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The Enabling Societal Infrastructure

for the awakening of individuals – Srinivas Venkatram

In the 21st Century, we are relentlessly moving towards a world where the individual is awakened to his or her own possibilities in the context of a dynamic environment. This era of the awakened individual is characterized by six key enabling trends:


New Modes of Production Society has already evolved from an agricultural mode of production to industrial mode of production. This mode of production is giving way to knowledge mode of production. The knowledge mode of production is characterized by a shift in the locus of value – from the material content of products to the ideas content of products.


New Models of Education The new focus on knowledge use, design thinking, product & service innovation, and knowledge-creating capacities associated with new methods of knowledge delivery like internet and mobile, will mean radically new curricula, new teaching models, and perhaps new institutional forms in education.

© Srinivas Venkatram. 17 Feb 2014



Globalization and Universalization The rapid increase in communications, globalization of organizations, the death of distance in terms of globalized services, and growing acceptance of common “codes of conduct and engagement”, means a universalization in cultural and social norms especially in the work and economic contexts.


Localization and Tradition The growth in knowledge-participation (e.g.: online social groups), the resurgence of local identities as a defense against faceless globalization, and the rediscovery of cultural membership as the source of self-esteem, will lead to a resurgence of localization and tradition across the globe.


Ideas to Ideals As ideas become commoditized and universally available, there will come a growing recognition of the need for deeper ideals that integrate multiple and often conflicting ideas with one’s own vision of life. This will mean a radical shift from ideas to ideals as the engine of mankind’s intellectual and technological advancement.


Static Religiosity to Dynamic Spirituality The demands of a changing world, the need to respond to the personal and social challenges we face, will require that individuals dive deeper within themselves and seek out the dynamic ‘being’ aspect of their own personality. It is this ‘being’ aspect that will give them the strength and self-esteem to engage with the rapidly transforming ‘function’ aspect of their lives.

This entire new shift in mankind -

the synthesis between globalization and tradition,


the shift from of intellectualism and rigid ritual to idealism and dynamic self-esteem,


the movement towards a knowledge-centered work, career and educational landscape,

heralds a world which the great Swami Vivekananda – the prototype of the awakened individual – embodied and role-modeled at its very birth, more than a hundred years ago.

© Srinivas Venkatram. 17 Feb 2014


The enabling societal infrastructure for the awakening of individuals  
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