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Drones against privacy When it comes to buying commercial drones, there are many people at organizations with various ideas of how to use them and employ them in business. There are countless people out there who do not want drones to interfere with their businesses, their privacy, their operations, their infrastructure, their buildings, and their facilities. Today, the dollars spent on drones are big, but the dollars that will be spent on anti-drone capabilities will be huge! When it comes to protecting privacy, secrecy, property, people, and mission critical infrastructure, the needs are great from a very diverse group of organizations, as well as, individuals. Celebrities, executives, dignitaries, and others with personal security concerns use anti-drone devices for advance detection and warning of drone presence.


At the beginning the drones were used for missions too "dull, dirty or dangerous" for humans. While they originated mostly in military applications, their use is rapidly expanding to commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural, and other applications, such as product deliveries, photography, video production (films, TV, documentary), building inspections, infrastructure inspections (pipelines, cell towers, railroads, waterways), but also increasingly being used for criminal activities; drugs smuggling, weapons smuggling, for espionage and terroristic attacks. The ban on special drones that have possibility to carry heavy stuff and drones that can even intercept wi-fi signals and steal the data, still has not been enforced in any country on the globe at the moment, and that’s why we are offering anti-drones devices/antiUAS solutions to protect you!

A homeowner’s greatest fear is an unwanted intruder and invasion of their privacy and property. Burglar alarms, fences, and locks on doors are deployed in homes across the world to prevent crime and protect families and their belongings. As more drones take the skies in neighborhood parks, playgrounds and rooftops, a homeowner’s airspace is now at risk of interruptions and spying.

Paparazzi By Drone “Is your daughter stalked by like drones?Are there drones flying where she’s

Also, the private events with high entertainment value or controversy are prime opportunities to spy, harass, harm, or illegally record using drones. Drones can capture a birds-eye view of largescale exhibitions. They can freely infiltrate gated environments and avoid capture by security on the ground. This makes consumer aircraft ideal tools for unlicensed recording and transmission of event footage. Drones also cause distraction or risk of bodily harm if they crash in a crowded area. Our anti-UAS system offers temporary installments for special events, – even in locations with minimal infrastructure, like beaches or golf courses.

EVENT KIT Secure the airspace no matter where you go Mobility & Security Designed for portable or temporary use, the Dedrone Event Kit is the ideal solution for airspace security at venues such as concerts, state visits, conventions, and sports events.


The anti-drone device is a directed-energy unmanned aircraft system (UAS) countermeasure. It quickly disrupts the adversary's control of the drone, neutralizing it so that no remote action, including detonation, can occur, minimizing drone damage and risk to public safety. Anti-drone industry becoming larger than the industry for commercial UAVs, because there are so many areas where owners want to protect their assets. These range from private and mission critical infrastructure to government agencies, to stadiums, large business campuses, and so many other commercial and specialized buildings and facilities.

HOW WE CAN HELP? DETECT DRONE RF Sensors detect drones up to a mile away and give early warning of drone-based threats, often even before the drone takes off.


With the use of drones on various battlefields, the need for anti-drone technology is intensifying.

Machine-learning video algorithms for detecting and locating the position of drones are key parts of airspace security. Using feeds from high-resolution video cameras, DroneTracker software distinguishes between drones and other moving objects, and plots the position and flight path of a drone on map.

• Protect the privacy of spies and paparazzi


• Warning of tricks through homes, swimming pools, yachts and other property

Anti drone sensors and integrated external video cameras record forensic evidence of drone intrusions. A combination of forensic data is automatically captured by the DroneTracker software, including drone manufacturer, model, time and length of drone activity, and video verification. Summary reports are automatically produced and available on-demand for easy analysis of the most critical airspace security data.

ADDITIONAL SECURITY Multiple layers of security can added by integrating sensors such as radar, infrared, or acoustic devices. When layered on top of the RF Sensor, these additional sensors add extra layers of information, extending detection range or adding capabilities to the system.

MITIGATION Passive and active countermeasures can be integrated into the Dedrone solution, depending on needs and capabilities. Together with detection from sensors, they secure the airspace security around your facility.

Anti-drone systemsare legal or not? In the US, buyers of drone technology must register their drones with the US Federal government to obtain a license to fly legally. The drone, itself, is nothing more than a cargo vehicle that can carry many different technology, technology that can intercept wi-fi signals and steal the data, and weapons. In most EU countries drones of up to 5 kg capacity are allowed for use without any restrictions. Most surprising of the argument for the use of anti-drone technology is understanding that terrorists have at their disposal off-the-shelf drone technology which is available for a few hundred dollars with a few e-commerce clicks. However, traditional defense mechanisms against UAV, such as drones that detect and disable other drones ejecting net on them (nondestructive unmanned aircraft that launches a net to capture drones and other targets)have limitation regarding efficient range and they depend on human factor, ie the skills (the current NET models on the market is manually operated and requires two people to handle it: one person to pilot the drone and another to fire the net),or shooting them down with special ammunitionor similar destructive forms of pyrotechnics, but they are not tenable within the U.S. and EU under current regulations. “You cannot shoot down a drone as it is considered an aircraft.” This statement was made at a recent drone’s conference, the International Drone Expo in Los Angeles, California by Mark Dombroff. He may be right, but it hasn’t stopped some individuals from killing the invasive drones who violated the right on their privacy.

Solution? A non-kinetic solution to defend airspace against UAS, without compromising safety or risking collateral damage. This innovative system provides instantaneous disruption of unwanted UAS using two different defenses: • Remote control drone disruption • GPS disruption

PAPARAZZI BY DRONE “Is your daughter stalked by like drones? Are there drones flying where she’s trying to learn how to swim at age 1?” Kanye West was asked after a paparazzo used a drone to watch North West, Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye’s daughter, in the couple’s backyard pool. Paparazzi using drones — the so called “dronerazzi” — are using them to learn whether celebs are home, what time they take their kids to school, and when they walk the dog. Not long ago, Miley Cyrus videoed a paparazzi drone as it flew over her Hollywood home. Actress Jennifer Garner complained about drones flying above her back garden. Do paparazzi drones cross some magical privacy line? Some legislature thinks so. In 2015, California passed SB 142, a bill that would have made it illegal to operate a drone “less than 350 feet above ground level within the airspace overlaying the real property” whether or not anyone’s privacy was violated. But even with SB 142, there are still no limits for paparazzi. The First Amendment does not give the paparazzi a license to trespass or intrude by electronic means, but they are still doing it.


Xtreme security brochure redesign  

DRONES EVENT KIT At the beginning the drones were used for missions too "dull, dirty or dangerous" for humans. While they originated mostly...

Xtreme security brochure redesign  

DRONES EVENT KIT At the beginning the drones were used for missions too "dull, dirty or dangerous" for humans. While they originated mostly...