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The information contained in this business plan is confidential and proprietary to Golden Ceiba Productions, Joshua Dixon Media and VS Service and is intended only for the persons to whom it is transmitted by the companiesor its representatives.

of this document as investment, legal or tax advice from either the Companiesor the preparers of this document. Any prospective investor should consult with professional investment advisors and gain professional legal and tax advice.

Any reproduction of this document, in whole or in part, or the divulgence of any of its contents without the prior written consent of the Companies, is prohibited. This is a business plan. It does not imply and shall not be construed as an offering of securities. Prospective investors are not to construe the contents

Each potential investor specifically understands and agrees that any estimates, projections, revenue models, forecasts or assumptions are, by definition, uncertain and thus possibly unreliable. Any party considering a transaction with the Companies agrees to look solely to its own due diligence.

Table Of Contents REDEMPTION Executive Summary „„Overview

of the proposal

Objectives „„Mission

Statement of the goals to be achieved

Market Potential „„Story „„Synopsis „„Proposed



& Branding




& Social Media

„„Casting „„General „„Why

is Redemption a safe business opportunity?


with similar genre and their gross

Funding Request „„Total



and Repayment

Events Available to the Partner Production Schedule „„Pre


„„Production „„Post


Creative Staff




Market Potential

Story Travis has it all: conquered the stock market, married the girl of his dreams, and lives a life most could only dream of. But after the biggest deal of his career goes rotten, he makes hasty decision with his life at stake that no amount of money can change. Unable to face failure Travis hires a hit man to kill himself within 72 hours in an unexpected way, but things take a different direction when he discovers that soon he will

become a father. Unable to undo his own paid murderer, Travis escapes to Thailand only to discover that there is no place to hide from his own destiny. On the run, it’s only by confronting the ghosts of his past that can he hope to redeem himself, and to save the future of his family.


Market Potential


Project Description A thriller that delves into the secret lives of those who run Wall Street. Redemption will be shot on location in New York City and Thailand.

Fact Sheet Genre : Nationality : Locations : Language : Color : Format : Duration :

Similar Titles Thriller U.S.A. NYC (20%) and Thailand (80%) English Color HD with 5.1 Dolby In Development

Limitless Michael Clayton The Bourne Franchise Margin call Memento Drive Reservoir Dogs



Proposed Cast



Proposed Cast





Proposed Cast




MARKETING & BRANDING In the digital age Branding and a Key Marketing team are critical to the success of a project. GCP will handle branding and promotion for the film prior to sale or distribution. The companies believe in the importance of having a large following long before the film is released so it will provide REDEMPTION with the momentum it needs to grab a huge audience before it ever hits the screens. The marketing team for REDEMPTION will follow up in the states with a domestic press release as well as a press conference which will include the entire cast, local morning show interviews and radio talk shows. Once the film is completed the producers will enter REDEMPTION into Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, New York, Austin and many other noteworthy film festivals.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT Besides the nature of the story, the companies will provide branding and product placement as well as special credits on the movie, posters, bill boards, web site, and any possible BTL or marketing tool.

PROMOTION & SOCIAL MEDIA With over 845 million active users, Facebook, along with other popular sites such as Twitter and YouTube, have completely changed the face of the industry and how the buying public accesses their products and information. Given the dramatic lowcost of utilization, embracing these technologies is crucial to ensuring the affordable promotional effort now available to a film or any creative endeavor. REDEMPTION will have a social media team in charge of keeping our fans updated on our daily happenings, increasing our fan base and spreading the word as fast and as far as possible about our project.



CASTING At the core of a quality film (along with a strong story) are the actors. Star power will ensure the immediate marketability of a motion picture and a solid support casting can solidify the long-term quality. The cast, along with other elements, will play an important factor to the financial success necessary for everyone involved to not only see a good ROI, but also a substantial steady profit.

GENERAL For the past few years, the motion picture industry has experienced a dramatic climate shift which favors the independent filmmaker. By pushing the boundaries of what is considered traditional Hollywood filmmaking, they are stepping up to compete for the eyes of a generation raised on the often outrageous, unfiltered and unedited usergenerated videos that can be found on YouTube; and the conflict driven scripted Reality television that fills TV networks. The Hollywood pioneers have opened formerly closed markets to independents who were previously viewed as high risk outsiders. Because of the comparatively higher return per dollar on an independent hit, the independents share of the market has increased significantly and continues to grow. The position of filmmakers, producers, and distributors has been further strengthened by active competition for films distributed by way of new methods, platforms and through worldwide syndicated TV and other ancillary markets. Rising box office prices and American films’ increased share of the worldwide market have also contributed to a favorable market for new independent productions. The Producers of this project will shoot on location and with dynamic physical special effects. They believe that to capture the moments in real time is far superior to the computer based productions of this day and age. Not to say this film will not be utilizing the best of newer technology. Principal Photography will occur on one of the more advanced cameras systems currently in production, the Red Epic Camera. There will also be extensive high end post production, just in keeping with the idea that it’s better to really shoot something then reproduce it.


REDEMPTION Lastly, the business model that large Hollywood studios have put forth in the past, are taking a turn for 2014. They can no longer afford the big-budget films they have produced one after the other for so long. The current market trend is to acquire a film from an independent filmmaker through one transaction and secure distribution through another.

WHY IS REDEMPTION A SAFE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY? Even though no one can assure or guarantee numbers or exact ROI’s for any film project, a good and safe business model is one that combines the most appealing elements production wise with the minimum budget required to guarantee a great quality. In other words, the more we optimize the economic resources, the easiest we will have a good ROI plus earnings. Now, the tricky question is: How can be a film made with the best quality, with high production values, and with such a moderate budget? The answer is simple: First of all, GCP, Joshua Dixon Media and VS Service count on the most talented crew and creative team with enough expertise to shoot a film with the highest standard quality maximizing the monetary resources available. Secondly, our partner VS Service owns the most complete film equipment including camera, lightning, grip, sound, trailers, etc., so we don’t have to pay for any rentals in this sense. VS Service also provides production facilities and other local services at a very good rate. Third, we are working on sponsorship and product placement as one efficient tool to minimize economical expenses. Forth, our shooting locations are both well-known and widely exploited production wise by the companies. New York is Golden Ceiba Productions’ main base and the company has previously shot there, being “The Strike”, currently in post-production, the last movie shot in New York,, and Thailand is the base of VS Service and Joshua Dixon Media companies, and both of them not only have a wide expertise shooting in Bangkok but also are renowned in the region.



Independent Movies With Similar Genre That Were A Hit (only theatrical release) Production Budget

Domestic Total Gross

Foreign Total Gross

Worldwide Total Gross














The Reservoir Dogs





Margin Call Drive


Funding Request


AMOUNT The companies are seeking USD 350,000.00 for the production of the feature-length film, REDEMPTION.

TERM The estimated period before sales begin to return the original investment is 18 months. This period reflects the outside estimated time to have the film’s distribution under way to the various markets and film festivals facilitating return of the original investment to the investors. The following is a list of available markets for the film’s distribution: „„Theatrical „„DVD „„Pay

& Internet Rights

and Cable TV Rights

„„Music „„Free

Release US, Europe, Canada, Latin America and Foreign

and Merchandising

TV Rights



REPAYMENT The investors shall possess a priority payout position and are guaranteed to be paid first money out to recoup their original investment. All future revenues will be dispersed from a special account in accordance with the investment/partnership agreement and this proposal.

INVESTMENT STRUCTURE The estimated period before sales begin to return the original investment is 18 months. This period reflects the outside estimated time to have the film’s distribution under way to the various markets and film festivals facilitating return of the original investment to the investors. The required investment of USD 350,000.00 will secure the investor: „„The

recoup of the original investment (USD 350,000.00) in a priority payout position,

plus Equity.



EVENTS AVAILABLE TO THE PARTNER The investor will receive the “Executive Producer” title in the credits of the movie plus the following opportunities: „„

Visit the set.


Screenings of the completed film along with the merging

of all visual and sound elements into one entity. „„Option

to attend International Film Festivals where the movie is exhibited.

PRODUCTION SCHEDULE When financing for REDEMPTION is secured, a specific commencement date for the principal photography will be finalized by the Creative Partners. Once that occurs, the production schedule will be as follows: „„Pre-production

- (includes: final cast lock,

location selection, securing equipment and crew) New York and Thailand, 5 weeks „„Production

- (principal photography) New York, 1 week and Thailand, 4 weeks.


- (includes: editing, music, sound effects, titles, optical, final mix and

answer print) New York, 6 months.


Creative Staff


GUILLERMO IVAN: DIRECTOR/ PRODUCER/WRITER Actor, writer, director, and producer. Graduated from the faculty of Arts and Letters at the University of La Havana, Guillermo Iván received a degree in Production and Direction from the Union Nacional de Escritores y Artistas of Cuba. In Mexico he continued his acting studies at the Casa del Teatro with Jose Caballero and Raul Quintanilla. Moving to New York, he completed two years of training as a full-time student at HB Studio. As an actor, he has participated in various theatrical projects, including “Fedra y Otras Griegas”, “Ellioko, Flecha entre Hermanos”, “Encuentros”, and “El Hombre Perfecto” (Mexico); “Los Cuernos de Don Friolera” and “Romeo y Julieta” (Cuba). In film, his work can be seen in many feature films, including “La Primera Noche”, “Cero y Van Cuatro”, “El Quinto Mandamiento”, “Labios Rojos”, “Sin Memoria” and Yerbamala (Mexico); “Trade”, “Vantage Point” and “La Casa de Los Babys” (USA); and “La Milagrosa” (Colombia). He had his directorial debut in 2009 with “No Turning Back” (Sin Retorno), also written, produced and acted by him. In 2011 he came up with two new projects as Director, Producer, Co-writer, and Actor: Balls, a film shot in Colombia and México, and Carrusel (Colombia, and Dallas). In 2013 he produced, directed and acted in “Blue Family”, an American film shot in Dallas, and in 2014 he directed, co-produced, and acted in the feature film: “21 outs”, shot in Los Angeles, and also directed, wrote, coproduced and acted in “The Strike” shot in New York, and in “Habana Instant” shot in Cuba.

CHRISTOPHER MARQUEZ: PRODUCER Christopher studied at the University of North Texas pursuing a bachelor’s in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. Being heavily involved in the Radio Television and Film department, he started behind the scenes as a camera operator doing the student news. Soon after, he realized his place was in front of the camera and was immediately casted for smaller roles after walking into film department auditions. Eventually, his experience landed him on the cast of a student comedy show; La Onda Guateke. Thereafter, he has performed in several independent films; Crisanto, Midnight Drive-In, No Tengo Medio Seguir and El Quinto Mandamiento, the latter two directed by Rey Cantu. In the summer of 2010, Christopher landed a role in Tribaleros, a film directed by Guillermo Ivan. Later he was offered a role in another feature film by Guillermo Ivan; Carrusel. In 2011 he studied acting at the New York Film Academy working with Maggie Reed and David



Triacca. In 2013, he produced and acted in “Blue Family” in Dallas, directed by Guillermo Duenas, and in 2014 he co-produced and played roles in “The Strike” in New York, and “Habana Instant” directed by Guillermo Duenas.

BEN LOGGINS: FIRST ASSISTANT/STUNT COORDINATOR With a vast and prominent career in the film industry, Ben has stood out for his work as stunts and stunt coordinator in several remarked and successful films such as Selena (1997), Boys Don`t Cry (1999), Varsity Blues (1999), Miss Congeniality (2000), and Robocop 2 (1990), as well as several prominent TV movies and series like The Chase (1994), Breakout Kings (2011), and The Good Guys (2010). He also achieved experience in production by co-producing the film Seduction of Innocence (1995) and later, he became associate producer of the film The Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2012). This talented artist is skilled in Special Effects, Animation and Assistant Director, and has also performed as actor in several films and TV movies and series such as Prison Break (2007), Walker, Texas Ranger (2000), The Curve of Inferno (1997), Night Vision (1997), Bottle Rocket (1996), and Seduction of Innocence (1995) among others. In 2013, he co-directed the feature film “Blue Family”, and in 2014 he worked as first AD for the films “21 Outs”, and “The Strike”.

DAVID CONSTANTINO DAVILA: EDITOR, AND POST-PRODUCER David Constantino has a vast experience in the film industry. Since his years of college, at the Universidad del Cine-AMCI, he has worked as producer, post-producer, DP, director, and editor of several projects such as TV programs (Joga Bonito TV for MTV Latin America), video clips (Denim and Pawa Groups, and Alejandro de la Parra), short films (Love, and Ocean Village among others), trailers, demo reels (Guillermo Ivan, Juan Felipe Cano, Mario Zaragoza), theater pieces (Ellioko, Encuentros, and El Hombre Perfecto for Artepost Producciones), and documentaries (Proyecto Fibonacci of Pablo Gasca) . His work has been recognized by important organizations like the Asociacion Mexicana de Cineastas Independientes, that honored him with the mention of best editing for the short film “Que Sueña” in 2007. However, it was in 2009 when David Constantino took advantage of his talent and began his career as post-producer and editor for feature films. His debut was with “No Turning Back” (Mexico) for Verasur Films, then, in 2011 he worked for Golden Ceiba Productions, in the feature film “Balls” (Mexico and Colombia), and a year later, he edited and post-produced “Carrusel” (Colombia) for



Paradigma Films. Constantino has also worked for the American market. In 2013 he edited and post-produced “Blue Family” and in 2014, he is editing and post-producing “21 Outs”, “The Strike” and “Habana Instant”.

GELASIO DUEÑAS: ART DIRECTOR Painter, Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Sculptor.With a brilliant career of 30 years dedicated to the Arts, Gelasio Duenas not only has doing exhibitions in important art halls, art galleries, museums, theaters, and festivals of several countries in Latin America, being the most prominent: 50 años de Lucha por la Alimentación CONASUPO – I.N.B.A and Fomento Cultural Somex in 1987, Alameda Central México Judas por la Paz Sociocultur, and Museo Nacional de la Ciudad de México Sociocultur in 1991, and Centro Cultural Asturiano Col. Polanco D.F in 2005, but he has also created several monuments, and paintings for the City of Mexico, such as Pintura Mural Sr. Gerardo Siuk, and Pintura Mural Jaime Sonana. At the same time, he worked as set designer for more than 15 feature films like El Extensionista, Triste Recuerdo, El Hijo de Lamberto Quintero, and El Fauno Triste, and later became Art Director, first on TV commercials, short films and theater projects such as Ellioko: Flecha entre Hermanos, The Dumb Waiter, Encuentros, and El Hombre Perfecto. From then on, Gelasio Duenas has participated as Art Director in several important feature films like Los Maravillosos Olores de la Vida (Mexico), No turning back (Mexico), Balls (Mexico and Colombia), and Carrusel (Colombia). In 2013, he worked as Art Director in the film “Blue Family”, and in 2014, he worked as Art Director in the films “21 Outs”, “The Strike” and “Habana Instant”.

GERMAN DANIEL LEÓN: SOUND DESIGNER German Daniel Leon, engineer and sound designer is expert in audio post production and surround mixing for movies and video, recording on location, recording and audio mixing, mastering and live sound. He has worked in several audiovisual productions including documentaries and short films, such as Love, La Belleza en el Espejo, Internet and Personal Che, as well as important feature films for different countries in Latin America: No turning back(Mexico), La Milagrosa, Carrusel, Satanás (Colombia), Balls (México and Colombia), Venezzia (Venezuela and Mexico), among others. Additionally, he has worked in audio mixing for several important musicians such as Martha Senn, The Philharmonic Orquestra of Bogotá, Jorge Veloza y Los Carrangueros, and Andres Cepeda, as well as a sound assistant for Gloria Stefan, Thalia, Donato y Estefano, and Humberto Gatica. German Daniel is also dedicated to the teaching practice in several recognized Colombian Universities since 1998. In 2013, he designed the sound of “Blue



Family”, and in 2014 he is working in sound design for “21 Outs” and “The Strike”.

ELAINE DEL VALLE Behind the Scenes, Elaine is a WGA-EAST Writer. Her production company, Del Valle Productions, Inc. (A SAG SIGNATORY PRODUCER AND WGA-EAST SIGNATORY) has produced several features, short films and web series, including her own REASONS Y...A comedy web series of shorts. Del Valle Productions is also well known for its successful Independent Casting division (Del Valle Casting) whose cross cultural spanish language casting has carved a niche in the New York, Miami and Los Angeles markets. Del Valle Casting has cast major national print, radio and commercial campaigns, and looks forward to providing opportunities to fellow actors. Products she has cast for include McDonald’s, KFC, AARP, Hunts, Orville Redenbacher and more; and films such as The Strike, and documentary, Desemparados

LEXI DENNIS: OPERATION MANAGER-COSTUME DESIGNER Lexi Dennis started her career as a personal stylist, styling clients for events, photo shoots, performances, and everyday wear. She then broke into the fashion industry, working for well-known Dallas designer, Abi Ferrin. With Abi, she was able to continue styling for photo shoots and events as well as fashion shows for major retail department stores like Nordstrom. Lexi soon found her passion for the filmmaking industry as Costume Designer on Blue Family, a Golden Ceiba Production. Immediately, she accepted the position as a Operation Manager for Golden Ceiba Productions and since then, she is in charge of internal and external communications and operations of the company. In 2014, she designed the costume of the films “21 Outs” and “The Strike”.

JOSHUA DIXON: PRODUCER AND CINEMATOGRAPHER. Joshua Dixon is a producer and cinematographer born and raised in Texas. Though he has many homes across the world, he’s seen most doing business in America, Europe, and Asia. After attending Full Sail University for web development, he created and operated an AD agency for 3 years before moving on to film production. In 2010, Joshua founded Joshua Dixon Media, a film production company that has since gone on to produce multiple commercials, music videos and feature films. In 2011 and 2012 he produced 3 full-length features, two in which he also served as cinematographer. Joshua worked as DP for “Blue Family” in 2013, and in 2014 he was DP for the film “21 Outs”,



and just right after that, he wrapped his 5th feature film as cinematographer entitled “The Strike”.

DANIEL MEDINA: MUSICAL PRODUCER Daniel Medina, Musical Producer, obtained a degree in business administration from the Universidad de la Sabana in 2005. From 2000 to 2003, he worked for J.E Rueda & Cia Ltda. Buenvivir as Account Executive in the area of entertainment segments’ sales. Then, in 2004, he became IBSS, Internal Brand Sales Specialist for IBM Colombia and Mexico. However, it was in 2005 when he founded his own company dedicated to musical production, and postproduction of audio design for films, tv commercials and radio. Since then, he has worked as Musical Producer, General Manager and Main Actionist. Additionally, in 2011 Daniel Medina became executive producer, actionist, and legal manager of his new registered company: Paradigma Films S.A.S. This company was founded exclusively to make feature films, and that same year it was shot the first one: Carrusel (Colombia). In 2013, he composed the music for “Blue Family”, and in 2014 he is working in the music of the feature films “21 Outs” and “The Strike”.

ZAIR MONTES: CREATIVE DIRECTOR Zair Montes started her career in the industry as actress, performing in several roles in different countries in Latin America. She has a vast experience not only in theatre but also in films. In 2011, she worked with Director Guillermo Ivan Duenas in the feature film Carrusel, shot in Colombia. One year later, she accepted the position of Creative Director in Golden Ceiba Productions’ company, and since then she has been involved in the creative development of the company’s projects. In 2013, she participated as Executive Producer in the feature film “Blue Family”, and co-wrote one of the company’s upcoming film projects: “Save the Date”. In 2014, she’s been working directly in GCP financial recruitment for its projects in development, as well as in the company’s worldwide networking. Also, she produced and acted in the American film: Habana Instant, shot in Cuba by GCP.




PO Box 16122 Collins Street West, Victoria 8007 Australia Headquarters, 121 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Pty Ltd, ABN 12 345 678 912, Phone: +61 12 345 678 912


The information contained in this business plan is confidential and proprietary to Golden Ceiba Productions, Joshua Dixon Media and VS Servi...


The information contained in this business plan is confidential and proprietary to Golden Ceiba Productions, Joshua Dixon Media and VS Servi...