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Aromatherapy: What’s in the Smell? Oil Volatility

Volatility meaning how fast evaporates.

In the science of aromatherapy, there is a scale of volatility or in other words how fast oil evaporates. This is measured and called top note, middle note and base note. The top (lightest) note is the most volatile on a scale through the middle note to the least volatile (heaviest) at the base note.

Aromatic Qualities Rooty: grounding, stabilizing, calming, sustaining Woody: centering, steadying, strengthening, empowering Fruity: reviving, mellowing, harmonizing, cheering Minty: stimulating, energizing, enlivening, vitalizing Floral: relaxing, sensualizing, nurturing, uplifting Spicy: invigorating, warming, comforting, motivating Citrus: refreshing, cooling, awaking, enlivening Resinous: settling, quieting, consoling, transcending Camphoraceuos: stimulating, revitalizing, dispersing, renewing Herbaceous: clarifying, pacifying regulating, balancing

Extraction Methods Steam Distillation: Plant material is loaded

into a cooking chamber where steam is passed through it. During distillation fragrant plants exposed to boiling water or steam release their essential oils through evaporation.

As we move towards a fully integrated holistic counseling & wellness center we wanted to share with you the wonderful and healing power of aromatherapy. This pamphlet has been designed to give you a very basic understanding of aromatherapy. If we are diffusing an essential oil in the office, the name of the oil, and it’s attributes will be posted. You can use your pamphlet to better understand those attributes. You will also notice an affirmation next to the essential oil, which you can use while waiting to see your therapist.

Expressed Oils: are pressed from the rind of fruits, such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and mandarin. Solvent-Extraction/Absolutes: use of oil

soluble solvents involves submerging the plant material and agitating with the solvent which dissolves the volatile oils. Then the solvent is removed through evaporation under pressure resulting a sticky, soft wax called concrete. Similar to solvent extraction with the use of grain alcohol extraction of a concrete, which is the solid waxy residue derived from the extraction of a plant material like flower petals. The concrete is mixed with leaving essential oils diluted in alcohol. The last step is to remove the alcohol by vacuum distilling the mixture.

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Use Codes Bath & Shower: add essential oil to

Icon Codes Energy Centers On each card a suggested guide is given which associates each essential oil with different energy centers of the body. Each energy center relates to a specific vibration, human experience or organ of the body. Play with these oils on different energy centers. Energy centers: Violet- Located at the top of the head and associated with wisdom. Indigo- Located at the center of the forehead and associated with understanding. Blue- Located at the base of the throat and associated with communication of the heart and will. Green- Located at the heart and associated with love and the connection between the three lower energy centers and the three upper energy centers. Yellow- Located between the bottom of the rib cage and the waist, associated with our relationship with others and the eternal. Orange- Located slightly below the navel and associated with sexual creative energy. Red- Located at the base of the spine and associated with grounding, centering and strengthening.

GRAS: Generally regarded as safe Chronobiotic Time: Specific time of the day to use the oil to reach it’s optimal results. AM: 12:30am- 11:30am NOON: 11:30am- 6:30pm PM: 6:30pm- 12:30am

Photosensitive: Avoid using on skin exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays.

warm bath water. Add 2 to 3 drops of EO’s to bath gel base. Massage: add EO’s to massage base oil to create your own blends. Diffusing: add EO’s to diffusers to disperse directly into air. Add EO’s to spray bottles with purified water and mist to purify and refresh your environments. Wear as Perfume: rub a drop of your favorite EO onto your skin. Compress: rub EO’s on skin, (neat or diluted); cover with hot or cold damp towel. Dietary supplement: GRAS/ generally regarded as safe (list essential oils & food additives by the FDA). Add 1 drop of EO’s to any oil-soluble liquid. EO’s can be taken in gelatin capsules or in honey, sugar, or water. Cooking: add 1 or 2 drops before serving Direct Inhalation: drop 1 to 2 drops of EO’s in palm of your hands, rub together, cup over nose and mouth and breathe deeply. Humidifier/Vaporizer: add 1 or 2 drops of EO’s to water. Cleaning: create your own cleaning supplies. Add to washing machine and dishwasher to purify and disinfect. Skin Care: can be added to facial cleanser, toner, oils and lotions. * Please refer to product labels for cautions.

Aromatherarpy trifold brochure  

As we move towards a fully integrated holistic counseling & wellness center we wanted to share with you the wonderful and healing power of a...

Aromatherarpy trifold brochure  

As we move towards a fully integrated holistic counseling & wellness center we wanted to share with you the wonderful and healing power of a...