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mural workshop for inmates

*Following images have been edited due to the security issues.


Freedom of Colors is a mural/ wall-art workshop by Sreenihal, which took place in Sabarmati jail of Ahmedabad India, with the collaboration and help of the National Institute of Design. The two days workshop was aimed to express the inmates creativity and find an other way to let the inmates pull out their ideas through art.

Day one started with the introduction of watercolors, by showing very simple watercolor washes and filling colors. During this step they became very confident in handling the colors. Explaining to the group by giving demonstrations and then individually helping them in their work.

After little practice and painting sheets of papers they achieved the flow of watercolor in the paper. Some of them became masters and started teaching their friends. Letting them understanding what is design and art, how they are related to each other. With little explanation and few examples they got a rough idea.

They analyzed their works, shared the thoughts and idea each other. By doing this they sharing the knowledge.

After understanding the watercolor techniques and looking through some works of mine which i shared, they all became very enthusiastic about making their own paintings. Without wasting a single minute they started coloring their canvas.

Day 1 ended with their watercolor paintings being displayed. i created a drawing with the ideas and themes of their paintings. Most of the paintings themes were freedom and the idea of a new begining.


Second day started with a small section of their opinions about on the sketch that i had prepared and deciding what to represent on the wall. We ended up having a healthy discussion which end up improving the sketch. Then it was time to make the mural on wall. Excitement time. While sketching on the wall i was kept on talking and explaining them how to transfer the sketch on the wall. Which will helps them to make a mural art without my help.

CAUTION! Busy artists...

THE WALL BECAME THEIR NEW CANVASArt can bring happiness in anyone’s face.

“Give them more colors” one of the cope shouted from far.

CAN I ALSO JOIN TO PAINT! More inmates started joining to make the mural possible.

SHARING AND LEARNING. Helping them by explain how to use paint evenly and how to use the brush, and acquiring their point of view of color sense.

HAND OF CARE . One part of work is completed and which gives them a sense of excitement and happiness.

? this is our art %#@ blah blah &%$

WHATS GOING ON HERE ! some inmates started explaining what they doing to some cops who were not aware of the workshop.

contemplating the masterpiece

THE DAY IS OVER. BUT EVERYONE IS STILL FULL OF ENERGY. The two day’s workshop’s final stage and product is getting ready.The inmates of the workshop were trying to achieve the perfection.


After finishing the workshop and the wall mural, everyone’s face shows happiness which only art can deliver. Spreading art and love, because everyone deserve happiness and care.

Freedom of Colors  

The workshop i had taken for Prisoners in Sabarmati jail, Ahmedabad for promoting art as the most human activity. The two day workshop start...

Freedom of Colors  

The workshop i had taken for Prisoners in Sabarmati jail, Ahmedabad for promoting art as the most human activity. The two day workshop start...