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igh summer in Texas is the right time to exercise your inner sexy beast. You’ve put time in on your tan and stocked the wardrobe with architectural print maxi dresses and swimsuits in various tribal patterns and peek-a-boo perforations. Maybe you’ve even achieved summer hairvana—that is, perfect beachy waves kissed with highlighted tresses which won’t break at the first sign of midmorning humidity. But what about those sleek, summer legs? Do you dare to bare, or is it a prickly situation full of razor bumps and burns? Well, we’ve got a few solutions to elevate your leg game to smooth operator status. 1. TAKE A BREAK FROM BREAKOUTS It’s fashionable these days to be as bare and hairless as a Sphynx cat but maintaining this look can drive one to over-manicure body fuzz. Don’t shave every day, don’t pull the skin tight to

get a closer cut, and of course, shave with, not against, the grain. Razor bumps crop up because you’ve either shaved too closely, too often, or used the same razor too many times. Relax. Instead, between shaving and hair removal treatments, treat yourself with a luxe lotion like Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Soufflé Body Cremè. With the intoxicating blend of almond, coconut and rice oils intermingled with aloe, honey and cinnamon, you’ll feel as lusciously divine as you smell. So keep things high and tight this summer, and with careful planning and follow-through, you won’t be sidelined by a few bumps on the road to fun in the sun. 2. ROUGH TERRITORY Bikini bumps, ingrown hairs, barber’s itch—you name it, it happens to everyone, and any good treatment should contain salicylic acid to both nourish and clear affected skin. The good

folks at Kiehl’s have just the thing for these outbreaks, and recommend the Kiehl’s Razor Bump Relief product with botanical extracts and salicylic acid to treat post-shaving problems. Like many of Kiehl’s creations, which were originally made for men, this soothing lotion can be used for legs, face and anywhere else one wants to shave it all off without having a bumpy time of it. 3. PREP TIME Maybe it only seems as if Giselle Bundchen walked her way to fame with flawlessly manicured legs gleaming with health and

perfect tone, but the reality is a bit more involved. If you want to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs in the first place, don’t forget to exfoliate (gently) and moisturize (lightly). Shaveworks has the one-two punch for your fight against bikini bumps stuffed into one teeny tube, Pearl Soufflé Luxurious Shave Cream, which contains phytic and glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation, and a creamy “mediacalm moisturizer” to soothe. Tip: if at first glance, this product seems a bit teeny for your ’kini care, one only need apply a pea-sized amount to achieve the benefit.

DID YOU KNOW? There’s actually a medical term for this annoying condition: pseudofolliculitis barbae (or PFB) occurs when men get razor bumps from shaving the face, while pseudofolliculitis pubis (or PFB) comes from shaving around the bikini area. The follicles at this sensitive skin site typically grow curly hair, which have a tendency to curl back into the skin rather than out of the follicle, and can result in inflammations. It’s almost better not to shave too close.



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