’ll make; and a solid education is the only way to get all [of] those things.” Principal Caldwell already has experience working for the Liverpool District. You can rest assured she will only do what is best for the students, the teachers, and Soule Road Middle. Welcome to SRM, Mrs. Caldwell!

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Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman FOUR STARS You know the kids that on and on are made fun of at school are the strongest groups of people in this world. Everyday, they just suck it up. They take the insults, the pain, the dread, the sorrow, and they hold their tears and stand up straight. Because of that type of strength, those are the people who are admired the most. Hannah Friedman is the main character/protagonist in this book and her life is a living nightmare. With her crazy parents and her mean peers at school, her life couldn’t get any worse. However, Hannah is tired of being the girl who gets picked on, she is tired of crying and feeling abandoned in this world. Life is a living trip, and in this expedition, Hannah Friedman will not give up! Hannah can be described as strong, hardworking, and inspirational. Those words fit her personality because she knows how to suck it up, deal with life’s disappointments and move forward. She doesn’t let people “break her”. She is hardworking because she puts all effort to make herself belong. She is an inspiration because it takes a lot of courage to have half of the guts she does. If there were more people like her in this world, the earth would be a better place. Read Everything Sucks! Book Review by Tamia Herbert.

Why see “Wicked”? It’s in the Name! By: Alexandra Taskovski Have you ever thought, “Oh, heck no!” when someone’s asked you anything about Broadway? Do you go, “Huh?” or, “Why should I see it?” Well you can shut it, because this probably means you haven’t given it a chance! “Wicked” with its music written by Stephen Schwartz, is the best way to start. You’ve heard of the Wizard of Oz, right (if not, there’s a problem here)? Well, “Wicked” tells the story of the two main witches: Glinda (the good and popular witch) and Elphaba (the outcast and wicked witch). Now, I can’t tell you the plot because there will be no reasons for you to see it, but I will tell you this: “Wicked” is coming to Syracuse (at the On Center) November 28th through December 3rd. Don’t miss your chance people! However if witches aren’t necessarily your cup of tea, I would also suggest “Jersey Shore”, which is coming to Syracuse this fall (for details, see Mrs. Nolan). And how could you forget our very own school musical “Beauty and the Beast”? Well that’s all I have for now. Now go buy some tickets and get your Broadway on!

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WHAT’s UP in NOVEMBER 2012 Who Will it Be? Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution states; Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: "I do solemnly swear [or affirm] that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."


Mark Your Calendar

Election Day, November 6th




A. Curtis


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WHAT WE BELIEVE Election 2012 I Would Vote for Obama By Gia DeGilormo Why would I vote for Obama? He got this broken country back on track. Bush left it a mess, and Obama has us going the right way. For one thing, during his current term as President, he made one of the most notable accomplishments by killing Osama Bin Laden. President Obama doesn’t apply violence until necessary; unlike his opponent he would rather talk about the foreign issues with Iran instead of immediately sending troops there. Why would anyone want to send his or her friends, family, or neighbors to combat as a first result? That isn’t the U.S.A I know. Also, Obama is looking to improve taxes on the middle class and small businesses. That is most of this country, were the middle class we need a break, we got hammered over the years with taxes and it’s our time for a break. Not only that, but Obama wants to help small businesses like my dad’s. Small businesses are important in this country. Why wouldn’t the president support most of the country like the middle class and small businesses? Obama is also the first president to support same sex marriages. Personally, I have an aunt who supports this issue and I want her to be happy. The government should not get involved with religious beliefs, including this issue. I could go on and I why I would vote for Barrack Obama. This country needs to keep moving forward and Obama is the president to move forward with.

I Would Vote for Obama By Matt Ross

I Would Vote for Mitt Romney By Karlie King Head of society… That’s what a president is, and that is what Mitt Romney will be the best at if he is elected president. He has many thoughts on how to be in charge of America and I agree with many of them. During this election there are several issues that the candidates’ debate. All of their views are important to how our country will be run. The six issues that they discuss are Economy, Social Issues, Education, Foreign Policies, Health Care, and Energy. Economy is split into two separate parts, taxes and industry. Mitt Romney believes that our economies taxes should be lowered for everyone, and they will do this by cutting federal money spent on different things. With the economies industry he believes that the federal government should not help a falling industry. For social issues he thinks that abortion and same sex marriages should not be allowed, but he does want people that are the same sex that have been dating to have rights. Mitt Romney believes that college should become more affordable for any college student, which is his idea for education. Foreign Polices is another major part of Americans. Mitt Romney believes that we should increase the army size to help us from any terrorist problems we may come about. With health care Mitt Romney says that he will leave health care a choice and not something you have to have. He does though plan to help the people that do not have insurance. Lastly, for energy he wants to still use foreign oil but wants to use money to find out a way to create an eco-friendly substance that can replace oil. These are Mitt Romney’s ideas, do you agree with them? I do and that’s why if I could vote, I’d vote for Mitt Romney.

With the presidential election quickly approaching, some voters may still be undecided. So, I’d like to give my opinion on the matter, hopefully affecting yours. Let’s start with Mitt Romney. Governor Romney is against legal recognition of same-sex marriage, saying it should be banned with a constitutional amendment, not leaving it to the states, which is insane to say the least. Romney also opposes abortion rights, saying that he would end federal aid to Planned Parenthood. Which is ridiculous, because woman should have the final word on what they want to do with their baby. Personally, if I were to vote, I would be voting for President Obama. Why? Here’s why: Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, making sure they pay 30 percent of their income [minimum]. Another plus is ObamaCare. ObamaCares goal is to provide affordable health care for all Americans. In fact, the average American citizen will save money under ObamaCare, and it wouldn’t be mandatory. Every American would have the option to stay on their original health care plan rather than ObamaCare. When you look at the facts, both candidates are running reasonable campaigns, but as I said before, I would choose to move forward; I would choose Barack Obama.

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