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f lickernotes Spring/Summer 2013

welcome. Have you been searching for the right tools to encourage your students or children to learn in and through the arts and STEM? If so, you’ve found the right guide in Flickernotes!

We have curated the very best resources out there for you to help the children in your life grow and learn at their maximum engagement level. We help them to

create & connect. This spring and summer edition includes items to ensure that children are using authentic tools for 21st century learning. We hope you enjoy this guide and look forward to your feedback!

Susan Riley Founder & Curator

visualarts Creative Visual Journaling Art Set Why we love it: this set is a great way for children to begin to experiment with making their thinking visible. Investment: $61.00

Quilting for Kids Kit Why we love it: this inexpensive kit is perfect for getting children started learning about the art of quilting and the intricate use of mathematical patterns. Investment: $16.00

Rigid Child’s Loom Why we love it: this kit is a bit more substantial than most, includes enough yarn for a beginning project, a handbook, and it teaches mathematical practices through the culturally significant art of weaving. Investment: $64.95

Sun Art Paper Development Kit Why we love it: Includes 15 sheets of development paper - just add sun and water. Teaches children the science behind photographic print development. Investment: $12.25

music The Book of Beginning Circle Games Why we love it: Circle games are a wonderful way to connect music, movement and math. These are a collection of authentic folk songs that children love! Investment: $13.95

The Crabfish Why we love it: This story is language rich and teaches melodic direction and minor keys. Plus, children love the ending! Includes a CD for ease of use. Investment: $16.95

The Magic Flute DVD Why we love it: Mozart’s opera is a perfect fantasy for young children to explore character and theme development while also learning musical skills, phrasing and composition. This English-language production is a hit!

Boomwacker 8-piece set

Investment: $25.00

Why we love it: Boomwackers provide a tactile way for students to understand, create and perform music in a non-threatening way. This set can be used individually or together to create musical phrases or chords - the possibilities are endless! Investment: $19.99

dance Many Colored Days Kit Why we love it: This all-inclusive set includes rhythm scarves, CD and board book to help support creative movement, story and alignment to musical pieces. This set helps with motor control, use of space and exploration with time. Investment: $49.25

Shenanigans CD Why we love it: This CD provides authentic folk dances set to music from all around the world. The booklet in the CD provides explicit dance directions, allowing teachers and students alike to explore movement in a safe, fun environment. Investment: $8.99

Dance Composition Basics DVD Why we love it: This book and DVD provides you with step-by-step of the choreography process and how to solve problems through movement. Intended for teachers, you’ll be able to use this information time and time again with your students. Investment: $33.50

drama Theater Games for the Classroom Why we love it: This book/CD provides over 130 strategies and games for incorporating drama intentionally within the classroom. You won’t run out of ideas with this resource on hand. Investment: $17.00

Story Drama in the Special Needs Classroom Why we love it: This book provides step-by-step lessons to help teach all students through dramatic play. When teachers get stuck trying to figure out ways to engage special needs students, this book is a must-have resource. Investment: $23.00

Magnificent Monologues Why we love it: This resource takes all the guesswork out of finding appropriate monologues for students at their grade level. A great way to provide opportunities for your students to explore acting and reading fluency! Investment: $12.00

artcart Model Magic Why we love it: Experiment with the benefits of clay without the hassle of the kiln. Model Magic works like clay, but air dries to a hard finish. Investment: $16.25

Travel Percussion Set Why we love it: One of the best and easiest ways that students begin to connect with music is through rhythmic instruments. This set will ensure that your class can begin to connect steady beat with fluency and math. Investment: $250.00

Oil Pastels Why we love it: Art Carts run out of supplies all the time, which is why you can never have enough consumables. These pastels last and come in a variety of vibrant colors.

CD Player with iPod dock

Investment: $8.50

Why we love it: Portable and flexible, this player allows teachers to play cd’s and audiobooks/podcasts anytime and anywhere. Investment: $92.00

just for parents The Muppets Make Puppets: How to Create and Operate Puppets Using Stuff From Around Your House Why we love it: Puppets are a great way for children to express their feelings, explore problem-solving and share their creativity. A wonderful family activity! Investment: $30.00

Beethoven Lives Upstairs DVD Why we love it: True to history, this video brings Beethoven to life in a liveaction movie. Woven through with some of his most famous pieces, this DVD will entertain and educate your child at the same time. Investment: $8.50

Artyfacts Art Set Why we love it: This 68 piece kit provides your child with a wide variety of art tools to experiment with textures and media.

Yoga for Families Why we love it: Yoga is a great way for children to safely explore the space around them through sustained motion. Get into the action and connect with your kids!

Investment: $8.50

Investment: $10.50


Bringing high-quality resources and gift suggestions for classroom and arts teachers and parents.

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