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Affordable Search engine optimization Proposal From K.Sripani Head Right SEO Services 07842507153

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About us

Right SEO Services is backed by the expertise in Sales and business development with Industries like education, consumer durables, FMCG Products and powered with cutting edge tools with 100% safe with Google algorithms.    

About us Our strength lies in team work, focus on competitor analysis, innovative strategies and expertise research capabilities. With insight tailored for highest level of ROI within the best possible time frame. We differentiate ourselves with the competitors with our professional approach backed up with over 18 year’s expertise in understanding global markets and consumer behavior.

About us We're naturally Google Friendly search engine Optimization Company and we firmly believe in long term results and avoid all the short cut methods. With a team of professionals, all the team members are trained with Passion and entrepreneur capabilities treating each URL as a revenue generating machine.

About us We are completely transparent, for stable and healthy  relations with the client and with the search engines.  We are linked with the world best SEO tools for keyword research, like word tracker, samurai and spyglass, seo profiler for Backlink building and hoot suite for social bookmarking to handle social networks. Right seo services is a result oriented company, (it has to be) we realize how important results are for sustaining business.

Search engine optimization & deliverables What all we cover? 1. Keyword research for One website upto 300 words/ Phrases 2. Competitor analysis upto major 10 websites  3. Create content for meta tags and edit the website    content  with complete header tags, snippets, breadcrumbs.  4. Ensure your website has Google verification tag, analytics,  Alexa verification tag, snippets, html5 verified pages and  protected with good antivirus for malware and phishing  attacks.  5. Remove unwanted and spam back links.   

Search engine optimization & deliverables Niche Directory submissions  upto 500 PM Social bookmarking upto 2000 submissions PM  Video submissions upto 50 PM *For creating Videos we charge 10$ per video supported with content 

Comment marketing  upto 1000 PM Create Social network accounts with the best 45 sites  Photo sharing submissions  50 PM PPT sharing sites with the best 20 websites  * For creating PPT sites we charge 5$ per presentations supported with  content 

Search engine optimization & deliverables Press release distribution with 25 sites (one time) Article submissions with the best 50 sites upto 2 articles per month  Classified submissions (only Indian sites) upto 30 sites PM,  maximum 3 ads * We charge a competitive price for Posting classifieds in the sites in other targeted countries

Creating accounts with Business listing and yellow pages  upto 100 – One time

Social Media optimization We exclusively work with 6 major websites  Face book, LinkedIn, Pinterest, stumble upon, Google+  and twitter What we do? Share the content, engage with visitors, optimize social  pages.   

Process & work flow An agreement for minimum period of 12 months has to be  signed with payments for every 3 months in advance.  During the process of web audit and on page optimization  we will take the assistance of client’s web designer and  programmer for implementation of tags, editing content,  adding codes in the HTML pages and redesigning html  pages. 

Pricing A One time fee of 240$ for the complete on page  240$ optimization  Monthly 90$ for small and medium websites and 130$ for large websites, payable for every 3 months in advance

Why us any way? Our pricing is unmatched in comparison to our expertise We use robust tools in data mining, competitor &  keyword analysis  We take up limited projects at a time and  apply our  potential 

Thank you For more details and clarifications, please do mail  us at or call us at 07842507153 Visit us at 

Right SEO Services – Professional SEO services Firm  
Right SEO Services – Professional SEO services Firm  

Right SEO Services is supported by expertise in sales and business development with industries such as education, consumer durables, and con...