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ou’ve done it. You reached new heights of responsible, earthfriendly consumerism by training yourself and everyone around you to separate the recycling, take 60-second showers and eat only hand-crafted or hand-raised foodstuffs bought from local farmers’ markets and bucolic pastures full of happy cows and chickens. Have you really looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Is that moisturized, powdered and primped visage actually covered in cosmetics from Shelton, Connecticut? Or Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey? Or even (gasp), China? Let’s get really grass-roots about our beauty habits and take a closer look at a few homegrown cosmetics designed and manufactured right here in Texas, some with truly local and sustainable ingredients which will make you feel like a bonafide natural beauty, inside and out.

Salve Naturals After being told she would eventually lose her eyesight to a degenerative cornea disease, Houstonian Dahlia Kelada sought

to transition away from her longstanding marketing career into something she could really get her hands on, such as Ayurvedic health-based cosmetics, with an emphasis on organic ingredients and chemical-free products. Her line of bath soaks is extremely popular for their detoxifying benefits, as well as the Emergency Salves. “The Emergency Salves are my homemade medicine cabinet, and our entire product line is perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities,” says Kelada. Dear Clark In 2008, Dallas salon owners Holly Dear and Kaycee Clark brought their combined salon-stylist edge and product know-how to bear by focusing on ingredients that would combat and address issues such as antiaging (Rose of Jericho), hydration (aloe vera) and heat protection (sunflower seed oil). Try the

Resurrecting Wash or Resurrecting Rinse to boost dry or damaged hair, or Smoothing Elixir, which according to both Dear and Clark is a salon favorite because it helps combat the frizz and humidity of Texas!   Everyday Minerals This Austin-based cosmetics company has deep roots in Brazil, with an eye on the Amazon rainforest’s future both as a resource and business opportunity. Exotic ingredients in the product line such as sustainable murumuru butter and maracuja oil are harvested by villages that thrive because of this new opportunity. Their multi-use wonders are being transformed into simple Everyday Mineral products that can be worn all over the face—giving an all-around easy going and effortless beauty look, that founder Carina Menzies ascribes to the “less is more”

Cosmetic use dates back to the early Egyptians who knew the value of a well turned-out face.

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lifestyle of the Texas capital. Purisa Ana Fields, co-founder and biochemist behind this Austinbased skincare company is indeed the proverbial “fount of wisdom” when it comes to respecting your body’s largest organ (skin), and the proper care and maintenance of it through natural, fragranceand chemical-free formulations. Fields says, “Come fall, we recommend that people start using the Intense Antioxidant Cream (Rescue) and Jojoba Citrus Dermabrasion (Resurface) because this is the time of year where Texans tend to have the driest skin due to a combination of factors.” Purisa’s Intense Antioxidant Cream is formulated with Moroccan Argan oil, naturally rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids to rescue and hydrate tired and dehydrated skin with a powerful antioxidant boost and protection from free radicals. The Jojoba Citrus Dermabrasion is formulated to gently resurface and renew dry, dehydrated skin while stimulating cellular repair.

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