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can lope along and get up to 27 mpg on the highway, thanks to cylinder-deactivation technology. Day-in and day-out, though, the RS 7 rewards the driver with the pampering. The interior is your typical Audi—tastefully monochromatic with a splash of chrome bling here and there. With a price that starts at 7 will have you marveling at the $104,900, you bet buyers can balance of yin and yang Audi tailor their environment. Seating has engineered. It’s instantly choices, for example, include responsive to your whims and quilted silver leather inserts willpower (at first there’s no or honeycomb stitching and fighting the urge to stab the instrument panel inserts range throttle just to feel the RS 7 from carbon fiber, aluminum pounce) but this apex predator to aluminum and wood. What will cruise all day long as you don’t get matters hugely smoothly as whipped cream. too: you won’t feel or hear the Terminal velocity is just north plastic miscues that plague lesser of 170 mph, if you’re bold vehicles. The wind-cheating enough to spool up the twin turbochargers for more than a few shape is well insulated from wind and road noise, even with seconds. While it takes less than the optional 21-inch wheels and four ticks to hit 60 mph from ultra-high-performance summer a dead stop, there’s another stat that’s just as impressive: the RS 7 tires. That works out nicely as the

Whether Audi’s tuner mavens meant for RS to stand for Race Spec or Rally Sport is immaterial. Mere mortals will instantly get that the RS 7 is one Really Special 7.


udi’s A7 is a luscious combination of refined luxury, performance and usability, taking the four-door coupe genre that’s all the rage to unmatched coolness and practicality. Now, apply a bit of “Weird Science” to this sexy Germanic sport-back and what emerges is the RS 7. The first thing that grabs and plants you firmly in the comfortable yet supportive sport driver’s seat is the RS 7’s prodigious power: 560 horsepower. That’s 250 more ponies than the standard A7’s gasoline engine makes. The RS



exhaust and the Bang & Olufsen advanced sound system (a $5,900 extra) deliver all the rich tunes you dream of. Audi offers up all manner of tech and performance options for the RS 7, including nightvision aids, front- and rear-view cameras, carbon fiber body kits and collision-sensing cruise control and braking assist. Optioned out, it’s ridiculously easy to drive the MSRP well into the $130,000 range, but we humbly submit that it’s fairly priced for a handsome and versatile Audi that can be rowdy or play the executive car role for a night at the opera. JEFF YIP Jeff Yip’s work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, Houston Chronicle and the New York Times, as well as consumer and trade magazines. He’s a second-generation car guy who still has the 1969 Chevy his dad loved.


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