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Jai Gurudev,


List of Courses happened from Oct 2012 to April 2013

SNo Activity Art Excel course in Vijaya Vittal Nagar, 1 Toranagallu 2 YLTP course 3 DDC Installation ceremoney Basic Course in JSW Steel ,Vijaya Vittal Nagar 4 Township,Toranagallu 5 Advance Course in Vidyanagar Township 6 Sumeru Sandhya Basic Course in JSW Steel ,Vidyanagar 7 Township,Toranagallu 8 Nadi Pariksha Camp Basic Course in JSW Steel ,Vidyanagar 9 Township,Toranagallu Two buses from JSW Steel Township to Ashram 10 for Shivratri 11 Satsang in Kurekuppa Temple 12 Nadi Pariksha Camp 13 14 15 16 16 17 18

Basic Course at Bellary Basic Course at Bellary Nadi Pariksha Camp at Bellary Nadi Pariksha Camp at Bellary Basic Course at Sri Sri. Ramachandrapuram Basic Course at Emmiganur Navchetan Shibir at Bellary

Teacher/ Dr/ Singer

Date 08-Oct-12 20-Aug-12 01-Nov-12

No of Participants


Mr Sunil harvey ji Mr Sahil -Jagtiani

02-Nov-12 22-Nov-12 05-Dec-12

30 37


Dr Abhishek

11-Dec-12 19-Jan-13 05-Feb-13




Bharat ji & Ganpathi ji Team 17-Mar-13 Dr Abhishek 24-Mar-13 Ganapatiji and Dr. Suresh 24.12.2012 Jayalakshmiji 17.04.2013 17.04.2013 Dr. Sachin May-13 Rajani and Suneeta 26-Feb-13 Suneeta 29-Jan-13 Smt. Pushpaji May-13

56 24 24 60


Soaked in the divinity of Satsang. One of regular weekly Satsang happening at Bellary:

In deep meditation during satsang:

We have taken up project of visiting villages and conduct Satsangs and propagate Art of Living. One such satsang at Korekuppa near Torangal (Jindal),:

Regular Longkriya Happens every Sunday at Bellary and Jindal. Few photos of longkriya.

Chamber of Commerce Bellary had organisedTrade fair at Bellary from 17.03.2013 to 20.03.2013. We had put up a stall as a Information Centre, for propagating the Art of Living. There was tremendous response for the stall, hundreds in numbers daily visited the stall.

On auspicious Ugadi day, Divine shop was inaugurated at Office of Mr. Praveen Gouda and two NADI PARIKSHA camps were conducted by Dr. Sachin

Nav Chetna Shibir was conducted at Govt. School, Gandhi nagar Bellary, by Smt. Pushpaji. The following are the snaps of Nav Chetana Shibir.

7. Setting up of Information Centre at Bellary: Sri. Bharatji, DDC members has consented to give the space/shop for setting up Information Centre. Inauguration process is taking shape and shortly, we will fix up the Inauguration of Information Centre. We are also committed to take up various projects shortly and the developments will be updated. Next progress report is being submitted shortly. Jai Gurudev



DDC Report of Bellary