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mobile dilemma— laptoP, tablet or both?


ales of desktop computers continue to decline as consumers around the world go mobile. Some portable devices are just as powerful as desktop machines but there are many to choose from on the market. If you can’t decide between a laptop or a tablet, you might want to go for a hybrid machine. Checkout these popular options.

Apps to keep you productive For many users, software represents the biggest challenge in suiting up a tablet for work. Here are some apps to help with productivity and fun.



Sony Vaio Duo 13 The Duo 13 is one of the best convertible machines on the market now. It’s a 13-inch “slider” that can be used either as a tablet or as a laptop. A full-size keyboard and a tiny trackpad are revealed when sliding up the screen. Intel Haswell hardware powers the device, and a large battery ensures up to 10 hours of power on a single charge. This unit bundles a touch screen with a full HD IPS panel and a digitizer, so you can use it alongside the included pen for taking notes, writing and drawing. The body is made from carbon fiber, so it’s durable and offers good grip—and that helps the Duo weigh less than 3 pounds.


This easy-to-use app lets you take notes in your own handwriting with your finger or stylus. The state-of-theart handwriting recognition software will adapt and learn your style of writing.


Evernote can be an incredibly powerful tool for tablet users, offering basic word processing and robust information capture and management, all coupled with simple syncing and sharing of data. My favorite feature is the reminders tab, which alerts you to anything you mark important.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Twist The ThinkPad Twist is considered an “ultrabook convertible” as its screen rotates 180 degrees around its vertical axis. In other words, the Twist has a hinge in the middle, holding the screen together. The Twist comes with a 12.5inch high-definition screen and packs powerful hardware, plus SSD storage and all the other goodies. Dolby Home Theater v4 increases audio clarity and maximized volume output without distortion. Plus mini DisplayPort and mini HDMI enable quick and easy hookup to an external monitor, TV or projector. The multi-touch display allows users to touch, type or click for easy input.

Archos 101 XS2 Want the Microsoft Surface without the Microsoft? Archos might have the device for you. This unique tablet/keyboard combo turns itself from traditional slate into an Androidpowered ultra-light in a few simple steps. The Archos 101 XS2 is like a Transformer—a tablet with a full-fledged keyboard that turns the slate into an ultra-light notebook in seconds. The device has an HDMI output as well as micro-USB on the side next to a micro-SD card slot. It also has two front-facing speakers that produce great sound. The keyboard can charge the tablet via a micro-USB cable, although it does not contain a built-in external battery. It’s up to you to decide whether this form factor is something you’re looking for in a tablet.

This app uses your built-in camera to scan documents and digitize them. Just take a photo, and CamScanner takes care of the rest.

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