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This is Part 2 of a four part series on the new MS Office 2013

Excel 2013 New Features

Dr. Sherri E. Ritter

Excel 2013 1. Easy Charting Select the data you want in the chart> Insert> Charts> Recommended Charts

2. Sparklines Select the data you want Sparklines> Insert > Sparklines> choose type> choose location of the Sparkline

Created April 2013 by Dr. Sherri E Ritter


3. Pivotal Tables Select the data including column/row labels> Insert> Pivot Chart> New Worksheet> OK At first the charts will be blank, but when you select the fields the charts will appear.

4. Data Controls

5. Data Quick Analysis Selecting a series of data will create a pop-up on the bottom right of the data. Clicking this will give you a series of tools to analyze your data.

Created April 2013 by Dr. Sherri E Ritter


6. Flash Fill (Case Sensitive) Data> Data> Flash Fill In this demo, first and last name appears in one column. In the jointing column type the first name of the person in the first cell, move one cell down and click Flash Fill. The first name appears for the remaining fields. Moving to the next column repeat the steps for the last name.

7. Remove Duplicates Select the data fields and click Data Tab> Remove duplicates> Select the columns> OK 8. Sort a List Click on the column you want to sort> Home Tab> Sort & Filter> Sort A to Z (Or do Custom Sort) 9. Filter a list Select the first item in list of data> Data Tab> Filter

10. Navigation Auto Sum Press Alt = (This works for a single colum/rown or multiple columns/rows)

Created April 2013 by Dr. Sherri E Ritter


View Calculation in the Status Bar (This works for single or multiple columns/rows)

Right clicking on the status bar will allow you to change the fields that appear in status.

11. Transpose Copy section> Move to new location> Paste> Paste Special> Transpose> OK

Note: Some feature shown above were available in Office 2010.

Created April 2013 by Dr. Sherri E Ritter


Excel 2013  

New features of Excel 2013

Excel 2013  

New features of Excel 2013